Wang Lin Essences

Can someone tell me what his essences will be?


  • I'm not sure Rex will translated it as essence (ex: Rex translated Xian as Celestial rather than Immortal like deathblade in issth, but well won't complain as it's more or less the same ) so you might come across them with different name but the chinese word is the same.
    Wang Lin's essence are
    1. Fire
    2. Lightning (it might be translated as thunder but thunder is actually the sound made by lightning and the term thunder as sound actually will appear in RI too)
    3. Life and Death
    4. Karma (or cause and effect)
    5. True and False (in issth deathblade translate it as "real and unreal" but I prefer "true and false" term)
    6. Slaughter
    7. Restriction
    8. Water
    9. Earth
    10. Gold
    11. Wood
    12. Absolute Beginning
    13. Absolute End

    and there is also Reincarnation essense but I guess it's a Dao Source rather than essence since it come from more or less the combination of Life and Death, Karma and True and False essences.

    He manage to evolve essence to true body form so he has several true bodies from his essences

    True Body of Fire, True Body of Water, True Body of Earth, True Body of Gold, True Body of Wood. He combine them into Five Elements True Body.
    Lightning True Body, Slaughter True Body, Restriction True Body, Absolute Beginning True Body, Absolute End True Body. He combine them into Slaughter True Body
  • Damn, 13 essences? 

    Also, is the slaughter true body the one we see in ISSTH?
  • Damn, 13 essences? 

    Also, is the slaughter true body the one we see in ISSTH?
    Supposedly yes but in issth it's said that slaughter supposedly already disperse (and at the end of RI he reintegrate with Wang Lin) so the one who appear should be only somekind of incarnation.
  • Interesting. I've heard it was a clone so yeah.

    Also, Absolute End and Absolute beginning? Damn, that sounds badass. But isn't Lightning supposed to be pretty normal? And why 13 essences in the first place?
  • Cultivation sytem in RI is different than issth. In RI cultivator need essence to breakthrough to 3rd step while in issth cultivator only begin to cultivate essence at Dao Realm which is comparable to the last level of 3rd step (see my chart at cultivation difference thread :) ). Absolute beginning and absolute end (name from mtl though) basically represent creational power and its anti thesis. Wang Lin's earliest lightning essence was made from the combination of 9 types of lightning and tribulation lightning only one of them also he manage to evolve it to true body form therefore it wasn't ordinary at all :D 
  • And just when I was beginning to think Meng Hao had much better essences lol. 

    Thanks for the info.
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