[Game Suggestion] Empire of Han | Free to Play, Retro 2D MMORPG | Wuxia & Xianxia Themed!

Hello everyone!

I'm an avid wuxiaworld reader, and in general a wuxia & xianxia fan. Adding to that, I also love retro 2D pixel art style games, which brings me to Empire of Han (NexusTk Modded Version -> Private Server).

Empire of Han (EOH) is a F2P Retro 2D mmorpg (http://empireofhan.com/), which has a setting in a wuxia & xianxia world. The game itself is a modded version of the longest running mmorpg NexusTk (http://nexustk.com). 

This game is currently on development by a team of very talented devs, who follow community suggestions very avidly, on top of providing new content to players in a periodic manner (https://www.reddit.com/r/empireofhan/). 

The current game community is small, but you can expect it to be very supportive and friendly. There will always be someone available to help you, or answer any questions you might have at any given time.

The reason I decided to make a game suggestion in this forum is precisely because of the amount of role playing involved in this game, which I believe you guys might be interested in.   

The game has many topics related to current xianxia & wuxia novels. For instance here are some basic concepts, among many others, of what you can expect:

Cultivation Levels: The game follows the same concept as many other mmorpg's, you do quests/grind to earn exp in order to level up. However once you cap your lvl (lvl 99), you can trade EXP points for STATS (HP/MP). And according to your stats you increase in power level rank.

Karma: In order to be eligible to participate in certain events, or even do certain quests you need to have a certain Karma rank. For instance, Karma can be obtained by mentoring newbies. You can also lose karma, if for instance you abandon your "sect", or if you get put into jail! You reap what you sow! (Karma Hexing is OP, ISSTH ref)

Legend: Connected to your character, there will always be a Legend associated to it. This keeps track of events you participate in, which decisions as a player you made during your lifetime in the game. If you have an incredible legend, you can even see the npcs in town selling it in the form of a scroll (or a Jade Slip)!

The game also offers the possibility of a wide variety of player driven events. These can be PVP, PVE, or even Role Playing events! Role Playing event pic: https://nexustk.files.wordpress.com/2007/07/a4.jpg

You can also start your own Clan, and if you gather enough players and make a petition to the dev's, you can even create your own Subpath (you can consider it as a Sect), which features unique spells only people belonging to your Supbath can have!

As a new player, I highly recommend you to play Empire of Han (private server -> F2P). However if you feel like playing NexusTk (official servers -> monthy subscription of 10$) I highly encourage you to do so! You can find the client in their respective websites (mentioned above).

Hope to see you guys in the game! (Forgive me for any English mistakes)

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