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I don't know how the world of translating works. I don't know if you will need a permission of some sorts or something similar to the original author before translating. I don't know if there is a process of getting the rights/permission of an another translator to continue the (possibly) in hiatus works of a translator.  But I would like to request a novel. This novel is titled "Cult of the Sacred Runes", I found it in the website of gravity tales, and when I read the summary I was instantly hooked up because it was stated to be a prequel to Tales of Demons and Gods! (Since I'm an avid fan of Tales of Demons and Gods that is translated here, I decided to read it while waiting for recent releases of TDG) The novel is completed at 600+ chapters, but sadly, the translation in gravity tales slowed down very much. As of now the translated chapter stops at 234 and a preview of 235 is given, but a lot of time pass and it was still not updated. I don't know if the translator from there is still planning to continue, albeit in a slowing down manner of translation. But I would really love the translation of this novel to be continued and if possible be able to read till the end.

PS I'm a newbie here and this is the first time I posted in the forum so forgive me if I offended/violated some rules or people


  • Friend,
    I've been following that story myself. I hope that someone picks it up. I never heard that i=t was a prequel to TDG. Thanks for the new info.
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  • Glad to see someone is also reading to it! ^.^

     Well, I really hope someone continues to translate the story or the translator in gravity tales will return to updating translation in successions because the cliffhanger is killing me so much! TT.TT

    PS Yep, in the summary section of CSR in Gravity Tales it was stated to be a prequel to TDG! So that's why I immediately read it. I thought that the translation would be smooth because the raw is already finished at 600+ chapters but sadly it was stucked in 234 for a long time now. :( 

    PPS No prob! :D 
  • It's considered a taboo to start translating a work which is already being translated, so it probably won't happen unless the current translator gives up on it/moves to WW
  • Ohh I see! Thanks for telling me that fact. I didn't really know how the world of translating works so I have no idea about the rules hehe ^.^
  • the translator hasn't been responding to the staff at gravity tales for some time now.  they have been trying to reach him but no luck. is there some kind of time limit on that rule of etiquette?
  • I believe the generally accepted grace period for a new translator to pick up an abandoned novel is 3 months since the last release. Given that it has been 2 months since the last Cult of the Sacred Runes release I am still hopeful that a new translater will pick it up in a months time.
  • We already had enough of the wait man  ... up and forward in this translation !!!

    PS: try a last contact ;)
  • Bumping this.. its already September, someone please pick up this good novel.
  • i think, i should learn chinese language proficien and fluent... so i could able to translate the raw chapter... and post it here
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    I've been anxiously awaiting more chapters of this so I got in contact with gravity tales and they said they no longer have the rights to the translation and that Qidian picked it up, so I go message Qidian and they said they don't have it either which leaves me very confused as to who currently has this one and I really think it would be quite amazing if WuxiaWorld would pick it up because it's so good and no one else seems to know what's going on with it. 
  • any latest news about this....?  pls share. thanks
  • Please I have been waiting to read this novel... Could Wuxia please translate it?
  • I agree someone please translate the rest of cult of sacred runes.
  • I agree please translate the rest of kt.
  • Would indeed be great if someone could pick this up, original translator disappeared about a year ago.
  • I did find a Spanish site, which has translated chapters up to 261, parsing it through google translate, it becomes somewhat readable, better then putting the raws in translate at least: https://cultsofthesacredrunesesp.blogspot.nl/2017/06/nota-p-capitulo-235-csr-cosechando.html

  • I agree was looking for this novel all day b/c I read this while this was still being updated and wanted to read it from where I left off but it still hasn't been updated 
  • Hi guys :)

    Not long ago (after reading for the 3rd time the 234 chapter of the light novel) I was seraching for a translation of this LN (after chapter 235) and I found this site who translated the entire light novel : https://lnmtl.com/novel/cult-of-the-sacred-runes 

    But it’s the work of a machine (automatic translation) so it’s a bit hard to understand all of the translations but since we don’t have better alternative to read it 

    If if anyone found an better alternative let us now :) 
  • If someone did translate the novel where could they post it
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    Can someone take over this novel plz. It's a vey good novel and as you can see, it has a lot of support
  • Its a QI novel
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