Dimensions intersection- Chapter 13: taste of fame

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Finally i made the cover, some of you may think of it as amateurish but i worked really hard making it, it literally took me days in making, so i hope some of you will like it.

The 100 years war.
Countless gods, devils, heavenly demons, dragons, beast emperors and many more supreme beings fought for supremacy.
Due to the war space cracks plagued the dimensions causing them to intersect almost making them destroy each other.
After countless efforts the dimensions finally stabilized making a whole new unique dimension.

Note: some of you may not like the reincarnation tag so this is to explain some details coming in the plot (NO SPOILERS).
the mc will come from earth but unlike lots of novels it will play a major role in his power and character development.
It will all be cleared up in the future with lots of fun.

IMPORTANT NOTE!!!!: this was supposed to be surprise but as i went more deeply through the rules i found it will really be hard to be added to the front page, i like when i start something that i must finish it in the most efficient and best way possible with no regrets, so i added this, don't worry it won't be a spoiler, i am just giving a hint, as you already know from the title this novel features dimensions, and since this novel is made on wuxiaworld it must have something related to it, so figure it out a novel about dimensions and wuxiaworld which is full of fantasy novels.

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     Chapter 1: The world dimension


    A dimension consists of multiple planes and a plane consists of multiple realms they appear as a whole but they are layered upon each other in a magical formation.

    Due to the 100 years war the dimensions intersected causing many planes and realms to collide almost causing destruction to them and annihilating countless lives, the supreme beings ignored it and continued their war until the last day where even the space they were fighting in started to collapse, only then did the understand their grave mistake so they spent countless efforts trying to stabilize the dimensions again, finally they stabilized them with great sacrifices but after that something appeared that amazed them all.

    Because the dimension intersected they couldn't really fix the space cracks and return the order of the formations, but they could stop them from destroying each other by forming formations between the dimensions separating them from each other.

    After forming the formations something amazing happened, the dimensions appeared as they had a life of their own more specifically they had a will or intelligence they adapted to the formations changing them and making them their own, if someone were to look at the dimensions from above they would appear the were intersecting at one point, and that's really what happened they intersected at one point forming a whole new unique dimension the world dimension.

    The world dimension isn't a dimension formed by fusing all dimension but it's a dimension formed from the intersection point of all dimensions.

    The world dimension was unique wasn't because it was formed from the intersection point but because it was the space where the 100 years war took place and also because of the formations that were used to separate them acted as gates now between dimensions after a certain specific time it would open causing the world dimension to be connected to it allowing all beings to pass through to that certain dimension.

    The war was called the 100 years war the formations were called space gates and after the dimensions stabilized that era was called the intersection era or the era of the crossing as all being crossed to different dimensions.

    At the beginning of the crossing era a weird thing happened to all cultivators all cultivation methods seemed like they were reseted, now there were no grades of cultivation methods no one overpowered the other now cultivation depended on talent or the adaptability to the cultivation method, the skills now depended on how the cultivator used them efficiently and if the cultivation method supported it.

    Also because a lot of people wanted to practice different cultivation methods from different dimensions, and after countless trials and errors a new cultivation system was borne, in addition to that the cultivation ranks now are all one and the same through the whole dimensions because of the different dimension and different energies the ranks were all messed up so some supreme beings gathered up and generalized the ranks.

    Because all of that the world was borne a new, with new cultivation system, new ranks and the space gates

    In the world dimension
    sky continent
    east city

    sky continent was one of the well known continents of the world dimensions it was a continent with a unique standing as there was no absolutely known strong family clans or sects or associations, they were all hidden and only accepted new blood in secret, the only strong organizations the was known to the public were trading organizations, that traded with other dimensions.

    the east city was a city for cultivators, it was like it's name in the farthest east of the continent, beside it was an unnamed forest for beasts, although it wasn't well known, it had a few precious herbs and rare beasts that was the reason that many hunters stayed there, that was his destination that he would go to tomorrow.

    Huang tian was looking at the great wall of the east city that protected it from countless beast tides he was amazed from it's height,because in earth there was no walls except the great wall of china that's worth mentioning but it was nothing compared to this wall,the city was too big and to build a wall around one had to see how many resources that went through this city and yet this was a normal city without many outstanding things about, truly this world was too big compared to earth, and in his family clan there was no need for a wall as they lived in the mountains.

    Everytime he remembered his family clan he was filled with sorrow and sadness , he was the only survivor, every time he remembered this he would swear revenge on his enemies and that he would make them pay the price of what they have done, even though he cultivated because he wanted to stand at the apex of the world that didn't mean he wouldn't have his revenge.

    Before he knew it he was at the city gate

    the guard at the gate looked him " two gold coins for entry"

    Huang tian payed the money then entered but in his heart he was surprised because he never left his family clan he never knew the money importance in this world but 1 gold coin was enough for a family to live for 3 months, yet it took 2 gold coins just to enter the city, it seemed it was true that the east city was a city for cultivators.

    As he continued down the road he looked for an inn to stay in for the night, then tomorrow in the morning he would look for a map for the beast forest, after that he would venture in there.

    As he entered the inn he heard the loud noise inside and saw a lot of men laughing and drinking beer

    he walked to the the inn keeper "hey you seem new in the city, are you here for a room."

    "yes, i want it small and for one night."

    "Alright, here is the key, it will be 5 gold coins for the night."

    Huang tian payed, took the key then went upstairs, he entered his room dropped his bag and sat down in lotus position to cultivate, after he started cultivating, it was as expected, although the prices here were sky high but the energy was filling this city it was 2 times more condensed than the outside

    Huang tian cultivated all night, when it was at dawn he opened his eyes and looked outside and saw the streets were bustling with people, he felt a headache, he didn't like crowded places.

    He stood up and went downstairs to eat, after he finished eating, he went outside to look for the map, as he walked the streets looking for a map of the beast forest, he found himself lost in an alley.

    "Kid, give us everything you got or you will regret it."

    "I told you i only got few coins."

    "Stop lying, if you don't give up the acting, you and your sister will regret even living in this world. "

    Huang tian looked, he found two brawnys, extorting a young boy who looked beat up but with a resolved look in his eyes with a little girl hiding behind, with a teary eye, the two kids faces and clothes were full of dirt it was hard to identify how they looked like.

    "shouldn't grown ups protect kids instead of exhorting them"

    The two brawnys they looked at source of the sound to see a thin young man but with a distinct features a silver white hair and dark black eyes contradicting each other.

    A brawny went up "flower boy, you better turn around if you don't want to get hurt."

    "three seconds."


    "i will give you three seconds to leave."

    "you're looking for a beating boy."

    The brawny charged at him when the brawny got close to Huang tian he stepped side way and then pulled the brawny's ankle with his foot and pushed the brawny's head with his hand, the brawny's head was smashed to the ground losing a few teeth and breaking his nose.

    The other brawny attacked him with a dagger, Huang tian took a hold of the hand holding the dagger, he twisted it the pressed his other hand on the hand's elbow breaking the brawny's arm, the brawny fell down the ground holding his elbow screaming.

    Huang tian walked to the two kids he smiled "let's go for another place to talk."

    As they were walking out of the alley Huang tian saw the two brawnys supporting each other as they walked one of them turned around and looked at him with hateful eyes, Huang tian ignored it and continued on.

    The little girl kept staring at Huang tian as they walked down the street

    "Do you want something"

    The little girl blushed and then turned away.

    "thank you uncle for saving us, hey xiao xiao aren't you supposed to also thank uncle"

    the little boy looked at his sister

    the girl stared at Huang tian again " umm... thank you uncle"

    Huang tian smiled as he saw this, he remembered a scene just like this happened to him before, a moment that changed his life.

  • Chapter 2: the past (1)



    World dimension

    In the south east of sky continent

    Cloud Mountain


    Cloud Mountain is known for being always desolate it’s covered by fog all year, at first all the people that enter always return to the point they came from, never finding their way in, but due to mortals curiosity some brave warriors from the villages thought of it as a challenge and forced their way in but with no use, so it changed, when they enter the fog, they began to see illusions and nightmares, people started fleeing from around the mountain.


    Sometimes strong cultivators enter the fog but they never come back, the cloud mountain always remained a mystery to the villages around it, after some time the people stopped trying to enter as it became a forbidden zone.


    At the top of the cloud mountain, there was a small city at the city gate there was a plaque written on it “Huang family clan” it gave off an overbearing aura as if it ruled the world, this city and the whole Mountain belonged to the hidden family, Huang family clan.


    At the 100 years war the family had many supreme experts that participated, at the apex of its time it ruled a whole plane, but after the war almost all of its experts fell causing it to decline, and to hide in cloud mountain to recover their strength.


    At night in the Huang family clan city, a boy was looking at the sky staring at the stars.


    “12 years….sigh”

    The boy sighed, as he thought he had been in this world for twelve years, twelve years ago he died, and also was borne, as he remembered he lived in a planet called earth, there people lived normal lives, with short life span compared to this world, he died there due to heart failure, as long as he remembered he always had a weak body, all he did in his life was eat, study, and sleep, he would watch all the other kids run and play while he couldn’t even spend a week without going to the doctor, and when he was eighteen he died at a hospital due to heart failure.


    But it seems gods repaid him in this world, a loving family and an unprecedented talent, but he wouldn’t really call it the gods did it.

    he remembers as he died he felt his soul leave his body and then rise, but as it was rising a hole appeared in space and he was sucked in it, after he appeared out of the hole he saw a scene he would never forget a war, an amazing war, countless beings fought, he saw the space shake, crack and merge again and again making holes appear as the one he went through around them as they fought, they used variety of magical abilities. He saw the whole war in his soul form, he felt his soul about to dissipate every second he spend there, as it seemed his soul can’t be sustained without a body, but he persisted he wanted to etch this war in his mind if he were to have eyes they would appear as they burned with desire for that power, he didn’t want a weak frail body, he didn’t want to die just because he was weak, he wanted power just like those who fought in front of him.


    Every time he thought like this, it seemed to have an effect on his soul as he would fell rejuvenated, and filled with power again, he didn’t know how much time he spent there, but he watched it till the end, after it ended he felt satisfied and if he would dissipate now he wouldn’t mind, but then it appeared as if his soul had an instinct of its own, it went through one of the space cracks, it felt as if he will spend eternity going through it, but then he went out and went inside a body, or more specifically he entered a body inside the body an embryo, he was being borne again.


    Huang tian sat on a rock and looked at the stars and the three moons that are in the middle of the sky and marveled.


    “Are you going to stay all night staring at the sky again?”


    Huang tian smiled, a beautiful woman was walking towards him holding some food in a basket, she was his sister Huang guang, she had like silver hair and dark black eyes, she was a little shorter from other women, but that didn’t diminish a bit of her beauty but instead, made her unique


    “Here for you”


    Huang tian took the basket at started eating the food inside.


    “Tomorrow is the evaluation day, are you confident of passing it?”


    Even though she knew Huang tian was an unprecedented genius, as his sister she was worried about his results tomorrow.


    Huang tian looked at her and then smiled.


    His sister almost punched him when he did that, although to outside people it seemed he was modest, she knew how much confidence he had behind that smile, it didn’t just come from his talent but also hard work, only their family, knew how much he effort he put into cultivation, he hadn’t stared at the sky since he learned how to cultivate, he would spend all time cultivating, still she wouldn’t let him off.


    “You know one day somebody will really punch you if keep acting like that”


    “Well I don’t mind, unless it’s you”


    This boy, she lashed at him but he slipped away before she could touch him and ran down the hill towards the city, she ran after him till they reached the city.


    As they were walking towards their home, Huang tian saw a figure walking towards their way and felt the headache coming with it.


    “Huang tian tomorrow I Huang dong will beat you and get better results than you in the evaluation”


    A young boy sprang up to Huang tian, the boy had brown hair, black eyes and appeared to be a bit muscular, and it seemed he would become a huge figure when he grew up.


    Huang tian never really hated Huang dong, although he was 12 years old like him, but he acted like 7 years old, and he doubted that it was younger, he was typical brawn no brains, that only appeared in movies, he always gave him a headache, but one thing for sure, he enjoyed messing with him sometimes.


    “Sure, you can beat me”


    “No, I want to beat you with your spirit”




    “I want to beat you, with you being full of spirit”


    “You want to beat me, and still want me to be full of spirit?”


    “NOOOO!!!!, you understand what I mean”


    “No, I don’t”


    “Yes you do”


    “Are you sure?”




    “Alright, as long as you think so”


    Huang guan laughed out when she saw what happened, she never got bored when she saw them exchanging words


    Before Huang dong could even think what happened, Huang tian had already fled towards his house.


    After realizing what happened Huang dong roared




    As Huang tian was running he heard the roar, he smiled and kept on running.


    The next day at dawn all children at the age of twelve were gathered at a circle shaped arena it was too big that when they stood in the middle you wouldn’t be able to see the end of it with normal eyesight.


    As they stood at the edge of the arena the children were waiting steady for someone, as their parents stood at the stands watching them.


    Huang tian was standing in his place at the same time he was looking at the stands, after a second he saw them his family, his mothered appeared to be middle aged but that didn’t erase the beauty she had, her name was Huang mei, she was definitely a great beauty when she was young she had silver white hair and blue eyes, she looked at him with gentle eyes that could measure up to the sea, his father stood strong and firm with his backbone as straight as a rod, his name was Huang bai, he had black hair and dark black eyes he looked at Huang tian with resolute eyes behind them an encouraging look.


    Huang tian smiled to them with a resolved look.


    Then a middle aged man came, he was the instructor Huang jian, he was bold he was huge, steady and muscular he seemed as if he could destroy a mountain with his bare hands.


    “Green horns, today we will be evaluating your talent and your hard work, and based on them, you will get your standing in the family”


    The kids were shocked nobody told them that, they only knew that they were going to evaluate their talent and hard work only, nobody told them they would get their standing in the family based on it.


    “Nobody told you that because, because every year the way it’s done is changed, so that nobody would know and prepare first hand also, if you only work hard for the benefit of yourself the family will keep you and support you but it will never give you an important position as you will only exploit for yourself”


    “So you better all brace yourselves and do your best as this will decide your future, now let’s begin”

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    Chapter 3: the past (2)-Evaluation



    Because of the dimensions intersecting all the energy in the dimensions mixed together forming a chaotic energy through the dimensions, especially the world dimension.


    In order for someone to start using a cultivating method one had to pass through the half mortal realm which consists of three ranks and six foundations realm, although strength took long to be obtained, but after going through the two realms, one would have a complete control over his body and the energy in it, also he could cultivate any cultivation method he wanted despite his affinity to it, and his strength would soar because he would have fused the chaotic energy to every part of his body, it took long to gain strength but to most cultivators it was worth the wait.


    The instructor stood upright looking at the kids gazing at him, shouted loudly.


    “Cultivation basics are sensing, gathering and controlling which are called the half mortal realm, most of you have been training in them for the past two years, and today you will be evaluated on them, which determines your talent, but after the half mortal realm comes the six foundations, body foundation, blood foundation, Dantian foundation, spirit foundation, unique foundation and combat foundation, after the evaluation you will start your body foundation”


    The instructor looked at the excited expressions of the kids but saw some calm ones he, seemed satisfied with something then continued.


    “Alright, let’s start the evaluation, in sensing you will be evaluated on how far your sensing for energy goes, in gathering how much energy you can gather until a fifth of a stick of an essence burns away and in controlling how far you can send an energy and how efficiently you control it”


    The instructor talked as he took them to a place beside the arena, where a strange ‘thing’ was there, there were circles drawn on the ground 99 circles surrounding each other, four rods where placed on each circle in the four directions east, west, south and north, there were numbers on the circles beginning from 1 to 99 and on the rods beginning from 1 to 396 in the center of the circles there was enough place for one person enough to sit in.


    “All of you can see it now, this how I will evaluate you, every rod is filled with energy rod when you sense the energy in a rod it will glow blue, when you gather energy from a rod it glows red and when the energy you control touches the rod it glows green, to show how efficiently you control energy, you will be asked to target a specific rod with your energy with a specific shape, first Huang lan”


    A girl went up she was frail and afraid, she looked cute as she went to the center with small steps as she held her clothes.


    She sat in a lotus position and then started firstly sensing then gathering lastly controlling, after she finished the instructor announced loudly


    “Huang lan, Sensing reached 55 circles,

    Gathering the equivalent of 47 circles

    And controlling reached the 39th circle with weak control of the energy”


    “Next Huang gen”


    “Huang gen, Sensing reached 50 circles,

    Gathering the equivalent of 43 circles





    The instructor kept calling names, Huang tian looked at the other kids nonchalantly, He waited for his name or Huang dong's, although Huang dong was annoying and with no brains he heard that he had some talent in him, but it seems he underestimated the Huang family young talents there was another kid who was talented as well.


    The instructor announced loudly

    “Huang xie, sensing reached 94 circles,

    Gathering the equivalent of 90 circles

    And controlling reached 88 circles with shape of a rod”


    Another talent has appeared in this batch thought Huang tian, it was rare to see this much talents in one batch normally only one talent appeared per batch as they evaluated only twelve years old no matter how many were there, and in this batch appeared three him, Huang dong and then there is Huang xie, after a wait his name was finally called.


    “Huang tian”


    He went to the center sat in a lotus position then closed his eyes, first was sensing, after he began sensing, he felt something stranger than usual other than the usual chaotic energy that he sensed every time, there was a cluster of that chaotic energy shaped as a flame in every direction of the four direction every time his senses went on clusters of flames appeared in the four directions, after he expanded his senses to the max he sensed 396 flames, finishing he started gathering energy, the 396 flames started to gather toward him bit by bit, after the fourth of the stick of the essence burned away he had gathered them all in his body, he felt regret when he saw all this energy in his body, since he didn’t open his Dantian he couldn’t keep it and it would dissipate by itself, if he kept it and only a negligible amount of the energy was absorbed before dissipating, normally he would remove it himself because it was troublesome to keep them, but then he remembered that they would start body foundation after the evaluation, so he kept it in case he needed it, while in thought the voice of the instructor sounded.


    “The target is rod no.340 east”


    He counted 75 poles then shot a small energy towards the rod, and it struck right in the middle.


    “The target is rod no.360 west, with energy shaped as a rod”


    Huang tian shaped the energy in hand and then shot the energy, it struck the rod in the middle again.


    This time the instructor shouted with voice hidden in it clear excitement and expectations.


    “The target is rod no.396 north, with energy shaped a thin thread”


    This time Huang tian exerted his full control on the energy, although he did the previous ones quickly but it wasn’t easy nor hard, but this time it was absolutely hard, neglecting the distance just controlling an energy as thin as a thread was hard enough, now he has to shot it at a rod with a great distance between them, after doing all his best he finally formed it and shot it with full control and struck the target, he waited for his results proudly, but no voice sounded, he opened his eyes to see all people around staring at him with eyes full of amazement and astonishment, he looked at the instructor who staring at him as if he wanted to drill a hole and look what’s inside him, after a brief second the instructor realized what happened and seeing Huang tian staring at him, out of embarrassment he gave a cough to break the silence then announced.


    “Sensing reached 99 circles,

    Gathering the equivalent of 99 circles

    And controlling reached 99 circles with energy as thin as a thread”


    A clamor of discussions broke out between everyone, Huang tian walked out of the circle then looked at his parents at the stand full of pride as if saying this was just the beginning.

    NOTE:for those who actually read my work i am really sorry for the short chapter as i don't know if i can post a chapter tomorrow because i might be busy i stayed till 3 am to write this chapter and i am dozzing on the keyboard now so i really appreciate your support even if you are just passing by and again i am really sorry for the short chapter. Thank you for reading.
  • Chapter 4: the past (3) – the six foundations


    The six foundation, are foundations for cultivation methods, but if a person cultivated only one foundation they could start using the cultivation method corresponding to it, for example if one finished the body foundation they could start using body cultivating methods, but normally a cultivator wouldn’t do this as by finishing all six foundations, all the body parts would have adopted to the chaotic energy, so he can easily purify it to the energy needed in the cultivation method, while using a cultivation method without all the six foundations, one would cultivate slowly until his body adapted to the energy, and the cultivator himself lagged in strength compared to those who started using a cultivation methods after finishing the six foundations, but of course there is a special case for everything.


    Huang dong stood up unsatisfied as he looked towards Huang tian after he finished his evaluation, he thought he did good, but he was still beaten by Huang tian, also there was that kid Huang xie, his guts told him that he didn’t do it with all of his spirit and that he was still hiding some, and he always trusted his guts.




    Huang dong roared out of frustration, he wanted to try again but he knew everyone only got one chance he genuinely thought if he could do it again he would get better results, as he left the circles the instructor announced.


    “Huang dong, sensing reached 95 circles,

    Gathering the equivalent of 92 circles

    And controlling reached 90 circles with energy as a thin rope.”


    Huang tian almost laughed when he saw Huang dong unsatisfied look when he looked at the circles, it looked as if he wanted to fight his way through and try again.


    After finishing the evaluations for all the kids in here the instructor shouted loudly.


    “Congratulations for those who did well and for those who didn’t, don’t feel depressed or unwillingness the results were fair and it would be the same ever if you tried again, and remember there are always another ways to gain recognition, therefore always try your best and never give up.”


    The instructor stopped there then looked around and noted those who had a determined look in their eyes, he nodded towards them and continued.


    “Today, you all will start your body foundation and take your first step towards the six foundations realm, those who start their foundations in the next five days will have their evaluation raised based on their time, after that it will not affect your evaluation so give it all you got in the next five days.”


    The instructor took them back to the edge of the arena and explained the six foundations realm, the body foundation was fusing the chaotic energy with the bones, the flesh and the organs except the heart, making the body stronger, the blood foundation was fusing the chaotic energy with the blood and storing it in there so it would act as a catalyst and perfect the fusion between new blood if added or when one cultivated their own unique blood, Dantian foundation was using the chaotic energy to open the meridians and the Dantian and then fuse it with them making them sturdier and bigger, spirit foundation was purifying the chaotic energy to chaotic spirit energy to open the spiritual palace located in the head and then fusing it with the spiritual palace to make it bigger, the unique foundation was to rotate the energy in the heart as a tornado then suddenly rotating it one strong rotation in the opposite direction making the tornado dissipating the energy to every corner of the heart to fuse with it after repeating the process many times a space would open in the heart which is for unique cultivation methods that would be weakened if cultivated in the Dantian, combat foundation shouldn’t be a rank but it was that important to be considered one, combat foundation is never cultivated to its end, the first stage is to use all foundation simultaneously as if controlling ones limbs, and to efficiently use them in combat, the second stage was after using cultivation methods and consolidating them is to combine their effects making one’s own moves and techniques that are only suitable for them.


    After the instructor finished explaining and demonstrated body foundation, everybody sat in lotus position and started their body foundation.


    Huang tian was glad he kept the energy he gathered from the poles, because now it will be much easier and faster for him to start body foundation and enter the six foundations realm.


    Bit by bit Huang tian started fusing the energy to his bones, flesh and organs but every time he tried his energy would be repulsed back, times and times he tried but it was the same result, biting his lips decided he would gamble, he forced all the energy he had in them without a single reserve, hearing a sound similar to a clicking sound, all the energy dissipated and only some small amount of energy was stored in the bones, flesh and organs, but Huang tian felt happiness because the hard part was over, he had officially stepped in the six foundations realm now all he had to do now was store energy in them until they were saturated, opening his eyes he found his body covered with impurities, he stood up and before he could say anything the instructor looked at him with admiration and said.


    “The bath is the next building.”


    After coming out Huang tian found the instructor was gone and that everyone has gotten up, and only a few seemed happy, he looked around but he didn’t see Huang dong or Huang xie, as expected they also made a breakthrough to the six foundations realm and entered the bath to remove their impurities, after waiting a bit everyone gathered up and waited for the instructor.


    The instructor finally arrived he stood firm and steady then announced.


    “Everyone listen up I will announce the results,

    Huang Lan 3rd grade talent,

    Huang…… 3rd grade talent,


    Huang xie 1st grade talent,



    Huang dong 1st grade talent,


    Huang tian unknown talent,

    Everyone except Huang tian report to the assignment department for further instruction, Huang tian follow me.”


    Huang tian nodded unconsciously while in deep thought, ‘unknown talent’ kept ringing through his head, he thought it would be prefect talent or at least top talent, he wouldn’t say he wasn’t disappointed nobody doesn’t want to be called top genius or unprecedented genius who has perfect talent but it seemed this wasn’t case, he thought more deeply about it, what does unknown mean, something undefined, something that wasn’t known, something never seen before!, when he reached that thought everything cleared up, now he understood his talent was something that never appeared before, so normal evaluations couldn’t measure it, his talent was really unknown.


    The instructor looked at Huang tian who was deep in thought and laughed out loudly before saying.


    “Just follow me everything will be explained when we reach our destination.”


    Huang tian chuckled inwardly, he forgot that he was still in the body of a child, but his spirit was in his thirties.


    Huang tian followed the instructor, and while walking he saw a gloomy looking man frowning that was coming towards them, before he could reach them, the instructor said to Huang tian


    “Wait here, I am going to finish a thing and then come back.”


    When he talked with the instructor at first everything seemed fine but as they kept talking the gloomy man kept frowning more and more and a cold aura was added, as he was watching the conversation go on he heard a voice from behind.


    “You better not involve yourself in things that would get you killed.”


    He turned around to see a kid wearing black clothes with his dark black hair covering his eyes.


    “Is there actually someone who could kill inside the Huang family city? If there is I would really like to meet him.” said Huang tian sarcastically.


    Huang xie grinned “fool around while you can, but you better be careful as you might get killed without even noticing, nowhere in the Huang Family city is safe, you better watch out.”


    “Huang xie come here.”


    Huang xie turned around quickly and said “yes father.”, and then turned his head to Huang tian and said before going “Be careful.”


    Huang tian left quickly following the gloomy man, but before going away the man looked at him, Huang tian felt a deep chill run down his spine, The man raised the corner of his mouth and then left.


    The instructor came back and took him away but Huang tian felt him acting colder than before, before he could think why, they had arrived already to their destination.

  • Chapter 5: the past (4) - hidden plot



    Huang xie looked at his father who was emitting a cold aura and sighed deeply in his heart, his father was a genius in his younger days, but because of his extremity he wasn’t allocated as a great elder and was allocated as a normal elder, not only that also because of his arrogance and his inexperience as a child all the people he befriended at that time left him and kept their distance after they knew about his position and he had been alone for many years now, after he tried his best for the family he was casted away like nothing, this left his father in anger and great sadness and because of his extremity he swore revenge on the whole family and which led to this situation now.


    After they had arrived to their house Huang yi, Huang’s xie father hand touched the wall and a secret passage appeared, but before could Huang xie could even move his father told him coldly “stay put and wait here.”


    Huang xie had a complicated look in his eyes, after his father’s former friends abandoned him, his father never trusted anyone and always kept his guard up even towards his own son, although he didn’t know what his father was planning, but he knew it wasn’t good and it was going to damage the Huang family clan, even though he was his father and he didn’t want him to be caught but he also didn’t want his father to damage the family, the Huang family treated him nicely and he never harbored ill intent towards them, all he could do was pretend to be evil and warn some people in secret especially geniuses because he knew his father kept tabs on them.


    After waiting a while for his father the instructor came in and asked “where is your father?”


    Huang xie looked at him coldly and said “he went out”


    As if understanding something the instructor nodded and waited with Huang xie, after some time Huang yi came out he looked at the instructor and asked “where is the boy.”


    “He is meeting the family head”


    Huang yi grinned evilly “Let him be proud for now as all he got in his life is a little bit, the plan is almost in motion you better prepare and don’t do anything stupid, I will make the whole family regret casting my away like nothing”


    The instructor nodded with a little bit of fear in eyes while Huang xie was in pain when he saw this.


    Huang tian stared at the huge decorated building in front of him engraved at the top of the door ‘Hang family head’ it gave the aura of absolute arrogance and proudness as if it ruled the whole world.


    Huang tian hesitated when the instructor dropped him here, this will be the first time he actually met the family head, after he was done hesitating, he opened the door and stepped in contrary to its outer appearance from the inside there was nothing that appeared expensive, there may be some antiques or hidden formations but other than that it appeared normal when he reached the end of the hall he found another door, after opening it he heard a voice.


    “Are you surprised?”


    A middle aged man who had an overbearing aura around him, and also a gentle one contradicting each other, he had dark golden hair and golden eyes, he sat in a chair in the middle of the room surrounded with pillars and pictures of the former family heads hung on the wall, there was a study in the corner and some shelves filled with books, he smiled when he saw Huang tian staring at him and asked again.


    “Are you surprised and confused?”


    “About what?” answered Huang tian


    “About many things, why the inside of this building is different from its appearance, why are you here and why is your talent ranked unknown?”


    This was Huang tian time to smile “The answer first for the first one is yes, the second one is no, and the third one is also no”


    “Oh, mind explaining the last two answers?”  The family head asked with a glint of surprise in his eyes.


    “I concluded I am here first because of my talent, something as strange as an unknown talent definitely is a something that is rare and also because of the assignment everyone was supposed to be assigned today yet I am here and today not another day as for why my talent is unknown it is because the device used to measure talent can’t measure mine so my talent became something undefined and unknown”


    “Worth of praise, beside your talent you are so young yet can have such a view of things, really worth of praise”


    This time the clan head was had a look of surprise and admiration and he didn’t hide them.


    “After answering my question it’s only fair for me to explain the first one, this building is like this because after the setback we have suffered after the 100 years war, our arrogance was beaten out of us, so the clan head building was made extravagant from the outside to deter outside forces and humble from the inside to make the clan head remember that there will always be a day where they might face setbacks and they have to overcome it and not to be drowned in their arrogance and to always to do their best.” the clan head stopped there and waited for Huang tian response.


    “It was made like this just to make the clan head not arrogant?” Huang tian was surprised he thought because the family was strong the clan head building will be filled with countless treasures and gems but to contrary to his thoughts it was one of the most humble building in The Huang family.


    “Yes, actually also because of this all the high ranking family members buildings are like this, and why we only have servants for making food and washing clothes only, and you were correct you are here today for you are assignment, you will be assigned to ‘the next generation group’”


    “Next generation group?”


    “At least wait for me to finish, don’t be surprised that you don’t know of it, it is a group made for those who will be allocated as great elders, protectors, family head and overseers it’s made in secret so that our enemies doesn’t target our most important next generation”

    Huang tian had already stopped listening when he heard overseer, an overseer was above the family he had the power to remove the family if had done too many mistakes or overrule the family head commands, although he guessed he would be assigned to something important he never thought it would be something like this.


    “Surprised now, don’t look too far ahead kid, there are only one great elder, One family head and very few protectors, so you better work hard as you are not the only one who is unique, any other child who gets put in this group is also unique therefore do your best and don’t look to far ahead”


    Huang tian nodded the family head was right if he looked too far ahead he might fall down, for now all he can do is cultivate and work hard to get at least the qualifications for any of these positions he is not the only genius in this world.


    The family head approved the boy, he wasn’t arrogant nor selfish, and took in advices without disapproval or complains.


    “Alright as long as you understand, now go I have some other things to attend to”


    After Huang tian left, the family head got up and asked “What do you think of the boy?”


    A shadow appeared from behind a pillar and answered “The boy was really intelligent, talented and caught things on quickly, he seems as the perfect candidate, what I don’t understand is why did you lower his evaluation, even so the other candidates have talent but they are not as intelligent as him”


    “You are still a bit lacking, although he is intelligent it might be his down fall, as being too intelligent and realizing his uniqueness would make him arrogant and fall in the path of cultivation, too much of a good thing at the wrong time is a bad thing”


    The shadow appeared as if he understood and nodded.


    “And don’t get me wrong I really appreciate the boy, I am doing this for his own good, so one day he might surpass me, you might not see it now but he is the hope of our family to rise again, so keep eyes on him, I feel some shadows in the dark looming around the mountain, send some people to protect him in secret.”


    The shadow was surprised as he knew that the family head has arrogance deeply integrated with his bones, yet to have such opinion of the boy, it seemed this boy was going to be a powerful cultivator one day, but that was in the future, he nodded and elevated the importance of the boy to the highest, he sent some of the strongest men after the boy to protect him.


    “Alright let’s go”


    The family head went out and the shadow suddenly disappeared.

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    Chapter 6: the past (5) - Next generation group




    Huang tian walked out of the house not knowing what to do, he was assigned to the ‘next generation group but he didn’t know where was the gathering place, as he walked not knowing where to go a man came up to him and asked.


    “Are you Huang tian?”


    Huang tian answered “yes.”


    “Follow me we are going to the training ground.”


    Huang tian choose silence and followed him, while they were walking he thought about his conversation with Huang xie yesterday, at first he though he was taunting him, but then he realized there was a hidden message, Firstly he told him to be careful and not to get killed then he warned not to get killed without noticing and there’s no place in the Huang family city is safe lastly there was that third time that Huang xie looked at him told him to be careful but instead of the evil look in his eyes there was a warning look hidden in it some anxiousness, all of that might have been acting, but because of that last look in his eyes, he felt it was real, when he thought about the possibility of that’s happening the only thing he could think of was a traitor, the Huang family clan was perfectly hidden there shouldn’t be any enemies around but for there to be an enemy, then the enemy was either from inside the family or a family member colluded with an outside power, if it was the former it would be concluded fast without major causalities but if it was the latter Huang tian didn’t want to think about the consequences, before Huang tian knew they had arrived at the back of the mountain at a hidden cave and  there was a man waiting there.


    “I am allowed to only go this Far.” said the man that brought here then left.


    The man at the entrance greeted him with a smile.


    “So you are Huang tian, I am Huang gui from now I will be your trainer until the day you surpass me or I die.”


    Huang tian took a good look at the trainer he had a proportional body and brown hair, there was nothing distinguishing about him if you excluded the frightening feeling Huang tian felt from him.


    “I will be in you care.”


    Noticing the look in Huang tian eyes, the instructor said with a hint of surprise.


    “Interesting you can feel that, it seems that you aren’t as simple as you seem, alright follow me I will explain everything we are going to do from now on.”


    The frightening aura round the trainer suddenly converged to the inside of him and disappeared as he walked away, while they were walked the instructor explained what they are going to do for the next 6 months before the next examination, Huang tian was surprised when he heard it, unlike what he was expecting the first thing to do after entering the next generation group was to learn all kinds of knowledge and experiences of fighting while cultivation wasn’t that important, the trainer explained because talent won’t disappear if he delayed cultivation but if he delayed this knowledge and experiences, he would be behind all the others in the next generation group as this wasn’t a normal growing experts group they were all candidates for the top positions in the Huang family clan that handled major decisions, but before they do anything now, he has to meet the members of the next generation group., they reached the end of the tunnel to a huge hall with many doors above each door a sign about the purpose of the room it leads to, they entered the meeting room, there was a group of kids standing with everyone behind him his trainer, they all looked at Huang tian with some curiosity, Huang gui went up and spoke.


    “This is the new recruit his name is Huang tian don’t underestimate him just because he is new, he has the same cultivation as you, if he had your resources he would have surpassed all of you, you all better work hard if you don’t want to be surpassed, all the trainers will leave you now to get to know each other, you can talk but if any if you start a fight he will be punished.”


    Suddenly a girl sprang in with her instructor from the door.


    “I’m sorry for being late.”


    Her instructor looked at Huang gui and said “I will explain later.”


    Huang gui nodded and all the instructors went out and left the kids alone.


    Suddenly a boy appeared in Huang tian sight and asked.


    “So you’re the kid with the unknown talent, how does it feel to have something like this, do you have like an empty feeling from the inside or is it normal?”


    Looking at the boy curious expression he felt headaches coming from miles away, He had brown hair, and was tall as him, your normal looking kid.


    Before he could answer he felt a sharp look from his side he looked to find a kid standing alone beside the wall staring at him, he had black hair, black eyes and emitted a cold aura, and it wasn’t like Huang yi cold and evil, but a genuine cold aura that froze people from going to him.


    “Oh Huang ping is staring again, don’t mind him he is always like that, after his parents died he rarely spoke and is always alone, by the way my name is Huang ling.”


    “Hey Huang ling don’t go spreading other people history, Huang tian don’t tell him anything or the next day all the family will know it, I am sorry I forgot to introduce myself I am Huang bo, nice to meet you Huang tian.”


    Another kid came up he had a fair build with golden hair and black eyes, he gave a brotherly aura.


    Huang tian nodded and said “nice to meet you Huang bo.”


    Suddenly Huang tian move towards Huang ping, he didn’t go to him to annoy him but because he understood the kid’s feelings, when he was on earth he was in a similar position because he didn’t know how to communicate he was always alone, it seems after his parents death he lost the ability to communicate, because he understood he knew what to do the best way was to do it straightforward, he went up to him and smiled and reached his hand forward and said “I’m Huang tian I hope to be friends with you.”


    Huang ping was shocked but he quickly nodded and reached his hand out and shook Huang tian hand saying “Huang ping”


    “Wow, the scarecrow talked.”


    “Huang ling I told you don’t go spreading names.”


    “Hey guys don’t leave us out.”


    Two girls came one of them was the one who came late and the other seemed to be her friend, when Huang tian turned and looked there were two little beauties behind him, one had silver hair and dark golden eyes with a short figure she gave an intelligent and bright aura and the other was as tall as Huang tian she had black hair and blue eyes and gave a gentle and quiet aura.


    The beauty with blue eyes said while smiling gently “excuse my friend, her name is Huang lifen, she is energetic so please don’t mind her, and I am Huang lihua, we would like to welcome you formally Huang tian”


    Huang tian answered genuinely “Thank you, both of you.”


    “Ohh, the dual Gemini came, you’re quite luck Huang tian.”


    “Hey Huang ling didn’t I say……”


    Huang tian looked around and felt that this scene will always happen again.


    The trainers looked at the screen in front of them of the kids talking, one of them spoke “It seems that Huang tian has quite the charisma beside his talent, he already made this many friends, you picked some treasure big brother”


    “Yes big brother it seems you’re going to get some fame after he grows”


    “Third, fifth this isn’t the time to talk, Sixth sister why did you come late”


    A figure covered in black clothes stepped out although you couldn’t see her face but you could define her gender from the outlook of her body, she spoke “I went out to investigate the suspicious activities surrounding the mountain, I found some evidences the lead to a secret passage, but when I got there it was already destroyed, I went to report to the clan head then came”


    Huang gui face turned grim he said to other instructors “Prepare the kids well the next six months, prepare for the worst case that could happen.”


    “Big brother do you mean….”


    “Yes we have a traitor in our family and I suspect he already told our enemies about our location.”


    All the trainers face turned grim and an air of seriousness spread around them, it seemed that a storm was brewing and a calamity was going to descend on the Huang family clan.

  • Chapter 7: the past (7) - The Storm




    Six months have passed since Huang tian had joined the next generation group, he quickly adapted and started training every day, he learned all kinds of knowledge ranging from how to handle a family clan to herbal, alchemy, engraving and formation knowledge, although he didn’t specialize in any of them, he knew quite a bit about them, as for combat experience he caught up with everyone in the next generation group, but his cultivation didn’t increase at all, he had to spend ten times the effort the others did so he could catch up and in result his cultivation stagnated.


    On an arena two kids were battling it out, one wielded a sword while the other fought bare handed, the sword wielder shot forward and sliced diagonally upwards with his sword, the other one dodged backwards crouched down and swept his left leg towards the sword wielder leg, but the sword wielder reacted fast and jumped up, the other one retracted his leg and pushed with his leg the ground, rotated his body while standing on one leg with the other leg ankle striking towards the sword wielder face but before the ankle could reach the face he found a sword tip pointing towards his chin, it appeared that sword wielder switched the sword to the other hand while he was rotating.


    Huang bo laughed and put away his sword saying “It seems it’s another stalemate youngest.”


    Huang tian smiled and retracted his leg “this is the 27th time.”


    “You guys are always fighting shouldn’t you rest today for the examination” said Huang lifen while holding two bottles of water.


    The two kids smiled worriedly and drank the water.


    “Hey big brother, you know if the youngest has the same cultivation as you he would have beaten you” Said Huang ling who suddenly appeared from thin air.


    “I know if the youngest were at blood foundation stage he would have beaten me”

    “Alright everybody lets go to the meeting, today is the examination, our trainers will get mad if we arrive late” Huang lihua who was watching from a far warned.


    “Second sister is right everybody lets go” Said Huang bo


    Before Huang tian could move he felt someone staring at him, as he knew who it was he said “I will fight you later fifth brother we have to go to the meeting, in the examination I will challenge you in combat experience.”


    He didn’t need to look back to know that Huang ping nodded as usual and left.


    Huang tian smiled and went back with the group to the trainers.


    In the Huang family head building stood a middle aged man with golden hair facing a figure covered in black kneeling the middle aged man said “Increase the number of guards as much as possible and secure the mountain to the maximum degree, I have a feeling that today we will face our enemy.”


    The figure nodded and disappeared.


    The Huang family head sighed and said to himself “I hope this time that my feeling is wrong”


    Huang dong was training when he suddenly looked up “what’s this feeling, my guts tell me there will be trouble today, it seems I will have to skip the examination today”


    Suddenly a muscular middle aged man punched Huang dong on the back of his head “Why didn’t you’re guts tell you this, don’t even think of skipping the examination or I will skin you alive”


    Huang dong fell to the ground it seemed as if he was waiting or this moment he suddenly sprang up and ran away “My guts tell me everything old man, always trust the guts old man.”


    “Boy come back here, I gave you your guts” the man started running after Huang bo.


    Huang xie looked at his father who was grinning evilly and sighed deeply in his heart, he knew that this day would come eventually, it was inevitable.


    “Don’t worry my child we won’t get caught, as for what we will do after having my revenge you don’t have to worry about that, we will go to a better place for your talent.”


    Huang xie nodded agreeing, but he was pained in his heart, he hoped his warnings at least did something to warn the family.


    Huang tian was heading home to rest as he rubbed the ring on his index finger and thought about his conversation with the trainer.


    “Listen to me Huang tian today we may face a calamity, you will have to run far away, don’t go to the examination today before the examination shadow guards will come to escort you outside the mountain and take those with you, this is a jade jane and a ring only open the jade jane when you are out of the mountain after you escape the mountain you can then decide what to do, I have been with you for the past six months and know you’re a man of virtue, I will respect your decision, don’t do anything foolish you’re the hope of the family if you die then everything we have planned was for naught, don’t ask me anything you will understand later.”


    Huang tian reached his home his mother and sister was there and it seems his father had gone out to prepare the examination ground.


    “Hey Huang….. Huang tian is back”


    Huang…… came then shot a ferocious look towards her little brother and said “you have some courage coming back like that after not coming for a week”


    Huang tian smiled and said nothing usually he would bicker with her but a bigger problem was in his head, he wanted to warn his family and to escape with them but he knew his family would rather die on the family home than to escape, he couldn’t do so the family had pinned their homes on him he can’t die here.


    His mother seeing his face smiled, it was a smile that was closely similar to the one Huang tian always did she said “I don’t know what’s on your mind, but know one thing for sure the family will always help you and protect”


    Huang tian felt a sword pierce his heart when he heard those words, he wanted to say anything but no words came out of his mouth, he suddenly went out of the house, he ran towards the place his father was he wanted to warn him at least maybe he could survive and save his family, as he run towards the examination ground, he saw Huang xie with his father grinning from ear to ear that moment something clicked in his mind, how did Huang xie know there was a traitor in the family he was always alone or with his father and when the instructor went to talk with his father he retuned acting more coldly than before after that day he never saw the instructor again, when all of that gathered together he knew Huang yi was the traitor, he switched ways instead of running towards his father he ran towards the trainer, at that point Huang tian wasn’t thinking straight even if he told the trainer who was the traitor it wouldn’t do anything as the outside power has already arrived but all he could think now how he could save his family.


    When he reached the trainer he almost shouted his thoughts but he stopped and went directly to the trainer and said faintly “I know who the traitor is”


    The trainer freaked out when he saw Huang tian he shouted “what are you doing here didn’t I tell you to go”


    “I know who the traitor is, he is Huang yi”


    When the instructor saw the expression on the boy’s face he knew that something must have happened he sighed and said “it’s too late to do anything now just stay behind and don’t do anything.”


    Huang tian understood that the instructor didn’t take his words seriously first of all how did he know there was a traitor and also who the traitor was he may have put his words in consideration but he didn’t take it seriously, Huang tian kept his eyes on Huang yi who wasn’t too far away, he knew that Huang yi must at least have to do something as the part of the plan, he kept staring at him despite founding nothing but then he saw a shimmer of light on the ground beside him and another one in his hand, he realized.


    A formation


    There’s a formation around the training ground he shot up, he took a sword from a guard nearby and ran towards the place where the shimmer was, s formation has two weak states one when it wasn’t activated and no energy is running through it and the other when it was activating because if it was damaged when activating the energy would run chaotic and explode.


    The examination ground was filled to the brim everybody wanted to see the talented generation of the Huang family, Huang tian tried to reach the formation but he was hindered by the crowd, the trainer noticed Huang tian he didn’t say anything and disappeared in place, when Huang tian reached the formation and was about to strike, he heard a voice that sounded as if it came from hell “Nice try kid” and then all he could see was a dagger moving towards his throat.

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    Chapter 8: the past (7) – The calamity descends



    Huang tian time at this moment has ceased to move he remembered what his life on earth, he remembered his dull life there then his remembered his life here, it was full of life, happiness and hope he still didn’t want to die he wanted to live, to become a supreme expert and to not to live like his past, but it was now all over he was too hasty he didn’t think it through, he should have listened to his elders now even his family effort was wasted, he regret doing it but there is no medicine for regrets, but suddenly a man appeared beside Huang tian his hand moved like lightning and caught the dagger with his bare hands.


    “Huang gui, long time no see”


    “Di fan you’re still shameless, sneaking on the younger generation like that, what I am interested in how did come here without getting caught” Huang gui retorted


    “He was going to destroy the formation after all, shouldn’t I kill him as for how, I don’t care as long as it is lethal, as for how I got here it’s no point in keeping it secret *snicker* you should clean your family from idiotic rats” Di fan answered as he looked towards Huang yi


    Huang yi ignored him as he concentrated on an object on his hand that its shimmer resonated with the formation shimmer.


    “Di fan do you really think a space surpassing formation could weaken the Huang family clan”


    “You’re still too trusting of your power, do you really think we would waste a core stone just for that, we invited a supreme formation expert just for this formation.”


    Huang gui face had a terrible expression when he heard that he quickly shouted “Shadow guards, quickly escort Huang tian go, go as far as you can, and remember what I told you, you’ve got to escape, you’re the hope of our family”


    Huang tian was still shocked from what is going on, the Di clan, the space surpassing formation and the core stone, the Di clan was the combination between the supporting families that relied on the Huang family clan before its setback, when the Huang family clan suffered extreme losses in the 100 years war, it still had power and didn’t have to go to into hiding, but the Di family attacked the Huang family at the moment of its weakness, which made the Huang clan lose its few surviving supreme experts, after the Huang family clan went into hiding the supporting families merged together changed their surnames and relied on the resources that the Huang family clan collected to rise from then on they kept looking for the Huang family clan to destroy them completely, the space surpassing formation was a formation that could surpass everything even space itself but that was still insufficient to threaten the Huang family clan, as for the core stone, it was a stone used to store countless formations with no end and the user could use them instantly without the need to set them up and to waste a stone from two formations only either of the two had the power to shake heaven and earth, Huang tian was speechless but he was waken up from his trance from Huang gui voice.




    Huang Tian was frantic he ran as fast as he could while the shadow guards cleared the way from the enemies that kept appearing.


    “Don’t think you can run boy you will buried here today” Shouted Di fan as he shot towards Huang tian.


    “Don’t forget I am still here” said Huang gui as he appeared in front of Di fan.


    “I didn’t forget, the boy won’t be able to escape anyway” laughed Di fan and sliced with his dagger towards Huang gui.


    Huang tian looked around, everyone in the examination ground was running or fighting but the people that are fighting kept getting lower and the number of people that were still alive was even lower they kept diminishing with fast rate, he thought he had to do something but not without though like last time, this was his fault the trainer should have made a plan to avoid this but he appeared and ruined everything the only thing he could do now was ruin the formation before it was completely activated and this time he didn’t have to do it alone he had the shadow guards.


    Suddenly Huang tian aura changed it had the hint of the aura of an emperor, he shouted to the shadow guards “Two of you hide and attack Huang yi, and the best assassin between you must completely appear as if he died when he reaches near to Huang yi and at the critical moment strike him from the back, the others clear the way for me as to appear as if i was escaping so I could ruin the formation at the moment Huang yi loses concentration, don’t try to disobey me this only so we could have an inkling of hope to escape.”


    The shadow guards looked at each other, they appeared as if they had reached an nodded towards Huang tian, Huang tian nodded towards them and the changes his direction to be near Huang yi as they moved two of the shadow guards hid behind other two as if they were their shadows when they neared Huang yi one of them appeared as if he toke a sword to the heart by an enemy and fell while the two that were hidden attacked towards Huang yi, strong cultivators appeared protecting Huang yi and fending off the two shadow guards when an opening appears the one who fell to the ground suddenly disappeared and appeared behind Huang yi and aimed with his dagger towards the throat but before he could completely strike a man appeared behind and pierced a sword in his heart.


    “AH!” awoken from the injury Huang yi screamed and lost his concentration at this moment Huang tian slashed his sword towards the formation on the ground, but before his could reach it the man who killed the shadow guard appeared and deflect his sword and slashed towards his throat, as if expecting it Huang tian looked at the shadow guards all of them except one attacked the man and the remaining one attacked the formation but the man was too strong he fended all the shadow guards attacks and appeared before the remaining shadow guard and killed him before the shadow guard could completely ruin the formation but he successfully damaged it.


    The man looked towards Huang tian with a hint of an interest and said “when did you reach such control over your energy to send hidden messages in them.”


    Before Huang tian could say anything a man covered in golden lightning came flying and landed in front of the man, the man had golden hair and golden pupils.


    “Huang liang the Huang family clan head you finally appeared”


    “I was hindered by some insignificant assassins, but that surely won’t delay me from fighting you Di huan the Di clan patriarch”


    Suddenly they heard a roar filled with agony and despair.


    Huang yi was woken up when the formation was damaged he looked around and saw his family members getting slaughtered, this wasn’t what he agreed on with them, they were only going to send a few experts to kill the younger generation, he thought something like this could happen so he so he counted and toke note of every expert that appeared and then destroyed the passage leading to this realm when they came, but he underestimated their powers and resources he was a fool, that he gave them the tiniest bit of trust.




    Di huan looked towards Huang yi and sneered “You actually trusted us only a fool would do that, do you think we hadn’t expected you destroying the passage”


    “DI HUAAAAAN” Huang yi fell into despair he looked towards his son and felt pain in his heart, he only had one thing to do, he kneeled on the ground towards Huang liang and begged.


    “Clan head I’m sorry for my foolishness, I’m sorry for my actions, I’m sorry for my all what I did I will pay for them with my life but please save my child, he is the my only descendant and he had nothing to do with this.”


    Huang xie looked at his father with heart broken expression and tears filling his eyes he said

    “It’s alright father I won’t go, I will stay with you.”


    Huang yi ignored him and continued kneeling.


    Huang liang sighed and then shouted out “Huang ying”


    A man covered in black appeared beside Huang ling.


    Huang liang looked towards Huang tian and Huang xie and said “Take them both out”


    The man nodded he knocked out Huang xie and Huang tian unconscious, picked them both up and the while doing that before Huang liang, Huang ying and Di huan could act, Huang yi took the stone in his hand and pierced his heart with it a shining bright light blinded everyone and then suddenly most of the Di clan member disappeared, standing shocked Huang liang and huang ying heard a voice.


    “Thank you family head”


    Huang ying regained his composure and disappeared with Huang tian and Huang xie.

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  • Chapter 9: The past (8) – Weak yet again, A new beginning




    Huang tian found himself lying on the ground when he woke up he found himself in a cave near the Huang family clan mountain it was a hidden cave made for escape if ever was the family to be invaded when looked towards the mountain and he remembered what happened he started running towards the inside of the cave, he didn’t know where he was going but that thought never crossed his mind, all he could think off was that scene where all the family clan experts corpses were hanged at the foot of the mountain, they all could have escaped but they all stayed, they stayed so they could give him the chance to escape, if they tried they might would have succeeded they would suffer injuries but none will be life threatening yet they stayed.


    Huang tian ran with all of his strength he wanted to run away, to not look behind and to forget, he suddenly fell to the ground with tears running down on his face he thought to himself it was all his fault if he had listened from the beginning they wouldn’t have exterminated like this the family head, the trainer and his family they might would have survived yet they stayed behind because of his foolishness, he blamed himself for his powerlessness, he was still weak, he died in earth because of his weak body, he almost got killed if the trainer hadn’t rescued him when he first attacked the formation and even in the second time two shadow guards died yet they only managed to slightly damage it, and if the family head hadn’t appeared they would have been wiped out by the  Di clan patriarch, yet again and again he still remains weak, he didn’t have enough power.


    In another cave Huang dong looked at the mountain with reddened eyes he stared at ground grinding his teeth the only words that came out of his mouth were.


    His father stayed behind so he could cover from him, he assured him that he would came back for him yet no one appeared till now and looking at the Huang family mountain he knew the chances of his father coming were zero, he blamed himself if he had enough strength he could have defended with his father and at least escape together.


    In another caves there were similar cases a boy blamed himself for not being feared enough another girl blamed herself for not having the sufficient influence, children from Huang family  all around the mountain all blamed themselves and they all had one thing in common they all had one things that weren’t sufficient.




    I wasn’t strong enough

    I wasn’t feared enough

    I didn’t have enough connections

    I didn’t have enough information




    They all blamed themselves for the demise of their family and they all swore they would have their revenge as the only survivors of the family.


    Three days later at an unknown village a young boy appeared at the edge of this village to eat earlier he raided a bandits nest that tried to attack him during the road he took the money there but the food was disgusting and he also didn’t want to eat stolen food, after the calamity of the Huang family clan, Huang tian appeared to have no emotions, he did everything in a cold blooded ways, when he raided the nest he broke every bone in the leaders without blinking an eye then he continued to break the bones of anyone that had the slightest amount of grievance in their eyes, he became a cold blooded kid with only revenge on his mind and cold eyes on his face.


    He walked down the only street in the village until he finally found an inn he order some plates and started eating he sat beside a window and looked outside he saw two older kids bullying a kid his age and one that appeared 6-7 years old


    They started beating the older kid and after they finished they went to the younger one but before they could touch him the older one stood up again he told the younger one to run and continued to take another beating, the younger without a second began to run he never looked back once nor to try to fight with his brother, after he finally came back with some adults the two other kids were punished and took away by the adults and they gave the beaten up kid a few coins.


    After seeing this scene Huang tian suddenly had an irresistible urge to go ask a question to the young kid, a question that was buried deep in his heat, he quickly put some money on the table and went up to the kid he directly stood in front of the kid and looked at him as if he wanted to drill a hole through him, some of the adults panicked and raised their guards waiting see what is this unknown kid about to do.

    Suddenly Huang tian asked the boy “Why did you run?”


    The boy startled and stared and Huang tian he smiled a very childish smile and answered “Because I don’t have strength, I was born younger and weaker the only thing I can do is get an adult to help us”


    Huang tian stood still as if struck by lightning Huang tian, he widened his eyes as if he realized he thought in his heart ‘yes that’s it!, back then I didn’t have any power that could save my family, even if had cultivated from the womb I wouldn’t would have had enough power to stop it, the only thing I can do now is to cultivate and get stronger, so that one day I would have the power to take my revenge’


    The next day Huang tian finished his meal and went out of the village he made sure that no one followed him and started to look for a hidden ground.


    Huang tian finally found a cave behind a waterfall, he made sure again that there was no one following him before entering.


    After entering Huang tian got out a jade jane from his pocket, this was the jade jane that his trainer gave him, a jade jane could contained any kind of information whether it was an image sound or even taste and smell, some high ranked ones could even transfer the information directly to the soul and to never be forgotten.


    Huang tian controlled the energy in the air and injected it to the jade jane suddenly the jade jane let out a multicolored light and the image of the trainer appeared.


    “*sigh* Huang tian if you opened this jane this means the Huang family clan had been utterly destroyed, things won’t be explained now, but I can tell you this.”

    Suddenly the trainer let an oppressive aura that could be felt by Huang tian even though it was just an image Huang tian was stunned his trainer never showed him this kind of power when he trained him.


    “As the overseer of the Huang family clan, I shall execute the first rule left by the founder, Today Huang tian you’ll be the Huang family clan sovereign and you had been given the sovereign ring, you’ll shoulder the responsibility of building the Huang family clan again, if you seek revenge or want to get more powerful go to this location, and you’ll be given your appropriate resources, and remember to never feel doubt in your talent just the Huang family clan blood that runs through your veins can prove that, I hope that you can make Huang family clan reach its apex again and surpass it” the trainer stopped here then smiled and continued “you’re the most gifted member the family have ever seen and now you’re its only hope to appear again”.


    After the trainer finished he disappeared and the jade jane turned to dust and another one appearing in its place marking the location Huang tian needed to go.


    Huang tian looked at his ring and felt a huge responsibility on his shoulders, there was only one sovereign in the Huang family clan history and that was the founder himself an overseer could remove a family head but not replace him but a family sovereign could do whatever he wants without anyone objecting, he was given such a position, he felt his blood boiling from hearing the trainer words, from now one he is the Huang family clan sovereign and he swore in his heart that he would restore it.

  • Chapter 10: Fusion of the heavenly division




    Huang tian went to venture into the unnamed forest after leaving the two kids in the inn and getting the map, the more he got nearer to the forest the lesser the people around got it wasn’t because it was uninhabited around the forest, in fact there was inhabited places around the forces but Huang tian didn’t want to be seen entering he wanted to appear as if he never enter it and never left it.


    Getting out the map and the jade jane Huang tian found the general direction he needed and continued, the more he got deeper the slower and vigilant he got, the forest was filled with strong and ferocious beast and the stronger the beast the more intelligent and protecting of its territory it was with his measly cultivation he would be killed easily by anyone of them, finally making his way through by the help of the map he avoided the beats in the forest and found the mountain marked on the jade jane, the only thing he knew now was the sentence that appeared with the marked location ‘The sovereign shall pierce the mountain from the allocated position and conquer the fears or failure shall await’


    Huang tian thought about it and the conclusion he got was the sovereign meant the sovereign ring, because of course the trainer knew that with his cultivation it was impossible with his cultivation and the allocated position was a place on the mountain the he should insert the sovereign ring in, as for conquer the fears or failure shall await he speculated that he would tested and if he were to fail he would have to try again until he succeeded.


    Luckily he went into the forest at dawn and the sun was still up he had plenty of time to look around the mountain, although the mountain was small compared to other mountains in the forest Huang tian spent all day looking for the allocate place thankfully he found it was a little caved in spot on the side of the mountain they were all over the mountains if one doesn’t look closely and examine each and every one, he wouldn’t would have found the difference of this one the other, if you looked closely in the caved in spot there was a carved circle inside it lighting striking everywhere which was the sign of the Huang clan, Huang tian made a fist with the hand that wears the ring and touched the circle with the ring, all of a sudden a blinding light appeared and Huang tian disappeared.


    Huang tian looked around and he found himself on a mountain surrounded with fog, he couldn’t believe this was the Huang family clan mountain, but this was impossible he saw the family city destroyed, the moment he calmed down and thought like this the sky turned blood red and ghastly sounds filled the air he suddenly heard a voice.


    “You abandoned us!”

    “You ran away!”

    “You caused all this!”


    Huang tian looked around to see transparent white figure coming his way.




    As I he didn’t see her current appearance, Huang tian body kept shaking, other voices appeared.


    “You didn’t warn us!”

    “You left us to die!”


    This time it was his father and mother, Huang tian body kept shaking with tears filling his eyes, more and more voices and people from the Huang family clan kept appearing, when they all appeared, they all blamed him.


    “You betrayed us!”

    “You ran away!”

    “You destroyed our family!”

    “You should’ve died with us!”


    Huang tian watched all this with tears running down his face, although he knew it was an illusion but that didn’t stop him, he opened his mouth with determination in his eyes.


    “I’m sorry, I was too weak, I couldn’t do anything, the only thing I could do at that time was watch, but I will get stronger, I will get revenge for our family and build it stronger than before, so that no one dares to think of attacking the family again”

    After hearing Huang tian answer suddenly the family members stopped and all of them smiled and disappeared, Huang tian found himself inside a cave and an illusory man standing in front of him he had white hair and a small bear, he thought where he saw him after thinking he remembered, he was the one of the few supreme experts that survived the 100 years war and he saw a picture of him in the room where he met the Huang family head, Huang tian said quickly.


    “Huang tian pays his respect for the Family head” and cupped his hand.


    “Hahaha” the man laughed as he looked at Huang tian and said.

    “This old man is only a will left by the former my before he died, and I will only appear if the family is completely destroyed” he stopped there to release a breath and continued “At first when this old man was awakened I was filled with anger, but after I took a look in your memories I found something absolutely interesting, if the family wasn’t destroyed I would have never found it ad your real talent would have never been unearthed, because you are a one with no fate, or more specifically your fate had already ended and should have been borne a new, but even the river of fate could not have controlled what had happened at that time, Hahaha” the man continued to laugh again and looked meaningfully at Huang tian


    Huang tian was about to speak but he was interrupted “I took a look in your memories and I know everything you are about to say, I ill answer them all but let’s not waste time before this old man disappears, this place was made because if the family was ever destroyed, its most talented younger generation would come here and be tested if he really wants to take revenge for the family if he succeeds, he would be given all the left support for his revenge if he fails he would be given a lot less support and he would never be tested again, since you passed you will be given all available support for your talent, you will be given resources all resources and stored in the sovereign ring, and only resources for every corresponding cultivation level you breakthrough will be opened otherwise they will be sealed until you breakthrough to their corresponding level, you will be given money and will only be spent when necessary the ring has a bit of intelligence so don’t think you can just spend as much as you want, you will be given only blood cultivation technique and two blood martial skills, as for other you will have to obtain them yourself, and you will be given all kinds of information and professions cultivating techniques collected by the family, as for the last two things….” The man stopped here and his eyes had a hint of excitement and said


    “They were supposed to be keepsakes and only can be used by people with extreme condition, but it happens to appear that you possess it, to use them one must have no fate, the first one is cultivation technique for the six foundations it’s called fusion of the heavenly division, one would make a heavenly division in their foundation allowing them to cultivate several cultivation techniques to each corresponding foundation, its disadvantage was that the lack of energy for each cultivation technique because they can’t completely occupy the space they are stored in but after completely materializing your cultivation techniques you could fuse the ones of the same foundation gaining more energy and stronger and new cultivation, as for the last item you will know what it does when you get a hold of it, it will be the most helpful item for you, but I warn you don’t use it in public because if people see it, you won’t even get the chance to know how you died”


    The man began to disappear but before he completely disappeared, he said “You don’t have to worry about your friends kid, all of the top notch talents in the family has their own escape paths and further developing plans like yours so don’t be depressed, and don’t forget to leave this shadow time realm and go to a main realm before a 100 years are over or you will be completely erased”


    The man finally disappeared and Huang tian stood there digesting what happened, but he didn’t get the chance as the mountain began shaking and collapsing, Huang tian quickly ran out of the cave and then continued to run out of the forest if he stayed and some people saw him near the mountain they would get suspicious of him as how could a mountain could collapse all of a sudden and he was there.


    After getting out of the forest Huang tian looked at the collapsing mountain and felt completely rejuvenated and full of energy and happiness after thinking he was the only survivor of the family he knew his friends are still alive, although he didn’t have the power to meet them now, but he would have it one day, he clenched his fist and then entered the forest again from another position to start training.

  • Chapter 11: Blood foundation, Three abilities



    Cultivators can only train in on cultivation method corresponding to its foundation, if someone were to train in two cultivation method for the same foundation, the different energies will collide and run chaotically destroying the body, but the fusion of the heavenly division could ignore this effect, by firstly when one cultivates in the six foundation instead of just absorbing the chaotic energy in the air, one would alter the quantity of the different energies when controlling them to specific ones , after one uses the appropriate energy quantities, a balance would be reached between the energies so instead of just running chaotically in the body they would be easily absorbed to build the corresponding foundation, that wouldn’t affect anything but when after starting to train a second cultivation technique before the two energies collide this energy would turn into a heavenly division balancing the two energies together if one would practice a third cultivation technique the same thing would happen and so on, but the disadvantage was until one fuses the two or more energies, the area where the cultivation method energy is stored would be halved in other words if someone could store 100 units of A or 100 units of B, then by using the fusion of the heavenly division he would be able to store 50 units of A and 50 units of B, with A and B being the different energies of two cultivation methods.


    In the unnamed forest a boy was fighting with a monkey, the monkey was completely different from the usual ones he was 3 meters tall, buff and his color was blood red it was a blood monkey, the monkey swung its stick towards the head of the boy, but the boy dodged sideways quickly, then he smashed his leg in the monkey’s abdomen, the monkey retreated a few steps, the boy took the opportunity and quickly punched towards the head, getting hit in the head the monkey fell down finally the boy took out a dagger the pierced the monkey’s heart.


    Huang tian looked at the monkey and then collected his spoils he took only the things with value the fur, the blood and the muscle fibers, after finishing he retreated and went to his hide out, Huang tian sat down in lotus position then thought what to do, it has been two months since he started training in the forest, he knew it was almost impossible for him to stay here because there was no benefits anymore here, the weak beasts felt his presence after he started hunting every day and started hiding and he wasn’t strong enough to fight stronger beasts, he should have expected this happening he was in the farthest part of the forest and also this was a forest at the far east of the continent in a shadow time realm, after looking for the information left in the sovereign ring he found out that a shadow time realm was what would have been called a parallel universe in earth, but it wasn’t quite the same a shadow time world was made when a huge decision was made in a the main realm, when the decision is made into action a shadow time realm is borne where this decision didn’t take action, but of course a shadow time realm wouldn’t contain copies of the experts in the main realm because that would cause unbalance in the dimension and would also need a huge amount of energy that wasn’t available for the realm, it was just a copy of the weak cultivators in the main realm where the decision didn’t take place but it is made like a loop where when it reaches a certain point, it would start over from the beginning and anyone from the outside of the shadow time realm would be erased, basically a shadow time realm is an illusion of the weak of the main realm where it would reset after it reaches a certain point and the someone borne in the shadow time ream could only escape when he reaches a profound cultivation but it was almost an impossibility, the Huang family clan had a formation around the mountain to prevent being erased from the start over , but now Huang tian has to leave the realm before the start over as he there is no Huang family clan mountain now.


    After deciding what he would do Huang tian took out a flower that appeared as if it was covered in blood, it was the only resource he had in the space allocated for Body foundation in the sovereign ring, it was a flower used for the breakthrough from body foundation to blood foundation, after training in the forest he finally reached the peak of body foundation Huang tian took a deep breath then swallowed the flower, feeling the energy running in his body Huang tian controlled the energy and kept collecting it in one place and using the fusion of the heavenly division technique to make the appropriate quantities after he finished he suddenly forced the energy in the blood, feeling as if there was a barrier between the energy and the blood Huang tian used all his energy and concentration and finally deposited some energy in the blood, not losing focus Huang tian continued using the remaining energy to consolidate his blood foundation.


    After he finished Huang tian opened his eyes which had a sense of joy and looked at his body to see impurities again removed from his blood this time, but strangely they were few, even though he only ate spiritual food in the family they shouldn’t be this few, suddenly Huang tian felt a huge energy coming from his body when felt deeper he found it was his blood, Huang tian sat down in lotus position quickly and examined his blood he found three ancient energies appearing in his blood, he found that they were awakened from their slumber when he made a breakthrough to blood foundation and stored energy in his blood, one of the energies appeared to be stronger than the other two and was engulfing them but then appeared the energy made from the fusion of the heavenly division appeared, three divisions appeared between the three energies separating them from each other, after being separated each energy stated to condense.


    Huang tian was stunned he didn’t know are these energies, if he hadn’t seen what happened himself, he would have thought it was planted in him by someone else, calming down Huang tian remembered he had a space for all information collected by the family in the sovereign ring, after searching for a long time Huang tian stood there stunned these energies were really planted in him by someone else, more specifically his ancestors, after finishing the six foundation one could train in cultivation techniques his ancestors did that and they also cultivated blood cultivation techniques in blood cultivation techniques one could introduce a new blood gaining its abilities or cultivate their own unique blood making their own abilities after reaching a high degree of cultivation the blood passed on in the family will contain these abilities.


    The Huang family clan possessed some experts who reached that height but normally one would gain only one ability from the ones in his blood and the others would be engulfed by that one, in Huang tian case because he cultivates the fusion of the Heavenly division and used it on his blood, heavenly divisions separated the other abilities he had and gained all of them.


    After searching again Huang tian finally knew the three abilities he gained the first one was the yin and yang he could conjure the yin and yang and gain their powers, the seconds was control of the inner space, he could control everything in his body his blood, his heart and his brain also anything that entered his body could be under his control depending on his cultivation, the last one was control of the outer space, he could control the energy that he stored in his body outside his body perfectly and can control everything around him within the span of 1 meter depending on his cultivation the area will increase and the things he can control will increase like now he can’t control an energy his opponent emits or a treasure that requires his cultivation to be higher, he can only control simple things around him like rocks or grass.


    Finally finishing his search for information he stood up gleefully with happiness emitting from him, first him finally understood why his big brother always smiled when they mentioned that he could beat him when he reaches blood foundation, and also why his trainer told him that he was a genius just based on his blood, and the most importantly he finally gained some power he could protect himself with.


    In curiosity Huang tian looked at the resources allocated for blood foundation in the sovereign ring, he found there two items one was another flower for breaking through into the Dantian foundation and the other was jade jane, surprised Huang Tian took out the jade jane and injected some energy in it after getting the information, Huang tian there stood blankly.


    Suddenly Huang tian started shaking with excitement filling his eyes he thought to himself if what is in the jade jane is true then he would gain something he dreamed of since getting into this world

  • Chapter 12: quantum legends style, 3 moves of quantum and 3 moves of legends




    Before the crossing era there were always techniques more powerful than techniques and some were heaven defying that could hold the sun and moon in one hand, they varied and were classified into ranks based in there effectiveness, but since the beginning of the crossing era something happened to all cultivation techniques and martial skills, they all had been scrapped more specifically they all had been put into the same rank now there was no cultivation techniques or martial skill that are more powerful than the other, now cultivation techniques depended on the talent of the cultivator and martial skills depended on how they were utilized and how skillfully they were used.


    Cultivation techniques and martial skills have been classified into three categories, the first one was the over-flowing type these cultivation techniques made the cultivator ability to store energy wider those who cultivated this type had more energy than the other two and the martial skills of this type could be used many times before depleting the cultivator energy, the second one was attribute type, those who cultivated this type or had a martial skill of this type had an attribute to their energy like fire, nether or space as long as it existed it could be used as an attribute, the third type was the unique type, this type differed from the other types because every cultivation technique and martial skill had its own advantages and disadvantages they differed from each other with each having its own power.


    Huang tian stood in the middle of trees and bushes completely destroyed, he stayed another month in the forest after finding that jade jane in the sovereign ring, after finally mastering he made his own style quantum legends, the jade jane he found was about controlling the yin and yang in his blood, he could control the yin alone or the yang alone, and the final thing was unbalancing the yin and yang conjuring lightning, after he read that he got completely excited in his past all he did was study eat and sleep, so he knew the characteristics of lightning and how to bring it full potential.


    be he got down poured with water when he first tried and conjured lightning it was energy with the attribute of lightning it wasn’t really it but he didn’t give up that easily and tried again and again but at one moment he lost control of lightning and it almost killed him if it weren’t for his third blood ability control of the outer space but at that moment he was more excited than ever because he finally figured out how to really conjure lightning it was no wonder when people lost control of lightning it will always hit them and it was always dangerous to cultivate lightning, when the one who control lightning releases his control over the energy, it would run rampage and the energy attributed with lightning would really turn into lightning with its characteristics and hit the nearest thing close to it, if he was a normal cultivator then he would have had to wait until he got stronger to control the lightning in that state but he wasn’t, he had the control of the outer space as long it was his energy he could control it outside his body no matter what state it was in, after finally he could control it he made his style it had six moves, 3 made from quantum physics he learned from earth and 3 where from legends that was also from earth.


    Huang tian took a deep breath and suddenly scarlet lightning appeared around him they it was as thin as a thread, but the strange thing was its color Huang tian why the color of the lightning he conjured was scarlet even when the form was changed it still had scarlet color, the only thing he knew when he looked in the information left in the sovereign ring was that everyone had their own type of yin and yang and lightning conjured from it had its attribute, he didn’t find what type his yin yang was but he knew the scarlet color gave lightning more destructive ability than it would normally have.


    Concentrating all this lightning into has hand he finally fired a beam from his hand and shouted.

    “Quantum legends fifth move lightning beam”

    If a scientist from earth was here he would recognize this beam instantly it was an electron beam, an electron beam was made from concentrating all electrons and speeding them up to almost the speed of light, although Huang tian’s beam didn’t reach that speed but if he had a higher cultivation he could reach it.


    After finally shooting the beam Huang tian fell down almost fainting, he had to cultivate now for two straight days to regain the energy he just lost, almost every move in the quantum legends style had this effect.


    The first move is absolute yin, he took the ability of the yin to freeze everything as the yin was absolute darkness he took that aspect and used it to freeze anything he touched, right now he could only freeze about a tenth of a meter before fainting.


    The second move is darkness flame the yin had a bit of a yang in it be using it as a whole and bringing out the characteristic of the yang of in the yin he could form a flame with yin characteristics it was flame that sought to destroy everything, Huang tian could only form a spark for 5 seconds


    The third move is demonic light by bringing out the yin in the yang, a light with darker shade of white was formed this light erased all evil and obliterate it, Huang tian can only form for about 5 seconds.

    The fourth move is concentrated light in earth terms it was laser, Huang tian could concentrate the light aspect of the yang to form a laser, he could only form one beam as thin as a thread before depleting all his energy.


    The fifth ability is lightning beam which was also electron beam, by forming lightning and concentrating all of it on one hand he could form a beam as thin as a thread.


    The sixth move is rays of detection, by using the characteristics of lightning which is also made of electrons by making them suddenly lose all of their energy and to transform into x- rays gamma rays or ultraviolet rays which could be used to determine the power of opponents for used for detection as a radar.


    After three days Huang tian finally felt satisfied and decided to leave, he felt worried for the two children he left in the inn, he only left them some money and told the inn keeper he would pay for them when he comes back he didn’t know if the keeper felt he stayed too long away and kicked them out or he believed him, he only thought he would get his resources and leave the forest in 5 to 7 days, he didn’t know he would stay this long.


    Getting out of the forest finally Huang tian breathed some air and felt happiness, he was finally out, moving slowly he admired the scenery around him that he didn’t take the chance too as he wanted to go the marked place quickly.


    finally reaching the gate Huang tian entered the city still in a trance about the scenery, not seeing the surprised look and smirk on the guard when he saw him entering, after finally entering the city Huang tian went to the inn he stayed in before, after he found the inn keeper he asked him.


    “Where are the two kids I left here?”


    The inn keeper at first looked nonchalantly but when he saw Huang tian his eyes were wide opened and said quickly.


    “What are you doing here, didn’t you leave, forget it quickly leave now if he finds you he will kill you, forget about the kids and leave”


    The inn keeper seemed frantic as he warned Huang tian, feeling something wrong Huang tian frowned and emitted lightning from his finger and with the other hand one the inn keeper shoulder.


    Seeing the scarlet thunder around Huang tian finger, the inn keeper eyes contracted but before he could do anything he heard Huang tian’s voice.


    “Calm down and tell me everything, then I will leave, alright”


    Hearing Huang tian promise and with fear still lingering he nodded and told Huang tian everything that happened when he was away.


    Leaving the inn Huang tian felt rage in his heart, he almost lost his control over the lightning when he was hearing the inn keeper, he didn’t know something like this would happen when he was away, thinking about everything he knew it was his fault and every time he thought that his hear would be filled with anger and rage again, and he knew how to get rid of that rage.


  • Chapter 13: taste of fame




    Huang tian boiled with anger and rage as he walked the events that happened while he was gone still ringed in his mined from the voice of the inn keeper, apparently the two men that he beat up when saving the two kids worked for a gang boss that had some quiet an influence in this city, they called him boss Li and after he heard what happened to his underlings by someone unknown kid he thought that he made him lose face, so he sent his people looking for him but at that time he had already left to the unnamed forest so after looking for weeks they still didn’t find him, feeling shame boss Li ordered to capture the two kids and spread the word that if he doesn’t come in 3 weeks he would regret what will come later.


    Walking through the alleys Huang tian looked for some of boss Li underlings, the alleys were dark filled with dust and dirt and smelled like trash only some small light passed through the buildings which made it hard to see in the alleys, after spending the whole day looking he finally found two men getting out of a shady building laughing.


    “Haha, did you hear the kid that boss Li ordered to capture came to the city” said the man in front while holding a bottle of wine.


    “Are you sure, he would be an idiot if he did that after running away all that time, if boss Li gets hold of him, he will make his fate worse than the other two kids” said the other man surprised.


    Suddenly the first man who was talking saw a figure appear before him with a terrifying aura asking “what happened to the two kids?”


    “kid who the hell are you, you better leave when I am still in a good mood” apparently the man wasn’t sober and didn’t recognize Huang tian, Huang tian sent an electric current that jolted him, being jolted the man looked around seeing his stupefied friend and then saw a young boy staring him, realizing what happened the man stuttered “Little ancestor please forgive this insolent one, he didn’t recognize little ancestor” the man bowed and almost knelt down, if he were with other underlings he wouldn’t have been afraid, as they were a lot and Huang tian was only one, but now he kept shaking every time he remembered what happened to the two that fought this kid.


    Huang tian frowned then said “Get up, tell me where are the two kids that you just talked about”


    “This insolent only know that they sent to boss Li’s house, I don’t know anything else”


    Huang tian looked at the shaking man and the other one looking for anyway to escape and told them “Lead me to boss Li’s house”


    The two men stunned and thought the same thing ‘is this kid really an idiot’ to them they were only afraid because they were alone but if they regrouped with the other underlings why would they have to fear at that time, and this kid asked them to lead him to the most place filled with boss Li’s underlings, thinking they were fooling him them said quickly “Of course little ancestor, just follow me”


    “Walking through the alleys and then several streets they finally arrived at a big house at the edge of the city filled with guards, before could the two mean leading Huang tian run to the guards Huang tian voice reverberated through the house “DOG FACE LI GET OUT IF YOU DARE”


    The two men were stunned in place while the guards were surprised but they quickly regained their composure and recognized Huang tian, they got their weapons out and went directly to Huang tian.


    “Kid, what do you have inside your head, you will regret coming and saying what you have just said”

    “Don’t say anything brother Yun, let’s just capture him before boss Li comes raging”

    “That’s right this kid is already done for”


    Seeing the guards ignoring him as if he was nothing, Huang tian smiled, it was a smile that came right from hell seeing this smile the guards stopped talking and a chill went down their spines.


    “Damn this kid I will end him right now”  feeling humiliated the guard called Brother Yun went straight to Huang tian.


    When he saw the guard dashing towards him, Huang tian took a step forward and he was covered with scarlet colored thunder, another step and he appeared before the dashing guard finally he sent a punch towards the guard’s face, the guard head directly wen to the ground and he fainted, the other guards that were coming forward stopped, although they knew that they can defeat Huang tian if they all rushed up, no one wanted to come in contact with that scarlet lightning, what they didn’t know was Huang tian couldn’t use the thunder as much as they thought, if it’s just conjuring lightning without using it for anything, he could do that for some time but the moment he used it for any purpose at most he could hold for 40 breaths of time before the lightning went away and that was the simplest use, after all Huang tian was only in the six foundations without much energy to rely on.


    Suddenly another voice reverberated through the house “Boy you really have some courage coming back” a thin man appeared from the house he wore extravagant clothes and gave off a stench aura that made Huang tian just hate him from looking at him.


    “Although you have courage yet you are also stupid and it was too late” Boss li smiled and then shouted “Bring it” three Guards came out of the house holding two bodies and threw them on the ground.


    Huang tian body shook from rage and the lightning crackled more, the two bodies were the two kids he saved he could see all kinds of bruises on their body, and a slice on their throats, he knew they died, they died because of him, he had the power to protect to them yet because nobody knew him, they thought he was a weak kid and could do anything they wanted, this huge bitterness and anger ate his heart, this was Huang tian first taste of the lack of fame.


    Huang tian rushed towards Boss li with scarlet lightning crackling around him, he sent myriad of punches, yet boss li blocked them all, astonished till now Huang tian only fought his underlings and the most powerful one was at body foundation while all the other were at the half mortal realm, yet boss li was at least at the peak of Dantian foundation or even in the spirit foundation.


    Huang tian kept sending all sort of punches and kicks but boss li blocked them all and the punches he sent Huang tian could barely block them and injuries started accumulating on his body.


    Boss Li looked at Huang tian getting beat up by him and got wary he thought to himself this kid can conjure lightning while still in the six foundations yet he only used to enhance his attacks and didn’t attack using it directly, he knew that Huang tian kept a hidden card.


    Suddenly Huang tian swept his leg towards boss Li’s face, raising his hand to block the attack bit nothing happened and he saw a knee heading towards his side, boss li quickly thought ‘a feint!’ he quickly dodged back dodging the knee, contrary to his thoughts Huang tian didn’t retract his leg but he stretched it stomped it to the ground propelling his body towards him and reaching his hand towards boss Li’s face before boss Li could do anything to dodge or block, Huang tian Hand reached above one of Boss Li’s eye and suddenly ice started to form from his finger towards the eye.


    Huang tian used the first move of the quantum legends style, absolute yin, blinding boss Li Huang tian quickly took out a dagger and stabbed in boss Li’s chest, between it and the heart was only one centimeter.


    “Cunning kid, this was your purpose all along, you used the lightning for distracting my thoughts about thinking that you might had any other ability, why did you keep alive, just don’t expect me to do anything” Boss li laughed as if he wasn’t the one with the dagger near the heart or with a blinded eye.


    “Really, do you think so?” Huang tian gave the same smile that he gave when he came a one that came directly from hell, suddenly he sent electric current through the dagger flying through boss Li’s body.


    “AHHHHHH, STOP I WILL GIVE ALL YOU WANT, JUST STOP” feeling the electricity reside away, boss Li’s eyes were full of fear, he didn’t think they kid in front of him would be this cruel, he thought because the boy didn’t kill him that he was just a green horn, and that he didn’t kill before.


    Boss Li’s thoughts were right about Huang tian never killing before, but although he never killed would mean that he would hesitate doing it, after seeing his family destroyed Huang tian heart hardened as steel, if he classified anyone as an enemy he needed to kill, he would kill him without a shred of mercy.


    ‘Why did you come looking for me and why did you capture the kids and kill them” Huang tian asked as he knew this matter wasn’t simple as it looked to be, he didn’t really think that this fox went for all these measures for just two unknown underlings, there was something deeper than that.


    Surprised boss Li asked “you didn’t know” just as he was hesitating he saw lightning crackling around Huang tian again he quickly said “I will say! I will say!”


    Boss Li sighed “The two kids parents were cultivators before they died they gave the two kids a treasure map, it marked a treasure for cultivators, I wanted to take it from them that day without taking an attention, so I only sent two underlings to appear as a simple extortion, but you appeared, after hearing what happened, I though you also knew about the map, and wanted to take it, everything after that you know”


    Huang tian knew even if he electrified him again he wouldn’t get any more truthful information, he didn’t even know if this information was true like why did the cultivators only leave their kids only a map why didn’t he just go after acquiring the map, but he asked the most important question “Where is the map now?”


    It seemed that boss li knew that this question was coming he answered “It’s with me” and he reached towards his clothes.


    Suddenly Huang tian backed away and went to the side of the blinded eye of boss Li and then a dagger appeared from his hand this time the dagger came from the sovereign ring and sliced boss Li’s throat.


    Boss Li’s one eye went wide opened and fell to the ground with a bottle filled with red substance in his hand the last word that came from his mouth “c-cu-cunning K-Kid”


    Huang tian quickly took the bottle and took all the belongings on boss Li’s body and the bodies of the two kids and rushed to the alley, while doing that nobody dared to disturb that little monster, all the guards stood there speechless, they knew a storm would run the city tomorrow after the death of boss Li by an unknown kid.

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