[Tool Spirit] Empyrean Scholar's Burning Tome

Martial Soul: Empyrean Scholar’s Burning Tome
Tool Spirit
System: Control System

Description: A holy tome (textbook formed from the cheat sheets of thousands of students) that has been passed by countless hands and enlightened tens of thousands of minds. As the rivers of time continued on flowing by, it eventually gained sentience. The holy tome became a scholar spirit that traveled the world with a burning desire learn everything it could. The more it learned, the hotter its thirst for knowledge became until one day it was set aflame by its own passion. Then its flame of desire burnt it to ashes. However, that was not the end as the fire continued to refine the ashes of the book, resulting in transmogrification and the spirit gaining human form. Upon gaining form it traveled even further with its own feet and began developing its own theories. However, one day it suddenly disappeared. Thousands of suffering students continued to seek for its help, only to end up in despair as the scholar spirit seemed to have completely vanished. Few know what happened, but the truth of the matter is that a demonic teacher captured the scholar spirit for a prank it committed in school and imprisoned it in its lair (detention classroom). A thousand years later, the scholar spirit escaped when it gained enlightenment in detention. Where it is now, no one truly knows. Note: As it has gained human form, it typically walks around like a human and acts as a scholar, but it is really a giant book, not to be confused as a beast type spirit.
*As it underwent transmogrification from a flame borne of its thirst for knowledge, it is able to apply a burn effect to some of its skills when willed to do so.

Soul Rings:
Y. Work of Art: Casts an aura which buffs the target in speed, defense, strength, endurance, and spirit power by 10%, making every movement seem like a work of art. Sends out a weak mental attack that enamors those within a 10 meter radius upon casting. Also grants user ability to play any instrument as well as draw/build/sculpt anything.

Y. Arithmetic Aftermath: After calculations upon calculations, proofs after proofs, and countless mathematical formulas, all of that has congealed into a burning beam of numerous equations and formulas that shoots out. When hit it can severely burn the target while also causing blurred vision, a headache, and confusion. It also brands mathematical formulas and equations upon contact.

P. Intangible String Theory: Touching upon the theory that everything is made up of strings that propagate through space and interact with each other, the user gains certain amount of control of the strings within the surrounding area of 15 meters. The strings act as invisible chains that bind the opponent as string theory is unverifiable. Virtually unbreakable by those around the same spirit level. Burning effect can be applied.

P. Four Elements Shura: Harnessing the natural powers of the four elements, Math, Science, Literature, and Social Studies, the scholar is able to break through his limits and become an Honor Roll Student. Utilizing the knowledge gained from the Core Curriculum, the scholar is able to compress spirit energy to double all stats for a duration of 10 minutes to unleash explosive energy. Can only be used once a day. Consumes 70% of total spirit power and leaves a deep sense of fatigue.

B. Shattering Time for Last Minute Cramming: After procrastinating time and time again, the scholar refuses to have history repeat itself only to have it repeat itself in order to change it. Reverts surrounding 50 meter radius’ time back any amount of time with the limit being one day per spirit ring possessed. User can select what is affected within the area. All things within the affected area, even living beings can be restored to the original state at that time. Can only be used 3 times a day. Each skill use can also overlap, thus if all 3 uses are used at the same time and user only has 4 spirit rings, then the affected area can return a max of 12 days back in time. If used properly, can have astounding effects in the midst of battle.

B. Organic Deconstruction: As a result of too much late night studying in organic chemistry, the scholar starts being able to visually deconstruct everything he sees into organic chemical structures. Shoots high temperature beams of bright light from the scholar’s dull, lifeless eyes. Deconstructs the afflicted target on a molecular basis while also analyzes the subject. Organic chemical structures are separated and revealed in the air upon subject disintegration. Information about subject’s race, strengths, weaknesses, and skills are revealed. Unable to disintegrate those whose spirit rank are 5 or more above. Excessive usage causes temporary vision loss and migraine.

B. Afterschool Detention: After committing one too many pranks, the scholar was locked in detention. As he gazed off into space, he unknowingly gained enlightenment in detention. This skill forms his own detention domain, causing the surrounding space to be completely locked down with absolutely no exit and no escape. Vitality and spirit energy are slowly drained and absorbed by scholar. There is also a suppressing effect on mental, spirit, and physical abilities of targets by 30%. Additionally, the domain increases the strength of all skills bestowed by spirit rings below this by 50%. Can seal and separate opponents in multiple rooms as well as move rooms around to form a labyrinth. Domain morphs into that of a boring classroom setting, complete with a teacher overseer with spirit rank 50 attack power (can continuously reform upon its destruction). The domain also has high temperatures as the air conditioner has broken down in the school.

B. Varsity Athlete: Gym class has forged the scholar into a man of blood, sweat, and tears. The scholar ignites himself as if he was tempering steel. The untold amounts of suffering and countless hours of after club practice, have manifested itself a golden body that prevents any physical attack penetration. It also grants an effect of suppression upon its opponents, making them more sluggish. Lasts 5 minutes, can only be used twice a day.

R. Descent of the Gods – Broken Laws, Faulty Logic, and Irrational Minds Lead to Binge Eating: Reaching a godlike state of enlightenment, the user becomes distressed as everything that was once accepted has been overturned. As a result, the user relieves stress by eating everything in sight and becomes able to devour everything he pleases. A whirl in space can be formed with strong devouring power. Those not strong enough will be sucked in and cooked, er I mean, refined to become nourishment and knowledge for user. By bending the laws and bypassing logic, even shadows are unable to escape being devoured.

Strengths: The Empyrean Scholar’s Tome has extremely strong control abilities and very strong attacks. It is very useful in changing the tide of a battle as well as in the analysis of situations. Absolutely dominating in one on one battles as well against small groups of opponents. It offers a wide variety of possibilities and is very flexible in what it can do. It also has skills that are great at promoting survivability.

Weakness: Despite having strong offensive abilities, it also results in great strain upon user. As a result, it is not suited for fighting against extremely large numbers. Additionally, the Empyrean Scholar’s Tome does not have good agility skills. Furthermore, as a book spirit it is very difficult to cultivate. It also requires the user to constantly learn new things.


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