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I'm looking for something different from what I consider to be mainstream.  Although I have read a number of the genre, I don't consider myself well-versed here.  I'm tired of the usual patterns.  To give an example, there's BTTH, Martial World, MGA, Emperor's Domination.  We have an MC who works hard aiming for the peak, offending the "noble" sects and families everywhere.  It all falls into an endless repetition until the MC conquers all.  ED might be a bit different, but I won't go deep there and waste space here.

I'm now in thirst for something really different.  Like maybe the MC is already at the peak, travelling around everywhere.  Enjoying his OP-ness.  He may get into shallow relationships with a few women.  He may use plots and tricks to get rid of people who try to harm him (despite the fact that they pose no threat).  He may pick some seemingly talented youngster to train him or her a bit.  He may pop out of nowhere and save a family from a brink of destruction.  He may disguise as some chef or whatever.

I welcome any other recommendation that might not fit from what I stated above.  Although I really hope that the MC is a mature man.  Calm and cunning.  Not some hot-headed brat. And hopefully, the novel is either completely translated or available in lnmtl.  If it's still ongoing and just partially translated and not in lnmtl, I'll just bookmark it and read it some time in the future.

Thanks in advance~


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    I know exactly how you feel, these web novel authors always spend lots of time on how the MC level-up and beat one foe after another.
    By doing this, they can write loads of chapters without building up the plot.

    The most fitting answer of your question might be the novels of Gu Long, for example, "Horizon, Bright Moon, Sabre"-- which can be found on the homepage of Wuxiaworld.

    His MCs are usually one of the best in the martial world, and still got many things to do, many enemies to fight.
    Gu Long is an expert of Wuxia, he expressed the charisma of Wuxia heros perfectly in his books.

    I am not sure you will love them, but there is no harm in giving it a try.
    (I've heard that "Purple River by Lao Zhu" is also a good one with a MC who was already at the peak at the beginning of the story, but I haven't read much of it, so...
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    I recommend transcending the nine heavens (and other novels by the same author), Warlock of the Magus World, history's strongest senior brother.
    If no xianxia are okay : Release that witch, Dungeon Defense..

    (Lnmtl is just mehhh >.>)
  • Many thanks.  I'll try them.
  • Dungeon Defense MC is as weak as shit... bitchy, whiny teenager "demon"... Japanese styled Korean trash story... there, enjoy it if you can....
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