Emperor Kong Ming = Nie Li?????

In the manhua, 1st page of Chapter 62. We can see that Nie Li is wearing something like an emperor's clothing. Is it a hint that Nie Li was also emperor kong ming in his past life (Not the one that we know of)? and also I am thinking that maybe he is the supreme expert that created the tiny world. In short, Nie Li himself is being reincarnated many times in order to find a way to defeat the Sage Emperor???


  • in the latest chapter it is stated that he has only reincarnated once on top of that he came upon the book that granted him the the reincarnation time loop only by chance on the verge of death. basically killing idea that it was a reincarnation instead of a time loop. which sucks because that would have been more interesting.
  • I think I've seen this theory before... on Tieba.

    It's not possible, but it may have been true at one point. You know, since the author's ideas seem to change all the time.
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