[Problem] Mobile site completely broke my phone

I have been using my phone to read on the mobile site for a few months now, and ya it has been slow and annoying sometimes. But today the mobile site completely broke my phone. It is stuck in the just powered on state, and I use(was using, its dead now) a LG G4 that is under 2 years old, so it is not a real issue with the phone. When I need to go any buy a new phone should I just wait and hope that the add situation get at least a little sorted out or is there anything I can do to minimize the issues (like viewing the website in desktop mode)? Or should I just stay away/ try to find PDF's or something so I don't need to buy another phone...


  • Your phone can't just "break" because of a normal website. It's either your fault or your phone already had a virus or smth which would also be your fault. lol

  • you are saying it's entirely his fault? maybe his phone was destined to break down`?!
  • Hi. The ads on the site can cause problems for certain users like freezes or high resource usage, but they can not affect the phone itself, at most crash the browser or make it unresponsive. 

    Also, the phone may not be broken and just stuck like that. Usually pressing the power button for 10 seconds the phone will be forcibly turned off. Or you can just wait for the battery to discharge, and then charge and turn it on again. No website or program should be able to cause a phone to break by itself, it doesn't matter how heavy they make the phone to work.
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