About the writing/translation...

Hi guys,
i am quite unexperienced on wuxia world, i read TDG and im on page for TGR. 

I got to this feeling, isn't it really bad writing?

Dont missunderstand, i like the story overall, (well for TGR, concerning TDG i have got reserves on the current trend of the story) but i get tired of the "he was stunned by...", "never imagined that he could...", "he was shocked...[insert any mu chen's action]". Especially when thats not coherent. For instance, during the 3 moves trial with li xuantong, people already saw mu chen's capability to some extent, i mean they should expect at least his demon soul(nine neither bird)...

I guess its part of the style of wuxia light novels, but i havent read anything else so far and i didnt get any bad feeling until the arrival at the academy.

So my question is as follow: with all due respect to thyaeria's work (i followed him on TDG all through 2015), is it from the author or from the translation? because thats exactly the same feeling for both series. And since it means authors, is every series on wuxiaworld like this?


  • It's the authors. U find those useless sentences in so many novels. I believe it is because they have to reach a certain amount of characters per chapter.
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