Magma Tortoise

Martial Soul: Magma Tortoise

System: Defense/Strength

Description: An ancient beast, the magma tortoises live and die at the hearts of volcanoes. Found only rarely, and nearly always be accident, the tortoises are incredibly slow but pack an enormous punch.

[YellowUnleaking Turtle Aura:

By circulating soul power throughout the body. This skill allows the user to forcibly ignore any pain or exhaustion. It can even be used to bolster one's mental state. Unfortunately using this technique clouds the user's mind slightly making them less than the sharpest knife in the drawer.

[Yellow]  Flame Armor:

The user's defense increases by 15%. In addition, the user's body is shrouded in magma. Attackers that come into contact with the magma will suffer grievous damage from the intense heat of molten rock.

[PurpleMolten Body:

Allow glowing magma to encase portions of the user's body. The weight of the rock increases the heft of the user's blows and it's heat causes dangerous burns to anything it comes into contact with. However if the user stops circulating soul force, the magma will eventually cool down leaving a rocky shell instead of magma. The shell can be broken off with the application of more soul force.

[PurpleAncient Strength:

Drawing on the power of the magma flowing in the turtle's shell, the user's strength can increase by up to 25%. The explosive increase of power causes a large burst of heat to radiate out from the user, scorching anything in a five foot radius, before being drawn back within the body. The immense power causes the user's movement speed to be reduced by 5%.

[BlackGravitational Field:

The user can increase the gravity in a 10 meter radius up to 4 G. However this Gravitational Field is unique in the user also being able to change the direction that gravity pulls on those affected. However foes who are strong enough can forcefully break the field temporarily incapacitating the user.

[Black] Turtle Avatar:

[BlackSecond Chance:

As long as the user has over half their soulforce left, if one uses this skill it instantly consumes all soulforce, and can bring back the user from the brink of death, even regenerating vital organs. However, the process takes several hours and can be forcibly interrupted by an  opponent by attempting to prevent it if they use soulforce to prevent its effect.

[BlackMeteor Shower:

The user unleashes a meteor shower that completely obliterates anything within a 500 ft radius. The usage of this technique is extremely slow and takes several minutes before the meteors hit. In addition, the meteors attack everything in range including the user and their allies. When they hit the ground, the ignite fires that burn for days and cannot be extinguished apart from people with soul force greater than the user. This technique instantly consumes 60% of the user's soulforce however, more can be used for greater effect.

[RedEssence of the World Turtle:

Drawing from within, the user manifests an enormous turtle behind them, with their body corresponding to the turtle. The two possible effects are: The user's defense quadruples, or the user melts everything in the area to magma.


Possess incredibly good armor, and high attack.


Speed. Tortoises are slow creatures at the best of times. However the speed not only applies in combat, but also in cultivation. To reach the various levels of cultivation, certain long time thresholds must be met apart from merely the soul force required to break through


  • I can see it! a gigantic black turtle with bright red outline of runes on its shell/body, smoke coming out of its mouth while roaring, the ground its walking on turning into lava, and its eyes shining red. If only I could draw.
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