Skrill - Fire Attribute

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Martial Soul: Skrill (Fire Variant)

System: Agility-Attack System

Description (General): Skrills are close as a race.  They are protective of their fellows, leading to a warm childhood for the young.  It is rare to find a Skrill alone.  Skrills live in flights.  Each flight lives in a secluded location with a lot of lightning elemental energy, but every year they will have a conference with a friendly competition.

Description (Cultivation): Skrills are dragons, and very intelligent ones at that.  Their growth isn't restrained by their age.  Skrills grow at different speeds depending on their element.  Skrills cultivate by absorbing the natural elements of their affinity in the world.  Skrills can mutate to gain another element.  The element resulting from the mutation depends on the elements in the surroundings and the natural disposition.  Skrills condense the elemental energy into Heavenly Lightnings in their dantians instead of absorbing Spirit Rings.  Each Lightning signifies ten ranks.  They are naturally lines, but they can curl up to form a circle.  When they are ready to fight, the Lightnings circle around them (think of them as yellow Spirit Rings).  Each Lightning allows greater element absorption speed, but they successively need more elemental energy.  Once a Skrill condenses nine Lightnings, it further condenses them into a Divine Lightning, which is purple.  Each Divine Lightning signifies a Title Douluo rank.  Rank 100 has one Heavenly Divine Lightning, which is pure white.  The Skrills' speed comes from their Lightnings, which they can ride.  They can also attack with them.  Dual-attribute Skrills condense Lightnings tinted with their element's color, which gives the Lightning greater endurance (and other pros/cons).

Description (Element): Skrills are lightning-attributed and are of the agility-attack system (to varying degrees).  They are all fast.  Most have not mutated, being pure lightning.  A mutated Skrill's other attribute is secondary, unless it mutates twice (which is very rare) in the same element.  The more elemental attributes a Skrill has, the more powerful it is.  The single element Lightning-Skrills are the fastest, but they tire relatively quickly.  Fire-Skrills are highly attack-oriented.  Water-Skrills retain lightning's explosiveness while enjoying water's healing and enduring properties, leading to a mix of agility-attack, power-attack, defense, and support.  Wind-Skrills are second in speed to only Lightning-Skrills, but they can outrun anything (except space- or time-attributes) in a long-distance race.  Earth-Skrills have high defense.  They are barely still agility-attackers.  Metal-Skrills have two transformations.  They can sharpen their spirits—and bodies by extension—while sacrificing defense for an extremely high attack.  This form's edge is sharp enough to pierce through wind, providing a good speed.  They can alslo harden, leading to high defense with decent attack and low speed.  Metal-Skrills are natural leaders of the flight, as they are extremely powerful once they master switching forms quickly.  Being courageous, they are the only Skrills not to experience suppression from a higher existence (e.g., Golden Dragon (higher bloodline dragon) or a Holy Sword (higher purity metal element)).  Wood-Skrills are flexible.  They can be any system.  They grow very quickly, but have relatively less power.  Once they reach the Title Douluo level, they find it hard to advance.  There are also the very rare Darkness-, Light-, Space-, and Time-Skrills, which are mysterious and very powerful.  There have been very few triple-mutation Skrills.  All known triple-mutation Skrills have become Gods.

Description (Fire-Attribute Martial Soul): A Fire-Skrill martial soul is a dragon beast spirit.  Like the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon, with each obtained spirit ring, when using the spirit the Spirit Master would have a part of their body replaced with a dragon analogue.  The transformation occurs up until the seventieth rank, when Fire-Skrill Spirit Masters are truly incarnations of dragons.  For a Fire-Skrill Spirit Master, all spirit rings have to be obtained from dragon subspecies, fire-attribute winged, or lightning-attribute winged spirit beasts.  Fire-Skrill Spirit Masters have unique spirit rings: they can attack with them as if they were Heavenly Lightnings.  The rings are yellowish red with an aura of yellow, purple, black, red, white, etc. based on the year of the beast the ring came from.

Description (Transformation):
  1. Rank 10: Right arm, increased strength and defense in that area
  2. Rank 20: Left arm, increased strength and defense in that area
  3. Rank 30: Torso, greatly increased defense in that area
  4. Rank 40: Right leg, increased speed and defense in that area
  5. Rank 50: Left Leg, increased speed and defense in that area
  6. Rank 60: Tail, extra limb, has fast speed with less attack
  7. Rank 70: Wings, flight and increased speed, used for attack and defense

Soul Rings (Note: all rings can be used to attack.  Most people don't have bodies powerful enough to ride them, though.):
  1. Skrill Claw:  Fires the (unraveled) first ring towards the enemy.  Lightning elemental energy surrounds it in a claw shape.  2x piercing power (effective against high defense), 2x power, and 2x speed with Skrill arm, 3x power and 1x speed with Skrill leg, 1x power and 3x speed with Skrill tail, 1x power and 2x speed with lightning wing, 2x power and 1x speed with fire wing, 1x power and 1x speed with human limbs and with wing transformation.  Medium-low spirit power consumption.  Double power for high consumption.
  2. Fire Bath:  Second ring circles your body quickly while releasing fire energy.  Attack and defense combined.  Looks like a bath if you use your imagination.  Drains spirit power fully in 10 minutes at rank 20 spirit power.
  3. Head Smash:  Standard headbutt.  Condenses lightning spirit power on third ring, which circles head.  Spirit power explodes on contact.  Moderate recoil.  Medium-high spirit power consumption.
  4. See next
  5. Wings of the Fire-Skrill:  Fourth ring (fire) is surrounded by fire energy, fifth (lightning) is surrounded by lightning.  Both unravel.  Fire on left, lightning on right, creating two wings.  Only usable together.  Flight, speed boosted, edge like a sword, can curl body around for defense.  Enhances wing transformation.  Drains spirit power fully in 5 minutes with rank 50 spirit power, use sparingly at first.
  6. Tail Clutch:  A grab with the tail, sixth ring unravels to form lightning extension.  Inflicts short paralysis.  Single target only.  Very fast, hard to avoid.  Only control ring.
  7. Dragonform:  Transformation (see above) makes you look like Tang Wulin on the cover of his first book.  Dragonform turns you into a real Skrill, using all soul rings, which discharge energy of both elements.  Lightning skeleton, fire form.  More rings=more power.  Boosts all stats 1.5x for 10 minutes at rank 70.  Backfires after time limit, spirit power usage restricted to quarter for two hours.  One use per 3 days.
  8. Dragon Roar:  Raise your head and roar!  Boosts mental focus, increasing battle power.  Intimidation on anything lower than ten ranks below, works especially well on beasts and beast spirits of the winged, sub-dragon, and dragon types.  Shocks spirit power, leading to stat increase for 5 minutes.  Backfire after time limit, spirit power usage restricted to half for one hour.  One use per day.
  9. Laser Blast (100,000 year rings have 2 abilities): 1) Condenses all spirit power onto ring, lightning on outside, fire on inside.  Fires at speed of lightning, on contact fire explodes outward.  Single target annihilation. 2) Condenses all spirit power onto ring, lightning on outside, fire on inside.  Circles at lightning speed, detonates at will for fiery explosion outwards.  Big range and big recoil.  Crowd control.  Both leave spirit power reserves empty.

Title Douluo Soul Ring Differences (Upon reaching the Title Douluo level, all rings condense into a single reddish ring.  Each subsequent rank gains another red ring.):
  1. Skrill Claw:  Lightning elemental energy surrounds fire energy in a claw shape.  Fire energy surrounds ring.  Detonates on contact.
  2. Fire Bath:  Domain.
  3. Head Smash:  Passive during transformation.  Third ring stays on head as a lightning crown.  Head protection.  Good for headbutts too; reduces their recoil.  Can be deactivated.
  4. See next
  5. Wings of the Fire-Skrill:  Enhances wing transformation greatly.
  6. Tail Clutch:  Passive during transformation.  Tail covered in lightning energy.  Can extend.  Inflicts  longer paralysis.  Can be deactivated.
  7. Dragonform:  Same boost, less backfire, usable more often.
  8. Dragon Roar:  Same boosts, less spirit power recoil, usable right after spirit power recoil ends.
  9. Laser Blast:  Small consumption, little recoil.

God Soul Ring Differences: At spirit power rank 100, all rings combine into a single white ring.  It can attack, defend, temper the body (with fire and lightning), and temper the mind (illusion of fire and lightning).  Once the body has been tempered sufficiently, the ring can be ridden at light speed.  Once the mind has been tempered sufficiently, the fire and lightning energies can be controlled freely (for example, to imitate soul rings or to make a domain).  Before mind tempering, soul rings are usable, but the freely controlled energies are faster and more powerful.

Self-Made Spirit Ability (Recommended): Take lightning energy in right hand and fire energy in left.  Slowly move hands toward each other.  When hands get close, start swirling the two energies.  Forms a fire-lightning spear to thrust or throw.  Power guaranteed.  Takes time to set up.

Strengths: Elemental suppression: Metal.  It's a dragon.  High attack.  Good speed.

Weaknesses: Elemental suppression: Earth, Water.  Defies physics: water suppresses it very well.  Water types can beat it from 10 ranks below.  Oceanic environment (Fire and lightning suppression).  Strict soul ring requirements.  Low(er) endurance.  Pretty much blank fourth ring.
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