Potential drop worthy source!!!

I made a post almost 2 weeks ago about Chu Feng's harem whether it really increases more than just three or not (4 if including Eggy), because it is really inconceivable. A lot of the girls specially  Bai Ruochen and the one who pretended to be ugly in Eastern Sea Region, but turned out to be so beautiful in the recent chapters still doesn't end up joining his harem, even though those girls had a lot more character development and air time, compare to the original three girls that had similar damsel in distress arcs, but still ended up joining his harem, but not those, WHY?

-Someone replied me with this "Blame the Chinese audience. I read that the author have a poll on whether he should expand the harem, leave it as it's or reduce it and apparently the Chinese community voted for leaving it as it is. So there is your answer. This source was from another reader of mga and he mention it before at one point". Is it really TRUE? CAN ANYONE/SOMEONE CONFIRM THIS SOURCE? If it is really freaking true, i will definitely drop this novel for good.
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