Illusionary Refining Flame

Illusionary Refining Flame

Auxiliary/Control System

Description/Origin: In a remote area of the Douluo Continent, there was an extremely dangerous desert, and spirit kings wouldn’t be able to enter. In the centre of the desert, every hundred years, the heat would condense, and form a flame called the Illusionary Flame, because the heat of it was so strong that illusions would appear around it. After numerous years, the flame would refine its heat, and store it within itself. Now called the Illusionary Refining Flame, it became a tool spirit.

Strengths: Because the Illusionary Refining Flame was created from heat, it doesn’t require oxygen to burn, and ordinary water doesn’t affect the flame at all. When the stored heat is released, it can create random illusions without using spirit power. Also, when impurities are brought close to the flame in this state, they will slowly burn away. This also causes the spirit power in their body to slowly purify, with 1% purity at level 1, 10% purity at level 10, and completely pure at level 100. The more pure the spirit power, the faster cultivating is, and uses less spirit power for each ability.

Weaknesses: Because it can only use heat to attack, it has very little attacking power by itself. The fire itself can’t burn anything, only the heat does. The stored heat has a very intense heat, and every time the user acquires a soul ring, the heat multiplies. Approximately half of the people who were born with this spirit ring die upon acquiring their first spirit ring, a quarter die at the second, an eighth at the third, and so on.

Soul Rings:

  1. Illusion (Yellow): Uses spirit power to control what the illusions look like and can release them without releasing any heat.

  2. Speed Boost (Yellow): Makes the target’s blood and spirit power circulate faster, boosting speed by 20%.

  3. Attack Boost (Purple): Increases attack by 40%

  4. Refine (Purple): Actively refines impurities, and can be used to remove poison. If this ability is used in coordination with Attack Boost, than the spirit abilities that person uses will be concentrated into one point.

  5. Heat Hand (Black): Manifests heat in the form of two hands. They can be used to restrain the opponent, or save/protect teammates. When used in coordination with Refine, the hand latches onto the opponent and starts to burn away their spirit energy.

  6. Mental Attack (Black): Releases an area mental attack, which causes the opponent to use spirit power twice as inefficiently, and makes them unable to tell the difference between illusions and reality. It can also cause emotions/confused states.

  7. Illusion Avatar (Black): Instead of manifesting an avatar, the user warps the air around himself/herself and turns invisible. Also, spirit power consumption is decreased by 50%, and effects of other soul ring abilities are increased by 50%.

  8. Restore (Black): The user can directly use spirit power to speed up natural regeneration. It can also transfer any kind of energy from the surroundings into spirit power, but it only lasts for one minute before dissipating, and the user must be using Refine.

  9. Mirage Domain (Red): In this domain, the user and his team can attack, but when the opposing side attacks, as long as the attacks enter the domain, it will become an illusion. Furthermore, the user can exert intense heat in the form of pressure on anyone in the domain, reducing all of their attributes by 20%.

Apologies for the bad naming sense!
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