Martial Soul: Ragnarok[WIP]

WIP = Work In Progress
Martial Soul: Ragnarok
System: Power Assault
Discription: Brings forth lava from the depths of the planet to scorch all that stands before the user, as told in legends of this powerful Martial Soul. This Martial Soul is only found 5 times during a single epoch, 1 million years for those who don't know, making it among the rarest Martial Souls in existence. As this Martial Soul is cultivated, the body will be more the affinity the user will have to flames(decreases affect of heat and cold to user). This Martial Soul is based upon utter destruction as can be used as either a tool spirit or a beast spirit infusing it to the body or manipulating it outside the body. Although as this Martial Soul is exceptionally powerful, as more soul rings are collected the more in-tune with the elements of fire and heat, putting the martial practitioner in more risk of causing unbelievable destruction to the land around them, bringing a Ragnarok similar environment with the radius also increasing with the strength of the martial practitioner, also called semi-Ragnarok as the real Ragnarok would happen upon reaching level 100, but it is more likely that their body would perish and become nothing but a fiery soul to posses an eternal volcano before reaching level 100. (as reference our sun is 5700K, boiling water is at 373K)

Yellow 132 [Soul Beast]: Hand of Ragnarok: Summons a hand of molten lava at around 800K, the hand can be equipped and used in melee. Long term use will deplete user of greater amounts of spirit power based upon distance and intensity of usage. If equipped, full temperature will be upon the hand. Increases strength by 20% {visual: lava seeps from the pours of the earth to make a hand floating in air.}

Yellow 425 [Soul Beast]:

thanks for reading it so far! will be continued when I have the chance to.
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