Revived Warrior(再生勇士)By Shiou(施鸥)



  • "But if we can’t take this stone away, the eagles in the town will all vary"  maybe it's not vary but Angry ?
    "Once up on a time" => " Once upon a time"
    "Facing with a group of people looking at him with astonish, the Zhi is a little shame again" => "the Zhi is Embarrassed again"
    "Then he stumble a moment and said to us quickly" stumble not fit in here, maybe if it; stopped, quiet, silent, murmured, it will be more fit and feel weird when you read it.
     "coming here ling long ago" =>" coming here long ago"
    "It seems that it is leaving at the era of beta" =>"It seems that, it is left behind when test beta occurred"
    "the stone eagle must arrive the god level" => "the stone eagle has reached the god level"
    "Lunar dance is drawer"  meaning ?
    and so on

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    Chapter 39: Night

    I raise my head and look at the time see there is already 8:00. I say:”It seems that the Zhi won’t coming back today. I don’t know if he will online tomorrow. If we can’t clean up all of the eagles before the afternoon tomorrow, my territory is becoming nothing.”

    In fact I am prepared to fail, the feats I get is based on the evil eagles. The number of the eagle I kill is very small. So even I finish the mission, the feats I get is not enough to let me get my territory.

    At that time, the tiger king and Lunar Dance are all say goodbye to me. Say that they can’t staying in the game for too long.

    I say it is nothing and the life in reality is more important.

    After they are vanishing in the stone room, I am walking out of the hole. Then I raise my head, but I didn’t see the eagles on the sky. I am a little surprised. It works. The leaving of the stone eagle truly let the evil eagle vanished.

    But I am disappointed soon. I see some sharp shouting beside my ears. And see some owl flying around me. Oh the activity time of the eagles is limited. It will only come out at day. Only some of them as owl will come out at night.

    But some of the owls are also starting to variation. It named “evil owl”. Their grades are even higher than the evil eagle. Lv.42 – 45 in average. I am killing the evil owl carefully while waking, avoid to fighting with two or more of them at the same time.

    Because I am killing evil owls on the road while coming back, I am very slow. But, I am arriving the town finally.

    In my imagination, the battle will already end. No one can keep on the strong battle for so long. I just coming to hearing some of the information about the battle happened on the morning.

    But the fire is still firing. 5 hours. I can’t imagine how cruel the battle was.

    I am dare to see what the battle will be, thousands and thousands of people dying, hundreds and hundreds of gold coins losing. And that … that was starting by me!

    I am nervous, but still make the decision. I want to face that. It is starting by me. I only could try my best to solve that.

    The number of people of “Eagles Massacre Sect”, compared to daytime, has added to two times. Distinguished from the appearance, the players from foreign countries start to be in majority.

    Foreigner seems prefers hunting eagles. Although the number of foreign players is in a small quality, but many of them express the interest in hunting eagles. Thus there are a large number of Arabian players gathering here.

    At periphery of the battlefield, to my surprise, the players witnessing the battle are more than the players in the battlefield. Among them, most of them are rushing from other places. Such large-scale battle is hard to see in the game up to present.

    Maybe it’s the reason that the hierarch engages the game, obviously, the players in “Eagles Massacre sect” are not that mess. On the contrary, they arrange themselves into a circular array. At outermost layer, the low-medium players enclose a large ***. The thickness of this *** is dozens of meters which is larger than the scale of “Space transfer” used by Mystery Magician.

    The hundreds of players in advanced grade, who participate in the battles directly, divide into dozens of groups in the middle and are hunting for Mystery Magician.  

    The Magician, who is clearly the most striking person in the battleground, after couple hours’ fighting, still appears coldness as ice, without any fatigue.

    Except for such kind of magic like Fire Sea, large fireball, and firing ring that I see previously, Mystery Magician also sends “firing ground”. That is a large-scale magic though with low HP reduction, it can be lasted for a long time. Now, the whole ground in the battle field is covered by this magic. Within couples of lists, the air is aglow. The heat wave directly blows to my face. If I don’t cut off my scene organ immediately, I am afraid I can’t resist to such high temperature scalded me in the air.

    The Magician’s pet, phoenix, has already arrears tiredness. Hardly can it swoops to the players who used remote attack. In additional, the flying pets of the players also daren’t get close to this king of birds in all kinds

    Hovering in the sky, the hierarch of Eagles Massacre Sect “Bloody Knight” rides his giant golden vulture. Once he finds the figure of Mystery, immediately, he flashes across the sky combined tightly with his vulture like a thunder.

    Knight is not limited to finding a horse or some creatures on the ground as mount. He can subdue all kinds of monsters as mount.

    The most remarkable feature of knight profession is that he can make full use of mount to enhance his strength. Most of their advanced fighting skill is accomplished with the help of their mount.

    Now, with golden vulture’s absolute velocity and impact force Bloody Knight lift their speed to more than one time.

    In the middle of battleground, dozens of priests surround a monk. At periphery of the priests, surround a circle of warrior guards.

    When Mystery Magician’s sea fire comes down to somewhere, the “healing “of priests comes to exactly the same place. White lighting rain falls. Though it can’t recover the HP of players immediately, it can avoid the misfortunate of being killed by sea fire the next turn.

    At the same time, “Encouragement”, ”Blessing”, ”fireguard”, ”acceleration”, ”elimination” and” refreshing”……all kinds of magic sing which used to lift ability also arise from one side to the other, coming from every fighting group. The burning battlefield is more like a saint-temple in the fire.

    The monk, who is in the middle of priest group is what Lunar Dance calls ”monk”. The monk chooses the image of orient monk. He appears his specialty among a bunch of western priests.

    Observing from distant, it seems that the monk closes his eyes. Nevertheless, the second the Mystery Magician starts to use “space transference” and “magic in fire type”, the monk transforms to “Jingang nu mu (A Buddhism saying,just as the anger of Buddha)”. There is a lion bellowing like thunderbolts in the sky. “An, Ba, Mi, Ma, Nu, Won(spells),sealing!”

    The blue light falls on Magician’s body in a moment. But he don’t conduct a hiding anymore! They continue to transfer and setting fire. He speaks with loud voice: “I have told you for thousands of times. Your “sealing” is only in advanced 3rd grade. In additional, your grade is lower than that of me by dozens of grades. So your attack is be of no effective.”

  • IoI the sealing not 100%, so it also have a weakness ahahaha :lol: 
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  • Chapter 40: One for a Thousand

    The sea fire sent from Magician targets towards the middle of priest group. However, the monk opens his eyes and gives him a loud shot: King Ming’s seal, fix! A hand impression is not only a movement on hand, but also combination with body impression and heart impression. After the monk sends the impression, the whole body is just like living Ming king. His face is stateliness. Being the center, there is golden light within the scope of more than ten meters around him, just like a golden ball covering on the hands of priests. The monstrous fire reach in front of the golden ball, merely a little of it could invade. Then all the priests send the “fire defence" in the meanwhile. Most of the “invader” is offset. Thus the rest of flame is not able to inflict heavily losses on priest group.

    There is also a troop in black in the field. It seems like a poisonous snake in the dark wandering around the place with fire. They keep silence and present a weird scene beyond word. These are assassin group of Eagles Massacre Sect.

      Assassin has attributes of high agility and high attack, but low physical defense and low HP. He is always killed after a failure attack. Even he makes a successful sneak attack. Frequently, he will be killed by enemy’s fight back. The profession, man of sacrifice, however, appeals quite lots of people to play. Once many skills of assassin exert their best efficacy, the HP reduction will even be more than that of knight. Most importantly, assassin has many skills which classify as “defense ignorance”. No matter a gang war or hunting Boss, several assassins in the team are definitely the foundation of victory.

    The assassin group that belongs to Eagles Massacre Sect is a team consisting of ten assassins. But no one would doubt that once the Mystery Magician is caught by them, instantly, he will become a white light!

    Magician and Archer are the Eagles Massacre Sect’s main power. But just this time, they meet a super magician who has further attack distant, larger scope and skill of space transfer They totally have no way to deal with.

    The Mystery Magician is always faster than them. If “Bloody Kight” isn’t able to find out the Magician, he will get the time to launch twice attack. Even if the priests have healing in time, at least couple of magician will die. If priest slow down for a second. After third sea fire comes down, no one will survive.

    In order to grab the time that the Magician read the space magic, once the players who major in Melee combat profession find the trace of the Mystery Magician, they will dash towards him right away. Even some times they get chances to suddenly use” charging” to knock on the Magician. Nonetheless, it seems that the Mystery Magician has some anti- giddy equipment. The moment he is being charged, he can transfer instantly. on the contrary, some warriors on the ground stone to injury or even death because of the charging hierarch from the sky.

    Every minute, there will be dozens of congregation dead in average. Dozens of medium players on the outer ring will soon add to the battle field. The dead players and new coming players, after coming from flying eagle town, are all add to *** at periphery. They prepare to refight.

    Standing behind the players who watch the battle, I blankly look at the fighting in front of my eyes.

    The space transference used by Magician, is nothing short of invincible. Though occasionally, he may be hit by human-vulture combined attacking used by “Bloody Kight”. Or he will be hit by some magic arrows. But he can transfer himself in a second when he is under attack. Moreover, he will balance the exact time he conducts his transference. Never would he waste the time for attacking his opponents. The target point of his transference is always the amazing corner pockets. Such transference skill is just like a myth existing on the earth.

    Is that really a thing that can be done by a human being? Within the 20 years, I falling in deep sleep, there exists such a skillful talent players!

    Shocked by fighting occasion, I finally recall my mission this time: I will prevent the Mystery Magician from slaughtering!

    Maybe that is a mission impossible, but long before I made my decision. If I don’t stop, I will never be at ease.

    Mounting a horse, I am about to run towards battlefield. A clear tweet comes here. The phoenix leaves the battlefield and flies towards distant place.

    Pet betrayal? Nearly all the witnessing players emerge those thought in the brain. The higher of pet’s grades and level, the easily it can get rid off the master’s control.

    The players in Eagles Massacre Sect start applause with one accord. They lift their already- downhearted fighting willing up. Reaction seems to faster than before. In additional, players don’t have to pay attention to phoenix. The Magician traps into several dangerous situations at next few times.

    If just now, the people in sect were worrying about Magician would ride phoenix away by transference, now everybody has eliminated the worry. Everyone agrees that it time to take revenge.

    Though the loss of the Eagles Massacre Sect will not make up, even Magician throws full cameo grade set and level down his grade to zero, all the people just dispute that implication. If they can’t take the revenge, the people of Eagles Massacre Sect will bow their head wherever they go. Granted that they walk out from their shadow, who will have a remark in his heart that saying: loser.

    I continue to spur my horse, dashing and shouting with loud voice: the Mystery Magician. Don’t slaughter any more. I have found a way to eliminate the evil eagle!

    Maybe my action was a silly one in any other time. But I think I am right, or, so to say, I think it is the thing I must to do.

    I think my voice is high enough. But, because of my senses is the lowest, my voice also. So the Magical magician doesn’t here my voice anymore. But some of the members in the eagle massacre sect is coming back to look at me.

    Then a group of people is coming out of the battlefield right away. They are coming to me.

    When they coming closer, I finally see the one coming ahead: Chivalrous Forever.


  • if lv 50 magician already so OP, what will happen if he reach lv 100 and more ? will he sealed the space? will he create a pocked dimension? will he Freeze the space?  will he stop the time ? accelerate and decelerate the time ? Increase Speed Thinking like 100 times? severing the space deal instant death ? summon multiple meteor, asteroid and comet with Worm Hole ?  Create a Black Hole that will devour a kingdom and Empire ? Summon gigantic mountain sized Dragon, like Tiamat the 5 Headed Evil Dragon Goddess to destroy the central Church ? summon the gate of hell and abyss gate for demons and devils to invade ?

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    Chapter 16: the ring cursed by wolf blood.  part 1

    Crying forest has forest in name only. The fight with the devil god of taming monsters had destroyed the forests to plain. At the end of this plain, there is a huge altar.

    There are thousands of monsters in the plain and got scared by them. But we did not come back and rush in to the sea of monsters.

    In the outer region of the monster sea, monsters are only about Lv.10 or below. But the level exponentially rises to 20 while reaching inner region. Suddenly, I am feeling little uncomfortable in my heart as there is a huge stone pressed on me and also I can only use half of my ability. But, it has also decreased power of the monster.

    “It is the super magic of the devil god: ‘the realm of depressed’, all of the creature will decrease half of their power.” The patriarch shouted.

    Even when we scared of the super magic, we still moving toward to realm of the devil god. But to our surprise we didn’t feel so hard even when we come into the area where monsters level rised to Lv. 30. Maybe because of the ability of monsters had also decreased.

    We are starting to feel difficult when we reached into the area of monsters in Lv.40 or above. Because of our equipment will not decrease its ability in the realm, Tiger King even can killed Lv.47 “double tale lion” that he normally avoid.

    After this, the realm of monsters is increased to Lv.50 or above and we cannot kill even one of them with the level and equipment we have. But there are hundreds of them here and also monsters in these levels will also have their own intelligent. When we try to fight with one of monster, other monsters will aisihave come to help. Moreover, I doubt that we may not even defeat one even in the realm of depressed.

    In my opinion, we should stop here today and come again with higher grades in some days or find capable one to help us. But patriarch shakes his hand:”No, the monsters here will be stronger and stronge days by days. 8 days ago, monsters were only Lv.20 or lower. If we come in some day, may appear the monster that are Lv.60 or above. ”

    Lv.60? Oh my goodness. If I knew it earlier, I could have killed all the monsters by myself. But now only thing I can do is go ahead and ahead until I seal the devil gods or I died. Actually, my EXP is rising rapidly due to fighting monsters that are 20 Lv higher than me with the help of the Tiger King and his friends. I reached 29 in the period of time we fighting.

    I suddenly see that the egg of the Mystery Turtle had already hatched out of the egg. So,  I opened the pets window and could see a small white turtle lying there whose eyes are not even fully opened. It is trying to open its eyes to look at the world. It looks so cute! But my heart feel a little painful in thought of his mother is killed by me. I put some of the meat or herb in front of its mouth and if it like then give it to eat, if it doesn’t like I just put it back. The small turtle is full quickly, sleeping in satisfied.

    Look at the ability of it: Mystery Turtle, 2nd grade BOSS, assisting pets, can adhering on the body or the armor, shied of its owner, can add the HP and defense of its owner. 

  • Chapter 41: Worries.

    En? Why is he coming out of town? Then, why is he wearing silver equipments in his body? I have seen him equipped a set of gold equipments before.

    The eyes of him are becomes red and shout to me:”Good for your coming!”

    A beam of white light is beaming to me and it is the skill of chivalrous that can learned in the 28 named “Flying Star”

    But to my surprise, this just gives me 40 damage. When I am about to say something, he gives me a “Wind and sand hit”. This skill the Unstop Chivalrous is often use in front of us and says it is the skill he like best before Lv.30. Why he is using it also?

    His skill is hitting on my shied and only gives me 50 damage. Oh, the chivalrous is only such attack?

    “Fighting Against Destiny, I remember your name! After that, the people in our sect will kill you at the same time we saw you. Until you becomes Lv.0 and your friend we will also fighting with him and kill him after all.”

    I am shouting:”He is not my friend… ”

    I don’t finish my speaking, there already are tens of magic and arrow is scooting to me. I am avoiding many, but the rest of them become my HP to 0. I catch the last time recall the flying back to my pet space, then I hear some voice:”Don’t kill my friend!”. The voice is really close, but I have no time to distinguish what is it…

    The last scene I see is the Chivalrous forever rushing to me and my institution gives me his information: Chivalrous Forever, Lv.28 Chivalrous… oh it seems that the chivalrous is dying for 14 times today.

    There is a white light flashing in front of me, and I finally realize that I came back to the forgotten village. Because I didn’t set my regenerate point in the flying eagle town, I regenerate at forgotten village.

    I smile a little and feel a little relax. It is predictable. But I only want to atone my sins and avoid too much massacre as much as possible.

    But if I think carefully that I will know that it is no use at all. But it is the only way make me a little relaxed.

    But check my bag, I can’t laugh any more. My right ring and shoes of the set of the God of Grazing was dropped…

    Oh that was two equipments in god’s grade! Moreover, my set is not fully. And the skills and ability added on the set is vanished also.

    Oh, that set of equipment is leaved by the patriarch was died in the hole of the God of Disease. It was just like a friend to me. I have no feeling when it is on. But when I lose it, I feel really hard to stand. Although it is not died totally, it is dismemberment. That’s worse!

    But what should I do? Go back to the flying eagle town and kill by them to grade 0?

    I walking out of the point and see there are more and more player are in our village and there are some players continuous going out of the transfer matrix and says like: “Oh I here there have better mime/woods/monsters. ”

    Oh the player is increasing is a good thing in general, but if the group like “mime protection group” is coming. Tings would get bad.

    I continuous walking along, and see the Ashui is sitting on the steps of his house again.

    “What are you doing here? Is the monsters to the way to the river is more again?”

    “Oh, no, it is because the players in the village are becoming more and more I am daring they will kill me.”

    “You just a normal NPC, no one will kill you, you have no treasure! If they killing you, it will add their sin points.”

    Saying this, I remind that the pregnant lady that killed by me and feel really uncomfortable.

    “I don’t know, but I have seen player killing NPC in other village.”Ashui reply.

    I pulled him up from the ground:”Nothing, I promise you.”

    Ashui is leaving reluctantly. But my heart is not peaceful at all. There are so many players in the game now and I don’t know if there will be some “Special” player in our village that kill NPC just for entertaining of some other reasons.

    At this time the messenger of the King is suddenly appear around me and with his smile that makes people really uncomfortable.

    “Fighting Against Destiny, how is your mission?” he ask me with smile.

    “I might can’t finish the mission.” I said.

    “Oh, that mission is not the best and the feats is not very high also.”

    I look at the messenger questionable.

    “The Aimans in the village, you know them right?” the messenger laughing stranger.

    I feel not good and put off my badge of Aima tribe quickly. And turn around: “Yes”

    “Our country is not as good as our neighbor. The main reason o it is our horse are too less. If you just say to the herder to send hundreds of horses to the King. The King will certainly give you many feats that enough you to get your territory. ”the messenger looks at me with surprise.

    Oh, hundreds of horses, that is hundreds of gold coins! The messenger is so greedy. And if I gives him horses, most of the feats that King gives will put away by him.

    No, not that. Those horses are not my own. It is belongs to Aiman. I am the patriarch, right. But I have no rights to send the results of the herding of the herders to others only because of my own wills.

    I suddenly become angry:”No!”

    The messenger stumbled a moment and said that and seems not predict that I will refuse him. Then he said with anger:”Well, Fight Against Destiny. You wait! I will told that to the King!”

    Then he ride the transfer Matrix and leave the forgotten village right away

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    btw, the MC a bit stupid, why he need to announced that he is the origin of it all, just like a thief that suddenly shout " Hey, I am just steal your money" in the front of his victim face, this thief really tired of living IoI 

    thx for the chapter ^^
  •  Chapter 20: Ears  part 2

    Finally I am ascertain that I came back to the real world,and I can hear the sound too!

    I pick up my ears and excitingly distinguish the long-lost sound. Except the human voices, I can also hear clutter footstep, breath, moving things and even some birds. Though the sound is indistinct, but as far as I am hearing, the noise is made from the best loudspeaker box.

    If I can control my lacrimal gland, my face must be full of tears now. It is amazing! At least I retrieved one of my body functions. Though it is just auditory sense, it proves the there is a possibility to recover totally. I still remember the news I read before. It is said that if a person maintain vegetative status for one month, his chance to recover memories will be reduced to almost zero. It is a miracle that I can recover even after 20 years.

    I fantasized about the life after my total recovery. What should I do? Play knife and fork? Seek some beauties on the street for a month? Or meet my few old friends and give them surprise? Oh I am sure it is not just surprise, but it will be frightening them to death. By the way, if I wake up, the TV station and paper will hear the news and will come for interview. I won’t accept their interview unless they pay me ¥1,000,000……

    When I am immersed in my fantasy, there is a voice coming from my ear:” What’s the hell? Every physical data is the same as before, but just now, his brain wave spectrum clearly showed a severe fluctuation. No the spectrum just like have an explosion! ”

    Another voice comes:” does something wrong with the machine? ”

    “Probably, at least the machine has been using for 20 years”

    “So director, should we give him a new machine?”

    “No, we should leave the new machine to new patience. Yu Tian never has a chance to embrace miracle. And that machine is just like an ornament. We don’t have to waste resource on this guy”

    After a short while, the former voice says:” it is definitely the failure from the machine. Let it be, Zhang, Liu, put all the things where it should be. Let’s go”

    I dropped down from heaven to the hell in a flash, but I clamed down from despair after a short while. Now I know that the black space totally blocks my brain wave, the fluctuation before maybe just an explosion caused by the attack from mental magic used by the Devil God of Taming Monster. Though it just a pulse in a flash, the doctor detects it. I am sure after this incident, the doctors will pay more attention to me than before. In additional, my auditory sense has also been recovered. From this point, I should give thanks to the Devil God of Taming Monster.

    Anyhow, the thing has just begun, and the situation will become better and better. It appears that “Unlimited World” is just like what I expect. It is a game that can makes my nerves total recovery.

    At this time, a nurse makes a sound:”ohm! I can’t install this equipment because it is too complicated”

    Another nurse says:” we should gain assistance from a new-coming intern: Miss Zhao. She is born in a rich family and she has the same grade of equipment as Yu does.”

    Shortly afterward, with the coming sound of high-heel shoes hitting the ground, an elegant and gentle voice sweep past my ear:” really, I can never believe that this patience can use such advanced equipment. His equipment is same as me.”

    This voice suddenly rings around my ears, just like an angel’s voice. I get goose bumps (Just analogy, if I really get goose bumps, I do not suffer from paralysis any longer).

    Listening to her breath rings near my ears, It feels like, kind and comfortable. I really want to open my eyes to see the owner of this sweet sound, but I can’t. What’s a pity!

    Ah, I am not a guy that had never met beauties. I had some good-looking girl friends in my university and after my graduation. But they all broke up with me owing to my indulging to the game. Then, I became a professional player and never thought about female any more.

    But now, I really want someone to become my partner who can share the loneness with me. If her voice could ring around my ears for a while, I would be satisfied.

    The gentle sound ring again:” you said his brain wave had reaction. It is so curious. Although the machine is lack of maintenance, it shouldn’t be so easy to malfunction. I think this man have real brain wave activity.”

    That voice said:”This patient is having this reaction only two weeks after he get on this game helmet. Is it that the game wakes him up?”

    “No I think it’s impossible. Oh as for the game what’s the character are you in the game.”

    I listened very carefully.

    “My character named Zhao Xuer, just as the name of myself, now is priests in Lv.25.”

    At that time my mind was fully occupied by that name.


  •  Chapter 20: Ears  part 2

    Finally I am ascertain that I came back to the real world,and I can hear the sound too!

    I pick up my ears and excitingly distinguish the long-lost sound. Except the human voices, I can also hear clutter footstep, breath, moving things and even some birds. Though the sound is indistinct, but as far as I am hearing, the noise is made from the best loudspeaker box.

    If I can control my lacrimal gland, my face must be full of tears now. It is amazing! At least I retrieved one of my body functions. Though it is just auditory sense, it proves the there is a possibility to recover totally. I still remember the news I read before. It is said that if a person maintain vegetative status for one month, his chance to recover memories will be reduced to almost zero. It is a miracle that I can recover even after 20 years.

    I fantasized about the life after my total recovery. What should I do? Play knife and fork? Seek some beauties on the street for a month? Or meet my few old friends and give them surprise? Oh I am sure it is not just surprise, but it will be frightening them to death. By the way, if I wake up, the TV station and paper will hear the news and will come for interview. I won’t accept their interview unless they pay me ¥1,000,000……

    When I am immersed in my fantasy, there is a voice coming from my ear:” What’s the hell? Every physical data is the same as before, but just now, his brain wave spectrum clearly showed a severe fluctuation. No the spectrum just like have an explosion! ”

    Another voice comes:” does something wrong with the machine? ”

    “Probably, at least the machine has been using for 20 years”

    “So director, should we give him a new machine?”

    “No, we should leave the new machine to new patience. Yu Tian never has a chance to embrace miracle. And that machine is just like an ornament. We don’t have to waste resource on this guy”

    After a short while, the former voice says:” it is definitely the failure from the machine. Let it be, Zhang, Liu, put all the things where it should be. Let’s go”

    I dropped down from heaven to the hell in a flash, but I clamed down from despair after a short while. Now I know that the black space totally blocks my brain wave, the fluctuation before maybe just an explosion caused by the attack from mental magic used by the Devil God of Taming Monster. Though it just a pulse in a flash, the doctor detects it. I am sure after this incident, the doctors will pay more attention to me than before. In additional, my auditory sense has also been recovered. From this point, I should give thanks to the Devil God of Taming Monster.

    Anyhow, the thing has just begun, and the situation will become better and better. It appears that “Unlimited World” is just like what I expect. It is a game that can makes my nerves total recovery.

    At this time, a nurse makes a sound:”ohm! I can’t install this equipment because it is too complicated”

    Another nurse says:” we should gain assistance from a new-coming intern: Miss Zhao. She is born in a rich family and she has the same grade of equipment as Yu does.”

    Shortly afterward, with the coming sound of high-heel shoes hitting the ground, an elegant and gentle voice sweep past my ear:” really, I can never believe that this patience can use such advanced equipment. His equipment is same as me.”

    This voice suddenly rings around my ears, just like an angel’s voice. I get goose bumps (Just analogy, if I really get goose bumps, I do not suffer from paralysis any longer).

    Listening to her breath rings near my ears, It feels like, kind and comfortable. I really want to open my eyes to see the owner of this sweet sound, but I can’t. What’s a pity!

    Ah, I am not a guy that had never met beauties. I had some good-looking girl friends in my university and after my graduation. But they all broke up with me owing to my indulging to the game. Then, I became a professional player and never thought about female any more.

    But now, I really want someone to become my partner who can share the loneness with me. If her voice could ring around my ears for a while, I would be satisfied.

    The gentle sound ring again:” you said his brain wave had reaction. It is so curious. Although the machine is lack of maintenance, it shouldn’t be so easy to malfunction. I think this man have real brain wave activity.”

    That voice said:”This patient is having this reaction only two weeks after he get on this game helmet. Is it that the game wakes him up?”

    “No I think it’s impossible. Oh as for the game what’s the character are you in the game.”

    I listened very carefully.

    “My character named Zhao Xuer, just as the name of myself, now is priests in Lv.25.”

    At that time my mind was fully occupied by that name.


  • Chapter 42: Watching Battle

    I am in relief. At the long time I am always trying to let myself to be get my territory, but now I don’t need to do that and can do what I want to do.

    What I am want to do now? Em… I want … to go to see the battle in the flying eagle town. The mission and the devil eagle now are all not my business at all.

    The sect is massacred by the Mystery Magician. That’s none of my business at all. It’s in the game! You should prepare to be killed by others in it. And the things they said and do are all known by me and about this I can clearly feel that the sect members are also not good birds also: rude to other people occupy a lot of places to leveling and don’t allow others to come inside, and PK others without reasons. So about the Mysterious Magician had done I want only say that:”Good job!”

    Whatever the fault is at whose, that’s all none of my business. I only want to become a watcher – at last such a high-technique battle is very rare to see.

    I walk into the transfer matrix and press my aim: flying eagle town.

    As I am coming out of the matrix, there are also other people jumping out of the transfer matrix. And they are hearing where is fighting now.

    Oh, it seems that the flying eagle town will earn a lot at least in transfer fee. Oh can I invite two group fighting in our village (I am dreaming again).

    But on the other side even if there are many people fighting in our village, the village is not my territory so I can’t use the village income except building the village also.

    I am going to the shop and buy a set of the equipments for the low Lv players (I don’t want to kill by the eagle massacre again).

    Suddenly I hear someone is shouting:”Look, here is fighting also.”

    I looking carefully, there is truly several people is fighting.

    When I coming closer I can see it is several eagle massacre sect members is running after and kill a archer and a chivalrous. Oh that chivalrous is a little familiar… oh, that is Unstop Chivalrous!

    I quickly equipped my equipment and shooting the woman priest in them with some fireballs.

    The HP of the priest is truly not high and it is clear that she also didn’t fill her HP. So she is becoming a beam of white light and flying to the regenerate points.

    Unstop Chivalrous is also see me and shout:”Oh, Destiny, come on! Let’s kill those fucking guys.”

    At this moment, the archer company him is shooting a magician to die.

    There are 8 people, but their grades are only 20+ so the power is very low. So after the death of two guys they quickly run away and calling friends at the same time.

    We are not silly also and run on the other side at the same time change our equipments.

    When we get rid of the members of the eagle massacre sect the Unstop Chivalrous said to me jokingly: “You are so brave. That was hundreds of people. You were just rushing to them? After all, you are so useless also and died in a second. We also died, but we kill three people!”

    “The voice I heard before I died is you? ”

    “Yeah- We were finding you in the town just now. But you seem not set the regenerate point in the village. We didn’t find you. But a guy died in the battlefield knows me and call a lot of people to kill us. We killed three, but died. ”

    And he introduces the archer to me:”White Feather, the archer in 42 oh no, now is 41.”

    “You are very righteousness after that, we are friends” I shake his hands and said sincerely.

    “Now I think no one can recognize us, let’s came back to see the battle.” I propose.


    When we talk more I find that he is a person that is not willing to say more if he can say less. In other word, he won’t say any nonsense. It just suit for my character. So we get alone with each other very well.

    “En, Destiny, I pick two equipments on the battle just now, they are not good but I guess they suit for you.” I change my closes well and I see that the Unstop Chivalrous said to me without emotions as thought he doesn’t care about that. But I can see a little proud in his eyes.

    I get them and suddenly wider my eyes. That was the shoes and right ring I just dropped. I hesitantly thank him.

    “Then, what are you doing to thank me then?” he says jokingly.

    I am so excited and can’t say a word but I remember the goodness in heart. I determined I will repay him in the feature.

    I finally calm down and walk to the battlefield with them. Luckily, we don’t recognize by others. And arrive the battlefield successfully.

    We thought the battle might be end, but to our surprise, the Mysterious Magician is still fighting in the battlefield, and seems crazier than before. We all stumbled.

    Unstop Chivalrous pat on the back of a player is looking at the battle:”Hey, guy, I am having meal just now. what’s the battle goes on?”

    That player doesn’t look back and said:”When did you leave?”

    “When the Phoenix was leaving.”

    “You missed the good things! After that there are three dreadful guys claim to be the magician’s friends and want to coming to help that magician. The first is died in a second the second…” that guy is laughing.

    “I have seen this.”

    “Oh then the Mysterious Magician seems leveling his fire sea and it is more powerful! The rate of dying of the members of the eagle massacre sect is almost doubled. ” he said.

    Another one stand by him also said:”That guy is a monster and won’t be tired. The eagle massacre sect have many people is tired and went to rest. But he is still fighting as through the things is not happened. You should know the advanced magic like fire sea will cost people’s mental strength but he use thousands of them today. His mental strength is so terrible!”

    “Then?” we ask.

    “Then it is now on.” The two players said together.

  • Chapter 43: Purple light rain.

    We look at the battlefield carefully and find the number of the people in the eagle massacre sect is almost same then before but the shouting and scolding of the players’ are become lower and lower. My first feeling is – they lose their fighting will totally.

    As a sect that set up for not a long time, the can be proud to fighting a whole day. But their opponent, oh, no, that monster is not a human being at all. Even if they have 10 numbers of people than him it is useless because they can’t even hit him.

    I can clearly see that the people’s running speed from the regenerate point to the battlefield is slow down and maybe there are already some player made some clauses and downlined.

    In the battlefield, the speeds of the vanishing of players are double. It is not only because of the leveling of the skill, but also because of the average level of the eagle massacre sect are much lower than before.

    Suddenly, there is a voice that is just as a lightening in the sky:”Seal!”

    It is that monk, but the color is becoming darker and lighter there is a word present in the top of the light “Seal”

    The magician is still raise his hand but the sound in his mouse stopped.

    “Premium! His skill leveling to premium level!” someone is shouting.

    Every people seemed excited about it and rushing to him or using magic to him.

    Oh, it is enough to kill him ten times even they are not very high in grade.

    But at that moment, weird things happened. The every things is twisting and moving around me. We becoming bizarre shape and the magic and arrow, oh, most are missed in the space twist.

    A voice suddenly shouting in the sky:”The servicer is attacking by others, fixing now, please do not worried”

    Now, of course we are not dared to move. For fear that we will fall apart. And we grade becomes to 3-186.

    The variation is only lasting for less than five seconds the system then notified:”The attack is vanished, the sever becomes normal. System will read the archive 10 seconds ago, please wait. ”

    There is a piece of darkness in front of our eyes. The variation is truly vanished. The Mysterious Magician is just transferring in an corner and prepare to using magic.

    Every player stumbled a second then started to move, but the Mysterious is not stop singing the magic. At that time he successfully finish the space transfer and moved out of the range of sealing.

    The monk’s sealing is leveling again but it missed. But with the leveling skill, they still have a chance. So the players are not so depressed.

    But this time, to all the people’s surprise, the Magician is transferring into a group of priests. And there is a firing wheel around the magician. Several priests, including the monk are all becomes ash.

    The aim place of the space transferring can’t have any things or people. Or he will be stuck in the sub-sbace and died in a second. But at that time the priest almost crowd together. But he can find space in such a condition? Is he human?

    Then it is a massacre, after a fire sea. The priests are almost all died. Before the magician and the archor turned their aim to him, he transferring to the mid of another group of people and kill a lot of magician and archer again.

    This method of fighting, the eagle massacre sect can’t hold anymore. Because without the help of the magician, they even have no possible to hit him.

    “Oh god, that guy, en no monster is just playing a game of cat catch met, not seriously at all, if he use such kind of method earlier, the battle should end very soon! He give them hope, but break it again and again. He is too crude!” Unstop Chivalrous is shouting.

    “But the hacker attacking just now is so weird, is it the help of his friend?” I said.

    “Strange!” the White feather said.

    “Cheating! It must be cheating! We should tell the game company!” there are some player is shouting in the battlefield.

    I suddenly feel a little strange and raise my heads; I find that the sky is suddenly covered by black clouds.

    Is it about to rain? I think.

    Suddenly there is a rain consists of the purple light coming from sky.

    I am shock and quit the game at once.

    On that, I won’t be wrong! That rain gives me the feeling that same as the magic used by the Devil Xueke and the Devil God of Taming Monsters.

    So what is it? Is t a kind of magic? Then who use it? The question stuck my heart, and the things let me uncomfortable the most is my friends is staying at the game still. If the purple light rain is truly the mental magic that bad for our brain, how can I just throw them in the game?

    I count the second, when it comes to 200, I coming back to the game.

    When I coming to the game I find everything is becoming normal. As well as the black cloud and purple light rain all vanished, all things seem very normal. But I still feel some strange as if something change. But what changed?

    I look at the people around me and find they are very peace. I suddenly realize that it is people are not shouting cheating anymore. Why is it? Their emotions should not be vanished so quickly.

    “Hei, what are your feeling when the purple light rain just now coming to your body?” I ask.

    “What rain? Look at the sky, the sky is clear, it cannot be rain. You must be illusion.” Unstop Chivalrous reply.

    I ask the White Feather, he said he didn’t seen the rain neither.

    I feel a stream of cold coming into my heart. Is that all my illusions? No that’s impossible!

    I look around all people, they seemed uninfluenced by the variation of space just now. and concentrate on the battle in the battlefield.

    I continuous asking: “Then, do you remember the problem that servicer happened just now?”

    “What problem? The main engine of this game is the most advanced computer in the world. It will have problem? Joking!” the Unstop Chivalrous seems impatient.

    My mind is unclear. Oh god, the purple light rain just now is let all of the people in the town’s memory vanished!

  • Chapter 44: ending

    I cannot keep thinking at all. It must be Seablue, the most advanced computer in the world! It has ability to wipe out the memories of the players! Maybe it has ability to make a new one too!

    If I have a choice, I would rather quit the game and report it to the Computer Management Center. But I have no choice. I can’t wake up and the only place I could go is this game and the dark space. And no one will believe what I am saying either. Unluckily, people always sincerely believe their memory won’t have problem. If I say that, I think they would rather say that my brain has some problem.

    But, if I think through, how could it be worse? I am already a vegetative patient. The worst thing is back to the situation I am suffered before I came into the game. Besides, in front of such a great power, I have no way to solve it. Think too much will only let things get worse. .

    I put my heart down and look at the battlefield. There is no question that the eagle massacre sect is on their last legs. At least based on the performance of the Mysterious Magician, he can leave the battlefield in any time he want.

    Now the only question is how long can they keep on fighting without collapse.

    At this time there is a sound of the birds that very loud coming from the sky. The phoenix! The phoenix is coming back!

    The phoenix seems went to rest or eat just now, and looks more active now. and fighting with the eagle massacre members with a set of fireball. The speed of dying of the eagle massacre members are increasing a lot.

    They finally collapse. A lot of the players is running out of the battlefield and riding the transfer matrix leaving the town as quickly as they can.

    And the Mysterious Magician look at the crowd of people, shake his head seems contemptuous then riding the phoenix also.

    At the end of the battlefield, I feel a little depressed. If they can remember what had happened when the monk was leveling, how will they feel about it?

    But then my thought by a lot of voice are echoing in the battlefield. Thousands of people is rushing to the battlefield, and their aim is – equipment and money scattered in the battlefield. Although the Magician has the space transfer and pick up the most of good things. But he can’t pick them all. And of course, he disdains them also.

    But after all, most of the players nowadays are very poor. Most of them have only less than a gold coins. And I also heard that the fees of the game are very expensive. A equipment in gold’s grades is a large amount of money for them.

    I go back to the room and find the Lunar Dance in online also, but as a priest, he can’t leveling alone so he just sit there and practicing paining. And I am catching that time and kill as much evil eagle as I can.

    Not after an hour the Zhi in Justice is appear also, I tell him to give me the stone eagle. And I put it back in the forgotten village. And back again.

    When I finish all the things and find the others, it is already 11 o’clock and the Tiger King is also online.

    I look at the sky and find the eagles are truly decreased a lot, and it is still decreasing. Oh, it seems that we find the key point.

    I and the White Feather decided to kill the evil eagle in order to increase our prestige. And Tiger King have no way to deal with them so leveling with others in other part of the town.

    I am not the guy who has many things to speak, and neither is White Feather. So in two hours while we are killing the evil eagles, there is only the sound of skills echoing around me. The time becomes very long. But at this time there is the sound of calling ring ringing around my ear.

    “There is a people pressing the wake up bottom of your game helmet. Are you quit the game.” The system notified me.

    This bottom I know from the guide of the game is used to notify someone in reality want to see you. But who will want to see me? Is someone mispressed the bottom?

    “Someone is finding me. I should quit the game for a while.” I hesitate a moment and said to the white feather.

    At the same time I quit the game, there is a sound of song ringing around me. I think for a lot of time. I remember it is a song that very old. It is even old in my waking time it named “My heart will go on”. It is a very good song, but it is too old and just a few people will remind that. I can’t imagine until now there will have a person remind this song?

    At that time a sound that very soft and sweet is rising near my ears:”Yu Tian. My name is Zhao Xuer can you hear? I believe you can hear what I am saying. I was playing the music to you yesterday also. But you may not hear that because you might in the game. So I wake you up today. I choose the music at your time. I hope you can like it. I will play the songs for you half an hour every day. ”

    At this time I hear that someone is calling her. Then she said to me with apology:”Oh, sorry I should go today. You should notice care yourself. Bye-!”

    Hearing the steeping far away, my heart is very complex. So good this girl is. If she can be my girlfriend… no, no, no, I am lying in the bed even could not move myself. How can I be his boyfriend? But the song she let me to hear I should hear carefully.

    “Every night in my dream, I see you, I hear you…”

    Oh, that song is so good. And I have never notice that.

    There are also several songs except this. They are all old songs. But I like it the best.

    Half an hour passed vey quick. The songs are end and I am coming into the game. 

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  • Chapter 45: evolution evil eagle.

    When I coming into the game, I find the White Feather is cutting the woods on the ground. Oh his living profession is carpenter. And his grade of skill is not low! Seeing the hundreds of arrow lying in the ground I realize that I am leaving the game for a long time.

    I pick one of them and find they are in silver grade and the wood he use is just the normal wood that can found everywhere. Oh, as for me, I can only make out copper grade arrow with that kind of material.

    Looking at the sky, I can’t find an evil eagle anymore. It makes me very happy. It works! But the system didn’t notify me that I finish the mission so there must be some evil eagle existing.

    We find anywhere and still can’t find a evil eagle. At that time we arrived at the highest mountain around the town.

    “Nest” White Feather said.

    “Grass?” (In Chinese, those two words read similar)

    “No, nest, bird nest.”

    Staying with the White Feather, you really need a lot of imagination.

    We climb on the mountain. There is truly a large nest laying there. But the mountain is really high. If there is no White Feather, I can never find it with my only 1 eyesight.

    I want to go ahead, but the White Feather pulled me up and then I see a large eagle rising up from the nest.

    “46” White Feather said seriously.

    Lv. 46! That is the eagle I have seen that have the highest grade. Why is it still staying here and didn’t left like other eagles? But after all, it seems a little weak. I try to attack it and find it is true that it is very weak and no more powerful than the normal evil eagle. We kill it in 3 minutes.

    After a while we suddenly hear a sound of the eagle then I see a huge eagle flying to the nest with a goat in his paw.

    Oh, it seems that this eagle still have food so he is staying there still. But how can he catch this goat, the town? There is a defense cover around it!

    At that second I have seen the ability of the huge eagle: Evolutional evil eagle, Lv. 50.

    Oh it says the eagle is varied then evolution? How powerful he will be? It is not a boss but very close. In the normal ways a monster will become a BOSS when it is evolution. But some of them, their process of evolution process will be very slow and might be continued in some days. It seems that we are very lucky. If we come here some days before, it will be finish its evolution. Then we have on chance.

    I guess maybe the time it finished its evolution will at the time our mission end. And at that time our mission will failed and the mission will transferred to a mission that required higher grade, the difficulties of the mission will rise also. But that is none of my business anymore. Because I am hard to finishing this mission even the mission now.

    Even facing with a non-BOSS monster, our heart still can’t peace. Because it is Lv.50! it is so high that is higher than the White Feather than 10 grades. It will be very hard. But a non-BOSS monster’s HP will be only about 2 times higher than the player in the same grades. If we will not be sec-killed by it, we can kill it by decrease its HP little by little because we have enough drugs.

    “Mysterious Turtle, become my armor!” I shout. Then I block in front of the White Feather. As a archer, his defense and HP can’t be high and he might be sec-killed by the monsters, moreover, that eagle have much higher grade than he is. But his attack is really high and can be the main source of the damage in the previous battle, so I should protect him well.

    Seeing the eagle is rushing to us, I am using the “strong wind” in order to decrease its speed that let it can be blocked by me. The eagle monster is always with a high agility if it avoid me to attacking the White Feather, then it will be not so good for us.

    The strong wind only gives it 25 damage. Then the skill of White feather is also arriving: “five-pointed arrow matrix” -50, MISS,-100, -50, MISS. Oh the defense of the eagle is very high. I have seen him using this before and he can decrease more than half of the HP in normal evil eagle. And its agility is high also. So that it can avoid two of five arrows.

    The “Five-pointed arrow matrix” will cost many MP of the White Feather even he has varied his profession in the profession evolution to “elf archer”, at Lv.30. His HP can reluctantly support him to use it twice. Even he have many mana potions, but the speed of having drugs is limited and he should have healing potion also. So he can’t always use this skill also.

    At this time, the eagle sees the dead body of the eagle that have not already refreshed by system. Then we see its eyes is changing from unbelievable to sad, then at last stare at us with blood filled its eyes. Then it wave his wings, tens of the wind blade is shooting from his wings. Their aim is – me.

    Oh my goodness, the “wind blade storm” is a group attack magic, just as the fire sea. However, the grade of the skill is lower than it. But it is a group attack magic that is could be used on more than ten people! It use it only on one people – me! It is so unimaginable!

    I try to avoid, but the wind blade is so fast that I only avoid a small part of them and hit by most of them. Snd my HP is dropping crazily almost 0.

    But White Feather still very calm and use the second “Five-pointed arrow matrix”. This time he shoots the root of right wing of the eagle.

    Arrows stick into the wing of the eagle deeply. Then the eagle’s right wing is becoming weaker and it can’t keep itself balance. It must stop to keep itself balance again. Just at that time I and White Feather quickly having drugs to fill our HP or MP. And the White Feather is shooting the evil eagle’s right wing.

    The arrow of the White Feather without skills can gave 40 damage also, but it can’t stick into the muscle of the eagle. At that time, the eagle is shouting very loud, and the arrow sticking into its body is coming out from his body! 

  • Chapter in 46: finishing the mission.

    The eagle can’t use its right wing, so it escapes the range of our magic and arrow. Then he spit to the wound of its wing.

    I am a little surprise. I know that the saliva of the eagle has the function of healing the wound. If it is healed the things would get difficult. I think for a second then pretended to rushing to the nest. The eagle is anxious and stop escaping and rushing to me as I am expected.

    The wind produce by the wind of the eagle’s wing blowing and White Feather all lying on the ground, but we have preparation and tolling to one side of us. The claw of the eagle is missed.

    But the eagle still very angry and hitting to me with its claw again. This time I can’ avoid and could only block it with my shied.

    The claw is sticking into the shied deeply. Y seemed hearing the painful calling of the Mysterious Turtle that apprehending on my shied. My HP is dropping 200 also. Oh, so powerful it is! If it is evolution to a BOSS, we would have no chance to defeat it! Then he rubs the shied from my hand then throws it away then pecks me with its mouth.

    At that time I quickly move my body for some distance and avoid the mouth of it in a close distance then quickly catch the neck of it then climb on its body.

    This trick I have used when I meet the wolf king first time. But I must say that this trick is very useful because the monsters always have its highest attack place in its mouth or claws and the back of them is always the death corner of them. They could only shiver their body to give me damage. But it is much lesser than the attack of the claw or mouth. It is true that I can’t attack it freely also. But besides that, I have a partner – White Feather.

    The White Feather also knows it is very hard for me. So he try his best to shoot the eagle. My double hands must catch on the neck of the eagle. But I also have something to do – “using taming monsters”. Every time the eagle want to use “Wind blade storm” or rushing to the White Feather, I will using that skill to it. It is true that I could hardly tame the monsters in such a high level especially it is in the battle condition. But it could influence the nerves of it. In my effort, its magic often miss, and when it want to rush, it also easy to run to a wrong orientation.

    As time goes by, I suddenly remind something and putting out the blood sucking pipe that I got in the cave of the Devil God of Disease and sticking it into the neck of the eagle. It is better. It is better. I can eat lesser drugs and concentrate on taming.

    As the shouting of the evil eagle, it lying down on the ground and the system notified us that we finished the mission “perish evil eagles”, and let us get reward from the town president.

    My EXP is rising one over three, in a word, if I kill the eagle myself, the EXP I get won’t lesser than the God of Plague.

    The eagle is dropping a eagle shaped helmet with gold level. Then I let White Feather to pick it. And I am rushing to the dead body of the eagle then cutting it crazily. Finally I get “Gold horn of evil eagle”, “mouth of the evil eagle”, “feather of evolution evil eagle” then I also get a large bottle of “advanced evil saliva”. It is a good thing and can heal trauma.

    My collecting is advanced to the 2nd level intermediate. If I can leveling more of it, I will get more things.

    The White Feather has a glance of the helmet then put it on his head. Oh how is the grade of the skill “identification”? a gold level equipment only need to identify once?

    The nest of the evil eagle is not others made of branches of trees but made by the bone of animals. But the things let us more surprised are the things in the nest. They are all shinning gems, mirrors or equipments. In all, they are very good-looking. I know that the dragon will collect things that is shinning. But I don’t know that the evil eagle, no evolution evil eagle will like to collect them also.

    But except the gems I don’t know the prize of them, the equipments in the nest are all in silver grades. The White Feather is walking to the other side of the nest and pick up two eggs lying on it. I see his hand is a little shiver.

    It is understandable. As a player that leveling above 40 in such a long time must be a very good player, perhaps a professional player also. But he still didn’t have a pet before today.

    He raises his hand to me with two eggs in his hand and said:”Choose!”

    I get one randomly and said I have the Mysterious Turtle and Flying. So this pet I can just give it to Zhi.

    After distribute our trophy, we went back to the flying eagle town.

    The town president is already standing in the entrance of the town and rushing to us once he see we coming:”Warriors, thank you for helping our town. I just see that there are no eagles in the town. ”

    We are impatient and just tell him to give us the reward quickly.

    The town president nod his head and then we receive a serious of notification: “You get EXP 50000, you get prestige 300, you get the feats of ‘the West Country(name of the country I stayed)’, you get 10 justice(I have 2 sin point so now I have 8 justice).”

    I make sure all of the rewards for us are already received then I drug the White Feather to the transfer matrix and leaving the town in the fattest speed we have.

    White Feather looking at me strangely, I whispered to him:”If the town president knows the normal kinds of eagle are vanished also, he must be angry to burst. You should know this town is the hunting eagle provide place of the loyalty. This time the town president must do not have a good end. The best treat he will suffer might be dismissed…”


  • Chapter 47: a off tone song in god’s level.

    When I going back to the forgotten village, the time is already 3 o’clock in the afternoon. And the messenger of the King is already leaving for a long time. Though I have the preparation, I still feel a little depressed. I have a little hope that the territory granting is the mission that gave by the system and the messenger can’t cancel it itself. Now it seems that the power of the messenger is very strong.

    I feel a little feared, if that is only the case, he can also say some bad words to the King or some high minister in the capital. The loss of territory is a small thing, if they believe the messenger’s saying, sending me to jail is also a possible thing.

    Then I decide to find the president of the sunset city. He is very kind person. Maybe he can say some good things to me?

    When I arrive at the president’s house. I am told that the president is coming to meeting in the capital and will come back at night.

    I am very anxious, but now what I can do is only wait. When I leave the house of the president I suddenly find that the money I bring in here is only 2 gold coins. I can only find a shop and sell all the equipments I get in the eagle nest and only left an pair of earring for sending to the Purple Wind Chimes.

    At that time I suddenly remember that she told me to write some song to her.

    I think for a while and finally find a shop that selling musical instruments and ask the shop owner “music sheet”, “music theory”. I think it can help me write a better song.

    But the shop owner blacks his face and ignores the money I passing to him. He said coldly:”you don’t have a profession have common with music. My skill can’t taught a vulgar man.”

    I feel a little strange. You should know. My charisma is 12 (my equipments add many).

    Then I brought the most expensive zither in silver grade in the shop with 1 gold coin. And sing to the shopkeeper with the “song of grazing”. Then his face turned, and said to me:”oh I must say that you have such kind of talent.” Then he teaches me “instrument playing”, and “singing”. These two skill is added in the set of God of Grazing so now they are 2nd grade primary. The sound of my singing is changed a lot. Then I singing the other song to me. The shopkeeper is happier and teaches me “music theory”, and “the method of playing orchestral instrument”.

    But all of the song I can sing is run out. It is a little unfortunate. At that time the song of “my heart will go on” suddenly appearing to my mind then I try to sing it out.

    The shopkeeper suddenly shivering:”Wha…what is that??!”

    “This…en…this is what my mother taught me.” I said hesitantly 

    “Sing it, continuously… as more as you know!” the shopkeeper said excitingly.

             So I sing it again and again and I find myself can remember almost all of the song maybe because I was listening very well when Zhao Xuer played them for me.

    “OHOHOHOH! It is the one of the ten songs in god’s grade: ‘the god song of love’! in the legend, this song can purify the heart of listener and let them going to the heaven!” he says with tears.

    I see the shopkeeper stumbled and don’t know what it means. And he said to me:”Well, can you sing more times?”

    I have no ways but continuous singing.

    After several times he finally says that he already leaned the song.

    The shopkeeper said excitingly:”I have already learn this song. But as you singing is a little error, so the song I learned is ‘the god song of love that off tone’. ”

    He continuous saying:“when I was in school, teacher used to show me a song ’the song of love that seriously incomplete’. You sing much more than that one and the grade of song is arrive 2. This song is the song that have highest grades that I have heard!”

    “Then, can you teach it to me?”

    “Sure, but I give you a advice: your singing grade is too low, if you sing this, your throat might broke.”

    Oh my goodness. But then the shopkeeper is hot to me and teaches all the skills he have such as “tuning”, “throat clearing” etc. but the “Song of the love that off tone” is appear in the shop and the prize is 100 gold coins. It let me becomes a little depressed. But thinking that I learned a good song for free, I am happy again.

    I then hanging to the sound transfer station and informed Tiger King to send me message when he online. Then I think for a while, and send the city president a message also.

    I wait several minute and he replies me: see you on my house after one hour.

    At this time the things I throw in the selling store is all sold out because of the prize I gave is really low. And there are 6 gold coins I get in all. But the bookstore still don’t have new book still. Where should I go?

    I remind the gem I get in the nest of the evil eagle. And decide to going to the gem shop to identify them and by the way made Zhi a pair of glasses.

    The identification result scared me a little. Those gems worth 400+ gold coins in all! Oh it is more than the money I get in the game before in all! But the gems is not worth much, if the gems are making to things, the prize will be higher. So I am not very want to sell them immediately.

    Then I tell he shopkeeper of the gem store to tell me a kind of gem that suit to make glasses the most.

    Finally, he choose the cheapest gem – glasses. And it is cheaper so I let him make more than ten kinds of glasses in different degree. It costs me about a gold coins.

    I calculate the time is about an hour then I leave to the house of the city president.

  • Chapter 48: Expose corrupt officer

    The city president is sitting at the room, staring at me as though he can see it through. It makes me feel really anxious.

    He suddenly says that:”when your message was arrive me, the messenger is just reporting the things of yours to the King. He says that the condition of yours was not arriving the need totally. What’s worse, you bribe him, and refuse to give horses to the King. So the King decides to put you in jail.”

    I become depressed. Oh but it is all my fault. Who can I blame to?

    “At that time, I receive the message and said it to King. Then he decides to ask it to the God through the main priest. And the King know the whole things about how is it happened. And base on that King think you truly commit those crime. ”the city president continuous his talking.

    Oh, that’s true, refuse to give horse to the King, bribe, that’s all the things that I have done. The messenger only gives me a impression of he want money rather than act straightly. How cunning he is.

    “But as the saying of the Gods, you have triggered a hidden mission: ‘reveal corrupt officer’.”

    “Hidden mission?” I am confused.

    “Based on the saying of yours and Gods’ the King do a carefully research on the messenger and finally find the messenger truly have a large amount of bribery money. And our king confiscated all the property of the messenger and exiled him. And you, because of the credit of revealing, reward 400 Feats and 10 justices. Add your feats up and it is above 500 and arrive the lowest need of reward an honor. So you become the Quasi in 3rd grade. The forgotten village becomes your territory automatically. ”

    Quasi is the lowest title in the title system. There are many higher than this such as Lords, Barons, Viscounts etc. But they are all far away from me so it is not the thing I should consider now. Every title have three level. Just as the grades of the skills. But the different things is the lower in number, the higher in status (For example, 3rd is the lowest and 1st is the highest in the status.)

    At that time, the system notified: “Player ‘Fight Against Destiny’ is the first one get the territory in the game, reward prestige 1000.”

    Not after a minutes, my message column is almost burst because of there are numerous message sending to it, some are asking how can I get the territory, some want to buy my territory … Oh now I seems totally famous in the game. Although I have other things that lead to the announcement of the system, those are all small things. Territory is truly the things that lead to the care of all of the good player in the game because it is not only means a large amount of income (This game’s gold coins can be change into the real money in some rate), it is also the base of the player to conquer the world in the late of the game.

    There are too many messages sending to me and make me really headache. So I just set my message column as “refuse to receive the message from the strangers”. That makes me better.

    The city president continuous saying:”The King is already know you are already becomes the president of a foreign tribe. So he commands you to give 1000 horses to him every month. There will be a officer to receive the horses every month. And, of course, the King will give you some reward. ”

    I have no ways but agree. The king is already knowing that, if I don’ agree, maybe he will conquer it with military power… After all, the tribe is not belong to the country.

    The city president suddenly says:”The reason why I was called to meeting in the capital is because of the thing happened in the flying eagle town, you know that, right?”


    I secretly surprise, the Main Priest has the ability to talk to God. Put it in plain language, he can access to the game data. If he knows that the massacre of Mystery Magician is caused by my talking nonsense, I will be a dead man.

    Well, it seems that the priest didn’t mention me.

    The castellan says: now the king has issue the order for arrest. Killing the Mystery Magician whoever see him. The person who kills him will award 300,000 experiences and 1000 contributions. The effective degree of order for arrest is ten. Now all of the transfer matrix have forbidden transferring this player. What’s more, the king says. He will severely punish those villages which provide Mystery Magician the potions. Considering that most of villages have weak fighting capacity. So the king will allocate 100 gold coins to every village and town to strengthen the force construction.

    Nodding my head, I still worry:” but I only have a village guard in 40 grades. I am in a weak position. Can you send me some soldiers? I am sure I will pay for salary.”

    The castellan smile:” I can send the soldiers to your place like other village because this is your own self-governing domain. You should not occupy the public resource. I will retrieve the village guard in your village next month. Actually, since your first person possessing the domain, now the “recruitment system” has automatically started. You can send recruitment massage to every npc ”

    I startle:” I can recruit npc?”

    The castellan smile:” sure you can. Commonly, the npc on the street majors in living profession. If you wanna find soldier, please go to ‘talent market’ in underworld.”

    I cry out spontaneously:” ’talent market ’? ”

    OMG, I can even see such thing in the game. This is a place where I visited for most times when I just graduated.

    Asking the position of underworld, I have no interest to talk to castellan. I say goodbye to castellan in hasty and run out of castellan residence.


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    Chapter 49 Come back to the village

    But suddenly, I suddenly come to myself:” I only have 3 gold coins in my pocket. How can I recruit a good soldier? I should come to village for some money”

    At this time, the Bloodthirsty Tiger King also sends massage to congratulate me having my own domain.  They say they will meet me at forgotten city in no time.

    I pass by a mercenary guild. Now I am 30 grades. I have the right to be in. Giving them a gold coin and I will get a qualification in G grade.

    By the way, I can see the mission of mercenary. Now the first mercenary mission is in S grade:” Mystery Magician is listed as wanted. Any mercenary can take this mission. Except the reward from king, everyone who finishes the mission will get mercenary fame 1000. If I finish this mission, I can directly level up to grade D.”

    Mercenary in G grade have few mission. Only some things like sending massages, catching mouse and lifting stone. I will level up to the next grade after finishing more than 100 such mission. Only some points of fame and hundreds of copper coins. I have no vigor to finish those missions.

    Having no money, I don’t want to wander around anymore. I come back to forgotten city by transmission array.

    King of tiger,White Feather, Unstop Chivalrous, Lunar Dance, Zhi in Justice,and village administrator, Abao, Abei, and Ashui all wait here to welcome me.

    Those guys pour some flowers and leaves to me which I don’t know where they find. They all smile to me. I am moved. This emotion is not what I feel when I was in the game alone. A man with a friend is a man with happiness.

    It is lucky that the time now is night. No players have seen me yet. I tell them not make it public.

    Now what I should do is official proposition. After being a landlord, I can have some heelers. As to village administrator, I wanna once give his village head.

    It is not that I am not willing to give him a higher position. It is that he has not had any contribution to my domain.

    It is the same to other players. From now on, not considering the contribution before, the person who makes contribute to my domain will promote after calculation and reaching some standard.

    As to King of tiger and other people, I give them a working bandage. Though it can’t add much ability, it is a token to identity. Now he gets easier laid than before.

    When thinking beauty, I send the message to Purple Wind Chime in a second. But now it is night, she is offline. My heart pounds wildly and suppresses my heartbeat. I input “Zhao Xuer” to toolbar.

    The system notifies: ”this player is not in this domain. I can’t find. If you wanna find this person, please use more advanced the ‘sound stage’. ”

    Hey, we have hundreds of thousands of cities. How could she live the same city? I have no idea. I will rethink it later.

    But I also guess if I contact her successfully, what I suppose to say? Tell her that I am that vegetable?  Surely she will report to the hospital immediately and then the doctor will research me like a minster. I would rather trust the game world that this hospital. Hey, I have no idea!

    My friends discuss what the domain will develop excitingly than me.

    In fact, the forgotten village has abundant resource owing to no exploitation for a long time. Nevertheless, with the increasing number of players, we definitely have difficulty in administration. So I don’t allow the Tiger King to propaganda the village in forum outside.  

    Moreover, I remembered those unfriendly messages. I don’t know if someone jealous would come and sabotage. So I am oppose to broadcast everywhere that forgotten city is only a player-own domain in the present.

    As for my low profile, the Bloodthirsty Tiger King gets it soon. But we couple of people in the game of “Unlimited World” is just nothing at all. We definitely should not use that method anymore.

    Now what I should do is to accelerate the leveling. Furthermore we should find someone loyal and dependable to be my friend. As for me, I will build up fighting capacity ASAP. The center of the construction is to build more magical pillar and hire more advanced village guards.

     The rest of people go on talking about the future growth of our little group. I, of course, are about to find some herdsmen.   

    One day’s separation, the herdsmen also sell more than 200 horses. He gives all his gold coins to me.

    I feel so apologetic. Using the money from selling horses as my construction fund of my domain is really selfish. Then, when my ligeance has significant development and have more earning, I will make up for them. I can even establish a village for the herdsmen at that time.

    Adding the 100 gold coins from village finance income and 100 gold coins from king allowance, I have already had 470 gold coins.

    I send message to master Shi. I invite him to forgotten city. My master responds that he is doing a big project in some town. He will come back two days later.

    Xiaozhi is offline again. But according to Bloodthirsty Tiger King, taking him for several hours’ leveling, he has leveled from 0 to 13 grades.

    Taking the money, I originally want to purchase some magic crystal. Nonetheless, I believe it would be cost-effective to pick some in the cave of Blue Cave. Thus we several people do some preparation and decide to go to Blue Jade Mountain.

    If riding horse to Blue Jade Mountain, it will take 3 hours without hunting minsters. The Tiger King believes that we should take transmitting array to Jade Collecting village. Riding from there will reduce half of distance.

    Jade collecting village is territory of Spirit Fire. I am not a trouble-making person. So at the beginning of opening up transmitting array, I would rather detour to Bark village, however, I can’t be afraid of for a whole life.

    We take the transmitting array directly to Jade collecting village. The night of village appears so silent. There are only two lovers sitting and watching moon. We don’t wander around and go outside village directly.

    Baiyu’s little eagle hasn’t hatched yet. So I give him a horse and send the herdsmen to teach him “horse riding”. His comprehension ability is not unearned reputation. Learning riding for so little time, he is now more stable than the Lunar Dance who is of no sport talent.

    In the cool night wind, and under the stars full in the sky, everyone feels refreshed and very comfortable. With the talking and laughing along the way, less than 2 hours, we have reached Blue Jade Mountain.

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    Chapter 50: See the Spirit Fire again

    The cave used to be very secret. If Tight King don’t know the specific coordinate, we really can’t find it. Other than, every resource on the Blue Jade Mountain is seldom. So the players of Jade collecting village hardly come here.

    But when we enter the cave, we discover the number of vampire bat is not so many. It seems that someone is always “cleaning” here.

    Now, with our fighting capacity, bat in 28 grades is not a threat. However, I find that my magic has little effect to those bats, clearly weaker than physical attack. The last visit didn’t have such circumstance.

    Tiger King and I look at each other and I know we have same idea. Spirit Fire is expert in fire and electricity.  Has he been here killed monster for long time forcing the bats here to evolve to monster which has high resistance to fire and electricity?

    Approaching the entrance of second underground floor, I hear the shouting inside. What I worry has happened. Someone has already in there.

    Quietly, we reach the second floor. We hide on the corner first and we see that there are 7 or 8 people besieging the blue demon there.

    Three old friend, Spirit Fire, Moon Shooter, and Emotionless Sword they all here. But their equipment has already changed. Unexpectedly, Spirit Fire wears a ring in platinum grade. I know he is 40 grades.

    A leveling up for warrior is not slower than magician. But Tiger King waste much time accompanying me for 2 missions and died twice. So he has just leveled to 37 grades. Nonetheless, if Spirit Fire always kills the low-class minster likes bats. His leveling can’t be so fast.

    Beside the Spirit Fire, except Moon Shooter, there are two priests. But their grades are not high. The effect of adding HP is not better than Lunar Dance.

    Apart from Emotionless Sword, a knight and a magic warrior are also the hard shoulder in front of the battlefield.

    The knight rides a horse with black armor all around his body. Every time the blue demons bypass them and dash to Spirit Fire, it is the knight that spurs the horse and blocks the demon’s way. Speaking of speed, the black horse would take the advantage. The horse can be in its mature period.

    The magic warrior’s attack is less than knight. HP and defense is less than warrior. Agility is less than chivalrous man. He only enjoy the high growth of mental strength and mp growth. Some guys believe they are garbage profession. But the magic warrior in front of my eyes proves that every profession has its advantage especially when he gets good skills.

    The magic warrior is surrounded by a layer of white light and a layer of red light. That is “The light of God of the War”, and “The light of the life” they can add the HP and attack of the magic warrior. It is not worse than the assistant magic used by the priest. But magic warrior can only used them on his body only. And looks at the deem of the light, the level of the grade must be practicing to a pretty high grades.

    So the player in the battlefield the highest average damage is him, the skills used by knight and warrior is very powerful through. But they have cooling time in their skills and their normal attack is less than the magical warrior.

    And in the back of the battlefield, there is a guy that wears strange clothes. That is a element summoner.

    Element summoner is a profession that can call different kind of summon monster that can help him fight against monsters. It should be a good profession. But summoner can’t have their pets, moreover, the leveling and practicing skills of this profession is very boring, so that very few people are willing to have this profession.

    This element summoner calling four kinds of elements elf at the same time: wind, fire, water and ground. May be because of he learns too much and didn’t concentrate on one of them, his four kinds of summon monsters are all not very strong and can only stand the attack of the Blue Demon twice. But it is also a good way to practice his skills.

    Seeing they are all very strong, we are dare to take a action. But if we come here for nothing, it will be very waste of time.

    I am looking at the Tiger King and find he is about to poly gas and charge. It seems that he is still angry about the betray of the Spirit Fire last time. I pulled him back. Now we only have five people, they have eight. Even considered snack raid. We cannot say that we will certainly win in the battle.

    At this time, the Blue Demon is shouting loud, then fell down.

    Now we are lose the chance. We went back to the wall of the cave and looked them scattered the trophy. The magical crystal seems grows very slow and only have two small pieces in the nest.

    The magical warrior said:”Blue Demon is dropping lesser and lesser, maybe we could try the guy staying at the bottom of the cave.”

    The Spirit Fire shake his head and said:”No, don’t be so hurry, the grade of that guy is really high and it should be wait until we are all leveling above 40. Come on, let’s leveling at the third layer. ”

    Oh, there are the third and bottom layer! I know why they can leveling so fast.

    The monster in the cave will refresh quicker than the monster in the wild. Once a person fined a good cave, the leveling efficiency of him will be higher in many ways.

    Other people agree with the opinion of the Spirit Fire. Then they vanished in the entrance of the cave.

    I talk to the Tiger King and other people, we feel that the Spirit Fire is a bad guy although. Kill him once is enough. So we finally decide to not fighting with them and downlined for two hours and going to see what the monster in the third floor will be when they are leaving.

             As for me, I feel that I have nothing to do in if I downlined so I just downlined and rest for a while then come back to the game and practice my living profession.

  • Chapter 51 dangerous situations

    I am now staying at a cave now so that it is better for me to practice the miming than others.

    I am detecting the mine along the wall of the cave with “prospecting” and add “detection” and “reconnaissance” to my assist column (based on my experiment, those two skills are all have positive effect to the prospecting) it is very effective and also it can let the proficiency of the three skills grow at the same time.

    The process of prospecting is truly very interesting because you don’t know what you will discover next.

    Suddenly, the system notified me: You discover the fossil of the dragon.

    I am scared by this and look at the wall again and find that there is really a dragon fossil that occupied the whole wall. It is almost same color with the wall and only some of the points are out of the wall so that no one notices that before.

     At that time I hear the sound of knocking. And feel maybe it is Tiger king or other friend who is online in advance. So I come back to see what are they doing.

    When I come closer, and hear the sound and I am certainly known that sound is the sound of quarrying and blacksmithing. But there is no one have those kinds of profession in my in my friends, it is so weird. Things are not very right. I just cone closer carefully and dare to come out a little voice.

    I suddenly saw that in the place where my friend have just downlined there are Spirit fire and his friend is sitting around there and I see that there is an assassin that I haven’t seen before appear in them.

    The Emotionless Sword is saying: “we can revenge! It is so lucky that the ‘Dark Shadow’ brother is coming late today and just hears those guys talking.”

    That assassin is said with a strange voice: “Oh I nearly want to shout you. I just come behind them and have no way to inform you. But luckily, those five stupid guys is downlined.”

    The knight frown: “we have nine, they only have five, if we fight with them face to face, we will win also, we don’t need to ambush. It is just waste of time for us to waiting here.”

    The Spirit Fire, is shouting: “Lanx you should know how cunning they are. When they betray us last time. We do not need to say anything like equal to deal with those kind of guys. And the more important is they might be escaped if we don’t use this kind of way.”

    The summoner said: “what I am worried about is we don’t have enough drugs now and if we are fighting for a long time, it might be bed for us. ”

    “They won’t have that chance. If one people is online, he will be killed in a second when we attack him together and have no chance to have drugs. The same if there are two people online together. Even if there is some very magical things happened and five people are online together, they still can’t hold above three minutes because of the narrow space and the will not predicted the will be attack by us.”

    I am hearing all of the talking and just feel that it is truly very dangerous. Not for me, but for my friend. If their prediction is totally true, none of us can escape the kill of them. But now, there is a thing different – me. It is true that if I am leaving I can avoid all of the danger. But can I just leave my friend behind the danger? No I can’t. I should help them.

    I think for a while and find that the time is close to the time we are agree to online. And what’s worse, there might be someone online in advance. The situation of them is becoming very dangerous. I must be quick.

    I use all of the assist magic that I have on my body and let the Mystery Turtle become my armor and cover my whole body rather than only the shied. Because in the battle next I might suffer the attack comes from all direction and I might can’ able to block all of them with my shied. If I let the Mystery Turtle becomes my armor and cover my whole body it won’t let my body appear clear weakness (though it will decrease the defense Mystery turtle add to me per unit).

    I call flying out and rushing out of the stone I hidden then give the assassin a serious of fireball.

    In the group of the Spirit Fire the priest is the one who have the lowest blood, but priest is a profession that have high special defense. Also priest have very limited use in the PvP battle. So I choose the assassin which has the second lowest HP and the weakest defense but high attack as my aim.

    Just as I am expected, this assassin names “Dark Shadow” is wearing the equipment that add attack or agility and his special defense is really low and my first fireball gives him 107 damage. At that time, other people is shocking at the appear of me and their attack are all slow about a second. I catch the chance and use fireball to the assassin again.

    At the time I come out my third fireball, they are finally use out their skills. I look at the assassin and choose to stand the attack of others and use the fourth Fireball to him. The assassin then becomes a beam of white light and fly to the resurrection point.

    Kill a person, of course I should pay the prize. All the people’s attack is arrive and the arrow of the Moon Shooter is shoot my 80 HP, the two element elf the summoner called gives me 65 HP the normal attack of the Knight gives me 141 damage and the Emotionless sword gives me 130 damage.

    The Mystery turtle now is 15 and can gives me 250 HP. add up with the life necklace and the set of the God of Grazing I have 652 HP in all now.

    Other people is too far to me that they still didn’t come closer than me. But at the time I want to ride my flying and leaving away from them, the magic of the Spirit Fire is arriving.

    Oh, the magic of him comes the latest, is not only because of he is stumble a second and also because of he choose to sing the lightening rather than the fireball that he is more used to use.

    The lightening is just hitting me and gives me 190 damage. But I felt a little depressed: oh no!

    Lightening doesn’t have much more damage than other magic and it has longer singing time than other magic like fireball. But it is not saying that it is not powerful. Just opposite. It has the advantage that other magic don’t have – dizziness. The person and monster who is hitting by this attack will have a high rate stop and can’t move for half a second or a second. It is not a very serious thing if you are PK with a magician one by one because the long singing time can just offset this. but now things is different. If I stop a second, I will be surrounded by all of the people around me and have no chance to escape. It will be really a bad thing for me. 

  • Chapter 52:Tough battle

    However, my body just feels a little paralytic, instead of the expected longer dizzy. Flying also seems to be aware of my danger and quickly turns around to avoid being attack by the knight’s spear.

    Maybe my inborn 20% electric resistance lowers the lightning’s damage as well as the probability of dizzy. Go so far as to this resistance, it is possible related to the electronic devices on my body for 20 years…

    I heard Spirit Fire shout loudly: “Lanks, you stay here! Moon Shooter, Emotionless, Hibiki, you guys go after him and kill him!”

    I can guess the reason why Spirit Fire let Lanks stay. From the talk before I can see that Lanks is an aboveboard man, he is not like Spirit Fire that kind of man. So Spirit Fire worries he will change his mind after hear me tell the truth, but there’s not the same worry with Moon Shooter and Emotionless Sword.

    I take a glimpse at the three pursers: all of them have mounts, two ride horses and the Japanese priest rides a donkey.

    There are many mounts in the game and lots of pets can do this additional job. But animals like horses or donkeys are special, they are “pure mounts”, without any abilities and players can’t get experience from killing them.

    I wished to attract more enemies at first to decrease Tiger King’s pressure. Now there are only 3, every head counts. The donkey runs slower than the horses, it’s an obvious opportunity.

    Now we come to an area with many curves inside and I disappear in their sight after several turns. I beat Fling’s ass and immediately jump to hide in the cave wall. Flying looks at me confusedly, but still get my point and keeps running.

    Soon Moon Shooter and Emotionless Sword rush over me. Their speed is also not that slow, although my riding skill is more experienced, Flying at larval stage can just be a little faster.

    Then there comes the donkey. I pull out my silver knife. I have learned “primary modus of knife” in the Aiman, this only melee skill gives me 10% stronger effect than using swords, so I use the silver knife in all close-in fight after I got it.

    The donkey’s leg is cut by my stretched knife and throws Hibiki down. No let him get up, I rush to chop him. Obviously he just came over 30 level, and died in screaming after the fourth knife.

    The sound of clop far away turns around. Now I am regretting to use this tactics. Give up the mounts to kill a priest, how can I run over the following 2 enemies at present?

    I make the decision as quickly as possible. I insert the knife into the wall and climb up. Hiding behind a stone, I know that Tiger King’s team is still fraught with grim possibilities facing 5 enemies’ sneak attack. If these 2 people can’t find me and go back to help Spirit Fire, that’s even worse. So I must fight. Now my place is suitable to hide and a great terrain to fight as well!

    As soon as they ride over me, I shoot a string of fireballs to Moon Shooter. -96,-95,-87, it’s clear that Moon Shooter has good magic resistance equipments.

    They are surprised and angry at once. Emotionless Sword rushes to me, while Moon Shooter use the skill “Four Times Shoot” to me.

    Two arrows go through the stone and deal little damage to me. The other two hit me but I dodge the critical part and only receive 80 damage each. “Four Times Shoot” is more powerful than “Three Times Shoot”, but is still far less than the “arrow formation”. The time for using “Four Times Shoot” once is enough for White feather to use the “Five Star Arrow Formation” for two times.

    Emotionless Sword run to the place below me, but can’t get to me even stand on the horse. The skill “Jump Chop” is still a few distance away. He is so angry that he yells: “contemptible! Come down if you are a man!” Seems he is not able to find out my ways to climb up.

    I completely ignore him. The stone in front of me is almost breaking into pieces and becomes useless. If Moon Shooter shoots the stone I stand on, it will not be a good thing.

    I have to do all I can do! Eating a grab of super healing potion, I lift the shield in front of my chest and use the magic wand to attack each other with Moon Shooter. My magic wand can increase 20% speed of releasing magic, but I am afraid that Moon Shooter’s gold bow is even stronger. He can shoot 6 times when I release 5 magic! His Mp can also support “Four Times Shoot” for 3 shot. Fireballs and silver arrows cross each other in the sky, shining the cave as it’s in daytime.

    In 30 seconds, I release 15 fireballs and Moon Shooter gives 26 shots, which hit me 23 times. Super healing potion can’t catch up with such a fast speed, we both use the expensive “quick acting healing potion”.

    I haven’t thought that I will take this fight and only bring 10 quick acting healing potions in reserve. Without the silver shield I must have been dead. But my Hp is still going down.

    If I use the “Healing” instead, healing 80 Hp each time is not enough yet, which will make me in a passive position and take a beating at the same time. At this critical moment, Moon Shooter suddenly cries: “Emotionless, give me quick acting healing potion!”

    Emotionless hurries to stuff a grab of quick acting healing potion into Moon Shooter’s bag. But it’s too late. My fireball hits Moon Shooter and he dies.

    I secretly take a breath of air. If they haven’t use too much potion in practicing level before, the dead people will be me.

    Even I seemed to choose a “advantageous terrain” to avoid being attacked by Emotionless Sword, but it also impose restrictions on my agility. If Moon Shooter shot at the stone I stood on or use “Ice Arrow”, I will be in a wicked situation.

    Emotionless Sword shouts angrily and yells at me. I said: “You give up the chance to run away yourself, don’t blame me.”

    He is puzzled in a short time, while my fireballs kill his horse.

  • Chapter 53: Lanx, the Knight

    Then he is flustered and tries to run away. I keep releasing magic and call Flying back, though my agility is higher than Emotionless Sword even without Flying. I release several Lightning on Emotionless Sword and make him dizzy for half second once.

    Flying comes back before long. Now Emotionless has no chance, all of his quick acting healing potions have been given to Moon Shooter. He is going to die under my continuous Lightning attack.

    But I am still too reckless. In this absolute predominance, I never imagine the Emotionless Sword eats a ploy gas pill and suddenly charge to me! More seriously, his eyes are red with wills to fight around his body: that’s Warm Blood condition!

    Both Warm Blood and charge can double a fighter’s attack. I am crashed into the sky for several meters with my shield. My Hp is decreased by 470 points at a time!

    Because of the rebound effect of shield and clothes, I am in a distance away from Emotionless Sword. Also because of this, I awake from dizzy just before Emotionless Sword’s attack comes again and dodge from the critical part, with only 102 points reducing in Hp. If I am a common player wearing robe, I will be chopped by Emotionless Sword in zero distance for sure.

    Not to mention a magician or archer, even same-level fighters can survive just a few people facing this kind of attack. It’s so horrible to increase attack by using pills, let alone Warm Blood!

    Above all is the stupid author’s idea, I am completely irrelevant. I dodge almost at the same time I am being attacked.

    Running and eating healing potion, I don’t even have a second to spell the Healing incantation. The fighters’ fighting skills are so fearful that there is more than one skill to increase the attack 100%. If I don’t care, Hp will be decrease by 300 or 400 points in one move.

    Emotionless Sword is faster than me in Warm Blood condition, but I can always evade by experience and intuition. That’s my own skill through these years’ playing.

    However, I am still hit by his “Cloak Chop” and “Cloned Chop”, reducing Hp for more than 200 points each. This also makes me aware that how dangerous it is to fight with a player 5 or more levels higher than me.

    Eighty seconds later, the Warm Blood condition eventually ends. I keep away from Emotionless Sword right away and look at him sympathetically.

    His face turns ashy, maybe it’s caused by the Weak condition. He clenches his teeth: “What monster you are? You can use magic while you have a fast speed as well, and your Hp is too high to kill!”

    I nod: “You are not the first people to ask me this question. But I have to save my friend, apologize for not explaining.”

    Emotionless Sword then retrieve his sword back to his bag and suffer my attack without doing anything. I guess that he might be downlined. I am a little soft – hearted, but to think that my friend is suffering the danger of dying. I finally cut him to a beam of white light.

    I raise my heads and find the time only passed a few minutes and I still have time to attract the attention of more enemy. The more enemy I attract, the higher rate my friends will survive. My friends will online in any time, so it is not the time for me to care about the danger of myself.

    I am not hide the sound of foot of flying and rushing to the Spirit Fire and his friend. Hearing my sound, the Spirit fire is shouting: “Shooter? Emotionless? You come back alone?”

    There is only a fireball answering him.

    “Ding!” the system notified me that my fireball leveling to the 1st grade of the intermediate. Oh, if it leveling earlier, it would be easier for me to dealing with the battle just now!

    There are several shouting in the front and the Spirit Fire is shouting: “Those two stupid guy got lost that one! Don’t be mess, others, other people will online in any time. Lanx, you kill him. ”

    The Knight raise his lance and in his posture I know that he is polying gas and prepare to use “rapidly charging” it is the advanced skill of Charging with faster speed and more damage.

    Charge is the skill that both Knight and Fighter have, but the charge of the Knight will be more powerful than the Fighter’s and more important, the people hitting by that will dizziness in almost 100% rate.

    The Knight is certainly the natural enemies of the remote attackers like magician and archer. The main reason is because of this skill. I have never seen a magician can win a knight in the level different is ten or lower, but of course, except the monster – Mystery Magician.

    Although, based on my HP, attack and defense, I can be certainly be regarded as a physical attack player, but the skills that those player should have I have none of them. How can I attack a knight that even have higher level than me with that condition face to face?

    Then the only thing I can do is – escape.

    I ride my flying and rushing to the end of the cave. Charge is a very powerful skill, but it also has a weakness – it can only attack alone a line. If the knight are leveling to a higher grade, the will have the ability to let their charge turn an arc. But now it is clear that he have no such ability. But the cave is not a straight line. So if I can arrive a corner of the cave, the Knight will crashing on the wall!

    At that time I hear that the sound of horseshoes hitting the ground is just like drumming following me and becomes closer and closer.

    Seeing that the corner of the cave is just in front of me and hearing the sound of horseshoes is ten meters away from me, I feel I am safety. But suddenly I feel that I am hitting. Oh, I am hitting by him!

    The speed of the charge of the Lanx is above the speed of the sound! Oh he even can catch me in such a short distances. Especially I have the best horse in the game.

    So powerful he is!


  • Chapter 54: real justice.

    At that second, I am crashing to the wall of the cave and flying also fall to aside. And almost lost all of his HP. I also lost all of my Hp but it is not the time that I should care about the hurt of myself. I quickly retrieve the flying back to the pet space of mine.

    To my surprise, Lanx didn’t give me another hit. He just staring at me with strange face: “Good guys, there is never a magician with Lv.30 can suffer a hit of mine. Nor of the magician of 40! Again!”

    I looked the condition of mine and find that I am losing 410 Hp n the charging just now. Oh you should know that the magician is always have low defense. Even the magician of 40 has lower defense than me. If it is not I am riding flying and running the same way as he is, the damage will be more! So that it is unquestionable that they can’t suffer a hit of him.

    But, in other part, the center of the back is one of the weakness of human body. If I am fighting with him face to face and even use the skill “Block”, I will suffer less damage and fighting with him is possible.

    But it is only “can fighting” for a while. With higher attack, higher level, better skills. The chance of I beat him is very low even he don’t have many Healing potions. So how can I beat him?

    Knight, is a profession that have higher attack and agility than fighter, but the defense, special defense and HP are lower. And another weakness is – they are using lone weapon like spear and long knife. It is not very convenient to fight in a narrow space. Also, because of that, their attack is not very flexible. Once their attack is avoid by enemy and come closer by them. It will cost more time for them to adjust themselves in order to let them can attack again. In addition, just like fighter, it doesn’t have remotely attack ability before 60.

    So that if I climb to the top of the cave. I would not be failed in natural. But now, en, the time I can climbing on the top of the cave is enough for him to kill me twice.

    I raise my head: “Lanx? You have staying for the Spirit Fire for a long time and you should know what kind of person he is. The thing of him and us was not as simple as he was saying. It is not our fault. Are you insisted helping them? I think you are a good person. ”

    He hesitate a moment: “Though I know that the Spirit Fire is not a good guy, I don’t know what the people you are either. At least now he is my partner. You want to persuade me? Tell me with your sword! Coward will only use his mouth!”

    My blood fill my head and I am shouting: “You think I am fearing you? No! If it is not my friends need my help, I would certainly want to fight you alone! Come on!”

    He is rushing to me with his lance.

    Seeing he is spearing me, I, unequipped all of the equipments on my upper body.

    Without the obstruct of the equipments the lance spear my right chest straightly. This time it gives me 400 damage and let me coming into the “Seriously injured” condition. All of the ability decreased 30% and will lost HP every second.

    But it is not the time to care about it. With the fast-speed healing potion and my healing, that won’t be very trouble. I just quickly use my left hand that I have already throws the shied that used to hold on it away catch the lance tightly.

    This method is only thought by me just now and I don’t know what I am thinking and just do it by my instinct.

    Lanx is stumbled for a moment and then he just suffers me two lightening and lost 150 HP.

    Then he try to retrieve his lance but I hold it very tight and he can’t retrieve it in a minute. Then I just attacking him with lightening and hope it can paralyze as more as it is possible – as a physical attacker with Lv. 40 or above, even the HP of the Knight is low in all of the physical attack profession, he will certainly have the higher HP than any of the remote attacker – at least 400. So it is a long term attack if I want to defeat him. But luckily, I control the most power weapons of him – his lance. I still have a chance.

    But at this moment, Lanx is relief from paralyze and he shouting: “Holy Light”

    The white light is bursting from his lance and I feel the pain that almost tearing myself. Oh I forgot this! Now the HP of mine is losing with the speed of 100 per second. Even with the healing and drugs. I can’t support even a minute.

    Then Lanx waving his lance to a circle: “Large Windmill” and my body is also flying through the lance. It gives me even more damage, but gives me the chance also. I catch the chance and loose my hand and flying to a side of the wall of the cave. And then the crash is hitting my HP to the bottom and only left me 4.

    But now it is my term. I am thinking while using healing and drugs crazily to myself.

    Oh, no, I am only 4 meters from the bottom of the cave and as the length of the lance of him, he can still spear me.

    But at this time, the sound of him is ringing: “Friends, You are the true warrior. I retrieve the saying just now. if you still have power, help your friends.”

    The sounds of the horse are rising and Lanx is leaving in the darkness.

    I don’t know what purpose he is doing that, but the only thing I know is his action is letting my friends have more chance to survive. 

  • Chapter 55: Battle!

    Then I try to make myself to be the best. Although I am in extremely serious hurt now and dropping HP with 3 point a second and every ability is decreased 30%, but I wipe the advanced eagle saliva on the hurt of mine and make it becomes serious hurt and only decrease me 2 HP each seconds and all of the ability is recovered a little. If I wait some times, my hurt will be better. But now it is not the time to do that and I just rush into the orientation of the Spirit Fire.

    As I am walking I hear shouting beside my ears and then I see that there are four pair of people that are fighting one by one.

    Lunar dance is fighting with the priests. His level is higher than the priest so that he can suppress the priest. But it is so wired that two priests is hitting each other with the stick.

    The Unstop Chivalrous also very easy to deal with the summoner, he can kill the summon monster in two hits so that they can’t give much damage to him. It seems that till his drugs are run out, he will be killed.

    The Tiger King is now facing the magical warrior, they are not taking any action but all of us know once they are moving, the winner will be decided quickly because they are all high in attack.

    Comparing with them, another fighting is fiercer. Archer VS magician, almost same grade, the equipment are also different very small, Both skills are good, also HP are low. The difference is the defense of the White Feather is higher, the special defense of the Spirit Fire is higher, but in this battle, they all cannot be used.

    In the battle before, all of the fast-speed healing potions are use out. So that is the time to decide winner: “Five Star Arrow Matrix”, “Fireball Chain” they are using their best skill at the same time.

    “Five Star Arrow Matrix”,it’s a skill with one central arrow and four assistant arrows. When we attacked the evolutionary evil eagle, the central damage is 100 while the assistant ones are 70. However, it is still able to sec-kill low defense mage like Spirit Fire. Even common attack from White Feather can deal 70 damage to him.

    But “Five Star Arrow Matrix” has the problem of hit rate as well. Experienced opponent can dodge one or two arrows by intuition and quick reaction. So White Feather hasn’t used this skill at the beginning, instead he chooses this moment that Spirit Fire is also preparing for strong magic and can’t move away.

    “Chain Fireballs”, a magic cost very much mental power, which Spirit Fire also keeps until now. A chain of 3 fireballs hit almost at the same time and can sec-kill an archer at the same level.

    These two skills are both the strongest skill for the corresponding profession before level 45. And it needs a big fortune to have the opportunity to learn them. Players can rarely see these two skills appear at the same time.

    If there will be no accident, Spirit Fire and White Feather will kill each other in this one attack.

    But there is an accident. A platinum ring on Spirit Fire’s finger suddenly releases a shield: a intermediate shield!

    Fire arrows become weaker after break through the shield and hit Spirit Fire for “-80,-80,-120,-80,-80”. 440 damage in total, and Sprit Fire is still alive!

    When Tiger King killed Spirit Fire in the first place, he was level 30 and had 230 HP, a little higher than ordinary mage. Generally speaking, he can’t have more than 350 HP at level 40. Seems he also has equipments or pets that increase HP.

    White Feather’s equipments are not that good and one fireball can deal 160 damage to him. As far as we know, White Feather is level 41 and has one equipment with the property of increasing HP, but he still only has 405 HP.

    Now the archer’s advantage of faster attack speed shows its importance. Because White Feather used Five Star Arrow Matrix earlier, he just right shoots the second arrow: “Ice Arrow” to the fireball!

    Ice Arrow counteracts half parts of the fireball, and the fireball destroys the arrow. Thanks to this Ice Arrow, White Feather only takes 400 damage after hit by three fireballs!

    White Feather quickly nocks the third arrow, but Spirit Fire also releases next fireball. Staring at this death fireball, White Feather still shoot the arrow to Spirit Fire expressionlessly.

    No time to use special skills, but a common arrow may still kill Spirit Fire, at the price of White Feather dies first.

    Spirit Fire suddenly smiles insidiously: though his shield can use only once per day, he still has a quick acting healing potion, which is able to keep him alive! As long as White Feather dies, he can sap his vitality to release another Chain Fireballs to kill an enemy, then the victory will come to them.

    Just as Spirit Fire is complacent, his face suddenly turns black.

    Two white lights fall on White Feather: it’s Healing. However, in such a short time, White Feather still can’t heal 160 damage, even he eats potion himself as well.

    What makes Spirit Fire angry is a man who suddenly appears in front of White Feather: Unstop Chivalrous!

    The fireball hits Unstop Chivalrous and deals 220 damage. Unstop Chivalrous is surprised but immediately releases his “Lightning Darts” and rushes to Spirit Fire. I also use “Falling Stone” to attack Spirit Fire.

    Arrow, darts, stones, Spirit Fire is sent to the reborn point without clearly knowing what happens.

    I guess Spirit Fire must be very unwilling to accept the failue before his death. He must be very upset that he doesn’t have a teammate put himself forward to blocking the attack for him. I remember when Spirit Fire was rushed into daze by Tiger King, Moon Shooter’s first reaction is runnirng away instead of rescuing him…

    Spirit Fire left a platinum ring on the ground. It’s worth dozens of gold. Unstop Chivalrous laughs loudly and pick it up and then throw it to White Feather: Only White Feather has the level to equip it.



  • Chapter 56: Brothers

    At this time someone says: “ Let’s stop.”

    The magic warrior stands with the elemental summoner and express the willing of stopping fighting. The priest also says: “Don’t fight.”

    “ We are just practicing level with Spirit Fire and don’t want to join his past resentment, let’s stop fighting each other.”

    Tiger King also packs up his sword: “We don’t want to kill people either. That’s it.”

    The magic warrior smiles: “I can see your guys are all very strong, especially this archer and…this two-professions friend, I guess you defeated all 3 players of Moon Shooter’s team?”

    Pretend not notice the surprise of friends, I just say: “You don’t need to flatter us. You want to co-operate with us, right?”

    The magic warrior puts his thumb up: “Brilliant. There’s a boss in the fourth floor, but Spirit Fire didn’t dare to fight with it. Why don’t I lead us to have a try?”

    We don’t like this man very much, but we are still touched. Boss is difficult to meet, after all. And this magic warrior looks like a astute man, he should have considered the possibility of success before he proposes.

    Tiger King asks: “What’s the level of the boss?”

    The magic warrior answers: “It should be under level 45, and it’s a earth dragon.”

    Everyone frowns, except for Unstop Chivalrous. He shouts excitedly: “Great! There must be equipments stronger than platinum.”

    We have only killed a Blue Demon at level 32, and we have no ways to know how strong a boss with level 40+ can be. All of us hesitate. Spirit Fire’s caution is reasonable. Players are still suggested to challenge bosses less than 5 levels above, even with the advantages in numbers. If it’s a one-on-one, even same level will be very hard

    Well, hesitation is one thing, but we won’t give up this opportunity. The magic warrior can go back to Spirit Fire at any time. If they have nine people, the possibility of defeating the boss is higher for sure.

    Tiger King and I look at each other, finally decide to form an alliance with them.

    The magic warrior introduces himself: “My name is “Wealth from Sky”, level 37, you can call me “World”. This level 29 summoner is my brother “Treasure Hunter”, I was leading him to practice level.”

    The priest hesitates: “I am “Comfortable 83”, my potion preserve is almost empty, I think I should stay.”

    World laughs: “Don’t be afraid, my friend. We will face the danger and die before you. Oh yes, we are all running out of potion, need to buy some from you.”

    Then we walk to the third floor. The monsters living here is level 39 and called “Evil Snake”. It is 2 meters long and has a human face, which is disgusting. I spy on them and find their HP is 1000 and they are dark type, which we never met before.

    With a sharp cry, Unstop Chivalrous rushes on to these snakes. The sword shines and appears “burst attack”, which is also a vital attack and deals 400 damage. That’s awesome. This guy has the highest possibility to release “burst attack” in our team.

    The morale of our troops was greatly boosted. Everyone begins to use skills, even Lunar Dance has a big influence: the priest’s Light type magic can always deals dizzy or weak effect on these dark type monsters.

    I also cut the corpse of snakes, but this time I have a competitor. Treasure Hunter, his level of cutting skill is even higher than me, which reaches premium level! And his speed is so fast that a snake becomes bones in just seconds.

    I am not convinced of course. I use my cutting skill and compete with him. Don’t know how many snakes I cut, my cutting skill level up again. But the competing time is over, as we arrive the entrance of the fourth floor.

    I look back: Holy shit, we have cut more than 1000 snakes and the ground is covered with bones. How did we do that? Treasure Hunter and I look at each other with admire and envy.

    Now White Feather comes back to level 42, Treasure Hunter goes to level 30, and I am just a little distance from level 31.

    White Feather puts on the platinum ring left by Spirit Fire. Though its shield can’t be used one more time today, it’s still stronger than a gold ring. Then White Feather gives his gold ring to Unstop Chivalrous. Watching this, World Brings Me Wealth takes out a lot of equipments: “Let’s take a look whether there is something suitable for you, I can sell them at a fair price.”

    Oh my god! There are so many good things in the hand of the Wealth from Sky. There are at least 20 equipments, all in the gold’s grade. It worth more than 100 gold coins!

    The wealth from Sky laugh, the luck of my brother is really high, we hunt BOSS and monster with high level often, it is very strengthful for us to fight but because the dropping rate is really nice. The reward is pretty good. When we are killing evil snake, there is a time the dark snake was dropping a pair of gloves with gold’s grades.

    Oh! What luck! The dropping rate of this game is really stiff. It is almost impossible to dropping a equipment that suit for the player in same grade with a non-BOSS monster. A monster with 39? If it drops a silver equipment, it is really lucky!

    At that time the Treasure Hunter equipped a whole set of gold equipment, the elements monster he summoned is suddenly become stronger. We are really envy about that, because even the White Feather is above 40, some of the equipment of him is only silver!

    The prize he called is 6 gold coin for each, a little lower that the prize in the market. So that most of us buy one or two equipments from him and the power of us all raised a little.

  • Chapter 57: ground dragon

    We rest for a while then walk down to the 4th floor.

    We used think that the fourth floor might be darker than the 3rd floor, but to our surprise, we find that it is light just as daylight, because there are numerous gems in a corner of the cave that form a small mountain. It is almost a house’s high.

    The light of the gems is really attracting us and we cannot even move our eyes.

    Oh it is no wonder that the Treasure from Sky is so enthusiastic to fighting with the BOSS in the fourth floor. There is a huge gem mountain there. Not only the brothers, but also us even the coldest one – White Feather is obsessed by the gems also.

    Suddenly a piece of strong wind suddenly appears in front of us and blows us out from the obsessing.

    The system notified me: “There is a monster that 10 grade higher than you, very dangerous, be careful.”

    I give a reconnaissance to is and the result is: “Ground Dragon, BOSS, unknown level, dark type, the rest unknown.”

    The Ground Dragon seems more like a snake than a dragon. It has a body longer than 10 meters, and the part it standing is higher than 3 meters. The scales of it are big, but there is a layer of mucus in the outer part of it, seems very slippery. The first impression of me about this is: it is difficult to climb up.

    I used to want to climb up on the body of it and use the bloodsucking pipe and taming to deal with it. But now I could only give up the thoughts.

    Suddenly, the Treasure from the Sky adds himself with the light of the God of War and the light of life, then rushing to the BOSS.

    The businessman that sold equipments to us just now suddenly becomes a enthusiastic fighter, we all feel very strange about that.

    The Treasure Hunter look at us with a little shame: “Un, that, that is because of my brother is so zealous about the treasure, the normal time won’t be so that, but here, the gems are too many so…” He says that, but his eyes is also filled with gems and gems. I think the persuasive of his speaking is not very much.

    As expected, he is also ask his summoner rushing to the BOSS.

    Tiger King and Unstop Chivalrous is also very exciting and Tiger King even use the skill: Charge. So that even he is start late, he is the first one who hitting the BOSS.

    “Pong!” A huge sound echoing in the cave that not very big. On the head of the ground dragon, we see a clear “-1” rising on it.

    Tiger King is also bounced for some meters then with his fattiest speed. “Run!” he is shouting.

    Treasure from sky shout: “My additional skill is in light type, I might can break his defense.”

    With another sound, the sword of him hitting on the body of the ground dragon, but it shows -1 also. And the sword of him is almost fly out of his hand because of the power of bounce.

    The summon monster of the Treasure Hunter is worse: “MISS”

    The arrow of the White Feather and the fireball of mine are also shows -1.

    While running, the Treasure from sky says jokingly: “You are so fierce just now, why you run first?”

    “Oh, the durability of my gold sword is drop one over five just now. What can I do? Just run!” the Tiger King replied him.

    We are all playing the game for a long time and really familiar for the situation right now. It shows that the level of the monster is too high that we can’t stand and we have no chance to win even a little. So that the only things we could do is running fast.

    But at this time we se that the ground dragon is stretching his body and its head is just block the entrance of the cave and turn his head to us. I can clearly see there is a little joking slipping from its eyes. Monster stares at us jokingly? How is it possible? But now is not the time to care about it because it means that we have no way to escape.

    I don’t know what the grade is it but it must higher than 45 and both the defense and the special defense are all scaringly high.

    No one among us can reconnaissance the grade of the ground dragon, but in our mind, the BOSS won’t be 6 grade higher that the monster around it, the monster in the 3rd floor are 39. But this time seems special and we are all in danger because of the fail judgment.

    So what can we do?

    Suddenly, I have a thought and just running to the orientation of the mountain of the gems.

    Other people think I want to get some of the gems before I die and some of them have intention to do the same things as me. Especially the Treasure from sky, he is starting running.

    “Oh, shit! You think I am for the gems? I am attracting the BOSS, back, soon!” I am shouting.

    As I am expected, the priority of the protecting gems in the program is higher than the killing invaders (at least the game company should prevent the players from getting profits as much as possible, all in all, it is a game that I can change the money in the game directly to the real money). The Ground Dragon just spray a piece of black frogs to me. The frog flies slower that fireball or lightening so that I rolled aside then avoid it. Others are all backwards to avoid it.

    Seeing that the head of the BOSS are leaving the entrance of the 4th floor, others want to leave, but suddenly, they feel a little dizziness and can’t move themselves.

    Oh they smell some of the frogs just now. it is poisonous. But I am not affected much, maybe it is because of the 30% dark resistance of mine. But I should attract the attention of the BOSS long enough that my friends can recover and escape. but how can I do that?

  • Chapter 58: underground black market

    What I can do? I thinking quickly and remind the flute in gold grade I have brought from the Treasure from Sky in the third floor.

    I am putting the flute out of my bag at the same time running to a side of the dragon in order to attract the attention of the BOSS. Then I starting playing it.

    Even I know almost nothing about how to play it in the real world. It is the world of a game so that when I use the skill “instrumental playing” and method “the method of playing wind music” the skill will finish automatically and the quality of the music is only decide by the patience of the skill. So the real experience can not affect the game.

    When I started playing “the song of praying” I can see the dragon clearly stop a moment and staring at me curiously. It seems that it really moved by my song. Seeing that it really works, I am very exciting and on the one hand playing different music continuously, on the other hand let others leaving quickly.

    My friends relief from paralyze one by one slowly and it makes me really nervous then I try to concentrate on the song I am playing. I feel that my heart is almost melting in the song, it is really a strange feeling but I realize that the effect of my song is increased a lot I can see in the eyes of the ground dragon is appear a little fascinated. I am a little bit surprise, only concentrate has so much effect? It almost equal to my skill rising two or three level! Even I am know less about it, I know that I have know a method that can let my singing, oh, not only singing,  maybe all of the living profession will improving because of that.

    At the time, all of other people are all coming out of the cave, the last one is Treasure from sky, he said to me before going out: “Hey, the snake have no ears, he is listening through the belly(actually, the ground dragon is more like snake than dragon).”

    Oh my goodness, it is a deaf? I am playing to a deaf.

    Actually the sound skill in the game is different from the normal sound. It is not transfer by air, but straightly transferring into the heart of the listener (After all there are many monsters that are deaf).

    I don’t know it of course, but the situation is very bad and I have no chance to avoid the attack of it so I can only continuous playing. I try to playing the God Song of Love, and pressing the ground as my drum so that let the Ground Dragon can hear my sound.

    The song I played is intermittent. Oh, in my grad of the skill, it is too early for me to playing that song.

    But the dragon seemed very comfortable and waving his head along with the beat, it really works!

    At that time I am very struggle in my heart. Escape? Or steal some gems?

    Suddenly I see that the Ground Dragon is staring at me unhappily. I realize that it might be the unkind mind of mine is heard by the dragon in the song. The shopkeeper says the song of love can purify the heart of the listener. It seems that the most important thing is keep the player’s heart clean.

    Then I don’t think other things, just back to the entrance of the cave little by little.

    At last, I arrive the entrance of the cave. My friends are all waiting for me anxiously. Seeing that I am coming out of the cave, they all seems relief.

    The Treasure from Sky pat my back and say: “Oh, friends, you are so powerful. Next time you practice a ‘requiem’, then we can steal the gems as much as we can.”

    Escape from the death, we all very happy, even happier than raise a level.

    We still left many drugs so we continuous leveling. At the process, I am leveling to 31. Because in this level I have the experience to killing the evolutionary evil eagle, so that the point I get is pretty well.

    The Tiger King suddenly says to me: “You are 31? Why are you still didn’t evolution your profession?”

    “I want, but as my profession is so rare that I don’t able to find where I can.” I reply.

    The Tiger King think for a while and say: “why not you come to the Wanxiang City? It is far though, but there, many people with hidden profession get their profession evolved because of that. So maybe you can find a chance.”

    Lunar Dance called: “Wanxiang city? Is that ‘civilized city’? I heard about it. It is said that only allow player with the profession belong to art come inside. There is a NPC in the entrance check the skills of people! I also heard that there has the largest library in the world of game.”

    Sounds good! It seems that whether it is or not have chance for me to evolve my profession, I should go there once. But now, en, cross – country travel for me is truly too expensive.

    Several hours goes, and it is very late, so Tiger King and others are downlined one by one, and they says they will be online next day 1 in afternoon. I remember the underground black market that city president have told me. So I decide to go there before they come again.

    Underground black market will have in every large city except capital. But in consider of the road fee and other things, I finally choose the one in the sunset city that I familiar the most. 

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