IGE coming to the site. How do you feel about Aran at the helm again?

Allow me to preface this by saying I have no hate for Aran or IGE.

As much as I enjoy this story, and I enjoy this story a whole lot, I cannot get behind Aran being the translator for it again. Especially on WW where I hold the utmost respect for the dedicated translators that give consistent high quality work. If they are unable to do so, there normally is an update to explain what happened. Excluding the IEatWatermelons and TGR translators that disappeared with no warning. But Aran has gone months multiple times without a single word or chapter. I forgave it multiple times when he was on his own, I just stopped going to his site after I felt that he would not stop doing that. But the fact that he is coming here with that his sketchy track record. I cant endorse it. 

Maybe my view is too jaded and he has come around to be a more dedicated translator, but this kinda feels like how Shironeku backed up Andy coming to the site again. I want to be hyped but I have major skepticism towards this choice.

How do you feel about it? 


  • I feel like you forgot he-man in your recounting
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    I forgot he existed to be honest. He got us twice and I wiped him from my mind.

    How do you feel about aran?
  • Well, I imagine they have some form of assurance that he'll give out a steady stream, otherwise they wouldn't take him with WW's standards
  • That is what I was hoping, but I have this feeling that he promised to come over and work hard if he could get his project back. Sadly IDS has been sitting on his site at chapter 154 since April 15th. And that was with an announcement saying he would pick up the pace and work hard on IDS with the other translator. Do you think that they made a specific contract for chapter output to keep him from doing this?
  • Either that, or put him with other part timers
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