Barbeque (support tool spirit)

A highly specialized support spirit that assists food spirit masters. The general affect improves the effectiveness of a food skill by 1%
Soul ring 1: chargrilled- increases the affect of a food masters soul skill by the same percentage as the barbeque spirit masters spirit power.
Soul ring 2: jerk- due to the spicy nature of the seasoning any food spirit ability is given fire resistance when this ability is used on it
Soul  ring 3: Korean barbeque: if the skill is used on a meat type food ability it gives the food a berserk property when consumed with a  40% damage into reduction and output increase, however it can only be used  3 times a week.
Soul ring 4: All American barbeque- improves speed of using all abilities at the cost of having a high chance of causing food poisoning to any spirit masters who consumes a food ability affected by the barbeque spirit while this ring is in affect.
Soul ring 5: get that man/woman a cuppa- if the owner of the barbeque drinks a cup of tea while this ability is in use they gain increased speed, in line with an assault agility hybrid (like the hell civet) of the same rank.
Soul ring 6: I need help- if someone is affected by this soul skill they are bound within a meter of the barbeque and cannot commit aggressive actions unless their mental strength is significantly higher than the barbeque spirit masters
Soul ring 7: Australian Christmas- the barbeque spirit masters, when activating their spirit avatars, is forced to talk in Australian accent but they gain a 20% improvement in the power of all of their abilities 

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