• 1) Nothing really happens with the main wife. She gifts MC some material to refine Dongyu as a repayment for taking his crystal. MC does not get his crystal back and he doesnt really care about it either.
    2) I dont really remember but the fact that she can use the Red Lily is what makes her special as it is a very powerful weapon and she can use it more than once.
    3) Mostly just purifying his Blood Clan and Daybreak Origin Force.
    4) I think he is currently stronger than Nana.
  • What happens to the Red Scorpions? It seems like someone is intentionally setting them up to be killed by vampires. Who is sabotaging them? Does MC have a relationship with the General who adopted him?
  • I don't really remember the Red Scorpion incident but basically, the Empire is a Quagmire. The larger factions are odds with each other. MC never gets to meet with his adopted father but his adopted father is quite an important character for the previous raw arc.
  • What happens to the main wife after everything is revealed and how does Qy and his father reacts?Will he eventually manage to get his cristal back or does he get something better?
    What power does his sister have which makes her so special?
    What kind of power will QY develop and how strong will he get?
    Will he get stronger than NANA?
    havent been on these forums lately, so i haven't gotten a chance to reply, but now that translation picked up again, ill be checking these forums more often.
     1. the main wife showed no hostile towards Qianye, and actually helped him refine Dongyue with some rare materials. The origin crystal is needed for his sister to basically stay alive, so no he won't be getting it back nor does he want i. When one promotes to godly general they will form an origin crystal based on their talent and gain 1 or 2 abilities from it.
    2. in control of a weapon that hasn't been used in hundred of years.
    3. im keeping and caught up with raws, and he has developed quite a few. eyesight ability, void force ability, a very strong gun, more vampire abilities, swordsman skills, and stronger body. Right now he's pretty strong, and only the elite of Empire or evernight can pose a threat.
    4. i think he should at least be on par, if not stronger.

    Suran said:
    @phrosty can you please answer Five Clawed's question? 

    Also what are peoples reaction to him being a halfling?
    His friends and allies dont care much about it, its still odd seeing him with vampire abilites and such. obviously many people for political reasons try to say that he will always been half vampire and cant coexist with humans. Theres a lot of grey area when it comes to this.
  • Can you spoil me about his relationship with QiQi. How long did he work for her, and what did he do for her? Did he have problems with her fiancee? 
  • Qiqi's fiance dies later in the novel. There is nothing going on between Qianye and Qiqi. The author doesn't even mention her after the job arc.
  • Some spoilers for the questions:

    1. The Lin guy will he become or is he some kind of an asshole that we would hate later on?
    He is a super important figure, though by the progress of translation, you have to wait a long time to see him again. Personally he is my favorite character in the novel, and the author used to mention that he had thought of choosing Lin as the MC, but finally decided to change it to Qianye.
    He sacrificed himself recently in the novel (by "recently" I mean the Chinese update). But obviously both the author and many readers love him, so he got his own side story/novel (along with Zhang Boqian as MCs) which is still unfinished.

    2. Will there be jealousy over the fact that I am presuming Mc just got adopted into the Lin family even though he is some peasant or whatever...
    Not really, although getting adopted definitely means a lot to him and potentially helped him in many regards. Zhang Boqian later showed favor to Qianye because of his identity as Lin's adopted son.

    3. Does the Lin family have a daughter? Or females around MCs age? 
    Probably no daughter. In the side story Lin had a son.

    4. Are the fights any good or are they bland? I know the author is popular/good but still worth asking.
    I kind of like it earlier in the story, but the more it goes to the end the more it gets repetitive. And as MC gets stronger (he is now at God level) he can easily kill many with a simple blow, which gradually bores me.

    5. Does he have any pets or friends that adventure with him?
    He has an adopted daughter from the spider clan, Zhu Ji, or "Red Princess." I don't know if you can characterize her as a pet or not since she's usually in the human form. That girl is super powerful.
    Also Song Zining always fought alongside him. His other important friends include Wei Potian and Zhao Jundu. Zhao Jundu is another important character and the MC's half-brother, recognized as the most talented among his generation in the empire and is also currently God level.

    6. What is his personality like?
    I think the author tries to create a kind and generous character, but sometimes not so successful, as many readers complained about it. Generally I find it OK, but you have to see yourself.

    Also spoilers for some other questions:
    Half-sister, main wife, and original crystal: Qianye's sister has already appeared in the translation of the novel - that girl who walked into Qianye's bar simply because of the bar's name. Her name is Zhao Ruoxi and she possesses the ability to use Red Spider Lily. She likes Qianye very much and at one point later tried to save him by attempting to rip off the original crystal in her body and give back to Qianye, but this act was stopped by Zhao Jundu.
    The original crystal was ripped out of Qianye's body by someone only vaguely mentioned in the novel. Many believed it to be a conspiracy from the Li family, i.e., the family of the imperial consort. The main wife is a high princess from the imperial house and the Li family tried to gain power by letting everyone believe it was the main wife who tried to kill Qianye.

    People's reaction about his halfling identity: his family by blood, i.e. the Zhao clan, did not care much and actually had tried everything to help cover him up. When his identity was exposed in the empire, Zhao Jundu and Zhao Yuying (Qianye's cousin, a girl whom Wei Potian likes) blocked all the armies chasing him so that he could escape. His identity was also used as a weapon by Lin's enemies to attack Lin at the imperial court. But later, after Qianye came back to fight for the empire, no one really cared or dared to inquire into his status because he's already too strong for them to handle.
  • @edhelsindar

    damn dude, you really came out with the ultra spoilers lol.

    where did you read the Lin xitang and zhang boqian side story? i know he's posted them on his WeChat but is there a website that has it posted for easier translation?
  • phrosty said:

    damn dude, you really came out with the ultra spoilers lol.

    where did you read the Lin xitang and zhang boqian side story? i know he's posted them on his WeChat but is there a website that has it posted for easier translation?
    I read it on WeChat, but if you want some websites for easier translation, try typing in the name of the side story on Google or Baidu and they are all over the place. The story's name is previously 永夜之帝国双璧 ("MEN: The Twin Paragons of the Empire"), but later changed to 永夜之黎明之翼 ("MEN: The Wings of Dawn/Daybreak"). Both names should work just fine. The update is very slow, though.
  • Is this a otp or harem?
  • Qianye only loves Ye Tong, so I guess its OTP.
  • Could somebody give like a general summary of all the volumes. Like for example, volume 1 was about QianYe's training and military background, pretty much an exposition. Volume two talks about how he becomes a hunter and meets that one hunter girl. Volume 3 he meets qiqi and helps do missions for her. Something like that, the more details the better, but as long as I know the general idea behind the volume I would really appreciate it. Just wanted to know since I've read the spoilers above, but I don't know when they are happening or coming up. It'd just be nice to know so I don't get too excited for something that happens in like volume 8
  • 1. When did he marry Ye Tong?
    2. When did he form another origin crystal and what abilities gained?
    3. When did his siblings realized that he is their brother 
    4. Social status in the world like did he returned to Zhao family (if yes how is his standing and relation with family), created some own force or something like that
    5. What exactly is his bloodline. On wikia is written it's that of Vampire Progenitor
    6. How is his relationship with other vampires
    7. Something other interesting
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