Rafael - Chapter 1 Water Hole

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This story takes place in a very different world. We will call this
world Terriar. It exists on a very different plane than our own Earth. For this
reason, there is almost no contact between the worlds. Only the highest levels
of wizards from both worlds were the only ones that ever crossed over.

Terriar, just like Earth, have humans living on it. But as it is,
humans aren’t the only beings to live on the planet. A race of beings called
ShapeShifters live in Terriar. For centuries, they have lived alongside humans.

 ShapeShifters look no
different than humans; in fact, they live much the same way as any human. It is
their ability that makes them so bizarre. ShapeShifters have the power to
acquire the shape of what they see. Originally they didn’t look human, or
anything else for that matter. Over time this ability got changed.
ShapeShifters developed a stable human form and control of their shape shifting
ability. These abilities are widespread as they are diverse.

Humans and Shifters lived in harmony, until a few centuries ago…
something changed. Humans started an all-out war with the shifters. For reasons
unknown, Ruler of Celiberia gave out an order to slaughter every single one of
the shifters. This marked the beginning of the war known as Shifter Wars.

It plays out till today, not only in Celiberia, but also the rest
of the world. Since humans are great in numbers than ShapeShifters (for every
100 ShapeShifters there are 1000 humans), they managed to overpower ShapeShifters.
50 years ago, things began to alter. Shifters changed; they adapted to the
human’s hostile nature. This marked the start of human purges.

Now this story that I am about to tell revolves around a 12 year
old boy name Rafael. Also known as Roth, his parents became victims of human assault
when he was just a year old. A human boy name Angel took Roth under his care;
because Angel was saved by Roth’s parents.

Angel is a human… this proved troublesome for him. Humans and
ShapeShifters alike loathed him. Angel is a human outlaw and the only reason
Shifters tolerated his presence was because of Roth. He settled in an
underground human trench where he raised Rafael. Angel taught himself and Roth
the art of fighting and how to use weapons… and exploited Roth’s shape shifting
ability to its maximum.

Somewhere in

  A young boy raised his head
up, out from behind a crate. He had been standing on one of the many platforms
that humans built along the valley wall. They are pure steel platforms, some
tunneled into the cliff, while others protruded outwards. Literally hundreds of
these platforms lined the cliff-wall.

The one that the young boy stood had a carved out space into the
cliff. A shop and two houses stood to the far end. The crate that the boy stood
behind, was one of the many, stacked side by side each other. Apparently they
contained supplies for the shop, but were empty now, ready to be picked up by the
Dump Vehicles.

A man walked out of the shop. He had just done some early morning
shopping, and walked into the elevator at the end of the platform. The boy
watched as the elevator left the platform, rising up until finally it disappeared
out of sight. This boy; Rafael, slowly crept out from his hiding place.

He looked relatively young, maybe 10. He looked relatively weak, in
terms of his body. Rafael wore a white tank top, and blue colored Jeans. He had
a messed up hairstyle, as if it hasn’t been touched for a decade. In one hand
he held a long sharp edged metal spike, and wore leather gloves on his hands
and walked on bare foot.

The boy walked into the shop, unaware of the waiting ambush. He
became the subject to immediate fire from the man who stood behind the brass
metal counter. Rafael was fast; he jumped to the right, and crouched behind a
rack, out of the line of fire.

“You are dead, scum!” The shopkeeper walked out from behind the
counter, with his G9-KK shotgun. He tiptoed to the rack where the boy jumped to
dodge the gunfire, leaning over; the shopkeeper shot a couple of rounds to
where he thought the boy would be. Rafael wasn’t there, he had disappeared. The
man searched the whole shop, but couldn’t find Rafael.

Suddenly, a mouse fell from the ceiling, landing abruptly on the
man’s head. Out of shock, he fired at the ceiling. The boy exploded, and he
grew; at an alarmingly fast rate, even for a shifter; transforming into a lion.
The man fell down on his back, the sudden and sheer increase of weight on his
head, broke the shopkeeper’s neck. Rafael finished the job with a bite to the
neck, and tore a portion of it, just to be sure.

Rafael transformed back to himself. He had blood on his face and
mouth. “Yes you are, human.” The boy muttered to the dead corpse.

The ST (Star Troop) had begun to position in front of the shop,
being warned by the man that left the shop, before Rafael came in. He had seen
Rafael behind those crates.

The boy rounded up bread, jam and biscuits into a plastic bag and
prepared to leave. He knew that ST had gathered outside the shop. Thus Rafael
crouched behind the door, and looked outside; his instincts were dead on
target, at least half a dozen soldiers lay in wait for him; three in front of
the two side windows, and two men at the main entrance.

Rafael thought up a plan of action. He picked up the body of the
shop keeper and threw it out of the right window, in order to divert ST’s
attention. All the firing was directed at the body. Meanwhile; taking advantage
of this opportunity, Rafael jumped through the left window and ran towards the
edge of the platform.

It wasn’t long before the fire was redirected at Rafael. He managed
to dodge most of the bullets, took one in the left leg and right shoulder,
before jumping off the platform, and took a dive down to the valley floor.
Rafael kept both his hands close to his body, as he zoomed down, gracefully.

A few meters close to the ground, bat like wings sprouted from
Rafael’s back, and as he unfolded them, started soaring. Rafael flew through a
town that was once bustling with human life. Now though, all remains is a
monument to the once glory of humans. 

Rafael navigated his way through the empty streets, and plunged
down into the mines, going deeper and deeper into the valley. At one point he
rose up through an opening on the ceiling of the cave. Zigzagging his way up
the maze of tunnels, Rafael came out on to the surface, 3km away from the

Rafael landed close by. He kept the bag down, and sat; the morning
desert sun scorching on his, he dug his hands into his shoulder wound and removed
the bullet.

The sound of a gun sent Rafael springing back on his feet. Looking
to the right, he saw someone on the ground, a few feet away. An older man stood
there; handgun pointed at him. This man had blue hair and wore a green colored
leather jacket and black pants.

“That...” The man pointed his free hand at the dead man, “…

Could have been you,” He lowered his gun. “Be careful next time,
Rafael.” The man kept the gun back in its holster and walked forward; and began
work on the injured leg of Rafael.

“That human bastard knew me.” Rafael said was bitter.

“Perhaps he saw you sneaking behind the crates…” Angel, using a
curving blade he had, removed the bullet that was caught in Rafael’s leg.
“Humans grow weary and alert.”

“You should know, since your one yourself.” Rafael started walking
towards the open desert.

Angel followed Rafael, and scavenged the gun and ammunitions from
the man he shot down. “You sound like you don’t trust me?” Angel asked, quickly
catching up to Rafael.

“I trust no human…” Rafael looked at him, “except you Angel.”

The man heaved a sigh of relief. “When will you go to refill?” He
asked Rafael.

They stopped by a small rock that jotted out of the scorched earth.
Thousands of years of water-depriving-sun had left the ground in cracks. And
now, the desert slowly marches for the once lush green valley.

“First thing tomorrow, I promise.” Rafael kicked the rock.

“You said so yesterday…” Angel pulled on the lever that slid out of
the ground. A door creaked open on a side, revealing a flight of stairs that
lead underground.

“I will do it tomorrow, I promise.” Rafael walked down the stairs
into their living room. It was once the radio room of the bunker. They had
removed all the radio equipments and re-arranged the chairs and table with
enough room at the sides for a shelf.

Rafael sleeps in the armory while Angel has his bed in the store
room. The bunker has 2 two-ton water tanks and one refrigerator.

Rafael covered his wounds with a white cloth and dropped down onto one
of the chairs. Angel came in with their breakfast. He prepared it for both of
them. Rafael ate thrice what Angel ate. Shape Shifters need to eat more; energy
is consumed greatly in their shape shifting process.

Immediately after the breakfast, Rafael got up to leave. Angel
tried to stop him, “Not today boy, rest while your wounds heal.”

“It’s not like the humans are resting…” Rafael took no heed to
Angel. He got out onto the desert sun, and took off towards the human ST
outpost a few kilometers to the west.

It’s a daily routine for Rafael, he spy on the human outpost;
listening for any of their encounters with a shape shifter; and relaying the
human movements throughout the territory to the rest, that’s his job.

Rafael crawled up the iron pillars of the tower, and through the
window. A man wearing a headphone sat inside, monitoring a radio and a computer
screen (the radar). The man had been communicating the other outposts’
kilometers away, scattered all over the VALLEY SECTOR.

Celiberia is divided into seven sectors; VALLEY SECTOR, THE OASIS,

Rafael’s minute figure let him inside the right ear of the man, in
the form of a moth. He would sit there listening to the conversations for hours
at a stretch. It always surprised the humans when reinforcements come to the
shifters rescue from out of nowhere.

Rafael would change shifts at twelve o’clock, with another of his
kind; a black male name Joseph. Just like most of the shifters in the valley,
Joseph lives alone. But, like everyone else; he gets along with others very

Rafael headed home towards four o’clock, where Angel would be ready
with lunch. On the way, he stopped by a hut, in the middle of the desert. There
lives a very old lady; long grey hair and has lost all her teeth.

“Good afternoon madam.” Rafael greeted this woman with respect. She
sat beside her table, weaving a cloth.

“Good morning, Rafael.” She looked at him, and smiled. Rafael sat
down next to her. “Got shot?” She asked, seeing the bandages. Rafael nodded.
“You should be careful,” she stopped working, and stood up. “Humans are quick

The old lady disappeared in to her room for a while. She came out
with a small box wrapped in white paper. “Please give this to my son.” She
handed the box to Rafael. “Give him love from me.”


“Yes, Miss Genève.” Rafael dtood up to leave. She’s the widow of
the late Shifter Lord of Celiberia: Gerome Karta, and the mother of the CSA
(Commander of Shifter Army)

“I can trust no one else to deliver these.” She said, as Rafael
bowed stiffly to her before leaving.

“You don’t trust… shifters?” Rafael asked her, because Shifters
know no such thing as deceit; as far as their race is concerned. Shifters who
have never ever met before could entrust their siblings in the hand of each
other without a single worry.

don’t trust their ability to reach my son. Few can match you, Rafeal.” Genéve
said. Rafael does not have a last name, for the simple reason that his parents
died while he was a mere sibling.

are seven kinds of shifters. Shifters:
which can only take the shape of other human beings. Robo Shifters: These can transform themselves into non-organic
things like rocks, fans, robots, tanks, airplanes etc. Chromo Shifters: Chromo shifters have the ability to transform
into anything they can comprehend; a vampire of a werewolf for example. They
can take shape of human beings and animals plus they have the ability of a Robo
Shifter as well. Amemos: These
shifters can only take the shape of an animal. Multi Shifters: This type of a shifter can take control of a living
being and use it whatever way he/she wishes. Ultra Shifter: These types of shifters can invade other living
beings and slowly eat it from within, and eventually it can transform into that
being, memories of it intact. Mega
The strongest type of shifters known. They have the ability of a
chromo shifter and can multiply in numbers.

  Rafael was walking calmly
towards his home. He was alone in the desert which run for miles around. Rafael
walked up and down sand dunes as he crossed the desert, meeting up with an
occasional camel or a scorpion or an ant.



A man in formal cloths walked into the commander of ST’s office,
holding a file.

The man sat down, slammed the file on the desk. The commander was
in his military uniform. He took the file and opened it.

“600 deaths last month alone, the Lord is not happy.” The man said.
“He feels you need a retirement.”

“You must be nuts.” The commander got up. “I’m this close to
annihilating all of them in this sector, and I’m being pulled off?” 

“Sit down Galileo…” The man motioned him to sit down, “and listen,
Its nothing personal…”

“Nothing personal?!” Galileo shouted in outrage, “Like hell it

“So what if I may have led to your downfall, it’s the Lords
decision.” The man laughed getting up, “Now… please come out here.” He

In an unexpected turn of events, Galileo took out his hand gun, and
fired at this man. The bullets got deflected on contact with the man’s face. “I
could kill you for that you know?” He walked to where the commander sat earlier
and took his seat.

“Oh-and one more thing,” The man stopped Galileo as he was about to
exit the room, “Tell me, who’s the strongest Shifter in the area?”

Galileo smiled, “CSA and a kid named Rafael.” He waved at the man,
“Have fun playing with them, Junior.” He walked out.

Junior took out their files. He was especially impressed with the
twelve year old boy – Rafael who has taken out 678 ST soldiers and killed 200
more men. It was impressive, considering that the boy is only twelve. And this
is on record, no one knows how many he has killed off record.


[Author's Note: This is something I wrote years back.. like 5 or so years ago, I started anyway, and now I want to continue on this, needless to say, I have been inspired by the Chinese light novels that are being translated and posted on this site. I hope to continue writing on this. Somewhere through the next chapter, you will start seeing a change in writing style. Bear with it, as I may revise on this chapter sooner or later. Hope you all have a fun time reading this! Forgive if this is crude...] 

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    Rafael was up early the next morning and prepared to go to the water hole (A lake below mount Shiest controlled personally by CSA.) Angel had elevated the tanks out of their underground resting, later the previous night. Rafael strong he may be, is incapable of doing the transportation alone. That’s why he has help. A shifter name Shamus Danté,  a Robo Shifter. A gift from the CSA, one could say.

    “Good morning; boy-o!” Shamus was sitting on one of the tanks when Rafael emerged out of his underground layer.  “Ready for an adventure, eh?” He jumped off the tank, coming to land swiftly on the ground, left knee bent forward while the other leg stretched a little backwards for balance.  

    “Yea…” Rafael jumped up, and transformed into a giant truck. At first it was vertical, facing upwards. It fell on all its fours with a giant tremor. “Start loading.” Rafael ordered.

    “Geez.” Shamus scratched his head, not quite able to understand Rafael. He has been working with this young prodigy for over a year, and never has he seen the boy lighten up, not for a sec. Shamus transformed into a giant robot. “Aye aye, my man.”

    He lifted the two-ton tank with his giant robot hands and secured it on to Rafael’s back. He often wonders why Rafael denied him on the day when Shamus came looking for the job. Sure, he won’t disagree; the boy certainly is strong; given that he is a Chromo Shifter, after all.

    Shamus got into the passenger seat of the truck, “Let’s get going, kid.” He fastened his seat belt.

    Rafael started moving, towards the said waterhole. He took the m4, heading west on it. It would be two days ride to the Waterhole.

    Two hours into the ride…

    Rafael made a sudden stop. “What’s wrong Rafael?” Shamus asked.

    Rafael didn’t reply. He just stood there, in the middle of the road; like any other broken down machine.

    Shamus came out, to inspect. He was hit on the head with a laser. One so large and powerful; Shamus was sent flying into the desert.

    The laser came from a woman with a robotic left arm. Smoke was still coming out of the hole in the palm of that hand, the laser came from it. “I’ve got you now, Rafael.”

    Behind her, a man was working on a machine. “Eliminate the other one.” He ordered the woman.

    “No problem-o, dad.” She fired another laser at Shamus, who hasn’t gotten up. He took a direct hit on the head.

    The passenger seat of Rafael opened, extending outwards, blocking Shamus from the attack.

    The girl was shocked, “Dad…?” He looked back at her father. “Why’s he still moving?”

    “Hmm…” The man looked at Rafael. “I froze him. So he should not be able to ShapeShift at all.” He saw the extended door. He went closer, he seemed pretty confident in himself. “It must’ve taken all he had just to do that.” He touched the door, it was hot. “Now…” He came back to stand by the machine, “Finish that other one off.”

    The girl nodded. He went around to where Shamus was earlier. Now though, he wasn’t there. “Where did he go?” She asked, looking around. She fired at anything and everything she saw; be it a rock, a snake or even a plant. “Come out; come out, wherever you are!” She fired at a boulder, which incinerated into bits.

    Shamus was right behind the girl, waiting to ambush. He jumped up at the girl, immediately transforming into robot; a human sized one. He punched her head from behind. She fell, head first onto the sand.

    Meanwhile, Rafael was still trying to change, but somehow he could not. He could not get his molecules to expand. Seeing as Rafael was wriggling; the man laughed. “Your attempts to transform are futile. You see; I injected you with serum: Autopad.” He started explaining. “It attacks the neuron system; and paralyzes the victim. But you shifters have an amazing adaptability. So I used this machine; which attacks your ‘Shift Core’, disrupting the flow of edigen. Edigen is the key to ‘change’ by which means, the level of edigen in your blood right now is 1 to nil.”

    Shamus picked up the girl by pulling on her hair, “Now tell me, what you have done to him?!” Shamus asked.

    “Die!” She fired laser at Shamus. He avoided being hit, by jumping to the right. “You underestimate me, scum!” She fired another one at Shamus. This time, he was hit. He fell down

    “I am Norah, ‘The Reaper’” Shamus stood back up on his legs, shocked. He never thought The Reaper was a female.

    “You are a liar.” Shamus avoided being hit for the third time by jumping up. “The Reaper is said to be the fastest being on the planet.”

    “You think… I’m not?” Norah was now on top of Shamus. She was like a gust of wind, or even faster. “Well, guess again.” She hit Shamus with her elbow. He crashed into the ground. A cloud of dust and sand went flying; she was stronger; even compared to a ShapeShifter.

    Shamus did not even see Norah as she moved. He was in trouble, he knew. If The Reaper is as strong as the legends tell her to be; then Shamus knew, he was bound to die. Even the formidable CSA and Rafael (they fought her, wasn’t able to beat her.) was defeated when put up against her.

    “But boy, you snuck up from behind me, and now; I have a headache.” She fired through the cover of dust. It was a hit, Shamus was blown out of the dust cloud; heading up. “I will make this quick.” She appeared above Shamus, and fired at him.

    Shamus was able to transform his hand into a shield, blocking himself from the attack. But the sheer force of the blast propelled Shamus into the Desert sand. He rolled out of the way, and used the cover of the blast to transform into a tank.

    The moment the cloud thinned, Shamus fired at her. It looked like she was hit. The instant Shamus let his guard down, and transformed into his self, Norah was on top of him. She fired at Shamus, and point blank range. His head exploded into bits.

    “Damn it.” A portion of her long sleeved jacket also got incinerated. “I ended up overdoing it.”

    This time, Norah was the one caught off-guard. A laser that came out of the smoke-filled blast radius bruised her left shoulder at it scraped past her.

    “I missed…” The smoke cleared away, revealing Shamus, with half-a-head that was ever more healing. He was pointing his right cannon-like arm at her.

    If Norah hadn’t moved just then, her left hand would have been cut clean off the rest of her body. “You Bastard!” She shouted, angrily. “I’m going to kill you!” She started firing out of her mechanized right hand. So did Shamus, firing at her with all he had.

    “I never thought someone like you would give my girl a fight.” Norah’s father, appearing behind Shamus, pierced him with a kitchen knife. That was it, and Shamus, drained away into the ground.

    “Dad…?” Norah didn’t believe it. Her father killed the Shifter with nothing more than a hand held blade. “How did you…?”

    “The best and easiest way to kill a Shifter is to pierce through its core.” He said making his way back to his machine. Rafael was standing next to the machine, smiling. At least, what was left of it? Shamus was standing on top of it. “…how?” The man looked at them, in shock.

    “Eh… I’m a mega shifter.” Shamus said. He laughed, as his left ear healed. Norah was fighting his ear it seemed.


    Norah shook his head, she fired at them.

    “Let me handle her.” Rafael jumped forward, transforming into a werewolf. He punched the laser beam, deflecting it.

    “We can’t fight both of them, let’s go Norah.” The man dragged Norah away.

    Rafael stopped, “Shouldn’t we follow them?” he asked, looking back at Shamus.

    Shamus had a confused look on his face. “You’re asking me?” It was like he couldn’t believe it.

    “Oh.” Rafael shook his head, “No. Let’s get going.”

    “Why did we stop anyhow?” Shamus asked Rafael, climbing on. Seemed like he remembers nothing of the incident;

    “Because I felt like so;” Rafael answered, in his usual tone.

    They commenced their journey; travelling through the desert at a steady speed of 40 km/hr. By 10 o’clock that night; they had covered 440 km, nonstop. Rafael was tired; which is imaginable. They stopped by an old rusty gas-pump. By now, they were well along the border of the VALLEY SECTOR; due west lies the lush green IVORY COAST.

    A man greeted both of them. His name was Albert Steiner. He welcomed them both into his house a few meters away. He had a wife (Emilia) and a daughter (Stacy). They are a shifter family. They were especially kind towards Rafael. He’s a family friend of theirs.

    “Thanks for this wonderful dinner, Mrs. Steiner.” Shamus bowed down to Emilia, and began to eat the dinner. “Boy, I am hungry!” He started gobbling up the chicken leg.

    “You have no manners, as usual.” Rafael went about slowly with the dinner. He took a bite off the bread.

    Shamus wasn’t listening, nor was Stacy who was lost in deep thought. After a moment of silence, she spoke, “Mom, I wanna go with Rafael.”

    “I forbid you to.” Mr. Steiner denied his daughter. I don’t really care. She’ll just be a pain in my ass. “It is dangerous.”

    Stacy got up, and left.

    “We apologize for her behavior.” Mrs. Steiner sighed.

    “It’s okay.” I said so as not to sound hypocritical. In the end, I allowed her to come with me. They agreed to send her with me on the condition that she is returned safe and sound.

    How can I possibly guarantee that, when we just came out of a clash with ‘The Reaper’ and her father?

    Nonetheless, he agreed to bring her along with him. After driving all day, Rafael and the group had stopped to rest.

    Mid-way through the night, Rafael was awaken by Shamus. He looked furious.

    “What is the meaning of this, boy?!” He took Rafael away from the sleeping Stacy.

    “Commander… I do not understand.” Rafael looked at Shamus, confused. Shamus is just one of the many extended forms of Celiberia’s CSA. When he’s occupying Shamus, he becomes a Mega Shifter. When he is himself though, Shamus is just a Robo shifter.

    “Why’d you let the weakling come with you? She’ll just be a hindrance.” Shamus pointed at Stacy.

    “It’s only to the water hole. I intend to see her off on our return.” Rafael nodded.

    “Get ready to battle. I sense a tank squadron headed this way.” Shamus said, transforming into a robot.

    “These humans… they never learn.” Rafael transformed into a werewolf. He leaped on to one of the water containers and scanned the area. The squadron came from the east. They were four tanks and around 80 men walking on foot. They were clearly headed in Rafael’s direction.

    Rafael climbed down, “an ambush might work,” Rafael suggested, realizing the enemies might not have yet realized of their whereabouts yet.

    “What about the girl?” Shamus asked, looking at Stacy who was sleeping on bare sand, with her head on a bag.

    “Let’s use her as bait. She’ll be of some use at least.” Rafael said.

    Shamus laughed, “I like your thinking kid. I’ll fan out and take out the ground troops, one by one. It’ll be your job to sabotage the tanks.”

    “Understood.” Rafael transformed into a snake and tunneled his way under the sand and disappeared due east.

    Shamus started doubling, and each time, one of them would march in each direction.


    “This is ridiculous, what are we even doing here?” The soldier asked his fellow comrade. They were marching in the middle of the night to a location even they had no idea of, “The damn shifters killed everyone. Why don’t we just leave this land to them?”

    “All you ever do is complain, Marcus.” Daniel snapped at his best friend. “Think of the noble cause we are fighting for.”

    “Killing humans is noble?” He asked Daniel.

    Daniel laughed, “These creatures… they are anything but human. They may look it but they are not humans.”

    One of the scouts returned. He’d spotted two unidentified objects just over the dune on the other side.

    Squadron leader, Jeremy ordered to move towards where the tanks were found. “You boys better be on guard!” Jeremy turned to his men, “There might be Robo Shifters. Keep the EMP’s on the ready!”

    “I don’t like this.” Marcus said, wearing his face mask with the night vision on. About 30 meters from the tanks, Daniels spotted movement on one of them. The whole squadron came into full alert as they moved closer. Just past the tanks, they spotted a girl sleeping.

    “Orders, sir.” Marcus had his rifle trained at Stacy.

    Suddenly, something exploded out of the Sand; shooting through one of the tanks. They turned and found most of their men gone.

    “Retreat!” Jeremy jumped down from the tank he was on, as it too got taken out. He and Marcus ran for their lives. Only about a dozen of them survived. Everyone else died in the ambush.

    Stacy woke up to the sound of exploding tanks. She saw soldiers being gobbled up by werewolf like creatures. Some of them escaped. One of them targeted Stacy. She just barely survived; the bullet went through her shoulder.

    Rafael was alerted by Stacy crying, he just emerged from beneath a sabotaged tank. He sprinted right to her, a distance of around 30 feet in time to intercept a bullet shot at her, then darted right at the man with his rifle primed at Stacy, and bit his head off, before spitting it back out.

    “Should we follow them?” Rafael asked Shamus as he returned to him standing next to Stacy, who was gripping her shoulder throbbing with pain.

    “No, let them go. I do not want to attract attention.” He said, turning back to his human self. “Girl, you should remove the bullet from your body. It could be poisonous.”

    She looked baffled, “I…I can’t!” She protested.

    Shamus sighed. “Help her out Rafael.”

    “Yes sir.” Rafael nodded.

    Rafael transformed his left hand into a knife and slowly removed the bullet from her shoulder. She healed surprisingly fast for a shifter. Even chromo shifters and mega shifters don’t heal that fast.

    “Curious….” Shamus said laughing.

    At dawn, the trio set out towards the Waterhole.

    “I blacked out again last night.” Shamus said, sitting inside Rafael’s head. “I should probably show this to a doctor…”

    “I doubt any doctor can help you.” Rafael said.

    The Waterhole is a stronghold controlled by Shapeshifters, and the one water source in all of Desert Sector. It is guarded by one guy, a Mega Shifter, the CSA of Celiberia.

    They arrived around mid-day. There was literally a reinforced military camp around the lake. It was hard to believe all the swarms of people on the walls, at the gates and going about their daily life inside the fort were all branches of a single person. In there were all manner of shifters, Robo Shifters, Chromo Shifters and Ultra Shifters.


    [Author's Note: This is something I wrote years back.. like 5 or so years ago, I started anyway, and now I want to continue on this, needless to say, I have been inspired by the Chinese light novels that are being translated and posted on this site. I hope to continue writing on this. Somewhere through the next chapter, you will start seeing a change in writing style. Bear with it, as I may revise on this chapter sooner or later. Hope you all have a fun time reading this! Forgive if this is crude...] 

    [Note 2: It was too long, so I had to take up 2 posts to post the entire thing!] 

    The Almighty Froppy
  • This is written well. Good job
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