Fire God Spirit

Martial Soul: 'Fire God Spirit'
Type: Beast spirit type (special variant type from 'Fire Spirit' martial soul)
System: Control spirit battle system

Description: 'Fire god spirit' is legendary spirit that found only once in douluo continent. This martial soul is the strongest fire attribute because it can suppress other fire attribute. 'Fire god spirit' is variant type of 'Fire spirit' martial soul. 'Fire spirit' is one of the lowest rank fire attribute martial soul, because although it has strong affinity with fire, 'Fire spirit' has weak soul power and mental power. Different with 'Fire spirit', 'Fire god spirit' has concious martial soul and has intellegence with many times stronger spirit power and fire power. One of 'Fire God spirit' speciality is absolute fire immunity, special bestowed 1st, 2nd, and 9th spirit rings, and Hell God Domain that only few spirit master can resist.

Fire God 1st awakening happened when martial soul first awakened. Fire God 2nd awakening happened when spirit master get Fire God avatar ability, and become half fire god. Fire God 3rd (final) awakening happened when spirit master reach tittle douluo and become full Fire God Douluo. The last is Fire God Reincarnation happened when spirit master reach 100th rank. After reaching 100th rank, spirit master can release 9th ability freely

Soul Rings (YYPPBBBBR):

1. Fire control (yellow-unknown year): Spirit ring is bestowed directly by 'Fire God Spirit' after reaching peak 10th rank. It only has ability to control the heat and .fire around the spirit master with radius 30 meters. This fire power and radius can improve along with spirit power increase. 
2. Fire creation (yellow-unknown year): Same with 1st spirit ring, 2nd spirit ring is bestowed directly by 'Fire God Spirit' after reaching peak 20th rank. It has ability to make a fire by burning spirit power of spirit master. Every rank increase can make new fire creation, and increase the size and amount of previous fire creation along with increased ability of Fire control. 

Reach 20th rank : can make and control one Fire Ball each time ability used. 
Reach 30th rank : can make and control Fire Bathing all over the 'Fire God spirit' body. Previous fire power will increase 50% and fire creation amount will increase twice
Reach 40th rank : can make and control one Fire Arrow. Previous fire power will increase 50% and fire creation amount will increase twice
Reach 50th rank : can make and control one Fire Hawk that can scout and explode. Previous fire power will increase 50% and fire creation amount will increase twice
Reach 60th rank : can make and control one Fire hound that can bite (bind) and explode. Previous fire power will increase 50% and fire creation amount will increase twice
Reach 70th rank : can make and control Fire Phoenix that can burn and explode with radius 500 meters. Previous fire power and fire creation amount will increase twice
Reach 80th rank : with 8th spirit ability, make super hot scarlet sun that blind and melt everything around 100 meters. Previous fire creation amount (except 7th spirit ability) and power will increase twice
Reach 90th rank : can make and control Fire Dragon that can bind, crush, and explode. Previous fire creation amount (except 7th & 8th spirit ability) and power will increase twice
3. Rising wall of flame (purple-2000 year): shield of fire that has heat around 10.000 degree celcius. this shield can prevent physical attack and burn them. Can hold for 3-5 minutes depend on the spirit power left

4. Scorching fiery breath (purple-6000 year): breath of fire that burn 5-10 meters horizontally in front. Stronger spirit power accumulation can make bigger and further fire breath. This ability can be used for offense and defense to make fire wall or sea of fire

5. Shadow blazing step (black-20000 year): this ability is 'Fire God spirit' foot technique. Flame will ignite from 2 leg. it will condense and ready to burst anytime. it will increase speed movement and attack power by 100%. it can explode and increase linier speed or single attack by 2 times

6. Crimson lotus anhilliation (black-25000 year): this ability is fire lord hand technique. same with foot technique, flame will ignite from 2 hand, and increase attribute which is hand strength and fire power. the different is, foot technique blast is single attack target and punch technuque blast is area attack target. the flame will burst and spread 50 meters, blast and burn everything to ash. the effect will be bigger if combine with 5th skill, jump very high then blast the ground with punch

7. Fire God spirit avatar (black-50000 year): increase fire power, control, defense, and agility by 100%. Fire color will become more scarlet with faint blue at the center. Decrease the spirit power cost when use spirit ability by 20%. aAble to use fire god domain with speciality: 200 degree heat domain with radius 100 meters, lower the physical and magical resistance of enemy, suppress the other fire power of fire attribute enemy by 50%.

8. Scarlet sun burning the world (black-85000 year): the strongest area attack of fire god spirit. 1st and 2nd spirit ability, also spirit avatar must be used. fire god domain will be cancelled, but the sun after get the final form will have twice effect of fire god domain with radius 1 km. use two third of spirit power, and need 3-5 minutes to get the final form. Multiply the fire power by 10 times. can melt and destroy a city in a flash

9.1. Fire God final transformation (red-unknown year 1st ability): automatically all sprit rings and ability except 8th will be activated (not fused). increase all atribute and radius twice. Increase fire power by 5 times. Fire god domain become hell god domain with additional attribute low rate recovery for body and spirit power. only last for 1 minute for 91 rank tittle doulou
9.2. Blade of hellfire Incarnation (red-unknown year 2nd ability): fire god divine weapon. it will absorb every fire with radius 10 km. it can slash and burn into ash anything. only with activation of fire god final transformation the full power of this blade can be unleashed

1st and 2nd spirit ability is the most important ability of fire god spirit. after reaching tittle doulou, the fire creation ability become very strong and can dominate all fire within 1 km. All spirit ability has high connection too with this two spirit ability

Strength: very strong against all atribute, especially plant spirit master. Fire god spirit can suppress other fire attribute spirit master too until 100% (when hell god domain activated). like all fire attribute, the greatest strength is its very high attack power.
Weakness: very weak against mental attribute attack. like the other fire attribute, even its fire is very strong, when fighting in the water environment or ice the fire power will reduce to certain degree. other weakness is very high spirit power consumption.

Spirit Origin: the first 'fire god spirit' appeared 1000 years ago. there was a fire attribute clan called fire totem clan with 'fire totem god' as their god. the fire totem clan was a famous clan in star luo continent. after war, fire totem clan began to decline, and so fire god totem finally bestowed the 2 brothers as last clan descendant legendary martial soul called fire god spirit and fire god totem. They study, roam the world, and make a team with other fire attribute spirit master which is legendary nine-tailed fox and crimson phoenix bow. then after they became tittle doulou, they rebuilt the clan and changed the name to Golden Flame clan. this clan only approve fire attribute spirit master, so they became fire attribute clan again with sect master fire god totem spirit master. but the descendant of both of them didn’t get same legendary martial soul. so fire god spirit and fire god totem martial soul didn’t appear again, until now.

Additional: Spirit Bones

- Skull Spirit Bones (from 100k years Red shaman goblin) = 1st ability : mental defense, create a wall that can defend against any mental attack (drain the mental power fast) ; 2nd ability : area mental disturbance, create some mental wave that can paralysed all enemies in the area with 50 meter radius

- Torso Spirit Bones (from 100k years Vermillion Garuda) = 1st ability : make a fire wings that can be used for attack or defense (of course for faster flying ability too) ; 2nd ability : Fire Cocoon, cover the spirit master with thread of fire until become cocoon, recover body and soul (depend on how bad the injury) to 40%. Can recover one time from death with longer (around an hour) time recovery with only 25% condition from normal.
- Right hand spirit bones (from 100k years Windsplitter Sky Hawk) = make a towering tornado that can be fused with fire (fire creation and fire control) and become Fire Tornado storm that tear and melt the enemy

- Left hand spirit bones (from <100k years Blazing Demon Vines) = Use a fire vines to bind the enemy and burn them (the vines will appear from left hand)

- Right foot spirit bones (from <100k years Thunderwolf) = Warp to another place with radius 50 meters

- Left foot spirit bones (from 100k years Crimson Komodo Dragon) = 1st ability : Ring of fire, make a crimson ring around the body, can explode and blast the surrounding with a heat wave (like a shock wave with additional heat attribute) with radius 10 meters. This is powerful ability for defense and critical moment. 2nd ability : volcano eruption : stomp the ground, shake the earth with radius 100 meters and 1 second stun effect for every living being. Lava will erupted from the crack around the enemy, blast and melt them or maybe just restrain them with another 5-8 seconds

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1st awakening fire god spirit :

2nd awakening fire god spirit :

Final awakening fire god spirit :


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