Beast Spirit: Lava Eel

Martial Soul: Lava Eel

System: Attack System

Description: Lava Eels are found in magma pools deep within the earth. They are peaceful if left alone, but can go on rampages and cause catastrophic destruction when provoked.

Soul Rings:
1. Heatwave - Generates a burst of heat around the user.
2. Lava Whip - User creates a whip entirely composed of lava, the length of the whip can be manipulated by the user. (Uses more spirit power the longer the whip is extended, retracting the whip does not use spirit power)
3. Lava Spit - User spits out a ball of lava towards the enemy.
4. Molten Armor - Covers a limb in lava, that can be used in conjunction with other spirit abilities (for example, Lava Whip can be used where the lava clad limb will serve as the whip)
5. Magma Geyser - Marks a specified location (Contact has to be made), that when activated will cause a stream of magma to erupt from the location. Radius of the geyser can be controlled by the spirit master. (Larger radius geysers uses more spirit power to use)

- Near-immunity to all kinds of fire, unless the difference in rank between the spirit master and their opponent is too high.
- Strong large scale attacks

- Weak to ice and water element attacks.
- Spirit abilities will use up more spirit power compared to other spirit masters, thus drawn out fights are not recommended.
- Lava will not differentiate ally or foe and will damage anyone it comes into contact with, thus Lava Eel Spirit Masters often work alone.



  • I just read below and it's nostalgic to read your martial soul is almost similar to my demonic hellgod...
    I also got lava eel as one of my martial soul.. lol
  • edited March 2017
    Kumo desuga nani ka?

    Also, why would an eel use a whip?
    Life is an ass.
    Karma's a bitch.
    And Death doesn't give a shit.
    So deal with it.
  • I use lava eel as a tail 
  • Lava Eel + Lava Porcupine. Seems like a good combo team if you ask me
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