Apple (Ipad) problem, site refreshing (fixed)

I've been reading on this site for a while now, it was not any obvious problems in the start, but lately, around a month maybe two. I have had the problem of the site refreshing when I am in the middle of a chapter. It usually happens 4-6 times per chapter, and it is getting pretty annoing to constantly refind where I was when it got refreshed. I am using the standard safari app for ipad, no problems when using a computer, anyone got an idea for how this can be fixed?


  • Same here !! i am using iphone and it happen all the time. i move my reading session to android phone using UCbrowser now, try it.
  •  I got the same  crashing problem, altough i doesn't happen all the time, but the biggest problem of all is the battery drain. Reading WW on my iPhone annihilates my battery, i'm losing at least 1% per minute, reading 3-4 chapters usually drains at least 1/3 of the total battery
  • Turn off java fixes this on iPhone. 
    Go to Settings
    Scroll down and select Safari
    Scroll down and select Advanced
    Tap JavaScript to instantly activate/deactivate
  • Well if you turn off the javascript it deactivates quite a lot of stuff on the home page, like the timer for when the latest chapter was released and also you can't open the dropdown for the novels to get the chapter link
  • You can still select the link icon next to the title. This will show all posts related to the title, along with their related links. 
    Obviously this is a workaround I found, not a solution. 
  • Thank you, turning off javascript helped. All that javascript deactivates does not matter that much, as long as the next chapter button works, I can still binge-read.
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