[Science Fantasy] A Journal of Anomalous Creatures(异常生物见闻录)by Bigeyes(远瞳)

Neiss Guy, as his name might suggest, is a nice guy.
Neiss had a dream. He had a dream that he could live his life with peace and harmony, as a landlord in neither riches nor rags -- until that dream was shattered by the strangest of tenants.
His house -- old and tattered; his people -- anomaly at best; his contract -- supposedly with a God from the Heavens. 
Behold Neiss Guy, the busiest landlord and craziest nanny, the protagonist to the most fantastic of adventures with the least normal of tenants.
"This much I knew: I knew that it was coming ever since I put my name on the contract."

Originally from Qidian - Not yet completed
Original site: http://book.qidian.com/info/3242304

Translated by Nox_Albus


  • Notes from the translator:
    1. This is my own personal original translation. I did not copy anything from @qcomp ;
    2. There would be zero to very few notes under each chapter.
    3. The original chapters are not quite long enough, therefore I would (probably) put out the chapters in my own order.
    4. Feel free to ask any questions, aside from "When will you put out the next chapter?"
    5. As a college student, I cannot do too much translation outside of holidays, but I will try.
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  • Chapter 1. It has yet been normal

    Neiss Guy, as his name might suggest, is a nice guy.

    The place he calls home is just another northern town with a name that is bound to be forgotten, but if ever Beijing decides to expand to its 20th or 30th loop, he would have been a denizen of the Emperor’s backyard – the emperor must have had a large backyard. The unmatched special trait of his is the commonness of his character, unless you count the countless female voices calling his name - don’t get me wrong, they’re calling out what sounds exactly like his name to saintly men these girls would never go out with. Should you meet him on the street, you would see a guy with a common broad face with a tint of masculinity, and more importantly, so many more common guys just like him. For more than two decades Neiss Guy had lived his life with a dream of becoming a nice person and a curse of being forever ordinary.

    It was June, and the sun was having its time of the year. As you might imagine, if you lived farther north you might escape the fate of being burnt alive, but you still wouldn’t enjoy a walk on the streets below a blazing hot stove. Among the unlucky few pedestrians, there was a tall thin young man wearing a white T-shirt and gray pants who happens to be our protagonist, Neiss himself. Well, there he was, moving from tree shade to building shade with pieces of paper grasped in his hands, apparently oblivious to the angry honking of cars and the piercing shrills of cicadas that threaten to murder all good mood. He couldn’t be totally oblivious, though; he would take the extra time to fan himself with his sweat-soaked T-shirt and read the papers again. And oh, the papers: 2 job ads and an ad flier featuring a smiling beauty and letters in bold: Gold-glory Gynecology Hospital, providing the best medical care to...

    In Neiss Guy’s opinion, students these days, namely the female students who handed him the flier, were too irresponsible towards their part-time jobs; he would never give out a flier like that to an ineligible bachelor like himself. On the other hand, at least cardboard fliers like these can indeed come in handy when you need a fan.

    "...the last two places and I’ll call it a day." Neiss mumbled to himself as he cast a final glance at the ads in his hands. Luckily, he needed nothing more than a bit of walking to get to both places; he would get his mission done in a flash.

    Sure enough, before his eyes were the doors of one of the companies, an advertising company with an extraordinary name that belies its appearance: Galactica Corporation of Development and Promotion of Cultural Media. This is a name that would presumably see its owner on the streets in rags in half a year, and the only reason that Neiss bothered to visit. He was much more interested in the eccentricity of the boss who gave the company such a name than the application for a job there.

    He had, with excitement, walked hundreds of meters under a hot sun to cross the road properly before he arrived at the gate and found, surprised - that the company had unsurprisingly closed down. Apparently, the label of the company had not yet been taken off, and the notice on the glass doors announced its crash the day before yesterday - while the job ad was given to him two days before that. Ah, what a fast-paced developing world it is! Dying companies these days even tend to brighten their company spirits by hiring new employees just two days before they go to the dogs.

    Crumpling the advertising company ad and tossing it carelessly into a nearby bin, Neiss quickly turned to the next ad - two seconds before tossing it into the same bin. He was now seriously considering if a brain fart got him in the eye while he was filtering through the papers a few days before: the paper stated ever so clearly that the Public Transportation Company is hiring an office clerk, someone between 25 and 40, best with work experience, and... female.

    In a nutshell, he had run all the way downtown to examine the well-polished glass doors of a dead company, whose owner was busy hiring employees two days before he closed down. Talk about being bored.

    Neiss Guy is 25 years old, male, straight, and with neither undesirable habits nor obvious virtues - except perhaps being not picky of what he eats. A single guy with neither a big family or many friends, he lives alone in the older part of town, in an old house inherited from his parents. Like most young men, he had a dream. He had a dream that by the age of 25 he will have a monthly income of 10,000 yuan, a pretty woman for a wife, and a car (if possible). He has lost his chance to fulfill his filial responsibilities; he did not want to live a terrible life and bring shame to his family. Now a third of this humble dream has been fulfilled: Neiss is now 25 years old.

    What a sad tale.

    He did go downtown in search of a job, but without much urgent need for it. As mentioned a few lines before, he has a house, a generously large one thanks to the efforts of his forebears. This old two-story building has long been reconstructed and rent out as a family apartment, and Neiss has long relied on the rent for a living. Well, as remote as his house was, he didn’t expect more exceedingly generous tenants than the national development program coming to tear his house down. He did have more than enough income for himself alone, but really, not much aside from that.

    To be frank, Neiss would have no incentive whatsoever to find a job if he had such a stable income. As a human, however, Neiss was experiencing a growing restlessness of having nothing to do at all, a sprouting urge to pave his own way to the future...oh, and the crucial part: his house was way too far away from most of humanity, and nobody had moved in since that last migrant worker couple left months ago. Unnecessarily concluding that his neighborhood couldn’t become some commercial center overnight, Neiss decided to set off for a job in case the local government wouldn’t subsidize him in time - it is most likely that it wouldn’t - or else die.

    Neiss didn’t fancy the idea of turning into a lifeless piece of unrecyclable garbage. He had paid his own school tuition alright doing part-time jobs before; he was confident that he could still do the same and make himself fed.

    The world doesn’t typically respond to one man’s confidence, and Neiss was no exception. In this first day of his job-hunting, he wandered around mindlessly, and... he wandered around mindlessly.

    Stretching himself slightly, Neiss tossed these thoughts away and decided to take a quick nap at a bench in the park, at least until the hottest hours of the day were over. After that, a quick meal and a bus ride home. Fortunately for Neiss, leisure and openness had not (yet) forsaken this small third-tier city despite its quick development. The city public land was planned nicely: trees cast their shadows everywhere, and parks weren’t extinct even in downtown areas where land was so expensive that Neiss never needed to know more.

    Neiss wiped a vacant bench clean before sitting down and covering his face with the ad flier – yes, the one featuring the pretty girl and the gynecology hospital. He dared not fall asleep: there are too many thieves for good people these days. Not that Neiss had anything particularly valuable with him, but he still didn’t fancy the idea of returning home with empty pockets. All he wanted was a quick nap.

    A minute later, or so it seemed to Neiss, the sunlight pouring from the side of the paper had already dimmed, as if someone was approaching him. Surprised, Neiss looked out, and is even more surprised by a setting sun in the west behind a petite feminine figure. The figure was blurred by the twilight, displaying only the most obvious of traits: the slimness of her body and the shortness of her hair.

    “Yo. You’re awake?”

    The strange girl called out to Neiss as casually as people would an old friend, waving her hand in greeting. Neiss sat up, looked around, and had to admit that it was none other but the real sun nearly setting for the night. The intended nap had somehow extended into half a day of slumber, and now a stranger deserved his attention. The girl, finally noticing that the light coming from behind her wasn’t particularly helpful, smiled and turned around a bit so Neiss could see her properly.

    Very pretty - this was Neiss’ first impression of the girl.

    She was lightly dressed: a tight white t-shirt on top, shorts and casual shoes in the same dark color, and a childish accessory featuring a puppy studded on her collar. The outfit alone was screaming “undergraduate”, and one who skipped her classes for some fun off campus. She had short hair that hangs over her shoulders, skin the color of wheat (a sports-loving girl, possibly), handsome features, and a pair of large bright eyes. Neiss had never seen eyes so bright they can barely contain the liveliness within.

    Behind the girl, the setting sun and a heavy-looking large suitcase.

    Looking at an apparently distracted Neiss, the pretty girl grinned in a way that was almost silly - no offense, that’s what Neiss had in mind. Neither Neiss or you and I have seen grins as simple and pure from girls her age in these troubled times. The girl rummaged in her pack for quite some time before finding a finely crumpled piece of paper and handing it to Neiss, “Excuse me, could you please tell me how I can get to this address?”

    Neiss clapped his hands on his cheek to make himself awake and decided to focus more on the note than what this rash girl looked like. But on the note - if it wasn’t exactly his home address?

    Stunned, Neiss glared at the address on the piece of paper. Written on this innocent piece of paper black and white was the address of a certain location in the remote southern suburbs of the town, and a darn familiar one to Neiss: it was no doubt his home address.

    “Why would you be looking for such a place?” Neiss asked with minimal curiosity. He did not know how a female stranger would have access to his address. Honestly, despite his slight excitement, he knew himself quite well: he had spent all his luck with women in third grade when he had a girl for a neighbor in class.

    She does have a nice figure AND a pretty face. Yeah she is kind of petite but she had enough vitality to cover that...

    “I’m looking for a place to live!” the pretty girl admitted straight away, “I’ve been searching for this place all day long but I just can’t find it. Then I thought I should ask someone for a change, and you were the only one I could ask in this park.”

    Neiss was still pondering the over-casualness of the girl when he found the words "looking for a place to live". Finally waking up from the long nap, he remembered that he was certainly a landlord, and that very landlord had only recently put up an advertisement in the papers. Oh, so this girl is in search of a rental apartment?

    Good for Neiss, he could finally live on apartment rent again!

    Folding the piece of paper and returning it to its owner, Neiss stood up, “Of course I know this place. I can take you there.”

    Happiness found its way quickly on the pretty girl’s face before she shoved the note into her bag, “Thanks a lot, I’ve been searching for ages...”

    Neiss stretched himself slightly, and was about to take his first step outside the park when something the girl said struck him, “Wait a minute, did you just say you searched for this place all day? Here in downtown?”

    The pretty girl nodded furiously in a lovably honest fashion, “Uh-huh. It was very difficult.”

    “Of course it was!” Neiss was having a hard time controlling the tone of his voice. He would believe it if someone told him that the girl has long been at feud with him and is there to make fun of him. “Don’t you read the words Southern Suburbs? Southern Suburbs! And you’ve been walking around in DOWNTOWN, searching for an address in the suburbs!”

    “It does say White-stone.” The pretty girl pointed at a certain direction. Neiss had full knowledge that some business building is somewhere in that direction, “Shouldn’t it be in the city?”

    Neiss became speechless for a fraction of a second before he realized, “White-stone Rd in the Southern suburbs, White-stone building downtown!”

    Did you look anywhere beyond the first word? These words nearly escaped Neiss as well.

    “Ah...huh.” The pretty girl racked her brains and finally found some awkwardness, “I forgot. I could be a bit careless at times. But didn’t you say you could take me to this White-stone Rd? Come on.”

    Neiss still sensed something strange in this girl, but he wasn’t born the type that ponders every move. After quite some time of being a landlord, he had learned not to care about his tenants too much, and this girl was a to-be tenant. Pointing at the gate of the park he said, “I’ll take you to the bus first. The Southern Suburbs is nowhere near, so you should probably expect to arrive there late. Oh, for your information, that’s my house you’re trying to rent, and I am the landlord.”

    She made a huge fuss: she got excited just as quickly as she became happy minutes ago, “No lie?”

    And at a single nod, she nearly jumped, “What a coincidence! It must have been fate, isn’t it, Mr. Landlord?!”

    Neiss rubbed at his forehead. He had been finding the girl frivolous for the last couple of minutes, and he could not help but speak out what had been going on rampage in his mind, “Aren’t you afraid of being abducted and trafficked? What if I’m telling lies?”

    No, much more than that, Neiss was just attempting at a mild tone. He had in fact found the girl...kind of silly. No, REALLY silly! She had looked for a place in the suburbs everywhere in downtown; she believed a total stranger right away; and now she is about to let that stranger take her to a place where hardly anyone visits! Since when did girls become so gullible? Was it that she’s extremely lucky, or did human traffickers all go on holiday?

    Neiss went over this nonsense in a couple of seconds, just in time for the girl to finally realize what Neiss meant and look at him in instant vigilance, “Abduction? So, you are a human trafficker? Are you trying to abduct me?”

    “......of course not!” Neiss was now seriously considering moving away from the girl. If she weren’t a to-be tenant, he would not have talked with such a, well, Goofy for any time as long as this.

    Miss Goofy nodded in satisfaction, “Excellent. I am so afraid of being fooled. Can we go now?”

    Neiss sighed and took his step outside the park. He found his footsteps unusually heavy.

    The duo had no problem getting into a bus, and what followed was not a tedious journey. The new tenant was apparently overly casual, probably a female Goofy and very VERY loquacious. For the entire journey, they were engaged in a conversation that more resembled a monologue of the girl, who speaks familiarly of everything from gossips of rank 2 celebrities to house prices of rank 2 cities. Neiss had absolutely no idea where the topics came from, but so long as he was willing to give a nod and a yes-or-no, the girl was willing to blah blah blah. He didn’t mind the speech; it was a usable pastime, and he had the chance of getting to know the tenant. Having a picture of the tenant and thereby avoiding undesirable consequences are crucial skills to becoming a good landlord.

    Miss Goofy...Miss Lily Liu, who generously allowed Neiss to call her by the first name, was a self-proclaimed vet and freelancing writer (whatever that is). She was travelling through the land and seeking a stable home. She didn’t care much about where or how luxurious the place was, as long as it’s clean and convenient - that’s how it typically is with freelancers.

    Neiss concluded that his new tenant was an ambitious young lady without a stable job who will not bring him much trouble. He was quite satisfied with such a tenant; yes, she might be goofy, but that would be her problem, not his. He was the landlord, only the landlord and nothing beyond that.

    As expected, when the poor bus with a particularly long route arrived at its destination in the Southern Suburbs, the night was closing in.

    Neiss led Lily down the bus, but before he could even take a deep breath, he heard Lily crying out loud, "So this is Whitestone Rd?"

    “The station says Southern Suburbs! Do you expect a bus to wriggle through an alley into an old street?”

    "Oh...Ha-ha, I can really get things wrong, don’t forget to help, Mr. Landlord." After a journey full of conversation (monologue), she had certainly become more familiar with Neiss. She cast a few glances around and frowned a little, "Now this is quiet."

    The bus stop sat beside an aging street, where buildings had lost track of time some twenty years ago. Bumpy roads, closed street stalls, and crumbling five-story buildings helped create the image of a desolate area forsaken by time. Neiss would sometimes doubt that the modern world had already forgotten this junk heap of a place, but that doubt would vanish at the end of every month: he would have someone from the electric grid, the water bureau, the phone company, the gas corporation, and even some insurance companies. All of them are from the modern world, and none of them has ever forgotten him. Hooray!

    “Hurry up.” Neiss signaled Lily to follow, “It’s quite safe in this town, but you can still expect a few drunk guys around here in the middle of the night. Let me settle you down first. Oh, and by the way, don’t you go running around at night. You make yourself safe, and I can stay out of trouble.”

    These were certainly not words landlords typically say to their tenants. Landlords would never want to scare their tenants out of their apartments. Neiss, however, is the honest type: he was more unwilling to cheat on people and take their advantages than he was afraid of trouble. Well, yet another reason for his inability to rent his house - two guys came before Lily but were too afraid to stay.

    As petite as Lily seems to be, she was not in the least concerned, “Don’t worry, Mr. Landlord. I am really good at fighting.”

    Neiss had to confirm that he had met an abnormal being today, "I’m not really talking about that...Let me put this straight, aren’t you afraid of bad people?"

    Neiss had never wanted to put his nose into someone else’s business, not to mention if that "someone" was someone he has barely met. However, he had never met a girl as eccentric and unaware as this Lily. As a nice guy, he could not help but worry how a ... well, silly girl could manage.

    Lily waved her hands in the air blithely, “You’re quite the nice guy, Mr. Landlord. I’m not afraid of bad people. I’m really strong, I’ve beaten up all the bad guys I’ve ever met.”

    So, you have met some bad guys before...Neiss muttered to himself in his head, so it was because you’ve beaten up everyone that you’ve become such an unaware “Goofy” of a girl?

    Lily certainly didn’t hear these silent mutters of Neiss. She smiled, jerked at the gigantic case - and the wheels fell with a gurgle and rolled away on their own.

    “Aha, something’s a bit heavy.” Lily scratched her head awkwardly.

    “Um, probably not, the road’s a bit bumpy...” Neiss’ brow twitched as he sighed at the bumps and hollows on the road. He felt a need for some masculinity at this point, “Here, let me take this...Oh my God what in the world did you put in there?”

    It was when he tried to lift the case when he realized something was wrong. It was as if he were trying to lift a case full of hardened concrete, literally.

    Lily, however, was still blissfully oblivious to Neiss’ expressions as she gives a little chuckle and picks the case up with one hand and hangs it over her shoulder. It was as if she were lifting a pack of cotton.

    Neiss witnessed the feat with his mouth wide open. A slim girl who’s as tall as his shoulders has just lifted a case well over 150 pounds, and was now walking as casually as she had ever been. He was about to reconstruct his conception to the world when Lily called him yet again to lead the way.

    Haven’t I seen enough reality shows on television, Neiss mumbled to himself as he hastily took the lead.

    The blah blah blah and the silent mumbling continued as the two of them turned from wide and bumpy streets into a darker and narrower alley. White-stone Rd was at the very end of this alley, and the Guy house was right ahead.

    Night had grown into its full. One of the two street lamps had gone out, and old creepy houses surrounded them. If it wasn’t for the near-full moon shining brightly above their heads, even Neiss would not feel too comfortable, and he had lived here ever since he was born. Again, he glanced aside, but Lily was following suit as usual, and apparently in a good mood.

    A dark night, a deserted path, an unknown territory, a man of uncertain background, the four of them combined could make any normal girl vigilant. And Lily Liu isn’t even nervous. Is she just too dumb to be afraid?

    Flap, flap...

    As Neiss thought of nonsense and got worried for a stranger, an odd flapping sound came from above. Naturally, Neiss was slightly taken aback by the unexpected noise. He raised his head to find where it had come from, just in time to see an oddly-shaped black shadow soaring over the narrow sky beyond the taller buildings.

    A bat...or was it? Was it his eyes or it wasn’t of the right size?

    “Huh, something came out in the evening.” Neiss didn’t want to lose face in front of a girl, so he called out aloud to show that he was not at all afraid. He was almost expecting Lily with a scared face on her when he turned, but instead -

    At that very moment, he believed that he had just seen a pair of wolf ears pop up on Lily’s head!

    Wolf ears?

    Stunned, Neiss stood rooted to his spot. It wasn’t until Lily walked quite a bit did he rub his eyes and look more carefully. Well, as he trained his eyes on Lily again, there was the same short-haired girl. Nothing out of the ordinary.

    But still he could swear he has just seen a pair of odd pointy ears. He could recall even the details of the ears: triangular, energetically erect on the sides of Lily’s head and covered in beautiful silvery fur. There could be no mistake: Neiss had always trusted his eyesight and his short-term memory.

    But no. Certainly nothing was on Lily’s head at that moment, and it wasn’t likely that there ever has been. Neiss patted his own face and murmured to himself for comfort, "I’m really getting tired quite early today, I’m seeing funny things."

    “What did you just say, Mr. Landlord?” Lily’s head whipped around, and her eyes shines energetically in this darkest of nights, “What funny things?”

    She has such good ears, thought Neiss, that she could hear a whisper. He managed to keep that thought from getting to his face and waved his hand casually, “Nothing, thought I saw something. Hurry up, young lady, we have someone to settle down tonight.”

    “Oh Okay,” Lily walked on, carrying her insanely huge luggage while continuing her speech, “Is there anywhere I can eat over there, Mr. Landlord? I haven’t had anything yet...Can I eat anything at your place? I can pay. Come on, Mr. Landlord don’t walk behind me, I don’t know the way...”

    Well she might be goofy and she talks too much, but she was quite the straightforward type of girl, thought Neiss as he replied, “You can eat at my place. I can cook a bit more stuff than usual.”

    That was when the flapping sound came yet again from above. This time Neiss was even faster, and he managed to catch sight of a passing shadow, a bat-shaped silhouette as large as an eagle. Neiss surely didn’t think that was a bat, for there were large wild birds that came from the plains for a bite of food in residential areas. Worried that Lily would somehow have a bad impression of the place, he attempted at a comfort, “Don’t mind, a wild bird probably flew in. After all, this place is steps away from the plains.”

    “Mr. Landlord,” the sound of Lily’s voice drew near as she called to Neiss hastily, “Why don’t you go first? I... I’ll follow up, I have something really urgent!”

    “How come?” replied a very confused Neiss with a start, “I must lead the way, you can live here for ages and get lost in those alleys... Whoa you’re coming too close!”

    He was wondering why Lily’s voice came from so near when he saw her face inches away from his and her glistening eyes staring at him, but the beauty of her features certainly didn’t prevent Neiss from getting a fright. Jumping back nearly two feet, Neiss nearly yelled, “I’m telling you, I’m not that type of person!”

    You see, Neiss Guy has always had the problem of babbling nonsense when he gets nervous.

    Neiss could have been mistaken, or he indeed saw a hint of anxiety on Lily’s face. She raised her head to the night sky and sniffed vigorously, “You’d better run, Mr. Landlord. Trust me, I can follow up, I remember how you smell... COME ON now don’t just stand there, I really have something really important!!”

    “NO!” said Neiss in a fit of stubbornness. He never remembered to question the words “remember how you smell” when he put on his straighter face, “What if something happens? Should I throw you in the middle of nowhere at night? It doesn’t make sense. Besides, what is it that you can’t say?”

    As mentioned before, Neiss Guy is quite the nice guy, and this implies that he is someone with a normal sense of responsibility. That sense of responsibility reminded him that it was him who brought Lily to this place, and that it was his duty to take the girl home safely. The ridiculous strength of the girl had absolutely nothing to do with his being worried. The “What if” scenario weighed heavily on his conscience.

    Whatever the girl must do at that moment was far beyond him as well.

    The look on Lily’s face became what can only be described as anxious, as she threw her case to the ground with a thud. She raised her head and her eyes swept around the high walls around her. By this narrow path were walls made of two-or-three-story buildings. They were once symbols of abundance for its residents, but time weathered them for so long that little remained besides the jagged walls severing the night sky.

    Lily was now eyeing the walls to and fro, as she sniffed furiously as if distinguishing a certain smell from the air. At the same time, she began to warm herself up. With all of this, anyone denser than Neiss would have found something strange. The two uncanny sounds from the sky had made him too nervous to think of anything else – including the various uncanny traits of the girl. With Lily’s peculiar actions, he knew that she had certainly found something.

    “Miss Liu...What is happening?”

    “Just call me Lily.” Lily found herself responding before turning to Neiss in surprise, “Why, are you still here, Mr. Landlord?”

    “DID you hear me just now?” Neiss stepped towards Lily, talking with a light tone but holding his fists tight. If there were anything abnormal, it would have been invisible to him. His six sense, however, was giving loud warning calls. Hanging in the darkness was a queer ambience, a distinct smell of blood and a cool gust of wind unfit for the summer night – they were giving Neiss goose bumps.

    He might have been brave, but he’s not braving through something supernatural.

    Whatever was going on was out of Neiss’ wildest imaginations. Not that urban legends and modern ghost stories are beyond him – he could easily remember stories of wraiths in alleys and ghosts between crossroads – but he had never taken them seriously. What now?

    Was he just oversensitive? Influenced by the strange actions of Lily? Not if he could taste blood and breathe fog in the air. Science does not win over superstitions this time. He suddenly realized how Lily urged him to leave, got vigilant when everything seemed “fine” and began to prepare calmly before “anything” had happened...

    One thing for sure, the “silly” girl knew her stuff.

    “What is wrong with this world and how did I get into this?”

    Neiss cautiously peered around as he abided the bloody taste in his mouth and unseasonal cold. He felt that his mind was running slowly, “Is this the real world, and what happened to science just now?”

    “Sorry, Mr. Landlord, I got you into this, ‘this one’ is probably looking for me.” The sound of Lily’s voice became a bit hoarse as she closed in, “You’re quite the nice guy, much nicer than everyone I’ve met, so I would try my best to keep you alive. Promise.”

    “This is not the right time to call someone a nice g...” Neiss turned his head with his teeth chattering, but could say nothing more when he saw Lily.

    She became a near stranger. She had silver hair that went to the waist, a pretty face as always, and a pair of unhuman golden eyes. The pupils shone in the darkness in the color of light gold, nothing close to that of normal human eyes. Silver wolfish ears stood erect above her head, twitching slightly every now and then to every tiny source of sound.

    Behind her, a bright silver tail grew out between her clothes and waved in the air.

    Neiss Guy didn’t know why he still got to do himself a wisecrack, but he knew that he was having the time of his life.

    That is, of course, if he could still HAVE a life after this one.



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