Strongest existence in the series

Since many of us wondered about sxb being the original sin of calamity ive decided to create this thread. First thing first, the series is still running and still has along way to go (heck the mc is still doing exam for collective training even at ch 440 of the raw) so its too early to take any conclusion. Second. Has anyone ever wondered the might of the absolute choice itself? Lol even kali, the godly character weve known so far being played like an ants by it. And lastly. Personally i think sxb might become the osc but the author is very good at twisting things, theres nothing for sure in the series unless the author said so.


  • Well I just came across an idea that since there is an Original Sin of Calamity the 7 sins. Someone asked if there could be a Original something else .So I replied that there could be a Original Virtue of Something "the 7 virtues".

    (this is when the series has already been taken over to Qidian so you might have quit it due to reasons cause I know some people did.)
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