Favorite and least favorite Coiling Dragon Arc?

My favorite was undoubtedly the "Team Linley Arc" that started when he saved Zazzler and the end point is debatable.

I'm in a reread so this is subject to change but I remember my least favorite arc being the Necropolis of the Gods, but that was also where the translation currently was when I caught up after 3 days of constant reading so I might have really just not liked waiting.


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    Arc where linley and bebe first meet.
  • I really liked book 3-15 after book 15 I felt it went good-bad-good-bad and simply stop reading when book 20 started and just read the spoilers.
  • I enjoyed the arc where Linley saved Zassler, those two twin girls, the Barker Brothers and formed sort of like 'We hate you Radiant Church so we're gonna destroy you" That was great! It showed everyone's progression, like for example those two twin girls are training in becoming Necromancers while Barkers learn about their heritage and become even more badass to point where they're referred to as the five wargods. And Zassler was awesome, after 800 years, he finally became Saint!

    And them basically founding a Duchy, then a Kingdom then Empire in short amount of time. 

    My disappointment? I don't really have any arc that I dislike particularly. So I'll just vent my disappointment on how some of characters just disappears after certain arc. Like Haeru is really awesome cat! But.. we hardly ever see him. Maybe once in while or so.

    And Zassler, he's pretty cool guy. I'd love to see more of him in the novel.. I understand CD focuses on Linley and his exploits but I'd like them to also develop people around him other than Linley and Bebe. 

    Oh well, that's my grievance against the novel but in all.. I really enjoy reading CD. A bit sad to hear that it was already concluded and that we're already nearing to the end but oh well. No books can go on forever, I guess 
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    The arc where Linley goes to the forest to train. I think he was still at the academy back then as a rank 5 magician. Him fighting the darkness user and the wolfs with Bebe's help. That was what made me love CD so much. 
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    My favorite arc was probably the citadel arc. I thought tarosse's scene in the arc was the most troll thing I've ever read in a novel.
    Also, this is the arc where the series starts really ramping up in terms of the 'scale' of things.
  • CD was my introduction to Xianxia genre, before I was into Wuxia, mostly Jin Yong or Gu Long.
    Worst part of the CD was the ending. There were many arcs which I found boring but end I disliked completely.

    Best part his joining the academy and then the arcs after become a saint and before Infernal realm.
  • My favorite arc in Coiling Dragon... Hmm...

    I think my favorite arc was definitely the arc where Bebe suddenly became important and then they destroyed the church to the end. That was the best.

    My second favorite arc was with Zassler.

    My least favorite arc (ignoring the waiting times) was probably the Alice arc(s) *shudders*
  • Its not really a arc but I like the part where Linley comes back from the Infernal realm and finds that almost everyone is worshipping him and creating schools and shit in his name
  • Haven't read the CD yet but already check out the manhwa. Is the novel good to read?
  • Yup... It's a little like the traditional type but it has its own plot
  • Haven't read the CD yet but already check out the manhwa. Is the novel good to read?

    Not really, no. It's pretty disappointing and the ending is very rushed.
  • School life Arc where Linley met his bros and '5 cm/Linley' Alice's Arc.
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