Martial Soul: Water Spirit Volos

This creature is a snake named Volos that has an affinity with most lizard and water type rings and at the same time is an artificial creation that most reptilian gods put their power into, making it a pseudo-god beast that is on par with any million year beast, when it reaches 10,000 years into it's life and unlike other creatures that are known, the Volos will gain ten runes on it's back symbolizing it's age, Yellow meaning in the tens, orange meaning in the hundreds, purple symbolizing thousands, black symbolizing tens of thousands, no known sightings have happened showing the hundreds of thousand but it is speculated that gold is the color of millions of years old. Having that said, it makes the Volos one of the strongest snakes in the known realms. Although this snake is made by the gods it has a smaller advantage in the area of support because the base of the Volos was originally a snake of legends that would go to home and lick a sick or injured person to health through the night, so although in legends there are more reptilian gods that fight than heal, the Volos can still heal, while also being a very powerful and talented creature that can make a spirit king have a decently hard time any time, even at birth and even if the blood is diluted to a sixteenth of the original. The Volos is so rare in all realms, there have only been known to have 3 to 5 Volos alive in every realm and it is guessed that each one can give birth to at most 2 and that it dies after giving birth, but even so the spirit has never been recorded or even seen anywhere in the realms. From what many geniuses guess is that, if a child has the Water Spirit Volos as their spirit essence, then the pseudo-god spirit will have it's own consciousness inside the child and try to take over the child's soul and body but this has never been proved. So far the spirit is guessed to be a control/power attack type spirit

In mode the spirit essence can allow the owner to change into a lizard-man like human that gains a tail, fangs, a long tongue and a body mostly covered with scales. While the person gains the scales the human's muscle will become more fine and condensed as to improve the agility that goes along with the improved speed and tail strength. The Volos itself has healing saliva but it can be changed if a human gains a poisonous creature's spirit ring and once they absorb the ring, the fangs gained will become more visible, refined and deadly. If another snake spirit ring is absorbed then the human will be able to change into a full snake that will have the characteristics of the Volos and the absorbed snake ring making a more deadly combo if the absorbed snake is deadly. Also since this being is a reptile and made by the gods, the Volos has a rather massive affinity to dragons, making it able to gain a stronger body, flight through wings or not, claws, sharper teeth, the dragon's control of a element and possibly limbs as well. The gains that the normal Volos can gain can also be gained by a Volos spirit essence. So in the end, the spirit essence is very over-powered in the realm of spirits, it is not as strong as the real deal due to the fact that the soul has to transmit its' power through the weaker human's body and soul. On a side note, Due to the snake's extreme affinity to all water/healing(/poison(since poison is the natural opposite and one misstep in a healing potion can make a poison potion) and reptilian creatures, the spirit can allow a much larger margin in the limit of spirit ring age while also allowing the rings to slowly evolve due the pseudo-god spirit's natural power.

1st spirit ring: 700+ Blue-Iron Snake Vines
Skin deteriorating parasite (will evolve with the fire poison and dragon roar to make a extremely fast type of fire parasite that sorches then decays the skin(affectively spreading the decaying-type bacteria through heat.)
2nd spirit ring: 6,000+ Romanti snake
high-toxic paralysis poison (skin contact needed(unless evolution))
3rd spirit ring: 18,000+ Ten Headed Fierce Yang Serpent
Fire-based poison (exudes from saliva on decision, and from nails/claws)
4th spirit ring: 40,000+ Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon
winged flight, sharp claws, sound attack (dragon's roar[good name?])
5th spirit ring: approximately 100,000 Flood Dragon
(This Flood Dragon managed to eat from the ice and fire yin yang wells twice causing a massive surge in it's cultivation turning into a pitch black dragon with green pupi and golden venom) Venom with fire and ice aspects as well as paralysis attributes and a weird maddening effect on the spiritual energy. (can kill a spirit duoluo(?))


  • Heads up: The theme is Fire XD just to let you know.
  • viperz60 said:
    Heads up: The theme is Fire XD just to let you know.
    sadly I couldn't care :P after all if they want you to make something of your own, then I'ma make something of my own

  • viperz60 said:
    Heads up: The theme is Fire XD just to let you know.
    sadly I couldn't care :P after all if they want you to make something of your own, then I'ma make something of my own

    In fact, I'm probs already disqualified cause I grabbed like all of mine from the novel cuz I didn't know what I was supposed to do (didn't read the rules) but I'm extremely satsfyed with my final product
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    nvm changed it up a lil :P

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