Questionnaire:An Analysis of the Audience Structure of Chinese Fantasy Novels (PLEASE HELP!)

HI daoist:
      I'm sorry to put my question on this section. I really have no other way.
 I am a graduate student of Chinese literature in Shanghai.I am preparing my graduation thesis,
is about An Analysis of the Audience Structure of Chinese Fantasy Novels.I urgently need foreign Daoist to help me.
I’ll appreciate it if you can help me complete the survey questionnaire. Thank you for your time and cooperation!Questionnaire URL:


  • If the OP still needs more, then go and fill it out guys~ It's really just 4-5 min and easy to answer. :)
    If you'd like more chapters of ISSI or Tales send me a note on patreon!
  • hope it works out for you.  put in some of my personal opinion. anyone answering no to the question about Jin Yong, give "Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils" a shot.  There is even an adaptation for TV available on youtube.  I put it up there with "Romance of the Three Kingdoms" and "Water Margin" when it comes to chinese fiction that I have read. Though I must say the casual violence against women in Water Margin was a bit tough for me to swallow.
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