Hello all and help please, can't find the new chapters of a certain book :P

Sorry to bother everyone, but I have been a long time lurker on this wonderful site and wanted to take the opportunity to say hello! Now if it's not too much trouble could some one please tell me where I could find those new chapters of Re:monster? I have been heart broken ever since it stopped updating T_T


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    surpise! its the mother load!

    my link isnt going through. just type remonster in google click on the wikia link and find the read button on the first page were in the 200's now!
  • Like wes174 said, google "re:monster wiki" -> Release -> Novel. 

    But you must know that it is mostly machine translated with some edit. Chapters from 200 to 320 are mostly only google translated with no edit or minor edit and are unreadable.

  • Thank you both so much! It is gonna take me a good while to catch up. Day 330 holy crap!
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