Kung Fu Mage In Online Game(网游之近战法师) By Moth Orchid(蝴蝶蓝)

A super Kung Fu master,mistakenly choose mage while creating role in the latest online holographic game—Parallel world.Being used to force down force,he can only go ahead,transforming a melee mage.When he try to fuse spell with Kung Fu,a brand new way of playing was opened up.

Fire Ball?Chain Lightning?Ice Mirror...Wait!I come here to use Kung Fu.What does spell has to do with me?What?I’m a mage?Alright,I’m a mage.But,you really believe that I’m a mage?Watch out my fist!Feet!Sword!Knife!Dart...Ha?Now you say I’m not a mage?OK,if you don’t believe me,I’ll prove to you;If you believe me,I’ll show you:a spell Kung Fu master,an unstoppable power.


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  • Chapter One:Teacher Gu Fei


    The sky of Cloudy City is gloomy,with intermittent drizzle floating.

    Near the player birth zone in mage academy,2 NPC were crowded around.One of them is selling broom while the another one selling  black-framed glasses.Harry Potter make a great influence on the theme:Magic.Even the latest online holographic game—Parallel World can not escape from it.

    By dressing up as wizard in Harry potter,these two guys made a huge killing from players.You see,the game system only provide 50 copper for new players.But each of these two useless decorations is up to 125 copper,adding up to 250.Nevertheless,the enthusiasm of the players is unabated.They spent all day fighting for the 250.Every corner of the mage academy is full of those players who were dragging robe,wearing black-framed glasses and waving broom.

    Though almost everyone immerses in this festive atmosphere,there is still a man frowning.

    Gu Fei,wearing a mage’s robe,standing in the center of the academy and looking at the ocean of happiness,can do nothing but only heave great sigh.

    The last class he wants is to be a mage.

    But he just becomes a mage.

    It’s all due to the student named Afaa.Gu Fei is a junior high school teacher.One day,he overheard a few students discussing this latest online holographic game.After asking about it,Afaa gave him a game account  fawningly.

    The road to hell is paved with good intentions.Unfortunately,the account Afaa gave Gu Fei has already provided its class and name.And what’s worse is ,Gu Fei knew nothing about it until the unchangeable holographic scanning and identity binding were over.Worst of all,because Parallel World was the first online holographic game and the server host was limited,each person can only use one account.Which means that if Gu Fei still want to play this game,he can only be a mage.

    Throw the whole new complete sets of holographic game device away?That’s too pitiful.Finally,Gu Fei still log onto the game.However,actually,when didn’t get the class Gu Fei wanted,this game was over for him.Standing at Cloudy City,Gu Fei fell lost,when suddenly,some mages ran out from the mage academy,with their ragged robe and black and blue face.

    Gu Fei notice a short,thin figure.Unconsciously,he call his name, “Afaa!”

    Yeah,that’s Afaa:poor scores,poor constitution and ordinary-looking.The student who has nothing special except a glib tongue.The student who was in a position that nobody love him and care about him.In general,he is just a marginal student.And Gu Fei got his account from him.Gu Fei trys very hard to hold back his impulse to beat Afaa. Anyway,Afaa did not do it on purpose.By the way,Gu Fei is a teacher.

    Hearing someone call his name,Afaa looks up and sees Gu Fei.He stumbles in front of him and says,“Good morning,Teacher Gu.”

    “Fine,fine!You don’t have to call me that!”Gu Fei says hastily.Given greeting from a student in the online game is definitely embarrassing.And many players around regard them curiously after hearing this greeting.

    “What happened to you?”Gu Fei pulls Afaa away from the crowd then asks.

    Afaa was panting, “I didn’t...didn’t expect it...I just wanna stroll in the city...Then I was beaten.”

    “What’s your level?”Gu Fei was confused.There is no safe zone in Parallel World except birth zone.But at the same time,the PK protection system for low level players is existed.Nobody can PK a player under level 5.

    “I have just connected the game,”said Afaa.

    “Then how did you get PK?”Gu Fei was puzzled.

    “Not PK,it’s just a beating,”said Afaa.

    “Any different?”Gu Fei was puzzled still.

    “Teacher Gu,PK must use the skill in the game and cut down the HP.But this is a holographic game.They just beat me,like a street fight in reality.But...it’s really hurt!”Afaa picked his face,wincing in pain.

    “There were people as such!?”Gu Fei was surprised.

    “Yeah...I really didn’t except it will happen in holographic game,”said Afaa.

    “Holographic...”Gu Fei chewed this word, “I have to go to see it,”Gu Fei moved abruptly.

    “Wait!”Afaa stopped Gu Fei, “Teacher Gu,your are just a mage!The HP and strength are lower than knight!We can’t win!”

    Gu Fei patted him on his head. “you forget that?Your teacher Gu know Kung Fu!”Gu Fei said,and turn around.

    “Teacher Gu!”Afaa stared at his figure blankly.Teacher Gu knows Kung Fu!That’s a famous joke in YuLin junior high school.Even the headmaster has talked about it in private: “What is shameless?Teacher Gu’s insistence that he know Kung Fu is the most shameless thing I know!”

    No matter bounce,speed,dexterity or strength,Gu Fei is indeed better than others.But in common comprehension,it’s very normal for a PE teacher.And the funny thing is,Gu Fei insists that it was because he has done Kung Fu since his childhood then he has muscles of iron and is unbeatable.

    Nobody believes him.

    Because,in YuLin campus network,there has a famous video,shotted by the camera installed in the school gate and uploaded by a busybody.In this video,a young man was beaten black and blue by an old man ,even rolled on the ground.This video is named “Old but vigorous”.The leading man is the old man,of course.And the vice leading man,according to the investigation,is Gu Fei,the guy who claims that he is unbeatable.

    After this experience,who would believe that Gu Fei knows Kung Fu?Everyone supposed that Gu Fei must has watched too many Wuxia novels and be a little bit crazy.Fortunately,even though Gu Fei insisted that he knows Kung Fu,he was not being violent and was strict in teaching attitude,so the influence didn’t get worse.

    But now...While Afaa’s mind was still wandering,Gu Fei has already ran out the academy gate,turning his head toward Afaa, “which side?”

    Unconsciously,Afaa pointed to the right,then Gu Fei kept going.

    It took Afaa a few second to react to it,catching up with Gu Fei quickly.

    Parallel World did pretty well in realistic simulation,and the stone road was pretty rough,but Gu Fei still walked as if on wings.Afaa was sweating profusely,then he saw Gu Fei standing at an intersection.

    “Where are they?”When Afaa got close to him,Gu Fei asked.

    “They were there just now,”Afaa pointed the pool in the middle of the square in front of them, “don’t go to them!Teacher Gu!”Seeing Gu Fei’s step toward the pool,Afaa yelled.

    Gu Fei smiled back at him, “you forgot that?Your teacher Gu knows Kung Fu!”

    A mage, trailing his robe behind him,always seems small and weak.But Gu Fei appeared extraordinary chic and confident.

    “Da**!Being beaten again at most!It would not really hurt me!”Afaa mumbled,chasing after Gu Fei.

    But Gu Fei has disappeared already.Afaa were walking and searching for him,when suddenly,a scream comes out from the alley next to him.Afaa went there promptly,sticking his head into the alley.

    In the alley,there were four guys in the knight’s light armor,smashing a small thin man.So many terrible thump came from this poor young man,and his face and body were full of the spot of blood.Although it was hard to figure out his class,but even the strongest warriors could not possibly bear the siege from four strong man.He has long since lost his resistance.After a heavy punch,he was sent to the corner,curling up in a ball without a word.

    Those four guys all look fierce and touchy.But now they stop the beating to the thin man,because Gu Fei has stood out in front of them.

    Without any communication,they just noticed the mage’s robe on Gu Fei’s body,looked at each other,then broke into smile.

    “Let him go!”Gu Fei said.

    “You mean this chick?”The toughest man of them launched a brutal kick in the poor man curling up in the corner,winked at the other three,moved slowly and enveloped Gu Fei.At beginning,they just prevent Gu Fei from escaping.But Gu Fei just standing there,let them envelop him easily.

    A ripple of astonishment flashed through the toughest man’s—obviously the leader—eyes.He was puzzled until he looked narrowly at Gu Fei’s body.The man in front of him was average height,but the fitter robe did not hide his neat figure.Broad shoulders,slender waist and long legs,his figure showed his well-trained,which meant he was not bad at fighting.However,Parallel World was just a game,not reality.No matter how strong this man was in reality,in this game,his strength,speed stamina and so on were only depend on the game data.Now he was just a weak mage,a class which had the lowest strength in the game.Just a ordinary punch could make him cry out in pain.It seemed that the realistic simulation was too good to make this man forget that it’s a game.

    Without any rubbish,all the leader said was,“Get him.”

  • Chapter 2:Kung Fu?

    Two of those men ran toward Gu Fei from his left and right,and the third retired to the exit of the alley to prevent him from escaping.

    Both men rushed to the front of Gu Fei in a moment.One of them tried to punch him when the other one chose kicking.Gu Fei moved back a step calmly and avoided the attacks.Then the left leg raisen, an accurate footprint was left on the guy’s face on the left.But when Gu Fei wanted to raise his right leg,the guy on the right had moved back astonishingly.

    Gu Fei smiled wryly.If here was reality,it was impossible that his “Dividually Flying Swallow” could only kick one person.Thanks to mage’s data in the game,he could only use half of it.What’s worse was, the power of it was too weak to only make the guy on his left facepalm and look at him astonishingly.Turning it in reality,being kicked in the head,this guy would have to sink into coma at least 4 or 5 hours.

    “Thorny guy,”the leader’s face changed,but he didn’t panic.Gu Fei’ footwork was really good,however,the power of his kicking was limited.So the leader shouted, “Don’t worry,he is just a mage.”And then he joined the fight.

    Gu Fei swam between them.Though owing to the data of a mage,Gu Fei’ blows did not really hurt them,but mage’s dexterity was not to bad.Besides,most of the players were just a beginner,so the gap of dexterity between each class was not too wide.With his rich fighting experience,Gu Fei gave them a precise punch or kick from time to time.And they could not touch Gu Fei even the corner of his robe.The leader became more and more astonishment to Gu Fei:just a thorny guy?If this man was not a mage, they had been knocked out early.

    But Gu Fei also felt powerless.Due to the limitation of the game,most of the Kung Fu movement he knew could not show at this moment.So it looked like that even if Gu Fei had chosen to be another class like fighter,the lack of adding enough upgrade points would still limit his Kung Fu.But on the other hand,if he kept adding points to his strength,dexterity and so on,he could still show his Kung Fu!At this thought,Gu Fei raised his spirit again.

    Those guys saw they were no threat to Gu Fei,moreover,as fighting goes by,this guy was increasingly energetic,and he even broke into a comfortable smile just then,which made them more panic.

    Those guys fighting skill may be well enough in the street,but now they met Gu Fei.Gu Fei didn’t want to continue to engage them in fighting.He found a chance,left the fighting and smiled, “still wanna go on?”

    Despite a mage’s strength,the experience of the accumulation from Gu Fei’s beating was still not feeling well,especially while he kept beating the same part.Now the left one got a black left eye,the right one got the right,and the leader in the middle got a bleeding nose.He raised his head,being afraid that the blood would flow into his mouth when he spoke out.He waved to the others, “let’s LEAVE!”

    “Wait!”Gu Fei said, “you’re leaving without apology?”

    “Apology?”The leader said contemptuously, “you can’t be possible to kill me.Why do I apologize?”That’s right.Although Gu Fei had beaten them again and again,he just gave them black eyes and bleeding nose,which was not something unbearable,not to mention death unless the HP dropped to zero.Don’t look at their terrible face,their HP were still full.Obviously,that was really a large bug of the game.

    But Gu Fei just smiled indifferently,bending over to pick up a gravel,then raised his hand.Crack!Head shot!

    The leader raged, “What the h...!”

    “What if it changed to eyes shot?”Gu Fei remained calm.

    The leader froze.He thought that was just a casual shot.But that guy’s tone seemed that he could shot wherever he wanted?

    “Well,no effect on reality,of course.But in this game,you can only be a blind from then on...This is holographic simulation game,remember,”said Gu Fei.

    The leader was scared two steps back.But on the second thought,where he said,where he can shot?It couldn’t be!Then he laughed, “Nice joke,idiot!”

    No more to say,Gu Fei reached for a gravel from the ground with his leg,then threw his right finger...

    “Ahhhhhhhh!”Along with a loud cries,the leader fell to the ground,clamped his hand over his right eye,rolled on the ground and wailed again and again.The pain of being blinded was totally different from a black eye.

    “One eye left,”Gu Fei said to the rolling leader.He stretched his leg again and got two gravels,turning to the others, “I have two this time.”

    “S...Sorry!”Scared by the cries from their rolling leader,the others apologized stammeringly.

    “Now leave,”Gu Fei waved his hand.The others picked their leader up hastily.Clamping his hand over the right eye and trembling with severe pain,the leader stammered, “take...take me away...”The others went a sort of shock then took him away hastily.As for the guy guarding the exit,he had escaped for a long time.

    All the time,Afaa hid in the exit,watching the live with open-mouthed incredulity until those guys escaped out of sight and reacted to it after that.He rushed into the alley with the look of surprise, “Teacher Gu!You do know Kung Fu!?”

    “Sure.Your teacher Gu have been practicing Kung Fu since a kid,”Gu Fei said,just like he claimed in the school,even his tone and expression.

    Gu Fei does know Kung Fu.

    Born of a Kung Fu clan,he learned to Kung Fu as a young boy.Though different member had different business outside,but on the inside,they had a common goal—inheriting culture of Kung Fu.Having said that,Gu Fei felt nobody in the clan still had this vocation in heart except himself and his father.

    Still,some of the elder generation could fight against Gu Fei.But at his age,none of the youth could stick it for a round.Besides,to Gu Fei’s insisting of practicing Kung Fu,they felt nothing but only contempt, “what time is it now?The sky is covered with plane and the street is computer all around!Kung Fu?Can Kung Fu be a meal?”

    He wanted to prove it,and received a deeper contempt.

    The truth was very helpless.He couldn’t do much with Kung Fu.

    The sport,which seemed like it was the best for Kung Fu,had been tried by Gu Fei one by one.Some project were failed for unable to master the rules,like a charging call in basketball;some were no connection with Kung Fu,like chess;some were due to his congenital defect,like diving and swimming—Gu Fei couldn’t swim.

    Even the fighting project,Gu Fei couldn’t stand unexpectedly.

    Gu Fei’s Kung Fu focused on body strengthening and fighting skills,which made him no advantage on performing fighting.And as for the real fighting project,his father forbade him to join.

    “We practice Kung Fu for strengthen ourselves and pushing our limit,not for aggression!”His father said,heavy with import.

    “Is pushing our limit to better beat others?”Gu Fei was confused.

    “You’re wrong.The best way to beat others,is shooting!”His father said.


    His father nodded solemnly, “Right!It’s shooting!”


    Before the end of Gu Fei’s question,his father started beating him.Well,you see,Kung Fu clan.Now that he couldn’t persuade Gu Fei,let the fists do the talking.In that year,Gu Fei’s father was still strong and his Kung Fu ran over Gu Fei.Besides,Gu Fei couldn’t really fight against his father,so Gu Fei could only be beaten to the ground.What’s worse,that day was the interview for YuLin school...

    Finally,after eliminated from almost all the sport projects,Gu Fei barely stayed in sport—if PE teacher was.

    And because of the video about beaten by his father outside the school gate,whenever Gu Fei wanna propagandize Kung Fu,he only received the name “Shameless”.

    Was Kung Fu really useless in society?Gu Fei was sad.Now he had rarely went to the clan party.Once,the elder generation would approve of his insistence of Kung Fu,see him as the best example in clan to educate the descendant.But now,when all the other descendants lived a much better life while Gu Fei fell to be a PE teacher,the elder generation hesitated.None of them insisted that Gu Fei was the best in their clan,except his father.

    But his father was tougher about the viewpoint that Kung Fu was not for aggression.

    “I will NEVER let you hurt anyone with Kung Fu!”His father spoke with curt finality.

    “What about bad guys?”Gu Fei asked.

    “Of course NOT!”His father was pretty sure, “bad guys would be sanctioned by the police and law!”

    “So what’s the use of Kung Fu?”Gu Fei was distressed.He hated he couldn’t understand everything like his father,deeply lost in the thought of the use of Kung Fu.

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