Master of Insects (蛊真人) by Gu Zhen Ren (蛊真人)

This is my first time translating, if you find typos or awkward sentences just write it here and I'll try to fix them. I've been searching for a novel about insects or poisons and this one does the job (and it's not shojo), I didn't really like the previous translations so I decided to start from scratch.

Humans are the wisest of all creatures, insects are the true essence of heaven and earth. 
A story about a man who goes through countless rebirths.
A strange world where they raise insects, refine insects and use insects.
Spring and Autumn Cicada, Moonlight Insect, Wine Worm, Endless Golden Light Worm, Green Silk Insect, Hope Insect...
The great mountain doesn't speak about the ironclad eternal truth, now take a step forward and climb it anew.
The approaching danger is the essence of the universe, my heart as before is gazing at the blue sky!


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    Chapter 1: Even in the face of death a Demon Heart doesn’t have any regrets

    “Fang Yuan, if you obediently hand over the Spring and Autumn Cicada, I’ll release you from your sufferings!”

    “Old devil Fang, your attempts to resist are useless, today, all the major righteous sects are reunited here in order to destroy this devil’s liar of yours. This place has already been tightly encircled a long time ago, this time you’ll die for sure!”

    “Fang Yuan, you damned devil, in order to refine your Spring and Autumn Cicada you took the lives of countless people. You’ve already committed monstrous crimes, crimes that cannot be forgiven, and there is too many of them to be counted!”

    “Demon, 300 years ago you humiliated me and ruined my life, you killed my entire family and put to death my nine generations. From that day I wished I could eat your flesh and drink your blood! Today, I’ll make you wish you were dead rather than alive!!”


    Fang Yuan was covered by a big damaged dark green robe, his hair disheveled and his whole body blood-soaked, he was looking around.

    The mountain breeze was blowing, making his bloody robe flutter. Like a war flag breaking the silence with its noise.

    Bright red blood was gushing out from the several hundred wounds on his body. Just by him standing there, a large pool of blood had already formed under his feet. 

    The crowd of enemies was watching and waiting for an opportunity, right now, he didn’t have any way out.

    The outcome was a foregone conclusion, today he was going to die for sure.

    While facing this situation, Fang Yuan could still see as clearly as a blazing fire. Even if his death was nearing, he remained composed just as before, without batting an eyelid. His face was expressionless.

    The light in his eyes was dim, the same as a deep pool of an ancient well, too deep to see the bottom.

    Among the righteous heroes that were besieging him, not only there was a group of venerable elders but also outstanding young heroes whose fame resounded in all directions. At this time, they were firmly encircling Fang Yuan, some of them were howling, some of them were sneering, some of them were narrowing their eyes while watching carefully the scene, others were covering their wounds and watching from afar while filled with fear.

    They hadn’t started to attack yet, all of them were worried about Fang Yuan’s last-ditch effort.

    This situation where they intensely watched each other lasted for six hours. The sun was already setting, the last rays of the setting sun were about to hit the edge of the mountain, turning the clouds in the sky red, at this moment, everything was dazzling as if on fire.

    The constantly calm Fang Yuan, who looked like a statue, slowly turned around.

    All the outstanding heroes became immediately restless, to the point of taking one large step backwards.

    Right now, the gray-white mountain rocks under Fang Yuan’s feet were already dyed into a dark red color by his fresh blood. Due to the excessive loss of blood, his face was now pale, and when shined by the sunset glow it suddenly seemed to have gained an additional point of luster.

    Looking at the green hills where the sun was setting, Fang Yuan laughed and said lightly: “Green hills and setting sun, autumn moon and spring breeze, dawn is like fine hair and dusk is like snow. Right and wrong, success and failure, when you turn around there is only emptiness.”

    When he said these words, all kind of memories from his previous existence on Earth appeared right before his eyes.

    He was originally a Chinese student on Earth and by coincidence he came here. In this world he was tossed around for 300 years while sweeping it away for the next 200 years, 500 years worth of time was gone in the blink of an eye.

    Buried deep inside his heart were a great number of memories, in this moment they were starting to resurface as if alive, assuming a lifelike appearance right before his eyes.

    “In the end, I’ve been defeated.” Fang Yuan sighed in his heart, however, even if he sighed with emotion, he didn’t have any regrets.

    Even he kind of expected this outcome. When he originally made his choice, he had already mentally prepared himself for this situation.

    The so-called “path of the devil” doesn’t consist in making good deeds, it’s instead based on murder and arson. It’s a path not tolerated by heaven or earth, the whole world will be your enemy and yet, your heart will be freer than anyone.

    “If the refinement of the Spring and Autumn Cicada was successful, in my next life I’ll still become a devil!” With this thought in mind, Fang Yuan couldn’t help raising his voice and laughing loudly.

    “Old devil, what are you laughing for?”

    “Everybody, be careful. Now that he’s about to die, this demon is going to make his final attack!”

    “Quickly hand over your Spring and Autumn Cicada!!”

    The outstanding heroes kept pressuring him to give in, but at this time, Fang Yuan’s body suddenly self-detonated with a large explosion.


    Spring rain kept pouring down continuously, slowly moistening Silvergrass Mountain’s soil.

    It was late at night and a light breeze was swaying in the fine rain.

    However, Silvergrass Mountain wasn’t dark yet. From halfway up the mountain to the foot, many dim lights were shining, looking as if the mountain was wearing a magnificent band of light.

    These lights all originated from above-ground buildings supported by pillars, although they were not in the scale of tens of thousands, there were at least several thousands.

    And located on Silvergrass Mountain is the Ancient Moon’s village, adding a sign of human presence on this secluded and boundless mountain.

    At the center of the Ancient Moon’s village there is one magnificent multistoried building. And right now the grand ceremony to offer sacrifice to the ancestors is being conducted there. For this reason it’s even more brightly lit, shining gorgeously.

    “Ancestors, give us your blessings. We hope that this grand ceremony will bring forth many outstanding and talented youths to fill our clan with hope and new blood!” Ancient Moon’s clan-head was a middle-aged man, the hair on his temples were starting to turn white, his body was covered by a solemn plain white ceremonial dress and he was kneeling on the light brown floor. His upper body was straight and his palms were held together, he had his eyes shut while praying wholeheartedly.

    He was facing a high black colored altar, this black altar had three layers. They were making offerings to the ancestors’ memorial tablets, these memorial tablets had a red coppered incense burner on both sides and incense smoke was curling up in the air.

    Behind him there were more than ten people who were also kneeling. They wore a big white colored ceremonial robe, all of them were elders of the clan, they had the power to make decisions and held authority within various fields inside the clan.

    After offering the prayers, Ancient Moon’s clan-head took the lead to bend over, he spread out both his palms and tightly pasted them on the floor, kowtowing. His forehead knocked against the brown floor emitting light bangs.

    All the clan elders behind him had a solemn expression, they also followed in his steps and started to silently imitate him.

    Suddenly, all the clansmen in the ancestral hall were knocking their foreheads on the floor, making light sounds.

    When the grand ceremony was over, all of them slowly stood up from the floor and calmly left the magnificent ancestral hall.

    In the middle of the corridor, the numerous clan elders relaxed at once, the surrounding atmosphere was less tense now.

    A lot of discussions gradually started to arose.

    “Time passes by too fast, in the blink of an eye it’s already been one year.”

    “It feels like the previous awakening grand ceremony was just yesterday, I can still clearly recall it.”

    “Tomorrow is the day of the annual awakening grand ceremony, I wonder which new blood is going to make its appearance in the clan this year.”

    “Yeah, I hope in the emergence of a youth with great talent. It’s already been three years since someone like that appeared in our Ancient Moon Clan.”

    “Yes, both Bai and Xiong Family produced a large number of geniuses in the the last few years, especially that Bai Ningbing from the Bai Family, his natural talent is really astonishing.”

    It was unknown who mentioned Bai Ningbing’s name first, but on their faces couldn’t help but appear a worried look.

    This youngster’s natural talent was truly outstanding, in short two years his Mastery of Insects had already reached Level Three. It can be said that among the younger generation he was definitely the number one. And even people from the older generation could feel pressure from this talented youth.

    If given sufficient time he would definitely become the backbone of the Bai Family. And in the worst case he would still become a powerhouse in his own right, no one doubted this point.

    “However, it’s not like there is no hope for the youngsters taking part in this year’s awakening grand ceremony.”

    “You’re right, a genius appeared in Fang Zhi’s family. When he was three months old he could speak, at four months old he could walk and when five years old he could compose poems and read them aloud. His intelligence is exceptionally high, that child is overflowing with talent. It’s a pity that his parents are no longer in this world, right now he’s being fostered by his aunt and uncle.”

    “Yeah, he was blessed with wisdom since little, moreover he has great ambitions. I’ve heard that in these years he wrote《Proposing a Toast》,《Chant of the Plume》and《Rivertown’s Master》, he’s really gifted!”

    Ancient Moon’s clan-head was the last one to walk out of the ancestral hall, after closing the door behind him he heard the sound of the clan elders discussing in the middle of the corridor.

    He immediately understood that the elders were talking about a youth named Fang Yuan.

    As the head of the clan, he obviously paid attention to those outstanding and brilliant children. And Ancient Moon’s Fang Yuan was the most dazzling one among the younger generation. 

    Moreover, it was known from previous cases that those who had a photographic memory since childhood, physical strength comparable to grown-ups and so on, were all inborn geniuses with outstanding talent.

    “If the talent of this child happens to be first-rate and is properly cultivated, it’s not unlikely for him to be able to contend with that Bai Ningbing. And even if his talent is second-rate he can still take an important position and become a pillar of our Ancient Moon Clan, however, with him being so intelligent since infancy, the possibility of him being a second-rate talent is low, he’s more likely to be a first-rate talent.” With this thought in mind, Ancient Moon clan-head’s corners of the mouth couldn’t help but turn upwards, breaking into a smile.

    Then, after clearing his throat, he faced the clan elders and said: “Everyone, it’s already very late, in order to be ready for tomorrow’s awakening grand ceremony you should go ahead and take a rest. You need to be in good health.”

    After hearing these words, all the clan elders stared blankly and looked at each other while trying to hide their vigilant expressions.

    Although the clan-head didn’t said it aloud, everyone could understand the meaning of those words.

    Every year, in order to get a hold of these talented juniors, all the elders would fight each other to the point of being badly beaten and flushed with anger.

    That’s why they should conserve their energies well and be in top form for tomorrow’s struggle.

    Moreover, that Ancient Moon’s Fang Yuan had a very high chance of having a first-rate natural talent. Both his parents had already passed away and he was one of the two orphans left behind by Fang Zhi. If they could make him part of their families, after properly cultivating him they could obtain glories that would last for centuries!

    “However, I’ll say this ahead of time. Tomorrow’s fighting must be fair, you’re not allowed to use despicable means that can damage the clan’s unity. I hope that everyone of you can keep this firmly in mind!” The clan-head’s tone was grave when he reminded them of this.

    “We wouldn’t dare. We wouldn’t dare.”

    “We will certainly keep it mind.”

    “Then we will take our leave, clan-head doesn’t need to see us out.”

    The clan elders left one after another while being filled with all kind of thoughts.

    Soon, that long corridor became completely empty. The spring rain and the slanting wind brushed past the window, the clan-head took a light step and arrived in front of the window.

    In this moment the surrounding area was full of fresh and moist mountain air, it was mentally refreshing.

    From the third level of this building, the clan-head could easily see more than half of the Ancient Moon’s village.

    It was already late at night, but differently from the past, most of the houses in the village were still lit.

    Tomorrow is the day of the annual awakening grand ceremony, this is something that concerns the majority of the villagers. An excited and tense atmosphere was enveloping the heart of the clansmen and many of them were having trouble sleeping.

    “Those are the future hopes of our clan.” The clan-head heaved a deep sigh while looking at those small lights reflected in his eyes.

    In this moment, another pair of limpid eyes was quietly looking at those dazzling lights in the middle of the night, full of complex feelings.

    “Ancient Moon’s village… this is 500 years ago?! The Spring and Autumn Cicada really did its job…” Fang Yuan had a dim look in his eyes, he was standing by the window while letting the wind and the rain hit his body.

    The Spring and Autumn Cicada had the power to reverse time and among the Ten Great Mysterious Insects it was ranked seventh, that was naturally no small matter.

    In short, it had the power to make you come back to life.

    “I’ve been reborn thanks to the Spring and Autumn Cicada, I’ve returned to 500 years in the past!” Fang Yuan stretched his palm out and calmly looked at his tender and somewhat pale hand, then he slowly clenched it into a fist to make sure that all of this was real.

    He could hear the gentle sound of the rain hitting on the casement, he then slowly closed his eyes, opening them only after a long time, he heaved a sigh: “500 years worth of memories, this seems a dream.”

    But he clearly knew that this wasn’t a dream.

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    古月方源 - “当困境来临时,要把心交给希望。”
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    古月方源 - “当困境来临时,要把心交给希望。”
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    古月方源 - “当困境来临时,要把心交给希望。”
  • Chapter 2: Time reversal, 500 years worth of memories

    It’s rumored that in this world there is a River of Time that maintains the circle of life and death. And with the power of the Spring and Autumn Cicada is possible to go against the stream, returning in the past.

    Everyone has different opinions about this rumor, many of them doesn’t believe it at all, while some of them are half believing and half doubting.

    But there is almost no one that truly believes it.

    Because in order to use the Spring and Autumn Cicada one has to pay with their life, using one’s entire body and cultivation as an offering to activate the power.

    This price is just too big and what makes people unable to accept it, is that you have to pay with your life while not knowing whether or not you will succeed.

    Even if someone manages to get their hands on the Spring and Autumn Cicada, they will not use it carelessly.

    What if this rumor is false and all of it is just a lie?

    If Fang Yuan hadn’t been in such a desperate situation, he wouldn’t have used it so easily either.

    However, now he was thoroughly convinced.

    Because the truth was right before his eyes and there was no way to deny it, he was truly reborn!

    “It’s a shame that in order to refine this insect I had to pay an unimaginable price, kill countless people, invite the wrath of every living thing, and go through untold hardships…” Fang Yuan secretly sighed in his heart, after his rebirth he didn’t manage to bring the Spring and Autumn Cicada with him.

    Humans are the wisest of all creatures, insects are the essence of heaven and earth.

    Insects are strange and unusual in many ways and there are too many of them to be counted, some can be used once or twice before disappearing, others can be used repeatedly as long as you don’t overuse them.

    Perhaps the Spring and Autumn Cicada was a type of insects that could only be used once before completely disappearing.

    “Since it disappeared, I’ll just have to refine it once again. If I was able to refine it in my past life, can’t I also refine it in this one?” After the initial depression, Fang Yuan’s heart couldn’t help but well up with lofty ambitions once again.

    Losing the Spring and Autumn Cicada was an acceptable price for the chance of being reborn.

    Moreover, it’s not like he had lost everything, he still had a very precious thing with him.

    This precious thing consisted in 500 years worth of memories and experiences.

    These memories contained the locations of countless buried treasures that hand’t been discovered by anyone yet. He already knew about all the major events that were going to happen, allowing him to have a thorough understanding of history. In his mind there were also countless pictures of human beings, some of them belonged to hidden cultivators from the older generation, some to outstanding geniuses blessed by the heavens, and some to people that were yet to be born! In addition, these 500 years allowed him to have a thick fighting experience and a hard-won knowledge about cultivation.

    With all this he had without a doubt an overall advantage over everybody else. He only needed to manage things well and making appear once again that fierce and powerful great devil in the human world wasn’t a problem. He could even take things one step further and reach an even higher realm!

    “So, how should I proceed now…?” Fang Yuan was very intelligent and he quickly reorganized his mood. He stood in front of the window watching the night rain while lost in thoughts.

    After thinking thoroughly about it, he started to feel that things were quite complicated.

    Once he had pondered for a while, his brow started to wrinkle more and more.

    500 years is a very long period of time. Leaving out those memories that where too vague to be recalled, from what he could remember the secret locations of the buried treasures and the places where he encountered those mystical masters, although numerous, were either too far or could only be accessed at specific conditions.

    “The most important thing right now is to become a cultivator. My Origin Sea is not open yet and I still haven’t stepped on the path of cultivation to become a Master of Insects, I’m no different from an ordinary person! I have to start practicing as soon as possible and increase my power, this way I can seize an early advantage and reap all the benefits by relying on my knowledge of future events.”

    Moreover, without a proper cultivation he is not necessarily able to make use of those buried treasures. They’ll instead just become a headache, turning him into an easy target for others.

    The first problem that he had to face was the lack of cultivation.

    He had to increase his cultivation base as soon as possible, if he were to take it easy like in his previous life, he would miss the chance.

    “I’ll have to draw support from the clan’s resources to increase my cultivation. The present me isn’t capable of traveling back and forth between these dangerous mountains, even an ordinary wild boar is enough to take my life. If I’m able to increase my Mastery of Insects to the Third Level, I’ll have the ability to defend myself and enough strength to make dangerous journeys in this part of the world.”

    After 500 years of tempering, in the eyes of this master of the devil’s path, this Silvergrass Mountain was just too small, while the Ancient Moon’s village was nothing more than a cage.

    However, other than taking away your freedom, a cage can also give you a sense of security due to its sturdiness.

    “Hmm… it seems I’ll have to keep cultivating inside this cage for now. As soon as I become a Third Level Master of Insects I’ll leave this desolate mountain. Luckily tomorrow is the day of the annual awakening grand ceremony, soon after I’ll be able to officially step on the path to become a Master of Insects.”

    As he was thinking about the awakening grand ceremony, old memories started to reappear in his mind.

    “Natural talent, huh…?” He couldn’t help sneering while watching outside the window.

    At this time, the door was gently pushed open and a youth walked into the room.

    “Elder brother, why are you standing by the window? You’re getting drenched by the rain.” 

    The body of this youth was thin and he was a bit shorter than Fang Yuan, their appearance was almost the same.

    Fang Yuan turned his head and looked at this youth, on his face appeared a complex look.

    “It’s you, my twin little brother.” He slightly raised his brows and his expression restored its previous indifference.

    Fang Zheng lowered his head looking at his feet, this was his signature stance: “I saw that elder brother’s window was still open so I decided to secretly come here to close it. Tomorrow is the day of the annual awakening grand ceremony and you haven’t rested yet, if uncle and aunt were to find out about this they will get worried.”

    He wasn’t surprised by his elder brother’s cold expression, because from childhood to adulthood he had always been like this.

    Sometimes he would think that talented people were just different from commoners like him. Although he shared an almost identical look with his elder brother, compared to him he was the same as an ant.

    They were born at the same time and from the same mother, but why had the heavens been so unfair. If his brother’s talent could be compared to a diamond, his was comparable to a pebble.

    When someone passed by him, they would say: “This is Fang Yuan’s little brother.”

    Even uncle and aunt would often tell him to learn from his elder brother. 

    Things got the point that even he himself would feel disgust while looking at his own face in the mirror!

    These negative emotions had been there for many years and after piling up over the time they started to press down on his chest like a giant stone. In these years Fang Zheng’s head kept getting lower and lower and he also became more quiet.

    “Worried…” Thinking about his uncle and aunt, Fang Yuan silently laughed in his heart.

    He clearly remembered that both the parents of this body had died while performing a mission on behalf of the clan. When he was three years old, he became an orphan along with his little brother.

    At this point, his uncle and aunt decided to foster them in name only and openly seized the legacy left behind by the parents, treating harshly both him and his little brother.

    His abilities originally surpassed those of the masses but he decided to conceal them and bid his time. However, after facing innumerable hardships Fang Yuan had no choice but to display some of his “talent”.

    This so called talent consisted in nothing more than a grown-up soul and some poems from the Tang and Song Dynasties that were very famous on Earth.

    After showing this little skill everyone started to regard him as a deity and he received widespread attention. But under all this pressure, the young Fang Yuan couldn’t help but assume a cold attitude both to protect himself and to lower the possibility of being discovered.

    In time, this cold attitude of his became a habit.

    This way, his uncle and aunt never again treated him or his little brother harshly. Along with his age getting bigger even his future prospects seemed to be more and more bright, therefore his treatment also became better.

    However, they didn’t really care about him, in their eyes he was only an investment.

    What’s laughable is that this little brother not only couldn’t see the truth but he was also fooled by his uncle and aunt, starting to harbor hate toward oneself. Although he seems cute and harmless now, he knew from his memories that once he was found out to have first-rate talent the clan spent great efforts in order to cultivate him. Afterwards he released all the pent-up hate and anger by hindering and suppressing this older brother of his.

    And as for his own natural talent…

    Ahaha, it was only third-rate in the end.

    Fate really likes to play tricks.

    Of the two twins, the elder brother had only third-rate natural talent but he was hailed as a genius for more than ten years. The younger brother that was unknown to everyone was instead the one to have first-rate natural talent.

    This outcome made all the clansmen flabbergasted and also completely reversed the treatment that the two brothers were going to receive.

    The younger brother was the same as a sleeping dragon that flew into the skies, while the elder brother the same as a phoenix that fell on the ground.

    Afterwards, his younger brother started to make things difficult for him, his uncle and aunt gave him the cold shoulder and the clansmen looked at him with disdain.

    Did he hate it?

    In his previous life he hated it, hated oneself for having such a poor talent, hated the clan for being so heartless, hated life for being so unfair.

    But now he had 500 years worth of experiences, after carefully looking at all of this again, he didn’t feel mighty waves in his heart and he also didn’t feel any hate.

    What was the point of feeling hate?

    If he were to see things from a different perspective he would understand the reasons behind the actions of his little brother, his uncle and aunt, and even those righteous heroes that would attack him 500 years in the future.

    Law of the jungle and survival of the fittest… this is the essence of this world.

    Moreover, everyone has their own ambitions, to catch a glimpse of a heaven sent opportunity they are ready to suppress and kill each other without hesitation, it’s not so difficult to understand.

    In these 500 years he had already understood all of this and right now he was only thinking on how to tread on the path of immortality.

    And if someone tried to stop him from taking this path, he would fight them to death no matter who they were.

    In his heart he was looking forward to step on this road, he was fated to have the world as his enemy, fated to be alone and fated to kill and rob over and over again.

    This is what he had realized in these 500 years.

    “I’m not really interested in taking revenge, but on the path of the devil there is no room for concessions.” Thinking of this, Fang Yuan laughed in his heart. He then turned his head and shot an indifferent look to this little brother saying: “You can go back.”

    Fang Zheng couldn’t help but tremble with fear while looking at the gaze of his elder brother, it was the same as a cold knife piercing in the depths of his heart.

    Under his vision, he felt like standing naked on a snow-covered ground, stripped of all his secrets.

    “I’ll see you tomorrow, elder brother.” At this moment, he didn’t dare to say anything else. Fang Zheng slowly closed to the door and left.

  • Chapter 3: Mind your own business

    Bang, bang, bang, bang.

    The night watchman was strolling on the streets while rhythmically beating his wooden clappers.

    The sound reached the above-ground houses and Fang Yuan opened his dry and scratchy eyes, thinking: “It’s already 4:00 AM.”

    Last night he lied in bed and kept thinking about what do to next. In the end he came up with a lot of plans but ended up sleeping only for a little over two hours.

    Due to the lack of cultivation his stamina wasn’t that high, for this reason there was still a hint of weariness lingering in his body and mind.

    However, these 500 years of experiences had already steeled his determination, a bit of weariness wasn’t really much to him.

    He pushed aside that thin silk blanket covering his body and neatly stood up.

    After opening the window he saw that the spring rain had already stopped.

    The fresh and moist smell of flowers, trees and clay assaulted his nostrils, Fang Yuan immediately felt his head getting clearer and all the sleepiness from before was swept away.

    At this moment the sun wasn’t up yet and the color of the sky was deep blue, neither dark nor bright.

    The above-ground houses made of wood and green bamboo gave together with the mountain the illusion of a world made of green.

    These above-ground houses where the villagers lived had at least two layers. Due to the rough terrain the first floor was composed of huge wooden pillars and people could only live on the second floor.

    Fang Yuan and his little brother both lived on the second floor.

    “Young master Fang Yuan, you woke up. Your servant is coming upstairs to help you wash your face and rinse the mouth.” At this moment, the voice of a young girl resounded from downstairs.

    Fang Yuan lowered his head and shot a look at his personal maidservant, Shen Cui.

    Her look could only be considered as average but she dressed up well. She wore a green colored long-sleeved shirt and pants, her shoes were embroidered and she wore a pearl hairpin on her black hair. Her whole body was sending out youthful vitality.

    She shot a joyful glance at Fang Yuan and stepped on the second floor while carrying a basin of water.

    The lukewarm water was used to wash the face and after rinsing his mouth she used a willow branch covered with snow-white salt to clean his teeth.

    Shen Cui served him with a gentle smiling face and eyes filled with love. Afterwards she helped Fang Yuan to dress up and fixed his buttons, from time to time she would also use her plentiful breasts to rub his arm or back.

    Fang Yuan remained expressionless, his heart was the same as still water.

    This maidservant not only was uncle and aunt’s secret informant but also an extremely conceited person with a mean and cold personality. In his previous life he was fooled by her behavior, but after his status plummeted she immediately showed her true colors by often giving him contemptuous looks.

    At this time Fang Zheng also entered in the room and a hint of jealousy and admiration dodged in his eyes after seeing Shen Cui gently straighten out the wrinkles on Fang Yuan’s clothes.

    In these years that he had been living with his elder brother, he too got a maidservant thanks to Fang Yuan’s help. But unlike the young Shen Cui, she was fat and old.

    “I wonder if Shen Cui will serve me like this one day, what would it feel like?” Fang Zheng thought in his heart, and yet did not dare to.

    Uncle and aunt favored Fang Yuan, this was known to everyone inside the house.

    Originally he didn’t even have a servant to wait upon him, it was Fang Yuan who requested one on his behalf.

    However, although they had a master and servant relationship he didn’t dare to look down upon this Shen Cui. Because Shen Cui’s mother, Shen Mama, other than being in charge of the entire house was also very close to his aunt. She was deeply trusted and had quite a bit of authority.

    “That’s enough, you don’t need to straighten out my clothes.” Fang Yuan was unable to endure and brushed aside Shen Cui’s soft hand. His clothes were fixed a long time ago, Shen Cui was just trying to seduce him.

    According to her, he had a bright future and a very large possibility of having a first-rate natural talent. If she could successfully become Fang Yuan’s concubine she would turn from servant to mistress in the span of a day. 

    In his previous life he was deceived and even started to develop feelings for this maidservant, but now that he was reborn he could see things clearly and his heart was as cold as ice.

    “You can go.” Fang Yuan faintly looked at Shen Cui and started to fix the cuff of his sleeve.

    Shen Cui slightly pouted, Fang Yuan’s indifference toward her feelings was a bit strange and unsettling. She wanted to act like a spoiled brat but after seeing Fang Yuan’s strange and enigmatic manner she was taken aback, she opened her mouth a few times but in the end she could only say “Yes” before obediently leaving the room.

    “Are you ready?” Fang Yuan turned his head toward Fang Zheng.

    The younger brother was standing in a daze at the entrance, after hearing his voice he lowered his head till he could see his feet and made a light sound of agreement.

    Actually, since he was too anxious to fall asleep he woke up a few hours earlier than Fang Yuan. At that point he decided to get up and get ready, for this reason he had dark circles under both eyes.

    Fang Yuan nodded, in his previous life he didn’t know what his little brother was thinking, but how could he not know now?

    But saying it now would be pointless, so he just faintly said: “Let’s go.”

    The two brothers left their home and on their way they bumped into a lot of peers who were in groups of two or three, obviously they were headed in the same direction as them.

    “Look, those two are the Fang family’s brothers.” Someone started to discuss in a low voice.

    “The one walking in the front is that Fang Yuan, the same Fang Yuan that wrote those poems.” Said someone else.

    “So it’s him, he’s expressionless and arrogant just like the rumors say.” Said someone sourly, their voice carrying a hint of envy and admiration.

    “Humph, if you had his talent you would also act that way!” Replied someone else with a cold snort, trying to hide their dissatisfaction.

    Fang Zheng listened to all of this expressionlessly, he was already used to these kind of discussions. 

    He lowered his head and silently followed behind his elder brother.

    It was already dawn at this time and Fang Yuan’s shadow was covering his face.

    Even if the sun was raising, Fang Zheng felt that he was walking toward the darkness.

    This darkness originated from his elder brother and maybe for an entire lifetime he would be unable to get out of his elder brother’s gigantic shadow.

    He felt his chest being pressed down, to the point that even breathing was becoming difficult. This awful feeling could only be described by the word “suffocation”!

    “Humph, when they say that talented people are going to arouse the jealousy of others…” After listening to these talks, Fang Yuan sneered in his heart.

    No wonder that when he was found out to have third-rate natural talent he was besieged by enemies on all sides and for a long time everyone gave him cold and disdainful looks.

    Behind him, he could perfectly hear his younger brother Fang Zheng trying to gasp for breath.

    In his previous life he didn’t realize these things, but right now he could perceive even the finest detail.

    These 500 years of experiences allowed him to have a very keen insight.

    Thinking about it, his uncle and aunt really put a lot of effort into it. They gave him Shen Cui as a maidservant to keep tabs on him while his little brother ended up with an old one. In many other cases the younger brother was still treated unjustly.

    All of this was done intentionally and the purpose was to stir up his little brother’s jealousy and create a rift among the two brothers.

    Common people would rather worry about inequality than the cause of trouble.

    In his previous life he was too inexperienced while his little brother too foolish and naive, thus his uncle and aunt successfully managed to divide them.

    Now that he was reborn and with the awakening grand ceremony right before him, this situation was difficult to change, but with the means of an expert of the devil path and with a little bit of shrewdness it was not impossible.

    This younger brother could be fully suppressed, that silly Shen Cui could be turned into a concubine ahead of time. As for his uncle, aunt and the clan elders… he had hundreds of ways to deal with them. 

    “However, I don’t intend to do things this way…” Fang Yuan let out a long sigh in his heart.

    So what if his little brother was related to him by blood, it’s not like there was a deep sentiment between the two, he was no different than a stranger, he could easily give him up.

    Even if that Shen Cui had been prettier she didn’t love him and neither was loyal, she was nothing more than lump of meat and flesh. Receiving her as a concubine? She wasn’t worthy.

    As for his uncle, aunt and the clan elders… they were just strangers that he had met by chance in this life, was there really a need to rack his brain and waste energies to dispose of them?


    As long as you don’t hinder me and keep minding your own business, I’m disinclined to take care of you.

  • Chapter 4: Ancient Moon’s Fang Yuan!

    The sun was rising up in the sky with the morning light shining everywhere.

    The mountain fog was not very thick and was easily pierced by the sunlight.

    At this time, over a hundred 15 years old were gathered in front of the pavilion where the clan-head lives.

    This pavilion where the clan-head lived was built in the middle of the village, it was made of five stories and had upturned eaves that were pointing toward the sky, in this moment, many guards were defending it. In front of this pavilion was a square, while inside were enshrined the memorial tablets of their ancestor, Gu Yue. Every generation of clan-head would live here and if there was a major celebration or matter, all the clan elders would converge here in order to discuss it. This place could be considered the center of power of the village.

    “Very good, you’re all on time. Today is the day of the awakening grand ceremony, this is going to be a major turning point in your lives. That’s enough chitchat, follow me.” The one in charge of this trip was the school elder, both his hair and beard were white, he was very happy while leading these youths inside the pavilion.

    However, their destination wasn’t upstairs, after getting past the entrance of the great hall, they directly went downstairs.

    Following a beautiful ladder carved in stone, they arrived at an underground limestone cave.

    After entering inside the cave, all the youths exclaimed in surprise one after another. This underground cave was magnificient and the stalactites were emitting a red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet, these seven colors, brilliance. This light was reflected on the faces of the youths, like a beautiful rainbow.

    Fang Yuan was in the middle of the crowd, quietly watching all of this and silently thinking in his mind: “A few hundred years ago, the Ancient Moon Clan moved from the central territories to the southern border, arriving at the Silvergrass Mountain. And the reason was exactly the spirit fountain located in this underground limestone cave. This spirit fountain has the ability to produce a large number of Origin Stones, it can be considered the foundation of the village.”

    After walking for a few hundred steps, the scenery was getting more and more dark. At this point, the faint sound of water could be heard.

    After turning the corner, a more than ten meters wide river came into view.

    The light of the stalactites had already long disappeared at this point.

    However, in the middle of darkness, the river was emitting a pale dark blue light. Resembling the Milky Way that stretches in the night sky.

    The water was flowing from the depths of this limestone cave, incredibly clear, to the point that the fishes swimming inside, the water plants and the stones on the riverbed, could be easily seen. 

    On the other side of the river was a sea of flowers.

    These Moon Orchids were planted here by the Ancient Moon Clan, their petals resembled a crescent moon and they had an elegant and exquisite blue-pink color. The stalk was like jade and the stamen was glittering, resembling a pearl emitting a gentle brilliance under the light.

    At first sight, in the middle of darkness, this sea of flowers near the bank of the river resembled a big blue-green carpet adorned with countless pearls.

    “These Moon Orchids are the food of many insects. This sea of flower can be regarded as the clan’s greatest cultivation base.” Fang Yuan had a deep understanding of all this.

    “Really beautiful.”

    “Very attractive!”

    The youths finally came to their senses after looking at the horizon, their eyes were shining, they were excited and at the same time anxious.

    “Good, when you hear me call your name, you have to pass through the water and go on the other side of the river. Try to walk as far as you can, the more you advance the better it is. Is everything clear?” Said the clan elder at this moment.

    “All clear.” The youths nodded in succession. As a matter of fact, they had already heard about this from family members or other seniors. They knew that the farthest you get the better is your natural talent, and better will be your achievements in the future.

    “Ancient Moon’s Chen Bo.” The clan elder holding the name list pointed toward someone.

    This river was wide but not very deep, the water only arrived at the knees. Chen Bo stepped in the sea of flowers by the riverside with a serious look.

    He immediately felt a large amount of pressure that formed an invisible wall in front of him, preventing him from going forward.

    When he was finding difficult to walk, a tiny light suddenly emerged from the sea of flowers. This dot of light was very small and pure white.

    The light moved toward Chen Bo and entered in his body.

    When that happened, Chen Bo felt the pressure decrease, that overbearing invisible wall suddenly started to become soft.

    He clenched his teeth and made an effort to move forward, trying to force himself in. After taking another three steps, the pressure suddenly increased again, forming a wall just like before, making him unable to move even a tiny bit.

    Seeing this scene, the clan elder let out a sigh, after recording everything on a paper, he said: “Ancient Moon’s Chen Bo, three steps, he doesn’t have the talent to become a Master of Insects. Next one: Ancient Moon’s Zao Xie.”

    Chen Bo’s complexion was pale, he clenched his teeth and returned to his original position after passing through the river. Since he didn’t have the necessary talent, in the future he could only live as a mortal. And inside the clan he could only have the lowest status.

    His body was on the verge of collapsing, this blow had been too heavy, it destroyed all his hopes.

    Many people looked at him with eyes full of pity, while others were looking at the second youth attempting to make his way in the sea of flowers.

    Unfortunately, this youngster was also only able to take four steps, he didn’t have the necessary talent.

    Not all people have the necessary talent to cultivate. Generally speaking, if we have ten people and five can cultivate, that’s already a good result. Inside the Ancient Moon Clan this ratio was a little higher, nearing six people.

    This was all thanks to their ancestor Gu Yue, who happened to be their first clan-head. He was a well-known legendary powerhouse. His bloodline carried great power and was very suitable for cultivation. For this reason, those belonging to the Ancient Moon Clan had relatively high natural talent.

    After confirming that two people in a row didn’t have enough talent, the complexion of the other clan elders that where secretly paying attention, turned ugly. Even the always composed Ancient Moon’s clan-head lightly knitted his brows.

    At this moment, the school elder called the third name: “Ancient Moon’s Mo Bei.”

    “Here!” Shouted a long-faced youth wearing linen cloths, he then took a step forward.

    His build was tall and big, sturdier than someone of his age, giving off a valiant aura.

    He passed through the river in two or three steps and arrived on the other side.

    Ten steps, twenty steps, thirty steps… one after another, tiny lights entered inside his body.

    He kept going on until he arrived at 36 steps, afterwards he was too tired to go on.

    The youths on the other side of the river were stunned, the school elder was delighted and loudly shouted: “Good, Ancient Moon’s Mo Bei has second-rate natural talent, come here, let me take a look at your Origin Sea.”

    Ancient Moon’s Mo Bei returned to the school elder’s side, the latter stretched his hand putting it on the youths’ shoulder, he then closed his eyes and started to carefully examine him, after a while he took back his hand and made a nod while writing on the paper: “Ancient Moon’s Mo Bei, usable Origin Sea 66%, can cultivate to a high degree in the future.”

    Natural talent is divided into four categories, first, second, third and fourth-rate.

    Someone with fourth-rate natural talent can at most become a Level One Master of Insects after cultivating for three years, becoming the cornerstone of the clan.

    Someone with third-rate natural talent can in most cases become a Level Two Master of Insects after cultivating for two years, becoming the backbone of the clan.

    Someone with second-rate natural talent is worth protecting. After cultivating they’ll often become one of the future elders of the clan, after training for six or seven years they’ll reach the Third Level.

    In the end, there are those with first-rate natural talent, even if there is only one person in the entire clan with this kind of talent, it’s worth celebrating. They are carefully looked after and will receive most of the resources, after cultivating for around ten years their Mastery of Insects can reach Level Four, by that time they can also compete for the position of clan-head!

    In other words, this Ancient Moon’s Mo Bei will have in the future the possibility of becoming a clan elder as long as he keeps cultivating. No wonder the school elder was so happy that he started laughing, many of those clan elders that were paying attention in secret breathed a sigh of relief, only afterwards they shifted their looks toward one of the elders among them.

    This elder also had a long face and was Mo Bei’s grandfather, Ancient Moon’s Mo Chen. His face had broke into a smile long ago, afterwards he provocatively looked and his big rival and said: “What now? My grandson is not bad, right? Ancient Moon’s Chi Lian.”

    This elder named Ancient Moon’s Chi Lian had red hair, at this moment he coldly snorted without replying, his complexion was beyond ugly.

    One hour later, half of the youths had already taken the test, those with third-rate and fourth-rate natural talent emerged in great numbers, while those with no talent at all occupied at least half of the total.

    “Ah… the bloodline is getting more and more thin, and as if that wasn’t enough, in these years the clan didn’t manage to produce a powerhouse of the Fourth Level to strengthen the bloodline. The fourth generation clan-head was the only one to reach the Fifth Level, but he died together with the loose monk Hua Jiu without leaving behind a descendant. The younger generation of our Ancient Moon Clan is getting more and more weak by the years.” The clan-head heaved a deep sigh.

    At this time, the school elder shouted: “Ancient Moon’s Chi Cheng.”

    After hearing this name, all the elders looked at Ancient Moon’s Chi Lian, this was his grandson.

    Ancient Moon’s Chi Cheng had a short build and a face full of pockmarks. His fists were clenched and he had sweat all over the face, he appeared extremely anxious.

    He stepped on the other side of the river and the tiny lights entered inside his body one after another, he took 36 steps in a row before coming to a stop.

    “Another one with second-rate natural talent!” Shouted the school elder.

    The crowd of youths was in agitation and looked at Ancient Moon’s Chi Cheng with eyes full of admiration.

    “Ahaha, 36 steps, 36 steps!” Shouted Ancient Moon’s Chi Lian, trying to show his might in front of Ancient Moon’s Mo Chen.

    And this time, it was Ancient Moon’s Mo Chen who had an ugly complexion.

    “Ancient Moon’s Chi Cheng, eh…?” In the middle of the crow, Fang Yuan was lost in thoughts while stroking his chin.

    According to his memories, this guy was severely punished by the clan because he cheated in the awakening grand ceremony.

    In fact, his natural talent was only third-rate, but his grandfather, Ancient Moon’s Chi Lian, fudged his test in order to display a second-rate natural talent.

    Actually, if he wanted to cheat, Fang Yuan could think of at least ten different ways, some of them even more perfect than the one used by Ancient Moon’s Chi Cheng. If he could show a second or first-rate natural talent, he would receive a lot of help from the clan for his cultivation.

    However, Fang Yuan was reborn only a while ago, he didn’t have enough time to prepare a cheating method.

    And even if the managed to successfully cheat, he would be unable to cover up his slow cultivation speed, after a certain amount of time he would be discovered.

    Moreover, his situation was different from Chi Cheng, his grandfather was Ancient Moon’s Chi Lian, one of the two elders with the highest authority inside the clan, he could easily cover him up.

    “Chi Lian and Mo Cheng have always been hostile toward each other, between all the elders these two like to show off the most. In order to decrease the prestige of the rival, he needed his grandson to have an outstanding talent, for this reason he decided to cover for him, allowing Chi Cheng to deceive everyone for a period of time. He remembered that if it wasn’t for that unexpected event, he wouldn’t have been easily discovered.”

    A sharp ray of light dodged in Fang Yuan’s eyes, he was thinking how he should exploit this fact to reap the maximum benefit.

    If he were to expose it now, the clan would give him a little reward but he would end up offending the powerful Chi Lian, it was not worth the risk.

    For the time being, he couldn’t even blackmail them, with his low strength he would only bring misfortune upon himself.

    While he was thinking all of this, he suddenly heard the school elder shouting his name: “Ancient Moon’s Fang Yuan!”

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