Wuxia on Phone

Just me or is WW crap on the phone? I tried it on my old android and my new iphone but it either freezes or redirects me to random pages or to the app store to download some random app.

Novelupdates does the same thing as well.

Can only use it on my laptop thanks to stuff that prevents things like that.
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  • Mine freezes and reloads, it's not too bad just gets annoying when it happens every chapter or two.
  • Mine running normal
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    In my observation (my device), the home page is quite lagging.
    Mostly on the [expanding recent post] feature.

    Try disable javascript on the browser setting after loading the desired chapter. That did the trick for me. 

    If only WW can develop their own app:
    - New chapter notification
    - Chapter (auto)-download
    - Comment features (this might be tough on development)
  • Works fine on mine , I just use the WW website and its super smooth , honestly i use the Neovel app which might work for u but it runs a lot of memory and it heats up my phone A LOT because it runs in the background so much so i only use Neovel to be alerted when a new chapter is out and i go read it in the WW mobile website.
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    Coco Novel team developed the Coco Novel app to provide a new and better way for mobile reading. If you're interested, you can get the Android version on http://bit.ly/CocoNovel-GP 
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