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First of I want to say thanks Wuxiaworld for providing the novel's,some of the novel's have inspired me to make my own novel in the near future. But this one that I did now is a Fanfic of Dokgo. It's just that I want to learn how to make a novel,I already have many ideas but don't know how to convert them into words,so I am doing the work of coverting a webcomic into a novel so that I can learn how to better express my words. The reason I did this is simple because I want to make 'Dokgo' known to the mass and also because I want to learn from this to make it useful for my own novel. Now enough from me and here are the chapters that I prepared.

About Dokgo: Dokgo is a Korean webtoon series written by Min and illustrated by Baek Seung Hoon. It was published on Lezhin.

Synopsis: After Kang Hu's death from bullying, the family was torn into pieces. His younger brother suppresses his resentment and heads back to school. The story begins exactly one year after Kang Hu's death when his brother seeks to destroy the delinquent circle...



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    Chapter 0: Prolouge


    'My twin brother...Hu died'

    'My father is a construction worker...a simple manual laborer'

    'One early morning,he heard what had happened while he was out looking for work,so he rushed towards the hospital...'

    'And,because he failed to check the roads before crossing,he passed away before reaching his destination'

    'My mother who had lost both her son and her husband on the same day...she fell into depression after the funerals. And,after 3 months of mental therapy,she suddenly...ran away'

    'And...she never came back'

    'If those bastards did'nt have their way with Hu like that...If only that did'nt happen...!'

    'None of this would be happening...'

    'So now I've...become Hu,who may have been a loser,but I am not him. I'm a delinquent who got expelled from Middle School...For Violence!'

    'Now,I'm on my way to get my revenge on all of them...!'

    'But,once again,I am reassured with a thought that the world doesn't always go as you want it to'

    'Especially at this place...'
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    Chapter 1:

    Tae San High

    "Everyone quiet"

    "Kang Hu has returned to school after taking a year off to nurse his health back to normal. Be nice to him"

    "Introduce yourself"


    "Hey..Guys. I may be..a year older than you,but..let's all be friends"

    A smirk appeared on one of the students.

    "A loser?"

    The teacher gave him the last bench corner seat next to the window.

    'First,I'll need to know how the school is being run. So,until then,I'll need to make sure I stay under the radar'

    The boy sitting in front of his seat seemed rather frendlier than the others. The boy had a bulky and corpulent body nothing about him nor his appearance stood out in anyway.

    "Since you're back at school,do i need to call you Hyung?"

    ",we can be friends"

    "Ah..then..I'm Jong Ku. Good to meet you."

    "Yeah. Me too"

    'This fool is a nobody. Seeing how he made the first introduction without being on guard makes him an commoner'

    'Someone who's not a loner,a fighter,a valedictorian. But,someone who'll be quick to stand down when someone gets in his face...A fool just like that...'

    "Huh? Don't you know it's Korean studies? Why do you have your English book open?"

    "Ah..I must've got it mixed up."

    When i turned my gaze a student came to me,surely not for a warm welcome of course.

    "How about we change seats?"


    'Cocky attidude and looking down on people. This fool may know how to throw a punch,but it's all just a front'

    'He may not be the leader,but It'll be wise to be wary of him. At least for now...'

    "Yeah,o..okay.Where is your seat?"

    "Look for it yourself,moron."


    As soon as I turned away from the student to look for the seat,a grin formed on the he's face.

    "Hey! Kang Hu"


    "Are you acting like you don't remember? Or do you really not rememeber?"

    I reacted to his word and focusced my gaze on him.

    'Is he part of the circle who had Hu killed? This fool should've been a 1st year,but how?

    "Man...You dumbass. Well,if you did remember you would've transferred out instead of coming back here"



    He caught my collar and brought me close to his face. He was looking down on me...

    "You're going to regret coming back to this 'Hell Hole'. KEKEKEKEKE..."


    1 YEAR AGO.

    The weather was bad that day it was raining heavily,all the students from the Tae San High were gathered at the park.All the students were drenced from the rain expect for one student standing with an umbrella.


    My vision was hazzy as my specs were broken,as I was lying on the floor,blood was gushing from my mouth relentlessly.I was surrounded by those students...

    "What,You can't share your high scores with your classmates?"


    "You even got the top score in the entire country. There's not a teacher who would get on your case if you were to get caught"

    "That's..Not right..That's immoral..And..I can't do stuff like that.."

    "Ah..You stuborn fool"

    "Are you like this because you're a bookworm? Why are you such a saint?"


    "Who's the lowest ranking here?"

    "1st year 7th class,Ko Tae Hoon!"

    "Aye,Kang Hu"

    "If you crawl between his legs while saying'Sir Ko Tae Hoon of 1st year'I'll forgive you"

    I barely had any strength left in my body,but if i were to crawl this nightmare would come to an end...or so i thought...

    "Sir...Ko Tae Hoon of 1st year..."


    "If you crawl between his legs,we're going after your mon and dad,You hear?"

    'N-No I have to endure this alone I can't drag anyone in this...'

    "Well? What are you doing? Have him crawl"


    'Endure...I HAVE TO ENDURE!'

    "Why aren't you crawling? Hurry up!"



    The name on his name tag...

    Tag: Ko Tae Hoon

    'Ko Tae Hoon...? I'll remember you!'

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    Chapter 2:

    While carring my notebook to my seat.

    'A classic method'

    One of the student kept he's foot in my way to make me trip.

    'Don't these fools have any other work to do...'


    I fell,while picking up my notebook suddenly a student stood on my book looking down on me.

    "Uh..My...My notebook.."

    "You should apologize first"


    "What? You can't do it?"


    "That's really an empty apology"

    "KNEEL. Bow-Down with your forehead on the it? Do you understand?"

    'Even i did'nt resort to stuff like this'

    "You're not going to? Are you?"

    "No! I'll do it"

    "I'm really sorry"

    I did as he asked me to do...just because I put up a weak front,these bastards are behaving all high and mighty.

    'Wait till I get all the necessary information,then I'll kill you!'


    "Moron. Watch yourself from now on"

    As i picked up up my book I remembered his name tag.

    'Jang IL Han'

    'Ko Tae Hoon and Jang IL Han. These two are the ones handling the new face in the 2nd class. If that's the case,neither of them are the head. He should be somewhere in here.

    After some time I had time to check and analyse the school building.

    'The Incineration Plant'

    'Used as a place to smoke by the delinquents during passing periods.'

    'I can't find any teachers around. Could there be an unwritten law here?'

    Then the boy sitting in front of my seat approached me...what was his name again...ah it was Jong Ku.

    "What are you thinking about?"

    "Huh? Why?"

    "They're looking for you"

    "Me? Why?"

    "Uh..You know"


    "Starting today you're on lunch Shuttle Service"

    "Shuttle Service?"

    "Seat Shuttle is something I did not to long ago"

    Shuttle Service... Altough only the bread Shuttle Service is known to the world,the school actually has many more.The Lunch Shuttle Service basically runs to get food as fast as he can only to bring it back to the head,so he can eat it in peace. And,after he's finished,the Service cleans up after his mess.
    Game Shuttle:Someone who levels up the characters for these guys. They're obligated to get the equipment,and stack game cash. If you become this type of Shuttle,kiss going home good-bye.
    Gladiator Shuttle:Someone who's been designated by these guys to fight. Even if you don't want to,you don't have a choice.It's equivalent to being a fight dog or a slave.
    Wifi Shuttle:Forcing a student with unlimited data to open up his Hotspot for others to tether to his phone.
    Homework Shuttle:People who do homework for these guys.
    Money Shuttle:The one who bring's money to them.
    Baggage Shuttle:The one's who carry their bags.
    Book Shuttle:The one's who are required to had their own books over if these guys forget to bring their own.


    "I'm...the Lunch Shuttle? What's that?"

    "Mmh..It's something I used to do,but you have to do it starting today"

    "I'll show you the ropes at lunch,so watch carefully and just do as I say"


    After sometime at the lunch break,the Lunch Shuttle's quickly ran out of the class for the Shuttle Service.

    "Hu! Run!"


    "Where's the cafetaria?"

    "1st basement!"

    "But,don't the classes take turns eating lunch?"

    "Not our school. It's first come,first Serve.

    'Oh man,Hu...Did you really live like this at school?'

    'Either way,I'll be able to find out who the leader is in our class.'

    The cafetaria was filled not by the students but by 'Shuttle's' of every class,who were hell bent on bringing the food as fast as possible to their respective class leader.


    The Lunch Shuttle's had to do their work quickly,there were two things Lunch Shuttle's had to do,first keep the food tray and the lunch cards of their leader ready and second bring them food as soon as possible.


    Jong Ku bumped into someone while taking out the lunch cards. 


    "Sung Han's minion?"

    He left without doing anything,normally you would expect these fool's to fight for no reason whatsoever,but he seemed to be different... 

    "Are you alright?"


    "Who's that?"

    "Park Han .He's the leader of the 3rd class"

    "He's close to our classroom's leader. But,they don't really resort to messing with other classrooms's students"

    'What the hell,Do they think they're some kind of Mafia?"

    "Ah,we'll need to get another food tray for Sung Han"

    "Sung Han?"

    "Yeah,the leader of our classroom"

    Suddenly Jong Ku froze,I directed my gaze in that direction,It were these bastards...there were three of them,leaving Ko Tae hoon and Jan Il Han aside the third one Sung Han was the leader.

    "You still did'nt get my food?"

    "S..Sung Han"

    'He's the leader?'

    "Showing him the ropes made you careless a bit,Huh?"

    "That's ...Not it..."

    "Did'nt I tell you to get my food ready by the time I got here?"


    All the students in the cafetaria did'nt make a single noise,Jong Ku became the center of attraction.

    One of those bastards kicked him down.

    "You...Useless piece of shit"

    While he was defending himself by putting his arms over his head...

    "Aren't you going to put you're arm down?"

    He had no other choice but to lower his guard,while the bastard stomped on his face.

    While the other called out to me.



    "Pick up my lunch cards"

    "Is this it?"



    "Ah...You stupid moron. You're the shuttle why the hell are you handling the card to me?"


    '2nd class is controlled by those three.The leader of the 2nd class is close to the leader of the 3rd class.

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    Chapter 3:

    While taking the lunch to the leader,Jong Ku was showered with sympathetic gazes from the students. He was made to sit on his knees on a corner with his hands lying straight.

    'Even though the boys and girls were segregated by building,the school Hu attended was Co-Ed. But,because they were separated by buildings,it was difficult seeing the girls unless it was at the cafetaria or at an after school activity'

    'The humiliation peaked with the girls around'

    I presented the lunch to the leader as a lunch shuttle.

    "I'll let you off easy since it's your first day"

    "Don't mess up again"


    "Are you deaf?"


    'And just like that lunch hour flew by,leaving one sacrifice behind...'

    Jong Ku's punishment ended and we were at the open ground sitting beside the field.

    "Ball Shuttle!"

    "You don't have to look at me with that face"


    "They're letting you off easy because it's your first day,but soon you'll end up like me"


    "And,in next period sit in your assigned seat. But any other periods you have to sit beside me"


    "Then,everyone will find their seats to sit in"




    "I looked like a fool did'nt I?"

    "No,I'm in the same shoes. So,what can I say?"

    'Should I be anxious to see how they leave?'

    Our conversation came to an end as the school ended and we were on the way to go home.

    It was one long day.

    As the position of lunch shuttle was handed to ,Jong Ku became a game shuttle...

    "You became the game shuttle?"

    "Yeah,I need to level up and get equipment"

    "Are you going to have enough time to study?"

    "What can I do? I'm just a shuttle"

    'The feeling of helplessness...The shuttles have began to feel non-existent.They have no strength to retaliate,and they slowly lose the very reason to keep them feel alive'

    From distant someone was calling Hu's name,even I didn't want to believe it,but it was the voice of a woman.... 

    "Kang Hu!"

    'What? Who the hell?'

    "Kyah! It's really you! How are you feeling?"

    'Is she Hu's girlfriend? When did that nerd get a girlfriend?'

    Name Tag: Seo Ye Rahn

    "Huh? You're not happy to see me?"

    'If she's connected to Hu in anyway,I'll need to find out everything I can about her'


    "Haha. It's okay. It's okay. This noona understands"

    "You have to come to the club tomorrow,okay?"


    "Great!I'll always be there for you!So,cheer up!"

    'Hu,when did you get with this girl? And I was here thinking you were a dweeb'

    After I got home I threw my stuff away and took a marker to write the situation on the walls of my house.
    -1st Day. 2nd class;Hwang Sung Hwan,Ko Tae Hoon,Jang IL Han.
    -3rd Class-Park Han. Hwang Sung Hwan-Park Han friendship.
    -3rd Year Seo Ye Rahn is kind. Jong Ku is a shuttle.
    -Incinerator Plant checked,school's back ground checked,and rooftops unchecked.

    Not enough info!


    2nd Day of School

    "Aye!The weather"

    A student came running to the leader of the class 'Hwang Sung Hwan' as soon as he heard him say the word 'weather'...

    "Today will be clear with the lowest temperature at 22 with the highest at 28 Degree Celsius. There is a minor chance of rain from mid-afternoon to evening,so it'll be a good idea to carry an umbrella"

    It was the weather shuttle.


    This bastard enjoyed the shuttle service and treated the shuttle's same as slave's.

    "Magician's been leveled 3 times,so it's sitting at level 57. And it's weapons have been changed to rare items. The warrior has been leveled to max"

    "And what about the legendary items?"

    "I did'nt get it..."

    Kicking him in the stomach as if had done a crime...

    "Go on a raid! A damn raid!"


    "Ukk? What did I tell you to do when you messed up?"

    "I...I apologize! I will correct it right away!"

    "Be good,okay?

    "If you act stupid again tomorrow,your mother's a whore. Got it?"

    "Yes sir!I understand!"

    'I was a delinquent who ended up getting expelled,and wandered around,but...I never resorted to telling peers to speak in a formal tone or bringing their parents into it'

    I clenched my fist as I couldn't come to abide this shithead's behaviour...




    " sure are slow. I said lunch!"


    I again reacted on I did the other two shithead's came to me with cocky attitude's for disrespecting their leader.

    "Has he lost his mind?"

    They both glared at did I.

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    Chapter 4:

    'These's guys aren't even worth lifting a finger,but my body reacted on it's own...'

    'But this isn't the time'

    "What are you doing? You trying to hit me?"

    "Huh? Uh..."

    "You just going to stand there?"

    The shithead kicked my chest and I acted as if to fall...I tried to stand up,but he repeatedly kicked on my chest to bring me on the knees.

    "Ah...this bastard sure is annoying"

    " are not even worth beating around. You fool..."


    "Why isn't this coming off? Aye,take this off"

    He made me take off his shoe,and pressed the shoe on my face.

    "For someone who's older than everyone here,why are you being such a pain? What am i supposed to do with you,huh? Damn"

    All the shitheads were laughing as I was getting pinned by Ko Tae Hoon.

    'This shithead will on the top of my list for now,I am going to make you regret for messing with me'

    Tri-tri-tri... <Sfx-Bell ringing>

    "The bell rang. enough with it"

    The leader broke our fight as the bell rang.

    "Go,go you motherfuckers!"

    "You go to the changed seat"

    "Huh? Okay..."

    As the leader of the class,Hwang Sung had to make sure their puppets behave properly and to make this happen the Ko Tae Hoon and Jang IL Han were assigned.

    "Train him a bit more"

    "Of course! I'll use him to relieve some stress"

    As i sat on my seat beside Jong Ku,he was typing on his phone vigorously,and handed it to me.

    'If you want ot live,run away before the 4th period'

    Was what written on as a message and an advice.


    Somewhere in the alleys.

    Three men were standing each of them holding a cigarette in their mouth.

    One man came as if he had gone for a long ride with his motorcycle 

    "Aye! Do you know where Hyuk is these days?"

    It seemed he was concerned for a guy named Hyuk.

    One of the men from the three answered.

    "Eh? Don't know. I haven't seen him. Why?"

    "That bastard. I hope he's not roaming around getting into trouble..."

    "Why? what's wrong?"

    "I'm worried about him. He stayed out of trouble,because he was rolling with me."

    "Yeah...who can stop him once he gets mad,right? Haha"

    "Do you think he's really turning over a new leaf and trying to study? You know he could"

    "I honestly hope that's the case. I just need him to stay out of trouble, thats it"

    At this,the guy left with his motorcycle

    One of the three men did'nt understand what they were talking about,as he was new to the group he did'nt know who Hyuk was. He was curious to know who Hyuk was and why the other's were so concerned about him.

    "Aye, who's Hyuk anyway?"

    At the question the others answered with a very serious look on their face.

    "He's the guy who single-handedly took down 30 delinquents from a high school when he was just a 3rd year in middle school"

    "In a rotation?"

    "No,at once"

    The man was left in shock and awe and became even more curious.

    "Kekekekeke. You need to see him fight in person to understand what we're talking about"

    "Doesn't matter how many times i tell you,because you just won't understand. Keke."


    A student was dragging another student to the incinerator plant.

    "You're just too dumb to understand through words, huh?


    'Incineration plant's back alleyway. Checked!'

    It was the new transfer student and Ko Tae Hoon's duo.


    "You think you're putting on a show with all that screaming? Huh?"

    "Ah ahhh ahh..."

    He kept kicking me as I guarded myself from him.

    "Keep on screaming. Do you think the teachers will come to your rescue?"

    He was repeatedly kicking me...but the incinerator plant area was completely desolate for the time being.

    ' one here...but me and him'

    'If that's the case...!'

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    I am confused as to why the chapter's got jumbled up,some even got reposted again. I really faced a problem as there is only the 'Edit' option and not the 'Delete' post option so there was a lot of cut-paste going on. And also I will be posting the new Chapter's soon. ^_^
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    Chapter 5:

    "I guess it's about time for me to get up if I want to see that fool on the ground crying,huh?"

    "Kekeke. He should be crawling on the ground right about now"

    Hearing this Jong Ku couldn't just sit and do nothing he headed out to seek help.

    "You've been lucky enough to slip past guys like me this entire time. To the point where you actually thought you were going to die,huh?"

    "Wait I changed my mind"


    "If you let go of my hair,we can finish this with one-less hit"

    "What? Me hitting you one-less?"



    "Aye!Seo Ye Rahn!"

    It was John Ku who had come for meeting Seo Ye Rahn,but as she did'nt know him she was confused.

    "Don't you know boys aren't allowed to come to the girl's classroom?"


    "How well do you know Kang Hu?"



    "Ah,you are really pissing me off..."

    As if he was trying his finishing move on me, to knock me out,he tried to punch me. But I grabbed he's hand which were holding my hair and dodged it.

    "How about I make a premonition?"

    "You mother..."

    "In 1 minute...You'll be foot like an ant"

    Hearing this he smiled and started laughing...


    "Wow...well,aren't you cute? Why don't you let go of my wrist first?"

    'What? What's with his reaction? I wasn't expecting this?'

    "Wow...I'm just at lose for words. Did you get some traning while you took time off from school? Is that it? You taking revenge?"

    "So,you've been looking for an opportunity while pretending to not remember anything? Is that it? Why, you thought you'd have a chance at beating me if it was 1 on 1?"


    "Do you know what really pisses me off?"

    "That someone like you think you can take me on,and beating me jsut because you've got some training in for 1 whole year"

    "30 seconds passed"

    " are something else!"

    "Do you...see me as a pushover?"

    He tried to punch me and knock me down,but I dodged his punch this made him more frustrated...But I can't always stay in defense can I? As soon as I dodged I counter attacked my hitting he's temple twice.

    "What? Did you just?"

    "Did you just hit me?"

    "I'm going to kill you...!"

    'Huh? What's wrong with my leg? Something's not right here,what's going on...?'

    Not giving him any chance to recover I punched him in his I did the shithead did'nt have any strength to even stand up.

    Before blacking out the only thing that I could see was Kang Hu's grin...'
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