I'm the King (我为王) By Gunman No. 1 (枪手1号)

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Synopsis: The heavens gave me a second opportunity, so I'm not going to let happen a second time, I will not be betrayed again. This new life, I will use my iron blood as a sharp blade, I'm will defend my self and the important people to me. This is my world, in this world -- I'm the King.

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Hello, new guy, and part of the Demon Translation. I know a bit of chinese (not much) but I wanted to try translating novels, so here I am.

I'm going to try posting 1~3 chapters a week whenever it's possible.


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    The water was like the moonlight, a bit gentle and lovely to touch as it faintly poured down, together with a rainbow of seven colors which extended all the way under his feet, it reflected his appearance. When seeing the world from such a height, the world looked blurred and false. Overlooking the monstrous and multicolored city under him, standing on the top-most floor of a high rise building, he spread both of his arms, as if he was embracing the whole world.

    If at this time, somebody saw the position he was in, no doubt they would think that he was going to take a big jump, or rather, believe that he was a madman. Either one or the other, they were going to think that he was a loser who wanted to commit suicide by jumping from a high place due to some kind of frustration. From this high place, every year some people would jump, throwing themselves to the ground.

    Gao Yuan was standing above on the cement railing, which was just a foot wide. If it was an ordinary person standing there, let alone standing, only by holding onto the railing and looking down from such a high place, they would end up feeling dizzy.

    Gao Yuan was certainly not ordinary, just a moment ago; he won a match worth of 1 Million Dollars. His reward was a Hundred Thousand Dollars, that huge sum of money was enough for him to live a life of luxury for a while.

    He was a wrestler; of course, he was not exposed to the spotlight, and his fights didn’t have the type of referee who followed the regulation, rather they fought in the underground matched to their death. Then, only when one of the two couldn’t stand up anymore, the life or death match was declared finished. Being the defeated often means death, or at the very least they would be incapable of putting their feet in the ring anymore.

    That type of violent fight that reeked of blood by far surpasses the imagination of the ordinary people. Surviving in the ring for many years gave one an impressive reputation. Gao Yuan suffered many imaginable hardships that ordinary people couldn’t even imagine and when he often saw those boxers’ champions fighting on the TV, he couldn’t help but laugh. If these so-called boxers’ champions went up in that kind of death ring, they would be unable to survive.

    The Ring of Death was without rules.

    The fight 10 days ago, till now left Gao Yuan in a lingering fear. The north-south dispute, that one fight, not only the amount of money was immense. The two big shots of the North and South fought not just for money but for status too; on the surface there was merely a million of dollars, but inside the periphery of the gambling circle, there was involved more than a 100 million.

    That was the first time that Gao Yuan felt like death in the ring, even if he somehow survived by passing 10 days, he often would recall that last scene, because of that he still woke up from nightmares. The opponent had collapsed in front of him, he had cut the carotid artery of the opponent with a sharp knife, and like a fountain, the blood spurted high. His face was covered with blood as he fell down warily.

    3 days later, at last a check of a hundred thousand was delivered to him, and from that day, Gao Yuan decided to retire from the underground circle. For the past several years he earned sufficient money to run an honest business. He was nearly 30 years in age; he already had reached the pinnacle of his body. Every day that he stayed there, he would only be going downhill, if he stays to fight in the ring, then one day, he would end up like his opponents, splashing his blood in the ring.

    Today was his last day in this city.

    Farewell, I will never be coming back again. He slowly withdrew his arms, and gave a last look to the bright city, and then he jumped down from above the railing.

    Downstairs on the hotel room, he already had packed everything; he would take the last flight leaving this country, he already knew that as long as he stayed in this land, his enemies will end up finding him, because all these years, he ended up making many enemies in the ring. When he was under the control of elder brother, he received his protection but he lost it when he decided to withdraw. He lost his biggest backer, so they would naturally come against him without worrying about revenge.

    He had to get out of here as soon as possible after he received the money, if he hadn’t received a heavy injury, he would have left already.

    With a bang, the iron door on the top floor flew open; the door collided with the cement wall creating a big sound. Gao Yuan’s heart jumped. In that moment, in his right hand appeared a thin dagger that looked that like a cicada’s wing.

    More than a dozen people came out walking in a straight line; they stopped a few steps away in front of Gao Yuan. The one in the front of them, the one who was watching Gao Yuan, he let out a grim laugh “he he”. Gao Yuan’s heart sank. Right now, the person in front of him was the big shot from the north.

    “Gao Yuan, we meet again!”

    Gao Yuan was in a deadlock, in front of him there were several pistols with silencers on them pointing at him. From this distance, he doesn’t seem to have any margin to evade.

    “Boss Chu, if you agree to bet then you must accept to lose; coming to trouble me only will make you lose face.” Gao Yuan took a deep breath.

    “I don’t have any choice.” The person known as Boss Chu spread his arm. “I don’t want to trouble you, that was my true intent, I can afford losing the money, the problem is that the other party lost miserably, he wants your life. And he is a person who even I can’t afford to offend; he bought your life for 1 million dollars. Do you want to know who betrayed you?”

    Gao Yuan’s heart sank, he painfully swallowed. The only person who could betray him would be his boss, but nobody knew just where he was.

    “Your skills are not going to help you in anything, or did you think that you can stop bullets?” The Boss Chu let out another laugh, “he he”.

    “Boss Chu, from today I’m going to follow you!” Gao Yuan shouted; “I can win back all the money you lost.”

    The Boss Chu was slightly startled; he considered it for a while. “That proposal is not bad but this time, the one who decides is not me. This time the one who lost money was the outside gambling house. Besides damaging them for a lifetime, there are people, who do not want you to come back year after year shaking the gambling house.”

    Gao Yuan understood, today someone was going to die. Looking the several black-pitch muzzles of the guns, immediately, his courage grew. Even if he dies, he will drag them with him, they will share the same fate as him.

    He knelt down while weeping bitter tears, “Boss Chu, please spare my life, I, Gao Yuan will work like a slave to pay your kindness!”

    Looking at the ugly performance of Gao Yuan, Boss Chu was expressionless, he can’t help but let a loud laugh, “You are the number one in the underground fights, but even so, we, your brothers admire you… “ without even letting him finish talking, while he was kneeling on the ground to kowtow, suddenly, he dropped his whole body but not without leaning with one hand on the ground. He rapidly moves forward, when the chance presented; he grabs with his hand the ankle of a gunman pulling him to the ground, a thump was heard. The thin dagger that was like a cicada wing which he held in the right hand, flashed like lightening on the enemy neck. With a “chi” sound, blood sprayed onto Gao Yuan’ face. Standing up with a flip, he slashed the dagger backwards making a whoosh-like sound in the air. At the same time, he went for boss Chu, and pierced through the boss clothes, but he didn’t fell down because he was wearing a bulletproof vest, the boss Chu had an astonished look on his face, .

    “Kill him!” The boss Chu was enraged.

    Before hearing the heavy sound of the gunshots, he flew to the iron door and during that time his speed broke through his limits. He knew that if he doesn’t disappear from the opponent’s line of vision, he would definitely die.

    As long as he could escape through the iron door, he would be free as there was a boundless sea and sky outside.

    Again the heavy sound of the gunshots can be heard, dozens of them came from behind passing through the door, the gunshots continued ceaselessly. It was like he was in the front of a siege. When he stood up and jumped backwards, in the air, at the last moment, he saw coming from the other side of the entrance, it was his boss with two persons on his sides. And in their hands, there were pistols which were emitting black smoke.

    Gao Yuan felt like he was flying, higher and higher.

    Actually, dying was not so painful, he didn’t feel anything. It felt like his body was being submerged in the middle of a cotton cloud, floating in the air as if he was going to some distant place.
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  • About that second chapter sir.

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