[Tool Spirit] Volcanic Bow

Volcanic Bow

Martial Soul: Volcanic Bow

System: Ranged Attack System

Description: Volcanic Bow is a bow tool system variant with the fire attribute. The bow does not require arrows to be fired, as the bow forms the arrows from the user's spirit power when the bow is drawn. While considered a relatively rare tool spirit, it is often deemed to be at the lower side of the spectrum due to the high spirit power required to be used consecutively.

Soul Rings:
Brand: Brands a target, making it easier to spot them and harder for them to hide. Attacks against branded targets deal additional “damage.”
Power Draw: Augments the next arrow shot to be more powerful, fired faster and further.
Rapid shot: Fires a quick succession of up to three arrows at the same or different targets.
Ignition: Concentrates the fire within a spirit arrow, once fired the arrow can be used to Ignite a target or being. The arrow is so hot it can burn through most substances.
Explosive Shot: Fires an arrow which power explodes outwards when the shot hits, Causing everyone within a specific area to be affected by the “damage”.

Strengths: The Volcanic Bow tool system, is a high damage output system. The tool spirit alone can sway the tides of the battle due to its adaptability and explosive power in nature.
Weakness: While this tool system is powerful, it is wholly skill reliant, requiring the user to focus on accuracy. On top of this, it consumes a large amount of spirit power to use per shot.

Origin: The volcanic bow is a varient of the standard bow, when an individual awakens their spirit and have innate full spirit power, there is a rare chance that the bow can mutate. It is said that the Volcanic Bow has appeared many times in the history of the Douluo Continent and each time it does, it shakes the realm due to its raw power.



  • Updated with some new stuff, also anyone else having duping thread issues?
  • I swear I thought I commented on this also I see that the brand ability is new I like it reminds me of hunters mark from dnd. I forget which skill you get rid of but I think you should add it make and make it 6 rings and also think about changing brand to a second or third spirit ring but I still like the essence
  • This one also one of the martial spirit that I was thinking about. Good choice of ability, you should give us more until 9th ring. For me, I will make this Agility - Control system with some of extra skill to boost it agility and one skill to defense. For 8th and 9th skill will be the strongest attack power with high critical damage. For lower rank skills are for harassing the enemy while you look for the weakest point that attack with all your might. Anyway, it should be on a team with strong power system in front so you can join my team too, muahaha :wink: 
  • that's weird I thought I commented on this one before. These are awesome btw, totally balanced and reminds me of the archers of mmo's.
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