Healing hand (Chapter 21)



  • Volm 1 Chp 26 Joining

                  Nidh returned to his cabin where he played with the piece of paper with something written on it. He didn’t know what was written on it and was thinking of showing it to someone and asking for help. After giving this piece of paper to Nidh, old man Falam literally ignored him and went to his usual work. Nidh asked Boson for help but Boson and he were like the fishes of same pond; both illiterate.

    While he was living his peaceful life in village, other kids were interested in learning how to read and write but he wasn’t. He thought it isn’t worth it and wasn’t aware that it would play such a vital role in day to day life.

    “She probably knows.” Nidh said as he stood and walked toward the main building since he didn’t know where Lena’s cabin was. He wouldn’t mind intruding that secret place again, why would he? He reached the entrance of the main building and entered.

    Nidh was again welcomed by darkness but unlike previous time he could easily find the secret meeting room. This time he noticed that there were also many other routes as well but he wasn’t interested. He entered the secret meeting room where Captain Mark, Sigmond and Lena were discussing about their upcoming mission.

    “Why are you here?” Lena stood up as she saw Nidh.

    “Ha ha. Hello there Nidh. I couldn’t introduce myself the other day. My name is Sigmond and I am the vice captain of this mercenary group.” Sigmond said as he stood up and moved towards Nidh.

    Captain Mark only smiled at Nidh and nodded. It seemed he was rigorously thinking about something. Nidh clasped his hands toward Sigmond.

    “You don’t seem that strong and you are so young. It isn’t that I don’t believe Captain’s words but are you really that badass as Captain said.”

    Nidh shook his head and replied, “I am just little stronger and have some knowledge about herbs.”

    “You are modest. You have very good memory to memorize the maze to reach here. But it seems Lena didn’t warn you about entering this building.” Sigmond said. He appeared to be unsatisfied by Nidh’s entrance.

    “Sorry for intrusion but I need some help from her.” Nidh said as he looked toward Lena.

    “Help from me?”

    “Yeah. I need to reach somewhere.” Nidh said as he showed the piece of paper. Lena saw what was written on it. “Doctor’s association. You decided to join there.” She said as she looked toward Captain Mark who could only heave a sigh and nod.

    After Nidh and Lena left, Sigmond who was not convinced by how the things went asked, “Captain Mark, What is this? Why did you let our strategist go in the middle of our meeting?”

    “Nidh was in need for help and it is good for us if he gains some more medical skills after joining Doctor’s Association.” Captain Marked replied.

    ”I don’t think that was the reason Captain. I have known you for a long time and you are the type of person who doesn’t like people interrupting discussions. Are you really that afraid of this Nidh? I don’t see him as some big deal. He hasn’t even matured yet , like how strong this young man could be.”

    “That’s right. You know me and you know what I trust most is instinct rather than reasons and my instincts tells me to never mess with that young man. You also know how corrects my instincts are. And Lena’s job was already done this time.” Captain Mark said as he rubbed his eye with one hand.

    ”But…” Sigmond was going to say something but was interrupted by Captain Mark saying, “Remember this Sigmond, unpredictability is what governs everything so follow your instincts sometimes rather than reasons.” While they were talking Lena and Nidh had just reached the outside of the main building.

    “You said you were there searching for me. Then next time don’t enter there without permission. That’s where my living place is.” Lena said as she pointed at the wooden cabin near the pond. “And I don’t know how skilled you really are in medical field but it is very difficult to join the Doctor’s Association even if you have recommendation from someone.”

    Nidh only nodded and followed her all the way. During their walk, they didn’t talk about anything with each other. That’s how they both were. They didn’t have habit of starting conversation. After reaching the middle region, they took a ride on a horse carriage. These horse carriages were the local means of transportation in this city and were the only ride normal people could take around middle region legally. Four very strong horses would drag the long carriage with a lot of passengers in this middle region.

     Nidh and Lena got out of the carriage and she paid some gold to a helper of the carriage. They were at the border of central and middle region.

    “Beyond this is central region where fighting isn’t allowed and remember don’t be disrespectful towards the nobles here or I can’t save you from punishment.” Lena said as she led Nidh further into the central region. There were people with eye catching clothing everywhere. It seemed to be full of rich people and you could see some guards now and then as well. There were huge shops and the region wasn’t as populated as middle region.

    Nidh who was wearing commoner’s outfit was just as eye catching as well and now and then people would gaze toward him with contempt. It looked like they didn’t like the people from middle region. Lena who was wearing a black robe was looking like some mysterious expert so she didn’t have to face any contempt.

    After sometime they reached a huge building. The building was very grand and was one of the biggest buildings of Sky Tower city. Like everywhere else doctors had huge prestige and authority in this city. Especially Doctor’s Association held very high authority around here and in fact it held influence only less than the city lord himself.

    Lena and Nidh entered the building. It was also her first time entering this building as she wasn’t interested in medical field. The atmosphere inside the building was peaceful as there weren’t many people there and most of the people present were old people. One could smell the scent of herbs and there were some herbs planted on the flowering pots as well.

    After reaching the registration section of the association Lena handed over the paper to the staff there who was also an old woman. The old woman read the paper and looked toward Nidh and said, “Ah? Which one of you wants to join?”

    “Him” Lena said as she pointed toward Nidh.

    “You? You think it is that easy to join our association? Although you have recommendation, it is better if you don’t even try. These days our members are recommending whoever they want. I have to talk about this to the vice president.”

    “Why are you complaining old woman? Just let him have a try. He has a recommendation letter.” A man in his thirties walked towards Nidh and the others. He was wearing a white robe with a sign of green leaf on his chest.

    “Do you think everyone is talented as you? And look at him he is more than 10 years younger than you were when you joined here.” The old woman said as she shook her head but she was more polite than earlier.

    “Do we have any age restriction or something? Just let him try. If he can he will join and who knows maybe he will break my record. Ha ha ha.” The man said as he laughed. There was vivid pride on his face.

    “Since you said so. I will be giving him a chance.” The old woman said as she gave a paper to Nidh.

    “Fill it and submit to me.”

  • Volm 1 Chp 27 Test

    Nidh looked toward Lena.

    “What?” She asked as she gazed back at him.

    “I don’t know how to read and write.” Nidh said plainly.

    “Huh? Is that so? Then I will help.” Lena replied.

    “Hey! You don’t even know how to read and write. Ha ha ha I was likely thinking highly of you. I thought I would get a friend in this place filled with old men and women.” The man shook his head while laughing.

    “I told you there aren’t more geniuses like you.” The old woman said as she joined the laugh.

    Lena helped Nidh to fill the form and submitted it to the old woman. After checking the form the old woman told them to wait a while pointing at the seat near the corner. Lena and Nidh went there and sat down.

    “Are you sure you can pass?” She asked while sitting next to him. Nidh only nodded.

    “That’s good. Then I will be waiting for you here. I would like to see the face of those annoying people after you pass the test.” She said while smiling.

    “Do as you wish. Thank you for your help.” Nidh replied slowly.

    After that there was silence before an old man in white robe with red borders came to call Nidh. The old man had long white beard which perfectly matched with the robe of his. “I will be judging your skill. There are four ranks of doctors in our association. According to your skills I will be giving you a suitable rank.” Nidh nodded and followed the old man. Unlike others this old man didn’t seem to mind Nidh’s age.

    They entered a big room with different equipments and herbs. There were rats and monkeys for the testing medical skill but these animals didn’t look like healthy ones. “Since you already have recommendation, I am sure you are good at basic medical skills so I will be checking what your limit is.” The old man said as he took out a rat.

    Outside, Lena was waiting for the test to end. She was new to this place and with her mysterious get up no one dared to come near her. She waited alone for more than four hours but she was fine with it as she loved being alone and was easily annoyed by the people around her. Everyone around her was busy in their daily work. The old woman in reception was busy doing some work but she would peek at Lena sometime as the old woman was also waiting for Nidh to fail the test.

    Few more minutes passed like that. Finally Nidh walked out of the testing room following the same old man. They reached near Lena who was there sitting calmly as always. After noticing that they were heading towards her she stood up and before she could ask Nidh about anything the old man smiled and said, “Your friend here is really skilled.” before continuing towards the reception.

    Then she followed them to the reception. When receptionist saw the old man walking towards her she stood up and said, “Greetings vice president.” The old man with long white beard was actually the vice president of this association. Only after passing the inspection of vice president could one join the association.

    “I told this boy not to take part in the test but he insisted so I was compelled to disturb vice president.” The receptionist said quickly as she thought vice president was there to reprimand her for wasting his time.

    “This boy? What are you saying? Give our friend Nidh here some respect. He is already a green robed doctor. Don’t do such mistakes from now on otherwise the punishment will be severe.” The vice president said angrily. During the test he was amazed one time after another. This boy who was even younger to call grandson was more skilled than he himself was in many sections. He was impressed by Nidh’s new combinations of herbs which were never heard before and the way Nidh tackled the new problems skillfully. Although he admitted that Nidh was more skilled than himself in his heart, he couldn’t admit it aloud to a boy like Nidh, could he? So he decided to make him his friend rather than his senior.

    In this association there were four levels of doctors. First was the lowest level which acted as helpers which were apprentice level doctors. Green robed doctors were a level higher following white robed doctors. Above white robed doctors were the real seniors and experts of medical field who wore white robe with red borders. Of course there was difference in skills and prestige among the doctors of same level as well.

    “If it wasn’t for the fact that our friend Nidh here isn’t familiar with alchemy and some names of the herbs, it would have been very difficult for even me to judge Nidh here.” The vice president here said as he thought, “What judge? He is already comparable to me in diagnosis and treatment. He is really a freak to have such skills at such a young age.”

    The receptionist was stunned for a moment. She knew what it meant to be admired by the vice president as she hasn’t seen him admire anyone in her entire years of being in this association. She didn’t know what to say to the young man infront of her so she could only bow down her head in regret.

    “Admit friend Nidh here to our special medical academy.” The vice president said as he took out a sheet and wrote something on it. After that he said, “Don’t worry Nidh. You will be given special permission to leave whenever you want. It is for your best so that you can learn alchemy and also get used to our medical system here.”

    Nidh nodded as he wasn’t against the idea of learning new medical skills and he also needed some place to further increase his research about life veins. “I myself am the principle of the academy so you can come and join our Academy anytime you want. You will also get your own accommodation here in central region. We will meet again and I hope we can share some ideas and views among ourselves.” Vice president Warren said as he left for some work.

    After that Lena and Nidh left the building under apologizing gazes of the receptionist.

    “You are really skilled. It seems I underestimated you. I don’t know much about the association but the Academy is famous in this city. You are going to meet lots of nobles and rich people there.” Lena said to Nidh as they were walking towards the middle region.

    “It doesn’t matter. I will be just joining them to learn about name of herbs and some alchemy. But before that I will like to ask you to teach me how to read and write.” Nidh said as he gazed toward Lena.

    “I would but I don’t have free time to teach you reading and writing.” She plainly refused.

    “Ah. I understand.”

    They travelled together towards the outer region without any more conversation. After they reached the headquarters Lena said, “About learning how to read and write. Though I can’t teach you, why don’t you ask Grandpa Makai? He also knows how to read and write and he has a lot of free time as well.”

    “He does? I have to give him a visit then.” Nidh replied.

    “And before you leave for Academy, don’t forget to notify me. You will be going for an important mission with us in a month or so.” Lena said as she walked toward the main building.

    After Lena left, Nidh walked toward the pond for exercise and meditation.

    “If I think about it, Lena and Sue are really alike in many ways. It’s been long time since I haven’t seen her and other friends. I hope they are doing fine.”

  • Volm 1 Chp 28 Grandpa Makai

    Next day, Nidh went to the Grandpa Makai’s shop. He walked through the small garden and knocked on the doors. After sometime, an old man with hunched back opened the door.

    “Isn’t it the young man Nidh? Are you here to talk with this old man? You know your weapon isn’t ready yet, don’t you?”

    “I am not here for weapons. I need to ask you for a favor.”

    “Whatever, Why don’t you come inside first? Then we can talk about it, can’t we?” Grandpa Makai led Nidh towards a compartment. The compartment was very hot and wasn’t that big. There was a large metal bucket like utensil which was heated using red hot fire. There were hammers and some molds as well.

    “You seem to know what am I doing, don’t you? I am preparing to replicate that wonderful axe.” Grandpa Makai said with a tinge of emotion in his face.

    Nidh was observing his surrounding when Grandpa Makai showed him a chair. Nidh sat on it and observed Granpa Makai who was concentrating and judging the chunks of metals from a large collection.

    “So what do you want? This old man will try his best to fulfill your needs.” Grandpa Makai said after sometimes. It seemed Grandpa really liked the Nidh.

    “I need to learn how to read and write.” Nidh said straightly.

    “You don’t know how to read and write? You aren’t the type to be kidding around, are you?”

    “You see Grandpa Makai, I was brought up in a remote village and there were some accidents which led me here…” Nidh said with some sadness in his face.

    As experienced as Grandpa Makai was, he didn’t press the matter as he knew this young man infront of him has an interesting story to tell.

    “Is that so? I like young man like you. Don’t worry I am more than happy to teach you something. I will also get someone to accompany this old man for some time, wont I?”

    Nidh and Grandpa Makai talked for some minutes after which Nidh was led to the room with a bed and a table. There were a lot of books as well which were neatly maintained in the bookshelf.  It seemed like this was Grandpa Makai’s bedroom.

    Grandpa Makai told Nidh to sit and took out a book from the shelf. He taught Nidh how to read the book for more than an hour. After which Nidh returned to his cabin contemplating on what he learned today.

    About a week passed, Nidh would visit Grandpa Makai daily. As the days passed Nidh and Grandpa Makai started to become more and more close. Some time they would talk about different things like the Sky tower city and the Griphon Kingdom as a whole. Although Grandpa Makai had annoying habit of asking questions-a lot of questions, he was very knowledgeable person. Nidh soon got used to the habit of Grandpa. It seemed more Grandpa knew Nidh more he decreased the number of questions he asked.

    After visiting Grandpa for additional few days, Nidh started to see Grandpa as his own relative, same was for Grandpa as well. Heavens made some persons to get together easily, and maybe Nidh and Grandpa Makai were some of those persons or maybe Nidh and Grandpa Makai had some similarities and had gone through similar events in the past. Who knows but one thing was certain, they were growing fond of each other day by day.

    Nidh was starting to get some sense of the language he was learning. He could read most of the texts although slowly. He could also scribble some writings as well- at least he could write his own name perfectly.

    Two weeks passed like that. Except visiting Grandpa Makai and learning how to read and write, Nidh would practice his healing skills daily-Sometimes on fellow mercenaries and sometimes on small creatures.

    As usual Nidh walked through the small garden. After visiting this small garden daily, he was growing fond of it. He then walked toward the wooden door. As usual Grandpa Makai was waiting for him near the door.

    “You are here young man Nidh. You know your weapon is almost complete as well, don’t you?” Grandpa Makai asked Nidh with wide smile. Except for teaching Nidh how to read and write, Grandpa Nidh would take him towards the smelting room and work with Nidh’s axe while talking to him.

    “I know and it is starting to look very good alright.” Nidh smiled.

    “May be I will finish this axe today. But before handing you the original piece of axe which you chose, Would you like to hear the story behind this axe?”

    “Grandpa Makai, I will have to hear this story even if I refuse, wont I?”

    “Ha ha, You are growing wiser and wiser, aren’t you? That’s right you must hear this story because it concerns the axe you are going to wield from now on.” Grandpa Makai replied.

    “Though this axe isn’t that special as a weapon but it holds something of greater value. The story I am going to tell you is about the person who made this axe and about the person who wielded it once. As you are I know you will find it interesting.” Grandpa Makai spoke. It seemed Grandpa Makai wasn’t his usual self today. Strangely enough he wasn’t asking any question as well.

    Nidh already noticed the change in behavior of Grandpa Makai and was eager to hear what this wise old man was going to tell.

    Grandpa Makai brought two cup of tea and sat down near on a chair near the table. Nidh also sat down near Grandpa Makai. There was silence for some time. The talkative old man was thinking of something. May be he was thinking how to tell the tale of axe.

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