Guang Zhi Zi (光之子 “Child of Light”) by Tang Jia San Shao

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The lazy Zhang Gong decides to learn light magic, a magic often ridiculed as useless for it’s defensive nature. However, he eventually becomes the legendary Grand Magister. While trying to end the continent’s east and west separation in order to unite all of the different races, he becomes every race’s Child of Light.


  • Volume 1: Chapter 1 – The First Chapter

    Early morning. It’s so bright that I had to open my lazy eyelids. Why does my house have to face the sun. Waking up everyday to the sun’s glare makes me want to cry.

    “You lazy bum! Are you up yet?”

    Hearing this pleasant voice, I immediately jumped down from bed.

    “I’m up, I’m up.”

    “Hurry up and come eat breakfast! You’re going to be late for school.”

    “Okay, okay. I’m coming.”

    Fortunately I reacted quickly, otherwise mother’s pleasant voice would have started casting the elementary water magic, water bullet, to wake me up. But mother is an intermediate water mage, so if I got hit I would truly be miserable. (However this is not the primary reason, because if mother shoots the water bullet at me, the blanket will get wet. When I go outside to dry my blankets, all of my friends ridicule me as “Bedwetting” Wu.)


    Right, I forgot to explain my background. Of course, I’m the hero of this story. My name is Zhang Gong. The continent I live in is called Tianwu and in the West is the continent of Libo. In the whole world there are only these two continents and of course, the rest of the world is the covered by the ocean. In Tianwu there are three countries: the kingdom of plentiful resources, the Dalu kingdom, the kingdom of knights, the Xiuda Kingdom and the kingdom where I reside, the magic kingdom of Aixia.

    The kingdom of Dalu has the largest territory, with it spanning three-sevenths of continent of Tianwu’s land. Furthermore it is a rich in resources, wealthy and is overall a powerful kingdom. The main army is composed of warriors, while mages supplement the main army thanks to the funding the army receives. With an army such as this, the kingdom of Dalu has the largest army of the three kingdoms.

    The kingdom of Xiuda is a country which upholds the honor of knights therefore the country does not have many mages residing in it. Their army is composed entirely of warriors, with their cavalry being the most powerful in the whole Tianwu continent. Furthermore, they possess three regiments of the unique Earth Dragoons which is composed entirely of knights at the intermediate rank or higher. On the plains it is impossible for any opposing army to withstand the assault of Xiuda’s cavalry without a barrier.

    Speaking of my homeland, the kingdom of Aixia is in fact an authentic magic kingdom. Every single citizen, no matter how poor they are will receive an elementary education in magic. The kingdom possesses dozens of major magic schools as every citizen has the right to learn magic. (Of course, the prerequisite is that you have the money to pay the tuition.)  Even if the citizen doesn’t have money there is still the town’s Elder who will teach some basic knowledge of magic.


    In this country, magic education is divided into three stages:

    The first stage: Elementary magic academy. Generally students enroll between the ages of 5 to 10 years old and will continue studying there for 5 years. Upon graduation the students will take an exam to become a magic disciple or receive the title of an elementary rank mage.

    The second stage: Intermediate magic academy. Admission is based on what the students scored on the elementary magic academy graduation exam and naturally students with better results will be able to enter better magic academies. Intermediate magic academy doesn’t have a set number school years, instead it works on the basis of credits. Only 60 credits are required before students can graduate and obtain the title of an intermediate rank mage. In the duchy, the fastest record for graduating intermediate magic academy was still three years while it generally takes 5 to 10 years to graduate for the average student. Most of the kingdoms wealthy citizens stop learning magic sometime during intermediate magic academy. The number of intermediate rank mages in the kingdom is somewhere from 300,000 to 450,000.

    The third stage: Advanced magic academy. In order to be admitted into an advanced magic academy, not only is an intermediate rank mage certificate required, but it is also required to pass the examination of the Mage’s Union. After passing the exam, students once again be admitted to the academy corresponding to their exam results. According the Aixia’s regulations, all students who attend an advanced magic academy will not have to pay any tuition fees. The reason that all costs will be covered by the kingdom is for the kingdom’s magic talent to flourish. The most prestigious magic academy is the Royal Magic Academy where only those with great magical talent are admitted. Furthermore, they have extremely rigorous examinations even for a prince. Princesses also must pass examinations before they will be admitted. After graduating from an advanced magic academy, the results of the graduation exam with determine which certificate the student receives.

    Tianwu continent’s three human kingdoms are extremely united because they have a common enemy, the Western continent’s magic race and beast clans.

    In the Western continent, there are two kingdoms. The Holy Light Empire is ruled by the magic race while the beast clans rule the Valiant Mist Empire. The magic race looks very similar to humans with the only difference being that their eyes are purple. Those of the magic race are naturally ambitious and aggressive while they inherently posses darkness magic. On the other hand, the beast clans are unable to use magic but their powerful bodies are their best weapon in addition to their high magic defense. The beast clan’s ace corps in comparison to their main army is even more frightening.

    The Eastern and Western continents are separated by the Tianduo mountains. Humanity sacrificed millions of warriors in order to build the most powerful mountain fortress, Telun fortress. Since the magic fortress have been built the two beast clans could not climb past the pond called Lei, enabling the continent to enjoy peace for the last 200 years.

    In this world, there are six elements of magic: light, darkness, water, fire, earth and wind. Besides these six elements of magic, there are also special elements of magic such as summoning magic, spatial magic and so on.

    Magies ranks are divided into: novice mage (apprentice mage), elementary rank mage, intermediate mage, advanced mage, great mage, magic scholar, magister and the legendary Grand Magister.

    Magic spells are divided 9 ranks: ranks 1 to 3 are of the elementary class, ranks 4 and 5 are of the intermediate class, ranks 6 to 8 are of the advanced class and rank 9 spells are of the forbidden class. Forbidden class spells require six or more magisters working together in order to cast. A mage who is able to cast a forbidden class spell singlehandedly would be considered a Grand Magister and only one has ever appeared in the legends.

    Warriors ranks are divided into: elementary warrior, intermediate warrior, advanced warrior, knights, earth knight, heaven knight, holy knight, sword saint and the legendary War God.

    Battle spirit classes are divided into: battle spirit, earth battle spirit, heaven battle spirit, god battle spirit and holy battle spirit which enables whoever possesses it to be unscratched by all spells below the forbidden class.

    Summoned beasts have two types:the power growth type, which grow more powerful as they mature, and the body rank type where they will remain as powerful as they were when summoned. The higher the rank their body is, the more powerful the beast is. From ranks 1 to 9, power growth type are very rare. Furthermore, if the power growth type summoned beast encounters a body rank type summoned beast, they attempt to kill each other in order to prevent their opponent from growing any stronger.

    Money is divided into: 1 diamond coin = 100 gold coins = 10 000 silver coins =

    1 000 000 copper coins

    Magic crystals from highest value to lowest is:purple, jade, red, blue, white, black, green

    The background information is here, following this will be the main story.

    A new chapter is about to begin. The wheel of history is moving toward his destiny.

  • Volume 1: Chapter 2 – Choosing the Light Element

    Cong cong

    I quickly ate two mouthfuls of breakfast then  left the house for school in a hurry.

    “Walk faster, you don’t want to be late otherwise the teacher will have a bad impression of you. Properly learn magic! Pay attention to the road and come home quickly after school! ….( 300 words omitted here)…..”

    Mother sure is amazing, saying these words everyday, it’s impossible for me to not know them by heart by now. However, her concern for me makes my heart warm.

    My name is Zhang Gong, 7 years old this year and living near the landlocked kingdom of Aixia’s second largest city, in a small village beside Senke city. As my family is relatively wealthy, my mother and father were very hopeful and brought me to the city’s Sunke Elementary Magic Academy in order to learn magic. I’m now in the third grade. Since a young age I have shown interest in magic but  I’m a lazy person by nature. In more than two years I have only learned some elementary class magic and some basic magic theory.

    Today is the day I have to tell the teacher what element of magic I chose. This will determine what class I’m in. (Each mage has major and minor magic elements. They will only have one major element which they concentrate on while they can have up to three minor magic elements to supplement their major element.) What should I choose…? I like fire magic, but it feels a bit too dangerous. Since my motto is ‘safety first’, it really conflicts. So what should I choose…? Which magic is the safest?

    Thinking about it….

    Ah, yes, light magic seems the safest. In the past, teacher said that there are basically no attack spells of the light element before advanced class. It’s basically purely defensive or curative and I won’t have to spar with others. Yea, I’m choosing this. (Due to the kingdom of Aixia constantly promoting magic, students in magic academies often have to tests to increase their practical experience and confirm their magic level. However, because of our low magic levels, no one has come to test the lower grade’s magic levels yet. Generally they will test it in grade 5 or in the intermediate magic academy.

    I’m truly am smart! What minor magic to choose? I’ll choose wind magic and learn some air blasting techniques (Major wind magic) or something. This way I can quickly escape in case of danger. Wait, no, no, wind magic is fast but it isn’t capable of instant movement. Mother told me there was a spatial magic scholar who could teleport about 10km. (And he is still only a magic scholar!) Spatial magic is pretty good, so I’ll choose it instead then!

    After such deep thought, I couldn’t help but take a deep breath.

    Later generations would praise a light system Grand Magister, Zhang Gong Wei, the Child of Light.  Zhang Gong Wei will later become a powerful figure with a widespread name, unable escape the clutches of the hand of fate. Chosen, his light magic had been destined to be spread throughout the continent. (Not to mention his spatial system magic which he often uses to escape.)

    I happily walked to town and turned my thoughts to this beautiful life. I couldn’t restrain myself from laughing due to my happiness.

    “Zhang Gong”

    “You’re so annoying Ao De. You scared me!”

    He is both my best friend and my classmate.

    “What elements of magic did you pick?”

    “I’ve chosen the light element for the major and the spatial element as the minor.”

    “That’s just like you! Ha ha.”

    “What do you know! Why don’t you tell me why I picked these two then.”

    I’m a surprised by Ao De.

    “Of course, since your motto is “safety first’.”

    “So annoying! You’re correct. What did you choose then?”

    “I chose water element as my major and spatial element as my minor!” said Ao De with his chest out and a proud look on his face.

    “I understand why you picked the spatial element (of course he would pick the same as me), but why did you pick the water element?”

    “You wouldn’t understand”, Ao De said while looking like a little adult.

    “Hurry up and say why.”

    “There are a lot of girls who pick the water element! There are basically no boys. I can bully them and take their snacks! Haha.”

    “This young yet you’re so spoiled. I’m going to tell your father.”

    I raised my head high. But then I thought, though the water element has more girls, after entering an intermediate magic academy if he continued bullying the girls, there would be a tragic consequences. The older brothers of this village were beaten horribly when they bullied the academy’s beauties. Ao De will truly be miserable after he grows up from a brat, thinking this I can not help but look at Ao De with doubt.

    “Come learn magic of the water element with me!”

    Because he doesn’t want me to expose him, he’s even trying to draw me in!

    “No need. Just get me some good treats in the future and I won’t tell you father. Okay?”

    “Okay. No problem.”

    “We’re at the school. Hurry up, we’re going to be late soon.”

    Sunke City’s Elementary Magic Academy is the city’s biggest magic academy. It occupies over 20 000m² and there are a lot of practice fields and faculty buildings. Ao De and I are in class 3-4.

    “Good thing we’re not late, otherwise the old witch will punish us again.” Ao De muttered to me.

    “Be quiet. The old witch is coming. (Of course, the old witch is our class’s teacher. The 50 year old fire element advanced mage, teacher Lin. She very strict and she matured into an unattractive woman. So me and my classmates gave her the nickname of ‘Old Witch’).”

    “Good morning students.”

    “Good morning teacher.”

    As soon as the old witch came in the class fell silent, because no one wanted this old volcano to erupt.

    “Have all of students thought properly about what magic element to choose?”

    “Yes we have.”

    “Good. Come line up in the front to register then.”

    When I registered, the old witch looked at me and said “You’re choosing the light element as your major?”

    “Yes, that’s right teacher.”

    “Did you know that in the whole kingdom those who choose the light element as their major besides the professionals are only monks who use it for treatment?”

    “What? Why is that? I didn’t know!”

    It turns out that 200 years ago when the two continents first collided, there were a lot of humans learning the light magic because light magic is the weakness the magic race. In the war, intermediate light element mage had two main functions, as intermediate light spells are capable of basic treatment of the injured and damaging the magic race. Light and darkness spells also had two other functions. But today, 200 years later, due to the peaceful 200 years without war, people are able to live peacefully. Thus light spells have slowly become entirely useless. In comparison to the practical water, fire, earth and wind spells, the light element is fairly basic. Furthermore, in intermediate class light spells are almost entirely defensive or for healing purposes. So most people choose who favor being aggressive choose the water, fire, earth or wind element as their major and although slightly inferior to light spells, water spells are also able to heal. However, due to water spells having offensive spells and defensive spells in a more even ratio, even the girls who want to learn how healing spells give up the light element in favor of the water element. Leaving only the peace-loving monks to choose the light element as their major.

    For the seven year old me, of course I wouldn’t know about this. After the teachers explanation, I told her about my motto of ‘safety first’ and that I was set on choosing the light magic.

    “Well then, all of the students who have selected their magic element, it’s an early dismissal today. Tomorrow, you will all be divided into classes according to the magic element you have chosen.

    Yea! Class is over!

    And so the Child of Light’s light element education begins. How it will turn out tomorrow, we will soon find out.

  • Volume 1: Chapter 3 – My Teacher

    Feeling accomplished, I returned home and see that mom has already prepared dinner.

    “You’re home! Were you good today in class?”

    “I was very good! Right, mom today I picked the major and minor magic elements I want to study.”

    “Ah! Come quickly husband, our son has picked his major and minor magic elements!”

    “Really? Son did you choose wind magic?”

    Hearing the news, dad quickly ran over.

    “Definitely not, obviously our son chose to study water magic, right son?”

    With eyes brimming with hope mom looked at me.

    My mom is an intermediate water element mage and dad is an intermediate wind mage. Since the moment I have been born, they have been arguing about what magic element I should choose as my major.

    Watching their eyes brimming with hope, ah, what am I going to do? I had forgot all about them. My small brain thought quickly on how to answer them.

    “No, no, not at all. The major magic element I chose was neither the wind element nor the water element.”

    “What?” The two of them looked at me with surprised eyes.

    “Then what did you choose? Did you choose the earth element or the fire element? Either of those is unbefitting of my son. You didn’t even consult me or your mother of choosing your magic element. This month you’re not getting an allowance!”

    “Is your ass itching for a beating!?” Dad said with a threatening look.

    “No, no. It’s not like that. Mom, dad don’t be upset. I didn’t choose the fire element or the earth element, I chose the light element. I chose it for your sakes!”

    “What? Because of us?”

    “Yes, of course it’s because of you two, but also for our family’s harmony. It is like this, think about it, if I chose the water element, dad would be upset. If I chose the wind element, then mother would have certainly killed me, so I didn’t choose either of them. Fire magic and mom’s water magic mutually suppress each other, so for my gentle, beautiful and kind mom, I couldn’t possibly choose it. Earth magic and dad’s wind magic also mutually suppress each other, so for my handsome, charming and powerful dad, I couldn’t possibly choose it either. So I chose the light magic which doesn’t oppose anyone else’s magic in the family. Because I was thinking about our whole family’s happiness, this is what I chose!”

    As I said this I looked at mother and father with eyes brimming with tears.

    Looking at the teary eyed me, mother couldn’t help but come and comfort me.

    “Our Zhang Gong is such a good son, doing this for the sake of his parents.”

    Father also came and embraced us. I really like this loving and harmonious atmosphere but I did not expect some nonsense and two tall hats would have fooled them into uniting. Ha ha. [TL: some sort of chinese idiom I think? Not too sure about it’s meaning if it’s an idiom.]

    “Zhang Gong, in the future you must study properly. You must at the very least become an advanced rank mage!”

    “Yes father, I definitely won’t disappoint you two.”

    Mom looked like she suddenly remembered something. “Zhang Gong, light spells in the elementary rank and intermediate rank didn’t have any attack magic right since people rarely study light magic.”

    “Don’t worry, you two can be assured that I will definitely become an advanced mage.”

    I’ve become so clever. If I wanted to work hard, I wouldn’t have picked light magic. Haha, I’ll trick them first then worry about it.

    “Well fine, lets eat and celebrate our Zhang Gong’s choice.”

    A night without words.

    The next day, in the morning working up by both the sun and mother’s call. I eat some breakfast and Ao De is already here.

    “Zhang Gong it’s time to go to school. Today the classes will be divided.”

    “I’m coming. Let’s go!”

    Just like yesterday, we step into the classroom.

    The old witch walked in.

    “Enough, quiet down students. We’re going to start dividing the classes. In this group of 5 classes, everyone has already picked their major and minor elements to study. All 5 classes will be rearranged into new classes according to the element that was chosen. Three classes for fire, two classes for water, two classes for wind and one class for earth. Now I will announce the classes each of you will be in. As I read off the classes, go to the class you have been assigned.” There’s no need to question the fire element’s attack power.

    Impossible, how come there isn’t a light element class? A huge question mark is produced in my mind.

    “Tang Di, fire element class one. Li Cha, fire element class one….. Ao De, water element class two…..”

    Except for me, all of my classmates have been assigned their class and one by one they left to for their assigned class. After the last student leaves for their class.

    “Zhang Gong, follow me to see your teacher. Since there are only 10 light element mages in the world the academy has specially arranged for a teacher to give you a specialized tutoring.”

    Oh no! Specialized tutoring, it must be a temperamental teacher. My death is assured now. (I can’t suffer this old witch’s pain!) While thinking this, I walked with teacher out of the classroom.

    Arriving at the teacher’s office on the third floor, isn’t this the principals office?
    “Go on Zhang Gong, come in with me.” seeing me hesitating, the old witch gave me a pull.

    “Oh, good, teacher.”

    Entering the principal’s office, I see the principal behind a big office desk smiling at me.

    “Teacher Lin, is this the Zhang Gong that chose to study the light element in your class? Let me introduce myself, I am a Great Mage with my major element being spatial and my minor element being light. My name is Xi Yu Xiu, but call me teacher Xiu.”

    My eyes followed the principal’s hands. Ah, this is going to be my teacher?  A 50 year old man? Looking him from head to toe, he looks like a spotless purple robed mage shaking with energy. On his chest is a mage badge with four stars. (A mage’s rank can been seen by the number of stars on his badge. Each rank risen corresponds with an additional star while an apprentice mage has no stars.) Wearing a serious face, he seemed quite ominous.

    “Hello Teacher Xiu, please look after  Zhang Gong.”

    “Teacher Lin, no need to be courteous.”

    “So you are Zhang Gong. Hey, you better study magic properly under me. I’ll have you know I’m very strict. I hope you will study hard as I will try my best to impart my knowledge onto you.”

    What can I say? My eyes had already lost hope. How could I have overlooked this? I’m going to become cannon fodder! So miserable! God of Creation, you treat me so unfairly!

    “Thank you teacher. I will put in great effort.”

    It seems from now on I am going to have a hard time.

    On the way home, Ao De asked me who was my magic teacher . In order to save face, I boasted that I had a very benevolent teacher. Ao De enviously told me that his class’s teacher is extremely fierce. How could he possibly be fiercer than Teacher Xiu? I could only hope that  Teacher Xiu has a heart attack tonight and becomes unable to teach me.

    Right as Teacher Xiu was eating dinner, he sneezed and thought ‘Who’s cursing me?’

    Later, historians records of Xi Yu Xiu(Teacher Xiu) show that: If there hadn’t been the Great Mage Xi Lu Xiu to build the foundations in to the Child of Light when he was still a child, then there wouldn’t be the Child of Light as we know it.

    Laying this so-called solid foundation had such a great effect that the Grand Magister, known as the Child of Light, trembles at the name of Xi Lu Xiu even thirty years later.

  • Volume 1: Chapter 4 – Basic Knowledge

    “Zhang Gong Wei, what time do you think it is right now?” Teacher Xiu said with eyes full of fury.

    “Ah! Teacher why are you here? Ah, sorry I overslept this morning.”

    The truth is that I was terrified of meeting this terrifying teacher today, so I ended up walking in circles in the front of the school as I didn’t dare to go in. I hadn’t expected him to come out, I’m doomed.

    As expected, “You overslept? Then your willpower must not be good. The most important thing for a mage to practice is their willpower. Then you’ll need to be stimulated first then. Go run five laps around the school until you’re vigilant.”

    With no way out, I began running at a slow and leisurely pace.

    “My name is Xi Lu Xiu. Obey my call, come forth my servant, Light Tiger.”

    This is a level five magical beast. (Every person who studies magic each has their own magical beast. They can have more than one, but summoning more than one will consume a greater amount of willpower.)

    “Zhang Gong, you have to run faster. If you get caught by him, you know what will happen to you.”

    Seeing the light tiger who is four to five times bigger than me, gave my me a lot of motivation. The fear of getting eaten drew my strength out and quickly ran straight ahead. Teacher’s light tiger followed me not too slowly or not too close. When I slow down a bit, a light arrow flies over and scares me, so I immediately speed up again. (Elementary and intermediate light spells only have one attack spell that’s at rank two.)

    Ah, I’m truly miserable.

    Finally, I finished my run which was like a long journey. Teacher Xiu unexpectedly let me rest for fifteen minutes.

    Ah, how does my life have so much suffering?

    “Resting time is over, now we’re going to see what you have learned already. What spells do you know Zhang Gong?”

    “I know the illumination spell.”

    “What else?”

    “Nothing else.”

    “In two years you have only learned the illumination spell.”

    Carrying on, Teacher Xiu asked me many questions regarding my knowledge of basic magic theory and then some problem questions. My knowledge of basic magic theory was horrible since I mostly sleep in class. However, for the problem questions, my answers were really good, as after all I am very clever.

    Teacher Xiu looked at me for two minutes then let out a heavy sigh.

    “How did I meet such a lazy student? Ah, no wonder Teacher Lin asked me to teach you. Although I know your scores are near the bottom, I still didn’t expect it was bad to this extent. Well, lets end class for today. Don’t be late tomorrow.” I encountered such a poor student and he’s also helpless.

    What? He allowed me to finish class already, and it’s still the morning. He’s so great!

    “Right, I’ll give you some homework to do.” saying so, he handed me two thick books.

    Receiving them, I took a look. One of them says “Basic Magic Theory” while the other says “Major Light Element Spells and Explanations”. Giving me this, what does he expect me to do with it. I cannot help but wonder about his intentions.

    “For tomorrow, you must memorize the basics of magic theory so you can make up for your originally poor knowledge of magic theory. I don’t want my students to be lacking in comparison to others. The other textbook is for later but you can also take a look at it. Well, you can go home now.”

    “Teacher, the whole book of basic magic theory must be memorized?” I still hold onto a miniscule bit of hope.

    “Of course. Tomorrow I will check your knowledge. If you want to continue playing with light tiger, then you can choose not memorize it.”

    With these words, Teacher Xiu returned to to the teacher’s office, leaving me in a daze.

    What kind of teacher is this. Ah, he really is a demon, giving me only one day to memorize a 300 to 400 page book.
    Today’s weather is quite good, sunny and no wind, makes a stark contrast with my mood.

    Back at home, mother and father weren’t home, both of them were working. (Father is a metal moulder while mother is the village healer.)

    I take out “Basic Magic Theory” and flipped through it. Although I’m lazy, thinking about this afternoon’s demon’s punishment…. My calf muscles are still clenching. What other alternative is there but to memorize it.

    Gradually the sun went down. With my tireless effort, I finally managed to memorise ten pages. Only ten pages. Ah, my life is over.

    “Oi, who came home so early?” Usually the first to come home everyday is my mother.


    Hearing my faint voice, mother quickly came over.

    “My baby child, how come you’re home so early today? Why are you so listless, did you do something wrong and got scolded?”

    “No mother.” Thinking about the impossible task, I rushed into mother’s arms and started crying. After all, I am only 7 years old. Hugging me, mother asked:

    “What is it?  Quickly tell mom. Is some bullying you?”

    “Yes, yes! My new teacher is really horrible. The task he left for me, it was impossible to begin with, but he also punishes me too!”

    “Ah! What task? How is this teacher punishing you?”

    Reluctantly, I told mother what happened today at school.

    “Zhang Gong, its you who is wrong. In the past, mother knew your studies weren’t too good, but mother didn’t think your studies were bad to this extent. Unexpectedly, even after two years you haven’t learned the basics. Teacher’s actions are correct. For a slacker like you, a ferocious teacher is best for teaching you. Mom and dad have let you become so spoiled.”

    “What your mother says is correct. Let father see what kind of impossible task you were given.”

    Father also came home.

    After looking at my homework, father smiled.

    “My foolish son, aren’t you usually very smart? How come you’re so foolish right now? Although this book is very thick, you don’t have to memorize it. Let your mother go cook dinner and father will coach you.” Afterwards, father taught me how finish this impossible task.

    “Look Zhang Gong, this section primarily talks about applications of magic theory. In our world, there are many elements, the six basic elements you know about right. In order to use magic, you must communicate with your element properly, making it recognize you then gathering it around you. Afterwards, through an incantation you transform the magic essence gathered to achieve what you want. You see, this is magic.”

    “My name is Li Ao Wei, wind essence hear my call, come to me, protect your friend – Wind Shield!” Father, while explaining to me used actual examples to inspire me. He divided the whole book into several parts, with each part having a main idea. Then he explained each part’s theory to me. Through father’s pointers, the clever me immediately found a trick and gradually aroused my interest in magic.

    …… …… ……

    “Well, it’s very late now. Only a bit is left, so tomorrow morning we’ll wake up early and finish it.”

    “Okay father. I never thought magic was like this.” Receiving quite a bit of magic theory knowledge, I can’t help but indulge in how profound magic is. (In one night I have gained more knowledge than the two years I spent leisurely.)

    “Zhang Gong, before, mother and father were at fault, having too little concern for your studies. From now on, Father will tutor you often. Our Zhang Gong will definitely become an outstanding mage.”

    While patting my head, father kindly looked at me.

    “Father, I will definitely properly study magic!”

    The Child of Light didn’t yet know whether he was able to walk this path, but after this first time studying magic, he truly studied magic properly afterwards. ( Regardless of whether of not he truly meant what he said, Xi Yu Xiu (Teacher Xiu) was there to make sure he didn’t slack, heh.)

  • Volume 1: Chapter 5 – Lying Down Meditation

    As a result of father’s tutoring, I was eventually able to master the basics of magic theory.

    “Is it right? It seems like you’ve worked diligently yesterday. Follow me.”

    In the morning just as I arrived, Teacher Xiu assessed my knowledge. Although I cannot answer immediately, given some time I could find the answer. Heh, my efforts weren’t in vain. I finally passed Old Xi’s (Teacher Xiu) test so I don’t have to run laps today.

    I followed Teacher Xiu to a small house in the rear court. This is related to teaching me magic?

    “Zhang Gong, you have an understanding of the basics now, but you must continue to enrich yourself. Do you know what magic power is dependent on?”

    “Magic level.”

    “Then how do we use advanced magic?”


    “Nonsense.” Teacher Xiu gave me a sudden fright.

    “In order to use advanced magic, you must have a lot of spiritual power. Your basic knowledge is very simple. The most effective way to increase your spiritual power is through meditation. Starting today and for the next three months, you will meditate everyday. Tomorrow I need to make a trip to the capital and I will probably be back in three months.

    My heart was overjoyed, I’ll finally be liberated. However, Teacher Xiu’s next words brought be back down to earth.

    “Zhang Gong, teacher’s major magic is spatial magic. Although I am a only Great Magician, teleporting back here is still possible. If I suddenly come back to investigate and find that you are slacking off, then you will become a national long distance running champion.”

    With a stern face, Teacher Xiu threatened me.

    “While meditating you must concentrate spiritually, so you can feel the light element. Try to gather and store as much of the element as you can, this way you will gradually increase your spiritual power. During the time I am gone, you must meditate everyday for at least eight hours. Are you listening? If I come back and your spiritual power doesn’t satisfy me….”

    Listening to the words of this demon, my heart has become discouraged. Meditating for eight hours every day will bore me to death.

    “The basic method for meditation, I’m sure you already know how to do it.  Meditation also has some techniques, so you can go to the library and look up some books on it. Find a meditation technique you like, this way the effect will be even greater. Wait until I return then I will teach you the specifics of using magic.”

    “Okay then, you can start meditating now.”

    Under his gaze, I sat on the mat, closed my eyes and began meditating.




    Although the demon is gone, I am unable to feel the beauty of forty-nine years. (TL: Literally 可我还是无法感受到49年年的美好.) How come increasing spiritual power is so bothersome? I’ll go to the library first and look at some books.

    Located in the northeast corner of the academy is the library. I browsed through many books about meditation and finally found what I wanted. Haha, I’m finally freed. While rummaging through books in the corner, I found a yellow book. It looks very old, but the author is actually a light mage who wrote the book a hundred and fifty years ago. The book said it is only necessary to sense the magic element in order to gather it. Any position is fine, and the book also had a few examples. There is lying meditation, sitting meditation and others.

    I can lay down and meditate. For a lazy person such as me, the lying position and the sitting position are two completely different concepts. Haha, this is very good!

    Back at the classroom (small cottage) I was the only person there. I follow the book’s instructions, laid down, gathered myself and began feeling the light element in the air. Gradually, I begin to sense the abundance of light element in my surroundings. The light element gave me a feeling of kindness and affection, just like mother and father’s embrace. Ah, so comfortable.

    “You are the light element?” I asked the spiritual world.

    I felt a sense of warmth surrounding me.

    “Uncle and aunty light elements, how are you? My name is Zhang Gong Wei. From now on will you play with me?”

    Again there was a sense of warmth.

    “Then from now on we are friends!”

    I felt the light element forming thin threads that flowed into my Upper Dantian. A surge of warm energy surrounds me. If anyone was there to witness this, they would surely see a layer of white light surrounding me. This continued for a long time, even I don’t know how long. I gradually began to sense the light elements through a communication channel located in my Upper Dantian. With my whole body so warm and comfortable, I unknowingly fell asleep.

    [TL Note: Upper Dantian is located in the space between the eyebrows.]

    What I didn’t know was that I unexpectedly gained the recognition of the light elements by accident. On the continent, every mage practices magic by sensing the surrounding magic element, then seizing control of them in order to gradually increase their own magic power. Following their increase in magic power, their spiritual power will also increase. In order to achieve this, they will cultivate. Personally, I don’t want to meditate, so the lazy me had looked for a way to increase magic power without putting in any effort. Naturally, I hadn’t force the elements to gather around me and instead I communicated with the light elements, appearing innocent. To my surprise, the light elements recognized me. Since then, my magic gathering speed and recovery speed was three times faster than the average person. I really had become friends with the light elements.

    Unknowingly, time passed by quickly and I felt someone push me. Bewildered, I opened my eyes to see that it was mother.

    “Mother, why are you here?”

    “Mother was almost worried to death. It’s so late yet you still didn’t come home. Just now I came to find the principal and he said you should be in this classroom. He said you studied so hard you fell asleep.”

    Ah! I looked outside at the sky and it’s actually evening! It felt as if I had laid down for just a little bit. This method of meditation is really good! I quietly checked my magic power, unexpectedly it increased a lot for the tiny amount of magic power I had before. It has already become a small ball of light. Wow, the effect is so good, simply too good.

    “Let’s hurry home, aren’t you hungry. Seeing you working so hard, mother is really happy!” How could mother know that actually, the teacher wasn’t here at all and I just slept the whole day. Haha, this is too good! Everyday I can practice while sleeping.

    After returning home and eating dinner, I went to my room.

    I truly am a genius, to actually come up with such a good idea. Hehe, I cannot help but be a bit narcissistic. Right, my magic power increased. Then the strength of my magic should have also increased, I better test it out. I held out my hand.

    “My name is Zhang Gong Wei, light elements, for your friend, illuminate everything in sight!”

    I used the only spell I know – Illumination spell.

    With my spell, I felt a warm energy flowing from my Upper Dantian along with my body’s internal magic power, surging to my outstretched hand. A white ball of light emerged from my hands. It emitted a soft glow. Although it was very bright, it wasn’t dazzling.

    Wow, the effect is so good. Before I could only produce a little bit of light in my hands. Yea, it’s too great, my illumination spell already has the best lighting effects. I feel the energy continuously flowing into the palms of my hands, maintaining the ball’s brightness. The light elements also continually flowed from my Upper Dantian; there wasn’t a single sign of my internal magic power depleting.

    So good, this is the way to practice! In the future I don’t have to use exhausting methods of meditating to increase my magic power.

    Well, time to sleep.

    I’ll use the lying meditation method to sleep. This way of sleeping is very comfortable.

    So, my daily schedule is: get up early – eat breakfast – go to the school’s classroom and meditate (sleep) – go home for dinner – then meditation again.

    Three months later, with my constant “effort”, my internal magic power gradually increased. My ball of light is now five times bigger.

    Every time I meditate I feel more and more intimate with the light elements. They are like my elders who meticulously take care of me and I am like their child, everyday in their arms like a spoiled child.

    And so, the Child of Light created a unique method of meditation. which later became the source of this Grand Magister’s endless magic power.

  • Volume 1: Chapter 6 – Once Again Meeting the Demon

    Ow, that hurts. The meditating (sleeping) me didn’t know what suddenly attacked me.

    Drowsily opening my eyes, a solemn face appeared in front of me.

    “Old Demon!!” I couldn’t help but shout.

    “What? What did you just say?” Teacher Xiu just came back and is looking at me with some gruesome eyes.

    “Ah, no it’s nothing. I wasn’t thinking of you just as you came back Teacher Xiu!”

    “Really now? Then what’s this about an Old Demon~?”

    My head became soaked with cold sweat. “Oh, I just now had a nightmare where lots of demons attacked me. It definitely wasn’t about you! How could such a kind teacher possibly be called a demon.”

    “Oh, is it now?” said Teacher Xiu while giving me a doubtful look.

    “I told you to come here to meditate but instead you came here to sleep. My name is Xi Yu Xiu, obey my call, come forth my servant, Light Tiger! Zhang Gong, go for a run right now.”

    “There’s no need teacher. I’ve been meditating really hard lately. I was just a bit tired just now, so I took a small nap.” I can’t possibly tell him I was doing lying meditation, who would believe that I could practice while sleeping.

    “Really? Then I’m going examine you. Come over here.”

    “Oh!” I walked to Teacher Xiu.

    Teacher Xiu took out a magic stone (A magic crystal type. Specialized for detecting and measuring a mage’s magic power) for magic appraisal from his dimensional space (A space that can store things. Only intermediate and above mages can use and the space is proportional to the mage’s magic power) and gave it to me.

    “Repeat after me. Hear my name, light elements, obey my call, gather in front of me!”

    “Hear my name, light elements, obey my call, gather in front of me!”

    Following the incantation, both the light elements in my Upper Dantian and my internal light elements energies surged towards the magic stone in the palms of my hands. The magic stone emitted a faint glow. The faint glow gradually increased. I let my internal magic power continually flow into the magic stone, knowing that the magic power has reached equilibrium with the magic power flowing from my Upper Dantian. The light emitted by the magic stone lit up the whole house, enabling one to see all the details. Unexpectedly, my illumination spell is good enough now.

    Teacher Xiu was stunned. “You really didn’t slack off ah. I really didn’t expect that in three months time, your magic power as reached the level of an elementary mage. You must have meditated for at least 18 hours a day, wait, that’s not right. Even 24 hours of meditation a day couldn’t possibly achieve such a good effect.”

    On this continent, even with diligent cultivation it takes one year from not knowing any magic to becoming an elementary mage.

    “It seems you really are a genius at light magic!”

    “Of course I am, after all, I am extremely smart! Hahaha~~” I can’t help but be proud of myself.

    “What are you pleased about, this is nothing. I still need to see your future performance. What use is light magic power if it’s not applied properly.” Seeing how proud of myself I was, Teacher Xiu immediately poured cold water on me.

    Teacher Xiu dismissed the light tiger so I secretly wiped my sweat. This event can be considered over; looks like I won’t be having a funeral, haha. (These days I already regard lying meditation as sleeping. It’s a lot more comfortable than the way I slept before.)

    “It’s very late now, hurry up and go home. Tomorrow you will start learning light magic. Remember to bring that book on light magic that I gave you.”

    “Okay, goodbye Teacher Xiu.” I ran out of the classroom as fast as the wind.

    Looking at the figure of my back as I’m leaving, Teacher Xiu revealed a faint smile. ‘It seems this child is very suitable for learning light magic.’



    “Morning Teacher Xiu!” Because I successfully completed the task yesterday, I thought I didn’t have to run today and was in a particularly good mood. So today I came early.

    “Today you came early huh. Did you bring the book?”

    “I brought it.”

    “Good, today we will begin learning light magic. A lot of intermediate and advanced magic spells are derived from elementary light spells. So learning elementary spells is very important. Today, the first magic you will learn – Light Shield.”

    “Light Shield?”

    “Correct. After learning the basics of magic theory, you should know that elementary and intermediate light spells are basically all used for defense and recovery.”

    “My name is Xi Yu Xiu, light elements obey my call, converge in front of me and block all evil!” A layer of faint, transparent light appeared in front of Teacher Xiu. “Light Shield can block all elementary magic attacks. The duration of the spell is dependent on the amount of magic power infused into it. You try it now.”

    “My name is Zhang Gong Wei, oh great light elements,  converge in front of me and block all evil!”

    “That’s wrong. You recited it wrong. It should be ‘obey my call’. Ah, how can….”

    A Light Shield thicker than Teacher Xiu’s appeared in front of me, stopping the words from coming out of his mouth.

    “You recited it wrong, yet the effect is greater than the effect of the proper incantation. How can this be.”

    “I don’t know. I just felt like the light elements is like my elder so I shouldn’t command them and they also speak to me so I recited it this way.”

    Teacher Xiu tried using the incantation I used but it still had the same effect as the incantation he originally used. He couldn’t make heads or tails of this mystery.

    In fact, it is because the light elements has already approved of me due to me respecting them more. Therefore they are more willing to help me which has caused this situation.Although Teacher Xiu is a Great Mage, he is not a major in light magic nor is he recognized by the light elements. So naturally he is unable to reach the effect of my spell.

    “Good, now test the effect of your Light Shield.”

    “My name is Xi Yi Xiu, gentle water, obey my call, assemble in front of me and eliminate my enemy – Water Bullet!” (When a mage reaches the rank of Great Mage, they can use any magic element as long as the spell is an elementary class spell.) The five centimeter diameter water bullet rushed towards me. I couldn’t help but close my eyes in fright. I felt the light shield I had cast vibrated once and I hadn’t feel any pain. Opening my eyes, I saw that the water bullet has already disappeared.

    Haha, it seems my light shield is full of power!

    Teacher Xiu seeing this situation, began attacking my light shield with various elementary class spells of various elements. When the barrage started, the light shield only convulsed a bit and nothing more. However, gradually the magic consumption of the light shield overcame my magic recovery rate. Near the critical point I shouted “Teacher, teacher, I can’t persist anymore. Please spare me.”

    Teacher Xiu finally finished his magical assault.

    “It seems the effect of your light shield is pretty good. It’s stronger than average. However, using the light shield also requires some technique.” After that, Teacher Xiu began teaching me techniques for using the light shield such as, as long as it’s not an area magic attack, I can dodge as much as possible and use the light shield on attacks I can’t dodge. This way, the magic consumption will be greatly reduced.

    Like this, I started learning my first elementary light spell. In the next 10 days, everyday Teacher Xiu would use all kinds of elementary magic to attack me in order to let me become familiar with using the light shield. This tired out the miserable me and when I asked him to change his teaching methods, he didn’t say anything but just summoned his light tiger. I would immediately say his previous teaching methods were good. He truly deserves to be called the demon teacher. Ah, with great difficulty I solved the meditation problem and I am ready to take the next lesson. (TL: Wasn’t really sure about this part of the translation. I just took contextual clues and tried to make it make some sense.)  It seems that with my fate in the hands of this demon, I cannot be lazy. However, fortunately no matter how much magic power I consume during the day, I just have to do lying meditation at night and the next day I’ll be full of life. Additionally, I feel that my magic power is increasing at an even greater rate than before.

    Thus, the great Child of Light began his life of endless learning.

  • Volume 1: Chapter 7 – Spatial Magic

    Due to Teacher Xiu’s “hands-on” teaching, in half a year my magic power level had a qualitative leap. Under the demon’s harsh training, I am now able to endure two hours of the demon’s magic assault. Every morning when I get to school I practice defense, defense and more defense. I do this until my strength is exhausted, then Teacher Xiu allows me to meditate and restore some magic power. In the afternoon, he continues attacking me with magic.

    In the last six months, I have learned all of the elementary light element defense spells. I always thought that Teacher Xiu was actually a sadist while I was just a pitiful little sand bag for him to ravage.

    When I arrived at the door of the classroom, I had first cast a light shield on myself then had cast a light mirror to reflect magic. (Light mirror is a spell I learned in this short period of time and is also my favorite spell. It’s a reflection type defense magic that I am very skilled at.) Carefully controlling these two magics, I opened the door. I was really scared as everyday as soon as I enter I will be suddenly bombarded with magic. I will often get covered in dirt, so right now I’m casting some good defensive spells on myself before I enter the classroom.

    “Good morning Teacher Xiu.”

    What greeted me was a light arrow. I hastily leaned my body to the side while using the light mirror’s plane to deflect the light arrow. So why did I deflect the spell? The reason was that although the light mirror can reflect spells, it will consume a lot of my magic power. However, deflecting it can greatly decrease the power of the incoming spell and the effect is really good. Currently, my control over these elementary spells was very strong. So, I fused the light shield and light mirror to create a new basin-sized shield on my left. For now I’m calling it the light prism shield. Although it isn’t an omnidirectional defense, due to the compression of light element, the defense power was enhanced greatly. Moreover, it can reflect magic so it’s really effective. Teacher Xiu used an intermediate class spell to attack me but within this short period of time, it was unable to break my light prism shield.

    “It reflects very quickly! Defensive magic will now temporarily come to an end and starting today, you will learn spatial magic. This is my major magic, so hopefully you can learn it well.”

    “Wow, spatial magic! That’s good too. In the future I can use it to flee.” In the future I won’t have to fear this ruthless old man anymore as long as I learn this properly. If he abuses me, then I can just use spatial magic to go home. Haha. (Is it really that simple?)

    “Now I will tell you the fundamental principles of spatial magic. Spatial magic is split into movement magic and attack magic. Spatial movement magic relies heavily on skill, where magic power determines the distance you can teleport and spiritual power determines how accurate your teleport is. The shorter the distance you teleport, the more accurate the teleport will be. The technique to use spatial movement magic is to use your spiritual power to designate the location you want to go to, then with a simple incantation you teleport you there. It is divided into short range teleportation, long distance teleportation and large-scale long range teleportation. Short range teleportation is generally used to dodge enemy attacks. However, large-scale long range teleportation and long range teleportation are rarely used, mainly due to the the requirement of high spiritual power, low accuracy and could potentially teleport several hundred kilometers off the target. Large-scale long range teleportation also needs magic support in order to cast.”

    “Teacher, teacher, then you were deceiving me when you said that you would teleport back from the capital to inspect my studies?”

    Having accidentally leaking that out, Teacher Xiu had an awkward expression on his face. “You go study magic properly and don’t ask so many questions. Today you’ll start learning short range teleportation of the spatial movement magic. If you have the magic power and spiritual power of a Great Mage, you will be able to teleport anywhere within 500 meters with this magic.”

    Having said this, Teacher Xiu suddenly disappeared right in front of me and there was a clap from behind me. It turns out that Teacher Xiu used teleportation magic to move behind me. Wow, so mystical.

    “Teacher, how come I didn’t hear an incantation?”

    “This is what I was going to tell you next. The short range teleportation incantation is very short, just a single word. All you need to do is control the magic power, designate a place you want to go in your mind then mouth the word silently.”

    “What’s the word?”


    “It’s this simple?”

    “You try it then.”


    I begin to focus my spirit, setting the target as the corner of the classroom. Silently I thought “Move.” I felt a whoosh, then I moved to a different area.

    How come there’s nothing under my feet. Ouch! Thump. I teleported to the small pond outside the classroom.

    From the pond, I awkwardly climbed out and spit out water. What? This is not good at all, the mistake was too big. I returned to the classroom. Teacher Xiu seeing my embarrassed look, couldn’t help but reveal a smiling expression on his serious face.

    “Know that movement magic requires a high amount of spiritual power and during the transfer, your spirit must be focused. The slightest bit of carelessness can cause a huge difference. Today you will practice here. Try to teleport as far as possible.”

    “Yes, Teacher Xiu.”

    Seeing that Teacher Xiu had left, I sat my butt on the floor. This is better than the last few days, I don’t have to suffer the demon’s training anymore. Because of my motto of ‘safety first’ (fleeing career), I must practice properly. In my mind, I secretly became determined.
    “Move.”  The place I transfer to is 3 meters in front of me. Ah, not bad. This time it was really a success.

    “Move.” “Move.” “Move.” “Move.” “Move.” “Move.” “Move.” “Move.”

    I kept practicing short range teleportation until I ran out of magic power to sustain the spell.

    The result is not bad. I’m becoming more and more skilled. In the range of this thirty square meter house, I am basically able to move to anywhere I think of. No more practice, it’s time to rest. Tomorrow I will give the old demon a pleasant surprise. While I was thinking, I gradually entered the meditation (sleep) state.

    Since that day, I began to continuously practice short range teleportation. The thought of escaping the demon’s training quickly left me; every morning I’m abused for 1 hour. Afterwards I practice short range teleportation. Gradually, the range I could teleport expanded. From a radius of thirty meters to fifty meters, one hundred meters, two hundred meters and within a year I could already reach the limit of short range teleportation. I can casually teleport to anywhere within five hundred meters with a very high accuracy.

    “Zhang Gong, come. I’m taking you to a new training ground.

    I followed Teacher Xiu to the the rear courtyard. The whole area had an area of three hundred square meters with five meter tall wood stands installed and on every stand is a thick rope attached to a big sack.

    “Teacher, what is this used for?”

    “It’s for letting you practice short range teleportation! Watch.” Teacher Xiu all of the over a hundred sacks down from the stand. All of the sacks interweaved together, continuously swinging. “Watch carefully.” Having said this, Teacher Xiu teleported to the sacks, and continuously teleported. The sack from beginning to end didn’t touch him. After a minute, Teacher Xiu left the circle.

    “You go try. From now on, you’ll practice within the swinging sacks. I’ll have light tiger help you push the sacks.”

    “Teacher, please spare me.”

    “Be at ease, there’s no problem. Teacher’s recovery magic is not bad. Or do you want to switch the sacks with iron balls.”

    “Of course the sacks are good. The sacks are great.” Hearing this such terrifying words, I didn’t dare to complain. I immediately entered the waves of sacks. I dodged. I dodged. Not even three times and I was hit outside by the sacks. It really hurts. Teacher Xiu immediately cast elementary recovery magic on me, then put me back in. I continually dodged and dodged. Quickly I got hit and came flying out. My young body is being ruthlessly destroyed by this demon.

    Another strange thing is that by enduring this inhuman torture, my body has really gotten more and more sturdy. Teacher Xiu told me that one cannot achieve glory and wealth without having been through trials and tribulations. Only by first protecting yourself will you be able survive. But the best way to protect yourself is to flee. (This matches with my ideology.)

    Every week Monday, Wednesday and Friday I study magic. Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday is the sacks array. The sack array also gradually increases in difficulty according to my ability. (This so-called difficulty was nothing after Teacher Xiu gave me an omni-directional intermediate magic – That of Lightning.)

  • Volume 1: Chapter 8 – Magic Evaluation

    Time passed by very quickly and in the blink of an eye, I was already nine and a half years old. Although I suffered “inhumane torture” everyday, it hadn’t affected my regular development, with the height of one and a half meters and weighing forty kilograms and a head of pale blue hair reaching the shoulders. Although my features weren’t very pretty, they were gentle and adorable. (The villagers, my classmates and the teachers said this.) Father always said if you looked at my features separately, they’re not that good, but together they’re not bad. Every time, mother would glance at my mouth and sarcastically say this is due to my father’s genes. However, mother is a great beauty and though she is in her 30’s, you won’t find a single sign of aging on her face.

    In the past few years, although my ideals conflicts with the old demon’s teachings, I had no choice but to acknowledge them as I learned a lot of magic from him. The rate at which my ability increased surprised mother and father.

    Now in front of the sacks, I could almost dodge all of the attacks of the swinging sacks. Should I begin teleporting in the array, you would only be able to see a faint shadow. Teacher Xiu couldn’t grasp my teleportation route and his direct magic attacks are completely unable to hit me. The me right now could already treat the array of sacks as a game, to the point that while practicing, Teacher Xiu would make a grimace. I annoyed him to the point where he thought about using advanced magic quite a few times to attack me. (Teacher Xiu is only able to use up to rank 7 spatial magic.) However, because his spatial magic is too powerful, he’s afraid it will destroy the whole site. So due to my indignant behavior, he would summon the light tiger to chase me in the array. Anyways, my control of short range teleportation has already been brought to the point of perfection. Even Teacher Xiu had become unable to catch me.

    My magic power and spiritual power improvement speed is especially amazing. Now I can simultaneously use light prism shield and and teleportation and persist for more than 3 hours.

    Within these two years or so I learned a few spells. (The following list has relatively unique magics that I like) Elementary light defense magic:

    1. Light Shield – Comprehensive light element defense magic. (Now due to the more useful light prism shield I don’t use this anymore.)
    2. Light Mirror – Light element reflection magic. Due to my enhanced spiritual power, I can already at will reflect magic at any angle.
    3. Light Prism Shield – The light element defense magic I created myself. A small area where the defensive power is close to the rank of advanced magic.  The serious Teacher Xiu ceaselessly praised my magic, however he is unable to use it. Haha.
    4. Divine Guard – It can defend against poisonous gases and elementary darkness spirit magic. (A type of darkness magic that can confuse the enemy and make them crazy.) Because it can isolate harmful gasses (gas masks?), I use it whenever Teacher Xiu farts. The result is quite good. (Teacher Xiu doesn’t know this, or else….)

    Elementary light attack magic:

    1. Light Arrow – Within the whole elementary and intermediate class light spells, there is only one attack magic. The light elements would condense into an arrow.

    Shaped attacks. Their power is small.

    Elementary light recovery magic:

    1. Restoration technique – Elementary class recovery magic. It will generally heal minor injuries very well as well as treat fevers and colds. I really regret learning this magic, because ever since I learned this magic, mother has brought me to the village to help treat people. (I’m also not getting paid. Sigh)
    2. Spirit Healing technique – Used to treat a variety of chaotic conditions.

    Elementary spatial magic:

    1. Short range teleportation – I’m very good at this. Within a 500 meter range I don’t think that an unidirectional magic is able to hit me.
    2. Long range teleportation – I learned the theory of it, but I’ve never used it. I might accidentally teleport to the territory of the magic race. Then I would be truly miserable.
    3. Small Dimensional Slash – Spatial attack magic. The most powerful attack magic I know. It’s able to tear space and everything within it’s range will be devoured. (Including magic.) For now, Teacher Xiu has prohibited me from using it because I had once devoured his beloved cup. I can now cast a one meter long dimensional slash. It’s no problem to swallow an elementary class spell, but Teacher Xiu said it’s devouring power is very high so if your magic power can’t sustain it, it might devour you. (Of course the one I’m able to cast right now is unable to devour me. It would require a huge dimensional slash to devour me.) He told me not to use it carelessly.

    These are the spells I know right now. Teacher Xiu evaluation of me is: First-class escaping ability, second-rate defense, third rate recovery magic and bottom-tier attack. (In fact, within Teacher Xi’s heart he was satisfied with me, especially in my talent in defense and movement magic. The degree of control I have over my teleportation magic is even better than his, even though his is a Great Mage. I also created a new defensive magic. Generally speaking, if you didn’t take into account my attack magic, my strength would be close to the level of an advanced mage’s.) Hey, I didn’t do it intentionally. It was just that short range teleportation was to my liking. Haha, if I can’t beat it then I can just flee. Hehe.

    In less than six months I will be graduating from here. Haha, I’ll finally be able to escape this demon’s grasp. (Despite the fact that the sack array is unable to torment me anymore, Teacher Xiu would often display his full range of intermediate magic attacks or I would often get exhausted.) I thought of my better future. Hehe.

    What made me even more happy is that, in the morning when I got to the classroom, Teacher Xiu said he had to go to the capital. He said he would be gone for a long period of time, but would be back for my graduation exam. He instructed me to meditate properly at school and increase my magic power. (If I don’t then he will conduct his demon’s training.) The beautiful me straightened and blew out a snot bubble.

    For the following period of time, I can go back to sleeping everyday.

  • Volume 1: Chapter 9 – Encountering Danger on the Return Home

    Currently, going to school is very relaxing! Everyday I sleep at home and then I go to school and sleep some more. Haha, it feels like the forty-ninth year is here!

    [TL Note: Does anyone mean what 49th year means in Chinese?]

    I slept!

    While comfortably lying on the ground, I concentrated my spirit to sense the light elements in the air. Under their care, I gradually fell asleep. My internal light sphere already occupied two-thirds of all of my meridians. Teacher Xiu said I have enough magic power to cast rank five spells now. However, because I am too small, it would be biting off more than I can chew so he didn’t teach me any intermediate class spells and instead told me to wait to go to an intermediate magic academy. (A mage’s title corresponds to their magic: Generally speaking, mages capable of casting rank one spells are called apprentice mages. Those capable of using ranks two and three spells are called elementary mages. Intermediate mage’s are able to cast rank four and five spells. Rank six spells are advanced mages, rank seven magic are great mages, rank eight are magic scholar and those capable of casting rank nine magic with other mages are magisters. Grand Magisters are capable of casting rank nine spells alone.)

    Ah! What time is it now? While stretching, I looked outside towards the sky. The sky was already dark, I should quickly go home and eat dinner, my belly is calling out. In a lively mood, I walked out of the academy in the direction of my home.

    Having left Senke city, I followed the path I used everyday to go to and from the academy. Because I’m afraid of the dark, I used my left hand to cast an illumination spell, making everything within thirty meters of it to be as bright as day. Today mother doesn’t know what to make for me to eat, the best would be bone soup, this is my favorite. Thinking of a luxurious dinner, I smacked my lips and felt my stomach is even more hungry.

    Suddenly, I felt the surrounding temperature rise. Wa, what’s going on? Who here is using fire magic? A sudden roar that shook the heavens rung in my ear. Wa, fire lion, a rank six magical beast, no, it’s a demonic beast. (At birth if the magical beast isn’t contracted with, it will then be called a demonic beast.) Already, my legs won’t listen to me.

    With it’s blood-red eye it watched me. I thought it might have the same idea I had earlier as it smacked it’s lips.

    “Ah! Fire lion big brother, I’m still a child. Can you please not eat me. I am the homeland’s flower, I don’t have any meat. I’ll go home and get you something to eat. Ah, no!” Without letting me finish what I was saying, the fire lion attacked me.

    I reflexively used teleportation, after all, before I was often chased by the light tiger. While dodging the fire lion’s attack, I fired a flare towards the sky. (In fact, it is the illumination spell in the form of a ball of light which I fired into the sky using the light arrow spell. Naturally once the flare reaches the sky it burst open and become a big light. This is a mage’s distress signal.)

    “You foul fire lion, I refuse to comply. You can’t possibly catch me.” Remembering that I have teleportation magic, my heart calmed down a lot. Towards this beast, I am still very confident. The fire lion is powerful, but it can’t be more powerful than the light tiger and the old demon combined. At the very least, I can last until my magic power is completely consumed, after that, I would be helpless. (Before I consume all of my magic power, I would have ran away with teleportation. I can teleport five hundred meters, then I can just teleport several times. Hehe.)

    The air sure is hot. Because of the priority of safety, I decided to give the defensive spells I knew a try. The first of course is divine guard since it can filter the air and isolate the heat emitted by the fire lion. Afterwards I summoned a light prism shield on my left hand.

    The powerful fire lion grimaced while I recited an incantation and from my right hand fired off a light arrow towards it. Although it’s power is relatively small, it would still hurt to be hit by it.

    Angered, the fire lion fired one after another intermediate class fire magic towards me. I blocked and I dodged just like in the array of sacks. In a relaxed manner I circled him, causing him to become confused and disoriented.

    The flames atop the fire lion’s body gradually weakened. I suppose it’s magic power is being quickly depleted. While panting unevenly, it watched at me. Haha. There’s nothing great about this demonic beast. I have a method to deal with it. I dispelled the divine guard and the light prism shield. (Using this much magic, my magic power is also being consumed quickly.) Even without the magic, it cannot hit me. I can just wait for a rescue since the village isn’t too far away from here. The village guards should be here very soon.

    The fire lion suddenly raised it’s head to face the sky then roared. All of a sudden I felt the air which was cooling down suddenly increase in temperature. Ah, how could this be. Not good. This is the sixth rank fire magic, Monstrous Flames. This is an area attack magic. I’m unable to run away now. My name is Zhang Gong, great light elements, assemble in front of me and obstruct evil! I barely managed to cast a light shield. The monstrous flames came at me like they were hiding the sky and covering the earth. Everything within a three hundred meter radius was enveloped in the spell. As a result my careless teleportation, I wasn’t enveloped in the spell. I used all of my body’s magic power to fuel the light shield while continuously reciting the light shield incantation. However, the power of the monstrous flames is truly too great. In a moment I won’t be able to withstand it, then I’ll become a fire roasted Zhang Gong.

    “The water elements in the air, listen to my call, transform into the conquering hail and eliminate all the evil before me!”

    Ah! I’m saved. Following this incantation by an unknown person, the pressure on me is gone. The hail technique offsets the fire lion’s magic. The fire lion is also nearly spent; his magic power is also nearly depleted like mine. Just was just his last attack. That’s all.

    “Ah! It’s Zhang Gong. Hurry up and come Zhang Gong’s mother. It’s your son.”

    Mother came. It’s finally alright now. I fainted.



    I don’t know how much time passed. I gradually regained consciousness. I opened my eyes to see mother with her red eyes sitting by my side.

    “Zhang Gong is awake. Father of the child, come over. Zhang Gong how are you feeling? Are you better now?”

    Yesterday my magic power was pushed to it’s very limits. My body was burned in various places by the fire lion’s magic. Additionally, my spiritual power and magic power were depleted causing me to fainted. Under the treatment of mother’s water magic, I have basically completely recovered, but I still felt quite exhausted.

    “Mother, I’m fine.”

    “Son, how are you? Are you better now?” Father ran in from the other room.

    “I feel much better now ,father.”

    “If you didn’t grow old, then you wouldn’t have been able to see mother anymore.” Saying this, mother hugged me and cried.

    “Zhang Gong, how did this happen?” Father asked.

    I explained the circumstances as to what happened.

    Father said seriously: “You little fool, you must remember to never show any opening to the enemy. With your magic as it is now, if you encounter an intermediate mage who is an enemy, then you must immediately flee. Because aside from fleeing, you don’t have any method to damage the enemy. Moreover, when facing the enemy how could you be careless. If you had been using the light prism shield to guard, then you probably wouldn’t have gotten hurt.”

    I hadn’t listen to father’s following words at all. But I remembered very clearly to flee when encountering an enemy. From that point on, no matter what kind of enemy I faced, I  had always taken my protection seriously.

    The Child of Light passed his first difficult trial in life.

  • Volume 1: Chapter 10 – Between Friends

    Because I was injured, mother helped me get a leave of absence from the school so I can rest at home.

    After eating breakfast, mother and father went to work, leaving me alone to lie on the bed. Bored, I just watched the heaven’s flowers blocks.

    “Zhang Gong, Zhang Gong, are you home? Quick, come open the door.”

    “Who is it? It’s still so early.”

    “It’s me, Ao De. You can’t even recognize my voice anymore?”

    “Ao De, why did you come visit?” I said as I opened the courtyard door.

    “Zhang Gong, I heard you got injured. Are you a bit better now?”

    “I’m a lot better now. Yesterday was unbelievable, I was just in time. Say, why do you think there was a demonic beast on the outskirts of the village?”

    “Who knows. Here, this is some Snow Spirit powder. I grinded this out for half a day at my dad’s place.

    “Ah. You brought your father’s treasure for me to eat?” Snow Spirit powder is not only the village head’s treasure, but it also took Ao De’s grandfather many years to refine.

    “No need Ao De. Thank you. I’m already almost fully recovered; no need to waste the spirit powder.”

    “Okay, okay. No need to be so polite, just hurry up and eat it. When you’re better I want to exchange pointers on magic with you.”

    “Ao De, thank you.” With red eyes, I ate the Snow Spirit powder. I felt a burst of cold seep into my whole body, thus making me feel very comfortable.

    “Thanks for what. In the future don’t tell my father and I hope in the future once we’ve you’ve developed that you won’t forget me.”

    “Good. From now on we are blessed brothers, we’ll face our troubles together and live well together. Haha.” I’m older than Ao De by two months and grew up with him since childhood so he calls me boss. (Why do I have to be older than him. We played together in our childhood, with us mutually respecting each other. It is said to respect the old and cherish the young. Sigh.) I really didn’t think Ao De would treat me this well.

    The sincere feelings between children are something to be treasured.

    “How come you didn’t attend class today Ao De?”

    “My class’s teacher has recently let us meditate to increase our magic power at home. In a few months we’ll be having our graduation exam, so they first let us have one month of leave. Meditation over there isn’t the same at all.”

    “Oh, you guys have it nice. Compared to your luck, I’m just… Sigh.” Looking at Ao De, I really regret not choosing water magic with him.

    “Zhang Gong, we’ve been so busy these last two years and haven’t had any time to do something together. How has your light magic studies been? How is your teacher? Whenever I see you you’re listless.” Since I’ve started learning from the old demon, it’s everyday from morning to evening, causing me to rarely see Ao De. Even in the evening when I return in the evening and see him, I’m too exhausted from the old demon’s torment. So we didn’t have any contact at all. I didn’t think that Ao De is still thinking about me. A friend in need truly is a friend indeed.

    “How could he possibly be good. He is simply a demon. The old witch isn’t even one tenth as terrifying as he is.”

    “Ah! Even worse than the old witch. Then you truly are miserable.” Bewildered, Ao De couldn’t close his mouth.

    “Ao De, what kind of good spells did you learn?”

    “I’ve learned a few water element therapy spells and water element attack spells. My minor magic of air element I’ve learned quite well. Right now I am number one in my class at using the storm spell.” Haha.

    Looking at Ao De’s proud look, I cannot help but have some doubts. To investigate I asked: “Is it because you took your class’s girl’s treats that they ran away?”

    Ao De’s cracking laughter stopped. Astonished, he asked: “How did you know??”


    We both laughed.

    “Zhang Gong how many days will you be resting at home?”

    “It should be about four to five days!”

    “Then I’ll come everyday to play with you. Then once you’re better, us two brothers will exchange pointers for a bit.”

    “Okay. Kids will bully me saying that I don’t have attack magic. I will have to wait and see.” Ao De practiced well, but he couldn’t possibly have more magic power than me, I’ll just wait until he’s exhausted.

    After all, we are still children; we still have strong ambitions.

    Quickly, two days passed and my injury has already healed. Ao De came to see me everyday. Today we’re having a contest. I’m also very eager to see for myself to what extent his skills have reached.

    “Boss, I’m here. Hurry up and come out.”

    “Coming, coming! Why are you so anxious to court death, haha!”

    Heng Who is going to win isn’t certain. You don’t even have attack magic, how are you going to beat me?”

    “Try it then!”

    Ao De assumed a fighting stance. He first cast a storm spell on himself, then a water shield and afterwards began reciting the incantation for his attack magic.

    I calmly watched him. I wasn’t even a bit worried because I know at his rank, he wouldn’t know any area attack magic. My teleportation magic can surely avoid it.

    As expected, a water bullet flew towards me. I used teleportation to move to the left 1 meter. The water bullet flew by and brushed against my side. Ao De rubbed his eyes, as he believed his eyes were deceiving him. Subsequently, all kinds of elementary water spells unceasingly attacked me. How could this kind of magic possibly hit me.

    “Boss, what kind of magic is faster than my storm spell.”

    “This is of course, spatial magic’s teleportation.”

    “Boss you’re shameless. How can you call this a contest if you just dodge?”

    “Fine then. Then I won’t dodge anymore. Come now.” While saying this, I had cast a light prism shield on myself.

    Seeing that I’m not dodging anymore, Ao De promptly fired a water bullet at me. I wryly smiled. I faced the light prism shield towards Ao De, then the water bullet hit it and bounced back. I didn’t waste any of it when returning it to Ao De, causing him to be drenched from head to toe. The impact also caused him to fall down.

    “No more, no more. What is this? I concede.” Ao De got up from the floor.

    “You’ve submitted. If it isn’t an area attack spell then it’s impossible for it to have any effect on me. My defense and dodging has already reached the level of an intermediate mage.”

    “You indeed deserve to be called the boss. I didn’t expect that even without attack magic boss is so powerful. From now on I’ll follow you then.”

    Seeing Ao De’s eyes full of admiration, I felt elated.

    “Tomorrow we’ll go to school together then. I’ll bring you to a place that’s good for learning how to dodge. Although you can’t be like me and teleport, it will still greatly improve your storm spell.”

    “Great! Thanks boss.”

    Hehe. Thanks? Tomorrow I’ll let this kid taste the power of the sack array.

  • Volume 1: Chapter 11 – Royal Academy

    Early in the morning Ao De came to find me.

    “Why did you come so early? I still haven’t slept enough. Let me sleep some more.”

    “Let’s hurry up and go. Didn’t you say you would help me improve my storm technique today? Lets go, lets go!”

    I hugged my blanket and ignored him.

    “Are you coming? If you’re not, then I’ll use water magic on you!”

    “So annoying, so early in the morning yet you don’t let other people sleep. I’m up, I’m up.” Hearing him begin reciting the spell, I immediately got out of bed. This fellow, how can he be so eager to suffer. I’ll have to help him out then. Hehe.



    Within the sack array, Ao De is rapidly moving. He’s not bad. This fellow really progresses quickly. In two months he can almost persevere for an hour in the sack array. (Of course, this is in circumstances where I’m not using magic to sneak attack him.) I recall his sorry figure in the first few days, but now I want to smile. Ao De can now understand why I was returning home everyday with my strength exhausted.

    “Boss, I can’t endure any longer. Let me come out.” If he tried to come out without my permission, then of course I teleport in front of him and push him back in.

    “Fine then. In a few days is the graduation exam, you should preserve some strength.”

    Panting, Ao De flashed in front of me then sat his butt on the floor. “Boss, my progress is quite fast right.”

    “It’s still fairly average. After all, what you’re using isn’t teleportation. Being able to reach this level is still pretty good. In two more days we have exams. What kind of academy do you think you’ll be accepted into?” In Senke city there are 13 intermediate magic academies. There are 2 A class, 4 B class and the rest are C and D class academies. The best academies are A class. Every year very few people pass the exam for the Royal Magic Academy. (The country’s highest magic educational institution.)

    “I think I might be able to manage to pass a B class exam. What about you Boss?”

    “I don’t know either. Every year the exam is different so who know what this year’s exam will be on? If the subjects are fleeing and defense, then for sure I can enter an A class academy. If the subject is attack magic, then I’ll be pitiful and surely enter a D class academy.” Actually, I’m not that interested in what academy I get accepted into. However, mother said that if I get accepted into an A class academy, then she will give me five silver coins of allowance every month. Five silver coins as far as I am concerned, is a huge amount of wealth. Because of my most beloved money, I’ll try my hardest.

    “Boss, didn’t your teacher say he will return before the exam? The day after tomorrow is the exam, how come he isn’t back yet?”

    “I don’t know either. It’d be best if he didn’t come back, otherwise he’d give me training for the exam!”

    “You’re thinking about training for the exam? In that case I’ll help you succeed.” Suddenly, there was a familiar voice.

    “Ah! Teacher Xiu, you’re back. Exam training isn’t necessary, I was just joking around just now.”

    “Boss, I’ll be leaving first then.” Seeing Teacher Xiu’s strict appearance, Ao De, this fellow ignored his loyalties and escaped.

    “Ao De, you despicable fellow, don’t let me see you again.”

    “Zhang Gong!”

    “Teacher, I……” I don’t know why I feel uneasy when I look the old demon from head to toe. Unconsciously, my two legs began shaking all over.

    “Zhang Gong, you’ll be graduating soon. Are you confident?”

    “I can’t really say, I’ll just have to take the exam and see how I do.”

    “Foolish boy, you’re learning light magic. You’re the only one learning light magic in the past few decades. The academy won’t test you on attack magic to be fair.” The serious Teacher Xiu unexpectedly revealed kindness.

    “Ah! This is great. Then I’m certain to pass an A class academy’s exam.” I happily jumped up. Of course it is because of the future allowance that I’m so happy.

    “You’re rather ambitious huh. However, this time I don’t want you to participate in the academy’s graduation exams.

    “What??” I asked puzzlingly.

    “This time I went the capital for your sake. So I could enroll you in the Royal Intermediate Magic Academy. I wish for you to immediately participate in the Royal Intermediate Magic Academy’s entrance exam. Teacher has great expectation of you, so you must put in great effort.” The Royal Intermediate Magic Academy is the Royal Magic Academy’s subordinate academy. The academy has a concentration of youths gifted in magic. Every year only a third of the students applying pass the Royal Magic Academy’s exam. It’s the best intermediate magic academy in the kingdom, deserving to be classified as a S class academy.

    “Ah! What??” I don’t want this! The Royal Intermediate Magic Academy is so famous, they’ll for sure be especially strict. It’s very difficult to escape from the old demon, he’s both a tiger’s den and a wolf’s lair.

    “Teacher Xiu, how could my level be compared the kingdom’s most talented people with such weak magic?” I immediately tried to shirk this.

    “Who said your magic is weak; you’re the most remarkable student I’ve ever taught. How would you know if you have never tested yourself.” This is the first time I heard Teacher Xiu praise me, but I didn’t feel even the slightest bit of happiness.

    “Then I’ll go home and discuss this with my mother and father and give you a reply tomorrow.”

    “No need. I’ll go with you today to visit your family. Then I can discuss with them and they will surely agree.”

    No way. The always calm Teacher Xiu is so impatient today. Well, there’s nothing I can do about it then. Once mother and father find out then I’m going to the capital for certain.

    True to my expectations, once Teacher Xiu talked with mother and father, they were really excited for me. After all, when your own child has the prospective of entering the kingdom’s best academy, then how could you not be happy.”

    “But Teacher Xiu, to enter the Royal Intermediate Magic Academy, a lord’s recommendation is required. We’re commoners, would they even let him take the test?” Father asked about a crucial issue.

    “You don’t have to worry about this issue. I have already resolved it since I have a good friend who is a viscount. I asked him to recommend Zhang Gong.

    Mother suddenly gave father a push and quietly whispered to father: “The Royal Intermediate Magic Academy’s tuition fee is really high though. We…..”

    “I’m willing to sacrifice everything I have and throw caution to the wind in order to let my son go. How could we bury our son’s talents!” Hearing my father’s inspirational words, I felt that mother and father’s expectations of me are unexpectedly high.

    “Father, mother, be at ease, I will surely pass the entrance exam.” I emotionally said. Shortly after saying this, I regretted it.

    “Zhang Gong truly is well-behaved.” Father patted my head.

    “Mr. Wei, actually you two don’t have to worry about these issues. Zhang Gong’s tuition is already covered.” Seeing the three gaping mouths of the family, Teacher Xiu said: “I extremely adore magic, but my magic aptitude is too meager. After investing 10 times the efforts of others, I am only a Great Mage. Even if I put in great effort, I would only be able to become a Magic Scholar in my lifetime. But Zhang Gong is different. I discovered that he has an unusual gift for light magic, so I hope my student can surpass me and reach the rank of Magister, and even more so to reach the realm of Grand Magister. Zhang Gong, you must not disappoint Teacher.”

    Hearing Teacher Xiu’s words, it was only natural that mother and father thanked him ten thousand times for his thousand kindnesses. Since all the issues have been settled, what else did I have to say. I could only prepare to set off.

  • Volume 2: Chapter 1 – Arriving in the Capital

    “Zhang Gong, you need to listen to Teacher Xiu, carefully take the test and strive to pass the exam to win honor for our family. If you truly are unable to pass the exam, then come home immediately. Don’t let mother and father feel anxious. Teacher Xiu, please take care of Zhang Gong.” Mother hugged me and cried for nearly half the day.

    “Well then, don’t cry anymore mother of the child. It’s not like Zhang Gong isn’t coming back. Let’s stop delaying them and let them be on their way.”

    After saying goodbye to mother, father, the academy’s teachers, and classmates (of course that fellow Ao De told me to learn magic well then come back and cover him), me and Teacher Xiu set foot on the road towards the capital.

    “Teacher Xiu, how far are we from the capital?”

    “We’re still very far. We need to pass through a province on a road roughly a thousand kilometers long.”

    [TL: Original text said 2000 里 which is 500 meters or a Chinese mile. I chose to use 500 meters x 2000]

    “That’s so far, ah.”



    During the journey we typically traveled forty-five kilometers in eight hours, taking us over twenty days of endless trekking to finally reach the capital. Me and Teacher Xiu couldn’t use magic to fly, since only advanced wind mages are able to use wind soaring technique, Flight. The flight distance is naturally based on magic power. Originally I wanted to use teleportation, because one teleportation can move five hundred meters after all. But Teacher Xiu wouldn’t let me use it. During the whole journey he taught me a lot of exam tricks as well as some magic applications.

    Because of mother, father and Teacher Xiu’s hopes, and of course, for filling up my wallet in the future, I put in an unusually great effort throughout the journey. This astonished Teacher Xiu greatly, to the point where he believed I had a change of character.

    With these twenty some days of great effort in addition to the two months of meditation while Teacher Xiu was gone, right now my whole body is brimming with magic power. Teacher Xiu said that my magic power right now is at the very brink of a advanced mage’s.

    Since my attack magic is awfully weak, Teacher Xiu taught me two more light spells during the journey. One of them is the Radiant Bind spell. This spell is mainly used for trapping the main enemy. It’s classified as an intermediate class magic. (Intermediate class light spells only have one attack spell.) There’s also the advanced class spell, Light Severing Sword. With my current magic power, I can only use this spell once. Teacher Xiu forbid me from using it before obtaining a significantly large amount of magic power, after all I can still just run away.

    The capital truly is a great city, ah. The city wall’s are so tall and thick. Then there’s the city gate; it’s really wide with an endless stream of pedestrians entering and exiting. A merchant’s wagon speedily passed by. The sound of wheels never stops. There’s also a luxurious carriage with delicate engravings on it. (There should be a noble sitting within the carriage.) The carriage driver crossed between us. This truly deserves to be called the capital of my homeland, Aixia City.

    Me and Teacher Xiu wandered within the city. Compared to Senke City, Aixia City is much bigger. On the side of the road there are many stores of various sorts and varieties. I really want to go looking for what kinds of new toys there are, but Teacher Xiu wouldn’t permit it. While pulling me like a lightweight carriage on a familiar road, we arrived at the Royal Intermediate Magic Academy which is located on the east side of the city.

    “Zhang Gong, look at that grand building over there. That’s the Royal Intermediate Magic Academy. In three days it will begin it’s entrance exams. For now, let’s look for a place to rest.”

    We found an inexpensive inn to stay at. Originally Teacher Xiu wanted to bring me to a better inn but the high class inns in the vicinity were all taken by the nobility who came from various regions of the country. So there was no alternative but to stay here. (Of course the nobility wishes for their children to be able to pass the entrance exam and enter the Royal Intermediate Magic Academy.)

    “If it weren’t for us arriving early, I fear we wouldn’t have been able to stay here either.”

    “That’s right. Nevertheless, teacher is wise. I only now comprehend why Teacher Xiu didn’t let me delay during our journey by wandering aimlessly.

    “Zhang Gong, we’re going out. I’ll bring you out for a stroll.”


    Me and Teacher Xiu arrived at the main street. Because it’s the magic kingdom’s capital, magic products are being sold everywhere. We entered a magic goods store. Wow. Inside there are all kinds of magic products. There’s magic gowns, some low level magic crystals, magic staffs and there’s also some magical beast eggs. Every mage has a magical beast but one’s own magical beast needs to be incubated by themselves. All the magical beast eggs here have a seal on them. Blood is required to act as a medium to incubate them. When a magical beast hatches, it will attach the most importance to the first person it sees. In this kind of ordinary store, there are only a few lower level magical beast eggs since high level magical beast eggs are every expensive. High level magical beast eggs are too expensive for even the wealthy; in order to get a high level egg, luck is required.

    “Zhang Gong, see if there’s any that you like. Teacher will buy it for you as a present.”

    “Okay! Thank you teacher.” With no trace of politeness I jumped up. Finally, I picked a pearl white magical beast egg and a magic staff embed with a white crystal.

    “Your son really really knows how to choose. Of the magic staffs we have here, that one is the best. The magical beast egg is a first rank magical beast, I’ll give it as a present to you. The magic staff is fifty gold coins.” (That pearl white magical beast egg is of the light element. Of course nobody wants it.)

    “That expensive?” Teacher Xiu scowled, however he promised me. To be a worthy teacher, he naturally bought it reluctantly.

    Back at the inn, Teacher Xiu helped me appraise the magic staff. The magic staff is able to increase magic attack power. Indeed, it’s a pretty good staff. The pearl white magical beast egg is very ordinary, merely a rank one magical beast.

    “You’ve accepted the gift. Three days from now you must put in great effort during the exam! Don’t disappoint teacher.”

    This staff continuously accompanied me for a very long period of time. Until I received….

    Also, the magical beast incubated from the egg became my most important partner.

    Perhaps it was destined.  The magical beast the Child of Light obtained had a very important effect on the events leading to his rise to the rank of Grand Magister.

    (The Child of Light will soon begin his intermediate magic academy life. What will his magical beast be?)

  • Volume 2: Chapter 2 – Entrance Examination

    First thing in the morning, Teacher Xiu woke me up with lessons. He made me repeat some details regarding the exam. Then he brought me to the Royal Intermediate Magic Academy.

    “Teacher Xiu, why are are we here so early. There’s still a long time before the exam.” I said as I yawned. In these last two days I’ve nearly been bothered to death. Everyday Teacher Xiu would explain all of the exam’s rules, exam details and so on. Just from all his talk my head has grown bigger. Originally I wanted to hatch my magical beast egg and take a look at what it is. However, Teacher Xiu wouldn’t permit it, saying that before the exam I need to have ample amounts of vigor and physical strength. He’s even more nervous about the exam than me.

    “First, look at the situation. Zhang Gong ah. As long as you act in accordance to teacher’s method, then the exam should be finished without any problems.”

    “Yes, I know.”

    An hour of waiting is as long as a year as far as I am concerned. (Due to Teacher Xiu’s endless nagging.)

    “Okay, you can go in now. Zhang Gong, do your best!” Teacher Xiu gave a me a thumbs up.

    “OK.” I gave him a thumbs up too.

    Entered the academy. Wow. It’s worthy of being counted as the number one academy. It’s very unique. There’s a big practice ground that has an area of 15 000 square meters. Ah, there’s also a lot of people. Teacher Xiu told me that this year there is roughly 10 000 students taking the exam. In the end, only 200 students will be qualified. Ah, only 1 in 50 will be admitted. At this time there was a magic broadcast (Through a magic crystal, sound can be amplified and spread): “All the students who came to take the test, according to your registration number line up from east to west. For every 600 numbers, make one line. Follow these instructions in an orderly manner. Go line up in according to your registration number and prepare for the first exam.

    My registration is 1503, so I’m in the third line. I went to the third line and lined up accordingly. Looking around, I see that all the examinees are wearing gorgeous magic robes. In comparison my plain clothes aren’t flashy at all, so all the surrounding examinees look at me with a gaze of superiority. Some even spit in disdain and say ‘even a commoner dares to take the exam’.

    Hmph! What’s wrong with commoners? Are commoners not people? So what if your family has a bit of power.

    “Examinees, quiet down. The first exam will now begin. All the examinees from each line, according to your registration number, go up to your line’s proctor one at a time to begin the exam.” There was another broadcast.

    Altogether there are twenty lines and for each line there are two proctors. One is responsible for directing the student on the exam, the other is responsible for recording the grades. The first exam is actually very simple. The teacher just needs to use a magic crystal to measure one’s magic achievements and see if it meets the requirements.  The whole entrance exam has four parts. Two hundred students will be admitted according to their overall score.

    As I waited, I was very bored. Ah, why’s it so slow?

    One hour later.

    “Number 1503, come up.” At last, it’s my turn.

    I arrived in front of the teacher. “Hello teacher. I am examinee 1503.” Teacher Xiu taught me that I must be courteous in order to leave a good impression on the teacher. Maybe it’ll score me a few bonus points.

    “You can start the test now!” The proctor nodded at my smile.

    I began condensing magic power and placed my right hand on top of the magic crystal. From my forehead, light element rapidly gathered then flowed through my right hand and into the magic crystal. The magic crystal began emitting a faint white light. As I released more and more magic power, the white light also grows more and more dazzling.

    “That’s good enough student.”

    “Thank you teacher.” I stopped releasing magic power.

    “Your magic power is strong. You’re learning light magic? Learn well. Once you reach the rank of advanced mage, light magic is very powerful. Go recover in the rest area while you wait for the next exam.”


    I feel pretty good about this exam; there shouldn’t be any problems with it. I look at the examinees in front of me. Not a single one of them could release as much magic power as me. Hehe. I proudly smiled.

    The next exam tests magic perception. The testing method is also very simple, one just needs to fire off their most powerful spell within a magic barrier. Exam in the afternoon. We’re not permitted to leave during midday, but the academy supplies lunch for us. After eating, I slip away to go to take a stroll and wander around the academy grounds. This place sure is big! Apart from the main field, there are also many smaller practice grounds. The academy also has many buildings. The campus grounds are very elegant. Everywhere there is green grass like a cushion, inviting you to sleep on. Furthermore, there are many groves, rock gardens, fountains and so on. Indeed, it’s pretty good. I see that coming here to study wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing.

    The afternoon exam began. The examinees are split into 10 different practice grounds. Every practice ground has 5 proctors. Each proctor will give a score. Add all of their scores together and that’s the score for this exam.

    Wow. An intermediate magic academy’s entrance exam is really abnormal. Most of the examinees magics are of the intermediate class. Some are even casting advanced class spells. The competition is very fierce. What are the proctors whispering into each others ears? From the smiles on their faces I can see that they’re very pleased with this examinees results.

    It’s my turn on the field now.

    “Number 1503, use your best magic.”

    “Yes teacher.” I straightened my body then raised my left hand.

    “My name is Zhang Gong Wei, great light elements, assemble in front of me and block and reflect all evil!”

    A never before heard incantation! Despite all of the proctors suspicions, a light prism shield appeared on my left arm.

    “This is….. Light Shield?? No way. Light shield is an omnidirectional defensive magic.” After discussing among themselves, the proctor in the middle said: “Examinee, please explain the properties of this magic.”

    “Yes. This magic of mine was created with Light Shield and Light Mirror as a base. As a result of combining the two, the new spell has both defensive and reflective properties. Those two were originally elementary class defense spells but now after merging them, the new spell can stop 6th rank attack spells.

    All of the proctors looked at each other in astonishment. Finally, they reached a conclusion, a genius. (Fusing magics is very difficult, especially fusing two of the same element. I fused two elementary spells to create an intermediate spell, so how could they not be amazing?)

    Haha. Another obstacle passed.

    While harboring excitement in my mind, I walked away from the academy. (Due to there being many people left over, the last two exams will be conducted tomorrow.) How can it be this simple? Haha. Recalling the astonished faces of those proctors makes me want to laugh.

    As soon as I exit the academy’s gates, I see Teacher Xiu. Seeing his anxious expression, for the first time I felt that originally Teacher Xiu is very adorable.

  • Volume 2: Chapter 3 – My Good Luck

    “How was it Zhang Gong?”

    I gave Teacher Xiu and ‘OK’ gesture.

    “There should be no problems with today’s two exams. You can be at ease Teacher Xiu”

    “Don’t be arrogant. Continue to put in great effort tomorrow. It ultimately all depends on your overall score.

    A quiet night.

    The next day we arrived at the academy at the same time as yesterday. The third exam is on magic control. Depending on the examinee’s major magic element, there’s a specific way to test this. For example, the test for the fire element is very simple; only need to control the basic fireball magic through a specified route without it exploding along the way, afterwards the time taken to finish is recorded. The tests for the other elements are about the same.

    Then what is the test for light element? Teacher Xiu told me he doesn’t know due to there being no one in the capital whose major is light magic.

    Since I’m the the only one who majored in light magic, I immediately went to the exam room. I arrived at the academy’s right wing and the 5th exam room. Wow. I’m the only one taking the exam but there are five proctors. Isn’t this a bit too excessive.

    “Hello proctors.”

    “Hello student number 1503. Due to the recent years continuously not having any light magic majors, there is only you. Therefore the academy’s proctors discussed this and established a new method to test you.” Said the teacher in the middle.

    Ah! No way. Unexpectedly they’re giving me special consideration.

    “Then what do I need to do Teacher?”

    The proctors looked at each other then the middle one mysteriously smiled and said: “It’s actually very simple. I heard that during yesterday’s magic perception exam you used a spell you created yourself. Today we want to test it out. You only need to withstand thirty minutes of our elementary attack spells then you’ll pass. Your grade will be based off of how well you ward off our attacks.”

    It can’t possibly be this easy. I’m indeed fairly strong but I’m still a bit cautious. I try to ask: “Is it only elementary attack magic? Can I use my minor element’s magic?”

    “Be at ease, it’s only elementary magic. But I must warn you to take note that our elementary magic isn’t that weak. You can also use your minor magic . Well then, we’ll be starting now.”

    I immediately gathered light element and created a light prism shield then I cast a divine guard on myself. Furthermore, I prepare to teleport at any time. (Elementary class magic doesn’t have any area attack spells. As far as I am concerned, only area attack spells are effective against me.)

    The five proctors began attacking.

    The exam concluded. Of course the outcome is that not a single one of my hairs was damaged. Furthermore the light prism shield  was barely used. It was simply to effortless. Much easier in comparison to the sack array. Even if the elementary magic attacks of the proctors was like the howling wind and torrential rain, there would still be many gaps. Haha. Too easy.

    “Teachers, did I pass?”

    The five teachers looked at each other in dismay. Helplessly they declared that I passed.

    “This student, why do I feel like your major is spatial magic!”

    I scratched my head and meekly said: “This is embarrassing. Teachers, when I was still in elementary magic academy, my teacher assessed me as top quality fleeing ability, second-rate defense, third rate recovery magic and bottom-tier attack magic. So…..”

    “Student 1503, no need to feel embarrassed. When you actually meet an enemy, being able to flee from their attacks is very important. When a mage and a warrior does battle, it’s even more important. Generally warriors won’t give a mage the change to recite their incantations, so if you can maintain a safe distance to cast your magic, then your chances of success will be quite large. So by all means you must not regard it as shameful, but instead continue to put forth great effort.”

    Wow. I didn’t expect fleeing has this many advantages. From now on these words are my motto. Haha.

    “Thank you teachers.” I felt extremely heartfelt towards these teachers and bowed.

    Exiting the exam room,  I can’t help but ponder my good luck. In any case, it’s not important. I wandered all over. Teacher Xiu had told me that after passing the third exam, according to each exam’s grades, five hundred people will be selected to advance to the fourth exam. In other words, tomorrow they will announce the grades and the day after the final exam will begin. Right now I feel anxious about going back. Once I get back Teacher Xiu will probably nag me incessantly.

    I arrived outside the fire element exam room. I inadvertently looked at the corner and saw a red-haired examinee that’s about the same age as me. (Male) He looks to be really depressed. Ah! I walked over.

    “Hey! What happened? Did you not do well on the exam?”

    “It’s even worse than not doing well on the exam! I did too well on the exam.” A beautiful child’s voice resounded.


    “My teacher said to not do too well, just well enough to pass is fine. If not then once I begin learning there will be a lot of people coming to challenge me. Then there won’t be any time to practice magic.”

    “Waa. Your teacher is even more abnormal than mine. At best, my teacher is a bit abnormal during practice. Your teacher won’t let you do you best during exams. Fuuuu.”

    “Don’t talk about my teacher like that. He told me for my sake. He also consider other people’s needs!”

    “Don’t talk about this anymore. How well did you do on the exam?

    “Originally I wanted to test into the upper-middle ranks. But I saw a few students doing very well, so a momentarily displayed my ability. The result is that I was even faster than the fastest by 10 seconds.”

    “Then how long did it take you?”

    “Six seconds.” Wow. This guy guy is like me. He’s also a genius.

    “I didn’t expect that you were so talented! Hello, let me introduce myself properly, my name is Zhang Gong Wei. My major is light magic and my minor is spatial magic.” I extended my hand towards him.

    He immediately stood up and shook my hand. “Hello. My name is Ma Ke Sai. My major is fire magic and my minor is wind magic.”

    “You want to be friends from now on?”

    “Sure. Then we’re friends from now on.”

    Two childish voices determined their lifelong friendship.

  • Volume 2: Chapter 4 – A Genius’s Fate

    After saying goodbye to Ma Ke, I returned to the inn with Teacher Xiu. I suddenly thought of a question, so I went to look at my grades. I’m certainly ranked first, then wouldn’t I have many challengers in the future? Oh no, I didn’t expect this. This time I’m in trouble! It seems that Ma Ke’s teacher is truly wise.

    “Teacher Xiu, if my exam grades are particularly good, then after I begin attending the Royal Intermediate Magic Academy, many people will come to challenge me?”

    “Of course!”

    “Ah? Then why didn’t you tell me to exercise a bit of restraint?”

    “Zhang Gong, that’s because you will only improve from actual combat. If you don’t want to be knocked down by others, the you must put in great effort. Teacher did this for you sake.”

    This is for my sake too. It seems that the days from now on will be no good. With a heavy mind, it was very difficult for me to enter the mediation state.

    “It’s time to wake up Zhang Gong. We’re going to go see the notice of successful examinees.”

    Hearing that we’re going to look at the notice, I immediately get up from bed. I want to immediately go take a look; I hope that my position isn’t too high up.

    Arriving at the Royal Magic Academy’s gate, I saw four big yellow sheets of paper posted on the walls. The first three list the top five hundred examinees in each exam, while the last one lists the top 500 overall who would enter the last exam.

    From the back, I immediately ran over to take a look. I must be in the four hundred’s and by all means, I must not be in the top one hundred. Right now, I didn’t have any of the pride from when I had just finished the exams.

    No way. I felt dizzy.

    My grades are: magic power: 9th place, magic perception: 1st place, magic control: 2nd place. (Unexpectedly first place is that fellow Ma Ke.) Overall grades: 2nd place. (The first place is someone called Hai Long Yang. All of his grades are in the top five.)

    I’m done for. From now on I’ll out of luck. Well, it’s not too bad. At least I’m not first place.

    Just at that moment, a teacher came out from the academy. He walked to the overall grades notice and covered up number 10 and 11, then wrote Hai Long Yang over it.

    “Everybody, due to Hai Long Yang using some dishonest methods during the tests, the academy has decided to drop Hai Long Yang’s ranking of first, down ten places to eleventh. Therefore the top ten students will all go up one rank.” Hearing the teacher’s words, the examinees in the surroundings all exploded like a pot. One after another, they began to comment and discuss this event.

    “Wow. I wonder what kind of method this Hai Long Yang used? He truly has bad luck. He was originally first.”

    “Since Hai Long Yang’s ranking dropped, then the top rank is this Zhang Gong person.”

    The remaining comments I didn’t hear at all because I was already stupefied. Indeed, what good luck. No way, a genius can’t be this way!!!!”

    Suddenly I became aware of someone behind me patting me, thus giving me a fright. I turned my head around and see that it actually turns out to be Ma Ke.

    “What’s wrong Zhang Gong? What’s with the sullen face? Did you not get in? Let me go take a look at the notice.”

    My ranking is over here. My magic power: 18th place, magic perception: 16th place, magic control: unexpectedly it’s 1st place. I’m done for! But it’s not too bad, my overall rank isn’t that high at 12th place. It’s still good. I’ll go take a look at yours.”

    After looking at the notice Ma Ke had a blank look, afterwards he suddenly grabbed my pair of shoulders and cried out in fear: “Wow! Zhang Gong, you’re so awesome! Your overall rank is first place!”

    Yelling like this, Ma Ke attracted nearly four thousand people’s gazes towards us in all directions.

    I immediately reflected on my choices, while blaming Ma Ke, I promptly used short range teleportation and fled five hundred meters from the encirclement. Afterwards I consecutively used several teleportations to directly return to the inn. Furthermore at the same time I was teleporting, I yelled out: “Ma Ke, you’re awful!”

    Now I can only hope no one saw my appearances clearly.

    Teacher Xiu also returned with an odd smile.

    “Zhang Gong, you truly deserve to be called my good student. You unexpectedly got first place. Not bad, not bad. However, before the test tomorrow, it would be best if you didn’t go out. At the very least there will be a thousand people outside waiting to challenge you. Hehe.”

    “Teacher Xiu, can we go back to Senke city? I….”

    Hearing that I wanted to go back to Senke city, Teacher Xiu immediately became angry. “What? Go back? Fine. You don’t need me to go back, maybe your parents will forgive you too. When you were setting out, your parents had such high hopes in you. Ah. You can go back and tell them you placed first in the exam but you were afraid of other student’s challenges so you returned. Will they be able to forgive you? How will you continue learning magic from then on?”

    Recalling what mother and father told me before leaving, I have nothing to say anymore. (Even though I’m really lazy, I still have one strong point, which is obedience to my parents. If there wasn’t mother and father, then there wouldn’t be me!)

    “Teacher, don’t be angry, I was just kidding. I’m going to put in great effort!”

    Seeing that I have dispelled any thoughts of going back, Teacher Xiu immediately continued smiling from ear to ear. When all’s said and done, my first place rank in the first round of exams has lit up his face.

    “I already told you the rules for tomorrow’s exam. It’s like this, the top five hundred people draw lots to determine who they will fight with. The winner gets 50 points, the loser gets 30 points. The results of the first round of exams will be added to the second round’s. The score will be calculated in accordance to the one’s ranking. The top ranker is you so in the second round there are 50 bonus points for you. In other words, even if you lose in tomorrow’s exam, you’ll have 80 points which will guarantee that you’ll be one of the two hundred to advance. The first round’s second place will have 49.9 bonus points in the second round, and so on. The last place will have no bonus points, so the preliminary round’s results give you a great advantage. The exam will not allow use of magical beasts or martial skills. (It’s a Magic Academy after all.)

    It seems that it’s already impossible to escape the clutches of the Royal Intermediate Magic Academy. It turns out that being a genius is to still be born under an ill star. (That’s bullshit, Genius.) Tomorrow I must lose. I secretly made up my mind.

  • Volume 2: Chapter 5 – Meeting a Formidable Opponent

    At last, the final “decisive battle”. I don’t know who the final opponent is, but the best who be someone in the middle ranks. This way I can lose and appear weak.

    All of the examinees have already drawn lots. Following is the announcement for the battles. The first exam is 1st rank Zhang Gong against 12th rank Ma Ke Wei. The second exam is 2nd rank Li Zha Lun against 79th rank Lei Sai Heng Lan.

    What an unexpected coincidence. To my surprise it’s this fellow Ma Ke. I’m also throwing caution to the wind, otherwise I’ll be ranked 1st. I would preferably achieve first today and have revenge for yesterday’s grievances. I secretly made up my mind, I’ll get revenge for informing the nobles. Hehe. Just you wait Ma Ke, see how I’ll mess with you….”

    The order of matches is according to the rankings, from the bottom to the top. People near the bottom will fight spar. Therefore I am the one to spar.

    Where did that loathsome fellow Ma Ke run off to? I searched within the crowd of people. Unbelievable, I can’t find him. He couldn’t possibly be afraid of me correcting him today that he ran off could he? Surely not. Otherwise his teacher wouldn’t spare him. Hmph! I’m not looking for him anymore. I’ll see him when it’s time for the match.

    The matches are held on 10 different stages.

    Actually, Ma Ke was in a small nook. When he heard his partner for the match is me, he nearly fainted. After saying those words yesterday, he immediately regretted it. —— I’m done for! Tomorrow elder brother Zhang Gong certainly won’t forgive me. How could I be so foolish. It’s all my fault. God. please bless and protect me and permit me to have an intact corpse tomorrow.

    Wow! In order to enter the Royal Intermediate Magic Academy, all the examinees are fighting like their life depends on it up on the stage. Right now I don’t know which match number is happening at the moment. The current match has one water mage and one wind mage. The both of them don’t use defensive magic at all, instead they exhaust all of their magic power with the most powerful attack spells they have. Up on the stage it’s practically like they’re calling the wind and summoning the rain. You use a hail spell then I use a tornado spell. Truly too frightening. I can’t help but think of what methods will I need to use in order to win the match? After thinking for half a day I came up with one method, that is to use defensive and fleeing magic to exhaust the opponent’s magic power then to defeat him. Fortunately my magic power should be higher than theirs. At last the match finished due to the water mage being careless, thus being defeated by the wind mage’s wind blade.

    Because of these matches, the academy dispatched 10 great water mages, and 2 water magisters in case of any accidents. As a result of their presence, even though the matches are very intense, there haven’t been any accidents.

    3 hours later it’s finally my turn. I stretched my muscles a bit then slowly walked onto the stage.

    “This is the first round’s top ranker, Zhang Gong Wei!”

    “His appearance seems to be nothing extraordinary. Unexpectedly, someone who learns light magic and doesn’t know any attack spells at all, is able to be the top ranker. He definitely bribed a proctor.

    “How come his opponent still hasn’t come up?”

    I arrived on the stage then looked all around. Ma Ke’s figure still isn’t here. It couldn’t be that he actually ran away just before the battle? I already made plans earlier which required beating Ma Ke into a spectacle too horrible to endure. Thus giving the examinees in the audience a warning that it’s not good to provoke me. In the future, the troublesome things will lesson.

    “The first round’s twelfth ranker, Ma Ke, hasn’t come yet? If in 30 seconds this Ma Ke still hasn’t arrived then we’ll consider it him forfeiting.”

    “I’m here, I’m here.” Helplessly, Ma Ke finally appeared. With a storm spell, he flew onto the stage. First he paid respects to the proctors then facing he quietly said: “I didn’t do it on purpose yesterday. Don’t be angry. Please do not be too harsh on me.”

    It turns out that he also knew I wouldn’t forgive him. He’s quite self-aware.

    “Hmph! You already did enough. Could it be that you’re telling me that the rice you’ve already eaten can still be spit out. Let me beat up you up one time then I’ll forgive you.”

    “Don’t! Boss, I’m really scared of pain. Please spare me!”

    “You. Spare no effort and let me see you strength. Don’t even hope that I’ll show mercy.”

    “Fine. Boss, you be careful then.” After saying this, he cast a fire shield on himself.

    I also immediately cast a light prism shield. I don’t dare to be careless. This fellow’s strength is actually quite strong. It wouldn’t have been hard for him to have ranked first.

    “Come, Boss.” Ma Ke also knew that it’s impossible for me to be lenient on him. Without any better option, he’s forced to use his full strength. Neither of us knew the the other’s strength, but from the rankings, we both knew the other is a formidable opponent. Not using our full strength will lead to only one result, being beaten up by the other.

    The elementary spell, fireball, came flying towards me. I lifted my left hand and used the light prism shield to face the fireball. In a moment, the fireball arrived then suddenly moved, thus going around my light prism shield to my back. Truly worthy of being top ranker in magic control. As expected, he’s difficult to deal with. I immediately used teleportation to dodge to the side while shooting a light arrow at him. The light arrow hit his fire shield, with absolutely no effect on it. At this moment, his fireball is once again chasing me.

    “Your fireball won’t explode???”

    “Hehe. Boss, this isn’t an ordinary fireball. It’s concentrated fire element, so I can simultaneously control up to four fireballs. Can you avoid them all?” While saying this, he cast three more fireballs. Four fireballs came at me from different directions. With this, I can also handle it. I fled.

    The audience began booing.  “Unexpectedly the top ranker is running away from several fireballs that are chasing him. How could this be!”

    I think to myself, not being afraid of the fireballs is easier said than done, but I have the ability so I have to try.

    I used teleportation to run away for a while then I suddenly realized this won’t do. Our magic power doesn’t have much of a difference and right now my magic power consumption is even greater than his. I can’t dodge anymore, otherwise I will lose. Looks like I have no other choice but to use a few dirty tricks.

    Thinking this, I immediately used teleportation to move to Ma Ke’s side. Then I used my left hand’s light prism shield to hit his body. Ma Ke’s fire shield is this strong, almost as strong as my light shield. Furthermore, Ma Ke was proud of himself as he watched me be chased round and round by the fireballs but didn’t think I would suddenly appear at his side. Due to being hit by my light prism shield, he fell down. As a result of losing his concentration, he released the fireballs causing them to explode in the corner.

    “Wow. Boss is even capable of this.”

    I don’t reply, but instead move to his side and give him a left hook. Ma Ke dodged to his left, while using sending the intermediate class magic, Cruel Flame, towards me. I move backwards out of the way.

    “Boss, this is what you forced me to do. Oh, fire spirit, heed my summons, form boundless meteors and annihilate my enemy!”

    Crap! This fellow is still really fierce. Advanced area fire magic, Flaming Meteor. I can’t help but recognize that his strength is powerful. The stage is too small after all. If he used this in open space, it would be able to cover two hundred square meters, so it definitely wouldn’t be able to hit me. However this stage is only fifteen by fifteen meters.

    I know that the light spirit shield definitely will be unable to resist it. So while risking my life: “O great light elements, my friends, I earnestly request you all to assemble into countless numbers of sharp blades and annihilate everything!”

    Light Severing Sword VS. Flaming Meteor.  I’ll tell the outcome tomorrow.

  • Volume 2: Chapter 6

    Sitting in the middle seat of the proctors, a white robed mage looking to be in his eighties sighed and said: “The world is truly different now. Nowadays children who haven’t even entered intermediate magic academy are able to use advanced magic. To think that in those days I was the same age as them.”

    On the seat beside him, an old red robed  mage said: “Yes. These two children are both quite good. They have good development prospects. You see, that one called Zhang Gong, he’s so young yet he created a defensive spell. And that Ma Ke is also pretty good. His magic control is not only quite good to be able to properly control the fireballs path, but he’s also to control energy to within a hair’s width of his limit. Not bad. It seems that he majors in fire magic. I’ll investigate his nature and see whether or not I can pass on my legacy to him.”

    “Ma Ke is not bad. That Zhang Gong seems to major in light magic. There’s no one besides Zhang Gong in this time period to learn my light magic. No matter what, I must make him my apprentice.”

    Wow. These two old mage’s magic crest, (on the left side of a mage’s robe, on the chest is the proof of a mage’s rank, the magic crest) surprisingly are both made from purple magic crystals. That is to say they are two of the Tianwu continent’s remaining ten magisters.

    On the stage, me and Ma Ke were fighting desperately, unaware of the schemes of two the magisters. At the moment, both of us are supporting our spells as if our life depends on it.

    This is the first time I have used Light Severing Sword, so I didn’t know how effective it would be. I sensed my magic power being depleted. The first wave of light swords already met the flaming meteor. Ah. It seems my Light Severing Sword’s power is a bit bigger. Some of the smaller flaming meteors burst open, while the larger flaming meteors were able to counteract the light severing swords. I see that my magic is winning, so I release even more magic power.

    My absolute magic power is a little bit higher than Ma Ke’s. His greatest mistake was to use advanced magic to compete with me. If he used small spells with his magic controlling skill to compete, then the outcome would be truly hard to say. However, his Flaming Meteor wastes too much magic power. Right now he can only barely manage cast this spell, thus he’s unable to concentrate and use his spirit to control it that well.

    The stage becomes scarred by our two spells.  The Flaming Meteor scorched it black, while the Light Severing Swords cut the stage, thus leaving it riddled with scars. Ma Ke’s mage robe has been cut in several places, while my clothes have been burnt black in many areas. (I don’t have any money to buy a mage robe. Those are really expensive.) Both of our magic powers have already be overused, now we’re only relying on willpower.

    “Boss, I’m on the point of death. Please spare me.” Ma Ke weakly said. Right after he said so, his all of his flaming meteors disappeared. Instead, he uses the fire shield to protect himself as he has no more magic power to sustain it. As a result of even his spiritual power being overused, he lost consciousness. I immediately ceased releasing magic power. I didn’t want to accidentally wound him. If he was able to persist a bit more, I would also be on the point of death. Indeed, this fellow is very strong.

    My magic power is also nearly depleted. I slowly stood up and walked to his side. “Hey, hey. You loathsome fellow, this still isn’t enough!”

    Seeing that I could still stand, the proctor on the stage promptly declared: “Ma Ke has exhausted his magic power. Zhang Gong Wei is victorious.” Hearing that I won, I felt a burst of joy. Right now I already don’t have any strength to think about the future.”

    After declaring the result, the first-aid teachers immediately came to the stage and used recovery magic to treat us. I also follow Ma Ke’s footsteps and lost consciousness.




    When I woke up I was already back at the inn. Teacher Xiu was sitting by my side guarding me.

    “You’re awake. Not bad. You’re still number one. Now that you’re awake, teacher is relieved. You go rest some more.”

    I don’t know what to say, in any case, it’s this way. I closed my eyes and began meditating.



    The next day when I woke up the sun was already setting. Teacher Xiu wasn’t present. I got up and stretched. Good. I went downstairs and the boss just happened to be there.

    “Uncle, is there anything to eat? I’m really hungry!”

    “There is. I’ll get you some.” Maybe the boss also knew that I got first place on the exam so he treated me especially nice today. A moment later a piping hot pot of beef potato stew is given to me. It’s really fragrant! My drool is leaking out. “Thank you uncle. I’ll be eating now then.”

    “Don’t eat so quickly! You’ll choke.” Seeing me already wolfing down my food, the boss pats me head.

    As a result of my great effort in this struggle, the beef I acquired was annihilated in addition to  six bowls of rice, a fine achievement. After this meal, I could go two days without eating.

    “Teacher Xiu, you’re back.” Just as I finished eating, I saw that Teacher Xiu is already back.

    “Yes. I already went to get your admission notice. Let’s return to the room now.”

    Back at the room, Teacher Xiu gave me the acceptance notice with gold engravings.

    “Zhang Gong ah. Tomorrow you can go register. In 1 week you will official start attending class, but for now you can go get familiar with the school environment. Teacher will be leaving tomorrow. I have already paid your tuition fee for this semester. You must study properly. When teacher has time I will come back to visit you. For now I will go back to Senke city  and tell your parents the inform your parents of your great results. Afterwards I might roam around, maybe I’ll even visit the Xiuda kingdom.

    “Teacher, you’re leaving tomorrow? I would hate to part with you.” These words, at the very least, are half true. In this long period of time we have been together, Teacher Xiu has truly treated me very well.

    “As long as you properly study, that will be enough to repay teacher.” Teacher Xiu revealed a benevolent smile while stroking my head. From within his clothes he took out a small pouch and gave it to me. It sunk into my hand. “The academy is a closed environment, basically impossible to spend any money. Hold onto these fifty gold coins and only use them in an emergency. When the semester is over teacher will come and pick you up.”

    Wow. This is the most money I have ever held since my birth. “Thank you.”

    “Oh, that’s right. Last time we bought that magical beast egg. Take it out. Teacher will watch you hatch it today.”

    “Okay.” I’ve been anticipating my magical beast for a long time. I immediately took out the white magical beast egg.

  • Volume 2: Chapter 7 – Magical Beast’s Birth

    I held the magical beast egg in my hands and began gathering magic power. (After a day of rest, my magic power has already recovered to seven-tenths.) Light elements flowed from my hand into the magical beast egg, causing it to float in the air. I used my left hand to draw a magic hexagram. With the magical beast egg in the center, I began reciting an incantation.

    “All living creatures on this world, bear witness, I, Zhang Gong Wei, will share my energy with this creature before me, contract!” I bit my middle finger (it really hurts) and let a single drop of blood fall on top of the magical beast egg. Instantly, the magical beast egg began emitting a dazzling golden light.

    “Ah! A growing type magical beast.” Teacher Xiu said in astonishment.

    The magical beast egg began to crack open. From within a small white triangular head peeked out. It turned left and right, looking at it’s surroundings. He flung his head back and when he saw me, he gave a joyous cry. Whoosh He scuttled over onto my body and licked my face with his small tongue. It turns out it is actually a small white snake. (Oi. It isn’t Bai Su Zhen)[TL: From “Legend of the White Snake”] It sure is cute. On top of its triangular head there are two eyes that sparkle like black gemstones. A layer of unusually exquisite scale covers him. On his head there is a gold stripe that runs all the way to his tail. Indeed, he’s really adorable.

    “Teacher Xiu, what magical beast is this?”

    “Ah!” Teacher Xiu woke up from his astonishment and came over. “Zhang Gong ah. You obtained a treasure. This is a growth type magical beast that is only met once every hundred years! Although he is merely a 1st rank magical beast, as your strength increases, his strength will increase in correspondence. However, before he has grown powerful, you must not by all means let other people see him. Because no rank of magical beast will permit growth type magical beasts to mature.”

    “O!” I didn’t really pay attention to Teacher Xiu’s words to the extent that afterwards….

    “I’ll give you a name that’s good. What should it be? Xiao Bai? No, that’s not good. It’s like a small dog’s name. You have a gold stripe from head to tail, so you’ll be called Xiao Jin. All right?” I questioningly looked at Xiao Jin and asked. He seems to be very happy, scuttling back and forth.

    “Well then, Zhang Gong, carry him on your body. Wait until his rank increases a bit then you can make a contract with him as your fate beast. A fate beast is able to have a spiritual connection with their master. Furthermore, they can be summoned with the the simplest summoning incantation. For now let him cling to your body and absorb your energy.”

    I let Xiao Jin coil around my stomach as well as assemble some light element to the place he is coiled around. Xiao Jin greedily absorbed my energy. He absorbed half of my energy before he stopped. It seems he fell asleep on my body.

    “Teacher Xiu, how can he absorb half of my body’s energy? Don’t normal magical beasts only require a bit of their masters energy to survive? If he absorbs this much, he’ll absorb it until I die!”

    “This is the first time he’s absorbing your energy, of course he needs to absorb a bit more. In the future he shouldn’t absorb that much. You must properly practice magic. Only if you grow stronger, then will your magical beast grow stronger.”

    At last I have a magical beast. Haha. It’s a growth type too! Too wonderful!

    For the first time, I unexpectedly aroused a studious mentality due to wanting to grow my magical beast.

    The next day early in the morning, Teacher Xiu brought me to the Royal Intermediate Magic Academy. He lectured me and lectured me again. Finally, with red eyes he left. Strangely, the me who always rejected him unexpectedly doesn’t feel even a bit happy.

    I took a deep breath. Forget about it. Don’t think about it. Teacher Xiu will still come back and visit me. I need to go report now.

    I arrived at the first story of the school building located in the center of the academy to report. I knocked on the door.

    “Please come in.” A deep voice resounded.

    “Hello teacher. I’m here to check in.

    “Oh, come in. You’re this exam’s top ranker, Zhang Gong right? In the future make sure to put in great effort and win honor for the academy.”

    Entering the registration department, I clearly saw that he’s actually a wind element great mage. (From the emblem of on the mage robes I identified him.) Approximately fifty years old.

    “As a result of of your outstanding results during the match, the academy arranged for you to start in the second grade.” The second grade? I haven’t even started school and they let me skip a year???

    “Teacher, may I ask how many grades there are in the academy?”

    “There are five grades. In the fifth grade there are graduation exams. Advanced magic academy acceptance is in accordance with the graduation exam results. (Royal Intermediate Magic Academy graduates are all able to enter an advanced magic academy.) Since the establishment of the academy, the most outstanding student was able to achieve the rank of Great Mage before graduating. You must work hard. I heard from other teachers that you’re already on the threshold of an advanced mage. Work hard and break the record.

    Crap! Advancing a rank is so easy! If I graduate from intermediate magic academy as a magister, won’t I be a monster?

    “Teacher, is it possible for me to start in the first grade?”

    “I am unable to do this. This was arranged by the academy.”

    There’s nothing to be done. I received a textbook and the dormitory key from the teacher. I departed from the registration department and went towards my dormitory.

    The academy’s dormitories have 4 people per room. I arrived at the second year dormitory. My dorm room is number 208. I used the key to open the door. It seems like there’s no one here yet. I suppose they’re in class. There’s only 1 empty bed left. After putting in order my luggage, I lied down on my bed and began meditating. (Sleeping)

    Who’s hitting me? Bewildered, I opened my eyes. It’s green hair. Just at the time, he hit my head. “Get up, get up. How did you get in? Who let you sleep here?” So rude and unreasonable. He seems to be a noble’s son.

    “Ah! Hello, I’m a new student.”

    “Newly arrived? You couldn’t be this year’s exam’s Zhang Gong Wei?”

    “Yes, that’s me. You know me?”

    “I heard you’re really pushy. Unexpectedly you’re directly entering the second grade. Lets go have a contest for a bit.”

    “I don’t want to. Actually, I’m just really lucky. That’s all. In the future I’ll recognize you as the boss. How about that? There’s no way I can defeat you. As soon as I saw you I could tell you have reached the rank of Great Mage, how could I, an elementary mage, compete with you?” Because I didn’t want to compete with him, I began flattering him.

    “En. That’s good. From now on you’re my younger brother, so you must be obedient!”  It really is a thousand wearing ten thousand wearing a horse’s skin.”

    [TL: What does this idiom mean?]

    It seems from now on I’ll depend on him to pass my days.

  • Volume 2: Chapter 8 – First Class

    “Students, starting from today, our class will have two new students.This is this year’s entrance exam’s top ranker, Zhang Gong Wei and this is Ma Ke Sai. Let us welcome their arrival.” The classroom resounded with applause.

    Today at dawn, the education department’s teacher assigned me to this second grade’s A class. I didn’t expect that Ma Ke was also assigned to the second grade, as well as the same class as me. From yesterday, I recognize Boss’s green hair. He’s also in this class. In the future, it seems that I will experience hardships.

    As I was continually contemplating, I basically didn’t hear anything of what the teacher said and soon class was over. After finishing class, the teacher told me and Ma Ke about the academy’s educational system. In the afternoon is self-practice. Both the students and teachers are surprisingly flexible. The students can follow their own preferences in how they practice. If they don’t understand something, then they can ask the teachers or go to the library and consult some books. This is completely different from my expectations of strict, cut-throat students and teachers.

    “Boss, where is your dorm room? I’m in room 209.” As soon as we exited through the door, Ma Ke began chatting with me.

    “I’m in room 208, so we’re neighbors. Do the students in your room bully you?”

    “No way. They’re all busy with magic practice and meditation. They don’t even notice me. Boss, are you still mad about last time?”

    “How could I be so petty? I already punished you during the exam. Even if it’s in the past now, in the future, be careful when you speak!”

    “Okay, okay.”

    Right at that moment, an uninvited guest came. “Little brother, come over here and help me with my daily duties.” It’s the green-haired Boss!

    “Who are you to dare speak to my boss that way!?” Unexpectedly, Ma Ke is quite fierce.

    “Then who are you? Are you already done with life? He is my newly accepted little brother from yesterday. I let him help me with a small matter, so what?” Green-hair spit to the side as he said this.

    ”What, you dare to treat my boss like your little brother!? Then wouldn’t I be the little brother’s little brother? Unacceptable, I challenge you to a duel.”

    “Who’s afraid of who? If you have the ability, then come. Don’t tell me you’re just a simple freshman with nothing extraordinary about him.” During their dialog, I had a feeling that Green Hair is quite strict. He probably wouldn’t….

    “Fire elements, listen to my command, condense into a fireball and annihilate my enemies!” Because they didn’t know each other’s strength, Ma Ke first cast a small magic to test the opponent’s strength.

    “Don’t! It’s my fault. Please forgive me. My father is the prime minister. Read about my father in the newspapers (three hundred words have been omitted here).” No way. Me and Ma Ke glanced at each other. It turns out that he really is an oaf. Recalling how this oaf deceived me yesterday, I need to release some stress. Immediately, I signaled Ma Ke with a glance then we yelled: “Flatten him!” We don’t need magic (In fear of beating him to death). At once, we began conducted a beating education for Green Hair.

    “Green haired bedbug, how come it’s you again? You are truly the greatest loss of face for this academy. Why are you two lowering yourselves to this bedbug’s level?” This last sentence was directed at us. The former is a second grade student (On the school uniform there is a mark to differentiate between grades) with thick black hair. Although he is only around 10 years old, his face has a steadfast expression. It seems like I’ve seen him before today. I think he is a student in our class.

    “Hello,  it’s like this….” After hearing my description of the events, the black haired youngster can’t help but laugh heartily.

    “So you two are those two new students. The green haired bedbug is one of the highlights of our academy. He is trash that doesn’t know anything at all. He was only able get accepted into the academy by using his father’s reputation granted by His Majesty.”

    “Hello, My name is Zhang Gong Wei. His father is the prime minister, yet you all seem to bully him? You’re not afraid of being him retaliating?” I questioningly asked.

    “Hello, my name is Wo Ke Nuo Shi, the second grade representative. I major in wind magic. Those who are able to enter the Royal Intermediate Magic Academy are all outstanding talents. Here, only strength speaks. Groan Trash like him… Furthermore, our principle and vice-principal are two of the ten magisters in all of the eastern continent. Within the kingdom, they have an exceedingly high status. In the academy’s affairs, only those with exceedingly high statuses have a say.” Wo Ke proudly explained.

    There are still this many reasons. Ah. “May I ask, what is the grade representative?” Still puzzled, Ma Ke asked.

    “You don’t even know this? It’s the grade’s most powerful.” The green haired bedbug hurriedly answered.

    “Oh. Then Boss, can it be said that you are the representative of the new students?” Ma Ke said to me.

    In Wo Ke’s eyes were a violent radiance. I thought it that if eyes could kill, I would surely kill Ma Ke a hundred times over. Seeing me staring at him unwaveringly, Ma Ke knew that he once again said something wrong.

    “You two are actually so strong. Then in our spare time we can spar for a bit.” As expected, a troublesome matter has come. This Ma Ke, in order to ensure my safety, I definitely can’t be with him in the future.

    “We’re newly arrived students, how could we be on the same level as senior? Wait for us to study for two more years then we can spar.” Once again, I promptly used the miracle of flattery. Simultaneously, I suggest to Wo Ke that since we are new students, he would be the big taking advantage of the small.

    “That’s fine. You two must work hard! Don’t lose face for our A class. Well then, I’ll be going now. Green Hair, you still haven’t gone to do you daily duty.” It turns out he was here to find Green Hair to do the daily duty.

    Me and Ma Ke walked around the academy. Everywhere we went, we saw many students. In addition to the newly admitted students, all of the higher grade students rarely make a sound. All of them are quietly practicing magic. This place’s learning atmosphere is truly strong.

    “Boss, it looks like we must work hard. Look at these students, they’re all practicing diligently. I reckon those people dressed extravagantly are nobility, yet they are unexpectedly incessantly practicing magic. Indeed worthy of being the Royal Magic Academy.”

    I also sighed somewhat. “Yes. Let’s go take a look at the library and look for whatever magic books we require. Then we can properly practice.” The previously always lazy me, felt that I had no choice but to study. Witnessing this ambiance which is so wonderful.

  • Volume 2: Chapter 9 – Magical Beast’s Magic

    Me and Ma Ke arrived at the library. It truly is huge. It has a total of 6 floors, with each floor having an area of 3000 square meters. The library is divided into three sections, floors 1 and 2 is some basic magic theory and elementary spells(rank 1-3 magic), floors 3, 4 and 5 are intermediate spells (rank 4 and 5 magic), floor 6 is advanced spells. With our level, we can enter the second sector. (The sectors have restricted access, only those at the required level can enter.) The number of people on floors 3, 4 and 5 are the greatest.

    Me and Ma Ke entered the 4th floor and went to look for our respective interests in magic. There are very few light magic books; I only found one comprehensive intermediate light magic book and two intermediate spatial magic books. Ma Ke found quite a few books regarding fire magic and wind magic. We went to the reading area and began reading with keen interest.

    There was nothing special in the intermediate light magic book, leaving me awfully disappointed. I opened up a magic book called “Spatial Combat Magic: 100 Examples”. This book really caught my interest. Inside is a spatial mage’s combat experiences. Unknowingly, the time passed by quickly.

    “Zhang Gong, it’s dark out now. We should go back now! We still need to attend class tomorrow.”

    “Okay.” Oh, that’s right. In the evening, I need to look for a place without anyone to examine my magical beast, Xiao Jin.

    After eating dinner in the dining hall, we returned to our respective dorm rooms. Green Hair doesn’t dare to say anything when he sees me. The other two roommates are both meditating. I’m still not familiar with them and don’t know their names.

    I secretly snuck out to the academy’s rear courtyard. “Hear my name, my magical beast Xiao Jin, obey my command and come forth.” A mass of light essence flashed and Xiao Jin’s adorable figure appeared before me. I hold in my hands, carefully inspecting him. It seems like he has grown a bit bigger than when he was hatched. His growth is quite fast. In just 1 day he has grown this much.

    “Xiao Jin, do you know any magic!?” With anticipation I asked.

    Xiao Jin doesn’t seem to really understand anything I said, simply using his head to rub against me. “Xiao Jin, light arrow.” He shook his head. Nothing happened. No way, he’s a growth type magical beast. He should be able to do anything I can. How can this be?

    “Foolish child, in order to communicate with your magical beast, you must use your mind. If you speak to it, it won’t understand you at all.” A benevolent voice came over.

    “Who?” I immediately turned my head. Wearing an ordinary white mage robe (an unranked mage robe), an old fellow appeared behind me.

    “Who are you? Are you a student’s teacher?”

    “That’s right. You and I major in the same element. I’m also a light mage!” The old fellow came up to me and patted my head.

    “Try communicating with your magical beast using your mind. See if it works.”

    “Okay!” In any case, there’s nothing else I could do. For the time being, I’ll try it out. I focused my mind and through my spiritual connection with Xiao Jin, I told him to release a light arrow. I also told him how to cast light arrow, as well as its effects. Xiao Jin looked at me for a bit, then his body began giving off a layer of white light. A light arrow came out of his mouth then hit the nearby tree stump.

    “And it succeeded!” As I found out how to make Xiao Jin cast spells, I was exceedingly happy. After Xiao Jin cast the spell, his whole body became soft. It seems he has exhausted his strength. I immediately summoned him back into my body.

    “Thank you old grandpa.”

    “You’re really talented in magic, so quickly mastering the communication method between you and your magical beast. Not bad. Do you want to study light magic under me!?” In the middle of his laughter, the old fellow faced me and asked.

    Ah! I don’t want to. I don’t want someone looking after me.

    “No need, no need. I prefer studying by myself. Old grandpa, goodbye. I need to go back and sleep. I still have to attend class tomorrow.” I immediately turn around and escape. I don’t want to meet another demon teacher.

    As the white bearded old fellow watched my figure gradually get farther and farther, he said to himself: “What personality! Other people beg me to accept them yet I still don’t accept them as my student. Unexpectedly when I want to accept someone as my disciple, he doesn’t want to study under me. Hehe” He can’t help but shake his head.

    Returning to the dorm room, I find that green hair is already fast asleep, playing chess with the “God of Dreams”. The other two are still meditating. I lie down on the bed and begin communicating with my uncle and aunty light essences. Light essence entered between my eyebrows. I amass a portion of the light essences in my body and the gather the other portion to Xiao Jin’s location. With a satisfied appearance, Xiao Jin emitted a happy sound, expressing his pleased mood.

    Recently whenever I meditate, my strength doesn’t seem to increase at all. If my body is a bottle, then right now it seems to be filled up. How come it’s unable to increase? If it’s like this, then I rather give even more light essence to Xiao Jin. I slowly began to will more light essence to gather at Xiao Jin’s location. I felt Xiao Jin’s pure light essence energy affecting his body. It seems like his body is gradually growing. It’s a good sense of accomplishment. Oh. It’s like feeding a child, yes that’s right. (You’re still a child yourself) Maintaining this state, I entered the land of dreams.




    First thing in the morning, Ma Ke came over to invite me to eat breakfast together. Today for breakfast there’s steamed buns, eggs, congee, cow’s milk and what not. I think I ate 2 steamed buns, 3 eggs, 1 bowl of congee and 1 cup of milk. The students beside me all looked at me foolishly. Even the dining hall teachers are considering whether or not to raise my food fees a bit. Who cares what they think, I eat my fill first then say: “I’m full. Let’s go to class Ma Ke.”

    We arrived to the classroom bouncing. Wow. Apart from us two, everyone else is already here, including the green haired bed bug. Could it be that I remembered the class start time wrong? Now way. It’s 8:30.

    “Zhang Gong, Ma Ke, quickly go take you seats. In the future, arrive to class half an hour earlier. We’re the A class, we’re different from the other classes.” The teacher said with a very proper appearance. Yesterday she introduced herself as Xiu Lan Li, the second…

    “Yes Teacher Xiu Lan.” I rushed Ma Ke’s tongue to spit, then quickly went to our respective seats.

    “Well then, we’ll be beginning class. Today our main topic is long range delivery magic.” Teacher Xiu Lan began an unceasing torrent of explanations regarding the magic’s origin and its applications. I have already been taught by these kinds of demon teachers. I want to sleep. I finally heard what seemed to be that position is very important in long range delivery magic and so on. The following sentence woke me up when I heard it. Class ended.

  • Volume 2: Chapter 10 – Academy Life

    “Zhang Gong, what teacher talked about today was very interesting. Why were you sleeping the whole time?” Ma Ke asked me after class.

    “I have already learned these topics before. I also know long range teleportation. It’s just that I have never used it before. With this being the case, what else am I to do but sleep? Don’t forget, my minor is spatial magic.” I lazily said.

    “Oh! It’s like this. What a pity that I didn’t learn spatial magic. Then, can you teach me?”

    “Well then, lets go. I want to go eat. We’ll go practice magic in the afternoon.”


    “Zhang Gong, I’m not going to sit with you anymore if you continue eating like this.” Watching me wolf down my food 5th bowl of rice, Ma Ke complained a bit.

    “Hey, I’m still growing. If I don’t eat, then how will I grow? Who’s going to prevent you from eating?” I indistinctly said.

    Finally finishing my 6th bowl of rice, Ma Ke began dragging me out of the dining hall. From this time on, I had a new nickname: Light Element Rice Bucket.

    “Wow! Zhang Gong, quickly come watch. That water mage is really pretty.” Abruptly, Ma Ke said in awe.

    “Really?” I turned my head. Wow! My blood went straight to my forehead. She truly is very pretty. Covering her body is an azure magic robe, dark blue hair, white skin and two big sparkling eyes. Even though she’s still a child, she will definitely quickly grow up to become a beautiful woman. Indeed, pretty good. Although good is good, I still don’t feel an instant attraction to her. Maybe it’s because I’m too young.

    “She’s very pretty, but she’s not my type. I’m going to go back to the dorm room and sleep.” I say so in a big show for Ma Ke.

    “Boss, if you don’t want her, then I’m going to go chase her!”

    “You go chase her then. I’m going now.” I’ll watch how this youngster dies. Such a pretty girl surely has more than a few people chasing after her. Hey, I’m not going to join on the fun.

    After returning to the dorm room, I once again began meditating for the sake of Xiao Jin (I give everything that I receive from meditating to Xiao Jin, so of course I’m meditating for his sake).

    In the afternoon, I awaken from my meditation. In any case, it doesn’t matter. I need to find a place without people to practice magic. I don’t want to get punched in the face in the future due to a misfired spell.

    Today I’ll practice this then, the intermediate class light spell, the Elemental Spirit Restoration spell. I recited the incantation in the book and began gathering magic power. (Of course I improved the incantation a bit). “Great light elements, your friend requests you to save the creature before me!” Following my incantation, a layer of white light appeared around me. Little by little, the light gathered on my hands. Wa, I forgot something. Who am I supplying this to? I fell. I sure am crazy.

    However the Gods truly take good care of me. Right at that time, a man beaten to look like he had a pig’s head quickly ran towards me. He loudly shouted: “Save me Zhang Gong! I’m about to die!” Who is this person and how does he know my name? I help but be somewhat baffled. Well, whatever. He’s just in time for me to test out how powerful my magic is.

    I use the white light within my hands to cover up the pig head before me. “This spell still consumes a lot of magic power, consuming nearly one third of my magic power before I could treat this pig head’s injury. Wa, no way! To my surprise it’s actually Ma Ke!

    “Ma Ke, how did you end up like this?”

    “Don’t bring it up. Boss, what spell is that? It’s really powerful! It only took a moment to cure me.”

    “Hehe, this is the intermediate light restoration spell, Elemental Spirit Recovery.


    “Ah, this is an intermediate spell. I thought it was an advanced class spell. The power of this spell is about the same as advanced water treatment  magic.”

    It turns out that my restoration magic is this effective. Pretty good. I don’t need to fear being injured in the future.

    “Ma Ke, you still didn’t say how you became like this?”

    “Boss Zhang Gong, you must act in my place. Ah, the opponent is very fierce.” After saying this, Ma Ke began telling me the whole story.

    So it was actually like this, Ma Ke went to chase that girl and approached her to strike up a conversation be asking: “I’ll treat you to some popsicles all right little sister?”, “What’s your name?”, “What grade are you in?” and so on. She basically took no notice of him and bluntly said: “So annoying. This housefly should quickly get lost, or else I’ll give you an ugly death.” Ma Ke obviously couldn’t accept this, as he continued bragging about him skipping a grade and how he grew to be so handsome. Finally, she urgently called a fourth grade student to beat him into this state.

    After listening to his story, I couldn’t help but rejoice in his misfortune. Serves his right. I’ve already predicted this would happen. Haha!

    “You’re an idiot. Don’t you know how to hit back? Aren’t you able to use advanced magic?

    “Fight back? You don’t know how powerful that guy is. He can use 6th rank magic as he pleases. I’m lucky he started of leniently with me, only using magic to bind me.

    “Then how did you get that appearance?”

    “Although he didn’t use magic to beat me, he can still use his fists. I was binded and couldn’t fight back, so of course I ended up like that.” Ma Ke had the appearance of someone remembering a painful past.

    “Who let you hit on people as you please. Serves you right. In the future, don’t provoke other people.”

    “No, I still must go. You don’t understand. Her angry appearance is really cute. She truly is very pretty!” Ma Ke’s eyes have already become heart shaped.

    “No way you understand these things at such a young age. You’re still only 11 years old. Even if it’s puppy love, it’s still too early. Aren’t you afraid of being beaten?”

    “Boss, the power of love is great. With the backing of your powerful restoration magic, what would I be afraid of? If worst comes to worst, you can use one of those recovery spells on me then I’ll be fine.” Ma Ke said with a virtuous face.

    It’s the Elemental Spirit Recovery spell you idiot. Hnnng. If you continue to be troublesome, I’ll stop caring about you. You can do as you see fit.”

    “No, please! Boss…..” Ma Ke truly is a housefly, unceasingly bombarding me with his saliva.

    I really can’t stand him. To get it over with, I promised him I’ll help him in the future as he’s doing his best. However, I also warn him that he’s not allowed to tell anyone that I’m healing him.

    Is that girl really that attractive? To the point that he’s willing to sacrifice his life? It’s really hard to imagine. (The me who didn’t understand the male-female relationships couldn’t help but laugh at Ma Ke through my nose.)

  • Volume 2: Chapter 11 – Xiao Jin’s Growth

    “Boss, boss.” Just as I finished preparations to go to class, Ma Ke came to find me.
    “What is it?”
    “Boss, I found out who beat up yesterday.” Ma Ke told me while he gasped for breath.
    “Who is it?” Ma Ke’s words caught my interest.

    “Boss, it seems there is still hope. That man is the elder brother of the girl I’m chasing! Haha. It seems like I still have hope.” Ma Ke excitedly explained.
    “Oh! Really? That’s not bad then. You don’t need to take revenge then.”
    “Of course I’m not taking revenge anymore. How could I possibly beat up my future wife’s older brother!?”

    “What! Your relationship hasn’t even begun yet! What grade are they in?”
    Hearing me ask this, Ma Ke seems to become a bit discouraged.

    “That girl is pretty good, she’s in the third grade, so she’s older than us by two years. She also majors in water element magic. Her older brother is an influential figure, he’s the chief for the fourth grade. He majors in fire magic. I heard he’s one of the academy’s top ten!”

    “Wow! Yet you still dare to tease his younger sister. I genuinely admire your courage.” I said as I rejoiced in his misfortune.
    “The power of love is great. I must persevere. To persevere is to gain victory.”
    Ma Ke’s face was brimming with enthusiasm. I smiled and said: “Go do your best then. Just don’t get beaten to death by other people.”

    “So annoying, you’re actually discouraging me. Lets quickly go to class.”
    While listening to the teacher’s lecture, I was paying attention to Ma Ke. It looks like he’s planning something. In one moment he’ll frown and in another he’ll giggle. It’s kind of funny. I threw a paper ball at him. He quivered then pouted at me. Just as I was distracted, I heard the teacher say: “Zhang Gong, answer this question.”
    “Ah! Oh. Yes.”

    “What is long range teleportation magic?” The teacher saw that I wasn’t properly paying attention to the lecture so she deliberately picked me.

    Haha. Unexpectedly she ask me this one. I calmed my mind.

    “Long range teleportation magic uses spatial magic as a basis to instantly move long distances. It’s like opening an imaginary passage in space to travel through. With advanced  spatial magic, other people can be teleported too, but the success rate is very low. Unless the mage has extremely high control of magic, they generally won’t use it.” I orderly answered the question and proudly gave Ma Ke a glance.

    “Correct. You can sit down now. Zhang Gong, your answer was very good, but in the future you need to pay attention to the lecture.”

    Somewhat embarrassed, I said: “Yes teacher.”
    Having been warned by the teacher, I didn’t dare to let my mind wander again. I concentrated my attention and listened to the whole morning class. The tired me wanted to immediately go sleep.

    With great difficulty, I endured until noon. After me and Ma Ke finished eating lunch, this fellow went to go conduct a large scale project of picking up girls. This fellow really is an early bloomer. I just want to go back and take an afternoon nap. Otherwise I’ll have dark circles under my eyes which would damage my image of being a great hero.

    After some beauty sleep, I felt that my whole body was brimming with light element. Although it can’t grow anymore, the power all over my body is still pretty good. I opened the window curtains to see what’s outside. Wow! It’s already night. I slept for quite a long time. That’s no good, I need to quickly go and eat dinner. Otherwise there won’t be any dinner left.

    With lightning speed, I ran to the dining hall. Still not bad. Although dinner is about to end, they’re still selling food. I quickly took enough food for three people like I was a gale sweeping up dead leaves.

    “Wow! That’s the Light Rice Bucket! You see, he can eat so much.”

    “Yea, he’s like a pig.”

    From behind me came the sounds of laughter and whispering. They still care about how much other people eat! Truly annoying. I’ll just ignore them. I have a good temperament. I accelerate my eating speed. After I finished eating, I ran back to the place where I encountered the white robed old man and summoned Xiao Jin.

    In comparison to me, this fellow eats very little. I eat rice while he eats my painstakingly assembled light element! (Is it really exhausting? Isn’t it assembled by sleeping!?)

    Wow! He grows very quickly. He’s not eating all that for nothing. “You’re a small rice bucket. You can eat so much too!” Xiao Jin just kept rubbing himself against my hands. He already grown to three times his original size when he was just born. He’s two feet long now and as wide as a cup of water.
    “Let me see the progress that you’ve made recently.”

    After saying this, I began giving Xiao Jin commands in my mind. Really not too bad. He didn’t eat all that light element for nothing. Right now Xiao Jin can already use all of the elementary light magic that I can use. But it seems that he still can’t absorb light element directly from the air.
    (Authors note: Growth type magical beast grow very quickly in the beginning and can learn all of their master’s magics. Ranked magical beast can only learn magic according to the rank. As magical beasts grow in rank, their physical attacks also increase of course.)
    I cheerfully returned Xiao Jin to my body. “Xiao Jin, we’re going to go back and continue sleeping. You just need to continue growing properly.”

    My silhouette gradually faded. From a tall tree appeared that time’s old mage. “This youngster’s magical beast doesn’t seem to be an ordinary growth type magical beast. It’s growing too quickly. I don’t know what kind of special features it may have. This child will surely develop in a unique way in the future. I must make him my disciple. Hehe.” It truly isn’t respecting the old.
    Without knowing that someone is scheming for me, I returned to the dormitory. Green hair is also here.
    “Zhang Gong, last time was my fault. Please don’t be mad!” Testing the waters, Green hair said this to me.
    “No problem. Just don’t make trouble for me in the future and that will do. I want to go sleep now.”

    “Zhang Gong, I heard that your friend Ma Ke was beaten again today. It seems pretty miserable for him!”
    “Ah! Really? Thank you Green hair, I’ll go see him.” Throwing off my sleepiness, I immediately arrived next door.
    Wa. No way! He’s even more wretched than yesterday.
    “Ma Ke, how come you didn’t find the a teacher to help treat you?”

    “Boss, you came. I didn’t dare because I’m afraid of being expelled. In the academy, personal fights will cause you to be expelled. (But public competitions are allowed)”

    “What good will telling me do? Great light elements, your friend requests you to save the creature before me.” Even though I laugh at Ma Ke’s persistence on pursuing the girl, he still is my younger brother after all. How could I possibly not care about him! This time this fellow will grow to have a long memory. Ma Ke said something and immediately disrupted my train of thought.
    “Boss, thank you! Today she told me her name.”

    I wildly fell. I looked at him with an expression as if I were looking at a freak.
    “Boss, why are you looking at me like that?”
    “If she told you her name, then how come you still got beaten?”
    “Hehe. I found out when her brother called out her name. Her brother said that if I still keep looking for her, he’ll break my leg. It seems that I’ll have to wait. Not having a leg is not so good. Boss, do you know any methods to treat a broken leg???” Ma Ke exposed his idiocy to me. Fortunately his roommates haven’t returned yet. Otherwise, with such an embarrassing younger brother, I wouldn’t have the face to meet people.

    From within Ma Ke’s dorm room a miserable shriek could be heard.

    “Boss, don’t hit me anymore. It was my bad. Please spare me…..”

  • Volume 2: Chapter 12 – Meeting Hai Yue Xing

    Time passed by quickly and in the blink of an eye, three months had already gone by. I have also gradually adjusted to life at the academy. Compared to the time I studied under the Old Demon, this place is a lot more carefree. Everyday there’s not much to do aside from attending classes in the morning. The rest of the day is basically free time for me. It’s really is not bad.

    During these three months my magic as a whole did not improve, especially in regards to my mana. However my spiritual strength has increased as well as my magic control. I really don’t know how to further increase my mana. Ah, forget it. It doesn’t matter. I’ll think about it later. At light magic class, I’ve learned just one light spell, Tribute of Light. (An intermediate light auxiliary spell, mainly used for large-scale dispelling of Invasive Toxic Gas, a low level dark spell, and is also used in a few unusual situations). I have also improved my Light Prism Shield (my current Light Prism Shield can cover my entire body and has become an omnidirectional reflective defence spell. Haha.)

    In regards to spatial magic,  I have already reached the peak of short range teleportation. Obviously, it isn’t possible to improve any further. I still don’t dare to attempt long distance teleportation. The only improvement has been to Small Dimensional Slash. Right now I can finally control the spell.  I tested it with MaKe, one of my Small Dimensional Slashes can engulf one of his intermediate level spells. This is truly not too bad.

    In this period of time the greatest growth will have to be credited to Xiao Jin. Right now, this little guy has grown to be quite impressive. He has grown to be 5 feet long. The gold stripe on the body has become much tougher than before, and most surprisingly of all is that he has grown a small golden horn on the top of his head. However, he is still very attached to me. Whenever I call him out to play, he only travels at most five meters away from me. He has also made further improvements with his ability. The current Xiao Jin already isn’t inferior to 4th ranked magical beasts. He can use most of my intermediate level magic spells, but unfortunately I don’t know why he can’t use spatial magic. As I watch him continue to grow, I’ve become really proud of him. I feel like he has already become part of my life. I would feel empty on days that I don’t call him out to see it. A long period of peaceful time past by and I gradually forgot about the Old Devil’s warnings. Until now I also did not want to come across any ranked magical beasts that meant harm to Xiao Jin.

    What really makes me depressed is that the white robed magic teacher is always appearing in my life. Every time I bring Xiao Jin out to play at night, I almost always encounter him. This teacher bothers me and I can’t hide from him no matter how hard I try. For this reason, I have tried moving to many different places. But this old man is like a shadow, I can’t hide from him after all this time. In any case, I definitely do not recognize him as my teacher. See if he can make me, hehe. I don’t want to live a restricted life!

    This fellow, Ma Ke, is simply too willful. Everyday he always goes to bother whats her name (until now I still do not know what that girl’s name is, and I haven’t even met her. I don’t want to be thought of as some kind of red haired rice cake (Note: Red haired rice cake is nickname students gave to Ma Ke. Who made it so that he stuck onto people in such a way. Haha.) Although he frequently wore a beaten nose and a clearly swollen face, he still never tires of it. It really suits him. According to what he says, he’s making a lot of progress. Although all the girls don’t bother to take notice of him, now he generally doesn’t get beaten up anymore because that girl’s older brother is the fourth grade’s chief and may have been touched by Ma Ke’s actions. He gave Ma Ke a mission, that is as long as Ma Ke’s magic level exceeds his own, he will let Ma Ke chase after his little sister. Since then, Ma Ke desperately practiced everyday as if he were mad. Right now when compared to me, nothing is lacking. He is growing quite rapidly.

    “Ma Ke, lets go eat.” Class had just ended.

    “Oh!” I recently discovered that he practices himself silly. As if apart from practicing, there is nothing else worth caring about.

    “That pretty girl has come looking for you.”

    “Where, where?!” Ma Ke’s eyes immediately lit up.

    “Boss,  You don’t have any other brothers, and yet you deceive me!” complained Ma Ke when he didn’t see the girl.

    “Brat, You’ve been bewitched. Is she really that attractive?”

    “You wouldn’t know. When I saw her, I was already content.” Ma Ke’s eyes revealed hearts ♥. He is truly insufferable.

    “Right, whats her name? Even now I still don’t know it.”

    “What will you do with it ???” Ma Ke looked at me with an alert expression.

    I kicked him with my leg.  “Bah!  When have you become so infatuated that I can’t ever know the name of this pretty girl.“

    “Oh, Her name is Hai Yue Xing. Her older brother’s name is Hai Ri Xing.”

    “Her name isn’t bad. Have you made any progress recently?”

    “I’m still looking for an opportunity. She still doesn’t pay attention to me. Compared to her, her brother is more friendly. Oh right. Boss, this brother asked me several times who treats my wounds!”

    “Did you tell him?” I asked nervously.

    “I didn’t. I could never betray you. Truly.” Ma Ke said with a smile.

    “You also suffer so much, letting them practice Kung Fu on you all day long.”

    “I still have you to take care of me. For my life’s happiness, I must practice magic diligently.”  It seems having a goal isn’t bad.  I also have a goal. It is to be free! Hehe.

    “Hurry, if we’re late there won’t be food.”  Having Ma Ke remind me immediately brought forth my vigor and I ran.  Eating food is a very important part of my life! I ate, I ate, I ate and ate and ate.

    After we finished eating, Ma Ke went to the dormitory to meditate, and I also thought of going back and taking a nap so I went with him. While walking, Ma Ke suddenly stopped.

    “What are you doing?” I nudged him.

    “Boss, look, it’s her.”

    I looked where Ma Ke’s finger pointed to, and sure enough it was Hai Yue Xing. By her side were 3,4 academy students. This was the second time that I have seen her.

    “Boss, lets go over and say hello.”

    “If you want to go, go by yourself.  I don’t want people to think I’m like you, the academy’s famous Red Haired Rice Cake.”

    “Fine, boss. You want to see who’s more famous? I can’t possibly be worse than you, the White Rice Bucket.”

    “You’re looking to get a beating, brat!”  Am I really that famous? How did I not notice?

    “Come on boss, I’d feel a lot braver if you went along!”  Really, there is nothing that can be done. Ma Ke pulled me across.

    “Wa, today not only do we meet with Red Haired Rice Cake, even the White Rice Bucket came to pursue you too!” A girl at Hai Yue’s side said with a smile.

    And yet I didn’t notice them. I only saw the 15 year old student wearing a fire magic robe. Wa! He’s really strong! With such a ferocious aura, he gave me the impression that he wasn’t any weaker than the Old Devil. He also noticed me and our gazes met. Within his eyes burst a shining brilliance.

  • Volume 2: Chapter 13 – Competition Without a Choice

    “You’re that second year student known as the White Rice Bucket?”  The student wearing the fire magic robe was not like the others, who had their attention focused on Hai Yue and Ma Ke. Rather, he was unblinkingly looked at me. He must be Hai Yue’s older brother Hai Ri Xing.

    “Hello, my name is Zhang Gong Wei, a second grader majoring in light magic. You are?” I replied.

    “I am Hai Ri Xing. You’re good friends with this piece of sticky rice cake?” Hai Ri pointed at Ma Ke.

    I hesitated and said, “Yes, we are very good friends.”

    “With that said, are you the one that treated his injuries from before?” Hai Ri menacingly questioned.

    “Wa! kind of..”

    “It’s either yes or no, What is it!?”

    “Yes, I used light recovery magic to treat him.”

    “Then today I will get to see how well you can treat your own injuries.”said Hai Ri from the bottom of his lungs with a formidable vigor. “Let us exchange pointers.”

    Just when Hai Ri advanced toward me uninterrupted, Ma Ke did not fare much better than me. Everybody by Hai Yue simply didn’t pay attention to him as he desperately tried to make them laugh.

    A third year girl by Hai Yue’s side scolded him: “You Red Haired Rice Cake,  always coming to stick to us and asking how we’re doing.  You alone are like a toad that is trying to eat swan meat!”

    Ma Ke helplessly answered: “I can’t do anything about that. Who made me fall in love with her at first sight?!” This kid’s skin isn’t of ordinary thickness. As expected.

    Hai Yue finally said, “ You are very bothersome, can you not annoy me? You’re so young and rotten; you’ll grow up to be a playboy.”

    Hearing Hai Yue’s words,  Ma Ke was immediately enchanted by her voice, like that of a black-naped oriole. As for the words they contained, well…

    Looking at Ma Ke’s eyes change into hearts ♥ and not replying,  Hai Yue impatiently said: “Hey, did you hear me!?”

    “Ah! What? What did you just say?”

    “I said you were very bothersome….” Hai Yue furiously repeated.

    Ma Ke chuckled, “I promise you that if I annoy you to death, that you alone will be the only girl I will have ever liked. Is this fine?”

    “ You, you, you!” Hai Yue had already become speechless from anger. At this time, Ma Ke discovered that the atmosphere at our side was amiss.

    “Who is your boss? Answer quickly. Do you agree to exchange pointers?” The first sentence was addressed to Ma Ke. The sentence after is aimed at the poor and pitiful me.

    “Elder Brother, can we not fight? I pay my respects to Elder Brother as your younger brother. You wouldn’t bully your younger brother right?”

    Everyone forms a circle around us, “This guy truly is a good for nothing. He doesn’t have a backbone.”

    “Come here! Backbone? I’ll show you how much backbone I have. Do you still value your pitiful life?!” I secretly wanted to say.

    Even Ma Ke could not lift his head, “Wa, I don’t have such a boss, so shameful.”

    I step forward to grab Ma Ke, “Brat, you still have the cheek to say something like that?  Were it not for you, I wouldn’t be forced by everyone to exchange pointers.”

    At this time,  Hai Ri’s words  completely shattered my dreams of escaping: “Don’t want to exchange pointers, huh? Then you’ll let me beat you like a sandbag, right? I don’t care about my reputation. Who said I wouldn’t bully my juniors? I see those I dislike and beat them.” He said as he extended his huge fists as if comparing them to my life.

    Finished, I’m finished. It seems I can’t run away. Are we still exchanging pointers? If we exchange pointers then at least I won’t be killed. I helplessly said:  “Fine, I accept the exchange of pointers.”

    A group of people came to the training site and set up a defensive boundary. I came to the center of field with Hai Ri. I knew that it was too late to hide, so I will fight instead!

    “Come out.” I waved my hand in the air. Immediately a small crack appeared in the air. I reached into it and pulled out the magic staff that I’ve never used before. (Spatial Storage Bag, an intermediate spatial spell that I had just recently learned for convenience. I had put my magic staff inside it but I did not expect to use it today.)

    Hai Ri asked surprisingly: “ You also use spatial magic?”

    “My minor is spatial magic.” I unenthusiastically replied. In any case, I can’t avoid this and it’s useless to act like a coward. I may as well be hard and unreasonable. Who’s afraid of who?

    I didn’t dare to hesitate so I immediately cast a Light Prism Shield on my whole body. With the increase in power due to my staff, I became surrounded by a thick layer of light element. I have already finished my adequate battle preparations.

    “Fine then, let me take a look at your strength which allows you to interfere with other people’s business.” Hai Ri had an imposing manner like the overreaching peak of a mountain. With a dark face, he recited an incantation and used his hands to brandish the intermediate fire spell, Chained Fire Ball, to send it flying towards me. I know that this attack is only probing me. In a calm and unhurried manner, I promptly teleported behind Hai Ri and sent a Light Arrow at him. Perhaps it’s because he didn’t prepare for it and he was excessively confident in himself, but he didn’t dodge and unexpectedly was hit head-on by my magic. However, this is only an elementary class spell, it’s unable to harm him at all. It was immediately dissolved by his fire shield but still gave him a fright.

    “It seems I have underestimated you.” Hai Ri said this then began casting a Gale spell upon himself. Like a shadow, he roamed around the grounds, furthermore, as he began reciting the Gale spell’s incantation, his speed was unexpectedly not much slower than my teleportation. I’m only able to catch a glimpse of his shadow. Hai Ri’s true power is actually so strong, an elementary class spell cast by him is actually as powerful as an intermediate class spell. It’s truly unthinkable. I reckon that if we competed purely with speed, neither of us would be able to land a hit. But seeing him chant this way, I reckon that his spell won’t be a minor. I can only calmly teleport.
    A fierce battle has begun. What will be the outcome? Will Zhang Gong be able to endure Hai Ri’s assault? Please find out in the next chapter. The next chapter will be extremely marvelous.

  • Volume 2: Chapter 14 – Xiao Jin’s Battle

    I brought together all my magic power and began chanting my strongest spell– Light Severing Sword. I intended to deal with Hai Ri in one all-out strike.

    I sensed that all of the nearby fire element went berserk. With Hai Ri rocking back and forth the entire arena became scorching hot. A layer of thick fire element gathered onto his body and hid him from plain sight. Currently, Hai Ri was in a huge fireball at the center of the arena, swaying back and forth. My vision became blurred, and I immediately closed my eyes and used my body to sense Hai Ri’s location. I know that he is currently gathering fire element and when he stops, he will dispatch his ultimate strike. There is no skill involved in this exchange of pointers and Hai Ri’s absolute power is certain to be stronger than mine.

    “Boss, be careful. This is the advanced fire spell, Raging Inferno. I did not expect it to be used this way. I originally didn’t learn this spell because of it’s slow chant and long casting time.” Ma Ke had yelled from the outside.

    “Big brother, how are you going to use such a large spell? What’s to be done if an accident occurs?” It seems that this young girl was still kindhearted. My heart was secretly touched.

    “Little sister, be at ease. I have control.” Said Hai Ri from within the fireball.

    It turns out that he has control, haha. Thats a relief. Lets see if I can endure his long charged attack.

    I have already secretly requested light element to gather to the point that I can use Light Severing Sword (however I had to get the light element’s approval in order to gather magic power at a greater speed.) Now, I’m waiting on Hai Ri.

    All of the traces of fire returned from the sky and converged in front of me. Hai Ri thickly surrounded with fire elements coldly said, “Let us settle this match in one move.”

    “Raging Inferno!” Following Hai Ri’s voice, a huge wall of fire rushed towards me. How fierce!

    “Light Severing Sword!” An innumerable amount of light element began to form a sword resembling a ray of light and faced the wall of fire head on.

    Light Severing Sword’s might is not inferior to that of Raging Inferno, but my magic power was inferior compared to Hai Ri’s . Therefore, my Light Severing Sword naturally was suppressed by Raging Inferno. However, Raging Inferno’s advance had also been suppressed. The only thing I could do was slowly advance.

    When I came into contact with the spell, I became aware of the unexpectedly large gap in power between me and Hai Ri. It took all my might to gather enough light element to barely withstand it. I silently prayed to my heart, “Light element uncle and auntie, can you help me? I can’t endure much longer.”

    My forehead is already soaked with sweat. Hai Ri’s wall of fire is only five meters away from me. Looking at Hai Ri’s appearance, it seems like he still has a lot of power left over.

    The light element had understood my prayers. They gathered together at a slightly increased speed. The magic power’s gathering speed gradually gave me an advantage. Although the light element’s output is greater, the period of time that I had to endure greatly extended.

    Right now, Hai Ri was surprised. He had not assumed that my magic was so strong. Being able to withstand this attack this long is already pretty good. Right now he felt that maintaining Raging Inferno’s attack has begun to cost a great deal of power. That’s why my magic power could still unexpectedly endure.

    “Fine! It seems that you can still endure. Then I’ll let you see my true strength! Fire element! Ignite! Let your endless, raging flames burn!” This is a fire amplification spell! Even though I don’t know it’s name, I know it’s definitely nothing good.

    Actually Hai Ri was forced to use it, because he felt that he could not maintain Raging Inferno much longer. Had he not increased his power, I could have turned it around.

    Raging Inferno combined with the auxiliary spell, and I immediately felt twice the pressure. The wall of fire rapidly advanced and was right at my side. I’m feel like I’m on the brink of death! I can’t hold on much longer.

    My body’s light prism shield slowed down the firewall’s advance. Even so, it still pressed forward centimeter by centimeter. Blood slowly dripped off of the corner of my mouth. I’m already on the brink of collapsing. This damned Hai Ri. You said you had control yet you chose not to hold back.

    Hai Ri saw me continue to endure and pressed what meager magic power I had left against the Raging Inferno. I was sent flying, knocking heavily against the defensive boundary. The Raging Inferno had also scattered apart.

    “How’s that, Brat? Are you not satisfied? Haha!” Said Hai Ri while proudly panting with a smile.

    “Humph! Are you any better than me? What so great about you?” A part of me was not convinced. Seeing Hai Ri proud appearance made my heart feel… However Hai Ri is truly stronger than me. Were it not for me being able to gather magic power faster, I would have definitely lost earlier.

    “Well what? You aren’t convinced? Don’t try to make excuses. If you lose, you lose.”

    How infuriating! Ah right, I still have Xiao Jin. Doesn’t he still have power? Hehe. However, I did not think this through and made the first mistake of my life. It was a deadly error and had nearly doomed Xiao Jin.

    “Hear my name, come forth and appear, Xiao Jin.” Along with my summon a white light flashed and Xiao Jin appeared in front of me. It was swaying back and forth as if it didn’t know what was going on. It seems that just a moment ago it had been deeply sleeping. (Young magical beasts generally sleep in their master’s body. Without a master’s summon, it wouldn’t wake up.)

    “Xiao Jin, hurry, attack that guy.” I used my mind to give Xiao Jin an attack command.

    Xiao Jin first looked at Hai Ri, then immediately shot a light arrow at him.

    Hai Ri was hit head on. Right now, he also doesn’t have any magic power. He painfully said, “You brat, you still have a magic beast! I also have one.” Hai Ri reluctantly used a wind spell on himself to dodge and summoned his magical beast.

    Ah! It’s a Red Fire Tiger.  How powerful! It looks like it should be about a 6th rank magical beast. Not good. As it turns out, he has a magical beast too (almost everyone has one, idiot!)! I must summon Xiao Jin back at once.

    Just as I thought of returning Xiao Jin, something strange had occurred.

  • Volume 2: Chapter 15 – Xiao Jin’s Death

    Hai Ri’s red tiger looked to the sky and roared. Like a red arrow, it charged at Xiao Jin. Xiao Jin was slightly scared and cast Light Shield on himself. After that, he continuously cast Light Arrows in an attempt to stop the red tiger’s advance.

    Not good.  I immediately felt that Xiao Jin was in danger and I had also felt his fear.

    “Xiao Jin, return.” I had wanted to recall Xiao Jin, but it was already too late.

    Xiao Jin’s light arrows were like a mere itch to the red tiger. The red tiger simply didn’t pay any attention to them. At this moment, Xiao Jin heard my command to retreat back into my body. However, the red tiger denied him the opportunity. When he tried to come back, the red tiger had already cast a ring of fire around Xiao Jin, preventing his escape.

    The red tiger ruthlessly pounced towards Xiao Jin and cast three intermediate fire spells in succession. Seeing Xiao Jin in danger made me realize for the first time how important Xiao Jin was to me. Even though the period of time we spent together were only a few months, he already felt like family to me.

    “No!” I wildly roared.

    I gathered my remaining magic power and cast a Light Prism Shield on Xiao Jin. But with such little magic power, would it be of any effect?

    Right at that moment, Hai Ri also noticed his red tiger’s anomaly. “Hong, return. It’s over.” He promptly tried to call back the red tiger. The red tiger became sluggish for a moment, but continued charging Xiao Jin without the slightest hesitation.

    The red tiger’s fire magic ruthlessly charged towards my Xiao Jin. Xiao Jin issued out a tender lament before being engulfed by the flame.

    “Xiao Jin!” I cried out with a broken heart. But what was the use?

    All of the people watching in the surroundings were shocked, they didn’t expect that this exchange of pointers would result in a slaughter.

    “Boss.” Because he was no longer stunned and seeing my danger, Ma Ke immediately threw himself upon the red tiger. But when all was said and done, he was already too late. Xiao Jin had already been swallowed by the blaze.


    “Hai Ri, you’re too cruel! Although I chased after your younger sister, you didn’t need to go to this extent!” Ma Ke furiously said to Hai Ri.

    “No, it’s not me! Hong Hong, wouldn’t listen to me! Hong Hong, quickly return.” Maybe the red tiger felt that Xiao Jin already died, so he obediently returned to Hai Ri’s body.

    Everyone became dumbstruck because they all knew what a magical beast meant to its master. The death of a magical beast has an incomparable impact on its master.

    I threw up another mouthful of blood. My sight became dark, then I fell unconscious.


    “Xiao Jin, Xiao Jin, don’t die!” I was awakened by a nightmare. There were many people at my side. My expression had already become lifeless.

    “Xiao Jin. Where is Xiao Jin? Quickly return my Xiao Jin.” I faced the surrounding people and helplessly said.

    “Boss, don’t feel sad. Xiao Jin, he already….” Ma Ke lowered his head as he said this.

    ‘No! Xiao Jin wouldn’t die! He can’t!”

    “Your magical beast is a growth type. It’s my fault for dispatching Hong. A ranked type magical beast would immediately attack any growth type magical beast it meets.” Right now, Hai Ri wasn’t arrogant at all. He lowered his arrogant head.

    I turned my head to look at Hai Ri. “You! It’s you! You return my Xiao Jin!”


    “I’m sorry, I didn’t want it to be like this. Take care of yourself properly. If you need anything in the future, don’t hesitate to tell me.” Hai Ri turned his head and said to Hai Yue: “Little sister, lets go.”

    Hai Yue also walked over: “This is all our fault, we shouldn’t have forced you to exchange pointers. We will try to compensate you to our greatest extent. My condolences for your loss.”

    Even Hai Yue’s tender voice couldn’t touch my sorrowful heart. I emotionally roared at her: “Compensate? How could you possibly compensate? Are you saying you can make my Xiao Jin come back to life? That is a life! That’s an adorable and small life.” Uncontrollably, tears fell from my eyes.

    “Boss, don’t be like this.” Ma Ke didn’t know fear, he still defended Hai Yu from my sorrowful self.

    “You! You only know how to chase after girls! Isn’t it your fault that my Xiao Jin died! Xiao Jin. What about Xiao Jin! Where’s Xiao Jin?”  The current me was already beginning to lose control of myself.

    Ma Ke didn’t dare to say anything. He held up a big sack and gave it to me.

    I untied the sack. The originally snow white Xiao Jin now has eighty percent of his body scorched black. Only his body’s gold stripe is faintly discernible.

    “Xiao Jin. sob sob” Bitterly, I began crying.

    “Boss, don’t be like this.”

    “Get lost! Get lost all of you! I don’t want to see anyone!”

    After seeing me go out of control, everyone somberly lowered their heads and left the room one by one. Green Hair and the two roommates I’m not familiar with had also left.

    The only one left was me. I began to gather magic power with all my might and cast an Elemental Spirit  Restoration spell on Xiao Jin. Bathed in light elements, Xiao Jin’s body eventually returned to a snow white color. However, I knew this wouldn’t bring him back to life.

    “What you are doing won’t work.. It’s useless.” My ear heard a strange yet familiar voice.

    “Didn’t I tell you all to get lost! Why haven’t you left yet? I don’t need you all to look after me!” I emotionally clamored.

    “Even if I can save your magical beast? You still don’t need me here?”

    “What?” My whole body began shaking. I quickly shook my head. So it’s him!

  • Volume 2: Chapter 16 – Sharing Life

    The white robed old mage walked in front of me and stroked my head.

    “Foolish child, don’t feel too sad. Let me take a look at your magic beast. Perhaps I can still save him.”

    “Really? Here.” I am hopeful. You finally came to my side. I immediately handed Xiao Jin over.

    “No matter what, you must bring him back to life. All I want is for Xiao Jin to come back to life, I don’t want anything else. Please, I beg you.”  I grabbed the old mage’s hand, pleading helplessly.

    The old mage didn’t reply. He put his hand on Xiao Jin’s body and slowly emitted a white radiance. It wasn’t blinding but very gentle. A moment later, the white radiance enveloped Xiao Jin’s body. It looked like my spiritual recovery spell, but there seemed to be something different.

    After an arduous meal, I anxiously waited. The old mage took his hand off Xiao Jin’s body and sighed.

    I immediately felt my hopes drop into the abyss, “Is it not possible? Is there no hope to bring him back to life?” I impatiently asked.

    “Child.  Don’t worry. Listen to me. Your magical beast is the best growth type magical beast that I’ve ever seen. If you didn’t think he could not defend himself, would you have sent him out?  Could it be that your previous teacher did not tell you?”

    I shamefully lowered my head, “ He told me. I… I was too excited at the time and I had forgotten.”

    “Don’t blame yourself.  Instead, you should take responsibility for the misfortunes you have brought upon yourself.”

    “Then can we still save Xiao Jin?”

    “Maybe, maybe not. It will depend on you.” The old mage meaningfully looked at me.

    “Me!? Then quickly tell me what I need to do.”

    “Currently, the circumstances are as such. Just a moment ago, I examined your magic beast, his injuries have already been healed by your spirit recovery spell. However, he  exhausted his life energy upon receiving Hai Ri’s magical beast’s final attack. The main problem is how to provide enough life energy to sustain him and wake his consciousness.”

    As soon as I saw the old mage stopped speaking, I quickly interrupted, “Then what must I do?”

    “Before I tell you, I must first ask you a question.”


    “Do you love your magical beast?”

    “Of course I love him. He’s like family to me.” When I said it, my eyes were red.

    “Good. Then are you willing to give him everything, even your own life?”

    Without the slightest hesitation, I said, “ I am willing. So long as he can live, I am willing to do anything.”

    Looking at my unwavering expression, the old mage revealed a hint of an approving smile. “Good. Very good. In order to resurrect him, you must give him life energy. That is why you must be willing to divide your own and share it with him. Putting it in a different way, he will become a part of your body. Then by using your life energy, you will wake his consciousness. This is something only you can do.”

    “Divide my life energy and share it with him? How do I do that? Will there be any consequences in the future?”

    “If you succeed, there are several things that I can determine. First, in the future it will not be possible for you to have any other magical beasts. Second, his life will be linked to yours. If you die, he will certainly die as well. And third.” The old mage paused for a moment. “Your life energy will be halved.”

    “Halved? I understand the first two. But what do mean by halved? Is there really such a cost?”

    “In other words, if your lifespan was originally a hundred and twenty years (the average human lifespan) and you were to give him your life energy, your lifespan will reduce to sixty years. Are you willing to use sixty years of your life in order to resurrect him?”

    I took a quick look at Xiao Jin. His body was still so very white, but his golden stripe had already begun to lose its former luster. I stroked his head.

    With an resolute determination, I answered, “I am willing.” From this moment on, the Child of Light and his lifelong companion and comrade-in-arms entered an eternal, everlasting contract.

    “Good child, you don’t disappoint!” The old mage exclaimed. “Be at ease. In the future, I will do my utmost to find a way to restore your life energy.  But for now, let us begin.”

    I nodded.

    We went to a small, uninhabited room in the academy. Then the old mage created a strong, solid barrier outside.

    “We are starting.” I nodded towards him.

    I carried Xiao Jin to the hexagram in the middle of the room. Carefully, I placed Xiao Jin at the center of the hexagram and gave him an affectionate glance. Then I raised my arms to either side of my body to the height of my head and began to chant a spell that I would only cast once in my life, Sharing Life.

    The old mage said this was an ancient spell he found in a ruin, carved upon a stone tablet. He never used it before and didn’t know what would occur as a result. However, he did not know that this spell’s use would someday be of great assistance to me when I became a Grand Magister in the future. This is because the use of this spell allowed me to comprehend the true nature of light element. That is: Love and Self Sacrifice.

    “Oh, Great God of creation!  I humbly request your aid. Use your endless strength to open my life’s origin. I desire to take part in an eternal, everlasting contract with the creature before you. A contract to share my life!”

    Following the completion of my chant, my body began to emit a white radiance. It began gently and gradually grew brighter, until finally the white light had enveloped my body. The white radiance with gradual intensity changed to gold. Currently, I looked like a small star. At the golden radiance’s strongest moment, my Upper Dantian emitted a golden light towards Xiao Jin. Below the golden light, Xiao Jin’s body gradually faded. Afterwards, the golden light fused into a ball and slowly floated off the ground. After a sudden woosh, it went from my Upper Dantian and into my body.

    The light that surrounded my body gradually faded away. I felt abnormally weak but at the same time I felt Xiao Jin’s existence. I softly called out to him in my thoughts, “ Xiao Jin, you came back.” The ball of golden light that entered my body trembled for a moment. Then from the center of the golden light arrived a burst of warm thoughts.  I know for certain, I succeeded. My Xiao Jin — He came back. With peace of heart, I closed my eyes and lost consciousness.

  • Volume 2: Chapter 17 – Becoming a Disciple
    When I awakened once again, I found myself within a very simple and unadorned bedroom. Where am I? Xiao Jin, how is Xiao Jin? Immediately, I looked within myself. Fortunately, although Xiao Jin seems to be fast asleep, I can still sense his lively life energy. My Xiao Jin, at last, you are alive again. Unconsciously, my tears began to flow.

    Right now I felt my heart at ease. In regards to losing half of my life energy, I didn’t care at all.

    From the door came a sound. The old mage walked in.

    “You’re awake?”

    “Yes! Where is this place?”

    “This is my bedroom. You can feel at ease here and cultivate. You must be hungry right now, I’ll go and get you something to eat.

    “Thank you.” From my heart, I truly felt grateful to this old mage. Without him, Xiao Jin wouldn’t have been able to return to my side.

    After a while, the old mage brought a lot of food in. I wolfed down my food until I was full. My mood was great, so naturally my appetite is also great. The food was very appetizing. Hehe.

    “Eat slower, otherwise you’ll choke.”

    “How long have I been asleep?”

    “Seven days.”

    “Ah! That long!?” I said in astonishment.

    “This is still very fast. You’re magic studies is very strong, according to my estimations you should have needed 10 days to wake up.”

    “So that’s why I’m so hungry! It turns out I slept so long. Oh right, I still don’t know your name!”

    “My name is Lao Lun Di.”

    “My name is Zhang Gong Wei.”

    “I want to ask you something again. Would you like to take me as your master and inherit my light magic as my legacy?” The old mage raised an old topic.

    I thought about it for a bit. “I am willing.”

    “I didn’t help you save your magical beast to blackmail you. You must think about this clearly. I hope you will do this voluntarily.”

    “Teacher Di, I am doing this voluntarily. I feel that you are very powerful. I wish to study under you. I have understood from this time’s lesson that my strength is truly weak. I desire to become strong.”

    “Then why do you want to become strong?” Teacher Di asked me with great interest.

    “I want to rely on my own strength to protect my family and my friends.” I resolutely replied.

    “Very good. I will accept you as my disciple. You are my sole disciple as well as my last.”

    “What kind of strength do you possess to not have a disciple?” Baffled, I asked.

    Teacher Di sighed. “Currently, there are very few people who wish to learn light magic. And those that wish to and have the talent are ever rarer. This is the reason that I wish to receive you as a disciple.”

    “Then don’t you need to test me? I heard from my previous teacher that all of the powerful mages require their disciples to pass many tests before they would be accepted.”

    “Foolish child, the previous event with your magical beast is already the best ordeal to test you with.”

    “Thank you. Teacher, I will definitely earnestly study magic under you in the future. In the past I was very lazy, but this time’s bloody lesson has awakened me. It is only with strength that one can protect others as well as themselves.”

    “Your way of thinking is very good. Almost like a small adult.” Teacher Di couldn’t help but laugh.

    “Teacher, when will we begin studying?”

    “Look at you being so anxious, it seems you really want to immediately begin improving yourself. Actually, I want to start even more than you, but I have one request. That is for you to become a legendary Grand Magister.” Teacher Di seriously said.

    “You can be at ease, I will definitely become a Grand Magister.” I issued out an oath.

    “Oh that’s right! Teacher, I haven’t attended class is so many days, what am I going to do?”

    “You can rest assured, I have given you a leave of absence. You can be at ease and rest here.”

    “The academy is actually so kind?” I can’t help but have some doubts.

    “I forget to tell you, I am the headmaster of the Royal Intermediate Magic Academy. Hehe.” Teacher Di revealed a devious smile.

    “What?” I was obviously stupefied by this information. “Then what mage rank are you?”

    “Magister. I’m also the honorary vice-president of the Magic Union. How about that, am I capable of being your teacher?”

    “Wow! You’re so powerful! You’re one of the top ten magisters in the continent!”

    “That’s right. Within the top ten mages, I am ranked number 4.” Evidently, Teacher Di said this with some regret.

    “You don’t need to be disappointed. You’re already so strong. What’s more, although you’re only ranked fourth, in the future you will have the number one student in the continent. You’ll have so much honor and glory. Hehe.”

    “The number one student in the whole continent? Who is that?” Obviously he still hasn’t reacted properly.

    I pointed at my own nose, “It’s me!”

    Teacher Di suddenly hit me, exposing a chestnut sized bruise. “You brat, you’re really thick skinned! You must put forth great effort for me. My education is very strict, you better not let me lose face, or else, hehe…..”

    Although I haven’t begun studying magic under him, I could already sense that Teacher Di is a very benevolent and humorous senior. He wouldn’t teach me like the Old Devil.

    I earnestly stood up. “You can be reassured that I absolutely won’t let you lose face!”

    “You don’t need to attend class at the academy anymore, I have already told your teachers. From now on you will live here. I will teach you magic by myself. For this time’s affair, you must not blame Hai Ri. He also couldn’t control the situation. Moreover, I hope you won’t tell others about resurrecting your magical beast, but instead it would be better to let them believe that Xiao Jin is dead. Wait until he can defend himself before you reveal him.”

    “Yes.” Xiao Jin didn’t die, so I don’t blame Hai Ri anymore. If I really wanted to blame someone, then I ought to blame myself. It was me who summoned Xiao Jin after all!

    “You rest here properly then. Currently your body is still extremely weak. After all, you have already spent half of your life energy. I have already used advanced light magic to treat you, but it doesn’t seem to have much effect. Perhaps I am treating the wrong illness. Even I don’t know what residual effects will be left by the spell you used this time.” Teacher Di said somewhat sadly.

    “Teacher, it doesn’t matter. This is what I did voluntarily. I will assume responsibility for any matters in the future.” I said to console him.

    “Zhang Gong, you truly are a good child. How come light element constantly assembles towards when you’re sleeping? The speed is also very astonishing.”

    After hearing teacher ask this, I felt somewhat embarrassed. I explained to him from start to finish about my lying down meditation.

    “Foolish child, I don’t know whether to call you a genius or to call you a lazy slob. I didn’t expect that would’ve accidentally obtained the light element’s approval. I only obtained this when I was 60 years old!”

    I could only giggle in return.

  • Volume 2: Chapter 18 – Magic Power Compression

    After about a month of rest, my body finally recovered to its original state.

    “Zhang Gong, You’ve just about fully recovered. Today we’re going to start class.”

    “Alright. Teacher Di, what do you want to teach me?”

    “First, I want to see what level of magic you are currently at. I want to teach in alignment with your level.”

    “I don’t know what level I am anymore.”

    “What level can your magic power reach when you meditate?”

    “I haven’t made any progress with my magic power for a long time. Right now, I feel like my magic power has already reached a bottleneck. No matter what I’ve tried, I can’t break through this bottleneck.”

    “Then your magic power should be at the level of an intermediate mage. Not bad. Do you know why your magic power is incapable of progressing?” Teacher Di asked with a smile.

    I scratched my head puzzlingly. “I don’t know.”

    “I’ll give you an analogy. How much water and air can one bottle hold?”

    “Depends on how big the bottle is.” Teacher Di had asked what seemed to be an idiotic question.

    “Then can a similar bottle hold the same amount of air and water?”

    “Of course. It has the same amount of space. It just holds different things.” Even this genius couldn’t grasp such a simple riddle.

    Teacher Di nodded with approval, “You are correct. Similar bottles can hold the same amount of air and water. But if you take the water and turn it into steam, can the bottle still hold the same amount?”

    Right then I had seemed to understand, but Teacher Di’s words were still a bit vague.

    Teacher Di saw me fall into a state of contemplation so he didn’t disturb me.

    “Good. This is the subject of today’s class and tonight’s homework assignment. Think about it thoroughly. The question I just asked is related to your bottleneck. Magic knowledge is mainly something that should be comprehended by one’s self. That is why a master’s closed door cultivation is an individual effort. How much you can learn will depend on yourself. I will leave first. This semester still has two months left. You will be train here with me for a month. After that, you will return and attend class with everyone else.  The main purpose of the training that I’ve given you is to allow you to participate in the magic academy’s end of semester tournament.

    “Ah! Participate in the tournament? Teacher Di, am I capable enough?” After having experienced Hai Ri’s magic, I had lost confidence in myself.

    “How are you not? You are my disciple after all. You mustn’t let me lose face. Be sure to practice diligently.” Teacher Di turned around wanting to leave.

    “Is it possible to not participate in this tournament, teacher?”

    “That is of course out of the question. This competition is the end of semester final exam that every student must take. If your grades are too low, then you might have to repeat the year.” Humph! This brat wants to be lazy. Don’t bother asking. As if I would change school rules for you.

    Seeing Teacher Di’s slightly sinister smile, I became aware that it looked like I was scheming. In any case, I also wanted to start diligently practice magic. When the moment comes, I will ask him again.

    Teacher Di left after I had started to think about what he assigned me for homework.

    Water… Steam… Air… Bottle… What do they have to do with each other?

    Steam can turn into water. A bottle can only hold so much water (I pretended a bottle was in my hand). Similarly, a bottle can only hold so much steam. If the steam becomes water….

    Ah! I understand now, so it is like that. Then I shall explain. Let’s say I was a bottle and steam was my current magic power. My magic power is already incapable of growing inside the bottle. But if magic power is like steam, then I can condense it into water and hold more magic power. Yea!!!! I’m far too smart.

    After I understood, I felt as if I could break through.  Good, I’ll try it now.

    I began to meditate. No, I didn’t sleep this time. I retained awareness of the magic power within me. I suddenly began to think about that one question. How do I compress my magic power? No matter, it will come to me.

    I used my spiritual power to grasp the magical power within my body and separated about a fifth of it. The rest of the magic power scattered throughout my body. This one fifth of magic power gathered to my upper dantian(also between the eyebrows) . I began to use my spiritual power in an attempt to compress it.

    How difficult. It’s almost as if it doesn’t want to compress, opposing me with all it’s might. Why does it not reduce in size? What sort of problem is this? I said to the light element within me, “Elders, uncles and aunties, you are so far away from each other. Everyone is so lively together. Quick, won’t you help me? Is it alright if you come closer to each other?

    The light element inside my body seemed to have understood my words. They began to gradually compress, slowly taking the shape of a small sphere of light. It was about one fifth of its original size. Success! I succeeded. After the successful compression, the light element made me unusually excited. Then I immediately entered the land of dreams. ( The compression of magic elements consumes an exceptional amount of spiritual energy. My spiritual energy had been stretched to its limit. I could not persevere and naturally fell asleep.)

    The morning of the second day, I went to the same place, I felt that the light element within me was much richer than before. The high purity sphere of light that I compressed yesterday still resided in my upper dantian and space that I manipulated already replenished by itself. (My sleep meditation skill has reached the point of perfection, hehe.) Yes, this kind of feeling isn’t bad at all.

    Teacher Di pushed the door and entered. He did not speak, he only stared at my face. His jaw gradually dropped. After a while, I met his blank stare.

    “Teacher Di , What happened? Why have you been staring at me for so long?” I hesitantly asked.

    “Zhang Gong, you truly don’t disappoint! Out of all the people I’ve known, you were the quickest to comprehend the method of compressing magic power. Not only that but you are still so young. Your future potential is immeasurable. Hahahaha! I picked up such a genius, Oh Yes!!” Teacher Di had unexpected acted like a child, jumping in excitement.

    “Huh? What? How did you know I understood the method to compress my magic power?” I asked bafflingly .

    “Fool. Just look in a mirror and you’d already know why.”

    “Ah. Really? I’ll take a look.”

    I walked in front of a mirror and I was slightly stunned at myself. This is me? Although my previous complexion was quite good, compared with now, it was entirely different. There a layer of gentle luster on top of my face. The skin below had a wandering brilliance, like that of polished jade. How awesome…

    “Teacher Di, How did this happen!?”

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