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Can someone tell me? Is MC being like Tang San(DD1) in the future? I'm at chapter 14 rightnow, depending on this I will continue so I want to know. MC probably has twin spirits.Tang San didn't use his hammer too much until rank ** because of the ring thing.I mean will he wait until level 90 or something to add rings to his dragon spirit? (I can read but I can't write smoothly, sorry for my bad english)


  • k I got the answers. no worries...
  • No,His only spirit is Blue Silver Emperor(Evo from BSG) but he will gain gold spirit ring from Gold Dragon King bloodline each time he break two seals(there's 18 seals)
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    Yeah, his only "True" spirit is Blue Silver Emperor (later).  The Golden Dragon King rings are bloodline rings that primarily use his qi not spirit power.  But it does effect his actual spirit and his body with each evolution for ex: increasing toughness and dragonic features.
  • His spirit power cultivate according Tang Sect but his bloodline power and body teaching is from Innate Body Sect Master
  • he dont have a another spirit than the blue silver emperor
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