Life of Esyios (Chapter 3 out now)

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A planet twotimes the size of Earth, Zuiter. The world has developed strangely similar topresent day Earth, with most militant forces using the same kind of weapons ascurrent militaries on earth.

The year is568 PD. 568 years ago, a collection of 3 asteroids fell on the planet, thecollection of asteroids is theorized to have been a part of one single asteroidnamed Drohjan.

When Drohjanhit the atmosphere it started breaking apart and a strange colored dust filledthe entire atmosphere, the meteors landed in the ocean with a lot of speed andstill containing most of its mass. This caused huge tsunamis and earthquakesacross the entire planet, killing approximately 80 million people. But thiswasn’t the only catastrophe brought by Drohjan; the dust that filled theatmosphere started to settle, it was a strange material that was like poison toall living things.

It infectedwater and food supplies, and did not let the symptoms show for a few days, butby that time, everything contained some of this material within it, whether itwas humans, animals, plants, and even the soil and water now had the materialembedded in to it.

When thesymptoms started to show, people and animals started having aneurisms and dyingalmost immediately, even some plant species started withering and dying. Nearly6 billion of the previous 16 billion humans died, as well, multiple animal andplant species died out, only 10 days after the meteor crashing; but life issometimes extremely resilient, the remaining, scared and hopeful, life startedto evolve over time to survive.

Biologistsstarted noticing plants, animals, and even humans, DNA start to change. Thischange happened slowly over time, but no noticeable changes happened.

Every personalive at that time remembers the fear at that time, and it was agreed that thisincident would mark the start of a new era, in hopes that they could surviveand honor their lost friends and family members.

PD, anacronym for Post-Drohjan, was then used to keep track of years to come in thefuture. Peace followed the catastrophe, as all nations decided to join togetherto hopefully help each other survive and regain stability.

Multiplegovernment sent scientists and officials to investigate the crash sites but allwere killed due to the strange, inexplicable, everlasting storms and violentwaves around the area.

A decadepassed and the storm covering the easternmost meteorite slowly cleared,revealing an island, approximately 500 km in diameter. This island was namedafter its position and the meteorite, East Drohjan.

A largecountry quickly colonized the island and brought multiple species of animalsand plants. Other governments also sent living organisms there to see if theisland could allow life to grow and prosper.

24 PD, peacehas now broken and wars and conflicts start again, including the country ofGrolan, the country that colonized East Drohjan.

4 yearslater the country of Grolan falls, and the colony of East Drohjan secedes fromall rulings and becomes its own independent territory, its citizens nowbecoming Drohjans.

The stormsstill rage around the other islands 600 km away from East Drohjan, with thisknowledge, the Drohjans pronounce that the name East Drohjan is to becomeDrohjan, since the other areas show no calming at the time.

The newlyformed World Nations Organization (WNO) accept the Drohjan request forindependence in return for allowing studies to be continued on the island.Researchers notice thousands of new species over time, as well as newvariations being born every few months, life is evolving at an amazing speed.

200 PD,researchers find new species of animals, some being quiet a lot more powerfulthan any organisms before their time.

 Many Drohjans feel threatened by theirexistence, but since humans still have overwhelming numbers to combat againstthe new species, no action is taken.

 A few years pass as the new animals start togrow in population, the Drohjans start to hunt them to keep their citizenssafe. The job of a hunter is dangerous for the Drohjans, as many die whiletrying to suppress the beasts’ populations.

The WorldNations Organization becomes upset at the killing of the new species, sincethat allows less research. This leads to disagreements between Drohjan and theWNO, in the end, the WNO decides to cut all support of materials, food, andweapons to the Drohjans.

Luckily, thewildlife on Drohjan by this time is thriving, allowing its citizens to live offof the land, so to speak. After a 10 or so years of this, the Drohjans now seemlike a primitive race, living in huts and tents, using only necessary clothingand surviving as a close knit community.

The mainworry is of the beasts, now collectively named Mythos Beasts, or for multiplebeasts, Mythoi.

Beasts thatseem like only legends and myths. Some of the beasts were becoming intelligentand even forming their own pyramid-based communities, of course with thestrongest being the leader of the other Mythoi.

In the year220 PD, a young man named Grakkon Dornan single-handedly slayed a three-headedserpent. The Drohjans kept this a secret from the rest of the world, in fearthat a country would kill to find out how such a small boy contained inhumanstrength. In 227, at the age of 21, Grakkon took the position of Head Chief inthe Drohjan community.

At this timethe Mythoi have shown all around the world, as well as a few evolved humans,who were given the name Homo Evolutis, or more commonly known as Esyios. Esyiosbecame the target of the WNO’s interest, and most of the known Esyios joinedthe WNO.

Grakkonannounced to the world that he was opening tournament for every Esyio tocompete in on Drohjan, and guaranteed the safety of all competitors.

The WNOthought the same way as Grakkon, hoping that this would allow more Esyios to feelthat it was not something to keep hidden in fear of persecution. They alsowanted to recruit more Esyios in hopes to protect the peace from any futurerebellious Esyios.

The WNO thennegotiated with the Drohjan, and made peace, and tried to allow thecontinuation of the support that has been severed for the last few decades.

Grakkondeclined this, but he allowed the WNO to build a large dome for the tournamentof Esyios in the northern part of Drohjan, and he allowed the WNO to offer a $5million prize money for the winner of the tournament.

The nextyear, in 228 PD, the tournament was held and only Esyios, a select fewDrohjans, members of the WNO, along with the rich sponsors were able to attend.

Grakkonattended with 4 other Esyio Drohjans, showing that the Drohjans had 1 moreEsyio than the WNO.

Thetournament continued and the competitors from the WNO and Drohjan proved to beable to use their strength and speed better than most, due to their training.

In thesemifinals, Grakkon fought against one of his fellow Drohjans and won, then theleader of the WNO Esyios, Anton Thad, faced off against a girl seemingly around18 years old named Elaine Cressida.

Anton wasdefeated as soon as he attacked, just like her earlier opponents, withoutanyone understanding how she is able to beat them so quickly.

Grakkon wasthe first to understand, at that moment, that Esyios were no longer just humanswith superior strength, but a species able to do some much more than they hadpreviously imagined.

Elaine’sability was never recorded, because at that time it was not understood. Shedefeated Grakkon in the finale and left after getting her money, without sayinga word to anyone.

Grakkontried to ask her about her ability to create quick illusions in her opponents’minds but she ignored him and boards the large freighter ship that she arrivedin.

As she leftshe directed the captain on which way to sail, the captain called her “madam”and it seemed as though she owned the entire ship, meaning that she isextremely rich and only competed to understand other Esyios.

The ship setsail, and after a few minutes the captain noticed that the direction he wastold to sail towards was the direction of the West Drohjan Island, he quicklywent to warn Elaine, but she simply said “I know, but we received a report thatthe weather has started to calm and that by the time we get there we will onlyhave to tread carefully, but we will be the first living things on the island.”

The captainwas shocked but continued onwards anyway, and just as the lady had said, theywere able to find a beach on the desolate, 450 km wide, island.

Elaine thencreated Cress City, although it was more like a small country, atop the island.Times continued moving, Anton became the first Esyio leader of the WNO, thenchanged the organization to one that now mainly dealt in helping Esyios,renaming it as WPD, World Protection Department.

The WPDhelped in subjugating the Mythoi, as well as protecting normal humans fromEsyio, and vice versa.

The EsyioWorld Tournament continued every 4 years allowing Esyios to compete and earnprize money as well as fame and a job within the WPD or for any of the multipleEsyio mercenary groups that had been created.

Thesemercenary groups started because the WPD banned any nation (aside from Drohjanand Cress) to have any Esyio in their militaries or to be sponsored to fightfor any one nation.

Grakkon and Antonlived for approximately 90 years each, and after Cress City waswell-established, Elaine disappeared in 260 PD when she was sailing with her 12year-old daughter, neither was never seen again.

Cress Cityappointed a middle aged scientist as the new Prime Minister to continueElaine’s legacy and wish, eventually leading to Cress City becoming the mostadvanced place on the planet.

It becamerespected by all nations as it helped technological innovations progressquickly. It also became the largest supporter of Esyios, with only the WPD ableto be mentioned in the same sentence when it came to Esyio research.

The time advances toward 568 PD, this is whereour story starts.


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    Chapter 1


    Black cloaksfluttered in the wind, as sand flew past. Three figures stood together allwearing similar clothing that would resemble clothes of assassins.

    “…So 6,cause a distraction while 5 destroys the research.” A young girl voice camefrom the smallest figure in the middle. She was currently looking at atablet-like device.

    “Why isn’t 4here? It would be so much quicker, I mean this isn’t even fun… he would loveit.” The man on the left asked.

    “He had toinvestigate another rumor. Go ahead and turn on the communication devices.Remember, I’ll be watching from above, so don’t do anything unnecessary 5.”

    “What youtalkin’ bout? First, you dragged me out here, and now I can’t even have fun.Whatever, let’s just get this done, these black clothes are getting hot. Andwho the fuck put a secret base in the middle desert canyon anyways? Kids thesedays just aren’t considerate to saboteurs, why can’t they just have the basenear a nice beach with all kinds of-”

    “Go” theenormous figure on the right called ‘6’ said as he jumped of the rock that the3 figures were standing on.

    “HEY I WAS TA-lking” ‘5’ yelled as the woman kicked himoff the rock.



    [Year: 568PD]

    “See ya later,Kai” “Be careful”

    “Hey Kai,wanna grab a drink?” “Sorry, I’m busy again”

    “Yo Prez,loved the new set up to the café menu” “Thanks”

    Conversationslike these continued while the young man walked the university hallways. Theyoung man is the President of the student council of Cress University, KaiIzanagi. Standing at 6’1” with black hair, blue eyes, a toned body, and acharming face that attracts attention even in large crowds. He is proactive inhelping satisfy the student body and helping the community of Cress City.

    Thedestination of the charismatic 20 year old? The 3rd year mathclassroom.

    Cress City,the extremely advanced city with a school system that inspires humans aroundthe world. Visitors often come to see it but only few can live there.

    Anyone wholives there must be invited to live there. Cress city includes Cress Academy(9th-12th) in the East district, and Cress University in the North district.

    The Northand East district also includes student housing as well as parks, stadiums forofficial sport competitions, gyms, and training centers.

    While the Westdistrict has multiple homes, and the South district contains factories,offices, and other workplaces for maintaining the city’s power and watersupply.

    The Centraldistrict contains innovative facilities, hospitals, and the office of the PrimeMinister of Cress Island and the Headmaster of the Cress education system.

    Being ableto live, study or work in Cress City is a privilege that many hope for. Justlike the city, one must be invited to be able to attend the School System, andgraduates tend to stay on the island after graduation to work as scientists,doctors, teachers and so forth.

    Anypotential student must live in the student housing if their parents aren’tqualified to be on the island, or if their parents haven’t previously attendedCress Academy. Most families are allowed to live in the city together though,since the City Council will usually offer the parents a job if their child isgranted acceptance to the Academy.

    “Lucien, wakeup. School is over, time to go home.”

    Kai hadarrived at the classroom and called out to his friend, Lucien Thorin.

    Lucien was6’3”, dirty blonde hair, sky blue (almost white) eyes, and a somewhat pale skintone. His appearance would make him popular with most women… but hispersonality keeps him from making friends and becoming close to others. Heseems hard to approach and finds no enjoyment in anything. He seems like he isin his own little world, and his face always seems scary when he falls into adaze so this misunderstanding makes it hard for others to approach him. Hehardly listens to anyone… well except 2 people.

    “I thinkAeson is finished with practice, want to go get him?” Kai asked.

    Lucien nodswhile yawning and standing from his seat.

    “What diddream of today?”

    “Can’tremember.” Lucien replied with only a short answer, not going in to muchdetail.

    The 2friends walked toward the Cress University baseball field. Kai doesn’t havemany people trying to talk to him now that Lucien is walking with him.

    “Grandmawants me to help with the annual Founder’s Festival, so I may not be able towalk with you guys for the next few days. Just make sure to leave after classis over, I doubt the janitors want to clean with you sleeping in the classroom.”

    “Yeah, Iwill” Lucien replied before he moved his eyes back to the ground and fell intohis thoughts again.


    The sound ofa man yelling as he hit a baseball resounded around the field.

    “BRING ITON! That was way too easy!”

    “But thatwas the 30th consecutive home run already, and you have alreadydestroyed all our pitchers’ confidence” the first baseman said as he lookedover at the pitchers, who were holding their knees in the fetal positionmumbling of how they can never pitch again.

    “Tsk,bastards were taking it to easy”

    “I highlydoubt that” the first baseman replied as he looked at the downtrodden pitcherswith pity in his eyes

    “Oi, thoughtyou weren’t supposed to hit that hard in practice.” Kai said as he walked up tothe fence.

    “PREZ!!” allthe players exclaimed as they ran towards the fence.

    “You gottahelp us out, Captain is in one of those moods again, if this keeps going, he’sgonna make us run to death after destroying everybody’s confidence.”

    “Okay okay,Aeson it’s about time to go home anyways, so why not let the guys off fortoday.” Kai said as he looked toward the Captain of the baseball team.

    “Whatever,alright, everybody can go home today, and I can’t help with practice tomorrow,I have to practice with the basketball team tomorrow. So coach will leadpractice tomorrow.”

    Cheeringexploded as Aeson said this, with only one voice showing discontent, comingfrom the coach half asleep in the dugout.

    10 minuteslater, Aeson walks out of the locker room in his normal clothes.

    He is 6’4”,a tanned skin tone, and has long dark red hair which is only shaved right abovehis right ear. He wears multiple earrings in his ears and has tribal tattoosrunning down his left arm. Anyone who sees him for the first time thinks he isa delinquent or a thug. He is a famous for his athletics and competitiveattitude around the island, but most people choose not to get near him due tohis short temper and appearance.

    LucienThorin, Kai Izanagi, and Aeson Yorick are 3 friends who are almost always seentogether during their free time.

    Lucien is aloner that only ever talks to Kai and Aeson unless it is necessary for him tospeak to someone else. Nobody really knows of his past or why he is allowed onCress Island, Kai and Aeson only know that he lives alone and has no family butnever ask him about it. They don’t want to make him feel uncomfortable with badmemories.

    Kai isalmost always smiling. Everybody loves him and treats him as a celebrity, buthe never takes girls’ confessions or guys’ show of respect seriously. He actslike they are joking with him and laughs in off. He lives with grandparents,his parents died as bystanders in an accident when he was young. His grandmotheris the headmaster of the school and his grandfather is an engineer. He is alsoextremely sadistic sometimes, but for some reason, nobody but his friends seemto notice it.

    Aeson is thesuper athlete of the school who tries to pick fights with anyone. He isn’tallowed to compete in official sport matches, due to his violent nature, but hepractices with all teams in Cress University. All teams call him “Captain” eventhough he isn’t allowed to be an official member. He loves competition so hetends to practice and coach others even though he isn’t allowed to play. Helives with his parents and little sister at their martial arts training center.He gets in fights often but never uses any martial arts against his opponents.He finds fights fun and entertaining, going head-to-head with pure strength. Hestill doesn’t lose many fights but it’s not about victory and defeat to him, hejust loves the thrill and excitement of a man to man fight and is alwayslooking for a good challenge.

    The threefriends walked together, not knowing their fates.

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    Chapter 2

    Smoke filledthe air as a fire raged in the middle of the desolate sandy terrain.

    “Well… in mydefense… I never said I wouldn’t blow it up.”

    The robedman called ‘5’ was currently pleading to the female beside him.

    “Itold you not to do anything unnecessary!!”

    “WellI didn’t press the button to set off the explosives, so it’s not my fault.” ‘5’continued defending himself.

    “Youclearly handed that guy a trigger for the explosives and threatened him topress it or he would die if he didn’t!”

    “Ahhh yeah,I did didn’t I. Hahaha… man… good times. You should’ve see his face, it was alllike ‘huh’ and then like ‘KABOOM’. Damn, I’m gonna miss that guy… never knewhis name but that expression was wonderful. Ya know they usually question me alittle before they actually press the button.”

    “Haaaa, wellnow we got a huge mess to clean up. The plan was to just kill those directlyinvolved in the project and leave the place looking like an accident… now itlooks like a warzone.” The female let out a long sigh as she pressed her palmto her face.

    “Mess!? Whatmess?? That is definitely a work of art, a masterpiece even. I mean look at it,it’s beautiful.” ‘5’ said as he was looking at the fire raging in the distance.After a few seconds he grabs the tablet device the female was holding. Thedevice was a screen that shared a signal with a remote camera that was in theair.

    “What do youthink you’re doing?” the female ask as ‘5’ was moving the aerial camera around.

    “Getting abirds-eye view, of course. And here you go.” He handed the tablet back to thegirl. The screen showed the smoke coming off the fire, but in a strange shape.

    “What isthis?”

    “C’mon, it’sobvious to see… the smoke is flipping you off. It’s great, right?? By the way,where did the big guy go?”

    “He droppedsomething off that cliff and went to go get it.”

    “What anidiot, let’s go make fun of him… where is he at? I can’t see him.” He walkedtoward the edge of the cliff and looked but couldn’t see anyone. And then hefelt a foot kick him off the edge.

    “Haha. Foolme once, shame on you, foolme twice, amirite?” He still continued talking evenafter being pushed off the cliff. A loud *thud* followed by a cloud of rockdust and sand flew into the air.



    “Hey, isn’tthat your sister?” asked Kai as the friends walked through the west district.

    On their wayhome they sees group of guys around Aeson’s little sister.

    “ThoseBastards! Who do they think they are picking on!?” Aeson yelled as he droppedhis bag and started sprinting.

    As one ofthe guys started to turn from hearing rushed footsteps, a fist landed on theright side of his jaw as he lost consciousness.

    Beforeanyone could understand what happened, Aeson had already sweep kicked anotherguy, causing him to fall over.

    One guy hadrecovered from the shock of seeing his friends getting beat and threw a punchtowards Aeson’s face. Aeson dodged and countered with a right hook into theguy’s nose, causing him to stumble and fall backwards.

    Only two ofthe group remained. As Aeson moved closer to the two, a jab hit his face,followed by another, then a hook, and then had his arm and collar grabbed. Thenext second he seen the world in an upside down view, he had been thrown.

    “What do youthink you are doing?” shouted a female voice.

    Aeson openedhis eyes and saw his little sister standing over him.

    AellaYorick, the pride of Cress Academy, an 18 year old senior who excels atathletics and academics and always is willing to help anyone. She has long wavybrown hair and hazel eyes that match well with her uniform. She has a slim bodytone from her years of practicing martial arts with her father. She’s popularamong the academy, but most guys know her brother is Aeson so they decide tostay away.

    “I asked youwhat you think you were doing, coming over here and punching people who haven’tdone anything to you!” Aella continued yelling as Aeson stood up.

    “I’mclearing protecting you from these thugs!”

    “HUH!! Youare clearly the only thug here. These are my classmates, we were talking aboutthe test we had earlier, and then you came up and started hitting them. Look atwhat you’ve done now.” Aella yelled as she pointed towards the guys who werecrawling up from the ground.

    Aeson justlooked away like he wasn’t at fault and mumbled with a slightly red face.

    Kai walkedtoward the group slightly smiling.

    “KaiIzanagi!” “The Kai Izanagi?!” “It’s so nice to meet you, we are huge fans!”

    The group ofguys looked toward Kai with stars in their eyes.

    Kai walked behindAeson, grabbed the back of his head… and started slamming his face into thecement.

    “Sorry forthis guy, he’s an idiot so please forgive us for disturbing you.”

    “No need tobow!” “It’s not a big deal anyway.” “Yeah I was kinda feeling sleepy anyways,so you did me a favor.”

    The groupsaid as it seemed they didn’t even notice that the beloved “Prez” was slamminga guy’s head into the ground with considerable force.

    They just saw it as Aeson bowing his head to apologize.


    30 meters away, a man had seen as Aeson was beating the groupbut started running before he saw that it was a misunderstanding.

    “Boss! Boss!” the man yelled as he ran into an old shed.

    “What?” a man playing poker asked without raising his head.

    “Your younger brother, the one that’s a senior in theacademy, I just… just… saw him get beat up by a delinquent but my phone’s deadso I couldn’t call you.”

    “What! You let him get beat up and didn’t help him out! Whowas the delinquent?”

    “I don’t know him, Boss.”

    “Let’s go, show me where they are.”

    When the men arrived at the park where Aeson attacked theseniors, nobody was there. They had already left.

    “Maybe you can ask your brother tonight, and get some info onthe guy who attacked him.” Another member of the gang suggested.

    “Yeah, we will find him tomorrow”


    The next dayAeson and Lucien were walking through the west district again. They walked thisway every day to pick up Aella after school, even though she disliked it.Aeson’s father was extremely overprotective of Aella and asked Aeson to do thissince they had started living on the island.

    “So I heardyou like beating up people, huh.”

    Aesonstopped when he heard a conceited voice from a few meters behind him.

    “You saysomething?” Aeson said as he turned around and looked at the group of 6 guysdressed like thugs.

    A few of theguys in the group opened their eyes for a moment.

    “Hey Boss,that guy looks familiar, and are you sure it’s him?” One of the members lookedtowards the guy who had just spoken towards Aeson.

    “Yeah thatlooks like him from yesterday.” Another member of the group replied. This isthe same guy who saw the conflict the day before.

    “Wait aminute, isn’t that the freak athlete of the university? I saw a picture of hima long time ago but he doesn’t compete anymore so I forgot how he looked.” “Ah,your right” “If that’s true, we might not need to mess with this guy, I heardhe is really tough.” Conversations like this came from different members of thegroup.

    “What areyou guys talking about? He’s just some has been that can’t even compete anymore, probably lost all his strength by now. Besides, did you guys forget…” theboss said as his arms stretched past his knees.

    “I’m anEsyio.” 

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    Here's chapter 3!!

    Chapter 3


    The sound of
    footsteps filled the hallway as a man dressed in black passed the columns to
    each side of the carpet that he walked on. The face of the figure could not be
    seen, but the physique of the figure made one assume it to be a man.

    Sand fell
    with each step that this man took.

    “You guys
    got anything fun to do?” he said loudly as he pushed the large pair of doors
    apart with a loud bang.

    “Hmm? So you’re
    finally back, what took you so long?” The woman, identified as 7, asked
    seemingly ignoring his brazen entrance.

    “Decided to
    watch the fire burn, turns out some guys were still alive. They didn’t seem
    like they were important so I let them walk away, then I decided to get some
    food and hitched a ride on a cargo ship.”

    fine, as long as the research was destroyed.”

    “By the way,
    why did we need to destroy that research? We usually let The Loyals or the WPD
    handle things, so why did we get involved? Not like I’m complaining though, I
    was kind of getting an itch on my trigger fingers”

    “They were
    researching footage of this place, they launched a new drone in while I was
    updating the electromagnetic field. So, as you know, we have to destroy any
    evidence of this place’s existence to the majority of this world.”

    The woman
    answered again while staring at the device on her lap.



    My name?
    Rufus Ruthford, leader of the Ruthford Gang.

    Well even
    though we call ourselves a gang. It’s not like we do anything really illegal.
    Cress City has about 1 Esyio for every 500 people or so, and with the total
    population somewhere around 80,000 people, making there be about 160 known
    Esyios on Cress Island.

    We have the
    largest number of Esyios for any one country in the world. Most nations have
    only produced an average of 60 in the last 50 years.

    take pride in the quantity and quality of Esyios they produce, treating them
    somewhat like famous athletes. The WPD banned any involvement in nations adding
    the Esyios to a military force or to sponsor them, but producing an Esyio in
    your country can help inspire citizens, so it’s not like it is useless to treat
    them well.

    Only the
    country of Cress and Drohjan can use their Esyios as military might. This is so
    because of 3 reasons: their lack in involvement with other nations, their lack
    of real military power, and to allow them to spend more money and resources on

    Quite a few
    nations also research Esyios and have schools to help teach Esyios, but Cress
    Island is a utopia for Esyios offering advanced education, entertainment, and

    Cress has
    almost no taxes and gets most of its money through selling technology to the
    rest of the world and tourism. So most people decide to live there if they ever
    get invited.

    But I
    digress, for some reason I am letting my mind wonder while we search for a
    university student. A friend told me that he seen this guy cheap shot my
    brother yesterday. I usually dislike unfair fights, but this punk needs to get
    a taste of his own medicine.

    I feel like
    I have to explain the Ruthford gang for some reason. Whatever, guess I have
    time anyways.

    Even though
    Cress Island has such a large amount of Esyios, it’s not like we all are some
    superheroes, just sometimes if a person is lucky, we can develop these strange

    An Esyio is
    usually just a person with something called Spirit Power. Yeah, it’s a weird
    name, just blame the guy who came up with it. Like with most things, humans
    tend to be lazy when using this term, so the acronym SP is often used.

    SP is like a
    fuel for our abilities. I play video games sometimes so I like to imagine like
    MP in a lot of games.

    Esyios also
    have a few other things separating them from normal humans.

    First, we
    tend to have abnormal strength. So let’s say an untrained man can bench press
    150 pounds, well if that same man was an Esyio, he would probably be able to
    lift approximately 300 pounds. Of course, even as an Esyio working on your body
    is still extremely important.

    Esyios tend to have heightened senses. We are able to hear, see, and smell more
    sharply than most normal humans.

    Third, we
    have faster reflexes than humans.

    Not all
    Esyios have abilities though, some just have the three factors I listed above.

    It’s hard to
    increase the total amount of SP, it usually just increases until becoming an
    adult, but I have been able to slightly increase mine by training my body and

    From what I
    have heard, Mythoi are about the same. There are a few differences though, such
    as: gaining intelligence, becoming self-aware, and changing their physiology. I
    have never personally met a Mythoi but there are rumors that some can even
    communicate with humans. I would like to meet one someday. From the information
    I’ve gathered, Mythoi tend to be stronger that most Esyios, so Esyios usually
    subjugate violent Mythoi as a group.

    There are
    more secrets of SP and Esyio abilities but most of those discovered within
    organizations such as the WPD, the Cress military force, or certain large
    mercenary groups. So I don’t really know of anything else.

    Why didn’t I
    join one of those groups? Well the answer is simple, it’s hard to become a
    member. In all honesty, I may have been able to have been recruited, but having
    to earnestly work to be promoted doesn’t sound fun to me. I would much rather
    just hang around my Ruthford gang and live a peaceful life.

    Those Esyios
    that don’t join any large groups usually become police or join a gang on Cress
    Island. Of course, all police and gangsters aren’t Esyios though; actually only
    a small a percentage are.

    The normal humans
    in the gangs tend to be graduates of Cress Academy, so they are still allowed
    to stay on the Island. Most of the members of gangs just don’t know what they
    want to do for a career, or couldn’t find a good career. So they usually work
    part time jobs and join a gang to make a little extra money and make new

    Even with
    the large amount of gangs on the Island, the crime rate is extremely low and
    most of them do not even commit crimes. In fact, even calling ourselves “gangs”
    seems ridiculous as most of the “gang activities” include helping citizens and
    businesses move furniture, cleaning litter off the roads and walkways, and
    other community work that we get paid for.

    As long as
    we don’t really harm or corrupt anyone the authorities don’t really care if we
    call ourselves a gang. There have been a few groups that tried to bring illegal
    drugs and other materials over, but they were shut down immediately. Cress
    Island has maintained order for almost 230 years; thinking you may be able to make
    money illegally here would just mean that you are underestimating the power of
    Cress Island.

    Where is
    this kid? We have been waiting for quite a while. Did he find out we were here
    and escape a different way?

    “Let’s go
    look for him, I’m tired of waiting.” I announced as I walk away from the wall
    that I was previously leaning on.

    Hmm, one
    more question popped in my head. It’s about the size of Cress Island. How can
    such a large amount of land only have a population of 80,000?

    Well most of
    the population lives in Cress City, which is in the north part of Cress Island.
    To the south of Cress City is a large amount of farmland, mostly worked by
    automated machines. Below that is a mountainous region, suspected of containing
    hundreds of thousands of Mythoi. They have never attacked us so we never wanted
    to start a war with them.

    “Hey, is
    that the kid?” one of my friends pointed towards a pair kids walking together.

    that’s him”

    “So I heard
    you like beating up people, huh.”

    I yelled
    towards him as we walked closer to him.

    “You say
    something?” The punk said as he turned around and looked at us.

    “Hey Boss,
    that guy looks familiar. Are you sure it’s him?” One of the guys asked me.

    How the hell
    am I supposed to know?! It’s not like I saw what happened yesterday.

    “Yeah that
    looks like him from yesterday.” Another member of the group replied. This is
    the same guy who saw the conflict the day before.

    I may have
    not been able to see what really happened yesterday, but I trust my friends, so
    this is probably the same guy. This guy seemed to have a bad relationship with
    a lot of athletes around here too. Every time we asked one about him, they all
    called him “The Devil” or something like that with fear in their eyes.

    “Wait a
    minute, isn’t that the freak athlete of the university? I saw a picture of him
    a long time ago but he doesn’t compete anymore so I forgot how he looked.” “Ah,
    your right” “If that’s true, we might not need to mess with this guy, I heard
    he is really tough.” Conversations like this came from different members of the

    “What are
    you guys talking about? He’s just some has been that can’t even compete any
    more, probably lost all his strength by now. Besides, did you guys forget…?”

    I started to
    put SP into my body and used my ability to stretch my arms toward the ground.

    “I’m an

    With those
    few words, I took a few quick step forward and threw my arms over my head and
    toward my back.

    I extended
    them as I contracted my abs and locked my elbows in to straight position.

    This made my
    fist act like whips as it came smashing into my opponents from overhead.

    My fist
    slapped the ground, I feel a little pain, but not enough to hurt myself. Seems
    like he dodged, I am kind of glad. I think I got too carried away, I definitely
    would have broken a couple of bones if I hit him just then.

    Hmm, where
    did he go? I lost focus for a second and he seemed to have moved out of my

    As soon as I
    thought this, I heard a cracking sound as blood and a tooth flew into my sight
    from my left side. I looked to see what happened and saw my friend falling to
    the ground unconscious.

    A one punch
    knockout! And so fast too, he doesn’t even look at the guy he just punched. He
    must be confident that it was a knockout. It shows that this isn’t the first
    time he has fought against a group of people.

    Wait a
    minute! These guys aren’t even here to fight, they just came to watch me beat
    this kid. Yeah sure, they brought bats and other blunt weapons, but they only
    did that to look intimidating.

    Now that he
    has hit one of us, everybody else starts to attack him.

    I didn’t
    want an unfair fight like this!

    Before I
    could say anything, I watched as this “punk” started to take on 4 other guys
    with weapons.

    A bat flies
    out of one of the guys’ hands as he tries to swing it.

    I dodge it,
    but it is flying towards the punk’s friend.

    This guy
    hasn’t even looked at us the entire time. He has just been walking like he
    hasn’t even noticed us.

    The bat is
    flying toward his head. Sorry guy! You didn’t want to get involved but you are
    going to get hit by a bat. Ill promise to make my idiot friend apologize.

    The sound of
    a smack never resounded though, seems like it missed him. Looked like it would
    hit him though, I could’ve swore it would.

    I watched a
    bat eventually fell and skid on the ground. That kid never stopped moving
    though. Is he sleepwalking or something?

    I looked
    back at my gang and saw as they lay on the ground, moaning in pain, and
    grabbing certain joints.

    This kid is
    a little too good. I haven’t even looked away more than 5 seconds and he has
    already beat my whole group up.

    “So you’re
    an Esyio, huh?” he asked me while cracking his knuckles.

    For some
    reason, I am intimidated by this kid even though he is clearly a few years
    younger than me.

    “You may be
    good kid, but today you lose”

    I planted my
    foot forward and put all my weight on my toes as I threw my arm back then
    swayed forward and threw all my weight into my haymaker.

    My arm
    extended as I used my ability at the perfect time and shot my fist forward with
    a powerful strike.

    The kid
    dodged to the left as he launched himself at me.

    He’s fast!
    He move into striking range before I could even pull my arm back.

    He threw a
    haymaker of his own. Ha! I’m an Esyio so a normal punch won’t be able to
    connect since I have good reflexes.

    Just as a
    thought this, I felt a lot of pain on my face.

    I felt
    myself fly off the ground as I started to lose consciousness.

    I was
    curious about what just happened, but I could have sworn that I saw a flame
    burst out of the back of his elbow.

  • I had computer problems and then life got in the way. I will continue to publish the story, but during my absence i have decided to change some things that will help ease the writing when i get further along in the story. I will re work the story and post in on under the same name "Life of Esyios" at least until i find a name to replace it with. I will consider re-posting the re-edited version here. Thank you for any support, and i am sorry for the lack of chapters so far.
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