[Looking for] A novel where the MC cultivates the Dao of space (qiankun)

Hello everyone! Thank you for taking your time to read this. Ill make it brief;

Im looking for a novel in which the protagonist/hero actually embarks on the path of ''space cultivation'' , in other words he becomes someone adept in the Dao of Qiankun, and that will be his main power source.

I would like to find wuxia novels pertaining to this subject.

Thank you!


  • Martial world (sort of), one of the mc's strengths is his insights into space
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    Martial Peak (although recently MC's space abilities have been rather useless for most part)
  • Swallowed Star: Luo Feng cultivates the Dao of space and the Dao of gold.
  • While it is not particularly the "Dao" of space. If you have not read it yet, "Stellar Transformations" is an excellent novel pertaining to a lot of aspects to deal with "space."
    The MC Cultivation is actually the creation of a universe."
    "What is the Eight-fold Dao..?"

    ~To read 8,000 chapters~
  • Lord xue ying up till now focuses on both void and illusions.
  • Ancient godly monarch, but that is only really in the latest chapters where he focuses on space-time.
  • Most every I Eat Tomato novel winds up having the MC train at least a little bit in space, swallowed Star has it but it’s not really used for teleporting... CD has it but it’s more for “tearing”... ST has it, but again more for “tearing”... desolate era has it but it’s second fiddle. 
    TL;DR gl finding teleportation as your main ability
  • I konw of a novel named "Martial God Space", even if i havn't read it, if that don't talk about space, then who will???
  • I am back after over a year to thank every one of you! 
  • I am back after over a year to thank every one of you! 
    They 2017 you are 2019 wouldnt that be two years
  • I must say it really is hard to find stories where the main charter strong point in space or time. IT's always one of the five elements mainly fire or wind and then lighting.  Fire is the most use element for most M.c ability I like books with M.c that use lighting or ice as there main. Time and Space is the one I desire the most to see a m.c specialize in but so far I haven't found a book where a m.c has that as there specialty. but overall I love books where the m.c has a Chaos body type which allow them to utilize all since they derive from chaos. I read quite a few like that but so far I notice none of them got translated yet. (Chaos Jian Qian isn't one)
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