Healing hand (Chapter 21)

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This story is about a side character.Wait a minute if I write a story about a side character wont he be a main character? Answer will be in the story.Thank you and enjoy. :)


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  • Chp 1

    Volm 1.  Chp 1   Are you listening?

    Duran Continent consisted of five kingdoms, Taiga Kingdom to the northwest, Baglu Kingdom to the northeast, Griphon kingdom to the southwest, Fural Kingdom to the southeast and Violet Kingdom to the easternmost part.

    At the remote southern corner of Griphon kingdom, there lied a village called “Seral”. It was mid day of summer. Like usual, Men were working in the field and women were gathering at the base of hills lying northern to the village. They were preparing to collects some herbs which could be sold for pretty good money. 

    An Old man yawned and continued walking through the village toward fields. “Days are hotter than previous year. I hope it will rain soon.”

    “Greetings village chief”

    Everyone meeting him greeted sincerely. That Old man was actually the Village chief.

    The old man ceased and looked towards the big tree near the path.”Ah childhood sure is fun. No worries and No responsibilities.” He smiled but stopped after noticing something.”Hmm… except for him. Life is not easy for everyone.” He shook his head and continued walking.

    Eastern side of village, seven kids were sitting in a circle under the canopy of a tree. All of them were around the age of ten. Kids of their age were supposed to play and chat merrily with each other but the atmosphere around them was tense.

    Six of the kids were looking at the kid who was lying against the tree trunk with his eyes closed and arms folded on his chest. One of his legs was folded and was continuously moving. 

    He had onyx black hair with simple facial features. Cloth without sleeves displayed his well developed muscles unlike the kids of his age.

    “Hey Nidh, You are listening right. Those monkey faced kids from next village think that their useless gang is stronger than our ‘Seral gang’. They even dared to hurt Galot.” Said the blond haired kid pointing to the kid covered in bruises with pitiful look in his face.

    Blond kid had sharp eyebrows with delicate girlish facial features. He seemed very good-looking in those clean clothes. His name was Sumer and he was the only grandson of the village chief.

    Another fat kid jumped up and added “Yes, we have to show them who we really are!”

    “We will show them our strength.” added a snotty boy.

    Then another kid with short stature abruptly stood up and said, “Guys you don’t have to worry, I am going to visit their turf. I will show them they have messed with the wrong gang.”

    When he was turning to leave he was pulled down by Sumer shouting “Where are you going Hin? You don’t want to come home crying like that time, do you?”

    After hearing that, all of the kids turned their head around to look at Shorty and laughed at him except Nidh , who was just the same as earlier without even a slight change in expression, and blond girl with two pony tail having similar face with Sumer. She was staring at Nidh thinking about something.

    Fat kid was named Hong but probably none of these kids knew about it since everyone called him Fatty. He was the son of local merchant and was the most honest kid among the group. Snotty boy was called Wart and was the son of local farmer like Galot. 

    Seeing his friend’s gazes at him, Hin was embarrassed and could only smile wryly and sit down. He still remembered being harassed by those bastards not long ago. 

    He told himself “That time, if they had been two or three in number, I would have beaten them badly. But who would have thought they would be half dozen in number. Probably, they were scared to face me with small number. Yes that should be the reason.” He nodded proudly.

    It had been a year and half since they created this gang with the motive of conquering the nearby town called “Greenfield”. Greenfield lied at western side of Seral and it took about six hours of walk through forest to reach there. Only person among the kids to visit the town was Sumer. He visited the town precisely a year and half ago while visiting his uncle and aunt who lived there. Ambitious as he was, he was mesmerized by its grandness and wanted to rule over it. 

    For the same reason he talked with his friends and established Seral gang. After its establishment they went all over their village as well as nearby village called “Mapal village” notifying everyone. 

    Adults of that village ignored it as it was nothing but childish dream. 

    Although the dream was childish, it intrigued some of the kids of Mapal village especially the village chief’s grandson who had also been to the town. So they also started their “Mapal gang” under his leadership with the same motive. And that’s how the things were like this with constant quarrel between their gangs.

    Seral was middle sized village whereas Mapal was large village both almost at same distance from Greenfield. So Mapal gang had dozen of members whereas Seral gang had only seven.

    “Though we are fewer in numbers than them, we don’t have to worry because we have Nidh with us. We will take revenge on them like last time with the help of our triumph card Nidh.” Sumer stood up and pointed at Nidh. “Nidh you are with us rig---~~”

    Before he could finish his sentence he was interrupted by his sister Sue. “Brother, I think he is sleeping.” 

    Then she pulled Nidh’s ear.

    “Ah… “He cried and opened his eyes to see that everyone was looking at him with weird expression. Realizing what happened he cleared his throat and asked “So, why did you call us here?”

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    Chp 2

    Volm 1 Ch 2 You just have to scare them.

    Listening to his Question everyone’s expression became even weirder. Sumer became very angry and asked “Are you telling us that you have been asleep since you came here?” 

    “Ah! How long had it been?”

    “It’s been about 20 minutes.” Answered Sue.

    “Oh, I`m sorry guys I have been working since morning so I was little tired.”

    Then he noticed that Galot was in pitiful shape. And understood what had happened. Although he was eight years old, he was more matured compared to the kids of his age. 

    Seeing he was telling them the truth and thinking about how tiring it was to work on the field for hours, everyone could only smile wryly. 

    Then Sumer said “Ok forget about it, we were talking about---“

    “Its Mapal gang again, isn’t it?” Nidh said. 

    Everyone nodded.

    He shook his head and added “Sumer, Can`t you just disband this gang so this childish quarrel would come to an end? I clearly said that I’m not interested in this kind of things and I only joined your gang because of you all stayed in my house until I said yes.

    Last time you all did the same to force me to take care of those Mapal gang members. And you said it will be the last time, didn’t you?”

    “I didn’t force you and I don’t want to be involved in it as well.” Murmured Sue on the side. 

    “What are you saying Nidh? It is my dream to rule over the Greenfield town. If my friends won`t help me realize my dreams then who will? I’m saying correct, right guys?”Sumer looked toward his friends.

    All of his friends nodded.

    “See everyone wants to help me. Why won`t you help me? Aren`t you my friend?”

    “I`m but If it’s like this then it will continue forever and I also have work to do."

    “I think the same. Brother, forget about it and lets go home.”Supported Sue.

    Galot, observing that he won`t get chance seeing those bastards beaten,  started to sob.”Nidh I hope you can get revenge for me.” He said staring Nidh with eyes full of tears.

    “Sign… Then where are they right now.”

    Getting exited Galot replied “They said that they would wait us at the bridge.”

    “Wait us… Ah those kids are up to something for sure.”

    So, seven of them headed south towards the bridge. 

    Mapan lied south to the Seral and they were separated by a small river “Asar”.

    On their way, Sumer said “Nidh, don`t injure them like you did that time. Just scaring them is fine. That time their village chief came to complain grandpa, It was good that grandpa managed things greatly.”

    “Oh they did? But I just toyed with them and didn’t do any serious damage.”

    Hearing that Sue thought while smiling “Being toyed by this freak is…”

    Sumer seeing his sister smile said,”Hey Sue, Didn’t you wanted to return home? Why are you coming with us?”

    Sue replied “What does it have to do with you? I am just here to see a good show.”

    When they reached Asar River Bridge, They saw dozen of kids sitting in the stones nearby. All of them stood up and walked toward the Nidh and his friends with smile on their face. The kids were led by a young man of 16 or 17 years old. 

    “So you are that kid who bullied my cousin.” said the young man.

    “Yes, he is the one and all of them helped him as well.” added Mapan gang leader with feeling of schadenfreude.

    Seeing young man, Nidh`s friend became nervous and stepped back a bit.

    But Nidh ignored him and asked Sumer “I just have to scare them right.”

    Sumer nodded nervously.

    “Hey kid, you think it is that easy to scare us.”

    “I was actually just talking about scaring those crows back there.”

    Hearing that, young man started to laugh. “Are you scared kid? If you don’t want to get beat up just beg me and I may con….”

    “As for you, you will be used to scare them. A Scarecrow.”

    After listening to Nidh, he got very angry “ We will see who will be the scarecrow.”He tried to grab Nidh`s shoulder.

    But before his hand could reach Nidh, Nidh caught his hand in the mid air. And gripped tightly.

    Nidh has worked in the field since he was six and his strength was abnormal which could even be compared to adults.

    Young man was shocked by the strength of the kid who seemed to be younger than him by five years or more.

    He had just participated in spirit seeding ceremony in Greenfield town. He had dreamt of being a powerful warrior since he was young. But he didn't receive any seeds like all of his other friends. So he came to village to get over that thought but who would have known that he would be losing to a kid from a small village today.

    After gripping his hands tightly Nidh punched the young man hard in the stomach. Young man dropped on the ground screaming with pain and pressing his stomach with hands.

    After seeing his older cousin getting defeated with one punch, Mapal gang leader's and all of his followers face paled whereas Nidh's friends were pleasantly surprised and their faces were all smiles.

    "Thank god, he is in our gang." thought Sumer.

    "Are you all scared now?" asked Nidh shifting his gaze towards the Mapal gang members.

    Mapal gang leader took few steps back before nodding with terrified expression.

    "Then take this scarecrow from here and scram!"

    After Mapal's kids ran towards their village Nidh turned towards Sumer "It's done. Let’s return back I have a lot of work to do."

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    Chp 3

    Volm 1 Chp 3 Outing

    After scaring them away, Mapal gang was disbanded and Seral gang ruled for ruled for a years and it was disbanded by Sumer himself after realizing how childish the act was.

    2 years passed and in these two years, nothing has changed in the village. Villagers were busy in their day to day activities and so was Nidh. 

    In these two years, he has grown to height of five feet. After working for whole day in the field, he headed to his old cottage which he had lived for so many years. He greeted his neighbors, uncle and aunt and took bread and milk from them as always. 

    Sun was on the horizon ready to call a day. He couldn't help but compare himself to the Sun. Working all day and setting to return tomorrow again. His mother and father were said to be killed in the war against snow cliff country. They died when he was two years old. Then he was reared by Village Chief's son Uncle Will and Aunt Sri who were the parents of Sue and Sumer.

    After being at the age when he realized the truth, he decided to live in his parents’ home as he didn't want to be burden to anyone. He was responsible and clever, even though he was kid.

    He didn't know how this thought entered his mind but he strongly believed that nothing is granted. He had to work to own something.

    He opened his cottage door to only see all his six friends sitting on the mat talking to each other. It was the daily routine of his friends to come to his house. When he was out there working they would also work for some time and would come to his house to dodge the work.

    "Oe, we are planning to go visit the Back hills tomorrow. So get ready we will come to pick you up in the morning. Don't go to work tomorrow." said Sumer.

    "Why would I want to visit Back hills? Forget about it you six can go."

    "Hey Nidh brother, we knew you would say that and didn't want to ask but your Sue here insisted to take you with us." Said Hin.

    Everyone laughed except Sue and Nidh.

    Sue:"You Shorty, when did I insist." She couldn't look towards Nidh due to embarrassment.

    "OK, then we will be here in the morning." Sumer stood up followed by everyone else.

    "Sigh... If you all insist then what can I say. See you tomorrow then."

    Everyone left but Sue left the earliest and didn't even look at him before leaving.

    He could only smile wryly. Unknowingly, his friends had become his family. He couldn't refuse their any request. They were the nearest and dearest people to him.

    Next morning, Nidh woke up and started following his daily exercise routine. It wasn’t that he wasn’t satisfied by is strength, he was actually addicted to do some sort of training whenever he got some free time. It provided him with self satisfaction.

    “Hey Nidh, you are active as always. Come on, let’s go we will be enjoying today. Ha ha.” said Sumer.

    “Guys you are here. I have already asked uncle, so we are ready to go then.”

    After that all of them headed towards north where the mountain lied. On the way, they talked and played with each other.

    “Nidh, we are planning to go further deep into the forest today, how about it?” said Wart.

    “It’s ok, I guess, there aren’t any dangers in these forests anyway.”

    Nidh and his friends walked through the forest in the hills. After scaling the first hill, they decided to have a break and started eating food they brought from village.

    After the break, they headed towards another hill, deeper into the forest. 

    While walking and chatting with each other, they suddenly noticed something weird. All the plants and trees in that area where dried and soil had changed black in color.

    “Nidh, what do you think what is going on here?” asked Sumer.

    “I don’t know, I have never heard of something like this.”

    “Hey guys I think we should return home now, this place is scary.” said Galot.

    “Galot, Are you scared? You are still a little kid, aren’t you? Ha ha.” replied Hin.

    “Shorty you are probably scared as well.”

    “Me and scared? Galot you must be joking. It seems you don’t know me to well. Ha ha. When it comes to courage there isn’t anyone who can match me.”

    “What about him?” Galot pointed to Nidh.

    “Look sky today is beautiful; we sure had a lot of fun today.”

    Everyone laughed. “You are only a big talker, Shorty.” replied Galot.

    Shorty could only scratch his head and laugh.

    “So guys are we going there?” asked Fatty.

    “I think we shouldn’t.” replied Nidh.

    “No, we are going there who knows if we see something wonderful.” said Sumer.

    “Let’s go.” All of them became high spirited.

    After, they entered that place. They felt something weird as if something was attracting them, calling them to go deeper. All of them became very scared and wanted to get away but when they turned around they saw that there wasn’t any forest and everything was dark. 

    “What is happening here? How do we return?” said Sumer nervously.

  • Chp 4

    Volm 1 Chp 4 Nature Kings


    Due to the sudden turn of event, Galot who was already scared started to cry which further scared all of them. Then all of Nidh`s friends turned toward Nidh as he was the most strong and mature among the group.

    Unlike other kids who were already on the verge of crying, Nidh was observing his surrounding and searching for the exit. Noticing that his friends were scared as hell, he restrained his nervousness and said “Don’t be scared guys; we should go towards the centre. If anything happens I am with you.”

    Hearing Nidh saying that, all of them got some emotional support and moved closer to him.

    “Follow me.” After saying that, he moved toward the centre where they got the feeling of being called.

    While leading the way, although he was trying to be calm, his heart what beating very fast and he was very attentive towards the surrounding to see if there were any danger.

    Behind him, all of his friends saw a glimmer of hope on his back. Nidh had always helped them to solve many problems. Although the situation was dire, they trusted Nidh and followed him without any noise.

    After walking for more than ten minutes they saw something was glowing far away. They moved toward the glow slowly. When they reached certain distance from the glow they felt like something was moving out of their body and suddenly they felt more and more tired.

    “What is happening here? Why am I feeling tired all of a sudden?” Nidh stopped moving.

    “I have a bad feeling about this; we shouldn’t go any nearer to this light.”He thought.

    “We are returning.” After saying that, all of them turned around and moved away from the glow.

    After walking for some minutes in opposite direction to glow, he turned around to notice that they were actually nearer to the glow than earlier.

    Everyone started crying as they were very scared. Nidh was also scared and his face had already reddened but seeing his friends like this, he persisted and said “You guys stay here and don’t move, I will go near that glow.”

    “No… we we we…are also…going with you.” replied Sue summoning all of her courage.

    “Don’t leave us alone.” Everyone started crying and tugging Nidh.

    “Then let`s move and believe me we will get out of this.” He said to all of his friends. He was not only encouraging them he was also encouraging himself with those words.

    As they walked closer and closer to the glow, more and more they felt tired. When they entered the radius of 500 meters of the glow, they started having difficulty breathing. All of the vitality inside their body started draining rapidly. Suddenly all of the Nidh’s friends fell to the ground unconscious.

    But Nidh didn’t notice it as if he was hypnotized, his natural instinct wanted to reach that glow. His physical strength was already greater than the normal adults and his vitality was also greater than normal adults. But as he moved closer, more pressure he felt but he persisted and got around 100 meters from the glow. After that his legs stopped moving and he fell on the ground.

    “I have a feeling that if all of us want to get out of this alive, reaching the glow is the only chance we have got.” He told himself lying on the ground.

    Then he gritted his teeth and started crawling towards the glow. He crawled until his hands went numb. His vision went out but he persisted and moved closer and closer using his body. His mind was only half conscious but his determination to live through this pushed him further and further.

    While being in half conscious state he remembered of his childhood, he remembered his village and all the villagers. He got the picture of his friends one by one. He saw them playing and laughing. He saw them asking him for help.

    “It doesn’t matter how but I will not fail. I have to protect my friends and let them live through it. After the death of my parents, they were the one who supported me and provided the courage to live. If they weren’t there with me I would have been all alone. They are my family so I have to protect them. Protect them!”

    After moving sometime, although he couldn’t see anything he got the feeling that the glow was already in his reach so he stretched his hands to touch the glow.

    Actually, that glow was the nature king bud. Nature king are the manifestation of natural law itself. Nature itself is self stabilizing with the help of which this world is governed. It is the set of rules which ensures the survival of this world as well as the survival of any species within it. For the proper functioning of the world nature creates nature kings which are emotionless and neutral elemental forms which protect certain areas from creating large disturbances.

    Like if an area has a nature king than anyone who creates large disturbances is engaged by them. Nature king can cultivate like other organism and are invincible in a sense that if the nature king dies it will reappear in certain interval of time.

    But formation of new nature king is the event which happens once in billion years. No one knows where the new nature king will be formed next and what elemental nature king will be formed there. Actually no human has ever witnessed the formation of nature king until today.

    When Nidh touched the nature king bud, the bud which was golden and egg shaped underwent rapid change as it started to grow bigger and bigger and finally blasted. That blast contained all the elemental energy absorbed from the surrounding which dispersed in all direction passing through his friend’s body.

  • Chp 5

    Volmn 1 chp 5 Disturbance in the Griphon Kingdom

    Far away in the border of Griphon and Taiga Kingdoms of Duran Continent, something was flying at the very fast speed towards east. But it suddenly changed it course and started to move towards the Seral Village.

    In the centre of Griphon kingdom lied the Capital city of Griphon Kingdom, Griphon Royal City. This was the largest city in Griphon Kingdom. At the heart of Griphon Royal City, there was a large palace which was the Griphon Royal Palace. The palace was golden in color and gave people the feeling of grandness with just a glance.

     King Martin was sitting in the throne listening to the strategy to recapture the recently lost city from Taiga Kingdom.

    There had been constant wars between Different Kingdoms in Duran Continent. No Kingdoms would yield against each other. Furthermore, every kingdom was almost equal in military powers.

    Last month, Kingdom Taiga attacked and captured a crucial trading city near the border. They used cultivators to capture the city in one swoop. Usually cultivators don’t involve in the small wars like these but there are always exceptions.

    Since, cultivators were used to capture the city there is a high chance that there are cultivators stationed to protect it.

    So, they also needed the help of cultivators. Generals and military personnel in higher ranks were usually in contact with cultivators but they were the weak cultivators and strong cultivators generally did not involve themselves in these small squabbles. 

    All Strategists and Ministers were discussing on asking for help with Academies of the Griphon Kingdom.

    “Everyone dismiss, we will discuss this tomorrow.” said King Mati who was sitting on the throne.

    Ministers were confused but no one dared to question the king so they could only greet the king and leave.

    “Brother Srik, what do you want to talk about?”

    A person appeared from the shadow behind the throne. Srik was kings own small brother. He was able to cultivate and was the strongest man under his command.

    “There was some disturbance in the northern part of kingdom.”

    King asked, “Are two strong cultivators or something?”

    “I don’t think so, energy which I sensed gave me a deep sense of fear and there was only one disturbance.”

    “So what do you think is happening?”

    “May be some strong cultivator had a breakthrough or something. But there aren’t any academies in those areas.”

    “What should we do then?”

    “I will go and investigate the matter.” Srik said before vanishing.

    Glass palace Academy lied at southern part of Griphon kingdom and was the nearest Academy from the Seral Village.

    It was Academy in name only. It was rather a mercenary group.

    The head of the Glass palace Song was busy cultivating in the secret chamber. Suddenly he opened his eyes which would give any normal person the feeling of omnipotence. He stood up and got out of his secret chamber.

    “What was that? I have never sensed that kind of energy before. I have to check it myself.”

    He moved his hands and a pipette appeared. He sent some energy into it and the pipette started to glow.

    “Kaa kaa” cry of a crow could be heard from the sky. But it was a large crow with blue tail feathers.

    It landed in front of Principal Song and he jumped on the back of crow which flapped its wing to go up in the air and eventually disappear on the horizon.

    Horn Glow Academy, Star field Academy, Horizon Academy and many more big academies’ big shots flew towards Seral village to investigate on the matter of this peculiar type of energy burst. 

    Back in hills near Seral, Nidh found himself surrounded by darkness which slowly dessipitated. What he first saw was the boy lying on the ground. To his surprise, he saw that boy was himself. He tried to move his hands but noticed that he didn’t have any hands, legs and he didn’t even have a body.

    He looked towards forest and he could feel everything happening there. He could feel the leaves of the trees falling on the ground. He could feel the wind moving without destination.

    He looked at the hills to see sorrow of unmoving.

    He gazed past the hill to see water flowing sometime over the rock, sometime from the side and sometime below them to reach the sea.

    He gazed the Sun to see fire engulfing itself for life.

    He saw the shadow behind a tree and saw where the shadow and the tree met. 

    “Am I dead? So that’s how it feels to die.” He was amazed for some time.

    “What happened to my friends?” he thought to himself. Then he noticed that about only 10 meters away from his body there were his friends lying. He thought to move closer and actually moved closer to his friends.

    “Ah I can move even after I am dead, I think It is better this way.”

    When he got closer he noticed that his friends were breathing. He said, “It’s good that they survived, otherwise all this struggle would be for naught.”

    While he was observing them, he noticed rings inside their abdominal area.

    “What are those?” he moved closer to the ring. He saw nine holes on the circumference of ring.

    “I didn’t know they had ring inside the body.” Then, he moved near his own body.

    “Oh, I also had a ring. That’s weird. I think everyone has it. Maybe.”

  • Chp 6

    Volm 1 Chp 6 Gathering of experts

    Nidh noticed someone flying on the horizon.

    It was a person who was so fast that when he noticed, that person had already landed near his friends.

     “Huh? Is this person here to take me with him?”

    That person was wearing a white robe with picture of flames embroided on the edges. He noticed that the person was actually a female.

    She took off hood covering her head. She was a young woman in her 20s with long silver hair. She had a milky white skin with beautiful twin peaks. Her facial features were themselves the definition of charm. She had a round face with small lips and beautiful eyes. She was like an angel straight from the heaven.

    He was amazed for seconds. “I think this will be my last day in this world.” Thinking that, he moved closer to her only to notice that her whole body had actually flame moving inside of it. The flame was blue it color and it seemed like it could even burn down heavens with its heat. It gave Nidh a deep sense of danger so he backed up and didn’t dare to go any closer.

    He noticed that she also had a ring on the abdomen region inside her body. But her ring was somewhat different. Among the nine holes of the ring, every one of them contained small round marbles except for the big central hole.

    She observed the surrounding before noticing the bodies then she shook her hand to obtain a bottle of green pills. She moved her hands and pills went into the body of Nidh’s friends.

    After that she moved toward the dent and saw the dead body of a boy. She shook her head before going near the dent. She observed something was peculiar about the energy near the dent so she sit down near it and started to cultivate.

    While she was cultivating, Nidh was observing her the whole time, he saw fire inside her body had made 5 concentrated region and it seemed like she was trying to create the another concentrated region.

    After some time, she opened her eyes. She as well as Nidh noticed that something was flying towards them on the horizon. It was actually a crow with blue tail.

    Crow slowly landed on the ground and an old man jumped from its back. Nidh observed that the old man also had ring but he only had three marbles and six holes were closed and his body had ten streams of wind from head to toe.

    The old man noticed the woman and was stunned after which he clasped his hands.

    “Junior greets senior, I hope I am not disturbing you.”

    Then the women slightly nodded before replying, “You can continue what you are here for.” And she stood up.

    Nidh was observing it all without being noticed. Suddenly his vision went blank and he felt as if his hands and legs were in great pain.

    When the woman was ready to take the flight she sensed something. She looked at Nidh’s body in a surprised way before floating in the sky and flying away.

    Nidh slowly opened his eyes and tried to stand up. He was confused of what was going on. A little while ago he was dead and now he was alive.

    “What happened? I’m alive again!” he thought.

    The old man walked closer to Nidh and gave him a pill as well. After swallowing the pill his body seemed to replenish slowly.

    After sometime, Nidh was totally healed. While he was healing, his friends also woke up and were slightly scared seeing the crow.

    Old man was waiting for them the whole time patiently. He said, “It seems, you kids are okay now.”

    Nidh answered, “Thank you senior for helping us.”

    “Ha ha, it’s nothing. So can you tell me what happened here?”

    Sumer narrated the entire story from the beginning.

    Then old man looked towards Nidh. Nidh added, “Then I couldn’t control my body and was drawn near the glow. That’s all I remember before I woke up.”

    He had a feeling that he shouldn’t tell anything about that supernatural state.

    “I have never heard of something like that. It must be related to the senior back then.”

    Before he could say anything further he moved his head to look at the horizon to see a person riding on a large metallic dragon fly.

    He was Srik who had come to investigate the matter.

    “Oh, fellow cultivator song is here. Long time no see.”

    “Ah, Srik? Did you also notice the energy burst?”

    “I did. It was pretty large disturbance you see.”

    Right after he finished his sentence he saw large numbers of people flying towards the on the horizon. They were all the experts present in the Duran continent.

    Nidh to his surprise found that he could actually see the ring with three marbles and 7 metallic rods from head to toe of Srik.

    Among the experts landing on the site some were riding on beasts whereas some were flying by themselves.

    All of Nidh’s friends were surprised to see the people actually floating in the air. But he wasn’t surprised much because he had seen that woman from earlier fly at unbelievable speed.

    When Nidh concentrated he found that every floating person’s elemental streams were connected to some extent.

    Everyone started to investigate here and there. Some of them started questioning Nidh and his friends. Until a woman appeared on the horizon before anyone could blink, she started floating directly above the rests.

  • Chp 7

    Volm 1 Chp 7 Spirit seeding

    The woman had luscious long blond hair with smooth and crystal clear skin. Her big bosom moved while she moved her body slightly. Her curvaceous body was more mesmerizing due to the tight fitting robe. She was quite the beauty.

    Seeing her everyone backed up a bit.

    “Ah! It piqued her interest as well. We have to leave this place soon otherwise we may lost our life today” said one of the expert.

    “Hey who is it?” asked someone.

    “You don’t know? She is the principle of Imperial Academy.”

    “You are saying that she is the head of the biggest and unmatched academy of Duran continent.”

    “They said she is very beautiful but she is actually an angel.”

    “You don’t say, I have never seen someone so beautiful.” Experts present on the site whispered with each other.

    Nidh glanced at her and thought, “She is beautiful but not comparable to that woman from earlier.”

    He tried to see her ring and noticed that she actually had four marbles and four holes were closed. He also saw that her body had flame inside it as well but the flame was red colored and wasn’t scary as blue flame from earlier. She also had three small concentrated flame balls moving inside her body.

    She stood in the air for sometime before her eyes fell on the seven kids on the ground.

    “I advise everyone to leave at one.” She ‘advised’ in a loud voice while releasing some of her elemental pressure on everyone except on Nidh and his friends.

    Against the pressure released by her no one could do anything and they could only leave this area with this kind of peculiar energy.

    “She is at least a peak elemental biasing cultivator.” said Song to himself.

    Then he looked at Nidh and his friends and said, “Kids come with me.”

    Without saying anything they followed him. Surrounded by all these experts they were already very nervous so they wanted to leave as soon as they could.

    While they were ready to climb the crow, Rin suddenly pointed at them and commanded, “You seven stay here.”

    Hearing her command Nidh and his friends nervously backed from the crow and stood there silently.

    Song could only shake his head and fly away.

    Then Rin slowly floated down and landed infront of Nidh and his friends.

    “Were you kids here when the energy blast happened?”

    Nidh took a step forward and replied, “Yes senior. But we were unconscious.”

    She thought of something for a second before saying, “Then come with me.”

    She waved her hand and fire surrounded Nidh and his friends. They were scared at first but soon realized that the fire wasn’t actually hot.

    Before they could even start to talk with each other, the fire surrounding them vanished and they were in the Greenfield town. They were surprised but didn’t say anything and were silent as ever. So many things happened today that their mind was already confused especially Nidh.

    They headed to the centre of Greenfield city where they saw group of soldiers standing. Leading the soldiers was a old man in white robe.

    “Greetings senior.” The old man in white robe as well as the soldiers clasped the hands and bent their waist.

    Nidh was slightly amazed by the fact that the old man called a young woman ‘senior’. Already experiencing weirder things than that he could handle himself but his friends couldn’t help but glance at Rin.

    She didn’t care about them and went straight to the Mansion. They passed the hall and reached the backyard of the mansion where they saw a cave protected by the guards.

    Guards at the opening of cave clasped their hands towards Rin and she slightly nodded before entering stopping at the cave entrance and facing Nidh and his friends.

    “You come with me.” She pointed at Sumer who could only nervously flow her inside the cave.

    Nidh and the rest waited outside nervously.

    Seeing the kids being nervous, one of the guards smiled and said, “Haha, kids don’t be nervous. You should rather be excited, whether you can be a cultivator or not will be determined inside this cave.”

    Nidh heard the guard and his interest piqued so he asked, “Can senior tell us more about this cave?”

    “I see you aren’t aware of this cave, let me tell you that this cave here is one of the spirit seed awakening cave of Griphon Kingdom. You know what? There are only Two of these caves in Griphon kingdom.” Guard replied proudly as if he owned the cave himself.

    He added, “Kid, there is a high chance that you can’t cultivate. It isn’t that easy to be selected as a cultivator. You see the scripts up there. They were there when these caves were found. It says that no seed is perfect rather than having less.”

    He again added, “They were probably written there to motivate those who couldn’t get any spirit seed during ceremony.”

    When Nidh heard the sentence “no seed is perfect rather than having less.” He couldn’t help but concentrate on the guard’s abdomen to see ring with only one seed and 8 closed holes and think of something.

    After sometime Rin came back with Sumer but her expression was rather different. She was actually smiling.

    Then she kindly said to Fatty Hong, “Next is your turn.”

    Then she re entered the cave with Hong.

    Nidh was taken aback by her sudden change of mood but before he could ask the reason Sumer patted his chest and said, “Do you know I can actually cultivate and Master Rin invited me to her academy for cultivation. Haha, I am going to be a cultivator now.”

    Hearing Sumer, two of guards were surprised. One of the guard said, “Kid you are very lucky. You are actually invited to the biggest Academy of this continent. How many spirit seed did you get to actually be invited to Imperial Academy?”

    “Master said I got four seeds.” Sumer replied proudly.

    Two guards had their mouth agape after hearing it. Then the guard who has been silent for whole time said, “Young master has bright future ahead of you.”

    “Young master, my name is Xed. May I know your name?” added another guard.

  • Chp 8

    Volm 1 Chp 8 Future Rulers

    “Hehe, my name is Sumer. Nice to meet you Xed.” Responded Sumer Proudly.

    “And I am Wosh. I knew from start that the young master is going to be a great cultivator one day.” Added another guard.

    Nidh and his friends couldn’t help but feel excited about their own seeds.

    After some time of waiting, Fatty also returned smiling. This time Nidh concentrated a bit on the abdomen of Fatty and saw there were four marbles as well but what weird was those marbles were emitting four colored light which was forcefully suppressing the other five holes. There was a war of some sort between them and the holes were shrinking smaller and smaller slowly.

    He didn’t know why but he had the feeling that something is wrong. He had an unworldly experience where he saw truth about this nature and felt being a nature itself. Based on those events, this spirit seeding ceremony seemed somewhat unnatural and out of place. As if something was going to a wrong direction.

    And more he realized more he became confused. Those scripts carved near the entrance of the cave also seemed to have mysterious meaning behind it but what was it?

    If he knew that these words were written by the first human to be ever reaching Enlightment stage of cultivation, maybe he would have enlightened. Unfortunately, he wasn’t aware of it. He wasn’t sure if it was truth or not.

    Being happier than earlier Rin took Nidh’s friends to the cave one by one. To her surprise every kid got four spirit seed turn by turn.

    But the most surprised were the two guards standing near the cave. They were stunned to hear that four of the seven kids all got four spirit seed continuously. They knew that the highest number of spirit seed someone got up to now was five but it was a long time ago and only written proofs could be found about it. It was said that the owner of five spirit seed conquered all of Duran continent once but he disappeared after few years of ruling.

    Nowadays, person getting four spirit seeds were considered genius among all the cultivators. They were the rulers of this world.

    Two guards couldn’t help but feel proud seeing the future rulers of these land themselves and wanted to have good relationship with them.

    In the Duran continent, cultivators and normal people lived in different world with each other. Normal people were aware of existence of cultivators but actually most of them couldn’t see a cultivator in their whole life.

    Cultivators didn’t involve themselves with the normal people. Even the kings of the kingdoms weren’t respected by the powerful cultivators. As for normal civilians, they were akin to ants in the eyes of cultivator.

    Why would they interfere with the daily life of these ants? Most of the cultivators didn’t care about the normal people and thought it is a humiliation to be involved with them. Of course, there were some exceptions but in general normal people’s lives weren’t affected by the cultivators.

    Whatever the case, powerful cultivators were the actual rulers of these lands against whom even kings didn’t dare to be disrespectful.

    Actually cultivators were busy in their own world competing against other cultivators. They weren’t interested in currency of normal world which was gold and other valuable sorts of metal coins as cultivators had their own currency nature stones and cultivators had their own war grounds as well as gathering places.

    Normal people had very low chance of gaining spirit seed and normally the progeny of cultivators could get spirit seed from the spirit caves.

    For a cultivator, having greater number of spirit seed meant the elemental energy they refine would be much more pure. Such as Rin as well as that mysterious woman were fire elemental cultivator but the fire element under their control was different. That woman controlled powerful blue flame whereas Rin controlled milder red flames and the cultivator with one or two spirit seed wouldn’t be able to refine the fire elemental energy to purer form and would only control weak elemental energy.

    Though how far a cultivator could cultivate depended on various factors like luck and comprehensions but the number of spirit seeds was the most important one as purer the elemental energy refined better the cultivation base and higher the combat power.

    After Sue got four spirit seed as well there were only Hin and Nidh remaining. Rin was very happy and satisfied with the result up to now. She knew she was going to create a powerful batch of warriors who were destined to rule this Duran continent.

    She was all smile and more and more kind to the kids. She welcomed Hin to the cave and started the spirit seeding ceremony. As expected, Hin also got four seeds.

    When he returned from the cave he proudly stated, “Ha ha ha. I also got four spirit seed and mine spirit seed are probably better than all of yours.”

    “Hin, don’t joke around here. My spirit seeds are better than yours. And I was the first to get them.” Rebuked Sumer while patting his chest.

    All these kids were very excited because they knew that their future was going to be adventurous and they already started imagining being the kings and ruling over vast lands.

    Rin, who was observing these kids with kindness as if they were her own daughter and sons, was patiently waiting for them on the side to finish talking because she knew that probably the last kid also had four spirit seed as others.

    The last kid remaining was Nidh who was silently pondering; trying to connect things and make some sense out of them.

    Then he entered the cave with Rin for spirit seeding ceremony.

  • Chp 9

    Volm 1 Chp 9 Fated

    Nidh followed Rin inside the cave. They walked through the narrow path with fire torches on the side.

    Nidh stopped pondering about that ring and seed. He instead began to wonder if he would get four seeds or even more as he knew that when that event happened he was the nearest one from that thing.

    “Though it seems something is wrong with this ceremony, I will first get my spirit seeds and think about it later”, he said to himself.

    Shortly after, they reached the wide room with tiles paved on the floor and round object in the middle. The cave was very old and it have ancient feel to it as if it had been here for thousands of years undisturbed.

    After reaching the middle of the room, Rin pointed at the circle made up of green colored tiles and said, “Go sit there.”

    Nidh concentrated at the green tiles but couldn’t see anything related to elemental energy. Then he quietly sat down inside the circle.

    He saw Rin moving next to the round object near the centre of the ring and touching it with her both hands. He concentrated on her body to see that there wasn’t any change to the fire which was moving inside her but as she touched the round object, the spirit seeds inside her abdomen started to glow.

    The four of the glowing spirit seed released colorful rays of light which passed to the round object. Then the seeds inside her body returned to normal.

    Then he noticed the colorful light started to condense into butterflies of different colors. They were actually the butterflies which could be seen with the normal eyes. Large number of butterflies started to fly around Nidh who was sitting there amazed.

    “The world is very complicated. Who knew that these spirit seed could condense real living butterfly.” Nidh said to himself.

    The butterflies circled around Nidh for some time and started to disappear one by one.

    Rin who was standing near him and observing everything creased her brows. Nidh after noticing that the butterflies were starting to disappear gazed towards the ring in his stomach.

    But nothing happened.

    “Why isn’t anything happening? When am I supposed to get spirit seeds?” he questioned himself.

    Rin shook her head and her eyes became cold. She said, “Kid you can leave. You aren’t fated to be a cultivator.”

    After saying that, she turned around and started walking towards the exit of the cave.

    Nidh was dazed for sometime but he collected himself and followed her out of the cave.

    “Huh? I was the nearest one to the glow back then but why didn’t I get any spirit seed?” he was somewhat sad in his heart as he became aware of the cultivation and the elemental energy but actually couldn’t cultivate.

    Was this joke or something? It was like a lot of delicious food item infront of you but you couldn’t eat them but could only see.

    ”That must be my fate. I wasn’t supposed to be a cultivator from the start anyway. But I have to research on these mysterious rings and energies inside the cultivators and though I couldn’t get any spirit seed the feeling of something being wrong and out of place is over. Mysterious, I have started to have these kinds of feelings since I had that weird out of body experience.” He comforted himself.

    Since he was kid he didn’t get much of the things for granted. He didn’t have any parents to support him, all he had were his friends and he was very happy for them now as well.

    Outside the cave his friends were happily waiting for him as they were sure that Nidh who was the strongest among their group would also get the spirit seed for sure. They even suspected that he would get five spirit seeds rather than four.

    They noticed Master Rin and Nidh slowly walk out of the cave. Master Rin had a little different expression from earlier but her gaze towards them was kind as always.

    Six of the kids became more excited seeing Nidh and jumped on him. Sumer asked, “How many did you get? Tell us fast, how many? How many?”

    Nidh could only smile wryly and replied, “I am not as lucky as you guys. I didn’t get any.”

    Hearing him replying that Sue couldn’t help but ask, “You are joking right?”

    Nidh could only shake his head and say, “Have I ever joked with you guys? I am telling the truth. I guess I won’t be a cultivator like you guys.”

    Everyone felt sad for Nidh. He was like their brother who always cared for them.

    “Its ok guys don’t be sad for me. Promise me you will work hard to reach new heights being a cultivator.”

    Everyone could only nod.

    Rin who was standing beside them said, “You six kids have to know that you are going to be cultivators soon and cultivators shouldn’t be involved with the normal people. You will visit your home for last time today and leave with me.”

    Nidh’s friends understood since they were going to be cultivators they have to go away from their home for adventure. But what they didn’t know was that they would probably get lost in their ambitions that they would never have time to return home anytime soon and when they would have time, probably their relatives and near ones would have already passed away as per the cycle of nature.

    That was cruelty of life, you would exchange something already granted to you for something you need and aim for. As for regret, you shouldn’t have any.

  • Chp 10

     Volm 1 Chp 10 Decision

    Back in the Seral village, It was already evening but the kids didn’t returned yet. Everyone was tensed over it. Usually kids would have returned before evening and there had been news of bandits robbing people around Greenfield town recently which worried the villagers even more.

    And what’s more was they didn’t even know where the kids went.

    The village chief was talking to the parents of Nidh’s friends.

    “Did you say they went to back hills?” said Village Chief.

    “I heard it from Naran. Nidh told him about going to back hills this morning.” Replied one of the villagers.

    “Then they should be coming back soon. There shouldn’t have gone too deep.”

    Back hills were covered with forest. Although the forest was very large and extended to north more than 100 km. There weren’t many beasts living in those forests especially on those back hills which lied on the outer region of forest where beast had never been sighted before.

    Though he said that he was also somewhat nervous as his grandchildren were also with those kids.

    While villagers were discussing about it, out of nowhere the kids and a beautiful woman appeared.

    “Ah! My lord.” Every villager went on their knees. They knew that the woman most of a cultivator and a very power at that to be able to appear from thin air.

    “You can stand up.” Said Rin indifferently.

    Villagers stood up but were stunned to see the kids with them. Village Chief couldn’t help but feel more nervous thinking the kids might have done something wrong.

    “My lord, did these kids do something wrong? I will like to apologize in their stead.” Village chief again went on his knees. He knew cultivators wouldn’t involve themselves with normal people unless something big happened. He feared that maybe the kids had done some mistakes.

    Village chief was actually naïve to think that as if these kids had disturbed or did anything against cultivators they would have probably been dead by now.

    “Your kids are going to admit in Imperial Academy from now on. They are going to be cultivators and they are here to say farewell to their families.” Added Rin without slightest change in expression.

    “What! Cultivators! Our kids are going to be cultivators. Everyone heard that?” Village chief said excitedly after being stunned for some time.

    Rin moved her head towards kids and nodded. Then all the kids walked towards their parents except for the Nidh who just went to one of the corner and stood there alone.

    Kids and their parents talked with each other for some time. Kids didn’t know that they wouldn’t be able to return here anytime soon so they weren’t that sad but their parents who knew about it couldn’t help but feel very sad. They were happy about them as well because everyone don’t get chance to become the cultivator as they were like gods to the normal people, knew about them but couldn’t meet them.

    Nidh, who was standing aside, remembered the time he passed with his friends and thought of glory they would probably make after they became cultivator and smiled. He was truly happy for them.

    “I can see something which others can’t. May be greater destiny is awaiting me or maybe I will just live my life here peacefully. Who knows? But anything is ok who can change the fate. You may work hard trying to change it but you can’t change it. Your fate is something no one knows about and that involves you as well. You don’t know it yourself. You can only know after it happens and then you guess you were probably fated. So why worry about it. Just do what you want to do and something fated to happen may happen so that you can say I changed my fate and be self satisfied with it. All for nothing but self satisfaction.” He thought to himself.

    “Should I leave the village as well? I can go to Greenfield town and may join army like my parents or live my life peacefully in this village.

    Forget about it, I will just live here in the village. I will have to take care of their parents and village when I grow up as well. And I love peaceful life. I also have to figure out some uses of my abilities.”

    “Nidh, we will be leaving now. We will come visit here if we can and we will miss you very much.” Said Sumer who was leading six of them towards Nidh.

    All of the friends nodded and there some to be some reluctance to leave in their eyes. Noticing it, Nidh smiled and said, “Don’t worry; after you leave I will take care of village and your parents for you. Anyway I always liked living a peaceful normal life.”

    Fatty broke into the tears and jumped on Nidh, he didn’t cry while leaving his parents but couldn’t hold his tears this time. “Sob, we will visit you. Sob. We will always be brothers.” He said while tugging Nidh.

    Seeing Fatty crying, everyone started to cry as well that included Sumer as well as Sue. All of them jumped on Nidh and cried to their heart content.

    “Don’t act like this, it’s not like I am dying or something. And you will be visiting here while you have free time. We will meet again.” Comforted Nidh.

    After that, his friends moved slowly towards Master Rin rubbing their eyes with hands. Rin moved her hands and fire covered Nidh’s friends and they disappeared.

    With their disappearance village became silent as usual. Village chief and villagers moved toward Nidh and said, “It’s ok even if you didn’t get to cultivate. You are strong and intelligent. You can join the army and I know you will be a brave warrior one day.”

    Every villager nodded their heads and village chief added, “Nidh, after you reach 16 years I will contact my friend who is in the army and ensure you can join army. Don’t worry.”

    Nidh felt warm in his heart. Villagers always cared about him. He smiled and answered, “Thank you Village chief, you know I am mature enough to comfort myself.”

    “Ha ha, Nidh you boy, I knew you would say that. Ha ha, I know you are not like those kids.” Village chief patted Nidh’s back and laughed and all the villagers present there broke into laughter as well.

    “Thinking about it, those kids have left and they can’t disturb and bug me anymore. Everything happens for good. I like this kind of straight life.” He said to himself but he didn’t know that this kind of serene life was coming to an end.

  • Chp 11

    Volm 1 Chp 11 3 years

       From next day, villagers returned to their busy but calm life and so did Nidh. He worked in the field and during break returned under the big tree where his friends and used to sit. When he returned there, he would lay against the tree. But he wouldn’t sleep like he did other time. He would feel his surrounded.

    He would stare at the ants crawling, grass stalks moving with light air. He would feel breeze passing by his body. Every time he did those kinds of things he would have some kind of strange feeling. Feeling like he was among the ants, grass and flying with the breeze as he willed.

    Time passed like this, he was already one year older than he used to be. His strength increased even faster than before. He was probably the strongest person among the villagers. This surprised Village chief and other villagers very much.

    Noticing that Nidh’s strength was growing day by day, village chief decided to give him the duty of chopping trees and collecting lumbers for the village.

    Nidh was okay with it as well. For few months he and his neighbor uncle had responsibility to collect lumbers but it seemed like his neighbor uncle wasn’t needed at all. Nidh could actually cut the woods for the whole village himself so village chief decided to give all the responsibility of supplying lumbers to the village to Nidh alone.

    Another year passed, during that year Nidh chopped the trees for lumbers daily. His strength had increased at the rate that he himself was amazed. He could cut all the woods needed in only less than half a day. Remaining time, he would meditate and get lost in the strange feeling in the nature. The more he meditated, the more he understood about life and more he got curious about the nature.

    He was much aware of the life and struggle of living as well as non living things than any other people.

    He would only cut the trees which where old and would plant some trees himself as well.  He got so interested with life that he started studying medical skills from the local doctor. He would collect herbs and test them on small animal like rats and squirrels.

    He knew it was cruel but it didn’t matter because during the process of observing the nature he realized cruelty is also needed for the sustainment of life. If it is done for protection of life of others it isn’t even cruelty but rather a law itself.

    Every organism has right to struggle and improve themselves even if it harms other organism. But that organism should be aware and responsible for it. Likewise, He tested herbs on small animals but he also cured them of their illness or injuries whenever he could.

    Time flew by and again another year passed. In the midst of forest on the back hills of Seral village, birds were chirping and wind was blowing, a young man of medium stature was holding one ax in each hand. With every chop he made, one of the trees would fall. Highly developed muscle with explosive power of arms could be seen with every slash he made.

    That young man none other than Nidh. During these years he had trained his body to an extent that he could even chop a tree with a single strike. Apart from his strength, his medical skills have developed as well. Even old doctor of the village was stunned by hid expertise in herbs and his skill to cure a lot of diseases.

    He had become the new doctor of the village and his expertise has even attracted the attention of the nearby Mapal village peoples. They would come to visit him as well call him if anyone was injured or have any disease.

    The reason behind his super growth in medical skill was none other than his logic defying vision. Since he started to meditate he found his vision power increased. His senses have become so acute that he could even vaguely notice small microbes which could be seen through special instruments available in bigger cities only if he concentrated enough.

    He could concentrate to see the inner organs and veins of human body; they weren’t normal veins but rather the veins through which the life flowed itself. And the inner organs weren’t normal inner organs. Like in place of heart he would see the shadow of mysteries circle. In place of lungs or liver he would see circles each. Those circle had different patterns made of life veins for each organ.

    He had also tried surgery in small animals but not in humans. The small circles which he named life chakras were similar for the same organ for most of the organisms but they were not congruent. Like the heart chakra in rodents, birds and small animals wasn’t as complex as in humans. He was actually researching on this topic and didn’t have conclusive idea yet.

    Except for the surgery, in the field of diagnosis and use of herbs for treatment he had become as expert.

    Every villager respected him and villagers of Mapal village also respected him. He also got marriage proposal this year from Mapal village but he declined as he thought he wasn’t ready for that yet. Who wouldn’t want their daughter to married to a young man with great strength as well as unmatched medical skill in their area?

    He had become a role model among the kids of younger generation as well. Many kids also started learning medical skills due to him and one day aimed to be like him.

    Village chief wanted Nidh to be next village chief but he didn’t ask Nidh as he knew these small villages can’t hold man of his caliber and he would undoubtly be leaving behind this village and embark on his own adventure.

     But Nidh didn’t have any plan to leave the village.

  • Chp 12

    Volm 1 Chp 12 Glass palace civilian division

        It was night time; there was full moon on the sky and silvery light of moon made the night very majestic.

    To the east of Seral village, there were more than ten tents surrounding the camp fire in the middle which was burning brightly against the silvery light of moon.

    Around the camp fire there were more than twenty people talking with each other. These people were wearing armors and have weapons by their side. Sound of laughter could be heard and each of them had wooden cups on their hand filled with boozes.

    By the fire there was a slightly larger tent, inside which a middle aged man was reading something in dim candle light. He was wearing chainmail and had a sword stripped on his waist. What peculiar about him was that, he had a large scar on his face.

    Suddenly, a woman with black armor and a sword on her waist entered the tent. The middle aged man gazed towards the woman and asked, “Leena, What report do you have?”

    Woman bent slightly and replied, “Captain, scouts have reported that they are moving towards west.”

    “West Ah? What do you think why they are moving towards west?”

    “I think they are targeting Greenfield town, this time.”

    “Greenfield. We can’t let them raid any more towns otherwise our rewards are sure to decrease.” Middle man said shaking his head.

    “There are two villages east to the Greenfield town and they will probably raid those villages as well. I suggest we attack them while they raid the village and catch them unaware.”

    “Hmm… What about the villagers? Can’t we reach those villages first and ambush them there?” Replied Middle aged man while shaking his head.

    “Captain Mark, I think we cannot get there before they do. They are already ahead of us by a whole day. Even to catch them unaware during their raid, we have to travel during night for one day. They will reach there in two days and if we travel during night straight for two days maybe we can reach those villages before them but it will strain us. It will affect our combat power.” Said Leena indifferently.

    “Leena, we can’t let those innocent people die in vain, we will be reaching those village first and ambush bandits there.” Said Captain Mark.

    “If that’s what you want, then I will inform everyone. Excuse me.” Leena slightly bent and left the tent.

    Mark was the captain of Glass palace Mercenaries civilian division. Glass palace Academy was the largest Mercenary group of south. It was divided into two divisions. The Main body of Glass Palace Academy was Cultivator division where cultivators could be hired for nature stones. Normally great powers would hire them for something big only. And the second body was the civilian division which could be hired for gold and other normal currencies. In the northern region of Griphon Kingdom, Green Palace was the largest Mercenary group in terms of Cultivators division but in terms of civilian division there were some more powerful Mercenary group in these regions.

    Captain Mark was the ex-military soldiers with lot of experience and for some reasons he left the military group. He was a very good swordsman and large numbers of people have lost their heads by his sword.

    And Leena was the strategist of the civilian division. Though, she was strategist there wasn’t anyone except captain and vice-captain of civilian division who could match her. She was normal in appearance with red hair. She was only about 18 years old but she was very agile and strong.

    Next day, about twenty five men rode the horse at high speed toward west. Captain Mark was leading them followed by Leena and men of Glass palace Mercenaries.

    They had taken request from the capital to eliminate the bandit group which has raided nearby town. They had been following them for about three days with half of their men in civilian division. As commanded by the captain they were trying to reach the Seral and Mapal village as soon as possible and Ambush those bandits there.

    Recently they got news that the bandits were divided into two groups. And one of the bandit groups was somewhere west to the Greenfield town. So they had to stop this bandit group from regrouping with that group.

    After travelling for the whole day, they sat somewhere for about an hour before continuing their journey. They traveled for the night and continued next day as well. But they got the news that the bandits have noticed them and increased their speed.

    Captain Mark’s group would have reached there by morning next day whereas the bandits would have reached Seral village by evening only but the bandits had also decided to travel that night so it was like a race and bandits were about one hour ahead of Mercenary group.

    Bandits ahead consisted of about twenty armed people. They were riding on the horses and were moving as fast as they could. They had all sorts of weapon in their hands. Some of them have swords on their back but most of them were wearing stylish clothes they looted rather than armors.

    A bald person was leading the group. He had a spear in his one hand and had worn a red armor which scratches.

    “Vice Leader, What will we do about those scums following us?” asked one of the bandits with sword on his back.

    “We will raid those villages as fast as possible. After raiding the villages we will engage them in the village, I have sent request to the Brother, he will come with our men. And those scums will be done for. Ha ha.” Replied the bald man.

    The bald man was the vice leader of their Rockers Bandit group whereas his big brother was the leader.

    “Khe khe khe… With the leader coming, I think we only need to hold them for some time. After he comes I am sure he can take on those scums on his own alone.” said one of the bandits.

    “Who do you think my brother is? He is the strongest warrior of these lands. He can take them on with even breaking a drop of sweat.”

    “I saw him defeating 10 armed men easily once by himself.” Said someone.

    “10 men? Do you think my brother can only defeat 10 men? Even I can defeat them if I go all out.”

  • Chp 13

    Volm 1 Chp 13 Raid


       It was morning; the Sun had risen up on the horizon. The forest on the Back hills was bathing in the golden rays from sun. Among the trees, a young man was sitting near a small hill created by large numbers of wood tightly bounded together.

    That young man was Nidh who had already finished chopping trees and collecting lumbers and wood for village. Few years ago, it would have taken him about half a day to finish collecting woods but nowadays he could finish it in an hour or some.

    He removed the hair bands and let loose his shoulder length hair. In these few years, his hair had grown whereas his facial feature was just normal as ever. He was neither good looking nor ugly he was just your average guy which could be found everywhere in this world.

    “It’s done. Now I will collect some herbs.” He stood up and looked toward the sky.

    “I don’t know why but I am more and more feeling like this surrounding is trying to convey something to me. After I started to meditate daily I always get weird feeling like this.”

    Then he headed towards north deep into the forest. He slowly walked through the forest gazing at every tree top near him. After searching for about half an hour he saw a yellow colored vine around one of the branches of a tree.

    “There it is.” He said. Then actually jumped and caught the branch with both of his hands. If anyone saw what happened here they would have thought they are seeing things. It was simply difficult to believe.

    The height of branch from the ground was actually more than 25 feet but Nidh easily jumped and caught the branch and his height was only slightly greater than 5 and a half feet.

    This herb was called “Akashi Jellie” and could be used for curing jaundice and other sorts of liver infections. He himself discovered the use of this herb by testing its effect on some of the small animals.

    “I got one and probably finish collecting them all in an hour or so.”

    Meanwhile, about few kilometers away from Seral village some armed people where riding about twenty horses towards the village at fast pace.

    In the village, Village chief was sitting on a chair and was smoking. He released a small cloud of smoke and looked up in the sky.

    “I have become old. I can’t even do any work nowadays. I should give up on the responsibility of village chief soon.


    Should I talk with Nidh? I don’t know what he will say. Although he is young, he is more intelligent and probably more matured than my own son. My son also likes him very much. Maybe I should call Nidh and my son today and discuss about handing the position of Village chief. There is a high chance that he will reject it but even if he accepts it for some years only it will still be good.”

    Since Nidh had mastered his skill in medical field, his reputation sky rocketed and at present he was the most aspiring man of Seral as well as Mapal village.

    Most of the villagers had already woken up. Men had gone to the fields whereas women were busy preparing for the meal. Some older kids had just woken up whereas younger ones were sleeping soundly.

    All the kids of Nidh’s generation had already embarked on the journey of cultivation. Since farmers usually didn’t hold back on the matter of having kids, Nidh’s friends already had some brothers or sisters.

    It was just a normal morning as usual with nothing much happening. Hens and ducks were walking here and there searching for food. Cattles were already taken to the field for grazing. At eastern corner of village lied the fields which were like life for these villagers.

    It was the time of year to sow the seeds of grains so some villagers were digging whereas some of them were sowing.

    “When that kid Nidh used to work here it was much easy working.” Said Galot father.

    “Why wouldn’t be easier working? He would help you do your part of work as well.” Replied on of the farmer.

    “Don’t speak like he only helped me. You remember he did all of your work while you were not feeling well that day.” Said Galot Father.

    “I remember that. He is very good person. We can’t let him do all the work even if he can do it by himself. That’s why even if he finishes collecting woods for the whole village in the morning, no one has ever complained of him not working for whole day.”

    “Why would we complain? He is like a god to my family. Once he cured my wife’s serious illness. Anyway he uses all his day studying herbs and increasing his medical skills which is all for our village.” Said one of he villagers.

    “Hey what is that?”

    A little far from them, “Look boss! There they are working in the field” said one of the bandits to the bald man.

    “He he… kill them all very fast. We can’t stall here otherwise those scums will catch us soon.” Shouted bald man and had a big creepy smile on his face.

    All the villagers stopped working and looked toward the noise.

    “Bandits! They are bandits. We have to warn the villagers fast.” Shouted one of the villagers.

    Galot’s father who was watching shouted, “Every one use whatever you have on your hand to fight against them!”

    “Rulk, go and inform the villagers, you are the fastest among us.”

    Rulk who was stunned for a moment took a long breathe, clenched his hands and ran as fast as he could.

  • Chp 14

    Volm 1 Chp 14 Something is wrong


    “Look at them they are not running. Ha ha ha, mere farmers want to fight with us.”

    “Let’s see who kills more. I am going to kill more than five myself.”

    “Dream on. I kill them all by myself. Ku Ku…”

    Bandits talked while riding towards about ten villagers prepare themselves to fight to death.

    As the bandits came near, Galots father who was at the front started shouting “For my family. I may die here but I will at least take down one with me.” Then he raised his axe which he had picked earlier.

    The bald bandit vice leader who was leading the charge thrusted his spear ahead. The spear went right through Galots father throat. He couldn’t make any sound. Blood spattered everywhere. Then the baldy retracted his spear and thrusted towards another villagers head. The spear went through that fellows head and he died just like that.

    One of the bandits with sword chopped at one of the villagers head and his head fell to the ground. The head had terrified expression on the face. Like that before villagers could even think how to attack, they all died. It was one sided slaughter. How could poor villagers match those cruel and powerful bandits? There was absolute disparity in strength.

    Rulk who was running as fast as possible could heard a loud and horrified cry. The scariest thing was that he could actually know whose cry it was. It was his own neighbor who had grown together with him.

    He ran faster and faster but he could hear the horses drawing nearer and nearer. He was scared. Then he turned around his head only to see the bald man with creepy smile on his face swinging his spears sideways. Spear shaft collided with Rulk’s head, only “CHI” sound could be heard as his brain popped out of the cranium.

     “To the village. Don’t think about enjoying women of the village, we don’t have time.” Shouted baldy as he pointed his spearing dripping with blood towards village.

    Back in the village, villagers were totally unaware of what was happening. Women didn’t know that they had become widow but they would probably know it soon.

    Village Chief who was sitting on the chair heard some noise coming from east and the noise was getting louder and louder.

    He stood up from the chair and walked towards the road outside. When he faced toward east he saw large number of horses galloping toward the village.

    Village chief walked to the eastern edge of the village and as he saw the people riding horses were armed he knew they were bandits.

    All of the women also noticed that they were coming from towards the field and guessed their husbands had died. They fell to their knees and started crying. Kids near them didn’t know what was happening but seeing their mothers crying started to cry as well.

    Bandits charged right into the village and baldy which was at the front thrusted the spear right through the Village Chief’s stomach. Then he lifted the spear with village chief still alive and crying with pain and he shook his spear sideways violently and the Village Chief dropped on the floor into two pieces.

    “See that. This is my new spear move that I created myself. HA HA HA.”

    Then the bandits went into the village and everyone was slaughtered. Kids, infants, women, old men or old women no one was left alive.

    After the massacre, baldy announced while pointing random five bandits, “Five of you loot whatever you can find and come to another village. We will be ambushing those scums in another village. Remaining come with me to the next village.”

    Every bandit cried with excitement. This was their life; killing people and burning houses.

    Baldy lead the remaining bandits and charged to Mapal village.

    Back in the forest, Nidh was unaware of what was happening. He didn’t know that everyone he knew in the village were no more in this world.

    “That’s the last one.” Nidh plucked a white flower near a steam.

    “I should return now.” He turned around and slowly moved uphill where he had cut the lumbers before.

    He wasn’t in a hurry so he took his time observing nature without any worries of this world. When he reached the place where the lumbers were. He picked up his axees and hung them near his waist.

    Then he picked up the small mountain of lumbers and started to walk slowly. Air passed touching his face.

    “Today I have to ask village chief about renovating all the old houses of the village. And that includes mine as well. And about whether or not to leave this village, Hmm…let it be a thing in the future. I don’t know anyone outside the village. Ah… Except for those friends of mine but I don’t know where this Imperial Academy is. I am quite satisfied with this life here.

    As for my abilities I will develop them further first, if I succeed in understanding life chakras I will then think about leaving this village to see the outside world. But wherever I go, I will always return to where I was born.”


    He was moving while thinking about various things. He took a turn and he reached the hill facing towards Seral village.

    As usual, he glanced toward the village. His senses were very sensitive and when he glanced towards his village he saw people lying dead on the village road. Some of them were missing head and even kids were dead.

    He dropped the load and started running down the hill swiftly. He was actually very fast. At this speed he could reach village in only a minute or so.

    “Something is wrong… Very wrong…they are dead. Am I seeing thing? No it can’t be. I have to reach their fast.”

    About distance of one hour away from the village, Captain Mark, Leena and his men were galloping as fast as they could towards the village. They were all tired after traveling for two days straight.

    “Captain, we should take a rest for some time. Anyway, we can’t catch them now and probably the villages are already pillared. If we fight them in this tired condition we will have more casualties. But we can’t rest for longer as well, I am sure they have called reinforcements from Greenfield.”

    “No Leena, we won’t be resting. Who knows maybe we can protect one of the villages.”

    “But…”before she could finish it, Captain Mark said,”Put yourself on villagers shoes for once, Imagine innocent men and women slaughtered. Imagine small kids being killed. If you have strength, it isn’t that bad protecting innocents once or twice.

    Wait. After protecting those innocents you’ll have a very good feeling. It’s a heavenly feeling.”

    Leena could only nod.

  • Chp 15

    Volm 1 Chp 15 Birth of Death god.

             One of the bandits pointed towards village chief house, “I will check that bigger house.”

    “Do whatever you want. You remember boss said that whoever hides gold or other valuable from him will be beheaded.”

    “I know that. Anyway I don’t think there are any valuables in these backwaters.”

    “We have to work faster. Those scums are going to catch up soon.”

    Bandits discussed while carrying their loots.

    Nidh just reached the northern edge of village. And saw some armed people packing loads on the horses. He shifted his gaze and noticed blood everywhere, blood of people who he had grown among, blood of people of his only home.

    His mind went blank for seconds. His eyes which had forgotten about tears started to grow moist. He stood their thinking about every dead people he saw on the road. He remembered carrying some kid and talking to her but now she was lying on the floor with her body away from her terrified head covered with blood.

    One of the bandit noticed Nidh. “Ha ha ha. It seems we missed one.”

    “Ke Ke Ke… Boy, come to your father here.”

    “Why are you calling him? I didn’t get chance to kill much people this time he is my prey.”

    “Whatever, go finish him already.”

    One of the bandit unsheathed his sword and walked towards Nidh. Nidh who had been standing there notices a man with a sword in his hand walking towards him.

    Nidh grabbed one axe in each hand and stood there staring at that bandit.

    “Ha ha ha, this boy wants to fight as well hahaha. Did you see that guys? Ha ha ha” he turned his head and looked towards other bandit but suddenly he felt sharp pain on his neck and his vision went blank. He couldn’t even guess how he died.

    After chopping the head of, he shifted his gazes towards other bandits and stood there with axe in each hand. His face was splattered with blood, with his long hair and bloodied face he looked scary very scary.

    Remaining bandits were stunned and they couldn’t believe that this young man who doesn’t seem like much just killed their bandit friend so easily.

    “Hey help me take care of this kid.” One of the bandit said to another and two of them unsheathed their sword. They charged towards Nidh.

    Nidh was just standing there thinking, “so life ends so easily. So fragile… I killed someone for a first time but I don’t feel any regret.”

    As for two of the bandits they raised their sword targeting Nidh’s head and stomach respectively. Swords made “swiss” sounds as they stroked simultaneously. But to their surprise, each swords collided with the axee.

    Bandits were surprised that the young man actually stopped both of their strike at the same time. But their surprise couldn’t last long. Nidh pushed his axees forward and the bandits were pushed five steps back.  Then Nidh chopped towards them so fast that they couldn’t response and were both cut in half. “Aaaa!!!” Both of them cried for the last time in their life.

    Two remaining bandits saw everything with their own eyes. They couldn’t have imagined in their wildest dream that three of their companions would die so easily. They were stunned and scared as shit seeing how easily he killed three of them with one slashes each.

    Seeing that Nidh was moving towards them they simultaneously turned around and ran as fast as they could towards the Mapal village. They weren’t idiot to believe that they could win over freak like this.

    Nidh, who was walking slowly with an axee in each hand, sprinted and ran very fast towards the bandits. He quickly caught up with the bandits and slashed with both of his axeis forward.

    “Aaaa… f*ck….Aaa” cried one of the bandit and laid on the ground. He could feel the pain on his back as axe was embedded there. He was scared and turned his head towards his companion to see that the axe had reached the stomach of his friend cutting through the head almost separating him bilaterally into two. He was even scared now.

    Actually both of the axes missed as Nidh wasn’t use to cut the moving targets. If he hadn’t missed those two bandits would have been four by now. He didn’t have any fighting skill and he was only fighting using his strength and agility.

     “Don’t kill me. Don’t kill me… otherwise… my boss will kill you. He is there in the next village.” The injured bandit babbled last time before he died.

    After striking the bandit again, Nidh moved his head here and there and rubbed his face with one of his arms. Then headed towards Mapal village.

    On the Mapal village side of Asar River Bridge, Remaining bandits were sitting on their horses facing towards the Seral village. They had already slaughtered everyone of the Mapal villagers but didn’t loot the village because baldy thought of a better idea.

    ”Boss, why didn’t we loot the village? And what are we doing standing here?” One of the bandits asked baldy.

    “Your great vice leader have thought of a very good idea. We will be using this bridge as a death trap. Since only two or three can pass through the bridge at once, we will be waiting here for them and kill them one by one. As for this village we can just establish our base here for sometime before we head together with Brother for Greenfield. We are not in hurry. Ha ha ha.”

    “Boss you are genius. We will surprise those scums this time. Ke ke ke.” One of the bandits said.

    “Of course I am a genius. Although my big brother is strongest among us I am the smartest. But why aren’t those five coming. They are late. Maybe those idiots are goofing around that village.” Baldy said in a proud manner.

    Then he pointed at a random man and said, “You go and see what they are doing there. Tsk. Those idiots!”

    “Yes boss.” The bandit galloped forward before stopping after seeing a young man with long hair moving towards them and an axe in each hand.


  • Chp 16

    Volm 1 Chp 16 Rain of blood on Asar River Bridge.

         “Who are you kid? Do you want to fight or something? Look at those axes. Seriously you are planning to fight with those toys of yours.” The bandit heading toward the Seral village said and he charged toward Nidh on his horse.

    Nidh swung his axe and chopped the fore limbs of the bandit’s horse. The bandit along with his horse dragged along the straight line due to their momentum. Then Nidh turned around and before bandit could stand up slashed his head and then the horse head.

    The event was happening infront of all of the remaining bandits. The baldy which was at the front saw it even more clearly than others. While the bandits were stunned, Nidh walked toward the Asar River Bridge but stooped near the entrance of bridge.

    Bandits and Nidh were facing each other across the bridge. Baldy who saw his own man killed before him became very angry and ordered his men to kill that young man.

    The horses charged towards Nidh who took a long breath and launched himself in the air and chopped off the bandits head which flew in the air leaving the trail of blood into the river. Another bandit slashed his sword toward Nidh which was blocked by Nidh and he used his strength to push the bandit of the horse.

    In the middle of Asar River Bridge, one man was fighting against the bandits charging on their horses toward him. Heads flew and blood spurted everywhere. Few of the horses also lost their heads. It was a brutal slaughter which could even create fear inside the heart of a veteran soldier.

    Nidh moved his axes around killing bandits or blocking their attack. The baldy and remaining bandits were surprised but didn’t have time for talking with each other about it as they also charged forward. It was the fight that concerned their life as well as plan of killing the scums which were following them since a long time.

    During the fight one of the bandits threw a knife targeting Nidh’s chest. Although Nidh could sense the knife flying towards him he couldn’t block it as his both axes were engaged with the swords of the enemies. He could only slightly jump and the knife embedded into his stomach. His blood flew for the first time. There was a sharp pain but he gritted his teeth and simply ignored it.

    Fight continued. More and more bandits died whereas Nidh only got few scratches here and there due to not having enough fighting experience. He was only using his vastly superior strength and speed against the bandits. His attacks were straight only aiming for the bandits throats of their stomach. Amazing thing was that, once his attacks connected with the bandit’s body, axe would chop of their body parts; sometime head and even sometime they would have been cut to pieces. That’s how tyrannical his strength was.

    More than twelve people died and only three of them remained. Baldy swung his spear shaft sideways targeting Nidh’s head. Nidh quickly moved one of the axes to block it.

    “Boom” Spear shaft and the axe collided and the axe broke and its head dropped into the river whereas the baldy was and his horse was pushed backward. These axes were bought by Village chief from Greenfield due to the special request of Nidh to him. Head was made up of ordinary metal but was strong due to being thick whereas the shaft of axe was made up of strong pine tree which was heavy and strong. But against the strong spear made for combat it couldn’t last.

    Nidh threw the remaining piece of wood towards one of the bandit which as so fast that it collided with his head and he was thrown off his horse never to move again. Nidh chopped remaining bandit with one axe. Now only Nidh and baldy remained facing each other.

    Baldy was on his horse with a spear in his hand whereas Nidh was on ground covered in blood with an axe. Baldy was nervous and scared as he knew he would die if he fought against this monster ahead of him.

    “You are strong ah. How about I make a proposal? I will forget about the men I lost today and I will also let you join our ranks.hmm…How about it?” Baldy tried to sound as strong as possible and tried to persuade Nidh. But Nidh was silent and he walked towards the Baldy slowly.

    “You don’t know but our bandit group is among the most powerful bandit group in these regions. How about it? Do you want to join?” Baldy backed up a little.

    Nidh wasn’t paying any attention to what he was blabbering about. What he wanted was to kill him to vent his anger so he jumped into the air and slashed towards the Baldy’s bald head. Baldy quickly moved his spear to block the axe and “Boom”. Again the spear and axe collided. The axe broke whereas Baldy’s horse sat down.

    Baldy’s hands became numb and spear dropped off his hand to the ground. But before he could peak the spear again Nidh thrusted the piece of wood remaining of axe into his throat. With “Pich” sound the blood  spurted out. Baldy’s iris diluted and he died.

    Nidh loosened himself and dropped on his knees. Only now the tears started to follow.

    “I killed them. I killed them all and that’s it… that’s it… that’s it. Lost it. I lost it. I lost my village and my home.”

    The wind was blowing and the scent of blood was in the air. And he was there alone covered with blood. Nowhere to go and nowhere to call home. Everyone he knew was no more in this world. He only had their memories which hurt his heart even more. His peaceful life came to end like. He became ruthless and ruthless as ever. Life was mocking him or leading him he didn’t know and actually he didn’t want to know.

  • Chp 17

    Volm 1 Chp 17 Lone Survivor

                  Captain Mark was leading his troops towards Seral village. They were tired but they continued moving closer and closer unaware of the events happening there.

    “It seems they were the villagers working in the field.” Captain Mark said as he ordered his units to stop.

    “These bandits are ruthless as ever. We will be moving now.”

    They galloped towards the Seral village where they saw even more blood and gore.

    “Lena, you and you ten remain here. Remaining come with me inside the village.” He said as he pointed at ten of his men. Then he leaded his men inside the village.

    “Captain, beware of your surroundings. They may ambush you there.” Lena said as she turned her head here and there.

    “Captain it seems that they have killed them swiftly and they didn’t take any women with them.” One of the mercenary reported.

    “Hmm… it is to be expected. There aren’t any survivors as well. Judging by the blood, it hasn’t been more than an hour.” Captain Mark said to his men.

    They moved carefully as they reached the place where Nidh killed the bandits in the village. They were confused by it.

    “They seem to be bandits and they have their horses right there. Hmm…they were packing the loot.” Captain Mark said while placing his hands on cheeks. He jumped off his horse and moved near the dead bodies of bandits. “Judging by the wounds, it has been done by the same person. Interesting. Who did it? It isn’t easy to kill five bandits alone.”

    “We will be taking these horses.” He said while pointing to horses. Then he and his men returned back.

    “There were five of the bandit’s dead bodies inside. And no survivors.” He said to his men.

    “Did the villagers resist? But I don’t think they could kill five bandits themselves. Even men in the field couldn’t kill any.” Lena said.

    “No, it was done by the same person.”

    “Same person? Maybe some ex-military personnel.” Lena thought.

    “Let’s head towards another village. And be careful, there is a high chance that they are waiting for us there.” Captain Mark said and led his men to Asar River.

    In the Asar River Bridge it had been just about two or three minutes since the battle between Nidh and the bandits ended. When Captain Mark and his men reached there they were stunned by the scenery. There was a horse without forelimbs lying there dead whereas its rider was missing his head.

    Captain Mark stopped and jumped of the horse. “To cut the forelimbs of the horse charging towards you requires a lot of strength. Even I can’t do that.” He concluded by observing the site.

    “Hey what are those in the bridge?” one of the mercenary pointed. Every one of the mercenaries looked towards bridge. Then Captain Mark rode his horse and led his men towards bridge. More they came near, more they could smell the scent of blood. And they reached the bridge.

    Although they were all battle hardened person, they couldn’t help but feel a tinge of fear in their heart seeing the way those bandits were killed. Most of them were beheaded and some were cut into pieces. What staggered them the most was that there was someone sitting there. He had a long hair and seemed like the demon from hell bathed in blood. He was none other than Nidh.

    “Who is that? He looks very scary, right?” one of the mercenaries stated as he saw everything.

    “What happened here?” said another.

    “I think some army killed the bandits or something.” Someone replied.

    “Army? What army? I don’t think there is any army around these areas except for Greenfield but who’d sent your town army to protect the villages.” Argued another.

    While they were arguing about it, Captain Mark and Lena jumped off their horses and walked toward Nidh slowly.

    “Captain, do you think he killed all of them?” Lena asked as she followed Captain Mark slowly.

    “It is possible. Let’s meet with him. He may be aggressive type of person so be careful.” Captain Mark replied. They reached a meter away from Nidh but they didn’t continued walking closer as they didn’t know if he would attack or not. And they were a little bit afraid of demonic look of Nidh as well.

    Nidh noticed them coming near and stopping a meter away from them. So he shifted his gaze towards them. They didn’t seem to be aggressive so he retracted his gaze.

    Captain Mark and Lena were very astonished after seeing his face. He was actually very young. Not only very young very very young. He seemed to be even younger than Lena herself. They immediately removed the possibility that all of the bandits were killed by this boy. How could that be possible? To kill about 20 bandits himself and not being injure was simply impossible.

    After some moments of silence Captain Mark said,”Are you a villager here? You don’t have to worry we are not an enemy.” Nidh again shifted his face towards Captain Mark and after sometime replied, “Yes.”

    “Oh. Are there any other survivors?” asked Captain Mark softly. He had expected that maybe some people rescued some villagers after killing the bandits and the boy had somehow been left here or maybe forgotten.

    “No, I am alone.”

    “Alone? I will be coming near you and don’t worry I won’t hurt you.” Captain Mark moved closer slowly and carefully and Lena followed quietly. When he came near Nidh he noticed a knife embedded inside his stomach.

    “AH! You are hurt. Let me help you.” Captain Mark reached towards him but Nidh raised his arms and Lena on the side kept her hand on her sword.

    “I am fine.” Nidh said and pulled the knife out of his stomach. He kept the knife in his hands and pressing wound by another hand stood up. When he stood up Lena unsheathed the sword and wanted to raise it but was stopped by Captain Mark. Then Nidh shifted his gazes towards her and warned “Its better if you don’t.”

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    Chp 18

    Volm 1 Chp 18 Medical Expert
    “Do you think I am scared of you?” Lena said as she gripped her sword tightly. But Captain Mark angrily looked at her so she backed up and sheathed her sword again. Nidh didn’t say anything further. After sometime Captain Mark said, “We are mercenaries and we were after those bandits, Can you tell us what happened here?”
    Nidh remained silent for sometime before replying, “They killed all.”
    “We feel very sorry for your village. And what happened?” Captain Mark asked. He wanted to know who had helped them by killing those bandits.
    Nidh again remained silent for some time and Lena from the side told being annoyed, “What are you waiting for tell us fast. There will be more bandits coming soon here.” Hearing that Nidh shifted his gaze toward Lena and answered, “They killed all… so I killed them all.”
    “Are you kidding with us? It is a serious matter here; we have to know who did it so that we can further plan on how to handle the remaining bandits.” Lena replied in an annoyed way.
    Captain Mark shifted his gaze here and thought about something. Then he said, “Lena stop being rude. And boy you can come with us for now, we will help you.”
    Nidh thought for sometime before nodding and following Captain Mark and Lena towards the remaining mercenaries. While Nidh and others were walking towards mercenaries, they saw that it was a young man no it was a boy and they laughed on themselves for being scared by a boy.
    “Ha ha, look it is only a boy. You were scare for nothing.” Said one of them.
    “Don’t talk like you weren’t scared. I saw you backing a little at first.” Another made fun of him.
    “Backed your mother, I didn’t get scared. Why don’t we fight and see who is right? Strength speaks the best, doesn’t it?” he replied.
    “Fight? Forget about it. I am not in mood today.”
    “Are you scared? Ha Ha Ha” Everyone laughed.
    “Everyone silent!” Captain Mark shouted as they reached near their squad. After that was a silence, then Captain Mark said, “Five of you put up the Tents near here, remaining come with me we are going to scout next village. After that we will be resting for sometimes.”
    Subsequently he showed Nidh and added, “Take care of him as well, it seems he is the only survivor this time.” Afterward he, Lena and his men rode toward the bridge.
    The mercenaries started to unpack their goods and started putting up camps. One of them who was instructing other four shifted his gaze towards Nidh who was sitting on the grass side the road and looking for something. He had already cleaned all the blood on his body and clothes. His clothes were wet but it didn’t matter much. Then that person instructed for sometime before moving towards Nidh.
    When he was near Nidh he also sat down and said, “Hey, My name is Boson. What is your name?”
    Nidh didn’t give much attention and only answered, “Nidh.”
    “Nidh? Good name. Nice to meet you. What are you doing here? “ Boson which was sitting near Nidh thought that Nidh was just playing with something there. Though he was surprised about the calmness of Nidh even after going through that many things, he thought maybe Nidh was mentally disable and his brain wasn’t developed like other normal kids.
    Then he suddenly noticed the wound in the stomach of Nidh. “Nidh, You are injured? Let me help you. Though I am not an expert, I know some things or two about dressing the wound.”
    “Oh thank you, it would help if you could find this plant. And as for dressing I can do myself.” Nidh replied showing a small green grass stalk to Boson.
    “Huh? Can do yourself? And what is that plant? Don’t joke in this kind of serious matter.” Boson said as he thought Nidh was just kidding.
    Nidh could only sigh and reply, “This is a herb called “Morning dew grass” which can be used to create a paste which can help to protect the wounds from infections and help in their healing.” Seral Villagers and Mapal Villagers were the only one who knew about his expertise in medical field but now all of them have perished and now he was the only one who knew his own abilities.
    Nidh added, “For differentiating it from normal weed you have to see its mid rib which is slightly yellowish in color as well as it roots which are longer than normal grass. Remove it root before and collect only the stalks as roots are little poisonous. I only need two more stalks.”
    Boson who was sitting near Nidh was stunned. Though, he wasn’t an actual doctor but he was always the person who acted as a doctor in Glass palace civilian division, and he was also little interested in different herbs and he had read about “Morning dew grass” which was used in backwater villages as a medical plants but didn’t actually know more about it.
    “You can help if you want.” Nidh said as he saw Boson’s expression. After hearing that Boson didn’t know what to say because he was flabbergasted seeing so young man explain about an herbal plant. He knew how difficult it was to memorize the herbs and actually differentiate it in real life. He could only reply, “No no, I will help.”
    They collected some others herbs as well in few minutes and Boson was even more amazed by Nidh knowing about other herbs which he hasn’t even heard about. Actually Nidh himself didn’t know all their names because he had researched their uses himself. After that Boson watched Nidh skillfully mixing herbs and creating paste which he used to swiftly and adeptly dress the wound.
    “Done!” Nidh stood up and shifted his gazes towards Boson. “Thank you for helping me.”
    “Ha ha. I just collected herbs as you instructed. I didn’t know that you were so good at herbs as well as dressing.” Replied Boson scratching his head. He was embarrassed because at first he thought Nidh to be mentally under developed but now he knew now that Nidh was so calm before because he was more matured than the kids or maybe other adults.
    “You are so skilled in medical field, why don’t you join our mercenary camp. We don’t actually have any doctors among our ranks. I will talk about it to Captain Mark today I am sure he will be more than happy to have a doctor among his men.” Boson said as he laughed softly towards Nidh.
    Nidh remained silent and thought, “Maybe it isn’t that bad idea. I don’t know anyone except for those friends of mine but I don’t know where they are. I have to think for sometime if I want or not to join the mercenary camp.”
    Seeing Nidh remain silent, Boson didn’t press the matter and said, “Come with me, I will introduce you to my friends there.”

  • Chp 19

    Volm 1 Chp 19 He actually told the truth!
    Boson led Nidh to four of the mercenaries and introduced them.
    “….and this is Nidh. I know you won’t believe me but he is an expert in medical field; at least he is better than me by a huge gap. I am going to talk Captain Mark about letting him join our mercenary camp today. I hope you support me.”
    Then Nidh added, “Nice to meet you, I like medical field so if you have any problem with your body, you can ask me and I will see if I can cure it.”
    “Problems? What about this? Can you cure it?” said one of the mercenary in a joking manner showing a violet protrusions near his knees.
    “You idiot! Don’t show us those incurable infections of yours. Even the doctors in Sky Tower city couldn’t cure it. I am serious here. He is really a good doctor.” Boson rebuked him.
    “Squad Leader Boson, I was just joking.” That mercenary replied as he covered those protrusions immediately.
    When he saw those protrusions from the side, he said, “Can you show those to me again?”
    “Nidh he was just joking. Even popular doctors of southern region of Griphon kingdom living in Sky Tower City couldn’t cure it.” Boson replied laughing and scratching his head.
    “They couldn’t? What kind of medical experts are those?” He thought to himself but he didn’t know that his medical skill was already top notch. He then said, “It’s okay. I think I have seen this disease before. Show me once again.”
    Hearing that, the mercenary showed those protrusions to Nidh. Nidh observed them for some time and found that it was actually the same infection as that old man from Mapal village had. Then Nidh asked, “Do you have a pain when they have contact with water? And you have difficulty walking?”
    The mercenary was surprised that this boy actually knew it only by observing it. He quickly nodded as he was happy to see some hope of curing this disease. Because of these protrusions he couldn’t run jump and run properly so he was having major setback in combat recently.
    Boson and the others were also amazed. Then Nidh added,”I don’t know what the disease name is but I know it is caused by a microbe. I also don’t know what the microbe name is.”
    The mercenary had his hope lost.
    Boson interrupted, “It’s okay even if you don’t know about it. At least you could tell the symptoms and I can already guess that you are better than those quack doctors of Sky tower city. More importantly you are so young; you have lot of time to further develop your skills.”
    Nidh stopped for sometime before continuing, “But I know how to cure it. It’s pretty simple. Wait here.” After saying that Nidh quickly left and returned after few minutes. He brought some algae from the river bank.
    “Here it is. Cover the infected area with these algae and dress it. It should be fine in two or three days. You will feel some pain at first then the pain will decrease and within hour you will be able to walk properly.” Nidh gave the algae to the mercenary.
    The mercenary was very happy and he quickly did as he was told. He first had sharp pain then the pain decrease slowly as he was told. He was so happy that he started to laugh merrily even though he still had some pain left.
    Boson and others were happy for their friend as well. They knew that for mercenaries even small diseases and problems in their body could cause a major predicament during the constant combats. Like that, those five mercenaries had new level of respect for Nidh.
    As for Captain Mark and Lena who left towards Mapal village stopped in the middle of the bridge observing the wounds of bandits and searching for the bandit leader who they were after.
    “Captain here he is. It’s good that we got his head.” One of the mercenary on the bridge said pointing toward the dead body of baldy.
    “Captain? Are you listening?” said another mercenary.
    “Ah? You found? Lena, put it in the box.” Captain Mark replied after sometime.
    Captain Mark was a veteran soldier and after observing the wounds on the bandits’ bodies, he analyzed for some time and concluded that it was done by a single person. More he thought about it more he reached at the conclusion that it was done by that young man alone. But he still couldn’t believe it. Reasons and proofs indicated that it was him but logic didn’t. He wasn’t the type of person who would always run after reason but all the events indicated to one person and that was Nidh.
    Lena put the head in the box and went near the Captain Mark and asked, “Captain, What do you think? Maybe some cultivator did it?” Although Lena was intelligent, she wasn’t experienced enough for this kind of evaluations.
    Captain Mark shook his head, “It can’t be a cultivator. They can’t use their physical strength to win over these kinds of trained warriors. And it is clear that the wound was done by a heavy and sharp weapon. And in context of being heavy and sharp I can think of only one weapon.”
    “An axe.” Added Lena.
    “Correct. And this was done by a single person.” Captain Mark said.
    “If your words are right captain. Given the situation and all the reasons it was him.”
    “He was telling the truth.”
    “Then what should we do about him?” asked Lena.
    “I don’t think I could have defeated all these highly trained bandits all by myself even if I went all out. And seeing how uninjured he was, I am sure it wasn’t his limit. So it is better if we don’t do anything to anger him.”
    “What about we recruit him in our group? It will be a major boost to the strength of our rank and being how younger he is right now he is sure to be very powerful after he matures. He might even match the cultivators when he is matured enough.”
    “I have seen some of these kinds of monster myself and believe me they are just as eccentric as you can get. What they have in common is that they are very ambitious. Do you think he will just join our mercenary group? So forget about it. It is better if we just separate with him. Who knows he may even attack us for making that request. ” Captain Mark said while shaking his head.
  • Chp 20

    Volm 1 Chp 20 New doctor
                        Only in about an hour, Captain Mark and his men returned to their camps. They searched the village for any survivors and of course gold and other valuables. Although they were mercenaries and wouldn’t harm innocents like bandits but they weren’t dumb enough to leave ownerless valuables infront of them.
     After they reached they noticed that the camp was already prepared. And some cattle from the village were being roasted on the fire. Five of the mercenaries and Nidh were sitting near the fire talking about various things like their mercenary camp structure and so on.
    Nidh got to know that there were about 50 soldiers. The leader of the group was Captain Mark which he met a while ago. Vice leader was called Vice-Captain Sigmond whereas that young girl from earlier was their strategist and was said to be very skilled in fighting. Further below Vice-Captain there were 5 Squad Leaders, Boson was one of them and so was Lena.
    Captain Mark had already decided that he would ask that young man to fight with the remaining bandits because he was pretty sure that Nidh was planning to do it anyway. Then he would give all the valuables of Seral village and part with that freak forever.
    “Captain Mark.” Everyone stood up except for Nidh that is.
    “We didn’t find any survivors and bandits. We will rest for few hours and prepare for the bandits troops which we suppose will come here soon.” Captain Mark said as he got off his horse. He peeked toward Nidh and shifted his gazes towards Boson. He was happy that his men didn’t poke the sleeping tiger.
    Captain Mark had already warned his men that they should never taunt this young man. But before he could take those remaining five and warn them as well, “Captain, we found new doctor for our camp and he is an expert. I can guarantee that he is better than most of the doctors in Sky tower City.” Boson said excitedly pointing toward Nidh.
    “Yes Captain, he is right, he is really an expert.” Remaining four of the mercenaries supported.
    Captain Mark, Lena as well as all the men were stupefied. They indeed needed a doctor in their division but why would such a strong person be a doctor there. Suddenly Nidh stood up. Captain Mark, Lena as well as their men took a step back and readied themselves for facing him. Boson and four mercenary were confused about what was going.
    Nidh guessed they now believed that he was the one to kill all those bandits alone. However he ignored their action and stated, “Hello everyone. My name is Nidh. I use to be the doctor for these two villages. Though I killed those bandits myself, it was for revenge. Personally I don’t like fighting and am more interested in studying about life. Maybe it was fate that I met you here and I hope I can join your division as a doctor not a fighter.”
    Then he clasped his hands toward Captain Mark. Boson and his friends were taken back after knowing that this young man infront of them killed all of those bandits but they were not afraid. After they got to know about this young man, they found him pleasant and they now respected Nidh even more than before. This young man infront of them was a genius. Not only genius but more than that.
    Captain Mark couldn’t help but laugh. Since this young man wanted to join their division he couldn’t reject. Who would reject this kind of strong person joining their ranks?
    Captain Mark was happy as he nodded and replied, “It’s okay if you want to join our group. But before that I would like to have some conversations with you. Follow me to my tent.” He said as he went toward his tent followed by Lena. Nidh also followed two of them.
    Inside the tent, Captain Mark was sitting facing Nidh and Lena was sitting beside Captain Mark.
    “Nidh, I am Mark. I am the captain of Glass palace Mercenaries Civilian division. And this is Lena, our strategist.” Captain Mark said as he looked toward Lena.
    Lena promptly said, “Hi.”
    “First of all I would like to know what really happened here and how you killed those bandits.” Captain Mark said with interested expression.
    Nidh calmly replied with tinge of sadness in his eyes, “They killed all of the villagers and I chopped all of them with my axes. That’s really what happened nothing more.”
    “Axes?” Lena said to Nidh with questioning look.
    “They broke while fighting.”
    Then Captain Nidh kept his palm together and said, “Since you want to join our group I will like to ask for your help to eliminate remaining bandits who will be here soon.”
    Nidh shook his head and said, “Sorry Captain, I already said I don’t like to fight. I will only be joining as a doctor. If it is about medical problems you can command me but as for fighting, I don’t rather like it.”
    “Don’t like? What about that slaughter out there?” Lena interrupted.
    “It was rather a compulsion. Though I will not fight, I will be training my fighting skills as well. Who knows where they can help me.”
    “What if they target you during combat?”
    “I won’t be joining any combat.”
    “What if we need your help sometime?”
    “I will be helping all of you with my medical skill and as for fighting I will think about it then.”
    “Are you really a doctor? You don’t seem like one.”
    “Do I seem like I can kill those bandits on my own?”
    Captain Mark who was listening to the conversation cleared his throat. “It is good as well. What we are currently lacking is a doctor rather than combat power. Then I would like to welcome you to our Mercenary group and you will be directly joining as a Squad Leader.”
  • Chp 21

    Volm 1 Chp 21 Journey

           Nidh and others waited there for the bandits. During that time Nidh had already become good friend with Boson. They have been talking with each other about various things for an entire day. Boson was a kind man who was interested in medical field as well. Nidh gave some tips for dressing wounds properly and some knowledge about the common herbs found in these areas. He also collected all the dead bodies of villagers and buried them with Mercenaries help.
    Sun was about to set. In the Captain Mark tent, Captain Mark was sharpening his sword when he was interrupted by Lena. “Captain, I just got news that the remaining bandit group was engaged and wiped out near Greenfield town by the Sinker Mercenary group. They beat us again.”
    Captain Mark continued sharpening hid sword. “It is not like we were after that group anyway. Our gains on this mission were very large. We didn’t even have one casualty and we got that Baldy’s head. More importantly we got a powerful member this time.”
    “So, what is your command?” Lena said while nodding.
    “Tell everyone, we will be returning tomorrow morning.”
    Nidh and others just got news of their returning.
    “How did those suckers get there so fast?” One of the Mercenary asked.
    “I got report that they were on some mission around there. Their meeting with those bandits was purely coincidental. They said bandit leader also have bounty of five thousand gold coins.” Lena replied as she glanced at Nidh and walked towards her tent.
    “Those lucky bastards.” Boson said angrily.
    Nidh who was there sitting near the fire asked curiously, “Headquarters?  Sinkers?”
    Sensing Nidh’s curious gaze Boson explained, “Ah! I didn’t tell about our headquarters and those bastards, did I? Our headquarters is located in one of the biggest cities of Northern region of Griphon Kingdom. As I already told you Glass palace has two divisions. Our civilian division deals with the normal people and missions given by different powers of this kingdom whereas cultivator division deals with other cultivators, we aren’t really supported in any ways by those cultivators. I haven’t even seen any of those members of real Glass palace. Actually, only Captain Mark has met with them.”
    He took a sip of booze and added, “In this Griphon Kingdom, Cultivator division of Glass palace is one of the most powerful Mercenary group but our civilian division is only prominent in this northern region only. Apart from us, there are many mercenary groups and among them Sinkers Mercenaries is our greatest rival. But nowadays, they have grown much stronger than they used to be.”
    They talked like this for about an hour before going to sleep. Nidh shared tent with Boson and another mercenary.
    Next morning, Sun was just on the horizon. Lena who had just woken up, she was preparing herself to practise her sword skills near the river bank. She walked towards the river with her sword. As a mercenary she had to be very good at combat or there would be very high chance of dying during combat. She herself wasn’t that bad with sword and could take care of upto three armed adults herself. She reached the river bank and started her practice.
    Lena unsheathed her sword and raised it. She took the fighting stance concentrating her weight on one of her legs and launched her body forward while using both of her hands to grab the sword. She then swirled the sword around her while moving swiftly here and there. Her body was fast and agile as moved with a certain rhythm. Though her movements were beautiful, her attacks were unpredictable and deadly.
    Suddenly she stopped as she saw someone watching at her from nearby. That person was sitting on the rock in a meditating posture. Although her senses were best among all the warriors she has met upto now, she couldn’t sense that person being there until she saw him. That person was none other than Nidh who was meditating in the morning as always. Every time he meditated he would feel some kind of strange connection with the nature and lost there and his senses would be more and more acute. He was like one with the nature, sometimes calm and predictable and sometimes not. That’s why Lena couldn’t sense him being there and observing her even with her powerful senses.
    “You are skilled.” Nidh said as he noticed Lena stare at him. Then he added, “Though I don’t know much about fighting, your attacks are powerful and fast.”
    “You are skilled yourself. No one would believe that you don’t know much about fighting after yesterday’s event and I couldn’t even sense it until now.” Lena replied indifferently.
    Nidh scratched his ears and said, “Actually, it was my first time fighting with weapon yesterday and I am not so experienced at it like you are.”
    “Whatever, I would like to spar with you someday myself.”
    “Don’t worry I will fight with you someday after learning some actual combat skills. Sorry for disturbing you, you can continue I will be leaving.” Nidh said as he stood up and walked toward camp.
    After some hours, Captain Mark led his troops northeast to the Sky tower City. Since Nidh didn’t know how to ride a horse, he could only ride back on Boson horse. They travelled for whole day before setting the tents again and passing the night.
    They travelled another two days before reaching a town where they bought a new tent for Nidh and some new clothes as well. They sold some of the valuables they got from village and bandits. Captain Mark asked Nidh if he would like to carry a sword with him but he rejected as he hadn’t even touched a sword before. They stayed in the inn for one night before starting their journey again.
  • Volm 1 Chp 22 Sky Tower City

    Near the Sky Tower City gates, a group of armed men riding on horses stopped.

    “Finally we are here.” Boson said to Nidh who was riding a horse beside Boson. Yes, these men were the Glass palace mercenaries. They had travelled for a week before reaching here.

    They slowly rode towards through the city gates. There were some guards guarding the gates but they knew about the mercenary group so they didn’t stop Nidh and the others. It was first time for Nidh entering such a huge city. He was slightly amazed by the city’s grandness but he didn’t show anything on his face. He was more used to calm whatever the circumstances.

    Then they passed through an alley away from the city centers where there were a lot people busy buying and selling goods. Glass palace civilian division lied in the outer parameter of the city like other mercenary camps present in Sky Tower City. The city was divided into three regions, Outer, Middle and Inner like other big cities. Outer region consisted of the city guard training grounds and any other combat related organizations. Middle region consisted of trading shops and civilians housings whereas the inner region consisted of Central plaza which consisted of different big shops and businesses as well as City Lord Palace which was a tall tower. Sky tower city got its name due to this same tower.

    Boson had already introduced Nidh about the Sky Tower City during their journey but he still continued showing different things here and there on the way to their headquarters. He seemed to enjoy it.

    After some time Nidh and the others reached near a big gate with a board “Glass palace” written in it. The gate was open and there were two guards in green robes meditating. As Nidh and others passed through the gate, these guards didn’t have any change in their posture and they seemed to totally ignore Nidh’s and the others.

    Inside the gates, there was a path with trees on each side. Once they rode certain distance from the gate, Boson who was riding beside Nidh whispered, “You saw those guards. They are cultivators but I haven’t seen them moving once during all my years working here. They just ignore our existence.” But Nidh already knew about those guards being cultivators through his powerful vision. He also knew one of them cultivated wind and other earth element.

    This forest seemed to be fairly large as they rode for about five minutes before reaching the junction where there were two ways. One of the ways was guarded by two armed men who clasped their hands and greeted Captain Mark as soon as Nidh and others reached there. Captain Mark nodded as a response and continued riding forward passing between those guards followed by Nidh and the others.

    “Hey, Squad leader Boson. How did the mission went?” One of the guard asked Boson with friendly smile.

    “Ha ha. It went better than expected. Oh yeah, meet our new doctor Nidh here.” Boson said while showing Nidh. The guard and Boson seemed to be old friends.

    Both of the guards looked at Nidh with weird expression, “Doctor? Since when did you start joking around us? Have your character changed after being promoted to the squad leader position? Ha ha” The guards replied laughing.

    “Guys don’t look at his age. He may not look like but he is an expert in medical as well as combat. Whatever you will know after time comes.” Boson replied while riding along with Nidh along the path.

    “Nidh, that another path leads to the real Glass palace. Though I haven’t been there myself I have heard from Captain Mark that the palace is very grand and seemed to be made up of glass from outside. Captain Mark is called to Glass palace only if they want us to give us special missions.” Boson added as they rode along the path.

    After riding for some time a group of houses could be seen. The houses were of same size and design except for the bigger house at the back made up of bricks and concrete. There was a village like atmosphere except for the fact that there were no kids and cattle. There were only armed strong looking men and small numbers of women as well.

    This was the mercenary headquarters. Some men were talking with each other whereas some were training in the big training ground just on the side. There was also a pond near the training ground. Boson explained about all the things there while passing through the group of houses. Everyone, who was there by the side of road to the bigger building, would greet Captain Mark and talk with other mercenaries.

    In this mercenary group everyone would get their own cabin where you could sleep at night and could keep your belongings. Having more than 50 houses, it was more like a town rather than the camp. Most of the mercenaries left Captain Mark after greeting him and left to their own cabin where they lived.

    “This is where I live.” Boson said as he showed a wooden cabin to Nidh. “You will also get a cabin of your own but until you get your cabin you can live with me here.” Boson added with a friendly smile. More and more he knew about Nidh, more he liked him. He also liked Nidh’s habit of listening everything said to him without any interruptions and boredom. During the journey, they have become talking buddies though most of the talking was done by Boson and Nidh had to listen. But Nidh didn’t mind as he also liked Boson’s nature.

    “Alright if you ask so.” Nidh replied while smiling as well.

    “Lets me keep my weapon and other things in my cabin then I will take you to introduce my family who lives in the middle region of the city. I will also introduce my son who is 5 this year as well. He is just like me. Ha ha… And I am sure you will like him.” Boson said with a hearty laugh.

    Nidh nodded. He would also like to meet the family of new friend of his. While they were talking Lena who was riding beside Captain Mark saw Nidh stopping with Boson and heading towards Boson’s cabin. So she said something to Captain Mark and returned towards Nidh and Boson while Captain Mark continued riding towards the main building.

    “Oe Nidh!” Lena shouted as she waved her hands. During their journey, they didn’t talk much but they know each other better than before and she also liked his calm and mature manners in spite of his age.

    Nidh and Boson stopped and looked towards Lena. After she reached near them she said, “Where are you going? As a newly joined member you have to meet with vice captain and we also have to order an armor and aweapon for you. So follow me to the main building.”

    “Can’t we postpone meeting vice captain and getting me armor and a weapon? You see I was just going to visit Boson’s family.”

    “Meeting his family can wait for some time. You have better works to do here.” Lena replied while shaking her head.

    Boson who was by Nidh’s side could only smile wryly and say, “Lena is right. I can take you to my family next time.”

    But Nidh shook his head and replied, “Better works? I will give a visit to vice captain and we can go to armory next time. I feel like visiting his family this time so you can leave us here.”

    Lena who had come to take Nidh with herself became somewhat angry. “Do whatever you want.” She turned her horse and said while leaving.

    Boson who was watching this whole thing happening was very grateful to the friend of his. “Ha ha ha. You are one of a kind, aren’t you? You do whatever you feel like. But thank you.” Boson said while scratching his head.

    Nidh smiled but didn’t say anything. He would rather like to be around normal people rather than big shots around here. That’s how he was plain and peace loving.

    “Let’s go. We will go to my house first and then I can lead you to main building myself.” Boson said as he got off the horse and put his armor and some other things inside his cabin. Although carrying weapon was ok while waking in the streets of the city, it was rather uncomfortable to wear armors.

    Then both of them walked out of the Glass palace headquarters towards Boson’s house while chatting albeit Boson was the only one talking.

  • Volm 1 Chp 23 Life veins

                        Sky Tower city was a peaceful city without any thugs or robbers groups. It was all because of the tight security and strict rules made by the city lord. But under this serene city, there lied the headquarters of one of the biggest smugglers in the whole Griphon kingdom. They were called Red Shadows and they had their very strong and secretive network all round the kingdom. Everyone seemed to be aware of it but no one knew exactly where it was located in the city. There were some rumors that there were some cultivators among their ranks.

    Boson told about it to Nidh as they walked toward his home. After two hours of walk they reached a house at the border of middle and outer region. The house was made up of stone with tiles on the roofs. There were many other houses like these in this area.

    Nidh and Boson entered the house where they were welcomed by Boson’s wife and his son. His wife was good looking and skilled in daily household works. She prepared tea and some bread for Boson and Nidh. Boson’s son was called Hix and had similar facial features as Boson. In spite of his age Hix was silent and merely talked with someone even with his parents. He didn’t like playing outside like other kids.

    Boson thought that his son’s behavior was more or less like Nidh but he wasn’t aware of the big difference between his son and Nidh. Nidh who had been concentrating in the kid’s body already noticed that difference. He found that unlike other human this kid had thinner life veins. They were almost half as thick as normal life veins.

    Nidh who was able to see the life veins actually didn’t know much about them but he knew that all humans had life veins of same thickness whatever their age, sex and strength were. He could figure out that whenever there were some diseased in any part of body, the life veins there would have some problems. He could use this conclusion to diagnose the problem in the body but until now he wasn’t able to directly change the life veins or influence them on his own.

    Herbs and medication could change the life veins to normal and it was the only way Nidh could influence those life veins. More he observed and studied them, the more he felt like there was something else he doesn’t know and he was missing something crucial which was probably the most basic.

    After noticing those thinner life veins, Nidh couldn’t help but grow more interested in Boson’s son. After they returned from Boson’s home he asked Boson if there were any complications or problems in his son’s body. Boson, who loved his son as much as his life, became very nervous after hearing Nidh who according to him was an unmatched expert in medical field. He replied his son didn’t have any.

    During their way to the mercenary camp, Boson asked many time if Nidh noticed anything unusual in his son’s body but how could Nidh explain about those life veins which he could only see. More ever he himself didn’t know much about them so he replied he didn’t notice any and thought of further studying those life veins of Boson’s son.

    Life veins and their concepts were covered in mystery for Nidh. He didn’t know but there were some hypothesis about something like them in the most advanced medical science up to today but no one was able to see them and use them to cure diseases and complications but Nidh was determined and destined to do so.

    “Nidh, this is the farthest I can go with you. I can’t enter the main building without orders from Captain or Vice captain.” Boson said as he and Nidh reached the entrance to the main building. There were no guards present but everyone was aware that it was a big crime to enter this building without any orders.

    “Why is it so?” Nidh asked in a curious way. Not to let even the squad leader enter inside this building should have some reasons.

    “You see, all the missions given by the cultivators division to us are to be kept secret and these missions are only known to Captain, Vice captain and Lena only and we are commanded by them only if the mission requires more men to be involved. That is the place where we get other missions as well. And as for other information I don’t know. He he” Boson said as he scratched his head.

    “Is that so?” Nidh said to himself. Although simple from outside, this Glass Palace is really shrouded with mystery.

    After that Nidh separated from Boson and entered the main building alone. When he was inside the building he was surrounded by darkness.

    “Ah! They don’t even have torches.” Nidh said as he navigated himself through his acute senses.

    “What type of building is it? It is more like a maze.” He said as he walked for sometime but couldn’t reach anywhere.

    Suddenly, he heard some people talking and walked towards the sound. He passed through a big hall and finally reached inside a wide room where some people were discussing about something. There were about 7 people and among them he knew two of them. One was Captain Mark and other was Lena and a man was sitting beside Captain Mark who was probably the vice captain.

    The room didn’t have any anything guarding the entrance and so Nidh went and stood near the entrance for sometimes. He was silent and seemed to have vanished into the thin air. It wasn’t that he wanted to do spy on them. Though he was curious on what was going on here but wasn’t interested to the extent that he was ready to put some effort into it.

    “Mark I am warning you again. If something happens to the supplies your mercenary group is going to be in deep trouble. Treat it as any normal mission and do not let your men know about it as well. You have to keep this mission secret and keep as much low profile as possible.” An old man with white beard said. He was sitting opposite to Captain Mark and had three armed men standing beside him.

    “You don’t have to worry about it. You have to trust us.” Captain Mark said with friendly smile on his face.

    “I trust you. If I didn’t I would have hired someone else for this. But you see it’s a business so as a precaution I will be leaving him with you here for the mission. He will mix with your men secretively. He is my strongest and most trusted guard. Mark I can guarantee you that he is even stronger than you. Ha ha ha.” Old man said as he pointed at the man with large stature.

    “It isn’t big deal. Having authority and power in this Sky tower city only second to city lord, you should have some men stronger than our Captain.” The vice captain said as he smiled and shifted his gaze towards the old man’s guard.

    The guard who was supposed to be the strongest was there standing folding his arms impervious to the Sigmond’s gaze.

    While old man was about to add something Nidh, who had just reached there, cleared his throat attracting everyone’s attention. The guard with big stature was first to react as he swiftly launched himself towards Nidh unsheathing his blade. But before he could attack Nidh his blade was stopped in the mid air by Captain Mark who was swift enough to reach there in time though he was standing farther to Nidh than that guard with big stature.

    “Ha ha, it seems there was some misunderstanding here. You see this young man here is our new recruit.” Captain Mark said after deflecting the guard’s blade.

    Old man creased his brows and said, “It seems this young man has heard our conversation so it is better if you do something about him. Who knows, he maybe a spy from some bandit groups.”

    “Lena, go take him to the armory and show him his cabin. And sir you don’t have to worry about it, he is our trusted man.” He said to the old man. “I don’t think, all of us here combined are match for him any way.” He added to himself.

    Lena who was sitting stood up and walked towards Nidh.

    “Let’s go. Come with me.” She said after reaching near him.

    Nidh, who was just calm as ever, nodded and followed her. She had already picked up the torch from the room earlier. While they were heading outside she asked, “How did you reached there? Without someone leading it is very difficult to transverse through this maze and you didn’t even have a torch.”

    “Maze ah? That’s why it was so difficult. You can say my senses are somewhat powerful than normal persons.” Nidh replied indifferently.


    “Powerful? You were probably lucky.” Lena murmured to herself.

    “I don’t think, luck is enough to get through this maze, is it?”

    “AH! You heard it?”

  • Volm 1 Chp 24 Replica

    Lena and Nidh were walking towards the armory which lied in the middle region of Sky tower city. After some time, they reached an old rundown house with a small door as an only entrance. They entered the house and reached a small garden. They passed through the garden towards a wooden door.

    Lena knocked the door thrice and an old man with a hunched back opened the door.

    “Oh girl, you are here again. What do you want? And who is this young man? Is he your boyfriend or something? Is he your long lost brother? Do you want weapon? What is your name young man?.....” Hunched old man fired a lot of questions at them at once.

    “Grandpa Makai, we will like to see some weapon for him.” Lena totally ignored the old man Makai’s questions and directly asked for what she wanted.

    Nidh who was on the side was stupefied for a second. “What’s with this old man? Why is he asking all these questions at once? Is he a black smith? Ah! Why am I asking a lot of questions all of a sudden?” Nidh didn’t know but that all the people would do after meeting Grandpa Makai. There was somekind of strange reaction in other people due to the continuous questions of Grandpa Makai. They themselves would start to think a lot of questions even about the things which they don’t care much.

    But unlike others Lena was immune to this blabbering. She couldn’t be confused by Grandpa Makai’s questions. Actually she wasn’t influenced by many things around her as she herself had strong belief and was a person who would always follow her reasoning.

    After asking that, Grandpa Makai stopped for sometime before again starting his never ending rain of questions. “Weapon. Yes weapon. What type of weapon do you want? What is your age? Do you like swords? Do you like swordsmanship? What about spears?....” Grandpa Makai said as he shifted his attention towards Nidh.

    Nidh who was always calm and usually wouldn’t show any expressions was first time showing confused expression. Lena noticing that, sighed and asked Grandpa Makai to show all the weapons he had.

    Grandpa Makai again stopped his blabbering and led them to his weapon collections. Grandpa Makai was one of the best blacksmiths but wasn’t the popular one. There seemed to be no one in his shop. And his shop itself was difficult to reach unlike others. Who would think that the best blacksmith of the city have a shop in such a place?

    Nidh and the others reached the room full with different kinds of weapons. There were different swords, different kinds of spears, bows, knife and axes. Nidh skimmed through various weapons before his eyes stopped at a medium sized axe with dark red handle and a black head. Since he was much more used to axes than other weapons he decided to have it as his weapon.

    Nidh picked up the axe, it was heavier than it looked but it wasn’t anything for Nidh.

    “I would like to choose this axe.”

    “Ah? You have weird choice don’t you? Do you think it is that easy to use this axe? It doesn’t seem like much but it is heavy and very difficult to wield. Do you want to change your decision?” Grandpa Makai said as he thought that swords would be good choice for him.

    “Grandpa Makai, let it be. He is good at using axes.” Lena who clearly remembered the event in the bridge said to Grandpa Makai.

    “It is the age of swords. They are light, compatible and perfect in every way. Why would you choose axe? Why don’t you choose sword?” Grandpa Makai asked Nidh.

    “Perfect? Ah!” Nidh said. After that, he remained silent for sometimes contemplating on something. Lena and Grandpa Makai waited as they thought Nidh was in dilemma.

    “Perfect. Comparison. Just a comparison when you haven’t seen enough, is it? More ever by us who have their own questionable existence. I don’t think perfection exists in this chaotic world. Don’t mind me. I will have this axe.” Nidh added after sometime.

    “Ha ha young man. What is your name?” Grandpa Makai asked only one question for the first time to Nidh.

    “Nidh.” Nidh replied.

    “And I would like to have this axe replicated.” He added.

    “Replicate?” Lena who was by his side questioned.

    “You see I like wielding two axes.” Nidh said as he checked the axe more carefully.

    “Dual weapon wielder? You are a rare kind.” Lena said.

    “Young man Nidh, It will be very difficult to replicate as it wasn’t made by me. Why don’t you choose another? What about this one? It suits you better, doesn’t it? What do you think?” Grandpa Makai said as he moved his head toward another axe.

    “Replica cannot be as good as originals. Replicas are just replicas. They can’t take originals’ place. You know.”  Lena said as she shook her head.

    “You are right. Replicas are just replicas. Replicas aren’t really good as original ones but nothing last forever and with time original will lost its existence. Then the replicas will hold its memories. Through them will people remember it. Replicas won’t take its place but they don’t really need to take its place, do they? I don’t think replicating something is bad.” Nidh said as he ran his fingers on the edge of the axe’s blade.

    “Young man Nidh, you are interesting, aren’t you? Since you have said it, why wouldn’t I try to make it as good as possible? Why don’t you visit here sometimes from now on? I really like young men like you.Ha ha.” Grandpa Makai said as he patted Nidh’s back.

    After that Nidh and Lena returned back to the headquarters where she showed his cabin to Nidh. After this day, Lena started to see Nidh in a new light. She previously thought Nidh was just easy going as a person could be but she seemed to be wrong. He was aware about everything but neither he disturbed them nor he ignored them.

    Nidh went inside his cabin and opened the bag given to him by Lena. It was a sleeping bag for him. His room was empty; he didn’t bring anything over from the village as he thought it would be better to leave those memories there on their place where they will hold the greater meaning for him.

  •  Volm 1 Chp 25 Emergency

                           Next morning, Nidh woke up and went near the pond to meditate. While meditating he was one with the nature, one with the ripples on the surface of pond, one with the darkness around him and one with the grass he was sitting on. Meditation had become an addiction for Nidh; he enjoyed the feeling of fading away in the surrounding to be born as more enlightened being.

    Suddenly, he stood up and ended his meditation as he noticed Lena coming toward the pond. As usual Lena headed toward the pond as it was her training place. But this time unlike previous time she immediately noticed Nidh because he had been out of that mysterious trance.

    “This time you can practice more peacefully and you needn’t hold back as I will be leaving.” Nidh said as he turned around started walking.

    “Wait! What do you mean?” Lena said as with a confused looks.

    “Nothing.” Nidh said while walking slowly away from her.

    Lena creased her eyebrows as she watched him leaving. Then as usual she started her practice.

    Nidh who was feeling more refreshed after the meditation walked towards his cabin. It’s been long time since he had researched in medical field and he was also interested in the medical facilities and developments of this city so he was planning to call Boson and check them out.

    “Nidh! Nidh!” Boson called Nidh and ran towards him. He was covered in sweat and had pitiful expression on his face. Nidh knew something was wrong.

    “My son… my son he he doesn’t wake up. He doesn’t response to anything.” Boson said with tears in his eyes. It was probably the first time he had cried since he joined the mercenaries.

    “Oh? Let’s go I have to see his condition.” Nidh said as he placed his hands on Bosons shoulders.

    “I took him to the nearby doctor but I don’t think he can do anything about it. Follow me this way.” Boson said as he led Nidh towards his horse. It seemed like he waited for Nidh for sometime near Nidh’s cabin which he searched by asking everyone around.

    Nidh rode on the back of the horse. He and Boson galloped through the Glass palace’s gate towards his house in a hurry. After reaching the middle region they ran on their foot as it wasn’t allowed to ride horses in middle and central region unless you have permission or authority. They ran for sometime before reaching a big house with a shop.

    The shop contained different herbs; fresh as well as dried. Nidh and Boson entered the shop and reached a room with a bed where a small kid lied unconscious. Near the kid one old man in light green robe was observing the kid. He was one of the local doctors of Sky Tower City. Boson’s wife was also there at one corner. Her eyes were swollen and red.

    The old man noticed Nidh who was beside Boson and shook his head.

    “You said you were going to bring some expert here but he is just a young man. I thought you would call some seniors from central region but… You may not know but your son’s condition is very critical. I think I can’t save your kid.” The old man said while putting his palm near the kid’s heart.

    “He is a doctor. You may not be able to cure my son but he can. Right, you can cure him right?” Boson said to Nidh in a pleading tone.

    “I will try my best.” Nidh said and walked near the kid. He touched the kids head, chest and toes one by one. He was trying to sense the life veins more clearly. Although he could see the veins with his eyes while concentrating but touching the body was better way to sense them and more ever it would be displeasing only to stare at the patient for a while.

    Nidh after observing for sometime confirmed that this kid’s life veins weren’t normal. He was contemplating on best way to handle this situation for now as he knew it is impossible for him to cure the kid at once.

    “Young man, don’t waste time. You may know some basic knowledge about medicine but the world is big and there are many things you don’t know. With my lifelong practice of medicine even I couldn’t do anything about it. And..” Old man was saying when Nidh suddenly asked, “Can you show me what kinds of herbs you have here?”

    “Herbs? Don’t act like you can cure this kid. Are you trying to waste my herbs or something?”

    “Show him. I will pay the price for them.” Boson said from the side angrily. He was behaving out of normal today.

    “You said it. Don’t regret later. Come, follow me.” The old man was experienced person and didn’t mind those angry words as he knew Boson was probably losing his sanity due to nervousness.

    The old man observed Nidh selecting about 7 different herbs, grinding some of them and boiling some. Then Nidh skillfully mixed the broth and the paste. The old man was surprised by Nidh’s skillful way of handling herbs and more ever the temperature Nidh maintained was perfect. Probably he was better than the old man himself.

    After preparing medicine he asked Boson wife to rub it all over her son’s body. After some time the kid’s whole body was covered by yellow viscous paste.

    “It should do for now. He will probably wake up after sometime, but I have to tell you that I will need to further study about his condition to cure him.” Nidh said as he observed the kid.

    “Ah! Young man you are skillful than you look. I don’t know if this treatment of yours will work or not but it seems interesting and if you further practice you can increase your skills even more.” The old man said. It looked like he didn’t believe that this treatment will actually work.

    Nidh only nodded and didn’t say anything as he was busy observing the changes in life veins. All of them waited for the kid to wake up except for the old man who went to see his other patients.

    “Take these pills. You have to take them daily. Don’t skip any day or the effect of this pill will decrease.” The old man said to one of his patients as he gave him some medicinal pills. After that he walked towards the emergency room where Nidh and others were present. It had already been two hours since treatment of the kid. Though he didn’t believe it would work, he still was curious about it as it was his first time seeing such a unique combinations of herbs.

    He reached the room but as he opened the door he was stunned as he saw the kid who was on the verge of death only few hours ago alive and fine. Boson and his wife were hugging their son; it was a nightmarish experience for them to wait for the fate of their son for these two hours.

    “Ah! It worked. You are good young man. What is your name?” The old man said as he collected himself from the shock.

    “Nidh.” Nidh replied.

    “Nidh, I am Falam. You may be young but you have some skills alright. Have you joined the doctor’s association of Sky tower city? I can help you to join if you haven’t.” Old man said. Although he was very much surprised by the paste actually working but he still wasn’t convinced that the young man infront of him was on his level. And he also noticed that the kid wasn’t completely cured after checking the kid himself.

    “Doctor’s Association? I will like to join if I can.” Nidh said as he nodded.

    “I am busy right now so take this card and go to this address. They will take some tests but with the skill you have shown me right now you will be alright. And after you get the license as an official doctor of Sky tower city, you can work here with me. I’m in need of another doctor in my shop.” Falam said as he gave a card to Nidh with something written on it.

    But Nidh didn’t know how to read.

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