A summoned Martial Soul with an incredible explosive power and a malicious flame that burns even souls. Basic skill of the master can siphon a part of others body heat reducing ones breath and temperature while slightly increasing his own strength and speed.

Y-100 YR. Magma Hound:Skill- "Manifest" 
Summons a 2-feet tall blazing Hound 
With a viciously sharp claws and fangs

Y-800 YR. LAVA EEL: Skill-"Lava Blast"
Blazing hound x2 increase size and Spat out a large amount of LAVA. Evolves with Sharp Burning tail.

P-1300 Yr. Wild Molten Bat: Skill- "FEEDING FEILD"
Area Of Effect/Slowing effect
Blazing hound consumes heat from environment/enemies with same element for a limited time to increase its size depending the source of heat. Evolves with pair of bat wings. Maximum Size 20ft. Attck increased. Grants temporary flight.

P-6000 Yr. DARK PHOENIX: Skill: "Death and Rebirth"
The evolved blazing hound sacrifices itself causing a massive explosion but after exploding its body fuses with the owner with one wing (reborn as an armor) on the right half side of the body only, increasing his defense and enable him to use all skills. Lava blast will be released by both hands, activate temporary flight(owner/master) and sharp blazing tail.

Blazing hound evolves with a single crimson horn in its forehead with burning black flame on it's tip. Now it's almost look like of a Hellgod.
All flame turns black in color. With the help of undying black flame, it can now severe one of its limbs and make a copy of itself with 20% weaker than the original. When copy dies the original is not affected. Only the original can execute 4th skill "death & rebirth". XD...

B-Volcanic Groundhog: Skill- "Infernal Eruption"
Through its body, it summons several chunks of molten rocks and lava. Those rocks has a powerfull heat absorption from surrounding will explode at the same time with the masters' will. Able to burrow underground.Can produce 2 copies of Blazing hounds.

B-50000 Yr. Two Tailed Hellfox Warden: Skill-"Hell's Abomination Avatar" (Domain)
Within a radius of Domain, disregarding what kind of elements will be distorted like invisible flame resulting in slow motion and partially weakening enemy's essences. All attributes increased by two folds. Continues absorption of heat from environment and weaken the soul of other party resulting in suffocation.
Blazing hound's tail becomes two and flexible size according to the master's will. Can produce 3 copies of Blazing hounds. 

Strengths- Massive AOE Offense, can borrow the earths core or volcanoes' power temporarily, siphon skills, new rings amplifies the later rings' skills.

Weaknesses- Some Skill have limited time to release, weak against holy elements (lava or fire are complete nemesis of water & ice so I chose holy element as its nemesis because of its demonic attributes), all attack can not be used on flight ( the reason is that the user borrows the earth heat to execute the skill so it's required that he is directly standing on the ground). 
Origin: In the brink of death, former mellinium king of hell who seeks vengeance finally found a compatible soul but it was a martial soul of a young boy. Without any other choice he fused to the human's martial soul and choosed to become a spirit essence that incinerates everything upon its vision. An undying flame essence was born from the fusion of two unfathomable souls.

*note mellinium king of hell is not a soul beast, some sort of intity just like the 9headed nidian beast that "Tang San" killed in Asura trial from DD1. I think.:)


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