Samsara Butterfly


When the world was created a single worm that has no importance in the world was born. 
Nothing is special with this worm, but eventually it will become an existence that will control the cycle of reincarnation.At first this insignificant worm has no special ability, however due to trillions of times that it underwent the cycle of rebirth (from being an insignificant worm, to being a pupa, and becoming a samsara butterfly and repeating that same cycle of reincarnation over and over again) it gained the power to control the most terrifying ability which controls life and death. Anything that has a beginning will also have an end that is the domain that this samsara butterfly has over dominion of, and for it to control that kind of power means that it is at the apex of power, because everything in this world or even in the vast expanse of the universe always has a beginning. 

Control over life is already a terrifying ability, because it has dominion over all living  things. Moreover, dominion over other things as long as it has beginning even if it is not alive is also part of its power and it is also another power that is extremely terrifying, although its not on the same level of power as the former, it is still a legendary ability that should only be possessed by the gods. Since beginning and end; birth and death has something to do with time, it also possess a certain ability to control time. 

Though it is already an overbearing existence, the greatest weakness that it has is its range of its dominion, it is limited to this dimension only, any other entity that has the power over space or has the capability to tear the fabric of the universe and enter a different dimension is its greatest weakness which is also a rare existence that is why it is almost invincible. The power that it possess is also very hard to cultivate since you need to undergo the samsara cycle all the time so that you will be able to level up and the risk of being erase from existence is a constant danger. 

1. Wheel of Time (Yellow) - Power to control the age within its domain. This ability can accelerate the rate of aging of that certain existence  that is within this domain, it can corrode the physical form by accelerating its age and shortening its life span. It can also control the speed of movement granting you ability to launch multiple attacks in a short period of time. The only downside of this ability is, it can only be activated for 10 seconds and the rate on how much the acceleration it will provide will depends on the user's level.

2. The wheel of life and death (Dharma wheel)- (purple) - During the primordial era, when the samsara butterfly emerge from the process of being reborn it is always exhausted and it needs time to recuperate however due to the existence of other powerful beings and the way of the world which is the strong preys on the weak the samsara butterfly created this technique to rapidly regain its vitality and strength. It grants hyper-regenerative ability for a certain period of time. 80% of vitality and strength will be restored once this ability is activated. After a battle that resulted in destruction of its physical body, as long as a part of the soul is not destroyed it can still  possess another life form which has strength lower than its current state and start regenerating the damaged soul and the body, it will take a long period of time before it will be restored to its former self but it is still better than completely dying.  

3. Karmic decree(black)  - this ability allows the samsara butterfly to sow karma to itself and other existence, it can sow chaos or tranquility to the soul itself granting the soul growth or regress. If use against the enemy it can put the enemy into a state where their soul is restrained for a certain period of time, the enemy's soul will be put on a trial of karma, thus making the enemy immobile for a while. If used on itself it will grant a period of clarity, seeing the cause and effects of every actions that you will make thus granting you choices to avoid utter destruction or giving you a chance for life or a chance of victory against your opponent.

4.Transmigration Armor  (red) - part of the soul of the opponent will be forcefully extracted without them even knowing it and will be converted into your own armor, any attack from the opponent will be absorbed by that armor and once the armor breaks the damaged is received by the opponent instead. 

5. Yama Summon (red) - summons the king of hell to punish the opponent. Cannot be killed but can be restrained. Grants additional battle power. One swing of its hand can cause an utter destruction. It's eyes bores through the soul punishing it for the atrocious things the opponent has done. It's weakness is too much spirit power is consumed by the summoner, too exhausting and it will only stay summoned up until you depleted your spirit power so  you will be vulnerable once it ended. 


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