Ghost fire

Martial soul: Ghost fire
System: agility 
Description: Crafty spirit born from very great fires. This spirit takes the form of a flame, but it’s a flame which doesn’t really exist. Therefore, ghost fire’s victims are the only ones to see things burn until they become crazy, which enable the ghost to feed himself with their souls.
It’s a very rare and mysterious martial weapon, you need to be born at the same time of a ghost fire to have it. In a big blaze, the new-born ghost fire eats the weak baby’s soul up, but in some rare cases, the ghost fire gets trapped instead.
Soul ring
1/ Ghost: his presence is greatly reduced.
2/ Haunt: zone spell, can affect several people who have a weaker soul power, victims of that attack see the world around them in fire.
3/ Become a ghost: You are surrounded by a ghost flame which absorbs a part of the damage. If a person touches the flame, he suffers the effects of the burn.
4/ Smart spirit: activated at the same time of “becoming a ghost”. If the ghost flame is touched by any attack, is automatically teleported at 10 metres. It consumes a lot of energy.
5/ Burning soul: usable during the night, and can be used only once each night. It can burn a part of a person’s soul, this person has the feeling to burn from the inside, and you absorb some power of her soul.
Weakness: Weak against light and if he is discovered. Need to feed himself with people’s souls in order to evolve. The one who has this martial weapon needs to choose an evil way.
Strength: is perfect for assassination/murder.
P.S: Sorry for the spelling, I’m French, and I love your translations.



  • This is interesting, there was actually a spirit in DD like this used by Gui/ghost Doulou, only yours burns too.
  • Enye dit:
    Ce qui est intéressant, il y avait effectivement un esprit dans DD comme celui utilisé par Gui / fantôme Doulou, seulement le vôtre brûle aussi.
    Ce qui est intéressant, je ne l' ai jamais lu DD, et mon histoire de cette âme est très spécifique.
    c'est très gentil de ta part --' Qu'est - ce que vous l' esprit de l' âme.
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