What happen with the Ashen Flame successor competition?

So far Li Yufeng is winning against Li Xingyun but we don't know is that change considering the fact Li Xingyun have the support of the Sect Master that is Nie Li so I think that now Li Xingyun is the first in line.
Well in the Dragonseal Family, Hierarch Linglong remove all Long Tianming's titles so he is no longer in the competition and he probably will forever in prison if the investigation proves that he is a traitor that works with the Demon Sect. Long Yuyin is the seventh in the line but her achievements are enough to make Long Yuyin first in the line for succesor.

Well so far Mad Snail seems to forgot answer those 2 questions.


  • If the Patriach has any brains the one who has close ties to the head of the sect would be the next patriarch.  Same for the Dragonseal family, one of the contenders is the sect master's "disciple".  Being that all the Hierarchs are in his pocket as well it just makes sense for the patriarch to have the ear of the sect master.
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