God Slayer Vol.1( also available on Amazon) Ch.6

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Synopsis :- A contract killer reincarnates into a foreign world. In his new life, he learns the meaning of family and love.  He had already decided to obtain the power to make sure that he didn’t face the same predicament as in his former life and keep his loved ones safe from all sorts of harm. He wished to become the master of his own destiny. "

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  • Ch.1

    It was currently raining in a forest as two humanoid figures could be seeing traversing through it. One of the figures was a middle-aged man while other was a teenager. Even though it was raining quite heavily, not a single drop of rain fell on either the middle-aged man or the teenager. They were completely dry. If this deed was done by a human on earth, then people would give him the status of god and worshiped him but this world was not earth and the deed performed by the middle-aged man and the teenager could be done by anyone in this world. This world was called Grandura. 

    Grandura was a higher world. Worlds were graded as lower, middle, higher and Divine. The worlds were graded on the basis of concentration and purity of a special kind of energy which was present in all worlds in the universe. This energy was called Elemental energy. Our Earth also had it but in almost negligible concentration which made earth a lower world. Since Grandura was a higher world, which meant that the concentration of elemental energy was quite high in it.

    The inhabitants of a world with higher concentration of elemental energy, which included beasts and different kind’s humanoid races, practiced the art of Cultivation. A living being could gain unfathomable power by overcoming the limitation of his body by practicing the art of cultivation. In worlds that had elemental energy, personal strength determined everything for a person including life and death matters. These worlds lacked human rights. These places strictly followed the policy of survival of the fittest.

    This forest of Grandura was named Eternal forest. It was one of the most beautiful forests in this world but the beings that lurked in the depths of this forest made this forest made this one of the forbidden zones of Grandura.

    The Eternal forest was a home to large number terrifying creatures like elemental beasts, elemental birds, etc. Animals and birds that were able to cultivate were known as elemental beasts and elemental bird respectively.

    Unlike Earth, this world had abundant amount of elemental energy. This energy affected its inhabitants as well. Since the life on this planet evolved in the presence of elemental energy it turned out completely different from Earth. Even rats and insects were as big as human beings. So, the size of other beings could be imagined. This world had every kind of creature a human being on earth could imagine right from Dragons to undead creatures.

    “Grandfather, what kind of elemental beast should I hunt and what should be its cultivation level.” The teenager asked with a lot of enthusiasm. He was named Ryan. This was Ryan’s first time coming to a forest to hunt elemental beasts. Most humans would take their children to forests to hunt elemental beasts when they step into the mortal elite realm in Grandura while some other humanoid races would do this even earlier. This was an important day for all teenagers as it marked the start of their life as martial artists. So, Ryan’s enthusiasm could be understood.

    “Let’s find an elemental beast with same cultivation level as yours i.e. early mortal beast elite.” Ryan's grandfather said as he scanned their surrounding with his soul sense for any anomalies. Ryan's Grandfather was named Oscar. Soul-sense was a basic ability which all martial artists possess from Mortal lord realm onwards. It works like a radar and lets a martial artist know his surrounding better and helps him detect anomalies in his surroundings. A Martial artist can avoid sneak attacks during fights if their soul sense was activated during the fight. So, its significance could be understood.

    The martial path is considered endless. In Grandura, a martial artist could only walk the martial path up to a certain realm i.e. immortal realm. If he wishes to advance beyond immortal realm then he will have to ascend to a divine world as Grandura lacks cultivation resources required to cultivate to higher realms of the martial path. Most living beings would start from the mortal realm. The mortal realm and immortal realms both had multiple sub-realms. All the sub-realms were further divided into three stages i.e. early, mid and high. The sub-realms of mortal realms were awakening realm, condensation realm, mortal elite realm, mortal lord realm, mortal king realm, mortal emperor realm, mortal sage realm, mortal saint realm. After each breakthrough to a higher sub realm a martial artist would have his strength increase by leaps and bounds. 

    A martial artist attaining a breakthrough to a higher sub realm of mortal realm, he would have his lifespan increase by a few thousand years each time. This allowed a martial artist to possess youth full appearances even when they were thousands of years old.   

    A martial artist becomes immortal after entering the immortal realm of the martial path. He would forever possess a youthful appearance and can live forever. He enters the immortal realm after attaining a breakthrough from mortal saint realm. The multiple sub-realms of immortal realms were immortal elite realm, immortal king realm, immortal emperor realm, immortal sage realm, immortal saint realm. A martial artist would need to ascend to a higher world in order to advance along the martial path after reaching further late immortal saint realm.

    Ryan nodded his head hearing his grandfather’s suggestion. His eyes were filled with fighting spirit but the fighting spirit disappeared from his eyes as he looked at different marvels of nature. This was his first time in the Eternal forest so its beauty was bound to captivate him. Oscar didn’t mind it and just smiled seeing Ryan astonished expression from time to time.

    The different individuals of humanoid races in any world with ample amount of elemental energy would possess martial spirits right from their births. So what were martial spirits? Well, no one knew the exact answer. They just knew that everyone would have one and if not for them, a humanoid would never be able to cultivate. Martial spirit acted like a medium between the martial artist and the elemental energy in his surroundings.

    The martial spirits could resemble the shape of anything in the universe. Some resembled like Elemental beasts while some were in the shape of weapons. Each martial spirit possesses an attribute or attributes like fire, water, earth, wind, Thunder, light, darkness etc. The martial spirit could only act as a medium between the martial artist and the elemental energy of the same attribute as the martial spirit. Just like martial spirits, elemental energy also had various attributes. Thus, a martial artist could only absorb the elemental energy of the same attribute as his martial spirit.

    Every humanoid has a special place in his soul. The martial spirit resides in this special place. This place was known as soul world. Inside the soul world except for martial spirit, another important thing existed and that was a crystalline core. This crystalline core was at the center of the soul world. This crystalline core was known as soul core. The soul core was formed by a martial artist in condensation realm. It was the second most important realm after awakening realm.

    In awakening realm, a young child would awaken the slumbering martial spirits in his soul world. It was the first step of all martial artists on the endless martial path. Most people were able to awaken their martial spirits without any problem but some won’t be able to awaken them throughout their entire lives. The shape and the attribute of the martial spirit of the child could only be known after he awakens his martial spirit.

    Once a child awakens his martial spirit, he steps into the condensation realm. Now he could start forming a soul core inside his soul world.  Once a child was able to successfully able to forms his soul core then he would advance to the mortal elite realm. Only by stepping in mortal elite realm could one call himself a martial artist. The awakening realm and condensation realm were also known as foundation realms.

    Humans and many humanoid races use a special energy for the purpose of using the power they had gained by cultivating. This energy was known as spirit power. The spirit power was produced by the soul core by converting the elemental energy absorbed by the martial artist from his surroundings. The soul core acts as a generator as well as a reservoir of spirit power. So, its importance could be imagined.

    A martial artist’s entire cultivation was concentrated inside his soul core. So, the cultivation level of a martial artist was actually the cultivation level of his soul core. When a martial artist attains a breakthrough to a higher realm, in reality, it is not the martial artist that breakthroughs but his soul core. When Soul core advances to a higher realm, it can hold more spirit power and it also strengths the physique of the martial artist as well. The quality of the spirit power it holds also undergoes a qualitative change making it purer than before. The combat prowess of the martial artist increases exponentially upon using a purer form of spirit power.

    In order for a martial artist to breakthrough to a higher realm, he needs to gain insight and increase his understanding into the elemental laws of the attribute of his martial spirit to a certain level before he could attain a breakthrough to next sub realm. The speed of breakthrough to higher sub realms depended on the insight and understanding of a martial artist into elemental laws. A martial artist with higher insights and understanding of elemental laws would advance to higher sub realms much faster as compared to a martial artist with fewer insights and less understanding of elemental laws. The combat power displayed by the martial artists with same cultivation realm would also vary. Martial artists with higher understanding and insights into elemental laws would have a higher combat power as compared to martial artists with lower understanding and insights into elemental laws.

    The martial spirits were also able to gain insights and understanding into elemental laws. The insights and understanding of elemental laws gained by a martial spirit were automatically gained and understood by the martial artists. Thus, increasing the overall speed at which the martial artists gains insights and understanding into elemental laws.

    Martial spirits were of various shapes and each shape has its advantage. A martial artist whose martial spirit resembles an elemental beast, plant or tree would have a chance to gain the innate abilities of that corresponding elemental beast, plant or tree. The innate abilities were not that easy to gain. The innate abilities possessed by a martial spirit were all sealed by heavenly law. The martial artist could only gain the innate abilities by breaking the seals placed on their martial spirits.

    One of the easiest ways to gain innate abilities was by possessing a higher understanding of elemental laws than the required threshold while attaining breakthrough to next realm. In such a situation, one of the many seals placed on the martial spirits to seal its innate abilities gets automatically broken and martial artist was able to gain an innate ability. The innate ability that he gains was a random one. It could be a powerful innate ability or a useless one. It all depends on the luck of the martial artist. This method was not that popular as not everyone was extremely good at gaining insights and understanding into elemental laws. Other methods required a martial artist to forcefully break seals to gain innate abilities by using external force. The external force could be created by absorbing heavenly treasures, pills or anything when consumed or used will break the seals on the martial spirits.

    Martial artists that have martial spirits in the shape of weapons could be wielded by them like a normal weapon or fuse their martial spirits with weapons in similar shape. This would turn the normal weapon with which the martial spirit has fused into a life weapon. The life weapon grows alongside the martial artist in strength. A life weapon would gain powerful abilities as it continues to increase in strength. The martial artists that had weapon shaped martial spirits had a very high talent in wielding weapons that their martial spirit resembled due to which they were able to comprehend the weapon intent with extreme ease as compared to a martial artist with non-weapon shaped martial spirit. The Martial artists that have comprehended weapon intent were many times more terrifying than those who have not. If a martial artist uses the weapon intent comprehended by him in his attack then the attack becomes many times more powerful.

    In extremely rare cases, a martial artist would have his martial spirit in the shape of a humanoid. Martial artists that have their humanoid martial spirits were able to gain insight into elemental laws at extremely high speed as compared to martial artists with non-humanoid martial spirit. Certain types of humanoid martial spirits were able to increase the weapon wielding capabilities just like a weapon shaped martial spirit of the martial artist and such martial artists were also able to comprehended weapon intent with extreme ease just like a martial artist with weapon shaped martial spirits.

    The grandfather and grandson duo came across different kinds of elemental beasts but none were suitable opponents for Ryan. Most were either extremely strong or just too weak to be Ryan’s opponent. Such elemental beasts were of no use to them.

    Oscar footsteps stopped, as he pointed towards a particular bush and said, “Ryan there is a horned viper resting under that bush. Its cultivation level is similar to yours.”

    Horned viper encountered by Ryan and his grandfather was a normal elemental beast with mid-grade bloodline purity. It had black scales covering its entire body. It had a sharp horn in the middle of its forehead. Horned vipers are generally two to three meters in length and as thick as the calf of an adult human. It was a poison attribute elemental beast. Even a mortal lord realm martial artist would have a hard time to detox himself after getting poisoned by it. The horn on its forehead was as toxic as its fangs in its mouth. It uses its horn for headbutting its enemies.

    Elemental beasts were of three types. They were normal beasts, ancient beasts, and divine beasts. The Ancient elemental beasts and Divine elemental are many times more powerful than a normal elemental beast. They could easily rip them apart with extreme ease.

    All the three type had individuals with varying degrees of bloodline purity. The talent and potential of an elemental beast were determined by the purity of its bloodline.  An elemental beast with higher bloodline purity would have higher talent as well as higher number of innate abilities as compared to the elemental beast of the same species with lower bloodline purity. The bloodline purity was graded as low, mid, high and original. The elemental beast could increase their bloodline purity by cultivating to higher realms and with each breakthrough their bloodline purity will increase substantially. They could also increase their bloodline purity by devouring a heavenly treasure. An elemental beast with original grade bloodline purity meant that it was a pure blooded elemental beast. If an elemental beast was able to increase its bloodline purity to original grade then his talent and potential would get a huge boost and he would be able to gain all the innate abilities of its species.

    Many normal elemental beasts possess the bloodline of ancient beasts or divine beasts in low concentrations. These elemental beasts were not considered as descendants of the Ancient beasts or Divine beasts. These elemental beasts could evolve into the ancient beast or divine beast whose bloodline they possess by increasing the concentration of the bloodline in their bodies. They would then evolve into an ancient beast or divine beast with low-grade bloodline purity. They could also increase the concentration of ancient beast or Divine beast bloodline by devouring heavenly treasures.

    Oscar made some hand signs and a large energy barrier was erected around the bush. Oscar did so to make sure that the horned viper had no chance to escape during its fight with Ryan.  He wanted to use this horned viper to temper Ryan. He wanted Ryan to win but losing was also not a bad outcome as that will teach him the importance of strength.

    Oscar signaled Ryan to get going. Ryan seeing his grandfather’s signal entered the barrier and approached the bush in a carefree manner. The horned viper was resting under the bush. The horned viper opened its eyes as it sensed Ryan approaching near its resting place just like a gullible deer fawn. The horned viper was able to gauge Ryan’s strength and knew that Ryan had same cultivation level as it. The horned viper decided to launch a surprise attack on Ryan as he got into its range. The horned viper wished to finish off Ryan with a single attack.

    The horned viper’s head shot out of the bush with lightning speed as Ryan entered its range. The horned viper’s mouth was wide open. Its black fangs were completely visible. The moment the horned viper launched its attack, Ryan’s entire body was covered in green colored poisonous aura as his body turned into a blur as he dodged the bite attack of horned viper. This poisonous aura was similar to that of a savage beast. Ryan had just now used a movement based martial skill know as shadow steps. The green aura was created due to Ryan using his poison attribute spirit power. Whenever a martial artist uses his spirit power he or she would be covered in an aura that had same attribute as his spirit power. The poisonous aura of Ryan looked like a green fog.

    Most martial artists were unable to gain innate abilities of their martial spirits which led to a situation where martial artists lacked powerful moves and skills to attack their enemies. Such a situation led to the creation of martial skills. Martial skills were nothing but the clever use of elemental laws. In terms of power, some of the martial skills could compete with the innate abilities of dragons and phoenixes. So, their prowess could be imagined. The martial skill shadow step was a neutral martial skill that means that it didn’t require the martial artist to possess a martial spirit of a particular attribute. It could be practiced by anyone irrespective of the attribute of his martial spirit. Martial skills in Grandura were divided into two broad types. They were mortal martial skills and immortal martial skills. Both mortal martial skills and immortal martial skills were graded as low, mid and high. They were grade on the basis of their ability to increase the combat prowess of the martial artist. The shadow steps martial skill was a high grade mortal martial skill as it increased the speed of the martial artist exponentially.

    The horned viper’s head changed direction at a lightning speed and was again aiming for Ryan. Ryan again used shadow steps martial skill to dodge the bite of horned viper but this time he launched a counter. Ryan unsheathed his dagger that was tied to his waist and stabbed it into the neck of the Horned viper. The dagger was also covered in the green poisonous aura that covered Ryan. It was due to Ryan channeling his poison attribute spirit power into the dagger. The dagger failed to even leave a mark on the tough body of the horned viper.

    Ryan seeing this quickly retreated. He looked at his dagger whose blade had cracked a little in his previous exchange with horned viper. The horned viper gave an angry ‘hiss’ as it slithered towards Ryan at an extremely fast speed. Ryan sighed as the aura around his body started to increase. The green aura of his started to resemble more and more like that of a savage beast and the air surrounding him also became extremely toxic.  The green aura of his took the form of a green serpent that was one meter in length and as thick as a human arm. The green serpent floated above Ryan’s head. This was Ryan’s martial spirit. All martial spirits have the ability to fly irrespective of whether the beings they resemble possessed flying ability or not.

    The green serpent martial spirit coiled around Ryan body. The horned viper that was slithering towards Ryan at an extremely fast pace stopped in its path as it saw the green serpent martial spirit. Ryan’s martial spirit resembled an elemental beast known as Emerald viper. Emerald viper was an ancient beast. This beast was known for its toxicity and bodily toughness. Even a dragon would have a hard time injuring him. This Ancient beast was famous for being able to easily kill Divine beasts with the help of its poisons. This ancient beast was generally found in divine worlds but its descendants with low and mid-grade bloodline purity could be found in higher worlds.

    Martial artists could conjure their martial spirit from elite realm onwards to have their martial spirits fight alongside them. The conjured martial spirits looked exactly like the real thing. The body of the conjured martial spirits were made of up of aura. Even though the bodies of conjured martial artist were entirely made up of aura, but they had same bodily strength and toughness as the real thing. A considerable amount of spirit power was consumed, each time the martial spirit was conjured in the real world by a martial artist.

    When a martial artist conjures his or her martial spirit in the real world, all his stats would get a massive boost and his combat prowess goes up. No matter how many times the martial spirit’s aura body get destroyed during a fight, the martial spirit could be conjured again as long as the martial artist has enough spirit power. Martial spirits were immortal as long as the martial artist was alive. A conjured martial spirit could only use its body and innate abilities that have been unsealed by the martial artists for combat. This was also one of the reasons why most martial artists wished to unseal the innate abilities of their martial spirits even though they could use martial skills as an alternative. The combat strength of their martial spirit directly depended on the number of innate abilities they had unsealed. A martial spirit that had a large number of its innate abilities unsealed would be far more powerful and terrifying during a fight than a martial spirit with fewer innate abilities unsealed.

    The horned viper being a normal beast but naturally feared an elemental beast of an ancient bloodline. It tried to flee but the energy barrier did not allow the horned viper to do so. It repeatedly attacked the barrier to crack it open but nothing worked on the barrier. Ryan sneered seeing this seen.

    “Dargar, use emerald fog,” Ryan said. Dargar opened its mouth and spat out a cloud of green fog which completely filled the barrier. When the emerald fog dissipated the horned viper had turned into a pile of bones while the area inside the barrier was no different from a barren land. Not even a blade of grass survived the toxicity of emerald fog.

    The ‘emerald fog’ was the innate ability of emerald viper. This fog is highly toxic and was deadly to beings that were in the same realm as emerald viper as antidotes won’t work on them and only death awaited them. This was the specialty of this innate ability. Even beings with cultivation level above the emerald viper by a realm would need to take antidote after getting infected by emerald fog otherwise even they would end up dead. This fact alone could justify the toxicity of Emerald fog. Ryan had gained this innate ability when he had stepped into the mortal elite realm. Every martial artist would gain an innate ability after stepping into the elite realm unconditionally. This was also the trademark innate ability of emerald viper and was one of the strongest amongst the innate abilities of an emerald viper.  Ryan picked up a fist-sized black crystal orb that was lying amongst the bones of the horned viper. This crystal orb was known as Elemental Core. It was the powerhouse of an elemental beast.

    Every beast elemental beast possessed one. Elemental core was similar to soul core of humanoid races. The entire cultivation of elemental beasts was concentrated inside their elemental cores. These elemental cores could be used for cultivation or alchemy as they contain a large quantity of elemental energy. The quality of elemental energy contained in it directly depends on the cultivation level of the elemental beast. The quality of elemental energy contained inside the core of horned viper was quite low as it was only an elite beast realm elemental beast. The speed of the cultivation reduces upon using low-quality elemental energy.

    “Dargar, return for now,” Ryan said as he recalled back Dargar to his soul world. The savage beast like poisonous aura that covered Ryan’s body disappeared along with the return of Dargar to his soul world. Ryan sent his consciousness into the elemental core and scanned the elemental core. Ryan was trying to find poison elemental law fragment inside the elemental core, though the chance of finding it was extremely low as the horned viper’s cultivation level was quite low.

    Ryan sighed with regret upon not finding any Elemental law fragment.

    Elemental law fragments were insights and understandings into the elemental laws an elemental beast had. The Elemental law fragments would be created when an elemental beast gained insight in elemental laws. Each insight in elemental laws would be lead to the creation of Elemental law fragment.  Most of the times the Elemental law fragments would disappear with the death of elemental beast but the chances of it not disappearing increased with the increase in the cultivation level of Elemental beasts. By absorbing these elemental law fragments one could quickly gain insights and understanding in elemental laws.

    “Grandfather I would like to hunt a few more elemental beasts to gain more fighting experience. “ Ryan spoke with a smile on his face. The matter of not finding Elemental law fragment was quickly forgotten by him. This was his first time hunting an elemental beast and he had killed it without any major help from his grandfather.

    “Ok, then let’s head a little deeper into the forest to find some more elemental beasts of elite rank. I am sure that we would be able to find the elemental beasts that have cultivation level similar as you. ” Oscar said as he started moving deeper inside the Eternal forest.  Ryan quickly followed his grandfather.

    As Ryan was following his grandfather a voice resounded in his mind.

    “Ryan, what about me?” the voice was filled with murderous intent.

    “How can I absorb the souls of dead elemental beasts in front of grandfather?” Ryan responded hurriedly to the entity to which the voice belonged. He knew that this guy was without patience.

    “If you are unable to collect souls of dead or death elemental energy, we won't be able to cultivate death laws.” The entity spoke with unhappiness.

    “When my grandfather is not watching over me, I would then try to collect souls of the dead elemental beasts.” Ryan tried to reason with the entity.

    “Ok.” The voice resounded once more, after that it was silence and Ryan hurried his pace to keep up with his grandfather.

    Ryan sighed, he was a dual martial spirits holder and yet he couldn’t tell his family or anyone about it. The reason was that his second martial spirit was a taboo martial spirit. Generally, people with taboo martial spirit were hated by people around them and have to live in solitude for the rest of their life. Ryan didn’t wish for something like that happen to him. So he hid this fact from his family.

    His second martial spirit was an Asura martial spirit. It was death attribute humanoid martial spirit but a taboo martial spirit. Asuras were demonic beings with six hands out of which four would wield weapons. All the weapons wield by them were similar i.e. either they would all be swords, sabers, etc. Asura Martial spirit increases the talent of a martial artist in wielding a particular type weapon. Ryan’s Asura martial spirit held swords in four out six of his hands which meant Ryan would have an exceptional talent in using swords. Asuras can only be found in Divine worlds. They were one of the most powerful existences in the Divine worlds. They have cultivation level of the immortal elite realm when they were born. In folklores, asuras were depicted as a harbinger of death. It is said that even gods fear them. They were also known as ‘God slayers’.

    The easiest way to collect death elemental energy for gaining insights and understanding into elemental laws was making the death attribute martial spirit devour a large number of souls of the dead. The martial spirit would convert the souls of the dead into death elemental energy. This death elemental energy could be used for cultivation purpose as it was quite pure and thus doesn’t affect the cultivation speed.

    Ryan wanted to cultivate death laws but he lacked the necessary resources to cultivate it. This was his biggest obstacle. His family could provide him with the necessary resources but he had no intention to let them know about his taboo martial spirit.  He intended to cultivate death laws without anyone knowing about it. He finally had a family which he lacked in his former life, so he had no intention to give them a reason to hate him.


    Ryan came to the world of Grandura fifteen years ago. He was original from Earth but due to certain circumstance, he died a painful death and ended up reincarnating. He used to be a contract killer in his past life. He was a little bit shocked with his sudden death and rebirth into a completely new and different world. He quickly accepted the reality. He was given his new name Ryan by his grandfather.

    Ryan had a happy childhood. He had a loving and caring family which he lacked in his former life but happy times didn't last for long. His father and uncle mysteriously died when he was eight. His aunt left the home after his uncle’s death and has yet to return. She left hers and Uncle's only child Blake in the care of Ryan's Mother Emilia. Blake was seven at that time. Emilia made sure Blake had everything he needed while he grew up. She made sure he never missed his parents.

    The atmosphere of the house brightened up a little when Oscar came home with a new family member. His name was Cris and he was six years old at that time. He was two years younger than Ryan. Ryan was shocked upon knowing the background of his new younger brother.

    Ryan had always believed that his family only comprised of his parents, Uncle, Aunt, Blake and his Grandfather but it turned out that he was completely wrong. His Grandfather and Grandmother had in total eight sons. Ryan's father was the oldest son of his grandfather while Blake’s father was the second oldest son of his grandfather and the new entrant to the family Cris was the son of the third-oldest son of his grandfather.  The rest of the family lived with Ryan's Grandmother. Ryan could guess some reasons for it but was not sure as his grandfather didn’t speak much about it.

    When Ryan was ten, he found out that his mother and grandfather were hiding their identities from the rest of the world. Ryan would see his grandfather and mother treading cautiously before they took any action. Initially, Ryan thought that his grandfather and mother were just taking precautions as this world was fraught with dangers but it seemed to be a bigger matter. Ryan had made a silent vow to himself at that time that he would help his grandfather and mother in future when he had sufficient power. He would do everything possible to make their life easy and comfortable. He wanted to keep his family safe from harm.


    By evening, Ryan had already hunted nine early mortal beast elite elemental beasts. He knew he could not spend any more time in the eternal forest as night was fast approaching. This was the most dangerous time to be in the eternal forest as all the powerful predators of the eternal forest would become active at this time.

    Ryan was currently fighting his tenth opponent which was a scorpion-tailed mouse which was a normal elemental beast with high-grade bloodline purity. Since Ryan was able to easily hunt early mortal beast elite elemental beast, Oscar decided to increase the difficulty. The Scorpion-tailed mouse had a cultivation level of mid mortal elite beast realm. It was stronger than the previous elemental beasts Ryan hunted. Its body was four meter in length and its tail was six meters in length with a sting at its end. Its tail moved around as if it had its own brain. The size difference between Ryan and scorpion-tailed mouse made Ryan look like a deer in front of a tiger.

    Ryan was using shadow steps martial skill to continuously dodge the attacks of the scorpion-tailed mouse. Ryan had attacked the scorpion-tailed mouse a number of times but none of his attacks were effective against the scorpion-tailed mouse. The dagger of his was unable to pierce the thick skin of the scorpion tailed mouse.

    Ryan had no choice but to conjure Dargar in the middle of the battle. When Dargar was conjured by Ryan the scorpion-tailed mouse ‘squeaked’ in horror upon seeing him as it tried to flee from the fight. Ryan upon seeing this, smiled as he commanded Dargar to use emerald fog martial skill. The emerald fog was like a ghost as it chased the fleeing scorpion tailed mouse. This was the specialty of this innate ability. Dargar could control the fog like an extension of his body.

    The tailed mouse was extremely quick footed as it tried to escape but Dargar encircled it with his emerald fog on all sides. The scorpion tailed mouse shivered as it saw the emerald fog slowly approaching it. Soon the emerald fog completely enveloped the scorpion-tailed mouse killing it instantly and turning it into a pile of bones.

    As Ryan approached the pile of bones to collect the elemental core of scorpion tailed mouse, his Asura martial spirit could not control itself anymore as he took control of Dargar. The soul of scorpion tailed mouse which was still lingering around the pile of bones was absorbed by Dargar. Seeing this Ryan was dumbstruck. He didn't know that his Asura martial spirit could take control of Dargar and absorb the souls of dead creatures this way.

    After the soul of the dead elemental beast was absorbed by Dargar, Ryan quickly recalled Dargar back into his soul world.


    Ryan sent his consciousness into his soul. Since Ryan was a dual martial spirits holder, so his soul world was also divided into two. One side was Green in color while the other was pitch-black in color. Green side housed Dargar while black side housed his Asura martial spirit. Each side contained a soul core. The green side had poison attribute soul core while the black side had death attribute soul core.

    Each side acted individually i.e. if Ryan cultivated only poison elemental laws then his death attribute soul core won’t advance to a higher realm. Since Ryan had two soul cores which meant he had two cultivation levels. The soul core with higher cultivation level would become his primary soul core and the cultivation level of this soul core would be perceived by others. They won’t be able to perceive the cultivation level of other soul core.

    Ryan saw that Dargar had already coughed out the soul of scorpion tailed mouse and the soul was already absorbed into the pitch-black side of his soul world. The soul of the scorpion-tailed mouse entered his Asura Martial spirit’s mouth. His Asura martial spirit had a jubilant expression on his face after devouring the soul of scorpion tailed mouse.

    “Yama can't you control yourself, what if grandfather noticed you. I would then be deep shit. My mother would spank my butt until its red as tomatoes.” Ryan spoke angrily. A pair of red eyes appeared within the black side of Ryan’s soul world. These eyes could give anyone a creepy feeling and most people would avoid looking directly into them as they would feel fear from them.

    “Ryan, you need not worry, I didn't even leak a drop of death energy when the soul of that scorpion tailed mouse was absorbed by me, I even used Dargar to hide my tracks. So don’t fret over it.”  Yama replied in a nonchalant manner. Even now his voice contained extreme blood lust and killing intent but Ryan knew that Yama was not doing this deliberately.

    “Are you sure? My grandfather is not some weakling.” Ryan asked again to make sure.

    “100% guaranteed,” Yama replied as he looked into Ryan’s eyes without blinking.

    “Don’t you dare repeat this stunt ever again,” Ryan said as he left his soul world.

    “Thanks Dargar.” Yama said as he smiled at Dargar.

    “No need. It is normal to help each other.” Dargar said as he closed his eyes and entered a meditative state. Yama followed the suit. Yama started the process of converting the soul of the dead elemental beast into death elemental energy.

    When Ryan first met Yama, he was quite scared of him, but as time passed he started understanding him more and more. Though Yama was a taboo martial spirit, he was not as books described taboo martial spirits. He had a good personality. The best thing about Yama was his knowledge and intelligence. He most of the times had a solution to Ryan’s problems. It was very rare for martial spirits to possess knowledge that exceeded their hosts. Generally, all martial spirits had same level of knowledge as their hosts, as they came into the existence at the same time as the host, though there could be a difference in their intelligence.

    Technically, anyone who possesses a taboo martial spirit would have an unstable mind because of which they would go on a rampage whenever they get angry. The reason for this instability was the baleful aura released by Taboo martial spirits. Baleful aura makes the martial artist aggressive and violent. Thus, people prefer to keep a distance from Taboo martial artist.

    Ryan was an exception. He was immune to the baleful aura of Yama such taboo martial artists were known as stable taboo martial artist. According to Yama, the reason why Ryan was a stable taboo martial artist due to Ryan’s soul being different from other martial artists. Ryan’s soul strength would multiply with each breakthrough of his. Ryan was just an early mortal elite realm martial artist but the strength of his soul was already comparable to early mortal king realm martial artists. The powerful soul of Ryan just suppressed the effects of the Yama’s baleful aura completely.

    The baleful aura was a type of corrupt aura. That was similar to murderous aura but it has a special ability. It attacks the mind of both the person who possesses it and his enemy. It corrupts the mind of the person who possesses it and turning him into bloodthirsty fiend while it attacks the mind and soul of the enemies. It attacks the mind of the enemies by inducing fear into it and attacks the soul by slowly corroding their soul. If someone comes into the contact of baleful aura for an extended period of time then he might turn into a retard and might even die due to his soul receiving a lot of damage. A martial artist could possess a baleful aura by killing a lot of living beings. The more they killed, the stronger their baleful aura would be. They could use this baleful aura to attack the consciousness of their enemies. In case of taboo martial artists, their baleful aura became stronger and stronger with each breakthrough of theirs. They don’t have to kill living beings to strengthen their baleful aura.       

    The entire conversation only took a few seconds in the real world.


    “Ryan we should head back home before it gets dark.” Ryan’s grandfather said as he approached him. His grandfather didn't behave in an odd manner, seeing this Ryan knew that his secret was safe.

    “Yes, grandfather.” Ryan smiled back.

    Ryan grandfather started to hover in the air. He pointed his finger towards Ryan. Ryan was instantaneously enveloped in black energy. This black energy was darkness attribute spirit power. This darkness attribute spirit power made Ryan hover in air. After that Ryan’s grandfather took off into the sky with Ryan following closely behind as he directly headed towards the exit of the eternal forest.

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  • Ch.2 part-1

    The activity in eternal forest increased exponentially with the disappearance of the sun. The silence of the forest was lost with the setting the sun. The roars and growling of elemental beasts increased with each passing minutes. These elemental beasts that had been sleeping throughout the day were now awake. Each had a hungry stomach to fill.

    Oscar increased his speed as he had no intention to get into a fight with a powerful elemental beast while Ryan was beside him. Ryan, on the other hand, was least bothered about the growing activity of the forest. He was currently captivated by the beauty of the eternal forest. If during the day the eternal forest looked like an immortal paradise than the current eternal forest was godly paradise. All the plants and trees in the eternal forest were shining brightly which lit up the eternal forest completely. The scene was completely mesmerizing.

    Ryan who was captivated by the beauty of the eternal forest was quickly brought to his senses by a terrifying roar of an elemental beast. The roar shook the very soul of Ryan. Ryan’s face turned slightly pale. He slowly turned his head to look at the owner of this terrifying roar. Ryan saw an elemental beast that was as big as a small hill. This elemental beast looked like a saber-toothed tiger. One could see electricity crackling around its body. This was a lightning sabre-toothed tiger. It was an ancient elemental beast of thunder attribute. The one that was in front of them had high grade bloodline purity.  He was glaring at them but didn’t attack. Ryan felt a shiver down the spine when he felt the eyes of lightning saber-toothed tiger fell on his body.

    “Don’t worry. The Lightning sabre-toothed tiger won’t attack us. It knows the danger associated with it. He just wants us to leave his territory as soon as possible.” Oscar said upon noticing Ryan's terrified expression. Ryan nodded his head after listening to his grandfather’s words. He felt a little better when he noticed that the lightning sabre-toothed tiger truly had no intention to make move against them but he still wanted them to leave his territory as soon as possible. Oscar increased his speed by many folds and they quickly left the territory of a sabre-toothed tiger.  Oscar maintained this speed until they were completely out of the Eternal forest.

    Ryan and his family lived in hope city which was situated in the central regions of Dragon head continent. Dragon head continent got its name because of its shape, which had a striking resemblance to a dragon’s head.

    Ryan family lived on the outskirts of hope city in large twenty acres sprawling estate. The estate had a hundred rooms and a big training field for practicing martial arts. The estate location made sure that the noisy atmosphere of the city didn’t affect the peaceful and tranquil atmosphere of the estate. Such an atmosphere was good for cultivation and training martial arts.

    Ryan's currently had a good mood as opposed to when the lightning sabre-toothed tiger glared at them. His excitement was increasing with each passing second. The reason for his excitement was his wish to tell his mother and brother about his first hunt. He had hunted ten elemental beasts in total which was quite a feat for someone his age.

    Ryan mother Emilia, on the contrary, was extremely worried for the grandfather and grandson duo as they were late. She was sitting in the living room while waiting for Ryan and Oscar’s return. She was wearing a gown with beautiful floral design. She looked like she was in her twenties but she wasn’t. The reason behind her youthful appearance was due to her being a martial artist. The Martial artists tend to look younger than they actually were as with each breakthrough in the martial path their lifespans would increase by a few hundred years. Oscar also looked like a middle aged man due to the same reason even though he was quite old. When she sensed the return of Ryan and his Grandfather a smile bloomed on her face. She quickly went out to greet them.

    Ryan and his grandfather descended at the entrance of their estate. Emilia was already standing at the entrance with a big grin on her face. She had a loving expression when she looked at Ryan.

    Seeing his mother, Ryan rushed to her and gave her bear hug and started talking about the things he experienced today. Emilia expression changed when he told her about the lightning sabre-toothed tiger.

    “What’s more important is that you and father in laws returned home without any injuries.” Ryan’s mother said as she gently patted Ryan.

    “Where are Blake and Cris by the way?” Ryan asked as he noticed it has already been a while and his brothers had yet to show up.

    “Well since you broke through to the mortal elite realm, they have been cultivating and training like maniacs. I think they want to catch up to you.” Ryan’s mother said as she giggled.

    “They should not overexert themselves; it is not a good for them,” Ryan spoke in a frantic manner. Anyone could sense that he was worried about his brothers.

    “Don’t worry, Blake is already at the late condensation realm while Cris is already at mid condensation realm.  They can easily handle this much training. “Oscar said. He knew that Ryan was a worrywart if he didn’t give him a good reason he would make an unnecessary ruckus. After hearing his grandfather, Ryan mind eased a little bit though he was still worried about his brothers.

    “Divine Martial sect is recruiting disciples. Since you are already in the mortal elite realm, you are qualified to take the test. Joining a sect will increase your understanding of the world and you who might be able to become a poison martial artist's personal disciple. The divine martial sect has five powerful poison martial artists in their ranks. These five poison martial artists can even make a powerful faction cower in fear.” Ryan mother said with a serious face. This face was enough to tell Ryan that his mother seriously wanted him to join a sect. Joining a sect had its own advantage like better and large number of martial skills to choose from and most importantly a strong backing.

    “I will think about it,” Ryan said with a reluctant expression. Ryan had never considered joining a Sect as he wished to stay with his family but he knew this was all a wishful thinking. Once his brothers broke into the mortal elite realm, they would have to leave with their grandfather to cultivate in a darkness attribute treasure land as it was beneficial for their cultivation.

    Treasure lands were pieces of land that had excessive amounts of elemental energy of a particular attribute in its air. The darkness treasure land had excessive amounts of darkness elemental energy in its air. The treasured lands were graded on the basis of the purity of elemental energy in its air. They were graded as high, mid and low in decreasing order of purity of elemental energy. Treasured lands were coveted by both humanoids factions and other beings alike as cultivating in them was beneficial to cultivate in them. Most of the treasured lands of Grandura were in the control of powerful factions and beings. 

    One of the reasons why treasured were coveted so much was treasure lands being capable of producing large quantities of elemental stones. The elemental stones were formed from the crystallization of elemental energy. These elemental stones could be used by a martial artist as a source of elemental energy for cultivation purpose. The purity of elemental energy in high grade treasure land was extremely high which made it beneficial for the cultivation of martial artist and other begins. The other reason was their ability to birth heavenly treasures. The heavenly treasures were coveted by all living beings as it could completely change their talent and life thereafter. Due to these reasons, all factions would compete for the ownership of treasure lands actively. All the factions would use the heavenly treasures produced in the treasure lands under their control to nurture disciples. Due to all these reasons, Emilia and Oscar wished Ryan to join a faction.

    His brothers and grandfather had martial spirits with the same attribute i.e. darkness. His grandfather could easily guide them and help them in cultivating darkness elemental laws. Ryan knew that his grandfather and mother could not help him a lot as the attributes of his martial spirits were completely different from his grandfather or mother. So, he will have to join some faction to find himself a strong master and to gain access to some strong martial skills.

    “Now go and clean yourself.” Ryan’s mother said as he loving patted him. Ryan nodded his head and started heading towards the bath.

    Ryan had already decided to cultivate poison elemental laws after returning to his room. He had a realization today after seeing the lighting sabre-toothed tiger that he was too weak. After returning to his room, he approached a mirror that was placed on the table inside his room. He gently tapped the surface of the mirror and the next moment he was sucked in by the mirror. Ryan appeared in a big room. This room only had a mattress that was placed in the middle of the room. The room had complete peace and tranquillity except for the noise made by Ryan. The mirror was a spatial artifact and the cultivation chamber was placed within its space. The mirror was called spatial cultivation chamber.

    Artifacts were of various attributes like fire, water, etc. They could either be in the form of weapon, armour or any other form like the cultivation chamber of Ryan. On Grandura only two types artifacts were available i.e. mortal and immortal. Both the types are graded as low, mid and high. The spatial chamber was a low grade mortal artifact of the spatial attribute.

    Ryan sat on the mattress and took out ten or so green stones from his pouch. This pouch was also not a normal cloth pouch but a low grade mortal artifact of the spatial attribute. It had a small space inside it, which could be used by warriors to keep their essential stuff into it.

    The stones had a green aura around them. This green aura started to turn the air surrounding it toxic. These stones were high-grade poison elemental stones. The poison elemental energy contained within them was quite pure.

    Martial artists require large quantities of elemental energy from elite realm onwards in order to cultivate. The quantity of elemental energy required was not readily available in their surroundings so they need to turn to things that contain them in large quantities. Elemental stones were one such source of elemental energy.

    The elemental stones were also of various grades. They were graded on the basis of the purity and concentration of elemental energy contained within them. They were graded as low, mid and high. The low-grade elemental stones had the lowest concentration and purity of elemental energy within them while the high-grade elemental stones have the highest concentration and purity of elemental energy.

    Ryan held a poison elemental stone in each of his hands and then started to absorb the poison elemental energy from each one of them until the elemental stones were completely drained. The moment the elemental stones were drained of elemental energy they would turn into dust. All the elemental energy drained by Ryan was sent to his green side of his soul world. Ryan continued draining poison elemental stones until the green side of his soul world couldn’t contain any more.

    Once his green side of his soul world was filled with poison elemental energy, Ryan closed his eyes and began cultivating poison elemental laws. Dargar followed his suit. The poison elemental energy in Ryan’s green side of soul world would be absorbed by his poison attribute soul core. The poison attribute soul core would then convert the poison elemental energy into poison attribute spirit power. When the elemental energy gets converted into spirit power a martial artist was able to connect with the universe and was able to gain insights into elementals laws. In Ryan’s case, he was trying to gain insights into poison elemental laws. The speed at which one gained insights in elemental laws directly depended on one’s talent and the martial spirit. Ryan was quite talented in cultivating poison elemental laws and Dargar being an emerald viper was even more talented than Ryan.

    When the martial artist was in the elite realm his soul core would contain spirit power in the gaseous state. Once a martial artist was able to completely fill his soul core with liquid spirit power by converting his gaseous spirit power then his soul core would attain a breakthrough and advance to Mortal lord realm. Currently, Ryan’s poison attribute soul core had a cultivation level of early mortal elite realm and in order for his soul core to breakthrough to mid mortal elite realm, he would have to fill one-third of his soul core with liquid spirit power.

    The liquid spirit power was completely different from gaseous spirit power both in terms of quality and explosive power it provided to the martial artist. Liquid spirit power was many times denser and purer than gaseous spirit power which makes it last longer than the same quantity of gaseous spirit power i.e. a martial artist is able to fight for long durations when using liquid spirit power. The power displayed by both innate abilities and martial skills increases many folds.

    A martial artist can form liquid spirit power by compressing the gaseous spirit power inside his soul core. Compressing of spirit power was done by filling the soul core with an excess amount of the spirit power. By doing so, the gaseous spirit power inside the soul core would be under massive pressure and slowly start liquefying into liquid spirit power. If the insight and understanding of martial artist into elemental laws was at the threshold requirement to attain a breakthrough into the next realm then the gaseous spirit power would easily convert into liquid spirit power. If the insights and understanding of a martial artist in elemental laws is lacking then he would have a tough time converting the gaseous spirit power into liquid spirit power.

    Ryan was still an early mortal elite realm martial artist and yet to liquefy his spirit power. The poison elemental energy was slowly converted into poison attribute spirit power by Ryan’s poison attribute soul core.  Both Ryan and Dargar connected with the universe and started gaining insights in poison elemental laws as they cultivated.

    It didn’t take long for Ryan to completely replenish the gaseous poison spirit power which he had consumed while fighting the Elemental beasts today.  After that, he tried to fill his poison attribute soul core with an excess amount of gaseous spirit power. He kept on filling poison attribute soul core with gaseous spirit power but no matter how much gaseous spirit power he pumped in, the gaseous spirit power just refused to liquefy. He continued this for some time before finally giving up on it. He knew the reason for him being unable to liquefy his gaseous spirit power was due to him lacking in understanding and insight of poison elemental laws. This fact didn’t demoralize him, on the contrary, it encouraged him to work hard. He kept on cultivating poison elemental laws for the next few hours. He wished to advance his poison attribute soul core to mid mortal elite realm as soon as possible.

    He gave up on liquefying his gaseous poison attribute spirit power and started cultivating poison laws. He cultivated poison elemental laws for next few hours before finally opening his eyes. He felt refreshed. Even though he was still a little far from a breakthrough to next sub ream but his insights and understanding of poison laws had increased by a little bit. He was certain that he would be able to advance his soul core to mid mortal elite realm after a few days.

    “Ryan I have already converted the soul of that elemental beast into death elemental energy,” Yama said. He wanted Ryan to cultivate death laws seriously. A martial spirit was unable to gain a lot of insights in elemental laws if it cultivates all alone but if the martial artist cultivates along with it then it might even surpass the martial artist in terms of insights gained in elementals laws during that cultivation session. Yama wanted to gain maximum profit so he didn't cultivate death elemental laws on his own. He wished to cultivate along with Ryan.

    “Ok. Let’s cultivate death laws. Dargar you can continue cultivating poison elemental laws on your own for the time being.” Ryan said as he got ready to cultivate death laws. This will be his first time trying to gain insight into death laws. Earlier, he was unable to cultivate death laws as he lacked death elemental energy.

    Inside the black side of his soul world, Yama opened its mouth and large quantities of death elemental energy flowed out it. It collected around the death attribute soul core. Ryan was happy seeing that they had sufficient amount of death elemental energy for one session of cultivation. Ryan closed his eyes and began cultivating death elemental laws. Yama followed Ryan lead and he too started cultivating with a satisfied expression. The death attribute soul core started converting death elemental energy into death attribute spirit power at a rapid pace. The speed at which death elemental energy was converted into death attribute spirit power by his death attribute soul core astonished Ryan. It was many times faster than the conversion of poison elemental energy into poison attribute spirit power. Ryan didn’t know the reason behind it so he just ignored this fact and continued to concentrate on cultivating death elemental laws but he soon had an astonished expression.

  • Ch.2 part-2

    Ryan who had no insights in death elemental laws previously suddenly found that his insights and understanding in death elemental laws exceeding his insights and understandings in poison elemental laws, which he had been cultivating for the past half a month since his breakthrough into the early mortal elite realm. He found this situation extremely incredulous. Ryan did not let this fact bother him and decided to take advantage of this fact and continued cultivating death elemental laws. Soon the death elemental energy was entirely consumed up by him. He was frustrated with the entire situation. He wished he had some more death elemental energy then his insights and understanding of death elemental energy would have exceeded the threshold requirement to advance his death attribute soul core to mid mortal elite realm. 

    As Ryan was about to curse his luck his entire body was enveloped in unholy black light. The moment Ryan was enveloped in this unholy black light he could feel his entire body getting reformed. His entire body was shrouded in baleful aura. The process was extremely painful. Ryan howled with pain but the black light kept on reforming his body. Ryan could feel his entire body being broken down and then being reformed again by the black light. Ryan was unable to withstand the pain and fainted before the black light could finish reforming his body.

    Ryan woke after a few hours. He quickly checked his body for any anomalies but found none. Some information appeared in his mind soon after. This was similar to the time when he gained the emerald fog innate ability. A big smile appeared on Ryan’s face. According to the information that appeared in his mind that he had gained the physique of Asuras.

    Just like innate abilities, physiques of the beings their martial spirits resembled could also be gained and the process of gaining it was exactly similar to that of innate abilities but it was many times more difficult to gain the physique of the being their martial spirit resembled then its innate abilities. Ryan had gained the physique due to some dog shit luck.

    Ryan had yet to gain an innate ability of Asuras after stepping into the elite realm as he had yet to start gaining insights in death elemental laws. Ryan gained the physique of Asuras instead of the innate ability of Asuras. Something like this has never been heard of.

    Asuras were known for their terrifying bodily strength and toughness. Even martial artist a few sub realms above them would have a hard time injuring them and even if they manage to injure them, the self-healing capability of their bodies would kick in and within a few minutes, they would recover from all the injuries. Since he now had an Asura Physique, which meant his human body would now possess all the abilities that an Asura’s body had like terrifying bodily strength and toughness, high-speed self-healing capabilities, etc.

    Ryan could feel that his strength had gone up by leaps and bounds. Now, he was certain that he could easily kill the elementals beasts that he was having a lot of problems to kill with his bare hands. He could feel explosive strength in each and every part of his body.

    Ryan’s eyes had gained the special vision of Asuras. Ryan decided to name this vision as Asuras eyes. All living beings would get highlighted whenever Ryan would activate his Asura eyes, no matter how good these living beings were at hiding themselves. They would always be visible in his vision irrespective of how high their cultivation level is. His other senses had also become many times more sensitive than before. This was good for him as now no one would be able to launch surprise attacks on him during fights or set up an ambush for him. He could also use his highly sensitive senses to find heavenly treasures in treasure lands.

    “Your luck is quite good. I never thought that you could actually gain Asura physique in your entire lifetime.” Yama said with teasing smile. Ryan didn’t mind Yama’s teasing. He himself never thought of this day. The reason was the difficulty that was associated with gaining Asura physique. Since the Asura physique was so tyrannical, the difficulty associated with it in order to gain it also increased exponentially as compared to physiques of other beings. Ryan always dreamt of gaining the physique of emerald viper as it was many times easier to gain as compared to Asura physique.

    “The Asura physique is terrifying. I would be able to fight with enemies with higher cultivation level.” Ryan said with a cheeky grin. He was imagining all sorts of fight scenarios where his enemies had a cultivation level higher than him.

    “Well, it is the physique of Asuras. They are not nicked named god slayers for nothing.” Yama said proudly. Asuras were no normal beings. An Asura could destroy a higher world with ease. So, their terrifying might could be imagined.

    Ryan knew that with him gaining Asura physique, people in the same sub realm as him would no longer be his opponents. He quickly ends his cultivation session as he had been inside the spatial cultivation chamber for a quite some time. He decided to quickly exit the spatial cultivation chamber. He had already gained a lot in this cultivation session.

    Ryan got up from the matters and started to punch and kick in the air. Each punch of his would create a Whirl Wind. The power behind those punches and kicks of his could be imagined. This astonished Ryan because he didn’t use any spirit power while punching and kicking just now. It was purely his bodily strength. Ryan could tell the power behind his punches could easily lethally injure an early mortal lord.

    “Just how powerful would my strikes be if I power them with my spirit power?” A thought flashed in Ryan’s mind.

    Ryan’s right hand was covered in the aura of death as he infused his arm with death attribute spirit power. He punched again in the air. His punched tore through the air and a roar similar to an elemental beast resounded inside the Cultivation chamber. Ryan had an astonished expression. He knew the feat he just now performed could only be performed by mid mortal lord realm martial artists. He was certain now that he could easily exchange blows with a mid-mortal lord realm martial artist without being at a disadvantage and also his punches that were powered with his spirit power could easily lethally wound him if the latter didn’t dodge them in time. This fact made him giddy as a creepy smile flashed on his face. It was not just his bodily strength that got a massive boost. His bodily toughness had also increased by leaps and bounds. No mortal lord realm martial artist would be able to lethally injure him.

    Once Ryan was done with testing his new physique he exited the spatial cultivation chamber. He found his grandfather sitting on his bed while patiently waiting for him. Oscar didn’t disturb Ryan as it was considered taboo to disturb a person while cultivating. Ryan was happy that his grandfather didn’t enter his spatial cultivation chamber. If he had done so then his secret would have been out and then he would have a difficult task at his hand.

    “You have been inside the spatial cultivation chamber for over twenty hours. How was cultivation session?” Oscar asked with a concerned look.

    “The closed door session was extremely fruitful. My insights in poison elemental laws increased by leaps and bounds. In a few days’ time, I am certain that I might attain a breakthrough into mid mortal elite realm.” Ryan replied to his grandfather with a smile. He could tell that his family was concerned about him.

    “Good. You can consult me if you encounter any kind of problem in your cultivation. I will try to help you as much as I can. Now, quickly go to the dining room your mother has been waiting for you to finish your cultivation session quite some time.” Oscar said as he left his room.

    Ryan immediately left for the dining room. As he approached the kitchen he could hear a few familiar voices. A smile crept on Ryan’s face, after hearing these voices. His brothers had already completed their respective closed door cultivation sessions.

    He entered the dining room with a big smile on his face. Blake and Cris understood that his first hunting expedition was extremely successful after seeing their brother enter with a triumphant smile.

    “Brother!!” Both Blake and Cris said in unison with a smile on their faces. But this one word conveyed a lot of their feelings to Ryan. He was truly happy to have a family.

    “How many beasts did you kill?” Cris asked with a lot of curiosity.

    “Ten and all of them were killed by me without any major help from grandfather,” Ryan said with a proud expression.

    “What was the cultivation level of those elemental beasts?” Both Blake and Cris asked in unison. They were in awe of their elder brother. It was not easy to kill the elemental beasts for any young martial artist on their own as they lack both martial skills and combat experience to deal with an elemental beast.

    “You guys quickly take your seats.” Ryan’s mother voice came from the kitchen.

    “Nine were in the early mortal beast elite realm and one was in mid mortal beast elite realm,” Ryan said as he took his seat. He took out the elemental cores of the Elemental beasts, he had hunted from his spatial pouch to show them to his brothers. Blake and Cris looked at the elemental cores with unblinking eyes. Seeing these elemental cores made the pressure go up by a notch on them. They had been trying to surpass their elder brother but their elder brother performance in his first hunt was quite splendid. It would be difficult for them to replicate such a feat. This fact made them tense but they didn’t show it on their face but their determination to surpass Ryan further emboldened.

    “Ryan you are overrating yourself. Your performance was good but it had some major flaws.” Ryan’s grandfather said as entered the dining area and took his seat at the dining table. The three brothers perked their ears to listen to their grandfather.

    “Ryan, you heavily rely on emerald fog. Your fighting style lacks versatility. Practice some martial skills to increase versatility. It is very easy to deal with a martial artist that fights like you.” Ryan’s grandfather said this in serious and grave tone. Ryan's triumphant smile vanished. The flaws his grandfather pointed out were his Achilles heels.

    “Don’t worry. You possess Asura physique now. Your opponents would have a hard time killing you.” Yama said. Ryan calmed down a little.

    “Try to learn some martial skills. I will pass you a martial skill. This martial skill is a neutral attribute martial skill. This martial skill can amplify your bodily strength for a few seconds but if you could time your attack properly then this martial skill could help you deal with a martial artist with higher cultivation level.  With the help of this martial skill, you would be able to stab the likes of elemental beasts you failed to stab yesterday. This martial skill is called Tyrant martial skill. This martial skill has five stages and after mastering each stage the time limit for which it amplifies your bodily strength increases. This martial skill can be used by you as a trump card. If you rely on just emerald fog then you will pay a heavy price someday.” Oscar said as he put his finger on Ryan’s forehead. The martial skill appeared in his mind. This martial skill was known as Tyrant martial skill. Ryan knew what his grandfather said was absolutely true. He found little merit in learning this martial skill as now he possessed Asura physique. 

    “Yes, grandfather. I will concentrate on learning martial skills too.” Ryan said sincerely as he could sense concern in his grandfather’s voice. Ryan never found a need to practice martial skills. He could easily overpower his opponents by just using emerald fog. But this time his grandfather’s words struck where it hurts the most. He had already made up his mind to learn a bunch of martial skills.

    “Grandfather, I would like to buy a few martial skills of poison attribute,” Ryan said with a determined look on his face. Though his family was a martial arts family but the people that were born with poison attribute martial spirit were extremely rare among the human race. In his family, except for him no one else had poison attribute martial spirit. So, they lacked poison attribute martial skills.

    “Take this and try to get some decent martial skills and a good soul weapon of your choice.” Ryan’s grandfather spoke as he handed Ryan a spatial pouch.

    After checking its contents, a smile appeared on Ryan’s face. The pouch contained a few hundred high-grade water elemental stones. Since elemental stones could be used for cultivation, they were also used as hard currency. The higher grade elemental stones were equal to hundred low-grade elemental stones while mid-grade elemental stones were equal to fifty low-grade elemental stones.

    The elemental stones of lower attributes like fire, water, metal, earth, wind, wood, etc., had a lower value as compared to elemental stones of higher attributes like death, life, darkness, light, thunder, etc. A higher attribute elemental stone was equal to two lower attribute elemental stones.

    “Thank you, grandfather,” Ryan said sincerely.

    “Remember only get something useful.” Ryan’s grandfather said in a serious tone. Ryan nodded again and again till his grandfather had a change in expression.

    “Stop discussing and have dinner first,” Emilia said as she came in the dining room with four big bowls of food hovering around her. The bowls were wrapped in her water attribute spirit power. Ryan's mother was a water martial artist. Martial artists could use their spirit power to lift objects and control them with their thought. Previously, Oscar had used his spirit power to make Ryan fly alongside him.

    Emilia served the food to her family before taking a seat herself. The entire family of Ryan had dinner in silence as it was forbidden to speak while eating food.

    After dinner, Ryan returned to his room with his brothers.

    “Brother, purchase some terrifying martial skills. They should be able to scare the shit out of your opponents.” Cris said with enthusiasm.

    “No, don’t bother with Cris suggestion, Brother. “Blake said.

    “Why???” Cris asked. He felt wronged. He didn’t find anything wrong with his suggestion.

    “Poison attribute martial artists are known for their stealthy and deadly attacks. If the poison attacks don't possess stealth and deadliness, your opponent could easily avoid them.” Blake said. Ryan was not shocked hearing his words. He being a former contract killer and someone who specialized in using poisons knew about this fact. On the contrary, he was shocked by Blake’s knowledge. What Blake spoke of was the essence of poison arts. Cris was stunned for a second. He too felt that Blake words made sense.

    “Where did you learn about this?” Ryan asked out of curiosity.

    “I read about this in a book in our library. The book is named ‘Weakness and Strong point of different attributes’.” Blake said proudly. Ryan decided to read that book on a later date.

    “How is your training going on?” Ryan asked Blake. It was a critical time for Blake since he was already in late Condensation realm.

    “Nice. I think I will be able to breakthrough to mortal elite realm soon.” Blake said. Confidence could be felt emanating from him. Blake’s martial spirit resembled Black lightning tiger. Black lightning tiger was an ancient beast. It had a dual attribute elemental beast. One was darkness and other was thunder. The terrifying thing about this ancient beast was its variant thunder. All attributes had variations. Variant attributes were many times more tyrannical than their normal attribute counterparts. The Black lightning tiger possessed dark thunder. The lightning and electric currents produced by the black thunder tiger was pitch-black color. This pitch-black lightning and electirc currents was many times more destructive than normal lightning.

    A martial artist with dual attribute martial spirit didn't have the same advantages as someone with dual martial spirits. Dual attribute martial spirit holder would only possess a single soul core. The only advantage they had above single attribute martial artist was their ability to transform the spirit power of one of their attribute into another and vice a versa. This allowed them to use the power of two attributes.

    “Don’t slack off for some time. What about you Cris??”Ryan asked. Blake just nodded his head and turned his attention towards Cris.

    “I am still at the mid-Condensation realm. In a few month times, I will be able to reach late condensation realm.” Cris said with confidence. Earlier, he had a nice chat with his aunt and Grandfather about his cultivation. So, he was confident in his ability.

    Cris and Oscar both possessed a similar martial spirit. Their martial spirit resembled Calamity giant. It was darkness attribute humanoid martial spirit. Calamity giants were one most dangerous darkness attribute being in the Universe. They were only found in some Divine worlds. Death was your only option when facing them.

    “Good for you. Just work hard and heed to Grandfather's advice. You also pay attention to grandfather, Blake. You also possess darkness attribute martial spirit.” Ryan said. Both Blake and Cris nodded their head in agreement. They could tell that their brother was speaking for their wellbeing.

    The trio conversed for another half hour before Blake and Cris returned to their respective rooms.

    Once Blake and Cris left Ryan’s room, he entered the spatial cultivation chamber to cultivate poison elemental laws as he lacked the resources to cultivate death elemental laws.

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