Flaming Crystal Brain- Weakest to Strongest

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Flaming Crystal Brain

Control System

Description: Crystal Brain is a hard spirit to use and cultivate.  It starts off with low spirit power.  User has to rely on themselves to advance, at low levels this Spirit is trash, merely making the user unnoticeably smarter.  Making it to level 10 alone is nearly impossible. 
Spirit Rings for Crystal Brain are always the same, but Users always have very different strategies and Self-Made techniques.

Soul Rings

  1. Quick Mind- Passive- thinking speeds up relative to level.  Thinking and Comprehension improve. 
    Level 1 =1% boost Level 99 = 99% boost.
  2. Double Soul – Passive – It’s like growing a second brain.  Can have two thoughts at once, can use left and right hands independently.  Quick mind Doubles.
  3. Time Dilation – Active Time appears to move slowly.  This uses up energy quickly, and proficiency and length of time increases with level.  Uses Mental and Spirit Energy.
  4. Outer Brain - At this level, user gains the ability to create fire with their minds, as well as read the Intentions of others and communicate mentally with willing participants.  At later stages, larger objects can be moved and thoughts can be read more clearly.  Spirit Cycling can increase this ability.
  5. Flame Spirit Cycling - Spirit Energy is burned off into mental energy. This can be used to increase ‘Quick Mind’ or ‘Time Dilation’.
  6. Flaming Spirit Needle - User pierces the mind of the target.  Targets of the same level feel nauseous or light headed, effects on targets at lower levels range from Feeling Hot, Feeling they are on Fire literally Bursting into Flame.
  7. Spirit World – This is a Domain Ability.
    All designees consciousness’s in range enter Users Fire Spirit World.  User can create objects in the Spirit world, including people who he has met with all their abilities being no greater than at the same level as the user.  Victims physical abilities can be sealed within the Spirit World, Time can be dilated to feel like an eternity for the victim. 
  8. FIame Incorporeal – User gains the ability to become untouchable.  User can use Fire attacks at this time, and Spirit and Mental power are used rapidly to maintain this form.  All other abilities cost 100% more energy to use while Incorporeal.
  9. Flame Blast – User can bring Fire energy outside their body and freely manipulate it.  A technique for use will need to be made by the user, but I’m sure they can     think of something.

Strength: User is very smart and will be able to strategize with team.  User learns quickly, and can teach themselves fighting arts to make up for their weak ability.
With Time Dilation and Outer Brain, User can use his teammates as chess pieces getting them where they need to be before they need to be there. 
At Higher levels, anyone with weak mental power should steer clear of User.

Weakness: User has no attacking ability until level 60.  Before that, they need to rely on self-taught techniques, fighting proficiency and teamwork.
User has almost no way to defend if hit by an attack.  Dodging or hitting first is the only option.
The User's physical strength and speed without techniques are very average.

Origin - This ability appears semi-rarely if both parents are highly educated and both have weak spirits.  Flaming Crystal Brain is a rare fire mutation of Crystal Brain.  Flaming Crystal Brain users are stronger than their non elemental counterparts.

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