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  • I just hope YC is not put into a situation where he has to choose between saving of his woman. That said I am pretty sure YC is not gonna be back in BPS with the 5 year "limit" he has.
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  • I think he will, at least he never missed a promise to his wives, like the 3 years promise to lil aunt and FX.
    If you check his other works, the MC always made it within the time limit he set for himself
  • *cough* Ling'er *cough*
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  • Ravannoc said:
    *cough* Ling'er *cough*

    Not sure what you're on about. Yun Che arrived for Ling'er in the time frame he promised her.
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  • He did miss the 1 month timeline he gave Little Aunt and Cang Yue when he went to the Divine Phoenix's Tournament
  • Reasonably speaking, ATG seems well on its way for roughly 2200 - 2400 chapters.

    Firstly, YC's own birth world consisted of >900 chapters

    Next we look at the Realm of the Gods.. we have not even scratched the surface of it. Currently at ~1200+ chapters, we're still in the Eastern zone of ROTG, we need at least 1 vol for Jasmine's reunion, 1 vol for North zone (important), 1 volume for west/south zone, and maybe 1 volume to link everything together (along with antagonist that harmed jasmine's brother) to prep for exiting the ROTG (we have already been teased about the place that exists beyond the ROTG.

    Reasonably we can expect ROTG Arc to end at around 1800-2000 chapters... 

    and the Final Arc, which i expect would conclude the entirety of the ATG realm, backstory, mysteries and etc... would last maybe ~2 to 4 volumes... 
  • Well do you guys seriously believe that Yun Che will believe that Jasmine died beyond the wall of primal chaos ? 1)He will definitely not believe that she died before seeing and confirming it, and moreover 2)The Heaven Smitting Devil Emperor Jie Yuan said "The current Primal Chaos Realm is hiding an immense secret and an immense hidden malaise", and the reason she was willing to stop her clansmen and go beyond the wall of primal chaos was also partly because of this and partly because of Yun Che, Hong'er, You'er, and 3) somewhere around chapter 400~500(I am not sure) jasmine said to the soul spirit that was guarding Hong'er that humans could only hold 3 divine inheritance at once and even that was very very rare because they reject each other, and that even she did not know the REASON why Yun Che was able to hold the divine inheritance of The Heretic God, The Phoenix, The Golden Crow, The Dragon God, Heavenly Wolf Star God, The Rage God, The Ice Pheonix, he even has The ancestral God legacy, Li Suo's legacy, and that REASON was precisely why Yun Che was able to hold both light and darkness profound energy within his body, and as for that reason I am pretty much sure that every one knows about it, it's because of the "SACRED BODY" that Yun Che has, it was revealed in the 16th volume, when Yun Che used power close to that of a god when he used three star god power at once he fainted after the fight with burning moon god realm and had weird dreams and in that dream there were two voices which was from the same person yet different which was mentioned like "I(You) and You(I)", they spoke about giving their power to someone'(him)' and they decided to give him the SACRED BODY which was created from law of nothingness and which would grant him a body that could hold ALL POWER, and those two voice according to me are precisely the two mirror of samsaras spirit or consciousness in which one was with Yun Che and one was with XQ(previously), and this clearly states that the author has planned that Yun Che would get sacred body which was revealed near 1600th chapter when he was just near to chapter 500 or 600!!!!!! So right now author must hold more story than the tiny one we know now   so considering 1) and 2) he would go beyond primal chaos and if we consider all three, ATG probably would not have chapters only comparable to 2000~2500.It's definitely more than that and right now its unpredictable and it's definitely going to be a very very long novel.
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