Lava Porcupine

Martial Soul: Lava Porcupine

System: Battle Spirit

Description: The Lava Porcupine is a Porcupine that lives inside active volcanoes. Once the martial spirit is activated, the user will have their hair turn into pure black spikes and more spikes cover the users body. The user can also detach these spikes at will, allowing them to 'throw' multiple spikes though these spikes are only human hair sized and not very sturdy. The spirit gives the user a boost in speed and a minor boost in strength.

Soul Rings 

1) Spiky Defense: All of the spikes on the user lengthen and stiffen, becoming much more durable and sharp. Just like a normal porcupine, these spikes have barbs making them extremely hard to take out.

2) Spike Barrage: The user can hurl all of the spikes facing one direction at once at frightening speed. Upon further training, all of the spikes can be shot out in all directions at once.

3) Lava Spikes: The spikes turn from pure black to a red-orange color similar to molten magma. Spikes are incredibly hot, increasing the penetrating power and causing heat damage. Cannot use any lava related skills if this skill is not activated.

4) Spiky Ball: The user curls up into a ball and can roll in any direction at will. Can go extremely fast and increases defense by 30%

5) Homing Mark: The user marks a target and is pulled towards them. The users spikes are also drawn towards them. Can mark multiple targets at a time and switch between them.

6) Spit-Roast: Spikes come up from the ground, skewering the target. At the same time. the ground around the spikes turns into lava. The Spikes use their barbs to pull the target down into the lava, roasting them alive. Can target multiple targets at a time, cannot activate in the air.

7) Lava Maiden: A cage made up of molten/cooled lava with porcupine spikes on the inside emerges from the ground around the target. The cage slams shut around the target impaling them and also floods the cage with lava. The cage then shrinks, causing the lava to heat up exponentially from the pressure and crushing the opponent. It continues shrinking until it becomes the size of a fist.

8) Lava Porcupine Domain: Lava spurts up from the ground, forming a ring of cooled lava\molten lava towers around the user. Large porcupine spikes then shoot out, connecting the lava towers together with the spikes in a dense almost impenetrable net. At the same time, the barbs on the large spikes expand, becoming their own spikes and forming their own barbs. User can manipulate these spikes to shrink and expand. The lava towers fills the area with intense heat, increasing the power of fire abilities by 30% and weakening ice, water, and plant abilities by 40%. Area Lava towers can circle is 100 meters. Drains User of 50% spirit energy to activate but does not require any more to manipulate/sustain.

9) Lava Coating: Any of the users spikes can explode, at any distance, causing a shrapnel wave from the spike and a splattering of lava. Lava coats targets causing burn damage before cooling rapidly, trapping the target. Can be used on spikes that have already been fired or on spikes that make up Lava Porcupine Domain.

Strengths: The Lava Porcupine is extremely hard to damage at close range without being hurt in return because of it's spiky armor. It is well suited for close range attacks because of this and because it can launch it's spikes, it is also well suited for long range attacks. All in all, it is a pretty good all around Martial Spirit.

Weakness: Because of it's lava nature, it can take significant damage from ice/water skills. It can avoid this by deactivating it's lava spikes but then all skills dealing with lava cannot be used.

Possible image of User without spiky defense ->Image result for Porcupine with Lava Spikes    Lava version is a bright red. More spikes and thicker with spiky defense.


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