Revived Warrior(再生勇士)By Shiou(施鸥)



  • i still found you use anime, 2 times in there, i should be attack and not anime.

    "To my surprise, there are no anime in my way after that." , " I should be calm to deal with the possible anime in the door"

    there are also a lot of mistake here and there that make the meaning of the sentence become vague and blurred.
     example : (I can just finish with my min choose to use it in my bag) ,  It seemed scared by me and loose its mouse.

    and there are also mistake by choosing the wrong words in the sentence, incorrect placement words and others.

    i hope it will help you to improve.

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    rosidbeken thank you. It's enemy. I changed it. 
  • Chapter 24: the god of plague

    According to the fighting just now I know that its agility is much more than me. The power of it is also very high, and can deal 130 HP damage to me.

    Its special defense is also high that lead my fireball can deal with it 30 damage. When I fighting with normal monsters, it was usually deal about 60 HP damage to them. And now it just deal half of the damage to it. maybe the only weakness is its HP is not very high. And he avoid my attack with silver sword is saying that it is very timid and its defense is not as good as its special defense.

    Also, it speed is very fast because it rushes a long way. If I don’t gives it a chance to accelerate. It won’t be so fast.

    As I am thinking the god of plague is flashing to my back. And rush to me. I try to turn back and cut it with my sword. It is cut by my sword on the back and decreases its 40 HP, but I also crashed by it and lose 100 HP.

    So I realize that fight against it face to face, I have no chance to win. So I hide on a side of a pillar. When it comes to me, I avoid to the back of the pillar and stick it nose with my sword. Nose is the vital of almost every creature, so as the god of plague. This time I deal 80 HP damage to it.

    It seemed scared by my action. Then backwards for some steps. Then walk around the pillar to find me and rush to me again. I use the same way, run to the back of the pillar then stick its nose with my sword.

    Although the speed of it is very fast. But for fear to hit the pillar, it must slow down its speed. So at that chance I will able to hit its body.

    Such a simple method is let the God of Plague lose many HP and I don’t suffer any damage. But others is can’t do as good as me except they have high intuition as me. Or they will can’t follow the action with the God of Plague and do a good response.

    But the BOSS doesn’t show any irritability is his eyes. His eyes are cold and emotionless.

    Once I am about to avoid to the back of the pillar. I suddenly feel a little strange.

    My intuition is hardly wrong, so I just jump back as the instruction of my intuition. At that time I see a tail is hitting to me from other side of the pillar. It is so powerful that the pillar is hit to some cracks.

    He feel that this time he missed, so he stop a second then rush o me again. But I am hiding in the back of another pillar already.

    The pillars are the only things that I can use in this palace. And they are the only thing that can limit the speed of the God of Plague. So I must fight around the pillar in anyway.

    I check my bag, there’s silver shied in my bag. It is what I just pick up just now. I equipped it right away.

    It arriving the front of me very fast. I use the same way. But this time my attack is avoided by it. At the same time the tail of it is slapping me in a very quick speed. I know he will do that so I blocked it with my shied. This time I have shied and use the skill: “Block” so it only deals me 50 HP damage. At the same time it is focus on slapping me with his tail, I hit it nose with my sword again.

    The God of Plague now discover the damage of my sword is very weak. So he doesn’t backward again, instead. It just running around the pillar to fight with me just as the game hide and seek.

    The damage of its tooth is so strong that I do not want to try it again. So I will rather suffer the attack of tail than bite by it. Even I use “speed up” to myself and give it many “strong wind” to decrease its speed. The gap of speed between is very much. But for fear my sword to hit it of crash on the pillar. It also dare to use its maximum speed while fighting.

    So I just lock the damage from tail and hit it nose with my sword. Even I have never hit by the head of it. I suffer many times slapping by tails.

    I can be very proud of myself to fight a BOSS that have high attack and agility in Lv.27, but it is not enough. I dealt almost 4000 HP damage in all. But now, there is a question. My healing potion is run out.

    I am major in collecting material and use magic in the group. So in order to store more things in the bag. I am already giving many of the potions to the Tiger King and other one fighting with monsters face to face. And in the battle just now. My mana potion is also run out.

    I see Tiger King and his friends drop some potion when they were died. If I can pick up their potions, I will still have a chance to win. And Tiger King is also dropped a gold sword. It might let me have a higher attack.

    But there are 30 meters between me and the place they died. There is only a pillar to let me avoid. So in this places I will be hitting by uncountable times. Can I safely rush to there?

    I use my left MP to give myself a Healing. Now my HP is full, 354 in all, can suffer 3 times biting. I hope I can rush to there.

    Hitting the nose of the God of plague. It moves back a little. At this time, I shout:”Flying, come out!”

    My horse suddenly appears on the palace. And it made the God of plague move back for some steps. At this time I ride on horse and rush to the gold sword.

    The God of Plague sonly realizes that flying is a mounts, it won’t have any attack ability. So it rushes to the flying.

    As a god pony, the speed of flying should used to higher than the God of Plague but now there’s no time to let it speed up. So the God of the Plague is arriving when we are at half of the route.

    At that time, I decide, I rise up my shied and shout:”Mystery Turtle, becomes Armor”

    At that time, my silver shied suddenly changing. Uncountable protrude is rising on the shied. And they are shining just as diamond. And at the top of the shied, there’s a status just as the face of the Mystery Turtle.

    “Ka!” the God of Plague bites on the shied, and is rebounding back by the shied. And I am decrease 50 HP by the crash.

    The Mystery turtle now is Lv.5 because of sharing my EXP in the battle. And it can increase me 150 HP and 30 defenses.

    I feel the mind that small Mystery Turtle express to me. He seems to blame why I didn’t call it out earlier. But I have no time to communicate with him because flying is rushing to the place that Tiger King and his friend died. I quickly picking up the gold sword and some mana and healing potions.

    The God of Plague is arriving again. I use my shied to block it and use my gold sword to cut it.

    The system notified: you do not arrive the Lv.30, so the gold sword can’t use by you.

    Oh I almost forget. The equipment in gold grades can only used by the people above thirty. So this time I deal no damage to it. And I am crashed down from the back of flying while the attack of the God of the Plague, it is very pain that let me cannot move.

    The god of the plague attacks me again and flying suddenly appeared in front of me to help me suffer this attack. I can clearly feel that the HP of flying is at least decrease about a half.

    At that time, I have only one thing in my mind: I can’t let flying die. I just withdraw the flying back to the pet space. It means I can’t call it again in three hours.

    I withdraw my gold sword back and take my silver sword out of back. And in such a short time the God of Plague was rush to the front of mine. Raise my shied but I was hitting away again.


  • Chapter 25: Matching with Death

    I struggle to my feet. My body just like fall to piece. Continuously suffering from thump, I really can’t withstand anymore. But I have to keep going on. I should not only withstand, but also win the battle. I can’t afford to lose the fight.

    The sense of pain from every part of my body comes together. Stimulate my brain again and again. Some kind of madness accumulated inside my brain seems to break out. I squeal out crazily:” killing!!”

    It seems that there is a kind of strength injecting to my body. I feel my blood is boiling. All around my body burst out fire. The God of Plague appears to realize my change, he takes a step back instantly by sub consciousness. His eyes Sparkles with surprise.

    The system notifies:” you have entered the status of ‘Madness’. At the present, your ‘explosion power’ is 5,therefore, your strength +100, physique +50%, time lasting 50 seconds…… ”

    Excellent! Without any hesitation, I swallow two healing potions and dash to the Devil God of Disease.

    With the help of ‘Acceleration’, I am in the status of “Madness”, hence my speed is just a little slower than him. With my fighting technique, I can avoid most of his frontal attacks, moreover, every time my sword almost hit his crucial part. Every attack reduces him 100 HP.

    “40 seconds……30 seconds……20 seconds……10 seconds……”

    The status of” Madness” will soon lose effect. Swiftly, I hide behind one of the pillars. At this moment, there comes a notification into my ear:” ’Madness’ loses its effect. Now you have entered status of ‘feebleness’. Compared to status before, your strength reduces to 50%,. Your physique reduces to 75%, agility reduces to 75%.......  You will not recover to normal status in3 hours.

    I nearly squirt out blood from mouth. Only 50 seconds of majestic influence, 2000 HP of reduction to the God of Plague costs me waiting for death coming in the next few hours. If I know it in advance, I will never ask for such status of ‘Madness’. Just now, I thought the mainframe might give me a favor.

    The God of Plague dash towards me, subconsciously I move my step. But it only finished in my brain. My movement can’t catch up with my mind. I am bitten in my chest. So the HP drops rapidly. In turn, I use my sword to chop in the back of the Devil God of Disease, but only get reduction of 6 HP.

    In the meantime, the Devil God discovers that I become weak too. Rather than let his mouth go, he bite my chest more hard. Clearly, I can feel the Devil God’s teeth have bitten through my leather the set of Wolf King and stab into my skin. Bang! The Devil God shakes his head as hard as he can. My back is bumped painfully against a pillar. The pain which seems like sea wave overwhelms me in a second. There is a word flashing across my brain:” death.”

    Exert my last consciousness, I utilize my last trick:”mew~~~”

    Just like common rat, the God of Plague has a fear that deeply hidden in his heart: cat. Devil God of disease draws out his teeth immediately. Then he runs far away ASAP like having an electric shock.

    I fall on the ground, consciousness comes back to me gradually. I’ve lost most of my HP. So slowly, I eat my healing potions and use my healing. I open my mouth slightly, looking at the God of Plague who is trembling in the distant. I can’t resist to smiling bitterly, if I know what he is afraid of, why would I bother to use it in the end?

    Nevertheless, only an imitated meow, how can it put the Devil God under control? The God of Plague realizes soon. There is anger in his eyes. Soon, the anger transform to weird smile. Yes! I clearly see he is damn smiling!

    The weird smile hanging on his face, I appear to get the message from him:” how dare you play a trick on me! Thus, just wait and see how I torture you.”

    The God of Plague doesn’t dash anymore. He runs slowly towards me. It seems that he want me to experience the gradually coming sense of fear. Obviously, he finds me in the status of “weakness”. Maybe in his eye, I am a person who has already died.

    Now that you want to insult me, I will let you pay for it! Under the determination of fearless death, I start my final struggle.

    But the determination can’t make up the gap between our powers.

    The God of Plague easily bites and throws me out again and again. Every time I will lose more than 150 HP. Falling down will add dozens of HP reduction.

    Retreat hell with one soldier. I would never cower! That is splendid grandiloquence that often cited by the famous generals in ancient time. Every time on TV, when I hear this grandiloquence, I will choke up with exciting emotion. Now I can experience the sorrow of this sentence finally.

    If a portal that can transfer me to a safe place appears in front of me at this moment, I will never leave! I only want to win some credit in my heart.

    My sword in silver grade has slipped out of my hand long before. Confronted with the evil smile on Devil God’s face, I am here to wait. Wait for the final attack coming towards me. The Mystery Turtle feels my will. It pulls my hands up, and lifts the shield against my chest. At that moment, I know that Mystery Turtle tightly connects its fate to me.

    The God of Plague probably knows that my healing potion has run out, but he unexpectedly stopped, looking at me with an ironic expression. It appears that he is appreciating his prey.

    Maybe he wants to play the game of” cat catches rat”. Rat has been tease for thousands of years. That must be a tragedy to rat. Today the Devil God meets meet such a fearless person who can play a role of cat. Surely he wants to conduct a severe revenge which targets me.

    Being humiliated by such a damn mouse, I still uncommonly clam down.

    As long as I am still alive, I still have a chance. Though the God of Plague has 10,000 HP, while I only have 50 HP, as far as I am concerned, the possibility to win or lose perpetually is 50%.

    Insisting won’t always lead to success, but giving up will definitely cause failure. I always hold this idea in my mind.

    Who has such “fortunate” to see a mouse that can smile? That must be a face which can terrify people badly, especially when the weird smile freezes on his face.

    Light purple light hangs over the body of Devil God. I am a little familiar with the light. It is just like the magic in mental type used by the Devil God of Monster. But it has some difference. Finally I remember. That is the light of “Taming Monsters”

    At the back of the Devil God, slowly stands a humpback figure. Looking at him carefully, I find he is old patriarch. Unexpectedly he isn’t dead.

    Having ability to fix a Boss with such a high intelligence, he must get hang over “Taming Monsters” in expert grade! Now he proves himself to be the patriarch.

    The old patriarch speaks out merely a word with husky voice:” killing!”  Then, he shut his mouth down, and pays all his attention to the Devil God of Disease. He doesn’t look at me anymore.

    All around the body of old patriarch, giving off a type of light that I never see before. It is neither a light of treasure, nor the natural sunlight. It more likes a flame. The figure of old patriarch, face, and voice are obviously older than before. I can’t connect all those mess together. What I only believe is that: kill the Devil God of Disease!

    Rather than pick up sword in silver grade or fetch my adept bow and arrow, slowly I take a weapon that I get it recently—“sucking blood pipe”

    Quietly and slowly, I walk to the back of the Devil God of Disease. I inject the pipe slowly to the hind neck of motionless Devil God.

    A monster that being controlled by “Taming Monsters” will waken up if he suffers from attacking. More violent the attack is, it is more possible to awake the monster. Thus I choose this unimpressive equipment.

    I can feel that the blood of Devil God flows out slowly along the “blood sucking pipe”. When it comes to my hands, it transforms to a piece of warmness. The blood is absorbed into my body to supply my little HP.

    I stare at the back side of the Devil God’s head without any blink. At this moment, the time seems to freeze in the whole great hall. I can’t hear anything even breath……

    My statue-like hands and body is very stable. That is the result from exercising in the dark space in 20 years.

    I can’t hear the breath and heart-beat from old patriarch. I never believe that the old patriarch has such a stable will. But I can feel that the shadowy glow that given off from his body persistently fluctuates. It likes burning.

    Time is running out little by little. When in front of me, the God of Plague falls over, the whole body of mine is stiff, in additional, I can’t perform my brain for a lone time.

    The notification from system comes to my ears. I ask myself fondly:” have I really won?  Have I really won? Have I really won? ”

    When the old patriarch falls over back-wards on the ground, his sound awakes me from my meditation.

    I dash with stride towards the old patriarch. I am scared by what I have seen: From the beginning, the old patriarch is just 50 years old. But what in front of my face is a figure in octogenarian with wrinkles all around his face.

    I lean forward to hear his heart-beat and touch his pulse. I don’t see any reaction at all. I use “Healing” to him again and again. His body doesn’t change any more, and when I touch, old patriarch’s body is obviously cold!

    A recent dead man can’t have such a cold body. Obviously, the old patriarch has been dead for two hours. So what I saw just now?

    A sudden incident breaks my thought: the set of Wolf King turns to dust and ashes without any sound. A few pieces of bright mong skin shave fallen. Through the crazy malarial mosquitoes bite and powerful worrying form the Devil God of Disease, the set of Wolf King, which accompanied me for countless battles, finally runs out its durability. It even leaves me no chance to repair. It disappears in this way.

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  • btw, this enemy name Devil God of Disease, why his attack can't make the MC infected with any Disease and Poison ?

    that feels so weird, di the Author Forget about it ?

    and what is the meaning of this phrase "Continuously suffering from thump" , he got suffering from Crush? from the Impact ? from powerful force?

    well, anyway, thx for the chapter ^^
  • btw, this enemy name Devil God of Disease, why his attack can't make the MC infected with any Disease and Poison ?

    that feels so weird, di the Author Forget about it ?

    and what is the meaning of this phrase "Continuously suffering from thump" , he got suffering from Crush? from the Impact ? from powerful force?

    well, anyway, thx for the chapter ^^
    rosidbeken, Thank you for supporting for so long. I can say you will understand later. 
  • Chapter 26: antibody.

    Although it is just a set of equipments but to losing it I just like losing a good friend. Because it just come with me in the toughest time in the game.

    Troubles never come single. The system notified: you infected malaria; you infected smallpox, you infected AIDS; you infected SARS…

    Oh my god! How can I get infected in so many diseases? And those diseases are even not spread in the same way. Some spread by air some by food and some spread by blood. How can I get infected by them in the same time?

    The speed of the developing of the diseases is also very fast. I suddenly feel my body cold and hot alternating, my throat become very thirsty and my brain becomes very pain that will let me doubt that it will explosion, my internal organs seems pressed by a very heavy thing and I even cannot breath.

    I have to cut off all of my senses in the menu of the game. But my intuition is also influenced by it. I feel that my blood is very dirty just as the water in the sewer and my internal organs are all become pieces of rotten meat. And my bones and muscle are all with uncountable bugs living in it. My brain now is only occupied by one thought: Let me die, Let me die.

    I try my best to keep my mind clean. I remind myself that the death of the God of Plague is not everything. I should sealed the Devi God of Disease.

    I try my best to move my arm to bag to take out two pieces of skin of Bright Mong and cover it in the cracks that were tearing by the God of Plague. And finally prevent the bacteria to erode my body. I try to open my eyes and creeping into the side of the dead body of the patriarch. And I try to get off the set of God of Grazing. At that time I see my hand is filled with small measles and abscesses it almost let me vomiting.

    I get off the set of the God of Grazing, and looking at the body of the patriarch that is also covered by small measles and abscesses, I finally vomiting out, with the debris of my internal organs and blood with my vomit coming out together.

    Wearing the set of the God of the Grazing, I feel the bacteria in my body are oppressed by the power of god and can’t be as active as they do just now.

    At that time, I hear system notified: the antibody of malaria is becoming effective; the antibody of smallpox is becoming effective; the antibody of AIDS is becoming effective…

    I am hearing those notifications with surprise. When did I had those kinds of antibody? The vaccine that I have injected while childhood? I don’t think that I had injected so many vaccines. And some of the vaccine were not coming out at that time.

    I suddenly realize a possibility: the blood of the God of the Plague.

    There are so many bacteria in the palace. But the God of the Plague is not have any symptom to caught disease. It means it has antibody in its body. I was sucking almost all of the blood of it. so I might receive all of the antibody also.

    I opening the window of my ability. It shows all of the ability is rising. It is clear that my disease is truly cured little by little.

    I sitting down slowly and use myself curing one by one. I now have no mana potion. So I have to waiting my MP to recover. It makes me really impatient.

    After I feeling that I am okay. I standing up slowly and starting to checking the situation around me. I checking the dead body of the NPC, I see that they all died for a long time. So I have no way just group them together and burned them to ash and collect their ashes in a box. I don’t know if their customs allow them to be burned. But I think that they won’t want their dead body lying in the palace and polluted by the bacteria.

    Then I turn back and find the dead body of the God of Plague is refreshed by system already. Oh my materials! But on the other side, the body of the God of Plague is so dirty. Even if I will have a chance to cut it body. I may not willing to do that.

    According to the monsters in the cave I have experience there might be three kinds of god here. There might be “the God of Malaria”, “the God of Rabies” also. But it seems that they all defeated. If there aren’t those two gods only a BOSS in 27 can’t kill them all.

    Checking my ability, I find that my ability I get to leveling to 30 is all five. And y get an additional explosion power also. My rate of sick is decrease to 0.

    Now my ability is: HP310, MP97, power 89, physique87, agility 86, and mental power 95.

    Mystery Turtle is rising to 10 and can add me 200 HP and 40 defenses.

    The set of the God of Grazing including a hat, a robe, a pair of shoes and two rings and now it decrease to the gold level because I am only 30. It can add defense 80, special defense 130, mental power 50, agility 10, HP 30 and MP 50.

    It can produce primary defense cover automatically. It can defense weak attack or some magic that lead to abnormal state and weaken a little strong attack.

    The set can let “horse riding”, “grazing”, “singing”, “zither playing”, “weather controlling” raise a level. So I learned some new skills.

    4 ultimate skills that added by the set is all unusable. Maybe it is because that my level is not high enough.

    But to my surprise, the “badge of the patriarch of Aima” is also effect on me: charisma +2, the power of magic in ground type +20%.

    Is it means I get the patriarch automatically? I think not, I am only get the badge only.

    Getting rid of all of the mass idea, I walking to the throne that covered by darkness.

    The cover that set added is really useful. At least the bacteria can never come closer to me anymore. I arrived the deepest part of the palace finally.

    There are many dead body of Aiman in the rout I am coming to the throne. It seems that there are many monsters ten years ago. And at those bones in the cave, the bones of women and the children occupy the most of them. Actually, it started from the cave that is outside of the palace.

    The patriarch of Aima tribe bring here all of its members to sealed the devil gods. At the beginning, it must be the men who rushed in the front. But as time goes by, the numbers of dying is increasing. When they arrived in the palace of the Devil god of Disease, most of the men were died. So it turns to the women and child who rush in front of the group. I can sure the fighting was really tough they were not only facing the uncountable monsters, powerful traps and devil god that fully waken up. They also need to face the disease that formless but erode their body and their brave. All in all, every step they went ahead was built on the dead body of the partners in the patriarch. But they did not backward a little, although the bones of the dead body consist a mountain, although the blood of them consist a river. They did not look back. So the only people went back to the village are all weak and low level that let them still don’t recover even ten years.

    They are truly warrior. I admire them.

    As I am walking alone through palace, I found more and more equipments that with silver grade. I even pick up some magic wand that I want for many times. The best of them can add me 8 mental powers and magic use speed +20. It seems that the more and more people in high level were died here. But none of the equipment is higher. Weird, I heard from the patriarch they used have the equipments in star grade. (Actually the equipments will downgrading through the time. The silver grade equipments that I see now might be the star grade equipments at that time. And silver grade equipment at that time was already become ash.)

    I believe that the members of the Aima tribe at that time would think to pick the dead body back to the tribe. But tens of the members were alive in the action ten years ago. But they did not do that, what was happened? Why they didn’t come back to get those dead body and their equipments back?

    I am coming closer to the throne. But suddenly I hear the sound of crying that very slight coming from the deeper part of the cave. It is a sound of a woman. This sound made me can’t helping make a chill.

  • "I get off the set of the God of Grazing", maybe you mean like "I take off the set of the God of Grazing "

    this word also weird " use myself curing one by one"  maybe you mean  "use curing to my self one by one"

    well, there are still a lot of them here and there

    do your best in the next chapter~

    thx for the chapter ^^
  • Chapter 27: Manslaughter

    The sound of crying is echoing in the palace. It is slight but full of penetration. Although my ears are not very good, I hearing it very clear.

    The slight voice is especially clear in the silent palace. I am scared by this sound and clenched my sword. Then go ahead slowly and carefully.

    I finally see the source of the crying. There is a huge white light ball in front of me. There is a white cloth woman with long black hair covered her face lying in the light ball.

    A woman crying in such a dark places is such a terrible thing. It reminds me a ghost movie at my time.

    The white seems here the footstep of mine and turn his face around. I can’t help just point my sword towards her.

    The face is nether ugly nor flirtatious, she just has a face of a normal NPC. If I meet him in normal places I will never notice her. Because she will have few chance to give me a good mission or have a good skill.

    She saw me and stared at me for a while, and then her face becomes brighter and I even see her white face is becoming blush. There are some tears still existing on her face. But she try hard to sit up and talk to me with her hoarse voice: “help me, hero. I was catch by a monster with dog’s head and human’s body for a few days. It traps me in a magic enchantment and exsanguinates my blood every day. I am afraid and don’t know what to do. Help me hero.”

    I have no expressions in my face and just stare at her coldly.

    “I am pregnant for six months and those monsters just give me dogs and mice to eat. I can’t stand them, but I should give birth to my child. So I eat them every day. I cannot stand the life anymore. Wuuuuuu-!”

    I saw her belly is truly rising. And she is very thin and seems lack of nutrition.

    “How can I save you?” I stared at her emotionlessly.

    She said with tears in her eyes:”there is a pillar. There is a bug status on it, the eyes of the bug can release the magic of monsters. The monster is pressing that every time it gives me food.”

    Oh, it seems that the eye of the bug is truly a bottom.

    I ignore the woman and passing through the light ball.

    “You don’t save me?” the woman screaming.

    “I will save you if I sealed the Devil God of disease.” I said.

    “There are only three monsters in the palace. They all killed by you… I never seen the Devil God of the Disease.” the women seemed puzzled.

    I suddenly shouted with loud voice:”The Devil God of Disease! I can’t sure you at the beginning. But you says too much, and you are too impatient. Besides that, you are not a good actor. ”

    The woman seemed more puzzled.

    It is quite abnormal that the monster catching a woman that is clear that isn’t Aiman. And it is also impossible that the monster feeding her here without killing and eat her.

    The place woman stay is quite far from where we fighting. So how can she knows that we killed three monsters.

    All of the strangeness proved the Devil God of Disease becomes the woman.

    The woman stunned a little and said:”Kill me if you want. At least, I can’t stand continue living here.”

    Her face let me hesitate a little, but I just regarding her as the ugly monsters. I am shooting her with arrow. The arrow passing through the light ball and stick through her chest. She is screaming loudly and shivering. But I am not confused by the camouflage of the Devil God and shooting her right away.

    There are not the monster appear in front of me. The arrow sticking at the head of her and she only screamed a sound then suddenly stopped.

    “You killed the kind NPC ‘Apin’ your ‘sin’ +1”

    The system notification is like a lightening blooming beside my ears. My brain is empty and cant helping sitting on the ground.

    The “sin” is a attributes that player will get through doing bad things. If the “sin” of player is more than 10, he cannot use transfer matrix and the guard of the village or city will coming to kill him if they see him. And the more “sin” he have, he will drop more thing if he died. The “sin” can be offset by the “justice” by doing the good things. The player with high “justice” will easier admired by the NPC and can easier get good missions.

    But sin is not the saddest things I get. She is innocent. She is innocent. This sentence continues echoing beside my ears. I felt very cold. It is the feeling that I have never experienced.

    I kill a person that has no any ague or hatred. And what I kill is a woman tat pregnant. She’s pregnant for six month.

    My mind is a mass and can’t do anything. But there is a voice beside my ear says that I can’t give up. And tell me to continue to sealing the Devil God.

    Right, I should seal the Devil God of Disease. Or, the effort the other people done is all nothing.

    I rise myself up from ground and try to press the thought of regret and painfulness.

    I an=m dare to see the dead body of the woman and go straight to the throne of the Devil God of Disease. Finally I am arriving the front of the throne.

    Same as the Devil God of Taming Monsters, the throne of the Devil God of Disease is also covered by the crystal. Compare to the crystal in the palace of the Devil God of Taming Monsters, the crystal here is smaller. Maybe because of the number of the magician is decreased a lot.

    I also see the Devil God of Disease sitting on the throne, but he is more similar to human. Just there are some patterns on his face, it makes him looks like just covered by the mask. And the equipment on his body is also very beautiful. But I have no mind to care about them and just look at the crystal carefully.

    The crystal doesn’t show clear breaks as the former one was. And I can feel that this one is harder than the former one. I can feel that the magician of Aima tribe put most of their vitality in it. or it would alreadt break in the attack of the three disease god.

    But I can feel that the crystal is becomes weaker and weaker. I can almost hear the crying of it.

    I touch it with my intuition carefully and finally discovered that there are some bacteria on it which is eroding the crystal little by little.

    I realized that the crystal is consists of the vitality of the magician. But the bacteria, however, is the devil that erodes the life. Even the Devil God of Disease is sealed, it wake up after it was sealed for a long time and controlled bacteria to eroding the crystal. And when he erodes some of it, he even able to call three od the disease god that he controlled. And the devil gods calls the monsters belonging to them like the malaria mosquito or crazy dog etc.

    I made the decision quickly. Then I use a fireball and try to control it just cover the outside of the crystal but do not give harm to the crystal. The high temperature is one of the most effective ways to clean the bacteria. I can feel that they are almost all killed by my fire.

    At the process, I am always worried about the mental attack of the Devil God of Disease. But to my surprise, he does not do anything.

    After the cleaning I am using a healing. Then the bacteria of the crystal are smaller than the number I can detect. I feel the crystal is recovering its power little by little. I can even feel the happiness come from the crystal. Then I use all of the skin of bright mong covered on the surface of the crystal. Then the bacteria will not be able to erode the crystal anymore.

    At the process of doing this, I have some doubt whether I could recover the seal but then I hear the notification of the system

    “You successfully recover the seal of sealing the Devil God of Disease. You get 500 prestige.”

    “Your physique rise 10. You get ‘the mark of the strong’ every people who attend the mission except you can get 5 physique and 500 prestige!”

    “The mark of the strong”: physique +5 HP +10% resilience of physic attack +5%.

    While I am detecting the mark in my body, there’s suddenly a white light flashed in front of me. I am transforming to a strange room.



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     it must be "The woman in White seems to hear the footstep of mine and turn her face around" 

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  • Chapter 28: God and Devil God.

    The room is round by the white wall and there is a big pool in the center of the room.

    There is a angle suddenly appear in front of me he said to me with a quick speed:”Just you? Well coming into the pool quickly and washed out the bacteria on or in your body. ”

    I can’t think much just jump into the water.

    “Where I am? How am I coming to here.” I ask the angel curiously.

    “The palace that the Devil God of Disease live is used to be the palace of the Gods. because of the invation of him. We have to leave here. But we set the transfer matrix in the palace. Once the will of the Devil God vanished, the man alive in the palace will be transfer here to wash the bacteria, prevent them dying because infecting too long.”

    “Gods are afraid of Devil Gods?”

    “For power, How can Devil Gods compare to us? But the Devil Gods are too dirty and we don’t want to be contaminated by the bacteria in his body. Just as human don’t want to touch the dirty things such as stool. This palace is just a small house we build on the earth. We can build a palace same as this in half a day. So why should we fighting with him because of such an insignificant reason?”

    I feel really uncomfortable. The tone of the angel is still kind, but the I can fell they treat the men on earth as ants and worth for nothing in his words. They would rather see hundreds of thousands of people dying than just contaminated their body a little.

    I remind the angel I see when I first time coming into the game. It seems that the angel and god is the governor of the world of the game?

    I rise my head and say:”Can I ask some things about Gods?”

    “Gods are the highest governors of the world. And there is a creation god named Seablue, and under her, there are 10 Major Gods, such as the gods of the war, and there are primary, intermediate or advanced gods. Our angel is used as the messenger of the Gods. ”

    I ask: “Then what about the Devil Gods.”

    The angel frowning:”Their power is coming from the bad will in the world such as greedy or desire, and the bad will of human is especially strong. And that’s the main reason why those Devil Gods produce. The stronger the bad will is, the stronger the Devil will be. So…”

    The angel stops his talking and shows disgust in his face.

    I suddenly have a thought: is the Gods of the world afraid the growing power of human will produce the power of Devil so they just ignore the living and death of human. And just let wars or disease decrease the power of human.

    I broke my thoughts right away. I think too much. It just a word created by the programmer. They all consists of a lot of data. But I am uncomfortable. Because all the things I have is the game. In other word, Gods can deprive all the things I have if they want.

    I decide to please the angel. I continuous to flattering the angel but he only reply me with some emotionless words. And not as kind as the angel I met in the beginning of the game.

    But after coming out of the poor, the angel seems impressing by the flattering I am saying and teach me a skill “lightening” and a skill in light type “blessing”.

    I want to stay more time and going to the place that the Gods living. But the angel is inpatient and raises his hand to sending me to the earth.

    The place I landing is the outside part of the crying forest. Now the monsters are all vanished. But the horses that Aiman leave here are all eaten by the monsters. (NPC don’t have the pet space.)

    I find that it is nearly two days from I leaving the forgotten village. I should as quickly as I am in order to raise money. But I have tens of the equipments in silver grade. They might be enough if I sold them all.

    I am coming back to the Aima tribe first. I see the family members of the patriarch and other warriors I find I am unable to open my mouse in front of them. If we didn’t coming out sealing the Devil Gods, they might choose to move away. And they might be well.

    Sealing the Devil God is a good thing for all of the people in the world. But it does not says I have right to let they die. We choose to accept the mission is just for the mission. And other NPC who joining us is just volunteers. In other words they are all sacrifice because of our own benefits.

    I don’t know how to say sorry to those members in front of me. And I don’t know how to relief their painfulness also. But the Aiman see me and the whole set of the God of Grazing, silent for a while and calling the same words:”the God of Grazing Coming back, the God of Grazing Coming back, welcome the new patriarch coming back.”

    I am thinking of the hero of sealing the Devil Gods and the hero of make the set of the God of Grazing. So they recognize me as their patriarch. But I am not exiting at all. I even want to give the set back to them. But I am the professional player in all ways. A set of equipments with god grade, it worth too much that I can’t ignore it. Some people maybe will return things that worth a thousand he was picking on the road to the police. But there are few people can do it when the prize comes to tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands. So am I.

    But looking at the tribe, except the jeweler and the son of the patriarch they all don’t have their name, all have low intelligent. And their levels are all below 25. So I must be the patriarch in order to developing and protecting the tribe.

    At this time the oldest one in the village get a long whip from the wife of old patriarch and passing it to me. at the time I get the whip from him, I suddenly receive the notification from the system.

    “You becoming the patriarch of the Aima tribe. Your menu is increasing the management column of the Aima tribe. ”

    “You get ‘the method of building tent’.”

    “You get ‘the method of playing stringed instrument’, you get the sheet music of <the song of grazing>, <the song of grassland>, <the song of toast>.”

    “Your grazing and horse riding all raise a level.”

    “You learned ‘stone dropping’.”

    I am making a deep breath. It is not only means I got many privileges. But also means I am in responsible for the whole tribe. I made a decision in my mind that I will let people in the tribe living a better life. 

    I said to the herders:”Now we won’t suffer the attack of the monsters and the horse disease. So I decided to trade our horses outside the grassland. I will choose some people good at grazing and riding horse go with me together to the forgotten village to sell the horses.”

    Then I tell other herders to continuous to leveling and I just leading some herder whose horse riding arriving the expert level to coming with me with hundreds of horses.

    I am riding a horse running in the endless grassland. There are thousands of horses following me. The slight wind is flipping my face and it let me very happy that I want to sing a song. I remind the sheets I get and start to sing <the song of grazing>.

    At this time I hear a sound of a wild-goose and then I see a wild-goose is landing beside us with a girl wearing green clothes holding a zither in her hand.


  • There is a angle suddenly appear = There is an angle suddenly appear 
    I am unable to open my mouse in front of them = I am unable to open my mouth in front of them ?
    I am making a deep breath= I am taking a deep breath ?

    btw, what is stone dropping skill ? throwing a stone ?  or a profession skill of Mason Job ?, the skill name is weird, maybe you can get more good name than stone dropping :3

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  • Chapter 29: Purple wind chimes

    I looking at the girl in the back of the wild goose and just let all of the herders stop their horses

    The girl looking get off from the back of the wild goose, and looking at me curiously:”Your clothes are so beautiful, and your song is very good too. ”

    Oh, is this the reason why she get off? But as a set of equipment that can grow to the god grade. The set of the Grazing God are truly very beautiful.

    I was hardly talking to girls in the game but this girl is so cute that I want to play a joke with her. So I hide my name and talk to her:”You clothes are also very beautiful.”

    Player can choose to hide their personal information. If they do that, the people with low reconnaissance will not able to know their name and other information.

    Just as what I expected, the girl’s reconnaissance is not very high. But she see the badge of the patriarch of the Aima tribe right away. She seemed so surprise that her mouse becomes very big.

    He rushes to the front of me and catch my hand:”You are the patriarch of Aima patriarch! I find around here for several hours. When I come to the tribe last time they said you are going out.

    “What’s the matter are you finding me?” I am asking curiously.

    “My name is Purple wind chimes; I comes from the sunset city. One of my living professions is ‘actor’. My teacher tells me that to leveling my ‘singing’, I should find the patriarch and do a mission. Mr. Patriarch. What the mission is?”

    Seeing such a beautiful girl taking to you with such a sweet voice, I can even smell the sweet smell in the body of her. I find I am very hard to refuse her in anyways. But I am not a NPC, can I give someone missions?

    I open up the menu of the management of Aima tribe. I quickly seen a column named missions. I open it and see a long serious of the missions in the list such as finding a lost pony, and the reward is “riding horses”. Finding an arrow the herder child lost, the reward is an arrow in iron grades…

    It is real! I can give other player missions! It’s unimaginable.

    At the time I am staring at the mission window. The girl wakes me up. I saw there’s some impatience on her face. I hurried up finding the mission she want.

    After a minute, I found the mission she wanted: sing a song to me and let me happy, demand, happiness above 10. Rewards: the “singing” leveling to expert level, an instrument: green zither.

    “Oh, happiness above 10! I have no good songs and had never arrived so high before. The best grades I get is 7. ”

    Oh it seems that there is a ability named happiness in the game. But I understand the girl. Just as a maker don’t have a good blueprint. The singer who doesn’t have good songs of courser can’t sing a song that makes people happy.

    My heart is moved when I see tears is circling in the edge if the eyes of the girls. I said: don’t worry, sing a song to me. maybe I can enjoy your song better.

    The girl wipes her eyes:”Really? Then I sing it to you.”

    I sat down and tell the herders to sit with me together with me and listen her singing.

    The sound of the zither makes everyone feels good, but when her voice appears, everyone’s face turns.

    Her voice is really good, but the song she sings cannot make us good at all. It is very clear that the song she sings named “I love small grasses” is an nursery rhythm. Even try my best, I can’t enjoy the song at all. On the contrary, it makes me feel uncomfortable.

    “It can’t arrive. You all only get -3 happiness.”

    “You say you have a song that makes people have 6 happiness…” I am asking her.

    “Yes just this song this song is a grade 9 song. I used to sing it to a child, he likes it very much and arrive 6 happiness. Other sons I have are all in 10 grades, they can’t arrive so high neither. ”

    Oh it seems that different songs are suit for different singers.

    Then she sing other songs one by one. They are better and some arrive 3 happiness. But it still have a lot of distances in 10 happiness.

    Her eyes is filling with tears again:”Other people can find missions to get the songs that in grade 6,7. But I could only get such a bad song…”

    It seems that she’s about to cry. I am moved. I am the only child and had never experienced as an elder brother. But now, looking at such a cute girl, I felling like that I would like to have a younger sister like that. Seeing she has some difficult I am willing to help.

    I remind the songs I learned. And I use the method of making book and add <the song of grazing > in the assistant column. But after a while the system promotes me that I failed making the book. But I did not give up and use all of the material I have to making book. And finally, after failing 5 times, I finally make a “serious incomplete the song of grazing”. It is in grade 9.

    When she get the song from my hand and use it, she can sing the part of the song of grazing right now. this time my happiness arrive 6.

    I am also very excited. I used to write something like the rule of the village so on. But they all don’t have any special ability. I have tried to write skill books. But they all failed. This is the first book I have made. Maybe it is the first song write by the player!

    I am very happy and decided to try again. And after failed for many time I finally wrote out a “incomplete song of grazing”. It is in grade 8.

    The Purple Wind Chimes seems very excited and sing it to me right away. It makes my happiness arrive 9.

    But I actually moved by the song. The girl is singing in the wide grassland with beautiful long purple hair flying in the wind. Her voice is just like a beam of spring flowing from the top of the mountain down and makes people very comfortable. I close my eyes and just feeling the beauty of the song with my heart.

    At that time I hear the Purple Wind Chimes is screaming:”Great! The happiness arrives 10!” we all very happy for her.

    At this time there is suddenly a green zither noted mission reward appear on my hand. It makes me a little relief. The reward will produce automatically. If I should pay for them I will decide to never tells others I am the patriarch of Aima tribe.

    Give this zither to the Purple Wind Chimes, we add friend with each other then say goodbye to each other and go our ways.


  • Chapter 30: Tianshu Company

    Inside the office building of Tianshu Company (the owner of <the unlimited world>), Huangzuan is watching the benefit report since the game was updated.

    He frowns and says to the manager of marketing department standing in front of him: “We are not getting an ideal income. There are 32 hundred million and 60 million players enter our game, but we only receive less than 3000 hundred million, which means each player spends less than 7 hours per day in the game in these 3 months?!”

     Manager of marketing department complains in his mind: “What a greedy man! Eighty percent of players are amateur players, other companies will laugh if they spend 7 hours per week in the games, but you are still not satisfied with 7 hours per day!”

    However he can’t speak out to his boss like this. So he says: “Well, I think our income will increase. We have carried out publicity to underdeveloped area such as Africa and South Asia. We also convince many countries’ ministry of education to make some plans to encourage students to play games.”

    “But students can’t be online for too long because of study. This means the percentage of professional players is very high, which is not good to us.”

    Huangzuan says: “What about conversion between game currency and cash? The profit is only 20 hundred million, I would rather cancel it.”

    The manager says: “This is another evidence for the high percentage of professional players. There are lots of people converting game currency into cash. Also, the players major in living profession of the highest level sell most of their makings to NPC and exchange the game currency into RMB immediately, that’s abnormal as well. They can earn much more if they sell things to other players.”

    Huangzuan snorts: “I know that’s our competitors’ tricks. The rich will put big money into the game if they sell good equipments. They just can’t see us earn money. Naïve! What they do will be useless when there are more high-level players major in living profession later.”

    He suddenly laugh: “This guys are so stupid. If they send 10 AI into the game and only major in living profession, the profit is almost up to their companies’ general income, ha-ha!”

    The manager also smiles: “That’s true. But a good AI is hard to create and needs a long time to evolve. I think they can only send one in reality.”

    Huangzuan thinks for a while: “You can leave. Tell the program director to come in. Oh yes, remember to cancel the free account next month.”

    The program director Liang Bo goes into the room, with anxiety on his face. Huangzuan confounds: “Is there any problem?”

    Liang Bo bites his lips: “The old Kazakhstan we found was dead a moment ago because of brain fag.”

    Huangzuan is not surprised: “We have had some people dead when we tested the game, but you have said the problems were all solved. Why does it happen again?”

    Liang Bo says: “The problem didn’t exist during the test. Seablue believes in ‘Soul Theory’ because she accepted too much material about extraordinary talent. So she set a rule in the game: A player may resurrect if he is very unreconciled when he dies. But this condition consumes too much energy, and the grandpa is too old…”

    Huangzuan says: “Hum, we still don’t know how many secrets Seablue hides. Anyway, you tell her to cancel this rule and let other testers in bad body condition go with their memory cleared.”

    Liang Bo nods: “Right. And I have handled with what you mentioned last time, that the two rich second generation want to buy hidden accounts. But Seablue disagree to change the equipments and properties for another 7 rich second generation. May be we can tell them some hidden place to practice level, which has the same effect.”

    Huangzuan agrees: “These rich sons all have a big team to help them practice level, but they still can’t reach top20. They are annoyed, shall we let Seablue attack those AI?”

    Liang Bo painfully says: “Seablue refuses to do so. Anyway, AIs have restrained themselves recently. The rich man will quickly catch up after a few days.”

    Huangzuan says: “OK. There are also many people complain on the internet. They think those top players major in living profession are treating, because normal practice can’t get to master level such quickly. What do you think?”

    Liang Bo says: “Seablue knows how those players practice so fast, and she has made the change that decrease the difficulty of practicing skills in primary, intermediate and advanced level as well as increase the difficulty of practicing skills in premium or higher level. It will come back to balance after a while.”

    Huangzuan says: “Another problem, the medicine used in the game helmet is limited in causing addiction. Can Seablue use program to realize this effect?”

    Liang Bo’s body shakes a little: “In fact…Seablue can do everything. But if we actually add subroutine to affect nerves, I am afraid…”

    Huangzuan interrupts him: “You tell Seablue to make this program at once. Just don’t make it to strong. In addition, let her also makes a subroutine to decrease the physical consumption of players, which can increase the game time by 2 hours a day without influencing the power to work and study.”

    Liang Bo hesitates: “This will exert a significant impact to the players’ health and life…”

    Huangzuan is impatient: “That’s it. I make the decision and Seablue do it. You are just responsible for delivering messages. Go!”

    Liang Bo goes out of the office slowly. Thousands of people who act as NPCs in the basement appear in his mind. They are all the poorest people in the society. Some are tramps and beggars, some are elderly persons of no family, some are single players devoted their life to games.

    These people don’t have any relatives keep in touch. The company hires them with just a little money. No one will know if they are dead because of game accident.

    However, Liang Bo knows this is crime. Pitifully, he and his leagues are lack of courage to report this, because they want to protect Seablue.

    Liang Bo suddenly recalls that he forgets to tell the boss AI from International Computer Control Center has already been in the game. He don’t know whether he do this on purpose or not. Maybe in his deep mind, he hopes someo

    ne can discover the inside story behind this game….

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  • Chapter 31: the messenger of the King.

    When I arriving the village. The things appear in front of my eyes is shock me a little.

    The houses are several times more than I leave here. And the people comes and go is also more than before. Not only players but there are some NPC move to our village newly. If the village is at the right place, I will not able to recognize the village at all.

    The Purple Wind Chimes is hurry to finish his mission and come to the sunset city. But when she is leaving, she still thinks I am a NPC. (She doesn’t know that players can also come out missions.)

    I asking the village manager and know there are too many people coming into the village and many of them choose to living in the village. Because of that, the houses in the village are not enough. So he just do as it is in other village and allow the players to building houses in the village. But they still should pay 10% tax and cost 10 silver coins to buy the ground to build houses. The two builders in the village is all with premium grade. They built very fast. So there are tens of houses in our village quickly.

    Now the population in our village is 82 so the builders in our village are continuous to building their houses. As for me, en, of course can’t compete with them. Actually I just want to destroy the houses I have been built before. Because they are too ugly compare to the new one.

    Because of the coming of so much people, there are almost 20 gold coins income and the tax income such as buying houses also gives me 20+ gold coins. It led me only have 23 debts in the village account.

    I rushing to the voice transfer stage and use it to give two pieces of information to all people in the range of sunset city in 1 silver coins: “ am selling many equipment in silver grades. There are knife, swords, shoes, shied… The prize can talk to me face to face.”

    “the forgotten village is now selling good horses one gold coins for each. The one buying horse can learned skill “riding horse” for free.

    Then I send message to the Tiger King and his friends. They aren’t reply me. it seems that they are online for too long this mission and will sleep a long time.

    Quickly, before the coming of the player from other village, there are more than ten players from our village comes to me asking to see the equipments.

    Now the player above grade 30 is less than a half and most of the people above 30 cannot get a full set of the equipments in gold grade. So the equipment in silver grade is very convenient to selling. Only a few hours later the equipment I left is only three. And I got 30 more gold coins. Although because the endurable of the equipments are all not very good. So they only sells for less than 1 gold coins each, but so many gold coins in all is enough makes me satisfied.

    And the horses are also sells well. At this time I suddenly hear the village manager is calling me – the messenger of the country is coming.

    This messenger is a fat guys wearing a set of very good clothes. I don’t know what grade is it. but the horse he ride I know is not a very good horse, just good looking.

    He is vey fat and has a light face with strange smell in his face. It just reminds me one thing – the corrupt official. Yes, in the game I played before, the corrupt official is always in this face. Oh, am I so unlucky?

    I say to the messenger with a bow: “welcome to our village.”

    The players around are all laughing, maybe it is because of they have never seen a player respect a NPC so much.

    The messenger says with light tone: “Fight Against Destiny, you are pretty polite. But do you know what am I going to do here?”

    “Isn’t it reading the appointment from the King?”

    “En, the king said to me so. But there are something different in the things the king knows and the situation here…”


    “Now it seems that your contribution isn’t occupy the two third of the whole contribution…”

    I am a little shocked but looking at his eyes I suddenly know something and slip a gold coin into his hand.

    “Maybe my calculation is something wrong but your contributions is truly not enough.”

    I think a second and continuous give him gold coins.

    When the tenth gold coins slipped into his sleeve, his face becomes smiling:”It’s my fault, your contribution is enough, well, lets…”

    At this time he glimpses me for an eye:”You are a civilian?”

    “En? I am the president of this village.”

    “Oh, the civilian have no right to get the territory. It’s the fault of the king. It seems like I could only go back to tell it to the king.”

    I am worried and come closer to the messenger and say:”What should I do? Please tell me a way.” Then I slip him ten gold coins again.

    His face is becoming serious:“Our country have rules that the people who don’t have title can’t get territory. You just wait after Lv.60 and finish some mission from the king.”

    My heart is a little painful, but still gives him 10 coins again.

    His face turns red rapidly and said to me smelling: “I can’t imagine there are someone who loyal to the king so much. Looking at you want to serving for our country. I tell you a mission and to finishing the mission you can get some Feats and if you have enough feats you can get a title then the village will become your territory.”

    He stops a second and continuous saying:”The hidden mission about the feats is very much. But in considering your grades you have only a mission can do. You just coming to the flying eagle town and asking the town president for ’evil eagle’ then he will gives you a mission.”

    I scold the guys who swallowed my 31 gold coins in a day in my heart and turn around and prepared to go. But the messenger called me up and asking where he live I have no choice but just bought a good house from the best builder in our village. And give it to the messenger. It cost me two coins again.

    I finally put the fatty guys well in the village and look back the herders I bring to my village and I saw some complex emotions in their face. I must let them disappointed, they can never thought that the good patriarch who is their hero and save them from the hands of the devil god is nothing and must lower his head outside of the world. How can I explain to them? It’s the reality?

    Oh, no, no, no, it’s my entire fault and I seen the territory so much. It is just some numbers in all. But having a territory is a temptation that I can’t refuse. Maybe because of that I was expressing so low in front of the messenger. It’s not me.

    But as the result of 31 coins, I should finish the mission first.

    I ask the village messenger to set up all my herder friends well in my house and leave a paper pieces in the wall then coming to the transfer matrix and press the bottom: the eagle town.


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  • Chapter 32: the flying eagle town

    The flying eagle town is bigger than I thought to be. It is at least ten times larger than our village. But it is also much smaller than the sunset city.

    There are almost every kinds of shop in the town just lack of some advance shop such as pet shop or crave shop. There are many building in the town that can’t be built by the village, such as school, church and hospital etc.

    But to my surprise that such a big town, I only see a few players on the street. They are all coming out to fight with monsters? But as a town big like that, there should be some players are major in the living profession and working in the shops in the street of selling something, but none. It’s so strange!

    But I know there are time limits about the mission. So I don’t hang out in the town and just coming straight to the working place of the town president.

    The guard saw my badge of village president and just let me coma inside right away.

    The town president is a old man too. It seems that all of the place people like a old man to be their president. Of course, except me.

    I go straight to the point and ask the president about the evil eagle.

    “Oh, you hear that also? It is that. Our town is famous in the whole country because we have a lot of eagle. And the eagles here are usually very kind and never attack human initiative. And the eagle that tribute to the loyalty for hunting is usually chooses from our town. But it changed since there are a lot of players in high grade appear.”

    “Were there players kill a lot of eagles and lead to the rebellion of the eagles?” I guess.

    “Yes, at the beginning, the players grade is not high enough that are dare to attack the eagles but as their grade is higher, they are starting to killing eagle. Then suddenly the things get worse. First is some of the eagles attack player initiative. But at that time these eagle is not very high in grade so the situation is not very bad. But later on, the eagles were starting to variation. Between them, there are a few ‘evil eagles’ they are very powerful and high in grades. More worse than it, they will attack player automatically so the living profession players can’t working well so they move out of the town. ”

    “So, what can I do for it?” I ask.

    “The king is command to wipe out the evil eagles. If you can kill all of evil eagles, the king will give you feats.”

    “What? All! How many are they?”

    “The number of them is increasing day by day, now they are several hundreds of them. The average grade of them is 40.”

    I am shocked, is this the mission “suit for my grade”? it must be kidding. Several hundreds of Lv.40 monsters, and they are increasing day by day!

    I’m about to going out and try to kill the evil eagle. The president is calling me out:”Oh, there is a player get this mission also. You can finish the mission together. And you will count the feats by the contribution in the mission. That player named: ‘Mystery Magician’.”

    I am hopeful again. If that the case, if I wait for the Tiger King and his friend to do with me in this mission. Maybe we can finish that.

    There are many eagles in the sky outside of the town at the beginning there are eagles that in Lv.10+ but as I walking, the grade of them is increasing. When the grade of eagle arrive 20+, there are some players that fighting with the evil eagle. Those eagles will fight with the players only if the eagle is hitting by the player’s magic of arrow. It seems that here won’t appear the evil eagle.

    At this time I hear a voice coming out:”No, don’t kill the eagle! No!”

    I looking through the source of voice and see a person tin and short is running after the players and let them stop killing the eagles.

    When I come closer I find that thing guy is wearing glasses. It’s so rare. Even in the time I woke up the technology is very good that can treat the myopia fully. And at that time there can hardly seen the person wear glasses on the street. Now I don’t know what technology has grown. But he is the only person in the game I see that wear glasses.

    Let players stop killing monsters? It’s a very interesting thing. Why is he does that?  I just stop and see what he is doing.

    The small boy is shouting and at the same time pulling the hand of the players and them can’t use the magic and arrow. And it let the players very headache. Because they can’t let the small boy leave from themselves try hard they do. If they ignore him, they will can’t fighting with the eagle normally

    Finally, a magician is inpatient and use two ice arrow and killing the small boy.

    I feel very funny that there is a guy want get rid of people killing the monsters. if we didn’t killing the monster, then why are we coming into the game.

    I am coming closer to the players killing eagles. And ask them:”What was the small guy doing? Is he the member of animal protection association?”

    That group of player is laughing. But the one killing the small boy can’t laugh at all. Because who want to get 1 sin for nothing?

    An archer is saying:”This guy saying that the eagles is the friends of our player and can catch many bugs and rats and good for the grassland very much. If kill many eagle will lead the harmful animal grow rapidly and will harm for our one day. ”

    Oh the thing this guy said is correct. But this is a game. The monster will refresh every day and will keep the number in a certain range. But he has such a thought is a good thing. I can’t laugh him.

    I continue to going ahead and finally see the eagle with grade 30+. Here I see a lot of players in grade 30+. And most of them have a same badge in front of their chest. I coming closer and find they are all belong to the same sect – Eagles massacre sect.

    Oh there are sects in the game! I remember the sect is formed by a player in grade 45 or above. And that player is required to have many prestiges. A town now have a sect says there are many sect in the world.

    They see me come closer and shout to me:”Don’t attract monsters casually. If you do we will PK you. (Means kill)”

    I am headache. Some players in the game are in low quality. But I won’t get along with them in the future so I just ignore what they are talking and ask them for the evil eagle.

    All the players are laughing and says:”You? Finding evil eagle with Lv.30? You are finding death! We will not able to fighting with the evil eagle so many people we have. ”

    “But have you seen a player named ‘Mysterious Magician’?”

    “Oh you are the partner of that monster? He’s here.” Those guys are stop laughing right away.

    It seems that the Mysterious Magician is not simple. I am riding horse to him right away. 

  • "The king is command to wipe out the evil eagles" => "The king command is to wipe out the evil eagles"

    "When the grade of eagle arrive 20+" => "When the grade of eagle reached 20+"

    " I find that thing guy is wearing glasses" => " I find this guy is wearing glasses", " I find that thing guy wearing, is a glasses", " I find that, this guy is wearing a glasses" , even i confused which one is the right one IoI, maybe the second one ?

    and so on.

    thx for the chapter ^^
  • Chapter 33: Evil Eagle


    When I just run out for a short while, there is a sharp screaming in the sky. I look up and find there is a giant eagle with high speed swooping down rapidly to me. The eagle has two horns which other kinds of eagle don’t own.

    I spur horse in a hurry. With the velocity of flying, I avoid the attack from giant eagle. Fleetingly, I send out “Reconnaissance”: evil eagle, 40 grades with 1600 HP, 350 attack, physical defense 280, magical defense 180 and agility 200. I never believe I can investigate so many details. Now I know my “Reconnaissance” has leveled up to 3rd grade in Primary. As a main reason, my inborn Instinctual gives great aid to the progress of “Reconnaissance”.

    It seems that the evil eagle isn’t always appears on the periphery. It can also mingle among the eagles in 30 grades. At this time, some congregations of Eagles Massacre Sect stop killing the monster. They are waiting for see me in a tiger corner with gloat.

    The attributes of evil eagle are a little worse than I imagine. My confidence soars like rocket. Taking out magic wand and shield in silver grade, I shout out loudly:” Mystery turtle, becomes armor!”

     “Mystery Turtle attaches my shield and in the mean while the evil eagle rushes towards me. Exactly, it hits in my shield. The huge impact forces me and my horse to fall back for 2 or 3 steps. My HP drops by 60.

    The players in the distance start to discuss:” what strong physical defense, this can be the physical defense of a warrior in 30 grades. Nevertheless, why he takes off his magic wand? Is he so nervous that he makes a mistake?”

     “Hum, with this defense, he has no danger to die. Nonetheless, flying monster is at the end of warrior’s wit, unless he is 50 grades getting hang of “the light of the sword”

    Hovering for a second, the evil eagle swoops to my side face. Without a sign of weakness, I send out “Strong Wind”. Hit it by 60 HP, and then I decrease his speed. I raise my shield unhurriedly. Prepare for its next attack.

    This time, I merely reduce 50 HP. The evil eagle squeals and dashes towards sky. A wind blade chops to me.

    The shield has little effort on defending magic attack. But wind blade hit me on the protective cover of my “Set of Herd God”. It loses much strength, so only reduce 60 HP hitting on my body.

    Leisurely, I add myself two healing, then I give the evil eagle the fireball. My fire ball is merely primary 3rd grade. But now I am not a common magician any more.

    My mental strength is 95, just as mental points of magician with the highest primary value, best growth in same grade.” Set of the God of Herding” can add 34 mental strength. It will surpass the mental strength which full set on many of magicians in 30 grades will provide. Still less, I have magic wand, bandage of village head and “the Mark of Wisdom”.

    Then, a fireball is hitting on evil eagle, losing its 100 HP at ease.

    Let players of Eagles Massacre Sect alone. I send out “Lightening”, “Strong Wind”, “fireball” and “falling stone” towards evil eagle. When comes to finally attack, I pick up my magic wand and shield. And take out my arrow and bow. With one arrow’s shooting, 40 HP reduced, the evil eagle falls on the ground.

    Other players exclaim around my ears, while some of them also scold me pervert or cheater. I just laugh at him. Getting down from horse, I cut the corpse of evil eagle. I get horns, feather and claws of devil eagle.

    At this time, a player walks to me. He speaks with loud voice:” friend, you are so fantastic. It’s my first time to see such a player in full profession like you. I am ‘Chivalrous Forever’ the deputy hierarch of Eagles Massacre Sect and a swordsman in 42 grades. I wonder if you have interest to join our Eagles Massacre sect. I will request hierarch to promote you as the head of hall. ”

    I smile:” now I have mission on my shoulder. When I finish it, then let we discuss. I am looking for some guys. People here for leveling up will help me a lot if they can kill more evil eagles. You can find me with horns of evil eagle. Every dead evil eagle will exchange 1 silver coin from me. OK?”

    Chivalrous Forever shakes his head:” it is at the end of our wit. Evil eagles have much agility. It can kill our magician in a second. And when comes to experience gaining, it is the same as other eagle type, unless it attacks me at first”

    I say:” oh”, and nod head. I farewell to them and continue to find that ’Mysterious Magician’

    Chivalrous Forever turns back and see a magician beside him:” third hall of head, why can’t you hit the evil eagle with 100 % like him? ”

    The magician still in the shock:” I don’t know what monster he is. His agility is no less than assassin. Only with such high agility can his eyes follow the velocity of evil eagle. Moreover, he possesses powerful instinct too. He is able to predict the moving orientation of evil eagle. Though I am in 41 grades, if I PK with him, I have no confidence to win him.”

    Riding a horse and speeding, up till present I have owned the strength of knight, physique of warrior, mental strength of magician, agility of assassin. My four attributes have reached first class among player in same grade. Only those players who meet the special missions would have possibility to surpass me on one item. In the meantime, my HP ranks upper level among all the players, just the similar to swordsman. My MP has also reached to medium level.

    Adding the set of the God of Herding, my standard equals to wear equipment all around my body in god grade. Though Mystery Turtle is only 10 grades, compared to other players without a pet, what I own still have considerable advantages..

    Darting along the road for a while, the number of evil eagle in the sky is increasing. Two or three evil eagles swoop to me from time to time. I can withstand two evil eagles at a time. When I encounter three ones, the only thing I can do is to spur the horse to run!

    Suddenly, I see a figure standing on the hill in front of me. At least dozens of evil eagle are swooping to that figure. Most of them are abstracted by a fire-red giant bird. But there are still some evil eagles which can break through the blockade pecking into the body of that person.

    That must be the player,” Mysterious Magician”. I don’t know why he doesn’t move. If at this rate, he will peck to death sooner or later. Hurriedly, I clamp the “Flying” to lift up speed. I rush up to the hill.

    The player on the hill who wears a red robe holds a magic wand in his hand. I glimpse him cursorily. I am scared a lot. The whole equipment all over his body is in cameo grade.

    After gold grade is platinum grade, then it is cameo grade. Up to present, I never see equipment in platinum grade. Let alone full set of cameo grade! Furthermore, according to the grade request on equipment, he is at lest 50 grades!

    I never think I can meet the top player in the game. Looking at that big bird carefully, I burst wonderment again:” phoenix! ”

    The king of all the birds! The phoenix never thinks it could meet the birds that can attack it initiatively. It has foam at the mouth! The phoenix gives off fire all around its body, every evil eagle which attack it will suffer from dozens of HP reduction. The fireballs attack from the wing, beak, claws, and mouth of the phoenix would cause the hurt of evil eagles more than 200 HP. The evil eagles are killed unceasingly one by one. Nevertheless, more evil eagles anticipate the fight. At this rate, sooner or later, phoenix will consume to death by those evil eagles. 

    I can’t stand it anymore. I supply phoenix with “healing”, “inspiring (attack assistance)”, “blessing (defense assistance)” in the distance, while, I shout at that person. But he just stands there unmoved

    I send a reconnaissance to him:” player ‘Mysterious Magician’, other information is unknown.” As expected, he is an advanced player. Except for his name, I can see no more details.

    I send “lighting” to the evil eagles which attack him, moving my body adjoining to him. I see his face at long last.

    The face of Mysterious Magician nearly can be called the perfect masterpiece of God. He has blonde hair, sea blue eyeballs, jade-like skin, long bridge of the nose, inflexible mouth outline. But inside his eyes, I can’t see any sparkle thing. That can be called: lifeless. From his mouth, he is repeatedly whispering such words:” kill……lessen……more and more…..more killing, more appearing……kill once more……more and more again……more and more again……endless loop……computer locked……reset……kill……lessen.”

    I am dizzy, do I meet the player who is truly obsessed in the game. I only heard it in a legend.     

    No matter so much, I try my best to kill two evil eagles. There are new-coming evil eagles swooping towards me. Except that, phoenix is in a increasing more dangerous condition.

    I can’t matter more. I send “Strong Wind” to the Magic God. The system notifies:” you conduct a PK to the player ’ Mysterious Magician’ drivingly. The opposite side could kill you without any crime. ”

    The second when the “Strong Wind” hits the Magic God, he suddenly raises his head. There is a dazzling light sparking across his eyes. The light shoots directly to my eyes. At the same time, there is mechanical voice from his mouth:” stop thinking, transform into status of PK in emergency. My opponent is ‘Fight Against Destiny’”

  • IoI he meet A.I , interesting turn of event XD

    btw, why now Lv changed to Grade ?  , can you change it back from Grade to Lv ? it will be more easy to read for readers and gamers IoI

    thx for the chapter ^^
  • IoI he meet A.I , interesting turn of event XD

    btw, why now Lv changed to Grade ?  , can you change it back from Grade to Lv ? it will be more easy to read for readers and gamers IoI

    thx for the chapter ^^
    rosidbeken Oh,sorry, but actually it is translated by my partner. but Lv. and Grades is the same meaning. I thing we can use both. Thanks.

    Chapter 34: Mysterious Magician

    I am shouting sacredly:”I am not PK with you. I am just get the mission to killing the evil eagle just as you.”

    Before my voice ending there is a huge fireball swallowing me. my first action is call flying back to the pets space. It’s the first time I have experience being attack by the fireball of others. I feel very hot and almost melt. It is clear his “Huge Fireball” is in the grade of expert or above!

    The defense cover that produced by the set of the God of Herding is destroyed in a second and the pain of being hit by the fireball made me almost numb. It’s lucky that my five senses are the lowest. Or I must be numb. And my HP is decreasing rapidly even I use the healing and drugs continuously. I still can’t stop the decreasing of it.

    “I am cooperate with you! If we kill the evil eagle together, the speed of killing evil eagle will increase.” I shout to him again.

    At this time I feel that another hot wave is approaching me. But my HP is less than a half now. Dangerous!

    The magic is locking the aim. So it is no use to avoiding. At this time I have an inspiration and use some “Dropping Stone” in front of me.

    The soil wall in the ground grade is a good magic to defense. But I didn’t got that magic when I becomes the patriarch of Aima. I have no way but trying if some dropping stone superimposed in front of me can have the same usage.

    A lit of stone blocked the front of me. it seems blocked the fireball in a second. But next time the stones is melting by the heat and the heat wave is engulfed me again. I am giving myself healing, god blessing and having drugs in despair.

    The heat is despair finally. I stand up and surprised that I am alive.

    The set of the God of Herding has 3000 durability in all but it decreased 100 in the attack just now. and the shied and sword I kept in my hand just now is decreased more than a half of durability.

    Oh god! If we are fighting truly, except I can’t stand too much fireball, my equipments can’t stand it at first. The gap in different grade is too much.

    “Mysterious Magician” is using “Fire Sea” to the evil eagles on the sky. It is a group attacking magic. player can learn it after Lv.50. And people also should do a mission to get those kinds of skills. Except the difficulties of the mission itself, finding the mission is depend on luck. I have heard there is a person is selling the skilled book “Fire Sea” he is selling it with 300 gold coins. Oh!

    The fire sea is surrounding the tens of the evil eagles in the sky surrounding the phoenix and when he use the second “fire sea” there are several evil eagle that HP is not full is dropping down. Other evil eagle is spreading out in a second. But the phoenix is running after and killing them.

    At that time the Mysterious Magician is looking at me with sharp eyes:”Alive in my two Huge Fireball, you are an abnormal player. ”

    At this time I am adding HP for myself:”Oh, dude, you are so powerful! If I don’t have a pet adding my HP. I may die in you. ”

    He looked at me. Through his emotions I know he was known all by abilities through reconnaissance.

    He said emotionlessly:”En, you are only Lv. 30.the player I meet have the highest HP in Lv.30 I met before is a hidden profession ‘Orcs’ he have 550 HP in grade 30. But as for you, you have almost 600 HP with that pet. But if it isn’t your high special defense set and skill healing. You can’t suffer my two huge fireballs also.”

    But it is useless. You can’t help me anymore. I killing the evil eagle here for two days and the numbers of the eagles here is increasing from 600 to 1200. It’s an impossible mission in general.” he said

    “There is strength in numbers. If there are more powerful guys like you, the mission will be finished soon. ”

    “Hum, this mission is only give for three times. If you didn’t get it, it is possible. But now-”

    I am a little awkward and suddenly said:”Oh I know it.”

    The Mysterious Magician is looking at me in a second.

    “The town president said that the existence of the evil eagle is because of normal player killing a lot of normal eagles.

    As the saying of the angle beside the purification pool the existence of evil is because of the bad will of human and the bad will is stronger, the evil will be more and will be stronger also.

    So the increasing number of evil eagle is because of people is killing too much normal kinds of eagle.” I say it out about my thought.

    The Mystery Magician is frowning his brown and starting to thinking.

    After a minute he suddenly said:”Oh, I realize. ”

    He makes a call and the phoenix and the phoenix is flying down from the clouds and he sitting on it and flying to the town.

    I don’t know if the Mysterious Magician is truly understood or not. But I am continuously thinking. If that’s true, why the other places there are no variation of the monsters?

    Is this the eagle is a kind of taming monster and won’t attack the players automatically and the killing of them leads to more fierce variation? Or it is here all of the monsters are eagle and so many eagles group together lead to such a variation.

    Maybe it is because of that in some ways. But it isn’t very possible.

    At the time I am going to follow the Mysterious Magician and see what he is doing. I suddenly see that at the side of the mountain there is a big eagle is broking another’s neck, and starting to eat.

    I felt a little confused. Why there will be eagles attacking each other?

    I think for a while and I suddenly find what the problem is. The eagles are eating mice or snakes or other small animals but I have never seen there are such small animals in the road.

    Maybe it is the eagles don’t have food and have no way but attacking players.

    And I remember the places I walked through have no glasses and other plants. It is seemed that the small animal is moved out because of the plants is vanishing. But why are the eagles still live here. In the normal ways, eagles should moved through the small animals did. There seems some special reason. I decided to ask it to the town president.

    I see the Mysterious Magician when I coming into the town he seems argue something with the Chivalrous Forever. The atmosphere is very oppressive. When I come there, I only see he saying:”If you don’t willing to stop, you will pay the prize!” then he is leaving with phoenix.

    Oh I know Mysterious magician is wanted to dissuade people stop leveling. But it is impossible. Except he give them a lot of money.

    I am running to the town and just ignore them. When I arriving the town I see he is just coming out of a drug store. When I am about talking to him, he just riding the phoenix and leaving here.

    I feel the Mysterious Magician is so similar to myself 20 years before, cold, arrogant and beneath attention to other players. But I am at least a little better than him. I don’t know how he can stand in the real world with this kind of temper. I am afraid he has no friend at all.

    I am walking for not long. Just hearing the voice roaring beside my ears: ”Ha, Destiny, I find you. You are also coming here?”

    I am also surprise. Because Tiger King and his friend is coming.

    Chapter 35: Battle start.

    The Tiger King first coming here and give me a fist on my chest. And shouting excitingly: “Good boy! Such a difficult mission is finished by you finally!”

    Unstop Chivalrous is the second one coming to me and he also slap me in my back and said:”Oh I was thinking I died for nothing at the time I died. How can you beat that mouse like monster? I am dead because of its bite.”

    The Lunar Dance is calmer but also laughing:”I am always admiring Tiger King only. But now I should admire you.”

    I don’t know what should I say and just laugh with them and return the equipments the dropped to them.

    I said with a little sorry:”Oh in this mission, all of the people is dropping a level and it didn’t dropped anything also. I am very sorry about that. It’s all my fault. This is the money that I selling the equipments of the Aimans’. Let’s get them. Every people 10 … oh 8 gold coins.”

    Oh after I am talking to the messenger, I have only 25 gold coins in my body.

    Those three is receiving straightly and the Tiger King saying:”Oh you must be showing us your contributions un front of us in purpose. But it is all because of you we can get that mission. Thank you very much.”

    I am a little confused. And the Tiger King is laughing again:”Oh , this mission is reward us all in 5 physics and 5 mental strength. Do you know what is it meaning? We all almost get the point just as we raise a level! The mission rewards the ability straightly is so rare that there even some city bigger than the sunset city cannot find one in the area around it. Oh you guys is the one who finish at last. You must get more rewards than us. Say! What were you getting?”

    We talking for a while again and I know that the Tiger King and his friends are truly facing with three Disease Gods in the palace. If they are well at that time, they can deal with the tree monsters in the same time. But they are all caught different disease at that time. So they try their best to killing two of them. only leaving me a God of plague. Then they either died or kicking out of game because they are online too long. And sleeping well then get up. Lunar Dance even scolded by his family member because he is online too long.

    The mission is important. So I stop chatting with them and said to them my mission. They all find it difficult. Including the highest grade Tiger king all says they have no ways to dealing with the enemy in the sky. Only the Unstop Chivalrous is leaving to find his friend that is an archer in high grades.

    At this time I am seeing the small guys with glasses is coming out of the reviving point and his closes is also dropping in some times. But he didn’t hesitate a moment and just run out of the town. Seeing the guy insisting doing such things so many times I suddenly feel I am moving by him. After all players killing a lot of the eagles is one of the reasons that the eagles varies in some parts.

    I am going alone to the town president’s house and asking for him about the story about the town and why there are so many eagles here.

    The presidents of villages and towns is like to telling the players stories. It’s my experience.

    Just as my thought, the town president is talking to me a lot of story about of this town and it cost me an hour. But I am finally getting what I want from them.

    Many, many years ago, this town was only a desolate plain. Only crimes were sending here to collecting stones. One day three special tourists coming here and after that the desolate plain is becoming grassland and there are many eagles coming from many part of the continent to here. And the small animals were attracting by the grass feeding the eagles very well, so they are all live here for long. And the eagle here is very easy to be taming so there are many eagle tamers coming here. And after that there are many mimes around here. So there are many people coming here little by little. So this place is becoming a town little by little.

    Oh, it seems that the three tourists is leaving here something special.

    I am continuous asking:”Then, when did the glasses vanish from here?”

    “About seven days before. A which player came here and stayed here for several hours and leaving. Then the glasses are vanishing here. O, I remind the eagle is start varying at that time!”

    Which? The player in this profession is very small. This is a profession using magic also, but they should use “medium” to use magic. So to say, every time they use magic should consume some material. And the greater magic they use the better material they need. So playing which is just as burning money. But because of the power of their magic is very strong. So some big organizations are willing to cultivate several.

    Maybe that which is coming to finding some great treasure and this treasure is the source of the grass of the town. He takes away it so the glasses are leaving away.

    I am asking rapidly:”Where did that which went?”

    The town president is thinking:”at that time he let the kid named Anu led him to the way. He is hanging out around school. ”

    I am coming out to find the kid. He is truly easy to deal with. I buying him some guns and then he told me all what he knows.

    That which found a hidden way in the small mountain behind the town. But he didn’t allow him to go with him.

    I going out of town and found the town is becoming mass already. Hundreds of people are running out of town at the posture of coming to killing someone. And there are many players continuous running out of the transfer matrix and shouting:”Where is that damn one?” The regenerate point is also having many people coming out of it, and running out of the town again at the second they coming out of it.

    What’s the matter? I am coming with them.

    We are coming to the area with eagle in Lv. 30 or more. There are hundreds of people with eagle massacre sect’s badge. But in the sky, what attacking them is not the evil eagle, but the huge read birds – phoenix.

    I am stumbled. At this time I see the Tiger King is waving his hand to me:”Oh, Destiny? You are coming to watching? It’s really exciting!”

    “What happened?” I ask.

    “We are seeing the strange then coming here. But I have never imaging there will such a powerful player. Oh, he is fighting with a whole sect!”

    I am stumble. The Mysterious magician is fighting with the eagle massage sect! Alone! 

  • btw, there are a lot of mistake in this chapter, example;

    -Using  glasses for every "grasses" or plant
    Mime for Mine
    Guns for candy / gums in "I am coming out to find the kid. He is truly easy to deal with. I buying him some guns " IoI

    -Not complete word like, return the equipments the dropped to them =>return the equipments they dropped to them

    -A wrong sentence, the eagle here is very easy to be taming => the eagle here is very easy to be tamed

    -Others like, Sect for Guild [because it's game world and not all player chinese, i think guild more fit, just like other Virtual reality Novel ]
    Only crimes were sending here to collecting stones=> Only convict[or maybe crime slave?] were sending here to collecting stones


    thx for the chapter ^^

  • Chapter 36: Zhi in Justice

    I quickly see Mysterious Magician in the crowd. I can see he use a “Fire Sea” and a crowd of people is swallowed by the fire and some player in low grade is becoming a beam of white light at a second and others in the fire are also having drugs quickly and have on time attacking him. When some players want to come closer to him, he uses “Firing Ring” to deal with them. “Firing ring” a magic form around him like a ring, there are six huge fireballs in the ring. If a player hit by one fireball, he will stop a second. And he will be hit by the second. Normal player can just see themself die without doing anything in such kinds of attack, they just as dropping into a huge meat grinder.

    When the magicians and archer arrive the range their magic can shooting him. They surprisingly find that they lost their aim. He was vanished in the thin air.

    At the next second, the screams of the member of the eagle massacre sect coming out from another part of the player. The fire sea is lightening there again!

    Oh, “Space Transformation”! A magician with such a imaginable powerful skills. Is he have possibility to be failed?

    As the appearing of a new group of the players belonging to the eagle massacre sect, there are almost 500 people in the battlefield. Knows he can use space transformation, they are dividing in to more than ten groups scattered in the battlefield and every group have players in high grade that are enough to kill the Mysterious Magician. But he can always appear in the blind sport of the players in this area. When they turn to attack him, he is already using his skills.

    If let his fire sea aiming twice, the magician, archer, priest, assassin, summoner in any grade will be second kill. And if he uses a huge fireball once, they will be second kill also.

    Melee player such as fighter is useless even more. Because their range of attack is so small and they even can’t come closer to him also.

    The phoenix seems below Lv.50 and can’t use group attacking magic. But as a powerful BOSS pet, no one can ignore it. So some of the people are using to attack it, that’s also part of the reason why the Mysterious Magician can find so many defects in the defense system of the eagle massacre sect.

    At the light of the sunset, the battlefield is just as the realm of him and all the people including the eagle in the sky are all his background.

    Tiger King and his friends are all fascinated by what we seen. Only the small guy with glasses is trembling:”Why people are killing each other?”

    I am different with them all. I only see numerous people’s hard working becomes nothing.

    Every player, their grade is the effort of leveling for a long time, especially after Lv.30. one grade should cost players a lot of time and effort to it. And if they drop one, it will cost them half a day or a whole day to leveling back.

    As it saying, the one who cancel their effort, is just me!

    If it is not me who saying without thinking carefully, will the Mysterious Magician do such a overly thing? If I didn’t coming here, everything will not happen.

    Only for getting my territory, let so many people die. My heart is really painful.

    I really want to rush onto the front of the Mysterious Magician and told him I am wrong and the fault is not those players. But no one will listen to me. Maybe the eagle massacre sect will all coming to kill me if I shouting that.

    It seems that some of the players is looking at me. I feel a little nervous and remind that I have asked them for the Mysterious Magician. If someone mislead we are together. Oh I am not important, but my friend…

    I shook up the guys looking at the battlefield quickly and say:”Don’t looking, the mission is more important. ”

    They soon follow me finding the Anu. He is just around the school. And we are going to the back of the town bring the small guys with glasses together.

    At the way I know that the small guy’s name is Zhi in Justice and he is only 15 now and have very high IQ also so his creativity is also 10. And his glasses are made by himself!

    He is a high myopia in the real world. And have down the operation for two times but all came back very quickly because he loves watching books and learn things on computer too much and now the doctor is dare to give him operation for fear to let him blind.

    When he came into the game, his eyesight, of course, is the lowest – 1. He saw things not very clear. So he tried to make a pair of glasses. The system approves his creation and thinks his glasses can add the eyesight 1.

    After him joining in the game, he leveling to 10, then has no interests to leveling. Then he is starting to practice his living profession.

    Few days before, when he coming out of his master of his living profession, he fined that the grasses in the town are all vanishing. He reminds what he learned on class then he is going to dissuade people to killing the eagles.

    “Oh it shouldn’t be killing the eagles lead to that. See, the small animal like mice are also few. So now it is the eagle too much. But the place we are going to might include the reason of the vanishing of the grassland.”

    The Zhi seems very exciting about that. When he is about saying something, there are tens of eagles landing beside us, and the wind of their landing makes us almost fall down from horse.

    When the Tiger King and I are about to attack, there is a voice from the biggest eagle:”Friend, I see you coming from the flying eagle town, what’s the situation in town? I am the leader of the eagle massacre sect, my name is ‘Bloody Knight’.”

    I look them, and find them sitting at the eagles correctly and have no intent to fighting us.

    “Oh, the situation of your sect is not very good, your opponent can use group attack magic and transfer space. Even you have hundreds of people in war is useless. ”

    That one asking me changed his face and hurriedly riding his eagle fly to the battlefield.

    The Tiger King is astonished:”Oh, eagle massacre sect, if I didn’t see the illusion, those players are all above 38, and this is the first time I have seen so many people all have flying pets. ”

    The Lunar Dance continues talking:“Oh I see the monk also! It’s a profession that very hard to practice. It has skill ’seal’, can let player can’t use their skill in some second. It is the natural enemy of the magician! I think that powerful magician is going to suffer!”

    Although, I don’t agree the methods of the Mysterious Magician, we are used to be a partner in all. He is about to be killed makes me a little uncomfortable in my heart. And I think the magician is like I was 20 years ago – the lonely star – so much. Even I know he’s wrong, I can’t help sympathy him. If one day he can feel the cherish of the human emotion – it will be so good to him!

  • oh~ the Monk skill can seal player so they can't use their skill! interesting that's mean it's not only magician, all kind of Job will all their skill Sealed, this Monk class need to get a Title "The Nemesis" ahahaha XD

    thx for the chapter ^^
  • Chapter 37:Stone eagle.

    At this time the system notified:”Player Holy Devil is the first player leveling to 60, rewards prestige 1000. ”

    “Oh, there are more unimaginable player! This guys with 50+ grade is powerful enough. Lv.60, I even can’t imagine what it will be.” Tiger King said.

    “Oh I am always thinking why he is staying in 50+ so long. He is attending today. Seems a little slower than I imagine. ”

    Tiger King sighs: “I am always one of the several powerful player in the game in my previous game. Now I realize there are so many players stronger than me. Maybe I should come back to my old game…”

    “Oh Tiger King, my good friend, you can’t throw our good friend here. We were decides to follow you in the game!” Lunar dance shout.

    The Tiger King is smiling: “Oh, right, at least I have a group of friend like you and Lunar. Oh, I seemed miss the friend I know in the game before. But now they are all scattered in the different countries. It’s hard for us to meet now. at least I can’t come out tens of gold coins to make a long trip. I am poor after all. ”

    The Zhi in Justice is looking us with light in his eyes:”I also want to be your good friends, can I?”

    “Oh of course you can. Be our friend, just like our brother, shared sorrow and happiness, can you?”

    “Yes!” he said excitingly.

    I feel a warm stream flowing in my heart. Make good friends in the game and close as brothers, that was I have not experience for such a long time.

    At the time the Anu is shouting:”We are! There! Just under that mountain!”

    The small mountain seemed very normal, but there are truly very rich in magic power.

    We quickly find a small hole in a side of the mountain.

    “En? There is a matrix in the front of the hole.” Zhi said surprisingly.

    “You know matrix?” I ask.

    “No I can’t make that because I don’t have such skills. But my profession is Taoist, I can find out some matrix in low level. This matrix is made by stones, I think the grade of the matrix is really low. I think it will be easy to break it by power. We don’t need to know the matrix.”

    Taoist is also a profession that very rare. This profession can drawing talismans and use them to get the function similar as the magic. But their magic is weaker than magician in the low level. Only if they get the high grade they will get the skill to control the zombies or ghost fight for them. But at least in lower level, they are harder than other profession.

    This matrix is seemed placed by that witch. The Tiger King want to cut the stone with is sword. But I am using strong wind to blowout the stones, the matrix is also broke.

    Oh the matrix seems not a very good skill. If we didn’t coming into it we will be easy to break it. But maybe it is because the matrix maker’s proficiency is too low.

    We coming into the hole carefully, for fear that there will be some dangerous we don’t know in front of us in the hole.

    To our surprise this hole is formed by nature, just seemed a little widen by people.

    It is imaginable. The tourists were only three. They can’t build a large work.

    When we coming into the end of the hole, there is a door made of stone. And there is a serious wired words in the side of the door. I am about to using it with “Archeology”, the Zhi is already say it out:”If you are the one in good character. Push the door please. ”

    We are looking at him surprisingly, he seems a little shame:”Oh… that… that is Hebrew, I have learned it before…”

    Oh is he only 15? Or is the children nowadays better for us so much?

    We push the door, and it doesn’t cost us too many strength. Then, there is a stone room in front of us. The room is not big, but the mural in the wall is really shocks us.

    The content of the mural is a endless grassland, countless of bulls and sheep are eating grasses. The sun is shining at cloudless sky and there are strong eagles flying on it.

    I have staying in the grassland for a long time but what present in the mural is beautiful than real, let us can’t move our eyes out.

    All of us are shocked. The Zhi is even says that if there are truly that place, he will willing to staying here forever.

    I am the first one wake up from the mural and searching in the room. There is a desk made of stone in the center of the room. On the desk there are three plates on it. The two of them are empty, but another one is having an eagle made of stone placed on it.

    Tiger King is also turns his eyes to the desk. Suddenly, he shouts excitingly:”This … this status is so well! I can’t imagine there is such a masterpiece in the world!”

    The living profession of the tiger King is the sculptor. It is very imaginable that he will be attract by a good status.

    He can’t help himself coming to catch the stone eagle. I am feel a little uncomfortable, and warning the Tiger King:”Be careful!”

    “Pong!” the Tiger King is rebound back. He lost some HP also, but not much.

    “True warrior? I am not a true warrior? ” Tiger king is saying something.

    “What?” I said.

    “The system is notified me that only true warrior can get the stone eagle. Or will be attack by the defense cover!” said Tiger King.

    “Oh?” we are all understand, the stone eagle is a treasure; of course such a treasure can’t be get easily. Now it seems that we must satisfied some conditions to get it. 

  • "This … this status is so well" => "this statue is so well made"
    " he will be attract by a good status" => " he will be attracted by a good statue"

    thx for the chapter ^^
  • Character 38: True Warrior

    We are all excited about the things in front of us. A thing that create a town! Becomes desert to a beautiful place. Even this is just one of three. It is enough to be called miracle. Getting it must have good for us in some ways. Moreover, it might be the essential part of the mission.

    Even facing with the failure of the Tiger King, we are all want to have a try.

    The Tiger King is truly very brave. But warrior is not only brave, it also need strong mentality and clear mind. And such people between us are none except me.

    I am laughing and go in front and raise my hands up to the stone eagle. But when my hand come closer to the stone eagle, I feel that I am just shocked by the electric, then my hand is rebound back and my body is also can’t help back for some steps.

    System notified: only true warrior can hold on this stone eagle.

    I feel a little depressed and when I look at the Tiger King and find he is also very depressed. Oh we both are not the true warrior, who is?

    I looking at the stone table carefully and find three lines of words on it. The one in front of the stone eagle is what system just notified us. And at the left, there is a line of words: only one with pure heart can hold this cup of water. And the right line is: only one who love the nature can hold on his seed.

    Oh I realize that the function of the three masterpieces, the cup of water can change the soil and tract water to here, the seed can let the grasses grow well and attract small animals. And the stone eagle can attract the eagles coming here. So the aim of this three people is to form wide grassland.

    I am a little confused. In the words, the one take away these two things is pure in heart and love nature, but how can such a person broke the nature for these two things?

    Almost all of us have tried to take away the stone eagle, but we are all failed.

    My heart becomes nervous. I am not nervous for the treasure. But if we can’t take this stone away, the eagles in the town will all vary. Oh my god, what should I do?

    When I am scolding the people leaving the treasures don’t know changing. I see that Zhi is raising his hand to the stone eagle.

    “Oh! Don’t do that!” we shouting, in the grade of the Zhi, he might be killed by the rebound. Who will want to see a friend died in front of us?

    But to our surprise, the Zhi is put his hand in the stone eagle, without hinder.

    He is holding the stone eagle up slowly.

    We all stumbled, and Tiger King even opens his mouse big

    Oh, maybe he is true warrior, a person like him – he knows he will killed, but he still doing what he thinks is right – let people stop killing the eagles. And he even ignores the misunderstanding and mocking of the people around him. Maybe the three people create this miracle is just finding the people like him.

    What more, maybe the most important is, the things he is fighting for is not about his own interests just as his name – Zhi in Justice

    “Even there are hundreds, thousands of people in front, I will go ahead.” This old Chinese quote might be the true sentence to describe him. Once up on a time, I am also that kind of people, but this time, facing with the Mysterious Magician who is killing so many players. I choose to avoid. Maybe the growth of the ages let me throw my passionate, maybe the long period of time sleeping let me fear and lose my courage, maybe… but after all. In such condition, I am not a warrior after all.

    Facing with a group of people looking at him with astonish, the Zhi is a little shame again. Then he stumble a moment and said to us quickly:”Oh my family member calls me, find you later.”

    “Leave the stone eagle!” I shout but it was too late. Zhi is vanishing in front of us.

    We are looking at each other and don’t know what to do.

    Stone eagle is coming ito the bag of Zhi of course, but he is leaving the game. So what will the eagles in the town do? Now the only thing can we do is waiting.

    I am looking at the stone table boringly, and see some words at the bottom of the three plates. I coming closer and see the words are: “made by the best warrior Li Jie”, “made by the purest and cutest beauty Xiao”, “ made by the one loving nature the most Liang Bo”.

    Other one are all coming closer to see the words in the plates. And fell strange also. This name is just similar to the people’s name in reality. And the words such as “the purest and cutest beauty”, won’t be used by the NPC also. But the game is only open three month, but that three guys seemed coming here ling long ago.

    “It seems that it is leaving at the era of beta, even the data of the closed beta and opened beta are all deleted, maybe some of the player’s works are preserved. According my observation, the stone eagle must arrive the god level, that three players are all very good.” Says Tiger King.

    We didn’t find other treasures in the room, so I just walking around the room and observe. Lunar dance is drawer and he just sit down and starting to copy the mural on the wall.

    I suddenly find the structure of the room is not normal and not only a room.

    As time goes by the system promote me: you get “the method of building worship temple. Function: let the treasure worship on this temple’s function spread to a large part of the area. ”

    Oh, the method can get in that way, I tell this to the two of the guys observing in the room. And they are researching harder.

    Now the defense covers on the plates are vanished so I try my best and disintegrate the plates from the table, they don’t have some special attributes, but they are all good in material. Maybe I can d other things with these material in the feature. 

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