Qidian International and WW issues

read this if you live in the Stone Age; http://forum.novelupdates.com/threads/licensing-issues-of-wuxiaworld.37613/#post-1902536

qidian is basically kicking themselves in the ba**s from this statement full of lies, I suggest going through the comments some of them are pretty good!


  • there's also WW views on this fiasco just posted today

    my views on this is this remind me with skyrim paid mods fiasco 2 years ago, with the publisher want to profit from fan works and try to rope modders to make mods for them, although it's still limited in steam workshop they make their own platform for mods and intended to walk down the path that qidian take now.

    finally it solved with the players stand up against it and let them know it, site like nexus still exist and bethesda own mod platform also exist, and i hope this is also the result from this fiasco
  • In reality if they paywall all this shit up i would stop reading i cant possible help all the while since i'm young and doing university so i just helped twice if i'm not mistaken annonymous because i really liked the novels but would keep reading and if in the future when i can or have some spare money again would spend some more but if they block it they would lose me and probably a lot of other readers the problem is that we aren't chinese their culture is different we can see it in novels all the while but oh well just time will tell they could probably win some money but not nearly as much as they could if they get to go together the music industry tried it and couldn't movie too tried to stop piracy(not what WW is doing but blocking us would make people do it and people can get really rich with it who does remember megaupload?) oh well if i stop reading i would probably never go back and even in games i always download it first and test since the first time i have problem with steam to give me back my money and just buy games i really like....

    oh well its funny how they could not even control it in their own country and now they're trying to do the same fail system here with is harder since this is not how we do things here.... oh well humans never learn since people still believe in socialism even after so many fails, just wishing for the better. 

  • ^lol
    tbh I am boycotting the website, it's not like there are many novels that I follow on that site anyway, so it doesn't really matter to me what happens to them, and I follow quite a few novels that they want returned and I will not be waiting for them to catch up from c1 just because qidian wants to make a quick buck
  • Qidian should care not too many mistakes.
    Not that they will destroy their reputation and shut down their website :thinking:

    Ah well, before i go to qidian and help them to keep improve their site so that they can only make it available for paying people.

    I try to improve my chinese in that time, good enough for reading most of the stuff.
  • Funny thing is once the paywall rises the pirate websites will see quite an influx of readers that just don't want to pay qidian, yes there will be few that would want to pay but most would rather just leech hence the reason for the popularity of websites such as wuxiaworld, its sustained through the ads as well as donations that people are willing to make.

    also what's this is mostly about is getting the translators that are behind those 11 projects that came from gravity tales, as by forcing them to return their novels to QI those tl'ers would likely go aboard the QI train to finish off what they started.

    but the way they handled it is pretty retarded
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    This whole thing remember me of a business that happened in my city... a rich guy have bought a restaurant because of the whole point there are people there to eat everyday a lot of regulars and a strategic localization, but the problem is that the rich guy is dumb like qidian a lot of the regular goes there because of the wife of the guy who does the food and the daughter who serve it and because they're friends since long date 20+ years in business so when the guy bought it and put his chef and etc, more than half of the people who eat there just stopped because there is no meaning anymore and they didn't want to waste money there without the food they liked(the wife cooked) and the daughter who was charming and talked a lot with a lot of the guys who goes there liked it...

    must  sound stupid but i really would stop probably reading novels all together since i came here in december when Ren have started CD(on WW) and just because of his translation and site i'm still here today i'm exactly like these clients when you take away the things that keep me coming here to read and even force me to pay i would not come back the guy later sold the restaurant again just because someone sell hotdog at a high price and a lot of people like to buy from him if you chase him away and put your cart there to sell hot dog doesn't mean people will buy.
  • Qidian's website has no interesting novels outside of 2 or 3 decent/passable ones. So why would I, or anyone else for that matter, pay money to access something I was getting for free earlier? And the stuff I was getting was sub-par at best. Their loss.
  • My dear fellow readers, what about saying all the good and bad we think of this to the source ?
    In polite way of course  but just to show them that we don't agree to this and won't support them or even ignore their website ?

    Let's make it clear that if they hope to scoop new potential readers by behaving like dickheads IT WON'T BE HAPPENING!

    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]

  • If the Villainous Heaven ( QI ) oppose us. WE SHALL SEAL THE HEAVENS​!!!!
    Hur hur hur
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